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    this is a story I amde about Transformers toys who come to life. There are really three stories done so far. so this is number one. hope you enjoy.

    Chapter 1​
    Aaron got out of his mom’s car with his brother. They each had gotten six transformers. Three Decepticons and three Autobots. They were original figures. They ran into the back room and opened up their transformers. They started playing with them. Aaron put his figures down and turned around. Then he felt a tug at his leg. “Noah stop tugging on my leg.” “I’m not tugging on your leg.” Then Noah turned around in the desk seat and looked at Aaron. His jaw dropped. “Aaron look down at the back of your ankle.”
    “What did you put there Noah?” “Nothing. Look!!” Aaron sighed and looked at the back of his ankle. His transformers were standing there looking at him. Well they were only the Autobots. Aaron turned around and stepped back against the wall. “Hello Aaron. My name is Mirage.” Aaron pointed a shaking finger at them. “How long have you been able to talk?” “Since we were made. Us Autobots must defeat the Decepticons. The Decepticons must defeat us too. We all have the same abilities that we have in the cartoon. You may keep us if you wish.” “I will keep you all. Noah what are you going to do with yours?” “I’m going to keep them. They’re awesome.”
    Aaron nodded. Then a shot hit his Bumblebee in the back. He looked to see his three Decepticons standing there. “Autobots attack!!” Mirage and the other two Autobots ran towards the Decepticons shooting. Skywarp and Thundercracker transformed and took to the skies. They could fly as high as the seat of the couch. Aaron sat down on the floor and watched. He was leaning up against the wall. He was still in shock about this. He saw Mirage disappear. Then Skywarp went flying for Bluestreak. He transformed and started driving. “Bumblebee can you shoot that stack of magazines down off the table?” “On it.” Bumblebee turned to face the table and shot at a stack of magazines. The magazines started to fall. Bluestreak sped up and dodged the falling magazines.
    They hit Skywarp though. He flew into the wall and transformed. He fell to the ground and laid there damaged. Bluestreak transformed and looked around. He was looking for a place where he could take cover and shoot. He ran over to a leg of the table. He stood behind it. Then Bumblebee went flying by him. He was not even able to move a finger. He was really damaged. Bluestreak peaked around the table leg holding his gun to his chest. Then he got shot in the shoulder and flew onto his back. Megatron stood over him. He pointed his cannon at Bluestreak’s face.
    Then there was a blast noise and Megatron got shot in the shoulder. He fell over into a leg of the table. He looked around and didn’t see anybody. Then Thundercracker came flying towards him. They collided and fell to the ground. Thundercracker and Megatron lay there. The Autobots had won the battle. Aaron stood up. “Let’s get you guys fixed up.” They all nodded. Aaron picked up his transformers and put them on the table. He found a tool box and brought in the tools. Then he noticed something in each of their boxes. He looked in them and found extra parts for each of the transformers.
    He brought the boxes of pieces to the table. He opened the small boxes of parts and took them out. He started fixing up his transformers. He finished and they stood up. They looked at Aaron. “Okay, I need to lay down some rules. No fighting in front of Mom or Dad. Once a battle is finished you can’t fight for two more hours. Those are the two rules. Oh ya, no blowing ceramic stuff, glass stuff, or breakable stuff all together. Those are the rules. Now go and do what you want. But first I’ll show you my room. Get ready to move out.” The Autobots transformed and started their engines Then the two seekers transformed and hovered in the air.
    Megatron stayed in robot mode so he could walk. “Noah show them your room.” “ You didn’t think I was going to do that.” Aaron nodded and walked out of the backroom. His transformers followed. They turned a corner and passed a room. The door was partly open. His transformers stopped. Megatron looked at Aaron. “What is this room? It is full of wires, junked computers, and a bunch of technical stuff.” “It’s my dad’s technology room. He makes stuff. Like small robots and stuff. He lets me take what I want. If he approves it. Why?” “We might want to make small bases don’t ya think.” “Cool. You can do that when I can get parts. I’ll bring parts once in a while. Now let’s continue.”
    Aaron kept walking with his transformers close behind. They got to the stairs. The Autobots transformed. Then Aaron started walking up and his grounded transformers climbed up the stairs. The seekers flew through the air above the stairs. Aaron got to the top in no time. The seekers flew around him and the grounded transformers were still climbing. Then they got to the top and the Autobots transformed. They followed Aaron to his room. His room had two shelves full of regular transformers. Not the newer ones like he just got.
    He had a small TV. on top of a stand, a desk with a hutch, a full size bed, a small couch on the back wall, a nightstand, and a black dresser. “Welcome to your new home.” His transformers transformed and walked around.

    What ya guys think. is this a bust or should i keep posting? please comment.
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    i like this one, even i think sometimes what it would be like if all the transformers in my room came to life ... IT WOULD BE AWESOME !!! :D  !!! please continue !!!

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