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    Two brothers on a collision course with destiny must find a way to overcome adversity, overcome their demons, and overcome themselves so that there world and all they know can survive.
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    Autobot Headquarters

    The frantic cadence of fast marching footsteps broke the silence of the hallway to the command center of the Iacon Fortress. Automatic doors opened as the four feet that had carried the newcomers to the entrance of the Situation Room came to a pause. For a moment all was still, then suddenly those feet and eventually the entire frames of the would be entrants was enveloped in a soft blue light. “Identities confirmed, await descent.” An automated voice stated as the floor beneath the two frames made a churning noise then began its descent to the subterranean level of the fortress. As soon as the two stepped off of their elevator and the sound of pulleys taking the floor back to its original position ceased, a voice broke the silence.

    “Come quickly young Autobots and tell us the status of the detention facility.”

    “Emirate Xaaron, sir,” one of the mechs began. “Things did not go as planned.”

    “It seems,” the other mech stated, “that someone else got to the facility before we could complete our assignment.”

    “What do you mean got to the facility?” Xaaron questioned.

    “Emirate Xaaron,” the larger mech began, “and Alpha Trion, sirs, we were able to place the arousal devices you gave us within the center’s holding areas, but what we found was that there were as many Decepticons imprisoned as Autobots.”

    “So we,” the slightly smaller teal mech began, “decided to place the reactivation, I mean arousal devices only where the must dense Autobot population was. Before we could do that, we were interrupted by an explosion.”

    “An explosion!” Alpha Trion declared as thoughts of the carnage raced through his processor.

    “Not just one, but a series of explosions. The entire structure was razed to the ground. And as you can see, we did not leave unscathed.” The large mech said as the light brought the dents and scratches on his frame into view.

    “Was he there Ultra Magnus?” Alpha Trion asked in a saddened toned.

    “We saw lots of our old comrades sir, but no Prime?” Magnus answered.

    “Damn it!” Xaaron exploded. “No Prime, no Allspark, and no hope!”

    “Not so fast Xaaron.” Alpha Trion began in reassuring tone. “If Prime was not in the detainment facility, then maybe, just maybe he’s still functional.”

    “If that’s all we have then that’s what we’ll have to use.” Emirate Xaaron declared. “We must as Alpha Trion just exemplified be optimistic. We will somehow win this war and save our world. Magnus, Kup, I’m glad you two made it. I have one last set of orders for you today. First, have First Aid take a look at your damage, and second, tell no one of the destruction you witnessed. The last thing we need right now is the spirits of our fellow Autobots broken.”

    “As you wish sir.” Magnus and Kup said in unison before making their ways back towards the exit.

    “Alpha,” Xaaron began, “What are we to do should the Allspark be lost or destroyed?”

    “Pray that it’s not.” Alpha Trion answered.

    “I feared something like this could happen. Was all this loss of life worth it?” Xaaron wondered.

    “Had we not taken this chance the eventual loss may have been even more enormous.” Alpha replied. “You know this was our last hope.”

    “Do you think he got the what he needed, and do you think he found Prime?” Xaaron questioned.

    “Punch has never failed us before Xaaron. I’m sure he would not have set off the detonator without good reason.” Alpha explained.

    “It’s not Punch that worries me Alpha,” Xaaron stated. “It’s his other half. Bad company eventually corrupts good morals.”

    “So does war Xaaron. Whether Punch was masquerading behind Decepticon lines or ambushing Decepticon strongholds with the Wreckers he’d be exposed to cold existence.” Alpha Trion explained.

    “I worry about Magnus and the Wreckers as well A3.” Xaaron stated. “I pray we can end this foolish war so we can unite our world for the real conflict.”

    “I concur Xaaron,” A3 replied. “Till all are one.”

    “Till all are one.” Xaaron echoed.


    A smoldering mess is all that remained of the Decepticon Detention Facility as soldiers ordered civilians and Empties to remove the debris and search for signs of life. Amid the sound of construction and recovery vehicles static began to buzz on the wrist of one of the soldiers.

    “Barracade report.”

    “Barracade reporting.” He answered.

    “Are there any survivors?” the voice inquired.

    “The facility was totally destroyed,” Barracde answered. “Survivors are minimal.”

    “How many?”

    “Five total, two Decepticons, and three Autobots.” Barracade answered.

    “Have the survivors been identified?”

    “All but one Autobot who can’t talk.” Barracade responded. “The other Autobots are designated Jazz and Ironhide. The Decepticon survivors are Shockwave and Bludgeon.”

    “Anything else to report before sending the survivors in for data extraction?”

    “Yes, I’ll be sending them in for questioning rather than data extraction since all of the survivors are out of stasis.” Barracade said before ending the conversation.

    Weeks Later

    “Something is not adding up Soundwave.” A silver mech with red highlights began explaining. “The Autobot fleet that attacked our detention center could not have planted those detonators in the time they had after the breach.”

    “Scans of the five survivors show they were brought out of stasis using Autobot technology.” Soundwave stated.

    “Be that as it may, I don’t buy it. As our newly reanimated friend Shockwave would say, ‘it just isn’t logical.’ Why would they risk their own lives by attacking us, then risk the lives of so many Autobot prisoners in an attempt to free them? There’s something else going on.”

    “That’s why now more than ever it’s imperative that we find Megatron.” Soundwave stated.


    “Frenzy has some information you may find useful Starscream.” Soundwave answered. “The silent Autobot seems to have had a run in with Megatron shortly before his disappearance. The remaining details are being extracted from his processor as we speak.”

    “So, our Lord may yet be found.” Starscream began. “So what of the usurpers?”

    “The interrogations of Bludgeon and Shockwave are scheduled to begin as soon as we’re done with the Autobots.” Soundwave answered.

    “Excellent, but first I’d like to have a word with Shockwave in private.” Starscream ordered.

    “You two have a history don’t you?” Soundwave questioned.

    “Yes, before he sought Megatron’s position we were like brothers. In those days the Decepticon cause was quite formidable and Shockwave and I worked well to make sure it stayed that way.”

    “What happened?”

    “Optimus Prime happened.” Starscream answered. “He overwhelmed Shockwave to the point that it turned him into a cold isolated tactician rather than the charismatic soldier he had been in the past.”

    “And what about you?”

    “I became Megatron’s most loyal soldier, determined to stop Optimus Prime.” Starscream remembered. “I almost did, but as Megatron, my seekers, and I prepared to deliver what would have been a crashing blow to the Autobot general, Shockwave’s treachery intervened.”

    Breaking Starscream’s reflection Soundwave inquired, “What would you have us do with Bludgeon?”

    “Have Mindwipe give him a thorough psychological evaluation.” Starscream replied. “If he sees that Bludgeon is stable, have him appointed as a level 5 combat trainer. If we’re gonna rid ourselves of this Autobot menace his sinister tactics may be exactly what we need.”

    “I will relay those instructions Starscream.” Soundwave replied as he glanced at his communicator that started beeping. “I believe Shockwave should be prepared for you momentarily.”

    Excellent Soundwave.” Starscream said, “Now see that the Autobots get a lesson on how a real attack looks.”

    Soundwave nodded his head in Starscream’s direction as the seeker took off, then turned and began walking in the opposite direction down towards an array of busy Decepticons.
    “Onslaught, Blitzwing, Overkill, Ramcone, and Rumble report to me at once.” Soundwave ordered causing Decepticon optics to focus on the blue powerhouse while five powerfully built frames quickly made their way to the forefront of the assembled Decepticons.

    “What are your orders Soundwave?” one of the five responded.

    “Operation destruction. Destination, Iacon.” Soundwave concluded before an eerie silence was broken by the hum of energy weapons being powered up.

    Interrogation Room

    The loud sound of clanging metal echoed in the small room as the large purple frame of Shockwave bounced from the far wall to the floor. The reinforced titanium doors that weren’t there as he flew towards the wall soon closed behind him as he lay on the cold floor awaiting the questioning of his interrogator. For a moment the red blaze of his lone optic was all the light the small room offered, then suddenly light was all around him, and he found himself facing a dark glass mirror. Shockwave knew he was being watched, but by whom. He was surprised to hear that the voice of the one watching him was a very familiar voice.

    “Welcome Shockwave.”

    “Starscream!?!” Shockwave moaned weakly.

    “Glad to know you still remember the sound of my voice. How have you been old friend?” Starscream said sarcastically garnering no response from his captive. “I guess the retro rabbits must have stolen your vocal processor. You know this situation you’ve found yourself in could have been avoided.”

    “You cannot be serious Starscream.”

    “I am very serious Shockwave. Your treachery has done unspeakable harm to the Decepticon cause. You should be thankful Megatron allowed you to function.”

    “Function,” Shockwave responded, “you call this functioning. I would rather be one with Primus than to hear such garbage.”

    “I see you’ve got that old spunk back Shockwave,” Starscream stated. “It’s been a long time and a lot has changed. I was hoping you had changed as well.”

    “You of all mechs should know better.” Shockwave said. “If I am anything I am consistent, so logically I won’t change.”

    “Oh but you did change.” Starscream began. “You changed from a great warrior, from a defender of the mighty Decepticon Empire to a traitor!”

    “That is a lie and you know it.” Shockwave responded with his optic focused directly on the mirror.

    “What I know is you changed from being a noble soldier, to a scientist, and finally to the mech that allowed the Autobot resistance to spread across Cybertron.” Starscream yelled.

    “What I became was knowledgeable. I became a student of Cybertronian history and not some blind follower of Megatron. I never did anything to get in the way of the Decepticon cause. That damage was done by Megatron.”

    “Do your lies ever cease?” Starscream ranted. “Megatron is the reason the Decepticon cause is what is today. Why is it that you believe you can fill his shoes?”

    “I do not wish to do anything less than bring peace to Cybertron by destroying any who oppose the Decepticon way.” Shockwave replied.

    “How noble of you traitor!” Starscream yelled.

    “How can you say these things Starscream? You were there, Megatron saved Optimus Prime and caused us to falter. Why do you still not believe it was him and not me that did that?”

    “I was there, and if I had not failed in my own battle with Optimus Prime it would not have had to come to the conclusion it did.” Starscream said. “I failed Megatron, then you tried to kill him.”

    “Why do you blame everyone but Megatron from Megatron’s shortcomings?” Shockwave replied. “We could have finished Prime off, but instead he fired at his own warriors to save the Autobot leader and then he framed me. So yes, I did try to kill him. He was the traitor, and it is Megatron that does not deserve to live.”

    The thick black window that separated the two suddenly began to separate just as the energon restraints that were just constricting the large purple mech suddenly released. Shockwave pause for a moment as he prepared himself to stand and face whatever was coming from Starscream’s side of the glass. The lights flickered off as a cadence of footsteps approached Shockwave. He was prepared for anything, anything accept what happened when the lights came on. There stood Starscream, alone with a specially made cannon designed to fit in the place of the hand Megatron had sliced from Shockwave’s arm.

    “Welcome back to the Decepticons.” Starscream said as he grabbed his old friend by the arm so he could attach the new extremity.

    “I don’t understand Starscream. This isn’t logical.” Shockwave said thoroughly confused.

    “I forgive you old friend. We’ll say you had a glitch in your processor and no word of the past will ever be mention again.” Starscream declared.

    “But what about Megatron,” Shockwave questioned. “When he finds out he’ll make slag out of both of us.”

    “Megatron is lost and may never be found.” Starscream answered. “But if the day ever comes where we must face him, I will side with whatever is best for the Decepticon cause. Now, let’s get you to a medic.”
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    Wow, this is one interesting fanfic... great start, written excellently... looking forward to reading more.
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    Two brothers on a collision course with destiny must find a way to overcome adversity, overcome their demons, and overcome themselves so that there world and all they know can survive.

    Shortly before the disappearance of Megatron and continuing afterwards, the Decepticon cause began facing some major setbacks, but for a long time the Decepticons did as they wished with any Cybertronian real estate and the inhabitants of that real estate. They were without peer when it came to might, influence, and intimidation. As they advanced across the planet they either made other Cybertronians assimilate into the Decepticon way or they made slaves of those who opposed. They were able to control two thirds of the planet in what seemed like no time. They were focused, they were precise, and they seemed unstoppable. Their lore become almost legendary as no Cybertronian, and really only a select group of Decepticons had ever seen the faction’s leader. Some legends had it that he was the emissary of a god, while others said he was the god, either way this mysterious figure served as inspiration for the faction while striking fear into the processors of all others. The name most called him by was The Liege Maximo, a moniker that lasted until the Decepticons decided to capture the other third of Cybertron that included the capital city of Iacon.

    Historical Iacon (2 Vorns earlier)

    “It’s a minor disturbance in the Empty Lands he told us, so we told the people the guardians at Polyhex would end this uprising. The guardians have been deactivated and now Polyhex and two thirds of Cybertron has fallen into Decepticon hands! How long can it be before they turn their attention to Iacon?” an unnerved mech declared as he banged his fist against the table where he and three other mechs were seated.

    “How could he or for that matter anyone of us have known that the uprising in the Empties would lead to this Kranix?” Xaaron began. “What we need now more than finger pointing is a solid plan that will help us make sure Iacon doesn’t fall into their hands as well.”

    “Xaaron’s right,” A3 interjected. “We need a team of warriors, and yes I said warriors with the courage and strength not only to face down this Decepticon menace, but also turn them away so the people can slowly take back their freedom.”

    “What you are suggesting is a war! We were not built for war A3.” Arbolus, the last of the seated foursome declared. “What you are suggesting is suicide those of my kind. No Lythomech would stand a chance against the Decepticon war machine!”

    “Being of Lythomech design myself, I second what Arbolus is saying.” Kranix said.

    “The two of you are both correct.” Xaaron said as he gave the table a once over. “Lythomechs are not equipped to fight, but those of us who can must be prepared to do so. The way I see it, we have very limited choices. We can reactive the old guardians and hope they can stave off the threat to Iacon, we can all stay here and fight ourselves against a much more organized army of soldiers, or we can have the segment of our population that would face certain death in battle evacuate now so we can make room for our own set of defenders within Iacon.”

    “Xaaron,” A3 began. “Are you actually serious about building another race of warriors?”

    “Yes I am, I see no other way.” Xaaron answered.

    “Kranix, Arbolus,” A3 inquired. “What do you two propose?”

    “I’m with whatever Kranix says.” Arbolus answered.

    “Well, having taken into consideration the bigger picture, the ramifications of allowing this band of rogues to control this entire planet is not an option. We must most stop them no matter the cost, even if that cost involves some of us leaving the home world for a time so a proper defense can be mounted.” Kranix declared. “I say bring the soldiers online.”

    “You have the deciding vote A3 as this decision must be unanimous.” Xaaron stated as three sets of optics focused on the former liberator.

    “If we must then, let it be so.” A3 said with hesitation.

    “You have got to start seeing the bigger picture brother.” A large silver and orange mech said to a slightly smaller silver and red mech as they walked towards the hall the leaders of the Cybertronian counsel had summoned them to.

    “All I know Sentinal is that the Decepticons are ransacking Cybertron in their quest for total domination and Iacon is probably next on their hit list.”

    “Pax,” Sentinal replied, “my dear sweet little brother you have tunnel vision. The Decepticons have not once threatened Iacon. All they have done is clean up the Empty Lands, build Polyhex back from the ruins of the Revolution, and turn a bunch of peasant bots into soldiers.”

    “Or slaves, you left out the part about oppression.” Pax replied.

    “That is all hear say Pax. Do you, or does anyone else for that matter know their motivation? It could ultimately turn out to be noble.” Sentinal replied.

    “There’s no nobility in forced assimilation or slavery Sentinal. Freedom is the right of every sentient being.” Pax stated.

    “Yes but true freedom has a price Pax and those unwilling to pay that price don’t deserve the benefits that come with true freedom. Freedom, little brother, is not a right, it’s a privilege.” Sentinal declared.

    “So let me make sure I understand what it is you’re saying,” Pax began. “If we truly want to be free we must be willing to fight for it even if it means putting our lives and the lives of innocents in danger.”

    “Unfortunately in war there, are no innocents brother.” Sentinel stated.

    “And if all of Iacon takes on your attitude there will be no innocence.” Pax responded.

    “If our world ever faces the type of threat it did when our fathers were slaves innocence will be but a hindrance to the true freedom Cybertron really desires. We need to be prepared for anything because I for one don’t want to have us or those who follow us be enslaved ever again, especially by organics.”

    “What do you have against organics anyway?” Pax teased.

    “They’re disgusting and inferior creatures Pax. They are truly only fit to be our pets, the universe would probably smell a lot better without them.” Sentinel answered.

    “From what I’ve heard, this Liege Maximo wants to turn the citizens of Iacon into his pets. What do you suppose we do about that?” Pax asked in a more serious tone as they approached they steps of the hall that lead to the conference room.

    “Let’s hope the council takes the advice I gave them before and decides to fight.” Sentinel replied as they made their way into the conference room.

    “Have a seat you two.” The voice of Emirate Xaaron said as he came through and closed the door behind him. “I’m glad you came so quickly.”

    “The summons sounded urgent.” Sentinel responded. “What is this all about?”

    “The Council is not happy with your initial assessment of the potential of Decepticon uprising.” Emirate Xaaron began. “What you termed a small uprising has gotten completely out of hand and now the Council fears Iacon may be threatened.”

    “So what are we going to do about the threat?” Sentinel asked.

    “Some time ago you suggested that we take up arms and bring online a fleet of defenders capable of protecting Iacon from threats.” Xaaron stated. “The Council has decided today, that it is time we followed that course of action.”

    “What you are suggesting is a war!” Pax proclaimed. “Think of the ramifications.”

    “We have Pax.” Xaaron answered. “And it is due to those ramifications that we feel we have no choice.”

    “What would you like us to do?” Sentinel inquired.

    “We feel you two are the best equipped to lead this new band of defenders, so what we’re ask you today is to accept the positions of Autobot Generals.” Xaaron concluded.

    “I am but a pit fighter, some might even call me a gladiator, but I am no leader.” Pax declared in protest.

    “Emirate Xaaron,” Sentinel started. “I like my brother am a gladiator and not some military genius. This task you ask of us is monumental. Are you certain?”

    “I am not.” Xaaron answered. “But there is another within the ranks of the Council that believes you two are the only ones fit for this calling. He has great faith in you both, and because of that, so must I.”

    The two brothers glanced at each other intently for a moment as if they were conveying a silent message. Then the younger of the two spoke.
    “We are willing to pay whatever price freedom requires Emirate Xaaron. If Sentinel leads, I will gladly stand by his side.”

    “Sentinel?” Emirate Xaaron motioned.

    “It is as my brother has stated.” Sentinel began. “We will serve, we will fight, and we will defend freedom at all costs.”

    Modern Iacon repair bay

    A mech awakens from stasis and surveys his surroundings. He realizes he is one of two life forms in the old repair bay, the other being still in stasis. This repair bay had become a place he was all too familiar with. Battle after battle he found either himself or some of his closest comrades laying on gurneys in this very room. To him this place had an eerie comfort and provided him with a connection to those friends he had lost as well as the hope of his own recoveries.

    “Wow Ratchet, this place has been the same for vorns. You really ought to tidy up and modernize old Lugnut’s place.” He said aloud to no one but himself as he stepped down from the gurney he was on.

    Memories of why he was in here flashed through his processor as he began taking inventory of what was in his data banks. What he began realizing is that he had been in stasis for quite some time and that his most recent memories weren’t very recent. He then focused his attention of the blue mech in stasis on the gurney next his.

    “Punch.” He said looking at the scorched frame of his fellow Autobot. “What happened to you?” He then looked in the mirror only to realize that his own frame was scorched and dented. “What happened to me?” he then asked aloud.

    “Punch found you.” A shadowy figure that had quietly entered the small lab stated. “We must get you repaired.”

    “Alpha Trion, is that you?” he asked as he looked in the direction of the shadowy intruder.

    “I am so glad you are alive. There is hope after all.” The shadowy figure stated as he descended into the visible part of the room revealing himself to in fact be Alpha Trion.
    “Did you find it?”

    “Find what?” he asked as Alpha Trion put a hand on his massive shoulder and looked across his frame accessing the damage.

    “The Allspark Prime. Where is the Allspark?”

    “Megatron,” Prime answered in a whisper. “Megatron!”
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    this is going to be lovely, can't wait for more (but I guess I'll have to)
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    Two brothers on a collision course with destiny must find a way to overcome adversity, overcome their demons, and overcome themselves so that there world and all they know can survive.
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    Peace, War, and Loyalty

    “It’s been too quiet in the Empties lately.” A red and silver mech said as he and two others trekked across the deserted lands.

    “I take it you miss the days when we were getting our tailpipes handed to us by the Decepticons that used to run the Empty lands.” A silver mech with white trim replied.

    “Sideswipe’s right Prowl,” A taller red mech chimed in. “It’s been really dull in the Empties for a while now. I’m starting to miss those boring meetings with you and Magnus in Iacon.”

    “Speak for yourself Blaster,” Sidewipe began. “There hasn’t been any action in Iacon since Prime kicked Shockwave’s aft back to Polyhex. All there is for me in Iacon is trouble.”

    “Magnus almost kicked you off the force after that last stunt you pulled.” Blaster added.

    “What made you think that putting a life-sized image of Starscream in the big guy’s quarters would be funny anyway?” Prowl inquired.

    “I thought it was pretty funny myself Sidesipe.” Blaster defended.

    “Funny, it was hilarious.” Sideswipe added, “Ultra Magnus almost blew a gasket when he found out it was a prank. He blasted out half of his wall and scared the crap out of poor old Gears. The look of that old grunt running in a panic through the streets of Iacon still cracks me up.”

    “It’s beyond me that you don’t seem to ever learn your lesson Sideswipe. Someone could have been hurt.” Prowl replied.

    “I did learn a lesson because someone was hurt, me.” Sideswipe rebutted. “Me and Sunstreaker had to do five cycles with Kup on a boring mission to Andromeda 7, and Kup is a mech that refuses to shut up with his unending stories.”

    “He can be a little long winded but you must admit that a lot of what he says,” Prowl paused to consider what he was about to say, “well some of what he says has merit.”

    “Well let’s see you volunteer to go on the next mission with him then Prowl.” Blaster stated.

    “I’ll pass.” Prowl responded with a chuckle.

    The trio continued their trek through the Empties as night fell and darkness surrounded them. The built in Cybertronian positioning systems let them know they were now a long distance from any Autobot territory and venturing dangerously close to a Decepticon stronghold. Not even Sideswipe was foolish enough to venture any farther than they had already traveled, and although it had been an empty journey through the Empty Lands, they all realized that when day broke it would be time to turn around. So they made a makeshift camp out of the debris that surround them, placed the energon rations they had remaining in satchels beside them, and prepared to recharge.

    “It’s way to quite out here.” Sideswipe said.

    “Didn’t we already have this conversation?” Blaster added.

    “Yeah I know and we get it,” Prowl responded. “Magnus was mad, Gears was scared, and Kup talks a lot, now shut up and recharge.”

    “All I’m saying is that nothing good ever happens when it’s this quiet out.” Sideswipe declared. “I’ve got a bad feeling guys.”

    “Here,” Prowl said with annoyance as he got up and reached for his photon charger. “Maybe this will comfort you.”

    “Oh how sweet,” an unfamiliar voice cut in. “Too bad there’s nothing there that’ll comfort you!”

    “What the pit!” Blaster yelled as he jumped to his feet and backed up slowly until he felt the backs of his two fellow Autobots against his own.

    “Thanks for the energon.” The strange voice began. “We don’t like your kind out here in our Empties pretty bots. Take em out boys!” the voice concluded as what sounded like dozens of sets of feet moved in on the trio.

    “The last of the cranial scans and data extractions is complete.” An automated voice declared.

    “Excellent. What is the final analysis?”

    “Subject one, Autobot designated Jazz is a field captain with limited knowledge of Autobot or Cybertronian history. He was hand picked by the Autobot leader to take on this responsibility in order to rein him in. He was once considered reckless, but has developed into a valuable Autobot asset. No knowledge of the whereabouts of Prime or Megatron.” The voice stated.

    “Useful, mere fodder if you ask me.”

    “Subject two, Autobot designated Ironhide is of a lesser rank than the previous Autobot but has a much more impressive resume’.”

    “Spare me the history lesson, what does he know?”

    “Very little sir. Shall I continue?” the voice inquired.


    “The final Autobot, identified as Bumblebee….” It continued before being interrupted.

    “What the pit is a Bumblebee?”

    “An organic bug according to my records.” The voice answered.

    “Didn’t I say continue!” came the annoyed response.

    “Subject Bumblebee’s last known memory was of his vocal processor being rip out by Megatron.”

    “How long ago?”

    “A vorn.” The voice responded.

    “The last words he picked up before going off line were as follows: ‘Where is Optimus Prime?!’ This was asked by Megatron.”

    “Is that all you have?”

    “No sir.” The voice continued as a display screen lit up. “This interaction took place at these coordinates.”

    “That was near Megatron’s forbidden quarters, which doesn’t make sense.” The data specialist uttered in a confused tone. “According to our records this Autobot’s frame was discovered just outside of southern Polyhex near the Empties.”

    “Anything further sir?” the voice asked.

    “Yes, get me a line to Soundwave,” the data specialist demanded. “He may find this information useful.”


    Iacon, or New Iacon as the ancients term it had been a bastion of peace for much of its existence. The organic slave masters originally designed the original Iacon as the second city of Cybertron. Its sister city, which has remnants still visible from New Iacon was to be the jewel of the planet. Near the end of the Great War, the Cybertronian rebels laid siege on Iacon and drove their organic foes from its borders forcing them to flee to the not yet completed sister city. The rebels turned Iacon into their staging ground and brought in refuges from all around Cybertron in hopes of finally defeating their oppressors. They finally built up enough of a force to give them confidence that they could lay siege to the beautiful Crystal City and rid Cybertron once and for all of the organics that had enslaved them. On the front lines, preparing to invade the glorious City, the former slaves behind the leadership of A3 were able to breach the walls allowing the masses of freedom thirsty Cybertronians to flow inside its walls. All was going according to plan until the slave masters unleashed their biggest weapons, the guardians. These monsters all but obliterated the rebel forces. Those that survived the guardian onslaught rushed back to Iacon in a panic hoping that its walls would offer them protection. The protection they sought was short lived as the guardians stormed in decimating Iacon in the process. Had it not been for a mysterious emissary delivering A3 a special map that led him to a device called the Coda Remote which was hidden amongst some weird hieroglyphics, all would have been lost. But as it turned out, the guardians were shut down by A3 activating the Remote, some natives survived, and their oppressors were forced to abandon their positions as lords of Cybertron and flee.
    Iacon was a mess, but even less could be said of the Crystal City that was totally decimated in a final battle with the Last Guardian. All of its pristine structures were knocked to the ground and its remains serve as a tomb for the Last Guardian to this day. Iacon was rebuilt and new mechs were brought online, and since that time, Iacon has known peace and prosperity. On all but one occasion, the civil war that had ravaged most of Cybertron since that time had, for whatever reason spared Iacon.

    Until the cry of………….

    “DECEPTICONS ATTACK!” echoed across the Iacon sky as photon blasts and artillery shells began raining destruction from above.

    For ages Iacon had been a place of refuge for Autobots and neutrals. Under Megatron the Decepticons dared not do more than threaten Iacon. But Megatron was gone now, and for that matter so was Prime. Now nothing was sacred, not even Iacon.

    “What’s going on out here!?” Ultra Magnus yelled a he ran into the streets of a panic-strickened Iacon.

    “Decepticons at the gates, Decepticons in the city, Decepticons, Decepticon, Decepticons!” a frantic blue mech replied.

    “Get a grip Blurr, we don’t have time for panic.” Ultra Magnus responded. “I need you to round up whatever Autobots you can find and start getting these civilians to safety.”

    “Yes sir Ultra Magnus, I’m going, I’m going, I’m going!” Blurr replied before taking off and watching Kup join Ultra Magnus.

    “This doesn’t look good Magnus.” Kup stated. “What in the pit do you think made them attack Iacon?”

    “Don’t know Kup,” Magnus replied. “But if we don’t start punching back soon this place is gonna end up looking worse than the old Crystal City.”

    “So what’s the plan?” Kup asked as they ducked pot shots and ran for cover.

    “Contact Wheeljack and Hotspot. We need them to activate the city’s defenses.” Magnus said. “I’m gonna find Springer and Prowl and see if we can put the Decepticons on the defensive.”

    “Sounds good to me.” Kup replied. “Now cover me!” Kup declared as he raced from the makeshift bunker firing at the city’s airborne assailants.

    A blast from the shoulder of the hulking white Autobot general made a sudden and dramatic impact on the unlucky seeker that had previously taken aim at the departing Kup. The wounded Decepticon came crashing to the ground about 100 yards in front of Ultra Magnus as more and more civilians raced through the streets of Iacon seeking shelter from the melee.

    “Springer do you read me, Springer do you read me.” Magnus beckoned.

    “I read you loud and clear sir, but I’ve kind of got a situation at the moment.” Springer replied amid the sound of laser blasts.

    “All of Iacon has a situation right now Springer!” Magnus replied. “Meet me at the east gate pronto and try not to get slagged on the way.”

    “Copy that Ultra Magnus.” The green powerhouse replied as he unleashed a round of artillery into the sky. “Being slagged was not on my to-do list for the day!”

    “Prowl, Prowl, this is Ultra Magnus, do you read me?” the general spoke into his communicator. “I need you to return to Iacon immediately!” Still no response Magnus realized as a menacing Decepticon that had landed directly in front of his position turned to face him after firing on the panicking multitude running for safety.

    “Looks like today’s my lucky day Autobot.” The large black Decepticon stated with an evil grin.

    “No, today’s your last day Decepticon!” Magnus replied before spearing the would be challenger onto the hard surface below them.

    “Status report Onslaught.” The voice of Soundwave broke through as the powerful Decepticon battalion leader terrorized lesser skilled Autobots.

    “We have breached the northern and southern gates. Three companies of foot soldiers are inside the city forcing its pitiful citizens towards the west wall as we speak. In a matter of time every Autobot in Iacon including Ultra Magnus will be trapped between the west wall and our forces.”

    “Excellent Onslaught.” Soundwave responded. “We will send another battalion to Iacon to secure the east gate shortly. Take no prisoners.”

    “It will be my pleasure Soundwave.” Onslaught replied as Soundwave cut the communication. “Decepticons, forward!”

    “Soundwave,” the voice of Frenzy, the data specialist interrupted.

    “What were you able to find?” Soundwave inquired.

    “It seems the silent Autobot may reveal a clue to the disappearance of Megatron.” Frenzy replied.

    “Are these coordinates relevant to Megatron’s whereabouts?” asked Soundwave.

    “Yes my master,” Frenzy responded. “It seems that this location is the last place we have a physical record of Megatron’s whereabouts. It is the only clue we have as to where he may have disappeared to.”

    “Did I just hear you say we may be able to find our Liege?” the voice of Starscream interjected as he and the very formidable Shockwave entered the room.

    “Indeed.” Soundwave replied while giving a suspicious look to the purple war machine next to Starscream. “We should act on this lead at once.”

    “I could not agree more Soundwave.” Starscream stated as he shot a glance from Shockwave to Soundwave indicating that this was not the time for suspicions. “I will take Frenzy and have Blackout rendezvous with us at the coordinates. As for you two, one of you stays at Darkmount to man the command center, the other take a battalion to Iacon to finish off the Autobots.”

    “Do you trust this mech Starscream!?” Soundwave inquired. “you yourself said…..”

    “I know what I said Soundwave,” Starscream answered. “but what I am saying now is HURRY!!”

    “I understand your apprehension Soundwave.” Shockwave began. “Your assessments of the intentions of most mechs have always been logical. I can assure you that I will help the Decepticon cause rise to dominance once again. Let me lead the last battalion and I will prove where my loyalties lie.”

    “Enough, your requests are noted,” Soundwave replied giving a serious gaze to both Starscream and Shockwave. “I will guard Darkmount as has been, suggested.”

    Back in Iacon

    “Punch, run a quick self diagnostic and tell me if your systems are all up and running.” Alpha Trion ordered.

    “I’m fine sir, please just let me get out there it sounds like our guys need me!” Punch pleaded.

    “You just make sure you’re fully functional!” Alpha Trion barked. “Right now we need Counterpunch more. We need you to go back to Polyhex to the following coordinates.”

    “I don’t understand,” Punch stated as he glanced dismissively at the coordinates. “We may be getting pounded up there and you expect me not to fight!”

    “I expect you to do what is in the best interest of Cybertron, and killing and injuring more Cybertronians will not accomplish that task.” Alpha Trion answered.

    “I….don’t understand!” Punch said reluctantly.

    “Listen to me now Punch, I scanned Prime’s most recent memories and it seemed he had an encounter with Megatron in that region.” Alpha Trion replied. “It seems that location may render some answers as to the whereabouts of the Allspark. Cybertron needs you to Punch. Please.”

    “Alright Alpha Trion, if it’s that important then I guess I must.” Punch stated as he ready himself for departure. “Just make sure when the big guy’s repaired and awake you tell him to kick some tailpipe for me.”

    “I will my friend.” Alpha Trion answered as he watched the blue Autobot transform into his alter ego and depart towards the surface. “Primus speed Punch, Primus speed.”

    Meanwhile In the Empties

    “I never wanted to leave Iacon,” the complaining began, “I had it good there. Sure life could be a bore there from time to time, but at least a mech knew he wouldn’t be slagged.”

    “Will you please hush Sideswipe!” Prowl grunted. “We’ve got to find a way to get out of these energon restraints so we can activate our communicators and get some help.”

    “That may not be an option guys.” Blaster declared. “I’ve been trying to send a signal to Iacon for a while now and I can’t get through.”

    “So what do we do now Prowl?” Sideswipe asked sarcastically.

    “We still need to get out of these restraints,” Prowl answered. “Once we do that hopefully we can find our way out of this dump.”

    “I think I may be able to…….” Blaster began. “Somebody roll over here so I can.”

    “Roll over where Blaster?” Sideswipe inquired.

    “Towards the sound of my voice smart guy.” Blaster answered.

    “Ouch, now what.” The other two captives replied as they bumped into each other near Blaster.

    “Just……….. be………. Still.” Blaster said with a grunt as he propped himself up using his fellow Autobots.

    “What the pit are you doing Blaster?!” Prowl whispered as Blaster lost his balance and fell to the floor with a loud thud.

    “That ought to do it.” The large red Autobot stated as he impacted the floor.

    “Do what!” Sideswipe screamed.

    “Get us some light.” Blaster answered as the hum of radiant energy and footsteps were heard prior to the room being illuminated and Prowl and Sideswipe soon realized Blaster had broken the cell bars.

    “What’s the problem in here?” a ragged mech stated, as he and another that looked just like him said as they approached the holding area.

    “We are!” Sideswipe said as he and Prowl lunged at the unprepared guards knocking their weapons to the floor.

    “Behind you Blaster,” Prowl beckoned as he noticed an energon sword lying on the floor of the cell. “Slam your restraints against the sword!”

    Blaster slammed his restraints against the sword only to have a painful surge of energy flow into his circuits. “I think this was a bad idea Prowl!” he yelled as the pain surged.

    “Bad idea my aft,” Sideswipe interjected noticing Blaster was free of his restraints as he struggled to loose himself from the grasp of one of the guards.

    “Blast us free Blaster!” Prowl urged as the guards began to get the better of the Autobots.

    Quick null charges from the wrist of the freed Autobot to the guards and then to the restraints of his friends soon released both Prowl and Sideswipe.

    “Thanks Blaster.” Sideswipe declared as he kicked one of the downed guards that was struggling to get up.

    “Enough playing around guys,” Prowl began, “We’ve got to get a move on before we have more company.”

    “Why’d you have to say that!” Sideswipe protested as a rushing cadence of footsteps was heard coming their way.

    “You heard Prowl Sideswipe, let’s boogie.” Blaster declared as he gave Sideswipe a nudge in the back as the three Autobots took off down the hallway.

    “They’re gaining on us Prowl, any ideas?!” Sideswipe asked.

    “We have to find an opening guys,” Prowl answered. “I know there’s just got to be one around here somewhere!”

    “There!” Blaster said pointing to a literal light at the end of their tunnel. “If we hurry we can make it out and blast the exit shut behind us.”

    A rush of fuel pulsated through the diodes and servos of the trio as they reached the surface and ran a safe distance from the tunnel exit.

    “Let’s blast it boys!” Prowl yelled prompting the three to open fire on the debris around the exit and any pursuers unlucky enough to reach the exit.

    “Yes, we did it!” Sideswipe celebrated as tons of debris fell into the tunnel closing the exit on top of any in pursuit. “I’ve got great story for old Kup now!”

    “How about making it back to Iacon in one piece before we start the celebration.” Prowl declared while trying to get a reading from his communicator or from his CPS (Cybertronian Positioning System). “Let’s keep it moving.”

    “I can’t get a signal either.” Blaster stated as he tried to get through to Iacon. “Looks like we’ll be on our own until we get closer to Autobot territory.”

    “Oh I wouldn’t say that.” A strange but eerily familiar voice behind them stated.

    The three turned around only to notice a rickety burnt orange mech addressing them. Suddenly, the ground around them started to shake and in what seemed like less than an astro-second they were surrounded by what seemed like hundreds of orange and gray mechs.

    “You boys feel like dancin’.” the rickety mech declared in a strange accent as the circle of rag tag mech closed in on the trio.

    “That’s it!” Blaster stated. “I ain’t running from no damn Empties. If they wanna fight, then I say it’s time we get our hands dirty.”

    “There’s three of us,” Sideswipe begun, “and oh, about 100 of them! I think you’ve blown a gasket Blaster!”

    “Stop your belly achin’ Sideswipe.” Prowl began. “You’ve always liked a good fight.”

    “What I’d like right now is to be in Iacon dancing with some femmes with Sunstreaker rather than playing around in The Empties with these, whatever they are!” Sideswipe replied.

    “Allow me to introduce ourselves,” the rickety one that appeared to be the leader stated. “My name is Wreck Gar, and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Now, Junkions, let’s greet our new friends!”

    “Give em hell Autobots!” Prowl yelled as he raced towards a section of Junkions guns blazing.

    “I guess if I’m going out, I’ll be taking some Junkions with me.” Sideswipe declared as he lashed out at the Junkions around him.

    Blaster, on the other hand did not push forward. He just waited until a pair of Junkions had made their way to him. “You fools just punched your ticket to the scrap heap.” Blaster said as he began to pummel his would be attackers.

    Prowl and Sideswipe moved quickly and smoothly through Junkion after Junkion as they tried to mount an offensive. “Knocking these guys to the ground is not the hard part,” Sideswipe yelled to Prowl, “It’s getting them to stay there!”

    “We’re not gonna be able to keep this up forever Sideswipe.” Prowl responded. “Think we can reason with what’s his name?”

    “That guy looks like he’s been to the scrap heap one too many times Prowl, so I seriously doubt it.” Sideswipe declared as he knocked another Junkion to the ground only to be surrounded by about ten more.

    The trio held out as long as they could, but eventually the numbers game caught up with them. Now low on energon, the three Autobots that had put up one hellacious fought became easy to restrain, and Wreck Gar motioned for the threesome to be brought to him.

    “What do you suppose we ought to do with you three scoundrels?” Wreck Gar asked as the Autobots were tossed to the ground in front of him.

    “Go slag yourself!” Sideswipe yelled.

    “I think you’d best be quiet boy!” Wreck gar replied in a weird dialect.

    “How about letting us go.” Prowl demanded. “We’ve done nothing wrong.”

    “You marched into our town, found our hideout, and fouled up our catacombs.” Wreck Gar replied.

    “I mean really,” Sideswipe began, “other than those things, did we really do anything that bad?”

    “I’d be much obliged if’n you’d keep your trap shut red.” Wreck Gar responded. “The bottom line is that we can’t let you get back to the Decepticons and tell them we exist. Yur gonna have to stay here, or die!”

    “Wait a minute,” Prowl stated. We’re not Decepticons. Why do you think we’re Decepticons?”

    “You sure look like em’.” Wreck Gar answered.

    “He’s got a point Prowl,” Sideswipe stated. “You do kind of favor Barracade.”

    “That’s not helping scrap for brains.” Blaster grunted as a chorus of boos jeers erupted at the comment.

    “We like our scrap around these parts stranger, so watch your mouth.” Wreck Gar said.

    “Whatever you worthless Empty!” Blaster rebutted. “The fact of the matter is we are not Decepticons. Now let us go!”

    “Sorry, but if you can’t prove you ain’t a Decepticon, than I can’t free you with a pardon.” Wreck Gar replied.

    “Blaster,” Prowl began as he noticed the light on his fellow Autobot’s chest blinking. “Your chest is beeping. We may be getting a signal from Iacon.”

    “We got a communication jam on this whole area.” Wreck Gar responded. “You can’t talk to them, and they can’t talk to you.”

    “You don’t understand Wreck Gar,” Prowl pled. “If you let us answer the page, we’ll be able to prove we’re not Decepticons. Please?”

    “I can’t believe we’re begging Empties.” Blaster whispered to himself.

    “If that’s what it takes then damn it……….” Prowl stated as Wreck Gar stroked the metal goatee and pondered things for a moment before interrupting the Autobot discussion.

    “I did you say Iacon?” Wreck Gar asked.

    “Yes,” Prowl replied. “Iacon is our home. We’re Autobots the mech that runs the place is trying to get a hold of us.”

    “Megatron!” Wreck Gar gasped.

    “No, no, no!” Blaster responded. “Optimus Prime kicked his tailpipe out of Iacon vorns ago. Iacon’s no longer in Decepticon hands.”

    “It’s the truth Wreck Gar,” Prowl interjected. “Alpha Trion and Emirate Xaaron govern Iacon now. We Autobots,” Prowl said while motioning to Blaster and Sideswipe, “we protect it.”

    “Open up the dead zone.” Wreck Gar ordered then nodded at Blaster. “You, give the communication device to me.”

    “I am the communication device!” Blaster argues back.

    “Calm down Blaster,” Prowl said as he motioned for Blaster to cool it. “Take mine Wreck Gar, here.” Prowl finished as he handed the device to the Junkion leader.

    Wreck Gar pressed a button on the communicator then began speaking in the voice of Prowl. “This is Prowl, I had bad signal earlier, but I copy.”

    “Well it’s about time Prowl!” the panicking voice of Ultra Magnus began. “The Decepticons are attacking Iacon and we need you here pronto!”

    “What the pit!” All three Autobots gasped.

    “You’ve got to let us go Wreck Gar,” Prowl beckoned. “Our friends need us!”

    “So, you Autobots really fight the Decepticons.” Wreck Gar pondered. “I’ve got one last question for you.” Wreck Gar said in a rather normal voice as he motioned to his troops. “Do you need any help?”
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    Woo-hoo! Hot stuff! Keep up the good work, Throwback!
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    Preview of the next installment is coming
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    “Extempaxia,” a bestial trans-organic with three green tentacles growing in the place of each arm and large extended purple head with a powder blue face began as he entered the lab. “Lord Kledji would like a status report on the subject at once.”

    “We have not been able to decipher whether or not this NBE is still sentient.” Extempaxia answered after giving a nod to the other tentacled scientist he was working with. “But according to the data Inquirata has been able to extract, we think we know where this design originated.”

    “It, or he is definitely sentient you two!” the purple-headed intruder declared. “Our reports say that it destroyed 3 legions of Shark Droids before it was apprehended on the first planet past the asteroid belt.”

    “We have heard the reports, yet we still must be careful not to make any incorrect assumptions Admiral Krahulik.” Extempaxia replied. “Based on our findings, this being has been in stasis for an expansive period of time. It does not seem like that the reports received were accurate.”

    “Then why are there legions of scorched Shark Driods ripped to shreds on that moon?” the admiral responded.

    “Stand back.” Inquirata requested while moving to the left side of the gurney the subject was lying on.

    “This had better be good.” The admiral replied with a look of curiosity.

    “It appears that this being,” Inquirati began before pausing so he could concentrate on finding a specific spot on the subject. “has an ignition switch.” He concluded while pressing a switch that caused the massive frame of the inert robot to ignite.

    “So Admiral Krahulik,” Extempaxia stated. “Our subject’s defense mechanism was in all likelihood activated by the druids in an attempt to apprehend his chassis. That may be a reason so many of them met their demise.”

    “Very interesting,” the admiral responded as he gazed at the large flaming frame. “Lord Kledji was hoping we’d find something more interesting on our scavenger hunt through this system, but I guess this will have to do.”

    “That is not all admiral.” Inquirata stated. “It appears this frame has been in rather recent contact with some type of organic life forms.”

    “So, there may indeed be life in this solar system after all, but where?” the admiral wondered.

    “All indications are that if there is life, it must be on the other side of the asteroid belt.” Inquirata responded.

    “Unfortunately with the loss of so many of our mechanical foot soldiers and the limited fire power this ship possesses we cannot cross the asteroid belt.” The Admirable said as a realization of their limitations sunk in. “I’ll send a report in to Lord Kledji in hopes of getting reinforcements. Continue the good work doctors.” The Admiral concluded before leaving the room.
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    Battle Lines


    The laser light show the Iacon skyline had become was a magnificent sight visible from space. Unfortunately for all involved in creating the spectacle, the light show was anything but magnificent, it was utter destruction.

    “Decepticons seal off the north and southern flanks and keep herding the pathetic excuses for Cybertronians towards the wall!” The commanding voice of Blitzwing declared as the Decepticon advantage became ever more apparent.

    “This is Onslaught, come in Blitzwing.” A voice from the large mech’s beeping wrist communicator implored.

    “I copy Onslaught,” Blitzwing replied.

    “Are you facing much resistance?” Onslaught asked.

    “The fools are barely holding their own against my squadron.” Blitzwing began. “We will have them in full retreat in only a matter of time.”

    “So what you’re saying is you need help!” Onslaught mocked.

    “I need no help from you you egotistical tailpipe!” Blitzwing responded. “I have everything under control and this transmission is terminated! He finished as a scowl came across his face.

    After contacting Ramcone and Rumble and getting a similar response as the one he got from Blitzwing, Onslaught tried to reach Overkill to see if indeed all five Decepticon squadrons were enjoying similar success.

    “Overkill, this is Onslaught. What is your position?”

    No response came after the initial attempt. “Overkill, report to me at once!” Onslaught then yelled hoping to get anything but the silent reply he got back. “Damn it! Onslaught thought as the realization that the Decepticons were not totally battering their Autobot nemesis came to his mind.

    Without wasting anytime reveling in what could possibly have become of Overkill’s squadron, the Decepticon master strategist pressed some buttons on his wrist communicator to contact his superior. “Soundwave, this is Onslaught reporting. DO you copy?”

    “This is Soundwave.” Came the soothing controlled response. “Status report.”

    “It appears our attack plans have been an extreme success.” Onslaught began. “We have most on Iacon on the defensive. The north and southern portions of the city are in Decepticon hands and we are pressing east as we speak.”

    “Excellent work lieutenant.” Soundwave stated. “Backup is on the way and should arrive momentarily. Where shall I instruct the squad leader to attack?”

    “Overkill’s troops may have run into some difficulties. Have the backup attack the northeast region.” Onslaught responded. “O Soundwave, sir.”

    “What is it Onslaught?”

    “Is it Commander Starscream that’s leading this backup in for the kill?” he asked hopefully.

    “No, believe it or not it is Shockwave.” Soundwave answered then cut the transmission.

    “Shockwave!” Onslaught gasped briefly before deciding to get back to his mission.

    “Oh man, am I glad finally to see you!” a white Autobot manning the controls in the Iacon defense tower affectionately known as ‘The Lighthouse’ said to the large scratched and scared powder blue mech that entered the control room.

    “Is everything ready to go Wheeljack?” the blue mech asked.

    “Everything is set up, all we need is that generator of yours and in a seconds we’ll be blasting seekers from the sky Hotspot.”

    “Help me get these connected so we can drive these Decepticons off and try to salvage something today.” Hotspot replied.

    “This isn’t how I imagined the day going when I came out of recharge Hotspot.” Wheeljack stated as he fastened the generator to some controls. “What in the pit do you think made these guys attack Iacon?”

    “Revenge Wheeljack, revenge.” Hotspot replied.

    “Revenge for what?” Wheeljack inquired as he finished hooking up the last of the connections. “Power it up.”

    “Power up sequence initiated.” Hotspot replied as he contemplated Wheeljack’s inquiry. “It seems that there was a botched liberation attempt at the Decepticon holding facility near Polyhex a few planetary cycles ago Autobot brass hadn’t told everyone about.”

    “Well what happened?” Wheeljack asked as he pressed some buttons.

    “The facility went up in smoke and the sparks of many mechs, Decepticon and Autobot alike were extinguished.” Hotspot answered as he seated himself in the “trigger chair.”

    “This would not have happened under Prime’s watch.” Wheeljack stated.

    “I don’t think it would have either, but from what I gather, the Council may still call shots here in Cybertron.” Hotspot answered. “So I wouldn’t be too quick to blame Magnus and the Wreckers for this one mess.”

    “For what it’s worth,” Wheeljack began, “I hope once we scrap these damn Decepticons, someone will rise up and make the Council accountable.”

    “Hopefully we can continue this conversation later, but right now it’s time to defend Iacon.” Hotspot stated. “The Decepticons have taken over the South Quadrant. Can you pinpoint their position there?”

    “Got it locked,” Wheeljack answered. “Fire!”

    Footsteps raced across the southeast part of Iacon that just so happened to be the only part of the city turned battlefield that the Decepticons faced defeat in. The footsteps came to an abrupt stop as Springer, Kup, and a fleet other Autobots converged to meet their general, Ultra Magnus. Ultra Magnus and his small team had managed to make there way through this area despite being outnumbered by Overkill’s rampaging Decepticon squadron. The leader of that squadron had the unfortunate experience of coming face to face with the angry Autobot general, and found out in a matter of minutes why Magnus had earned the reputation of being a superior fighting machine. That would be the last lesson Overkill would ever learn.

    “Magnus,” Springer declared. “This may be the only area in Iacon the Decepticons aren’t trashing, we’ve got to help our guys on the south side!”

    “Hotspot and Wheeljack will have to deal with that now Springer.” Ultra Magnus said pointing to The Lighthouse. “The majority of Decepticon fighters have made it to the center of the city and are about to have the resistance pinned against the west wall. We’ve got to get there now so we can end this slaughter!”

    “Well what are we waiting for,” Kup injected, “let’s get going!”

    “Wait a minute,” Magnus began as he motioned for everyone to hush. “Do any of you hear something?”

    “I don’t just hear something,” Springer answered. “I see something. Look outside the gates!”

    “Damn it, more Decepticons!” Kup realized as a fast moving legion of new attackers headed their way. “This is the last thing we need right now.”

    “You’re the boss bot,” Springer said to Ultra Magnus. “What do we do now?!”

    “Take………………cover!” Ultra Magnus yelled as a blast from the now clearly visible Shockwave impacted the ground in front of them.

    “You know,” Kup began as he took pot shots at the new arrivals. “This reminds me of the time I led a group that was cornered by some angry Lataxins on Beta 9. We were outnumbered, and outgunned, and when………………”

    “Enough with the trip down memory lane Kup, just tell us how you got out of it!” Springer said while letting some rounds fire.

    “Most of us didn’t Springer my boy,” Kup declared, “but those of us who did ran underground!”

    “Underground Kup, you ran underground.” Ultra Magnus stated while contemplating a solution to their current crisis. “I’ve got an idea.”

    “We’re listening.” Springer replied. “Spill it.”

    “We’re going underground.” Magnus answered.

    “What, underground?” the others questioned.

    “Yeah, underground.” Magnus began before addressing another one of the mechs under his charge. “Nosecone.”

    “Yes sir.” The burgundy and white mech replied as Decepticon forces began closing in.

    “Start drilling now.” Magnus commanded. “Everyone follow Nosecone into the subterranean level immediately. Kup..”

    “What is it Magnus?” Kup replied.

    “Can you lead these guys through the subterranean level to the west side?” Magnus asked.

    “With my optics sealed shut.” Kup responded.

    “Well get behind Nosecone and get outta here!” Magnus ordered as the crew began their descent.

    “Are we gonna just let these guys take back what we’ve fought for here?” a frustrated Springer asked as he reluctantly followed Nosecone and the others while Ultra Magnus covered their descent.

    “No Springer, we’re not.” Magnus answered while stepping away from the opening. “I’m gonna stay here and stop Shockwave.”

    “But Magnus, you’ll be slaughtered!” Springer resisted as he stood in the opening to the subterranean level. “You are a stubborn fool at times Magnus. You’re coming with us even if I’ve gotta drag you in!”

    “Stand down Springer! That’s an order.” Ultra Magnus declared as the fleeing Autobots looked at the scene above them.

    “No!” Springer declared as he refused the order and approached Ultra Magnus while Decepticon footsteps neared their position. “You…….are……….coming with us!” He stated as he grabbed the general.

    “I gave you an order Springer.” Magnus said as the two began a short struggle that ultra Magnus quickly got the upper hand in. “Get……….the….tunnel!” He concluded as he tossed the large green Autobot back into the hole.

    A scream of Ultra Magnus’ name was the last thing he heard from Springer or any of his fellow Autobots as he blasted debris from the area over the entrance to the tunnel sealing it shut. Immediately he heard footsteps above his position and a commanding voice.

    “Find the cowards now!” Shockwave ordered. “I heard them, and I know they are close.”

    “Closer than you think Decepticon!” Ultra Magnus stated as he blasted a whole in the street above him and jumped through the opening.

    “So there is courage in Iacon after all.” Shockwave declared as he leveled his lone optic directly on the Autobot general. “Prepare to meet Primus Autobot.”

    “I don’t think so!” Ultra Magnus said as he took aim at the purple powerhouse. “How about when you get there you give him my regards.”

    Shockwave dodged the blast and readied himself for a battle as his troops looked on. “Why are you just looking at us?” Shockwave wondered aloud. “Find the other Autobots and help me scrap this heroic fool!”

    Most of the Decepticons left to search for other Autobots while a couple stayed in their positions and looked at the large white Autobot General that was ready to square off on Shockwave. Shockwave, noticing the way his troops were looking at the Autobot, who to him was unfamiliar, asked: “Who do you think you are Autobot?”

    “I’m your worst nightmare Shockwave, an Autobot general was nothing to lose and a chip on his shoulder.” Magnus answered before clocking Shockwave squarely in his metal jaw sending the purple war machine to the ground in a heap.

    “Autobot general.” Shockwave said contemplatively while shaking off the effects of Magnus’ blow. “You must be Ultra Magnus. I’ve been briefed on you, quite the soldier I hear.” Shockwave declared as he got to his feet and powered up his blaster. “It would normally be my pleasure to extinguish your spark the way I should have done with the previous general.”

    The two locked up in a battle of strength and much to the surprise of Ultra Magnus, Shockwave was every bit as strong as he was. He had heard about Shockwave’s strength from Optimus Prime but for whatever reason believed the tales of Shockwave’s battle prowess was exaggerated. Up to this point, the only mechs Ultra Magnus thought could give him a challenge in a fair one on one battle were both missing, and he had assumed leadership in the place of one of those mechs. The other mech, Megatron he had not had the pleasure of battling, and he and Optimus Prime, his predecessor who he occasionally had a verbal altercation with, never actually locked up in a fight. Shockwave though, was every bit the formidable foe Ultra Magnus had imaged Optimus Prime or Megatron to be. Noticing that Shockwave had only one hand, Magnus began questioning whether a two-handed Shockwave would possibly be able to overpower him; but that thought soon fled as the battle savvy Autobot capitalized of his lone advantage and tossed the Decepticon powerhouse side.

    “I have had enough of this dance.” Shockwave uttered as he caught his balance and aimed his blasted squarely at Ultra Magnus. “You are a worthy foe, but this ends now!”

    A blast from Shockwave’s blaster impacted the cheat of the Autobot General knocking him to the ground. As Shockwave approached the reeling Autobot, Magnus was able to get to his knees and try to mount a final defense.

    “You had better kill me now Shockwave.” Magnus coughed out. “If you do not, you will suffer dearly.”

    The statement was cut short by a swift kick to the side of the head by the massive purple war machine, which had Ultra Magnus land on his back. He looked up, and as Shockwave approached, Magnus’ only wonder what he could do to make sure that if this was going to be his last moment, it would be the Decepticon’s last as well. He unleashed a desperate shot from his lone remaining shoulder mounted missile that unfortunately for him only grazed the side of Shockwave’s torso before making full impact with a building behind the combatants sending it crumbling down.

    “Almost.” Shockwave said as he prepared to close in. “Looks like today is a great day for the Decepticon cause, and a bad day for you Autobot. Any last words?”

    “Yeah,” Ultra Magnus said as he saw a welcomed sight behind the four Decepticons. “It ain’t just over yet!”

    “Goodbye Ultra Magnus.” Shockwave whispered sadistically as he unleashed a powerful blast into the frame of the Autobot General before the sound of laser fire, the shaking of the ground behind him, and the voice of Sideswipe screaming: “The cavalry’s here!” interrupted his kill.

    “Engage the Autobots!” Shockwave commanded as he and his three followers left Ultra Magnus and ran to the area where the newly arriving Autobots were gathered.

    In mere moments the loud sounds of battle filled the air once again, but for Ultra Magnus there was just silence. His mind wondered, his fuel pump pulsated, and his optics flashed a bright blue as his blurry vision took in the battle around him, then in an astrosecond, it all went dark.

    “Ultra Magnus, Ultra Magnus. Get up you.” A stately voice urged.

    “What’s going on, where, who am I?” he asked as the light his optics began taking in temporarily blinded him.

    “You are in Iacon, and you are an Autobot.” The voice answered. “Your comrades need your help. How do you feel?”

    “Fine, I guess. But who are you?” Magnus inquired as he rubbed his eyes.

    “I am Emirate Xaaron my friend. Welcome.” The voice said.

    “Why am I here, was I hurt? What is an Autobot” Magnus ranted. “I can’t remember anything.”

    “Calm down Ultra Magnus, I will explain everything to you.” Emirate Xaaron began. “The reason you do not remember anything is because there is nothing for you to remember.”

    “I don’t understand.” Magnus responded. “What do you mean?”

    “You have a very special calling Ultra Magnus. You have been chosen to lead your brothers in the battle for peace and ultimate freedom.” Xaaron replied.

    “My brothers, who are my brothers?”

    “They are.” Emirate Xaaron replied motioning to the frames that were hooked up to various machines in the lab. “You will be replacing their former leader, Impactor, as he…….did not survive the last battle.” Xaaron said sadly.

    “What are their names?” Magnus asked.

    “The big one over there is Broadside. He’s messed up pretty badly. He was the group’s muscle.” Xaaron stated as he showed Ultra Magnus the massive frame of the injured Broadside.

    “He looks like his frame is under some sort of construction.” Magnus stated as he glanced at the massive robot. “Who are the others?”

    “Their names are Sandstorm, Twin-Twist, Whirl, Roadbuster, Top-Spin, Inferno, and the green one is Springer, he has not been brought on line as of yet.” Xaaron answered. “This unit for all intents and purposes is a commando unit. You guys are of but a few Autobots that can stand up to the Decepticon menace that threatens our survival.”

    “Are there more, Autobots?” Magnus wondered.

    “Indeed there are.” Emirate Xaaron replied. “And they are fighting for their very lives and ours as well at this very moment. You must……….help……….. them.” The fading voice of Emirate Xaaron whispered through Ultra Magnus unconscious mind.
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    This keeps getting better and better.
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    Purple Reign

    Outer Polyhex

    “Commander Starscream,” Frenzy stated as his CPS alerted him of the proximity he was in as it relates to their destination. “We are within 75 yards of the location.”

    Starscream did not respond, he just kept walking until his own CPS made it clear to him that they were in the right place. “This is it,” He said before stooping down. “The last known coordinates of Megatron. Scan the area Frenzy.”

    “As you wish commander.” The small mech replied as he began an inspection of the area.

    “This whole thing is not making any sense.” Starscream thought aloud. “Why would Lord Megatron just disappear?”

    The two mechs continued to search the area for clues or anything that would answer the question that had been a puzzle for Decepticons for a while now, “What had happened to Megatron?”

    Not many mechs had been around the block as long or as much as Bludgeon had. He was a first generation Decepticon, a skilled fighter, and a bit of a history buff. Much of the Cybertron he knew had changed. For what seemed like forever, he was held in a prison of the mind and frame by Megatron, and in that time the Decepticon numbers had swelled tremendously. Until the battle that ultimately freed him from his prison, it looked like Megatron’s leadership had indeed been successful. He managed to grow the Decepticons in number, increase the might of the army, as well as build an awesome city-state in the Decepticon name all the while fighting a battle with the Autobots.
    The Decepticons, even the ones as old as Bludgeon were not prone to focus on Cybertronian lore. They were more concerned with conquest and preparation. Megatron had instilled a sense of duty in each and every one of his followers that caused them to be willing to put their very sparks on the line without so much as a second thought all in the name of the Decepticon cause. A few Decepticons, and only a few actually ever questioned Megatron’s vision. Bludgeon was at the forefront of this small group. He was their when the Decepticons were but upstarts, and he was one of the many mechs that was moved by a sense of duty to follow the Decepticon founder, known as the Liege Maximo. Bludgeon felt that Megatron was not the mech the Liege hoped would lead the Decepticons. Megatron was too careful, and at times at least to Bludgeon, lacked focus. Bludgeon never understood why Megatron did not wipe out the Autobots vorns ago, nor did he understand why Iacon was all but off limits to Decepticon attack. These thoughts led him to question Megatron as well as the direction the Decepticons were headed, so he sought to usurp leadership from the Decepticon Commander. His attempt failed and he found himself imprisoned with the same doubts about Decepticon leadership and a longing for some answers. He pondered whether he had misjudged or perhaps just misunderstood Megatron as he made his way to place no other Decepticon had been, realizing that this was his chance to finally get some answers. “Ah ha! Megatron’s private Decepticon archives.” Bludgeon pondered aloud while diving into the private Decepticon archives. “What is this?” He questioned as one of Megatron’s private files caught his attention. He downloaded the data into his memory banks and began running a cross-reference with other data. “So, Megatron has been after something called the Spark of Primus. Very Interesting.”

    “This is not what I had in mind after my chassis polish!” A mech with a shinny golden candy paint job declared as he unleashed rounds of ammunition into the infantry of hard charging Decepticon forces.

    “Quit your complaining Sunstreaker,” Kup said as he, Nosecone, and Springer entered the fracas after emerging from the city’s underbelly. “At least that chassis of yours is still in one piece.”

    “Far be for me to be the lone mech who still has standards of personal excellence.” Sunstreaker rebutted. “But your point is duly noted Kup.” He finished as they all dodged the incoming attack.

    “For someone that hates to get his chassis dirty, you sure manage to find your way to the front lines often.” Springer said to Sunstreaker as he motioned to the group to fall back toward the contingent of gathered Autobot forces.

    “I had already gotten my paint job ruined so I figured I’d ruin the first Decepticon unlucky enough to break through the city’s defenses.” Sunstreaker stated.

    “Yeah and we blam, boom, wanted some action too!” A heavily armored red Autobot stated as smoke from the turret that make up his chest armor drifted into the Cybertronian atmosphere.

    “I swear you two are the biggest trouble makers in the Autobot ranks.” Springer responded. “You’da made nice editions to the Wreckers.”

    “What about me?” An orange and red mech inquired. “I like to cause a little trouble myself, and I’ll hardly exhaust waste.”

    “Yeah but Rod you’re still a little green.” Springer replied as they finally made it to the supposed safety zone.

    “Who are you calling green you oversized waste of organic chlorophyll!” Hot Rod rebutted.

    “If we weren’t on the verge of getting scrapped I’d show you who was a waste of what.” Springer replied in a menacing yet playful tone.

    “Enough you two.” Kup interrupted. “Why do you even let this turbo-revving’ young punk get to you so much anyway Springer? You should set an example.”

    “I know why ole Springer is so touchy when it comes to young Rod here.” Sunstreaker said.

    “Don’t go there Streaker!” Springer threatened.

    “Sunstreaker!” Kup yelled. “Can it now! We’ve got bigger concerns now than hurt feelings. We need a plan to save Iacon!”

    “Well where’s Commander Magnus?” Hot Rod inquired. “He’d better hurry up and get here before we’re all a bunch of burn out toaster ovens.”

    “I think Magnus may have bought it.” Springer said angrily. “Why didn’t follow us to safety!”

    “Ultra Magnus has been through more than all of you put together,” Kup stated. “And just like all those other times he was in danger, he’ll find a way out of this too. He just has to.”

    “The news just keeps getting better I see.” Hot Rod replied while pointing something out. “It looks like some of the Decepticons have broken through the city’s defenses. What are we gonna do now?!”

    All the Autobots could do now is wait. So the group and the masses of Iacon citizens hunkered down and watched as Wheeljack and Hotspot attempted to take out the as many advancing Decepticons as possible. The city’s defenses were formidable, and in days gone by would have been more than sufficient in warding off any would be attack on Iacon, but times had changed. The Decepticons had become more sinister in the wake of Megatron’s absence and after the attack on the detainment facility. They wanted revenge, and they were willing to risk their very existence to ensure that the Autobots would pay for what they had cost the Decepticons.

    “Onslaught,” a Decepticon called to the squad leader over his wrist communicator, “Shockwave approaches.”

    “Then let him approach! The Autobot defenses are all but broken, ready all squads to move in for the kill.” Onslaught answered.

    “Patience is a virtue Onslaught.” Shockwave declared a he landed near the Decepticon warrior. “Surely a strategist with your pedigree doesn’t advocate charging into the heart of the Autobot defenses.”

    “Do you have a better idea?” Onslaught inquired.

    “As a matter of fact I do.” Shockwave answered. “The Autobot defenses will fire on any mech or group of mechs that approach the West wall, so I say let their own troops breach the defenses.”

    “What troops?” Onslaught questioned. “We have herded the whole pathetic lot them into a corner. There are no more troops.”

    “You may have done the job of herding all of the Autobots in Iacon into the corner of the city, but there apparently is a contingent of soldiers that was outside of the city. My troops are engaging the fools as we speak.”

    “Decepticons,” Onslaught said as he accessed the Decepticon communication frequency each squad leader had. “Divert your attack to the West wall only and allow any contingent of Autobots to access the West wall area and wait for my signal.”

    “I had a feeling you’d listen to logic.” Shockwave stated as he looked from the Iacon tower to Onslaught. “When you give your, signal, I will destroy their defense mechanism and then the Autobots will either surrender or be destroyed.”

    “Bhah weep grah nah weep nini-bong, Bhah weep grah nah weep nini-bong,…”

    “What in the pit are these guys saying?” Sideswipe wondered as dozens of Junkions raced through Decepticon lines uttering that very phrase only to get blown away.

    “I don’t know, but whatever it means, I don’t think it translates into Decepticon vernacular.” Blaster stated as they tried to advance deeper into Iacon.

    “The Decepticons have made a big push.” Prowl stated. “We’ve got to push back. Have you been able to contact Ultra Magnus, Blaster?”

    “No.” Blaster answered as he and Sideswipe took out two Decepticons. “Cover me, I’ll try and get a hold of Kup.”

    “You got it Blaster.” Prowl responded. “Okay guys, let’s put these cons on the defensive and get through. Lives are on the line here.”

    “Bhah weep grah nah weep nini-bong, Bhah weep grah nah weep nini-bong,…”

    “Kup? What are you doing?” Hotrod asked.

    “It’s called the universal greeting lad. It’s supposed to bring the speaker good luck in the mist of a crisis.” Kup answered.

    “Well if that’s the case then we should all be ‘Bhah Weeping’,” Hotrod proposed.

    “I guess it can’t hurt.” Sunstreaker said. “Springer?”

    “There’s no way on Cybertron any of you are gonna get me to participate in making a fool of myself.” Springer replied.

    “What’s the problem Springer, are you upset because you won’t making a fool of yourself without our help?” Hotrod teased causing Springer to temporarily lose his cool and lung at the young Autobot.

    “Bhah weep grah nah weep nini bong! Bhah weep grah nah weep nini bong!” Hotrod pled as Springer wrestled him to the ground causing all of the gathered Autobots to join the chorus.

    “Hold it all of you!” Kup ordered as his wrist communicator began beeping.

    “What is it?” Springer asked.

    “It’s Blaster!” Kup exclaimed.

    “Where is he, and are the others okay?” Springer inquired.

    “Blaster,” Kup began. “Status report. How are you, Prowl, and Sideswipe?”

    “We’re still in one piece.” Blaster answered. “We’re charging through the Decepticon ranks as we speak.”

    “Sideswipe interjected his voice into the communication. “Hey Kup.”

    “What is it Sideswipe?”

    “How’s Streaker?”

    “As annoying as ever.” Kup answered as he looked at and gave a nod to Sunstreaker. “Where’s Prowl?”

    “I’m right here Kup.” Prowl answered over the sound of laser fire. “What is it?”

    “How are you guys managing to get through all those Decepticons in one piece?” Kup asked.

    “We have some help Kup, maybe you’ve heard of em’.” Prowl replied. “Does the term Junkion mean anything to you?”

    “If you mean Wreck Gar’s clan of Empties, you bet.” Kup stated. “That still doesn’t explain how you could be getting by so many Decepticons.”

    “Now that you mention it Kup,” Prowl surmised. “The damn Decepticons are barely even firing back at us. Sideswipe, Blaster wait a minute. We’re going into a trap!”

    No sooner did those words exit Prowl’s mouth than blasts from the city’s defenses begin tearing through the frames of the hoards of Junkions that were leading the way through Iacon.

    “Fall back! Fall back!” Prowl yelled at the Junkions. “Kup, tell whoever is controlling the defenses to cease fire!”

    “We can’t do that Prowl!” Kup responded. “If we shut of the defenses the Decepticons will follow you in and we’ll all be slaughtered.”

    “That’s my brother out there Kup!” Sunstreaker declared. “Who’s to say the Decepticons won’t breach the defenses anyway. I say you call Wheeljack right now and tell him to cease fire, or I will blow the damn Lighthouse to Primus myself!”

    “Stand down Sunstreaker.” Springer ordered as Kup pondered the situation.

    “Try and make me!” Sunstreaker declared as he approached Kup.

    “Alright, alright!” Kup decided. “I’ll call Wheeljack. You all prepare EVERYONE for a final battle and try to focus on fighting Decepticons rather than fighting amongst yourselves.”

    Reluctantly Kup ended the link with Blaster and contacted the guys in The Lighthouse. “Wheeljack, Wheeljack, come in.”

    “Yeah Kup, what is it?” Wheeljack asked.

    “We need you to shut down the defenses Wheeljack.”

    “What!? Are you kidding me?” Wheeljack asked.

    “I’m serious Wheeljack,” Kup declared. “We have some of our guys still out there and the Decepticons are already breaching the gates. We will have to take them on without the city’s defenses.”

    “We’ll all be slagged!” Hotspot said. “Is he sure he wants us to do this?”

    “Kup says we have no choice, and if the Decepticons have breached the perimeter, then all we can do is take careful potshots and shut off the automated defense system unless we want to kill innocents as well as our fellow Autobots in the process.”

    “Well Wheeljack,” Hotspot stated. “If that’s what we have to do then shut the damn system off. I’m gonna lock my sights on the battalion leaders in hopes that picking some of them off may lead to some Decepticon confusion.”

    “Here goes Hotspot.” Wheeljack stated as the system powered down.

    “And I think I have my first target locked.” Hotspot said as the imposing frame of Onslaught was centered in Hotspot’s vision. “Loaded, fire!”

    As Hotspot pulled the trigger of the weapons console a violent crash shook the tower he and Wheeljack were in.

    “What the pit!” Wheeljack yelled. “Something’s attacking the Lighthouse.”

    “You think!” Hotspot said as he picked Wheeljack up from the floor. “We’ve got company.”

    “I don’t believe what my optics are seeing, it’s Shockwave!” Wheeljack gasped as the Decepticon war machine blew a hole through the roof of The Lighthouse.

    “Prepare to die Autobots!” Shockwave bellowed as the purple Cyclops landed heavily on the floor.

    “Wheeljack, man the controls,” Hotspot ordered. “I’ll try to hold him off.”

    As the two of them locked up in the Lighthouse, below in the streets of Western Iacon the apocalypse was underway and the Autobots soon found themselves at the mercy of their attackers.

    “You Decepticons make me sick!” Hotspot yelled as he unleashed fierce blows into the frame of the old Decepticon.

    Although the valiant Autobot was at least temporarily battering Shockwave, he had an odd since of appreciation for the vigor that Hotspot showed. He had always had his way with almost all Autobots he faced, but this day for whatever reason, the Autobots seemed much more formidable than he recalled. Shockwave quickly brushed the thought from his processor and pushed the hard charging Hotspot off of him.

    “It’s a pity you’ve wasted your abilities on worthless Autobot pursuits.” Shockwave said as he grabbed Hotspot by the throat lifting the large blue Autobot from the floor. “If you’d had been a Decepticon, maybe you would have learned how to fly!” Shockwave concluded as he tossed the defeated Autobot through the hole he had blown in the building when he made his entrance.

    “Hotspot!” Wheeljack screamed as he watched his friend plummet to certain death.

    “Now, as I said before,” Shockwave said with no emotion in his voice whatsoever, “die Autobot.” A blast of energy suddenly raced from the cannon that substituted for one of Shockwave’s hands and impacted directly with the frame of Wheeljack immediately knocking the white Autobot to the floor in a heap.

    “Their defenses are truly now broken.” Shockwave radioed to his fellow Decepticons matter of factly. “Move in for the kill.”
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    As Shockwave descended from the Lighthouse towards the battle down below, a surreal feeling engulfed him as he looked at the smoldering city of Iacon. He remembered the last time he had seen it from the inside many vorns ago.

    He was a young soldier then, convicted and convinced that the Decepticon cause preached to him and others by the mysterious Liege Maximo would take Cybertron to new heights. He always believed that the Autobot race was a cancer to the progress of his home world, and that’s way what happened so many vorns ago never passed the logic test in his mind. It was a battle much like the one he was currently involved in, the Decepticons were winning as most of Iacon’s citizens at that time had simply given up without a fight, the Autobot leadership had been defeated, and everything was the Decepticon’s for the taking. Then, he showed up. The architect of the Decepticon uprising only a select few had ever seen finally entered the fray allowing his masses of followers to gander at his imposing frame in the midst of their ultimate triumph. He could still hear the first words uttered by the silver icon as the Decepticons as well as all others in Iacon gave him their undivided attention.

    “The day has finally dawned Iacon,” the silver powerhouse began. “Your idle ways, your lack of direction and leadership, and your ineptitude has brought this day of reckoning upon you. Your leaders were warned, your city was spared, but your foolishness continued despite my patience. That patience has now run out! Iacon, you will arm, you will prepare to defend our world in the manner I command you, and you will deliver the Council to me! There will be no negotiations, no second chances, and no rebellion. You will serve the Decepticon cause or you will perish at its hands the way your leader, Sentinel did.” He concluded as remains of the former Autobot leader’s frame were displayed. Silence filled the atmosphere of Iacon as Autobots, Decepticons, and neutrals alike pondered their future. Everything was still for what seemed like an eternity, until a massive lone Autobot made his way through the crowd towards the mighty head Decepticon.

    “You son of a pleasure femme!” The large Autobot began as he stepped ever closer to the silver Decepticon. “Iacon will never serve a mech like you or a cause like yours as long as there’s fuel running through my system.”

    An unknown Decepticon lunged at the brave Autobot before he was able to get to the Decepticon leader and attempted to stop him. Though this Decepticon was powerful, the rage and strength of the Autobot proved too much for him and in mere seconds the hands of the Autobot were dripping with mech fuel and the frame of the bulky Decepticon was tossed aside. The Autobot continued then continued his march towards Iacon’s main antagonist.

    “I reckognize you Autobot,” the silver Decepticon stated calmly as he waited for the challenger to approach his position. “Impactor, that is your name. Now a see how you earned that moniker.”

    “Well prepare to feel why I earned my name!” Impactor said as he lunged at the imposing Decepticon leader only to have his target side step the attack.

    “Fool.” The Decepticon uttered. “You will serve as an example for any that dare defy me. I will make slag out of you Autobot!”

    Impactor ignored the threats of his enemy, gathered himself, and once again lunged at the silver menace, this time making full contact with the torso of his opponent. He wrapped his powerful arms around the Decepticon attempting to lift him from the ground so he could toss the Decepticon across the battlefield. His opponent just stood there, unaffected, so Impactor tried to assault his in other ways. He threw punches, which were dodged, tried to spear the Decepticon only to get tossed aside, and even tried to grab him from behind, but nothing was affective. It was like he was being toyed with. In a fit of rage he finally made impact with the jaw of the Decepticon, catching him off guard, and knocking the silver powerhouse to the ground. The gathered onlookers wondered what was about to happen. It was at that point that Shockwave began questioning why this leader, this self-proclaimed Liege-appointed commander would allow an Autobot to actually stand against him and the Decepticon cause.

    “We’ll see who’s gonna be slag!” Impactor said as he charged the downed adversary hoping to capitalize on his advantage.

    “Why throw away your life so recklessly!” the Decepticon asked after making some swift movements, getting to his feet, and catching the Autobot in mid charge. He lifted the Autobot from the ground by the throat, tossed him into a pile of rubble, and moved in on his wounded prey. With a foot firmly planted on the chest of Impactor, the Decepticon looked to the crowd and asked: “Would anyone else like to fill his shoes?”

    With the attention of his adversary temporarily elsewhere Impactor noticed a weapon lying just beyond an arms reach of his position. As strong as he was, the pressure being exerted on his torso by the foot of his antagonist made breaking loose all but impossible, and he knew that unless he did something it would be but a matter of time before this battle ended. So he lunged with every bit of strength he could muster hoping to reach the weapon. The effort was successful. He rolled free, grabbed the gun, and unleashed round after round directly into the frame of the suddenly shaken silver menace. To the disbelief of Impactor as well as the crowd that was watching, the attack did little more than make the Decepticon mad.

    “You are pathetic,” the Decepticon uttered as he ignored the rounds that were impacting his massive chest while he reached for the throat of Impactor lifting the Autobot to optic lever with him. “It’s over Impactor.” The said coldly while squeezing the life from the Autobot who was trying to say something.

    “Hha…………hha…………who are…………” Impactor gasped.

    “You should know Wrecker!” the silver mech whispered while looking into the optics of Impactor. “You were designed to take my position.”

    “ YOU! You…………..are……………” Impactor screamed with his final breath as the black hands of his slayer were crushing his vocal processor.

    No sooner did Impactor’s words reach the gathered crowd than the fingers of his enemy rip through the neck of Impactor causing the crowd to gasp as Impactor’s lifeless head fell back limply. His body was then slammed to the ground violently and a foot was placed across the chest of the lifeless frame. All eyes were fixated on the silver Decepticon as he declared the answer to Impactor’s final question.

    “I….AM….. MEGATRON!”

    What Shockwave remembered just as vividly was the fact that after defeating the leader of the Wreckers, Megatron withdrew the majority of the Decepticon forces from Iacon. He ordered the city rebuild and fortified, and sent troops on a hunt for two old mechs named Alpha Trion and Emirate Xaaron, respectively. Instead of wiping out the Autobot resistance, Shockwave felt like Megatron ignored it and focused more attention on his quest for two mechs he ultimately never found. The resistance grew under the leadership of Optimus Prime, and now Shockwave felt like the Decepticons were repeating history. Then a thought came to him.

    “Starscream come in.” Shockwave spoke into his communicator attempting to reach the current Decepticon leader.

    “Shockwave what is it?” Starscream questioned after accessing his communicator.

    “Do you remember the what Megatron’s commands were after the attack on Iacon vorns ago?” Shockwave asked.

    “What is the meaning of this questioning Shockwave?” a flustered Starscream responded.

    “Did you all ever find the council members?”

    “What council members?”

    “Alpha Trion and Emirate Xaaron.” Shockwave answered as a blue Decepticon approached Starscream and Frenzy.

    “No.” Starscream answered. “The Council has not been heard from for eons. Why do you ask?”

    “Because something tells me that Megatron knew something about this Council he never shared with us.” Shockwave replied.

    “Do not concern yourself with the Council at this time,” Starscream ordered as he focused on the newly arriving Decepticon. “I will send, someone to investigate after the Autobots are wiped out.” Starscream said, and then ended the transmission.

    “Lord Starscream,” the blue Decepticon began, “is there any new information about our Liege?”

    “No Counterpunch.” Starscream answered. “Who told you I was searching for information?”

    “No one Commander.” Counterpunch answered. “I just figured that since you were out here and not in Iacon that you were seeking something very important. I’d like to volunteer my services in assisting you if you desire, sir.”

    “Always the good soldier.” Starscream replied. “I may have a task for you yet.”

    “Whatever you command sir.” Counterpunch answered.

    “I want to know what these Council members know about Megatron.” Starscream stated.

    “Would you like me to find them and bring them to you sir?” Counterpunch asked nervously.

    “No.” Starscream answered. “Decepticons have been trying to find these enigmas now for ages with no luck. We need to step up the quality of our hunt for these ancients. What I want you to do is find the bounty hunter, Deaths Head, and have HIM locate the Council Members.”

    “Where is Punch?” a groggy voice inquired as his resting optics opened.

    “He’s on a mission.” Alpha Trion replied as the ceiling of the subterranean repair bay they were in shook violently.

    “What’s going on up there!?”

    “War.” Alpha Trion replied. “The Decepticons have invaded and from the relays I’ve been monitoring it looks like Iacon could been finished.”

    “No!” the voice yelled. “I will not allow it!” He said as he jumped off the gurney and raced to the weapons console.

    “There is nothing you can do this time.” Alpha Trion began. “The destruction of Iacon is all but complete. We need you to find the Allspark so all will not be lost.”

    “What you fail to understand, Alpha Trion,” the large red mech stated; “is that if my fellow Autobots fall, Cybertron is lost anyway. The Decepticons must be stopped, no matter the cost.”

    “But Prime………”

    “But nothing!” Optimus Prime retorted back. “We have wasted countless sparks in search of this relic that will supposedly save Cybertron, without even realizing that those of us hoping to save our world are the ones destroying it. This war has to end. Primus speed Alpha Trion.”

    These were the last words Optimus Prime said before grabbing the exit hatch and pulling his body through the ceiling. When he got through the hatch a declaration by Alpha Trion caused him to pause.

    “Megatron, he is not the monster he seems.” Alpha Trion declared.

    “The seeds he’s planted would testify otherwise.” Prime responded. “Send Roller on a recon mission. I want all the injured Autobots repaired. I will send Ratchet here to assist you as soon as I find him. Goodbye Alpha Trion.”

    “Till All are One, Prime, Till all are one.” Alpha Trion whispered as the Autobot general left his sight.

    The city streets of Iacon were littered with scrap metal. That was all that remained of many Junkions, Autobots, and Decepticons. The day’s battle had been brutal with many mechs having to pay the ultimate price, while others were lying wounded hoping death would come and provide them with an escape from what their optics were witnessing. Despite the pain Ultra Magnus was in, he was not one of those mechs. He was torn apart, but he was still functional, he was helpless, and not hopeless, he was angry, but not bitter, until he saw the red blur that raced through the streets of Iacon towards the west side.

    “Well I’ll be damned.” Ultra Magnus gasped before slipping from consciousness once again.

    “It’s becoming pretty obvious that we’re not gonna win this battle.” Prowl stated as he and Kup manned the front lines trying to keep the Decepticons at bay.

    “So what do you suppose we do?” Kup replied.

    “We don’t have much of a choice Kup, we’ve got to surrender!” Prowl declared.

    “Surrender!” Springer yelled. “After all we’ve lost today, we can’t just give these clowns Iacon.”

    “We’re not giving them anything Springer,” Prowl replied. “They’ve already taken it. Why continue this pointless battle that will only end in more lives lost!?”

    “He’s got a point Springer!” Hotrod yelled as Decepticon shots barely missed his frame. “We’re pinned between a rock and a hard place.”

    “Kup, Springer, think about the innocents that will die if we continue.” Prowl beckoned, “we’ve got to surrender.”

    “Think about the lives we all lead if we surrender.” Springer replied. “I don’t want to live out my days as one of Starscream’s minions!”

    “It’s better to be a live retro rabbit that a dead Wrecker.” Kup said to Springer.

    “What does that mean?” they asked.

    “It means we surrender.” Kup stated. “Autobots, hold your fire and put your hands in the air!” He commanded as the Decepticons closed in.

    “The cowards are surrendering.” Blitzwing noticed as the fire they were taking suddenly subsided. “Onslaught, come in Onslaught.” He then radioed.

    “You will not get an answer from him.” The voice of Shockwave stated as the purple mech landed next to Blitzwing. “And we will not allow these filthy Autobots to live any longer.”

    “What are you talking about Shockwave?” A confused Blitzwing inquired.

    “We made the mistake of taking prisoners and leaving Iacon’s citizens alive before. History will NOT be repeated today.” Shockwave declared. “Finish them Decepticons!”

    As shots rang out from Decepticon weaponry, soldiers within their ranks began falling like bowling pins as a red wrecking ball toppled dozens of soldiers until the red powerhouse reached Decepticon front lines.

    “Autobots, attack!” the red robot commanded as the cowering clan of Autobots was suddenly reinvigorated.

    “It’s Prime!” Kup gasped. “I don’t believe my optics!”

    “Optimus Prime!” Shockwave declared disdainfully as the red Autobot tossed Blitzwing into a fleet of other Decepticons and prepared to square of with the cyclopic Decepticon.

    “The Autobots will stand this day Shockwave,” Optimus declared, “and just like old times, you will fall!” Prime finished as he blasted Shockwave into a nearby structure.
  16. Lock Cade

    Lock Cade Tarn Fangirl

    Nov 16, 2006
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    Hot stuff, hot stuff!

    Just one complaint... why would the TFs need wrist communicators? Don't they have some sort of comm-link installed in their heads or something?
  17. Throwback

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    Apr 12, 2006
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    You've got a point about the wrist comms. It's the quarterback in me imagining the Bots gazing at their wrists to talk much like my mine man Colt McCoy does on a Saturday afternoon before he breaks the defense's heart.

    My next chapter may include a parody of "The Eyes of Texas". I wonder how "The Optics of Iacon" would go over................................

  18. Lock Cade

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    Nov 16, 2006
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    Well, the wrist comm idea isn't THAT bad... the 20th anniversary movie edition toy of Optimus Prime had a wrist-communicator (even though the pic was of Megatron and not of any of his fellow Autobots). Still, I'm more used to the TFs using a comm-link, with a finger pressed to the side of their head as they receive transmissions and such. But then again, that's just me.

    Anyways, keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next chapter. "The Optics of Iacon" sounds like an interesting title.
  19. Robot Pimp

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    Oct 18, 2006
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    This story is one of your best so far TB. Keep it coming.
    Two questions. Whatever happenned to The Liege Maximo and are Mags of Optimus brothers in this fic?

    p.s. I'm a UT fan too.
  20. Throwback

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    Two brothers on a collision course with destiny must find a way to overcome adversity, overcome their demons, and overcome themselves so that there world and all they know can survive.

    The optics of a mech far too familiar with waking up on a gurney opened to confusion as the mech awoke from stasis in a dark and isolated room. Of all the times he had been in need of live saving repairs, it seemed that each time those repairs were completed he was alone, save one other mech. This time would be different.

    “Emirate Xaaron, where are you?” a voice calling through the darkness inquired getting no response.

    “I know you have to be somewhere around here Emirate, after all you always are.” The voice continued.

    “If you were gonna leave me here alone, the least you could have done is leave a light on for me.” The voice finished.

    “Silence, Autobot filth!” an angry voice declared.

    “Who, who are you!? And where the pit am I?” the Autobot inquired.

    “How rude of me.” The voice replied as lights all of a sudden came on and revealed to the Autobot that he was in some sort of containment room. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Hook, and welcome to Polyhex, Ultra Magnus.”

    “Let me out of here so I can rip your little green chassis apart, Decepticon!” Ultra Magnus threatened as the though of being captured alive by the enemy sickened him.

    “O how I’d cherish the opportunity to rip the spark from your laser core Autobot!” Hook responded. “But, fortunately for you, you have some information the higher ups value. Prepare yourself for questioning. Soundwave will be here momentarily.”

    “Unless Soundwave has a death wish, you had better……………………” Ultra Magnus rebutted before being silenced by the shock of energon restraints latching around him.

    “No,” Hook answered, “You had better thank Primus Soundwave thought you worthy of repairing or else I would personally make sure you’d be buried in a scrap heap.”

    “That will be enough Hook.” The authoritative voice of Soundwave interrupted as the large blue Decepticon entered the room. “You are excused.”

    “As you command Soundwave.” The green Decepticon replied before exiting the control room.

    “Soundwave!” Ultra Magnus yelled as he struggled to maintain his balance.

    “Calm down Ultra Magnus.” Soundwave requested, as the restraints were de-energized. “We have a lot to discuss.”

    “Forgive me if I’m not in a very talkative mood at the moment!” Magnus stated as his gaze became fixed on the blue Decepticon.

    “You have served as Autobot commander Ultra Magnus, so I am sure you have been briefed on my, ability. So the choice is yours, we can discuss the matters at hand, or I can extract the information from your data banks.”

    “If I had to bet my spark, I’d say you already found some information or else I would not have been given the privilege of getting off of that gurney.” Magnus responded. “What is it that you want?”

    “Megatron.” Soundwave replied bluntly. “You know something about Megatron no one else knows. You will share this information with me Ultra Magnus, and maybe it will help some of your fellow Autobots have their sparks spared.”

    “Soundwave,” Ultra Magnus began. “I’m sure you of all Decepticons should know that threats will get you no where with me. You’re gonna have to come up with something better than a threat if you want me to cooperate.”

    “I do not wish to threaten you or any other Autobot at the moment Ultra Magnus.” Soundwave replied. “I wish to discuss a temporary truce that may even have long term ramifications should my previous assessment prove accurate. May I approach you Ultra Magnus, so the two of us can speak mech to mech?”

    “The ball’s in your court Soundwave, just don’t try anything or your mech fluid WILL drip from my hands.” Magnus answered.

    “Very well.” Soundwave said as he proceeded to approach the Autobot general.

    The sound of a rushing wind could be heard as the Decepticon’s footsteps brought him to the place where the door to the holding area once stood. He approached his longtime foe with caution before letting the question that had been running through his processor escape his masked voice box.

    “Ultra Magnus,” Soundwave began in a rather curious tone. “Tell me what you remember of your former self.”

    “Former self? What the pit are you talking about Decepticon?” Magnus responded.

    “In a cursory evaluation of your data banks while you were imprisoned I discovered……” Soundwave paused as he noticed a look of sheer confusion replacing the look of anger emanating from the face of Ultra Magnus.
    “You don’t know, do you?”

    “Don’t know what?”

    “Do you recall when you were brought online?” Soundwave asked.

    “Yes, no! What is the point of this questioning?” Magnus asked.

    “The point is finding the truth and saving Cybertron.” Soundwave answered.

    “Saving Cybertron. Since when have the Decepticons been concerned with saving anything.” Magnus retorted. “All you Decepticons have ever done is destroy.”

    “Do all Autobots share your foolish misconceptions?” Soundwave replied condescendingly. “Please tell me all you recall of your activation Ultra Magnus so we can proceed?”

    “You should have my account in Decepticon archives Soundwave. My reputation for scraping Decepticons dates back to my creation in the midst of the 1st Iaconian raid.” Ultra Magnus answered.

    “Such bravado, such foolishness.” Soundwave replied. “You existed for vorns prior to the Autobot. Do you not even have access to your own data banks?”

    “What are you talking about?!” Magnus inquired as he grabbed Soundwave by the shoulders.

    A slow glance down at Magnus’ hands then up and around the facility that bore the purple Decepticon mark of war by Soundwave communicated Soundwave’s message to Ultra Magnus without the need for the Decepticon to utter a word. And Ultra Magnus grudgingly unhanded the Decepticon.

    “What do you know?” the Autobot asked.

    “I know that you know something about Megatron that no one else does!” Soundwave yelled before composing himself. “And what you know, may prove vital to the future of our world.”

    “You are mistaken Decepticon!” Magnus began. “All I know of Megatron, I despise. There is nothing about my knowledge or my feelings towards him I would even consider holding back.”

    “Not consciously I suppose.” Soundwave said as he turned and walked away from Magnus in thought.

    “You dare turn your back on me Soundwave.” An irritated Ultra Magnus declared. “Do you really think I am going to sit here and be a good little prisoner, and give you whatever information you desire?”

    “Who said anything about you being a prisoner?” Soundwave replied. “You are free to go back and take orders from Optimus Prime whenever you desire. I know how much you miss his leadership.”

    For the moment Magnus was speechless. He hated the idea of watching his fellow Autobots bow down to their “savior” who only seemed to show up to save the day after the battles were nearly over and done.

    “Soundwave.” Magnus beckoned. “What do you know about me?”

    “Does the name Impactor mean anything to you?” Soundwave asked.

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