Transformers: The Movie: The Game PC Problems

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by Renidragon, Oct 3, 2007.

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    Ugh, this game's been a nightmare.

    No, the game itself is actually pretty fun (if near-impossible). Installing it was a nightmare, getting it to run was no fun, etc.

    I've got it installed (FINALLY, it had been crashing during the install), and when I tried to run it, it would try and read the disc, then give me a windows error (I double click the icon, the little arrow-with-hourglass cursor appears, then goes back to my regular arrow with no error, but no game launch either... error is delayed...), "Transformers.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." You know the window. Between the double click and the error message, my DVD drive is trying to read the disc. After not sending the error report, I get a Error 103 from the game. That's all, just a small window that says "Error: 103".

    SO, I found a no-disc crack. For awhile, it worked great. Aside from the voiceovers being kinda screwed up, it ran perfectly.

    Until last night. The game began locking up for a few seconds at a time. Nothing major, no crashing or anything, just seemingly random halting. So, I uninstall the game and try to reinstall. I get the same issues as before trying to install it. Even took out the disc and cleaned it (which is what worked last time... Target sold me a dirty disc!), it looks pristine! Still the same problem. So I set my computer to defrag my hard drive (oh boy did it need it, too), and went to bed. I tried once again to install it this morning, and it worked, first try. Woohoo!

    I try to run the game from the disc again... no luck, same error. So I use my no disc crack again (it's just a modified .exe) and the game runs... and I still get the same halting issue.

    I have not installed anything new since the last time the game ran well, though I have downloaded some stuff (all from reputable sources n' all that stuff)... I'm about to run a spyware check. Virus check comes next.

    Computer specs are as follows:
    3 GHz Celeron D Processor
    GeForce 4 ti 4200 128 MB
    1 GB DDR RAM
    Soundblaster Live! Value (Yeah, it's OLD)
    Memorex CD-R/W/DVD (48x read, 48x write, 24x rewrite, 16x DVD, I think?), also kinda old, discontinued on the website

    I've even cleared up some hard drive space (80 GB hard drive, about 12 GB free).

    This is a new problem though... any ideas? And if not, any ideas where I can get help? No, the activision website was no help.
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    I would imagine this is a common problem with the PC version-- hence why it's been discontinued.

    The fact that the PC version was exclusive to a store is a big red flag, really.

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