Transformers: United - Episode 1: "More Than Meets The Eye"

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    About: The United Group is a group of nine writers who are working together to build a fan-fiction universe unlike anything done before. Galvanitro, Challenger, Optimegatron, Shatterpoint2005, Naztok, Titanic X, TF Rocks, Overlord Balder, and Ironhide1706. We hope you enjoy it.

    Universe: United (An all-new fan-series that is an amalgamation of all of the existing Transformer universes with the United group's unique spin on everything)

    Backstory: Ten months ago, the Transformers arrived on planet Earth. They engaged in multiple battles, but each side sustained few losses.

    In their quest to protect the planet from Megatron's evil Decepticons, Optimus Prime and his Autobots have made multiple human friends:

    The two teenagers, Sara Garner (A brilliant technology expert) and Anthony White (An amazing warrior);

    and the adult spec-ops team Excalibur (Led by Matt Walker; with the super-soldier Tai Ishiyano, stealth spy Aly Rose, ground and air support Jenna Wilson, tactical and naval expert Terra White and medical expert Laura Walker) have since helped the Autobots in their defense of Earth.

    The Autobots (led by Optimus Prime; with his 2nd-in-Command Jetfire, heavy brawler Grimlock, engineer Scavenger, and scout Bumblebee) have committed themselves to the defense of Earth...

    The Decepticons (led by Megatron; with his 2nd-in-Commander Starscream, heavy brawler Lugnut, hunter Crankcase, warrior Skywarp, and tactician Thundercracker), however, are determined to take over the planet and take all of the energy that Earth has.

    The Autobots and humans must stand united to defeat Megatron and his well as anymore threats that lie beyond...


    Episode 1: "More Than Meets The Eye"
    Written By: Galvanitro, Optimegatron, and Shatterpoint2005


    The Nemesis, a once proud Decepticon warship that now laid in a heap, sat in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Sand rolled across its hull, as a single Decepticon looked out among the empty sand.

    "Worthless. Insignificant spec of in my wider plans for conquest!" Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons, growled, the sun gleaming briefly off of his white, red, and black chassis. The planet may not have been Cybertron, but Megatron had to admit, it had its uses, even if it was a primitive world.

    Walking back inside of the Nemesis, Megatron plotted his next move. His Decepticon forces weren't out of Energon, but the supplies were getting low, and it would be good to collect it. Not that he cared about them, but they were all he had, and if he were to succeed, he needed soldiers. Even if they were incompetent.

    Reaching the command center, he watched all of the drones as they scurried around delivering items, or worked at their computers. With the air of an emperor, Megatron walked up the lighted stairs, to the central console and activated the computer monitors. The normally dull, metallic purple room, sprang to life with cameras in the Nemesis and all over the world.

    "Lord Megatron!" Air Commander Starscream called out from his position in the central area of the command center. "We have received reports of a new energy source."

    "Then quit wasting time, Starscream, and show me." Megatron replied pointing at the large central monitor.

    "Uh...yes, Lord Megatron."

    Starscream approached a drone and spoke to him. About what, Megatron couldn't hear, but he certainly expected it to be about the energy source. Or Starscream plotting against him. Though it was unlikely that someone of Starscream's strength could defeat someone as strong as himself.

    Starscream walked in front of the central monitor, and began, "Near the human city of Treycar, Pennsylvania, there is this new system that was installed in a dam nearby. Once it was called the Cullen Dam after the name of the city's founder Peter Cu-"

    "Get on with it!" Megatron yelled, causing Starscream to jump slightly. "Yes, Lord Megatron."

    "This dam, the Electra dam, is the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world. Its energy could easily be converted into high-powered energon."

    "Good. Contact Skywarp, have him get a few squads ready for transport." Megatron said, walking down the stairs. "B-but, Lord Megatron, you didn't let me finish."

    The sliver and grey Decepticon scampered close to Megatron, much to his disdain. "There is no need for me to hear more, Starscream."

    "But, Lord Megatron, the energon could be unstable. This form of electricity is much more raw. It will take longer to stabilize!"

    "Then make sure they are ready to handle it hear for our return."
    "At least allow me to come with you, to properly oversee the handling of it!"
    "No! You shall remain here, and await my return."

    "But Lord Megatron, I don-" Megatron grabbed Starscream by the shoulder and pushed him back. "My word is final, Starscream, or have you forgotten that?"

    Starscream bowed reluctantly, ""

    Megatron barely tolerated Starscream, but he was a competent second-in-command, and, much to Megatron's regret, the only one who could maintain things on the ship while he was away. It wasn't as if he were going to put Crankcase or Lugnut in charge.

    Megatron left the command center on his way to the warp chamber. It was time to attack.

    (We'd appreciate any comments you guys can give)
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    Chapter 1:

    Anthony looked out the bus window in boredom. "Hey, Sara?" he asked awkwardly, before noticing she's using her laptop, as usual.

    Anthony White and Sara Garner have been friends since kindergarten. They were always told that they're the exact opposite of each other, with Anthony being the cool, socially-active guy, and Sara being the more introverted and distant girl.

    "Will you please let go of this already? You've been waiting for this trip forever, and this is what you do now?"

    Sara raised an eyebrow in confusion.

    "And, uh... Since when do you care so much about what I do in my free time?" she said, leading Anthony back to looking out the window.

    The two's relationship was always confusing, even to them. Anthony had a crush on Sara for as long as he can remember them being together, but never could ask if she felt the same. But he promised himself, that one day he will, even if he would not like the answer.

    That day was June 21st, 2011. Anthony and Sara were both 16, with Anthony born in April, and Sara in May, making Anthony older, but not nearly the more responsible. Their class of sophomores was on a field-trip, possibly the biggest yet, a trip to the Electra Dam. They went there as the first students to witness the brand-new hydroelectric system the dam had.

    Anthony was wearing a yellow T-shirt with a scorpion print on it, and white training shorts. Sara was wearing a dark blue tank top, jeans, and a white sleeveless vest.

    Anthony remained silent for about 20 seconds, then regained confidence, "So, what're you doing?"

    "Nothing special, just work," She sighed.

    "Work?" Anthony asked, surprised. Sara doesn't work anywhere.

    "I'm deleting some photos a security camera took of Bumblebee." she shook her head, and continued, "They have got to be more careful."

    "Yeah," Anthony agreed, for conversation's case.

    "It's only a matter of time until they're out in the public, then where would we be?" He chuckled quietly.

    "In jail, or worse," Sara replied.

    A teenager sitting on the seat in front of them stared at them tauntingly.

    "What are you looking at, John?" Anthony frowned.

    "Can't two people discuss sci-fi without being interrupted by some nosy jerk?" smiled sarcastically, and the teenager turned back to his seat.

    Sara laughed.

    "What?" Anthony asked, laughing as well.

    "Sci-fi? That's the best you could come up with?" Sara tapped his back, and returned to her laptop.

    Anthony laid his head against the bus window, blushing slightly.

    Several minutes later, the bus stopped.

    "We're here already?" Anthony said with boredom. Sara's pupils widened at the sight of the incredible dam.

    "Look at those pumps!" She looked like a little girl at a candy factory, "Those panels!"

    Anthony took a sit on a bench.

    "Yep," He smiled, "Real fun."

    Sara gazed at him. "What?" he asked.

    "Stop ruining the fun!" She said with a tone so serious, Anthony wasn't sure if it was joking, or criticizing him. In response, he just nodded.

    The tour-guide asked the class to assemble at the entrance to the hydroelectric plant. As soon as Sara and Anthony entered the glass, dome-shaped structure, Sara couldn't hold her nature anymore. She ran off to ask the instructor some questions. Anthony dragged himself after her.

    "Here, Ant, you get to ask the first question!" Sara pushed Anthony near the instructor.

    "Uh..." Anthony was caught off-guard.

    "How exactly do you make electricity out of water?" he asked, leaning on the wall.

    "Do you want the easy or the hard version?"

    "Ea-" Anthony couldn't finish the word as Sara pushed him with her elbow.

    "We'll... We'll take the hard version." Anthony sighed.

    The instructor chuckled, "The dam stores lots of water behind it in the reservoir. Near the bottom of the dam wall there is the water intake. Gravity causes it to fall through the penstock inside the dam..."

    At that point, Sara was so focused on the explanation, she didn't notice Anthony slipping away to get a snack.


    Beneath the city of Treycar was the Autobot's home base, a large subterranean cavern connected to the surface by a series of tunnels, inside the base was the command center that connected to several rooms. Each room either belong to an Autobot or was used for storage or training. The door to one of the rooms was open slightly, only enough to see inside.

    Behind the steel doors of the room, the Autobot Scavenger toiled away in his workshop; he carefully inserted and connected the tiny wires inside of a strange device, any easy job for him thanks to his claws. However as easy as the task was, he was still deep in his work, almost completely oblivious to his surroundings, only focusing on the small wires in his golden claws.

    “Hey, Scavs! What’s up?” asked Bumblebee as he peered over Scavenger’s shoulder. Startled, Scavenger flinched and accidentally pulled a few wires out of the device in the process.

    “Gah! Bumblebee, do you ever knock?” Scavenger replied.

    “The door was open. So I just, invited myself in.”

    Scavenger sighed, “Well, next time please don’t sneak up on me while I’m working on something, it could end up killing us both.”

    Scavenger was starting to see why Bumblebee was the scout, he was pretty stealthy for a bright yellow robot.

    Scavenger went back to his work, attempting to reattach the wires to their proper places.

    ”So when’s that thing going to be done anyway?” asked Bumblebee, now twirling a wrench between his fingers.

    “Eventually.” Scavenger replied.

    “Oh come on Scavs, you’ve been working on that gizmo for the past few weeks and you’ve kept everyone in the dark about it, at least tell me what it does or let me help you with it.”

    “Bee, I’d tell you, but I’m sure you have better ways to waste your time.”

    “Not really, the kids are on a field trip, Team Excalibur and the other ‘bots are gone and Prime’s trying to figure out Megatron’s next move. You’re really the only one around to talk to.”

    Scavenger knew Bumblebee was just trying to be the friendly, “happy-go-lucky” as the humans called it, kind of ‘bot he was. He’d probably feel bad later for telling him to buzz off.

    “Well, if you really want to know, it’s kind of like one of those freeze rays in those “sci-fi” movies. I call it the “Cryax Cannon”, after the city that housed Cybertron’s very own North Pole.”

    “Heh, that’s pretty cool, how well do you think that baby will work on a Decepticon?”

    “It’s not meant for fighting ‘cons Bumblebee, it’s meant for helping to clean up oil spills, chemical spills and maybe lava flows and such, it’s too delicate for combat use, well for now anyway.”
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    not bad so far
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    Thanks ArcTrooperAlpha; Shatterpoint and Optimegatron appreciate it.

    Chapter 2:

    A few soldiers stood guard on the dam; with their weaponry, they looked like they could handle anything or anyone that went after the generator or the dam. A flicker of light appeared above the Electra Dam. The soldiers looked up at it, pondering what it may be. Then 12 large figures materialized from the light and fell towards the top of the dam.

    “Decepticons, ATTACK!” Megatron yelled.

    Skywarp and a few drones transformed and flew across the top of the dam, bombarding it with laser-fire. Megatron landed and finished off the remaining soldiers. The soldiers at the base of the dam sounded the alarm and mobilized their tanks. They fired upon Skywarp, who teleported to the ground, having the much weaker drones take the shot. He bent the tank’s barrel upward and the panicked soldier inside accidentally fired a round, causing the tank to explode in Skywarp’s face. Before he could hit the side of the dam, Skywarp teleported high in the air to recover. He removed the sword from his wing and boosted towards the ground, laughing manically and impaling another tank upon impact.

    Skywarp dislodged his sword to admire the carnage he caused. “I LOVE my job.” He chuckled to himself. He saw another tank emerge from the smoke. “And the fun never ends.” Skywarp’s jet engines shifted to reveal large cannons. The tank fired a few rounds at him, Skywarp dodged each as his cannons charged. Skywarp’s cannons then became fully charged, he and the tank fired simultaneously. The blasts hit their marks, obliterating the tank and knocking Skywarp on his back.

    Megatron jumped off the side of the dam and crushed the concrete under him as he landed. The drones followed him soon after. Megatron glanced at the black and purple Seeker

    “This is no time to rest Skywarp; our mission here is far from over.”

    “Just awaiting your orders Lord Megatron.”

    “Drones, triangulate on my position and bring the Energon Harvester.”

    Another flicker of light appeared behind Megatron, two drones carrying a large machine materialized from it. Megatron held up a small device to the dam, searching for the energy signature of the generator, a large patch of orange confirmed its location within the dam. Skywarp looked over his shoulder at it.

    “Let me guess, I’ve gotta shoot that area on the dam?” Skywarp asked.

    “You’ve guessed correctly Skywarp…”

    Skywarp walked closer to the dam and deployed his cannons, he aimed at the general area where he had seen the orange patch on the device.

    “…if only you’d do so more often.”

    Skywarp was prepared to fire, until a nearby smoldering tank exploded a for second time, the blast knocked him off balance and he accidentally fired on the lower left part of the dam. It began to leak a small amount of water.

    “You FOOL! If you destroy the dam, then you’ll destroy the generator and we’ll be caught in the current of the water before we can Ground-bridge to safety. And you better hope that you die in the rapids if that comes to be.”

    “I apologize, Lord Megatron. I will not fail you.”

    Skywarp charged his cannons to half their normal strength and fired at the dam, creating a good size hole in the location of the generator. The drones took the Energon Harvester to the hole and activated it. A stream of energy shot from the generator and connected with the Harvester’s receptor.

    Skywarp considered himself safe from Megatron's wrath as his leader let out a menacing grin.


    Anthony and Sara sat within the dam's safe-house, their class in panic.

    "Okay, we need to get the Autobots here." Anthony pointed at the air vents, leading outside. Sara nodded, and the two stealthily approached it.

    "Hey, aren't you forgetting something?" Sara asked. Anthony, in response, shrugged.

    Sara pointed at his red backpack.

    "THAT thing?" Anthony asked, startled. He said it just loud enough to attract the attention of the instructor.

    "You two, stay quiet." The instructor said, "And come here, we don't want anybody lost."

    Anthony nodded, and the instructor turned back around. Anthony snuck back to where his backpack was placed, picked it up, and returned to Sara, who was already crawling into the vent.

    "You expect me to use that thing now? This isn't one of the practice routines, this is actual combat out there," Anthony whispered.

    "Stay hidden, then. It's not like they're expecting you to be here," Sara replied.

    "But, But..." Anthony mumbled, nervous. He then became silent again, crawling into the vents.

    Several seconds later, Anthony cleared his throat.

    "Uh, did you take that... Sentinel thingy? The one that let's you contact the 'Bots?" he asked.

    "My Sentinel computer? Of course." Sara replied, as she placed a glowing metal object around her arm, it locking onto it and connecting.

    The two finally reached the end of the vents, arriving on the floor.

    "Okay, you scout the area, and I'll call the Autobots for help," Sara said.

    "Will do." Anthony nodded, left.

    "Okay, how did I come up with this idea?" Anthony asked himself.

    He walked around, scouting the dam for Decepticons, when a drone passed right around the corner, forcing him to pounce on the floor.

    "Phew." Anthony whispered to himself.

    "Go look around, Ant," he mimicked Sara's speech, "It'll be safe, Ant."

    He shook his head in despair, as he saw a drone flying at him quickly, "Well, gotta do what you gotta do!"

    He hesitated, and placed his thumb on a scanner located in the bottom of his backpack, "Hopefully I won't cause a commotion." he said as his backpack converted into a battle armor.

    The battle armor was colored red and silver, nearly fully armored on the arms and upper torso, but only basic plating on the lower torso and legs. A visor on Anthony's eyes displayed the drone advancing at him.

    "Oh man, oh man...," Anthony prepared for battle as the drone took a hard left. Anthony sighed in relief.

    "What are they doing back there?" he whispered to himself. He silently peeked from behind a wall.

    "Bad news, that's what," He said, at the sight of the massive machine generating Energon cubes, gathered by Decepticons.

    "Megatron, Skywarp, a whole pack of drones," He memorized the intel he gathered.

    "But are they... Harvesting Energon?" He shut his eyes halfway for his visor to zoom in, "Looks like it."

    He thought for a few seconds, deciding his next step.

    "Well, I think I got enough info at this point," He thought, "Better get back to Sara. Hopefully she's doing better than I am."

    Anthony turned around, only to find a drone patrolling near him. He gasped, and swiftly jumped to a hiding spot, making slight metal-pounding noise in the process.

    The drone looked around, and began slowly approaching Anthony's hiding spot. Anthony held his breath as the drone walked closer and closer. Just as he was over the hiding spot, Anthony under his torso, he turned back and continued patrolling.
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    Ya know what's funny? One of the dates listed is June 21st, 2011. That is my 17th birthday and the two humans are 16 as I am now. I just find it a funny coincidence. Awesome story. Keep 'em comin'.
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    As the writer of the previous section of the story, I thank you in behalf of the entire group for your attention.
    Also, yeah, that's a nice little coincidence.
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    Thanks, TheSwipe95.

    Also: Updated the first post to have images of the characters who appear in this Episode.

    Chapter 3:

    In the ground bridge and communications chamber of the Autobot's base, Optimus Prime sighed, putting his hand to his face. "Matt, tell me the truth."

    The red and blue Autobot leader stood next to a raised area where Matt Walker; the twenty-three year-old leader of Team Excalibur, currently inactive due to a leg injury; sat in a control chair. Matt smiled and shrugged, "Seriously, I don't know where they are. If they get in trouble, Jetfire said he'll contact me and I'll open the bridge."

    Optimus' shoulders sagged tiredly. Grimlock, Jetfire, and Team Excalibur (Tai Ishiyano [Super-Soldier and Commander while Matt was injured], Aly Rose [the team's spy and scout], and Jenna Wilson [The pilot for the team's vehicles]) had left about five minutes before Optimus had come to the chamber.

    'Conveniently', Jetfire had inputted the coordinates for the ground bridge, and had the computer delete them before Matt took control. Plausible deniability, Optimus thought.

    When they got back, Optimus was going to have a stern talk with Jetfire. He needed to be aware of all missions at all times; and disappearing with half of his forces without as much as a word didn't earn Jetfire any points.

    "If there is any word from them, you contact me immediately," Optimus told Matt. Matt nodded with a smile, "Sure thing. They should be fine, Optimus."

    "Between Jetfire and Grimlock, if there is trouble, they'll get into it. I still think you aren't tell me everything," Optimus replied. Matt didn't have a chance to respond as the monitor activated, an emergency logo appearing; and the display showing:

    "Emergency Contact From: Sara Garner via Sentinel Computer"

    "Hello, is anyone there?" Sara's voice came across the communicator. Optimus came closer to the monitor. "I am here, Sara, what's wrong?"

    "Anthony and I are at the Electra Dam, on the outskirts of town. Decepticons are attacking! Ant's scouting to see what they're doing now."

    Optimus and Matt looked to each other. Matt quickly spoke as he typed at the human keyboard for the ground bridge. "Sara. This is Matt Walker of Team Excalibur. You and I've met before."

    "I remember; you got in that accident with one of the 'Cons." Matt winced and typed, "Yeah. I need you to stay on for a few moments so I can triangulate your position."

    Optimus added, "Sara, once we have your position, I need you to find Anthony and get to safety. We'll be there shortly with help."

    "But, maybe we could do something!"

    "No, Sara, it's too dangerous. We'll be there soon. Just make sure you and Anthony stay safe. Help anyone you can, but stay out of contact of the Decepticons!"

    Optimus ran over to the wall, and activated the alert system. Hopefully Scavenger and Bumblebee were still in the base, unlike the others, Optimus thought to himself.


    Anthony gasped in relief.

    "That was too close. I was three seconds away from going... Squish," He thought to himself.

    He got up and slowly snuck past the area where he was hiding. He couldn't walk more than a few steps before looking past his shoulder for more patrolling Decepticons. He arrived at the point where Megatron and Skywarp were generating Energon.

    "Okay, I gotta be as light on my feet as possible." He whispered, and restored his armor to its original backpack form.

    He slowly walked past the gap, as he heard Megatron's voice, "I'll slice his HEAD off!", followed by multiple shots. Anthony gulped as he assumed Megatron or one of the drones must have spotted him. He walked on his toe-tips back to the small gap in the wall, and looked through it.

    Anthony's face froze at the sight of a decapitated Decepticon.

    "What the heck is going on? He killed one of his own men?" He shook his head in disbelief, shocked by the thought of the metallic tyrant succeeding with his plans. He quickly returned to his route back to Sara.

    "There are 10 Decepticon drones there." Anthony reported back to Sara, then corrected himself with a smile, "Uh, scratch that, 9 drones."

    "Also, Megatron and Skywarp are over there. I'm not a big expert on Cybertronian tech, but it looks to me like they're creating Energon through this huge generator," He analyzed.

    "Did you call the 'Bots yet?" He asked.

    "Yeah. They're not coming for at least another 10 minutes." Sara said while still typing and scrolling on her wrist computer. Anthony frowned, "Come on, NOW'S the time you decide to start using that thing?"

    He raised his tone, quickly calming down again. "Sara, how are you possibly not afraid? Even a little?"

    A slight tremble to her voice, she responded, "Because I know the Autobots will be here to help."

    Anthony gazed at Sara suspiciously, then sarcastically, with a shake of his head, he mumbled "Alright."

    He walked aside, and sat on a staircase. He pondered weather he was too demanding towards Sara during the course of that day, even back when they were sitting in the bus. This is not the way to get Sara to like him back, he realized.

    He got back on his feet, and approached Sara slowly.

    "Hey, Sara?" He asked.

    "Yeah?" She replied calmly, as if nothing ever happend, as if the Decepticons aren't even around the corner.

    "I'm sorry if I came off as a jerk today," He apologized, with a lowered head.

    "Nah, it's alright," Sara smiled. Anthony clutched his hands into fists. "It's just... I've been scared to death out there. And..." He hesitated.

    "You're right. The Autobots are going to arrive in just a few minutes to kick the spark out of those guys." He said confidently.

    Sara looked at Anthony the same way he looked at her earlier, with a slight smile.

    "Alright," She mimicked him. They laughed.
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    Chapter 4:

    Sara inputted a few commands into her Sentinel wrist computer, and it finished downloading schematics of the hydroelectric facility. Taking a moment to breathe while it finalized the digital render, she had thought about the day so far.

    It wasn't like she and Anthony hadn't been in this kind of situation before. But usually they had the Autobots at their backs and it had seemed less...dangerous, and more fun. In a rare case like this one, they were alone.

    Sara sighed, moving some hair that had fallen in front of her face. She wanted to apologize to Anthony. He may have apologized moments before for being a jerk, but she hadn't helped matters any by being cold and off-putting. It wasn't her.

    For the past couple weeks, her family hadn't been doing so well. Her sister Cora was at home with the flu, which she then gave to their mom. Her brother was having issues with his boss at his job, and had been given "some time off". Unpaid time.

    And her father, a Marine and a good one at that, was in the middle of a stressful court martial with one of his men.

    Normally, the emotions of others around her, however callous this might sound, didn't affect her like this. She was usually very cheery, and she wondered if how Anthony acted toward her had come from her cold attitude over the past week. Normally she was very driven, active, talkative, yes she could be a bit focused to the point of distraction, but that was more of her need to be constantly occupied than anything else.

    Shaking herself from her thoughts, she looked at the digital render that the computer had finished. Her Sentinel Wrist Computer was something she had invented a year before. A powerful mini-computer, Anthony and Sara (sometimes to the point of exhaustion) had to keep it from being discovered by others. The Autobots knew about it, and Team Excalibur knew about it and that was all.

    In addition to the computer; the device also had a small laser gun built-in as well as an energy shield that she could turn on and off. The technology was more advanced than anything the world had widely seen before, and if governments were aware of it, they'd certainly want it.

    Sara looked up at Anthony and waved him over to where she was. Anthony's backpack armor had also been built by her, after Team Excalibur let her look at their armors. (She had help with plating and wiring; those were pre-built by the scientists who built Team Excalibur's armors)

    "Anthony, I downloaded a map of the facility," She began. Hearing him laugh, she looked up, irritated, "What?"

    His face immediately changed, "I wasn't laughing at you; just...well, of course you downloaded it, that's what you do."

    Sara nodded, "Oh...yeah..."

    She shook her head. She needed to really put her problems at home behind her. "So, I downloaded it, and noticed something. The entire facility actually feeds into a central power station. If we could go there and shut down the controls, the facility would shut down entirely, and the Decepticons won't be able to get anymore ene-"

    "Are you nuts?! I thought you said Optimus told us to sit and wait."

    "It's not that far!" Sara argued, "Think about it, it'll buy the Autobots time, and even if the Decepticons do get away with the energon, it'll at least be less!"

    Anthony sighed, "Alright. But we have to stay hidden. Megatron executed one of his own men! He's on a hair-trigger." Sara nodded, and began running.

    "Wait, Sara!" Anthony said, taking off after her, reaching her quickly due to being much more athletic, "Slow down, huh, we don't want one of the 'Cons spotting us!"

    They turned a corner, and Sara smiled, "What's the worst that could happen, Ant?"

    They reached the end of the corridor running into a more open part of the facility. Looking at her computer, she said, "We should be going...left..."

    "Well, don't let me get in your way!" A loud voice sounded nearby. Sara and Anthony turned their heads and looked up. Towering over them was Skywarp, who smirked the second they reached his face.

    Sara gasped and fell backward slightly, Anthony just barely catching her.

    "Oh, good! Looks like I have new toys to play with!" Skywarp taunted, reaching down toward them.

    Sara pointed her right arm forward and clenched her fist. The Sentinel Computer transformed out its laser cannon and it began firing. The little bolts impacted Skywarp in the chest, barely doing damage, but keeping him distracted.

    Sara and Anthony turned, beginning to run down a staircase. Skywarp ran to the entrance of the staircase, and put his arm into it, but failed to reach them.

    Taking the brief moment of reprieve, Sara watched as Anthony activated his armor. "Man, that looks cool every time," Sara said with a smile. Anthony seemed surprised that she was acting nicer again, but smiled in response, "Yeah, it was made well."

    Sara laughed, and typed into the wrist computer, "Okay, it's not going to ta-AAAAH!"

    She screamed as Skywarp's glowing purple sword stabbed right between them, missing both of them by less than three feet.

    "Agh! Just missed!" They could hear Skywarp yell. Sara watched as he pulled the sword out, and then her eyes widened as the sword came thrusting back in right in her direction. Moments before it reached her, she felt a massive force hit her, as Anthony flies forward and grabs her, flying down the stairwell.

    "Hold on!" He yelled. Sara's eyes didn't change size. Anthony hadn't practiced flying. At all. Ever. Her hands tightly gripped his armor panels as they flew down. The levels went by quickly, and she yelled, "Ground!"

    Anthony pulled his body up and did his best to cut the engines. The result was them hitting the ground at a fast rate, but feet first. They each ended up taking a few steps before falling down, but were largely unhurt.

    "Ow," Sara grumbled as she turned onto her back, her right hand scratched up. "It's good that I'm left-handed," She groaned to Anthony.

    "I'm sorry," He apologized, standing up. His armor had a few dents, but was okay. His pants had a tear in the knee, but it looked okay. He walked over and offered his hand. She gratefully took it with her left hand as he pulled her up.

    "It's okay," She replied, her legs shaking as she stood. "Don't fly again until you've practiced though," She added with a smile. Anthony nodded, "You don't have to tell me that, haha."

    Leaning against a wall, Sara reactivated her wrist computer, bringing up the schematics again. "If we leave the stairwell, we'll be in the large, open chamber. If we can get across it and up some stairs, we'll be right next to the control room."

    "Big, open chamber...isn't that where the generator is?" Anthony asked. Sara nodded, typing a few more keys on her wrist computer.

    "That's the hornet's nest, Sara! All of the Decepticons are in there. Forget Skywarp, Megatron might be here or nearby."

    Sara looked up from the computer, "Do we have any choice? Eventually Skywarp will figure out that he just has to jump down and blast this area apart."

    Anthony nodded in reply, "You're right. Let's do this."
    "Extraordinarily carefully."
    "Totally carefully."
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    Chapter 5:

    Sara opened the door of the stairwell, and looked around. Anthony had been right. There were Decepticons all over. She couldn't see Megatron though. Leaning a little farther forward; she looked to the area outside of the chamber. There she saw Megatron standing next to a large amount of energon cubes on the bridge that ran across the side of the dam itself.

    "Alright, Ant, let's go," Sara replied. He came to the door, and waited with her until the patrolling drones were looking away. They then began to sprint across the large chamber.

    "There you are!" They suddenly heard a yell, and before they had even gotten halfway; a large flash of purple light appeared as Skywarp teleported in front of them.

    Sara looked at Anthony, who raised his arms and began firing repulsor blasts at the large Seeker.

    The patrolling drones noticed and began to open fire on the kids. Sara activated the energy shield built into her computer, and blocked the blasts as best as they could. Some of the shots from the drones ended up hitting Skywarp; and between the laser damage of the drone's guns; and the concussive force from Anthony's repulsors, the Decepticon ended up covering himself with his arms, trying not to fall down.

    Anthony and Sara took that opportunity to run between his legs, and toward the other side. Moving his arms; Skywarp noticed the kids were gone and turned, "Hey!"

    The drones stopped firing at him and began running toward the kids; as did Skywarp.

    Just as they were about to get hit by a giant metal fist; Anthony blasted the door open and they were able to run into the power control room. Running up a couple levels of stairs, they got to a large amount of computers.

    "Uh..." Sara said nervously. "Give me about 3 minutes."

    Anthony barely kept himself from freaking out and pointed out the observation window. "We don't have 3 minutes!"

    Sara typed furiously into her wrist computer, overriding all of the safety protocols. "There are too many systems. Wait a sec...Anthony. Once I disable the rest of the protocols, I need you to blast the systems. It'll fry it."

    "Last time I checked, computers blew up!" Anthony replied, putting his arms in the air. "Your repulsors won't cause an explosion. What it will do is disconnect the power and take out the generator."

    She looked up and around the computers, "At least I'm pretty sure they won't blow up."

    Anthony's eyes widened and his brow lifted in exasperation. "You're pretty sure. You're an expert, and you don't know?"

    Sara put her scratched right-hand up in a stop-motion, without lifting her eyes or left hand from the wrist computer, "Expert in software; not hardware."

    "Alright...done! Blast it!" She shouted. Anthony whispered, "Please don't blow, please don't blow," as he fired his repulsors into the monitors and computer towers. He fired repeatedly and Sara joined in with her laser cannon.

    The whirring of the generator slowly stopped, and they heard Megatron shout something inaudible.

    Once everything looked a mess, they stopped firing. Sara rushed to the observation window, which now had several cracks in it. "Yes! It worked, Ant!"

    Anthony ran over to join her; just as she gave him a hug, "It worked!"

    Anthony's eyes widened and he pulled Sara down to the ground, as several laser blasts burst through the window and scorched the wall behind them.

    "Has it been ten minutes yet?" He asked, quickly.

    Megatron growled as the Energon generator powered down. "What is this outrage!?" He shouted, and began running towards the building Anthony and Sara were in.

    "Whoever that was, they will not be for much longer!" He said as he prepared his arm-cannon and aimed it at the base of the building, only to hear a loud buzzing sound behind him. He looked over his shoulder, turning immediately at the sight of a red truck storming at him through a ground bridge.

    He grinned, realizing that he is finally to have another battle with Optimus Prime. He briefly identifies two Autobots, Bumblebee and Scavanger, jumping out of Optimus' trailer. He chooses to ignore them. Skywarp and the drones will take care of them, he thought.

    "Megatron!" Optimus shouted as he approached the Decepticon leader.

    Megatron, in return, pulled out his mace, and cried "Optimus!"

    Optimus activated his trucks jump-jets, sailing into the air and transforming into his robot form. As he flipped through the air, his hand retracted into his arm and an energy axe slid out and activated. He swiped down at Megatron as he approached the ground.

    Megatron barely dodged the attack, and returned a punch to Optimus, hitting his torso. "It's been too long!"

    Recovering from the punch, Optimus sliced upward with his axe arm, cutting right through part of Megatron's chest armor. "Never long enough!"

    Megatron passed his hand on the battle scar that has formed, smiling slightly. A new souvenir from the day he extinguished his arch enemy. At last, he thought.

    "You're old, Megatron! Yesterday's model." Optimus taunted, kicking him the chest, before spinning through the air.

    Megatron snarled, and charged at Optimus with his mace, missing him, but still causing damage using the spikes on it. "Gah..." Optimus grasped his arm where the spikes had damaged it.

    "Junk. That's all you are Megatron, old junk."

    "Then let it be even more shameful that a piece of junk is to vanquish you and your inferior kind!" Megatron once again tried to punch Optimus, missing completely this time.

    "How is this possible?" Megatron stomped with rage, "I will be victorious!"

    Optimus took one final swing with his energy axe, hitting the mace in Megatron's hand directly. "Never, Megatron!"

    Megatron reclaimed the mace from the floor, speculating the damage it sustained, and shook his head.

    "You are just as desperate for Energon as we are," He clutched his free hand into a fist, and with the armed hand, he tightened his hold to the mace.

    "Why do you refuse to respond with equally desperate measures?" He pointed at Optimus.

    "I will not steal, nor destroy something that rightfully belongs to others," Optimus swung his axe into Megatron's torso, knocking him back, "I'd rather let Cybertron repair itself than kill another world to bring it back to life."

    Optimus nodded, "And I will never betray the trust of the humans I have promised to protect from the likes of you"

    "Please," Megatron chuckled, "A planet with useless and primitive life forms on it has no purpose! And anything without a purpose is already doomed!"

    Optimus retracted his energy axe back into his arm and tackled Megatron, taking a small amount of damage from his mace on the way down.

    Megatron's optics twitched slightly as the two got back on their feet. "Enough." He said peacefully, "I will not be defeated by a fragile Autobot!" He wielded his Mace with both hands.

    "Today, I will prove, PEACE THROUGH TYRANY!" Megatron cracked, and burst at Optimus, hitting him, full-force.
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    intense chapter : )
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    (After a bit of hiatus, we're back!)

    Chapter 6:

    Bumblebee jumped from the back of the trailer, quickly followed by Scavenger as Optimus drove straight for Megatron. "Come on, we have to find the kids!" Bumblebee called out, jumping forward and transforming into his Camaro alt-mode. Scavenger ran behind him, "I hope Optimus'll be okay."

    "It's Megatron. Optimus'll be fine!" Bumblebee replied in his commlink with a laugh, racing into the generator complex.

    Scavenger smiled as he ran after Bumblebee. The young bot was right. If anyone could take on Megatron, it was Optimus. He watched the two fight as he ran into the complex. Bumblebee had already taken off into the hallways to find the humans. Watching a couple jet drones run into a hallway, he assumed they were chasing after 'Bee as well.

    Scavenger only had a few moments to marvel at what was left of the human engineering that had designed the generator before being met with two very powerful laser blasts to the chest.

    Groaning, he fell to the ground. Just ahead of him, Skywarp flew down and transformed into robot mode. "Another Autobot kill is about to be mine," Skywarp taunted as he removed his blade from his wings.

    Scavenger scrambled as quickly as he could (difficult as a small, but heavy construction vehicle) to the side; narrowly missing the blade before it could reach him.

    Getting on his feet, Scavenger activated his chest gun, spraying the larger Decepticon with a wave of laser blasts, "I don't go down easily, Skywarp!"

    "Gah!" Skywarp growled as he lifted his arms to cover his face as Scavenger walked closer. Suddenly, the fire stopped. Skywarp listened for a moment before smirking and removing his arms, "Out of energy, Autobot?!" His arms had barely left his face, and the words had no sooner left his vocal processor than he was punched hard in the chest and lower torso.

    Taking the Decepticon by surprise, Scavenger followed up that attack by firing multiple missiles from his chest, all of them exploding in the purple and black Seeker's upper body.


    Anthony and Sara ran down the stairway of the control room building.

    "Man, that was a close one!"

    "Aren't they all?" Sara said. Sara heavily breathed as her feet became tired of running down the stairs. "Almost down!" Anthony shouted.

    Once the two arrived at ground floor, they reached a number of hallways crossing each other. "Great, more indoors." Anthony sighed. Sara chuckled.

    "Better than being sitting ducks outdoors."

    The two heard the sound of wheels grinding, and metal screeching.

    "Did you hear that?" Sara smiled.

    "Yeah, sounded like... Bee?" Anthony asked, surprised.

    They then heard the sound of jet engines. The sound was increasingly loud, govong away the fact that Decepticon jets are coming their way.

    "Oh man." Anthony once again transformed his backpack into his armor. "Yeah, we're gonna need to run now, Sara."

    The two took off with a sprint, only to reach a dead end, with a left turn. The Decepticon drones appeared behind them. "Let's take a left!" Anthony said.The two teenagers' hearts were blasting due to the pressure applied to them.

    Sara suddenly shouted. "Watch out!" She activated her shield as several blasts came from behind the corner. The drones have caught up with them.

    "How many of these are there?" Sara asked, her shield barely active.

    "Uh, four." Anthony said. "I think we can take all of them."

    Sara looked at Anthony as though she is trying to figure out if he is serious or not. "Yeah, I think I'll go with getting out of here."

    Anthony shot a few rounds of his repulsor, barely keeping the drones away. "Sara, keep the shield up for a few more seconds, I've got a plan." He said. Sara nodded. He shot a few rounds of his repulsor at the ceiling. That caused a large cloud of dust to block the drones' line of sight.

    After two or so seconds of coughing, the two remembered they were being chased, and continued escaping.

    They once again heard the sound of a car drive. "That's definately a muscle car." Sara said. "Ant, we need to find Bee."

    Suddenly, a yellow Camero blasted through the hallway door. "Uh, I think he just found us." Ant said, and ran towards Bumblebee.

    "Hey Bee, what've you been up to?" Anthony asked humorously.

    "You know, the usual. 'Con fighting."

    "Hello? Drones on our back." Sara reminded. The Decepticon drones then rushed through the dust cloud, immediately shooting at Bumblebee.

    Bumblebee transformed, and shot the drones, taking one down by blasting it several times, followed by a punch directly to the head.

    "Not bad, Bee." Anthony gave him a thumbs up.

    "Hey, bet you can't hit one of them with your weapon!" Bumblebee taunted.

    "Oh, just watch me." Anthony carefully aimed and fired a round at a drone, which dodged it. "Come on!" Anthony complained.

    "Okay, now that we settled you have no aim, I'll be glad to finish these guys off." Bumblebee said, and once again attacked a drone, killing it. One of the two remaining drones shot a round at the teenagers, horribly missing them. The last ones transformed and escaped.

    "Phew." Sara sat on the floor. "That was a close one."

    "Aren't they all?" Anthony replied. Anthony and Sara's laughter was outweighted by their intense breathing.

    "That was really dangerous, facing those drones alone." Bumblebee said. "They would have hurt you if I wasn't here."

    "Yeah." Anthony said. He then smiled and put his hand on Sara's shoulder, "Not really."

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