Transformers Thrust MIB Vintage G1

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    Thrust is 98% complete and comes with:
    2 Large wings, 2 Small tail fins, 2 Missile Launchers.
    2 Air-to-land Missiles, Front Landing Gear, 2 Fists,
    Instruction booklet, and Red Tech Specs Decoder.

    Thrusts condition is very good for being 24 years old.
    Stickers are good but not mint.
    Joints are semi-tight and still hold a pose.
    The plastic color is still vibrant and has no sun damage.

    The boxes is in good condition for its age.
    Color is Vibrant and has no color fading.
    There is nothing cut out of the box.
    The back of the box does have a flap crease
    but the over all artwork on the back is very clean.

    The bubble is a custom but looks crystal clear and display
    the jet perfectly.

    Asking $100 shipping included to US and Canada.
    Payment via paypal.

    Any questions feel free to ask.
    Thank you.

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