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    Hello everyone I have a few transformers that I would like to trade. They are all complete unless otherwise noted. All come form an adult collector and are loose but all joints are tight and have been used for display only. They come from a smoke free home and are kept out of the sunlight so no fading. If you are interested LMK I will ship priority so it will get there on time. PM me if interested

    Cybertron Optimus Prime- He is the Blue and Red one homage to G1 Optimus Prime
    Cybertron Crumplezone - He is from the Costo Two Pack I just wanted the OP from it it has never been played with and transformed once.
    Cybertron Quickmix
    Universe 1.0/2.0 Starscream, Astrotrain, Octane, Galvatron, Jetfire, Blaster
    Armada Wheeljack, Smokescreen, Cyclonus, Blurr, Thrust. Trade for

    Cybertron Starscream (the one that comes from the vector prime two pack)
    Cybertron Wingsaber
    Energon Downshift
    Cybertron Leo Breaker
    Energon Roadblock
    Energon Jetfire or Overcast
    Energon Quickstrike


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