Transformers the movie sequel, 1.5

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    Dewbot lifted up the manhole cover and cautiously peered out onto the street.

    " See any Autobots? " Said Steeringwheelor. " Because if you do tell 'em they're about t' get schooled! "

    Xboxocon 360 snickered. " Just like you schooled that minor flesh creature? "

    " Whadda ya talkin' about? " Responded Sterringwheelor. " That thing was sparkin' huge! Man I hope I never have t' fight one o them again! Hey Dewbot, whadda ya say that flesh monster was called again? "

    " Dude, that was like, an Earth Squirrel. " replied Dewbot. " Some kind of heinous flesh creature called a rodent. "

    Xboxocon 360 laughed. " You sure used your alt mode to it's fullest, Steeringwheelor! "

    " It stopped biting me, didn't it?" Said Steeringwheelor. " At least I used my alt mode effectively. You still ain't used yours for any decent reason. "

    " That is incorrect! " Stated Xboxocn 360. " Just last night I went to Xbox live and deleted 20,000 gamerpoints from a pitiful human called Destroyificator Prime! "

    " So? " Replied Steeringwheelor.

    " So?" Answered Xboxocon 360. " Now the human must repeat tedious ill-conceived levels of games he has already completed, like Metal of Honor Big Red One! "

    " Harsh! " Said Dewbot. " Most un-tubular! Fer serious! "

    " Yes! Harsh indeed! " Continued Xboxocon 360. " Not to mention Transformers: The Game. "

    " Is that the game made by that fungoid who is impersonating a human film director? " Asked Steeringwhellor. " What was his name again?"

    " Yes that is the the one. " Said Xboxocon 360. " His name is Michael Bay. How could you forget that? He put his name on everything even slightly related to the film. Every time anyone mentions anything about this movie, or it's characters, they owe him a dollar! "

    " Aw for sparkin' out short! " Exclaimed Steeringwheelor. " I must owe him like a billion Earth United States dollars just for talking to you guys! "

    " Fungoids are indeed devious. They are masters of deception." Said Xboxocon 360. " Why, master Megatron has had to obtain legal counsel in order to avoid bankruptcy from this matter."

    " I heard they put a lean on Megatron's Volcano Base! " Said Dewbot. " Now that is harsh! "

    " Well at least Megatron's base isn't the Mission City Sewers! " Complained Steeringwheelor.

    " For the last time, the sewer is not our base! " Said Xboxocon 360. " We simply lie in wait in the sewer until we get the signal to attack! It'll happen any second now! "

    " But we've been waiting in here for like two months! " Said Steeringwheelor.

    Suddenly there was a loud crashing noise.

    " Is that the signal? " asked Steeringwheelor.

    " No, I don't think so. " Answered Xboxocon 360.

    The crashing noise became a loud rumble.

    " How about that noise? " Asked Steeringwheelor.

    " Nah man. That's not the signal. " Said Dewbot, " That's like the sound of a bitchin' curl crashing on the shorelines! "

    " Oh. " Said Steeringwheelor.

    A huge rush of water flooded the pipe the three Decepticons were in and rushed them away, deep into the sewers.

    Later, the three found themselves being launched out of a pipe and into in a cesspool.

    " What was that? " Said Steeringwheelor.

    " That was like, totally awesome! " Exclaimed Dewbot. " Radical! "

    " So now what do we do? " asked Xboxocon 360.

    " We get back in that gnarly pipe! " Said Dewbot.

    the end....or is it?

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