Transformers The Movie 2

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    Transformers The Movie 2

    (Two big stars in backround. Camera moves toward planet cybertron. Life is no longer there. Camera goes around cybertron, then go up look to one of big stars and goes down to cybertron. Now in big plan showing Starscream landing on cybertron in his protoform and then in air he starts transforming.He lands and turns into F-22 raptor and flies away. Not long flyed he transforms again lands and crouches. Behind him we see big shadow. He walks towards Starscream)

    Robot in Shadow (In cybertronian): Have you succeded to get back Allspark?
    Starscream (In cybertronian): No! Prime and his foolish Autobots destroyed the Allspark!

    (Robot comes from shadow and it seems to be unknown character)

    Robot: You have failed me again Starscream!
    Starscream: Im sorry my master! I wanted to stop Autobots, but they was too powerful and ready for our attacks)
    Robot: Is there any survived Decepticons on Earth?
    Starscream: Yes my lord! They’re ready for my command to attack! Frenzy is preparing for your arrival master! Should we take any forces from Cybertron to help us?
    Robot: I’ll take care of that… Swidle come here!
    Swidle (In cybertronian)( Very deep voice): My troops are prepared to go master.
    Robot: So go then!
    Starscream: But they’re not too strong for this level fight!
    Robot: Shut up fool! I know what I’m doing!

    (Swidle transforms into protoform and flyes into space. Some protofoms is leaving planet with Swidle)

    Robot: Starscream take this soldiers and go with Swindle to earth.

    (3 protoforms comes from shadows. One of them is very big)

    Starscream: Master I’m receiving message from Frenzy!
    Robot: Hm
    Starscream: He says that Autobots reinforcements arrived to earth too!
    Robot: Starscream quick go to Earth and attack those freaks Autobots until I will arrive.
    Starscream: But master with this lame warriors we cannot win!
    Robot: Now!

    (Big one protoform looks in Starscream and starts roaring)
    (Then picture of Earth) Blab la bla, LOL (If you will like this folks then I could write full story :)  )

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