Transformers: The War Bringer

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    Well here is something I am working on for my kids, My kids love Transformers and have since the day they were So every month I write them a story of sorts, and print it out, for them to enjoy, so I hope you enjoy this.
    Now for my kids versions that are done a friend and i work out the details and he does up some drawings(comics you might say). oh and soon some will be part of a stop-motion for them as well.

    And as always comments are welcome

    It is the year 2040. The Autobots have gathered on Earth for the first time in 50 years.
    As they pay their last respects to a fallen friend. But there is more than meets the eye. In
    the shadows of this funeral, Something from the past is watching.

    Grimlock: Me Grimlock not understand what is going on, someone explain

    Swoop: Yes me Swoop want to know too.

    Kup: Well Dinobots, this is what earthlings call a funeral, a celabration of sorts for a fallen loved one.

    Sludge: Oh me Sludge understand

    Snarl: Me too, Like what their was for old leader Optimus Prime

    Kup: Yes, something like that.

    Jackson: Hey Kup, Dinobots Thank you for coming.

    Kup: Anything for you Jackson, my boy. How are you holding up.

    Jackson: As best as I can, I am 30 years old and I have lost everything in this war.

    Rodimus Prime: Jackson, please accept our condolences for your loss.

    Jackson: Prime thank you

    Rodimus: Daniel and Lisa were our friends and we feel your pain as well.

    Jackson: I know you do, If you would excuse me their is someone I need to see.

    Rodimus: Of course

    Kup: Well Rodimus, He is right, This war with the decepticons has cost him dearly.

    Ultra Magnus: First he loses his grandmother and grandfather Spike and Carly, Then he loses his parents,
    All because Galvatron has showed no mercy in this latest attempt to reclaim Cybertron.

    Rodimus: I know Magnus, but we arrived to late, to help and Galvatron was already gone.

    Kup: So now what do we do.

    Rodimus: We take the fight to the decepticons, No more of being put into a defensive position.

    Ultra Magnus: Is that so wise Rodimus, fisrt we have to help...

    Rodimus: No more talk Magnus, find me as many volunteers as you can.

    ....and with those words Rodimus walks off.

    Kup: Magnus he has gone off the deep end now.

    Grimlock: Me Grimlock agree with Rodimus. The Dinobots are ready to fight.

    ....And as darkness cascades down on the Graveyard, the last of the condolences has been given.

    ....back on Charr

    Cyclonus: Mighty Galvatron, the plan is well on its way to being put in motion.

    Galvatron: Excellent Cyclonus, Now for phase 2.

    Motormaster: Galvatron the stunticons and I have brought what you sent us for.

    Galvatron: About time, For a moment I thought you were Starscream and was going to fail me.

    Motormaster: Never mighty Galvatron.

    Galvatron: Soundwave begin the operation.

    Soundwave: As you command, Galvatron, Laserbeak eject, Operation mindtheft.

    ...back on Earth

    Alpha Trion: Rodimus be warned, A great evil from the past is seeking his revenge.

    Rodimus: Alpha Trion what evil are you talking about.

    ....With that Rodimus awakens from his matrix induced sleep.

    Rodimus: Why is it he always does this, I wonder if he did the same thing to Optimus.

    Ultra Magnus: They are ready for you know Rodimus.

    Rodimus: Thank you Magnus.

    ...and as Rodimus enters the room, he sees familiar faces.

    Rodimus: I have asked for you volunteers for a secret mission, To once and for all bring an end to Galvatron and the decepticons.

    too be continued....

    ...beneath the graveyard...a door opens to a secret lab

    Dr. Minos: Ah I see you have finished accepting your condolences Jackson

    Jackson: Dr. seeing the arrogance on the faces of those autobots made me sick, When will we ready to proceed.

    Dr. Minos: whenever you are ready we will begin the experiment.

    Jackson: My grandfather told me of this when I was a child, Now it will be my revenge.

    Dr. Minos: I still must warn you of the conseq...

    Jackson: I don't care begin. Jackson is placed on the table, beside him is the table with his instrument of revenge

    Jackson: The War Bringer will have his revenge, begin the process Dr.

    ...Dr Minos pushes buttons, pulls levers

    ...meanwhile on Charr

    Cyclonus: Galvatron it is beginning

    Galvatron: Excellent Cyclonus

    Cyclonus: Soundwave is watching the experiment unfold, and if successful...

    Galvatron: Yes the autobots will be no more. Bring him in Scourge Scourge opens the cage, two humans are retrieved

    Daniel: Let us go you decepticreep

    Scourge: be silent or be silenced earth germ

    Galvatron: Ah the human ally Daniel, You will be happy to know your son will destroy the autobots for me.

    Daniel: Galvatron what have you done

    Lisa: Rodimus and the other autobots will defeat you as they always have Galvatron

    Galvatron:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Humans and their arrogance the outskirts of autobot city Blurr and Warpath are on Patrol
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    Uh oh, I can only wonder as to what's going to unfold. That dastardly Galvatron.
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    I should have started from the beginning of the comic we are working on but didnt, which loses everything that happened. but i will be finishing it up in a day or two

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