Transformers: The Movie - 1986 - Rewritten

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    Transformers: The Movie - Rewritten


    A small planet looms in the darkness a glowing blue beacon in the vastness of space, however a dark mist starts to form in the atmosphere of the planet, a smaller planet, almost like a moon starts to rise up from behind the planet, the moon is odd though, it has two large, mechanical horns on the front of it, without warning the horns snap, digging into the sides of the planet, the mist becomes thicker after the moon digs its horns into the planet, the planet almost seeming to hollow out, starting to collapse from the inside, being eaten by the moon.

    On the planet the citizens run around in blind panic, pushing each other out of the way, screaming as they realise the futility of their struggle, their terror engulfing them every time they look back over their shoulder and see the giant moon, sucking up their planet with what seems like an enormous, circular mouth.

    One of the citizens runs through a narrow halfway, windows on every side of it revealing the terror of the planet-destroyer in full, the citizen, Kranix stops for a few seconds, looking out of the windows, not fearing for his life but those below him, from behind him another citizen, Arblus calls to him, half in terror and half in surprise at seeing the other citizen.

    Arblus: Transform and flee Kranix! Warn all those of the horror that is Unicron!

    Kranix stumbles back as Arblus calls, the hallway starting to collapse from below, the outside word has deteriorated very quickly in the last few minutes, the windows on the sides of the hallways start to shake and crack, a strange mist starts to seep across the planets surface, forming a layer over almost every surface, it acts almost like a strong acid, dissolving the planet so that it’s easier for Unicron, the planet-destroyer to engulf the entire planet. The most starts to seep over Kranix, ripping away at his metallic body, his armour starting to melt away, becoming part of the mist itself, the inside of Kranix starts to spill out of him, falling to the floor slowly, most of it becoming mist before even reaching the still-crumbling ground. Kranix screams out Arblus’ name as he starts to float into the sky as Unicron pulls the area into his ‘mouth’, Kranix continues to cry out as he flies away, soon getting too far away for Arblus to hear.

    The mist slowly starts to reach out for Arblus, grabbing at him with what was Kranix, Arblus moves back steadily, still weary of the crumbling floor, which starts to collapse beneath him, Arblus takes one last glance at Unicron, at where his friend was and then jumps into the air, skimming the mist as he transforms into a slim, jet-like form. Arblus’ jet-form has amazing speed, he pushes his thrusters as much as he can, in fear of his life being taken by Unicron and by the real prospect that he won’t be able to warn others of Unicron’s horror. As Abrlus climbs higher into the stratosphere we see the full horror of what Unicron has done, the planet starts to cave in on itself, the core of the planet starts to shine through the crust of it, becoming unstable as Unicron tears the planet into small, bite-sized chunks, the planet shimmers for a few seconds, in these seconds it looks serene, peaceful but then it explodes, sending a vast amount of light out across the vastness of space, surely it would destroy Unicron, nothing could survive such a powerful explosion, nothing. As the light and smoke clears it is apparent Unicron has survived and for the first time his full form is revealed, a large grey and orange moon with a massive ring circling it, held in the moon’s orbit, showing it has it’s own gravitational force, the planet seems to have cities, formed with spoke-like buildings, the two large horns have now retracted back into the moon, becoming shorter than before. Nothing remains of the planet Unicron had attacked, Unicron slowly starts to move, floating through space at a steady speed, heading for it’s next victim.​

    Things I changed:
    -Unciron's horns act more like teeth than holders and can hollow out the planet by pulling the insides of it into the horns
    -It's a bit darker than the original, I find it hard to write in the style of a cartoon (hope you prefer this style though)
    -Arblus can transform, yes, I know this is a bit iffy but I believe he could in the original script (used as a reference)
    -I flipped around Arblus and Kranix's deaths from the TF:TM comics
    -Changed Unicron's design
    -Took out the famous "Arblus look! It's Unicron" because I wanted Arblus to be the only one to know of Unicron, for future purposes.

    Whilst I'm at it, sorry for not explaining Arblus and Kranix's designs but there's a reason for that, you'll found out sooner or later if I continue.

    Leave C&C if you read because I haven't written a fan-fiction in a long time.

    Thanks for reading :) 
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    I'd like to see the original Transformers start from a new movie. :wink: 
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    What?! no, "Arbulus look it's Unicron!"?

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