Transformers UNIV07+(OT 16+ for language, some sexual content and violenc)

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    This is my first fic so be gentle.

    Author's Notes​

    The year is 2170, the planet of Earth has had multiple changes in the past few centuries, nations have pulled together and some have drifted apart, species have come and gone, a new life form known simply as"the furries" or "the animal people" arose in this new age, but more on that later. The humans and furries live together as any other races would, akwardly. I appear to be getting off topic aren't I so let's begin the story of TRANSFORMERS 07+

    Prolouge-Through a Veil of Darkness​

    It's a late November night on the outskirts of Southern California. All seems to be calm at the moment, the crisp autumn/winter air sweeps leaves and litter across
    the cement/dirt roads. Street signs illuminate the near deserted route. All that stands is an decrepit car lot, painted in tacky shades of yellow and blue with the words: "BOBBY BOLIVIA'S FINE USED CARS presented in neon-florescent tubing with some letters blinking on and off and random or just completely dead. It's been long disowned, people say the owner kept rambling on about: "A camaro from the depths of Hell itself" and was filed for bankruptcy after every car on the lot was found blown to pieces. Then, falling from the heavenly bodies, came a large meteor near The size of an Escalade came crashing near the ruins, Leaving a decent sized crater where the pitiful establishment once stood. A minute or so passed as the smoke cleared from the unearthly impact, and out of the crater arose a strange, humanoid creature. It looked about 13 feet tall at the least, covered in blue and gray armor, spikes curving and projecting from numerous points of it's body, optics glowing red with anger and loathing, it's mouth filled with bronze, razor sharp teeth and torqued into a horrid scowl. What would one call this hulking, mechanized monstrosity?, simple: Barricade. "By Primus!, I can't believe I'm back here on this slag heap of a planet" he groaned in a disgusted and board tone, "I just want find that Auto-brat
    and get the flux out of here!" He vented a bit by unsheathing his wrist saws and tore the metallic carcas of an old Honda Accord hybrid to pieces. Not his thing, but it kept him from taking it out on his partner. "Frenzy!, Eject!, we've reached the planet Earth's surface." He bellowed. Tapping a button on his right shoulder, the cage-like panel on his chest began to slide open and half a minute later, the 4 1/2 foot tall mechanical abomination known as Frenzy sprung out with unnatural energy and began to unleash multiple rounds on whatever was close at hand. After witnessing his partners attempt at relieving 6 million light years of tension and claustrophobia, Barricade simply grunted,"You done?" Frenzy turned his optics to the larger Decepticon,"Good enough, do you know nerve-wrecking it is to sit still for 10 Mega-Cycle and not shooting something first chance you get?", the little
    bot jerked his head to the right to show his kill, about twenty different woodland creature lay dead on the side of the road, still bleeding from Frenzy's little "Stress-releasing" activity. "Heard they got some bigger animals since the last time we were here" said Barricade, still annoyed at the fact that they were back on earth. He still remembers the day most of his comrades were slain by the humans and Autobots. Autobots, he thought, Such idiots. Frenzy looked somewhat puzzled at his superior, he just wanted to find more animals to kill. Frenzy won't even bother in trying to kill humans, most of them are bigger than him. "Are we going to look for that Auto-butt or what!?, crank your chassis in gear and lets go kill him dead!" This snapped Barricade out of his day dream, he turned to his tiny companion and nodded. Barricade slowly began to transform into his vehicle mode, A Saleen S128. Originally his alternate mode was adorned with a Police decor, but he thought it would draw too much unwanted attention from the flesh creatures, so he modified his form into a Security Van look. Frenzy began to laugh uncontrollably, "Bwaahaahaahaaa!, your a mall cop now, sweet tap-dancin' Primus that's histarical, bwaa-gurk!. Barricade grabbed Frenzy with one of his retractable claws and threw him into the backseat. "Shut your mouth, Frenzy, we have prey to find." said Barricade with a somewhat satisfied tone.
    With that the two began to drive off towards the town of Little Tokyo, where their
    mark awaited, an Autobot named Bumblebee, and with him the key to finding Megatron.
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    "the furries":yuck  however i didnt dislike what i saw so far to much.

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