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    Have any of you've seen Disney vs Non-Disney Villains on YouTube? A YouTube user called manwhoo edited clips from different movies together and made it appear as the characters were fighting.
    Here is an example: Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains: Round Seven - YouTube

    It was great but sadly the only Transformer in it was Megatron/Galvatron in a "homemade" battle made by yours truly.
    Disney vs Non-Disney/ Gantu vs Megatron - YouTube

    I find this disappointing and I am thinking of starting a spin-off of just Transformers.

    I have a bunch of ideas for fights but here is the problem. I have a computer with a low memory. I cannot store all the neccasary clips. I mostly have Beast Wars and Animated on my computer. I would need other peole to store the clips and make some of the fights. I would also like some help with the story which includes Unicron and his dimensional travel abilities. Also scale doesn't matter. Mostly.

    Here are a few fights I have planned:
    G1 Megatron vs Movie Megatron
    G1 hears that there someone has arrived and poses a threat to his leadership. He travels to Mission City to confront this new Megatron but Movie will not go down easy.

    Beast Wars inferno vs Lugnut
    Inferno is observing his new location when he is attacked by Lugnut who confuses him for Blackarachnia. Inferno proclaims he works for Megatron. Suprised at this Lugnut ceases his attack but when he figures out that Inferno worships a different Megatron the two fight to see which megatron is greater.

    Movie Bumblebee vs G1 Cliffjumper
    Cliffjumper spots Bumblebee and confuses him as a Decepticon war machine. When he attacks Bumblebee gos on the defenscive.

    Again I need a team to do this because my computer does not have the needed space and I am pretty busy. I can make a lot of fights but not all of them.

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