Transformers: The Knowledge of Vector Sigma

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    Because everyone else is doing it, here's my TF3 fanfic:

    Transformers: The Knowledge of Vector Sigma

    In the abyss of space floats a planet. A planet of barren desert and red skies. The only thing of notice on this lifeless sphere is a crashed space vessel. The Nemesis. And inside lies unspeakable evil.

    “Again. Once again we are back to where we started…”

    Growled Megatron, Ruler of the feared Cybertronian army known as the Decepticons.

    “The Allspark and the last of it’s fragments are gone, the final Sun Harvester is destroyed, the Matrix is now housed within the spark chamber of Optimus Prime and my “master” is now nothing more then a lifeless heap of scrap.”

    The Decepticon leader sat in the Commander’s chair of the Nemesis. His constant defeat at the hands of the Autobots and their leader. Each battle lost meant more lost soldiers and each lost soldier took away from his already dwindling army.

    “Without the Fallen’s knowledge, we no longer have the upper hand against Prime and his followers. We no longer know of any other source of power.”

    It was then that Starscream, Decepticon Air Commander and Megatron’s Second in Command, entered the deck.

    “We have more problems, my lord. The protoforms are growing even weaker. We only have enough energon to last another decacycle. We need more power if they are to survive.”

    Megatron growled again. Things have started to become problematic. He pondered for a second. Reviewing his options.

    “…….Then we have not choice. We must return to Cybertron. It’s the only location where we can obtain more energon.”

    “B-but Megatron, our Cybertronian forces are already struggling as it is. Dividing their resources will only weaken them!”

    “WHAT CHOICE DO WE HAVE, STARSCREAM? If it means we loose some of our own then so be it! It will only benefit my new army. Now, prepare for our departure.”

    Next part coming soon...
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    Part 2:

    Earth. Current home planet of Optimus Prime and his Autobots. It has been exactly 2 months since the Fallen’s defeat and Megatron’s retreat to the stars. Unfortunately, there are still Decepticons hiding out all over the planet and it is up to Prime, his soldiers and NEST, their human allies, to take them out.

    In those two months, Seymour Simmons, former member of the now disbanded paranormal agency, Sector 7, has become part of NEST’s ranks as an investigator, helping NEST and the Autobots in locating the rogue ‘Cons. There is also Simmon’s assistant, Leo Spitz, who used to maintain a website dedicated to strange phenomena.
    But the Autobots have not been left out. For they, too, have added new members to their team. There’s the eager assault soldier Breakaway, who turns into a fighter jet, and light-weapons specialist Brawn, who turns into an assault jeep. It may not be much, but every new soldier is a vital one in the war against the Decepticons.

    It’s mid-day as the sun shines over Diego Garcia. NEST home base. Though the day is beautiful, it’s no excuse to skip daily training, even for a sentient robotic being from a far-off planet.

    The sounds of two engines revving could be heard on the beach not to far off from the base. In the distance streams of dust clouds could be seen. If one looked closer, you could see that the clouds were being caused by two small vehicles. One was a green Chevy Spark with black detailing along the sides. The other was a Chevy Trax colored Orange. The two of them seemed to be racing each other, but the strange thing is neither of them had any driver. Still, voices could be heard from them.

    “WOOOOOOOHOOHOOHOO!!! You gonna eat my dust, freak-face!”

    Yelled the Spark. He had pulled ahead far enough to take the lead.

    “Who you callin’ Freak-Face, Buck-Tooth? Your face so ugly, even Ratchet can’t fix it!”

    The Trax snapped back. He was gaining speed and closing in.

    Just then, a large, black GMC Topkick skidded into the path of the racers. The Trax and Spark slammed on their breaks and slid to a stop.

    “SKIDS! MUDFLAP! You two were supposed to report to your training session an hour ago!”

    The voice that came from the Topkick sounded stern and annoyed. It was apparent that this wasn’t the first time it had encountered the two.

    Skids responded first.

    “Awwww! C’mon Ironhide! Do we really need to train? What’s the point, anyways?”

    “Yeah! Optimus beat The Fallen and sent Mega-Puss back where he came from! All that’s left are a couple of easy pickin’s!”

    Mudflap concluded.

    “How many times have I told you two? The Fallen is gone and Megatron has fled, but that doesn’t mean the war is over. The Decepticons are too stubborn to accept defeat. They will strike back and we will be ready.”

    The two of them sighed. They knew when they were beat.


    They replied in unison. With that, they began groaning and clanging as they changed and shifted into their robot forms and sulked back to the base.
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    Part 3:

    Inside the base itself were three more Autobots. The first was a big, green-colored robot. A light rack with sirens rested on his back making it obvious that he turned into an emergency vehicle. He was working on another robot. This one was smaller and was colored yellow and black. The doors of his car mode hung of his back like wings. The third robot was leaning against the wall opposite the other two, watching them. His arms were casually crossed in front of his chest. If one looked closely, they could see blades extending from his forearms. He smirked.

    “Tell me again, Ratchet. How long have you been working on ‘Bee’s vocal processor?”

    Ratchet turned to the ‘bot and smirked back at him in a sarcastic manner.

    “You wouldn’t be talking like that if Megatron tore YOUR throat to ribbons, Sideswipe.”

    The yellow bot chuckled at this, but soon started coughing a bit as sparks flew out of his throat.

    “Easy, Bumblebee. I’m almost done. Just need to tie up a few loose wires and you should be able to communicate without relying on your radio too much.”

    Bumblebee nodded. Ever since his encounter with Megatron on Cybertron long ago, he hasn’t been able to speak, needing to use static, pantomime and, ever since arriving on Earth, his radio to talk to others.

    The hanger doors to the base opened up and Skids and Mudflap trudged in. They were still annoyed that they never finished their race. Ironhide walked in behind them, making sure they do their duties instead of running off.

    “Now, you two, Arcee and the others are in the middle of their training exercise. When they’re done, you’re up. Now go prepare.”

    The Twins walked through another passageway towards the training grounds.

    Ironhide sighed.

    “Those two’ll never learn. Just because they took on Devastator and lived to say so they think they already know what they’re doing.”

    Ratchet laughed.

    “You were just the same back when the war started. Always looking for a fight. Don’t worry. They’re still young. When the time comes, you‘ll see.”

    Suddenly, they were interrupted by another voice.

    “The Twins still have a lot to learn, but I’m sure they’ll make fine Autobots one day.”

    The group turned to see Optimus Prime enter the area. He stood proudly before his trusted soldiers and turned to Ironhide, smiling.

    “I know you’ll do a fine job of teaching them, old friend.”

    “I’ll…..I’ll try my best, Optimus.”

    If there’s one thing Optimus’ voice can do, it’s make an Autobot nervous. Not out of fear, but because they want to make their leader proud.

    “How’s Bumblebee coming along, Ratchet?”

    “All…..most…….THERE! All done. Tell me, bumblebee… do you feel?”

    Bumblebee looked around at everyone. He raised his hand to his throat.

    “I……I feel…..I feel as good as new! You’ve done it Ratchet! I can -bzzt!- can-bzzzt!-”

    “Careful now! You need to let your system calibrate before you can start speaking completely. It won’t take long, though.”

    Bumblebee nodded.

    Part 4:

    It wasn’t long after their departure from the Nemesis that Megatron and Starscream reached their destination: Cybertron. The Transformers home world. Once a peaceful, harmonious planet now caught in the middle of an endless civil war between the Autobots and Decepticons.

    Not long after entering the planet’s atmosphere they were joined by another aircraft. It was shaped like a jet but it was much more alien in origin. Instead of attacking them, it pulled ahead, leading them to a safe landing area on the outskirts of the Cybertronian city of Trypticon. Both Megatron and Starscream transformed in mid-air and landed on their feet. The alien jet did the same, walked upp to Megatron and bowed.

    “Lord Megatron. It is an honor to witness your return to Cybertron.”

    Megatron did not look at the genuflecting soldier before him. He was too busy surveying the damage that has come upon the city and the areas around it. Though, he did pay enough attention to respond.

    “At ease, Skywarp. Tell me, what the status on our situation here?”

    Skywarp looked away. Also looking at the damaged, worn-down city.

    “It’s been…..difficult, my lord. We’ve lost many since your voyage after the Allspark.”

    These words once again reminded Megatron of his loss of the Allspark.

    Starscream was growing tired of this “sentimental” moment and butted in.

    “The reason we’re here is for energon, not memories!”

    Megatron growled. If there’s one thing he hated, it’s when his thoughts were interrupted.

    “As much as it pains me to admit it, Starscream is correct. We need your supply of energon.”

    Skywarp grew concerned.

    “We’d be honored to assist you, my lord, but we are already so low on energon as it is. Even the Autobots are experiencing a shortage. Sacrificing the rest of our supply will cement the fate of your Cybertronian forces.”

    He was right and Megatron knew it. He was expecting to perhaps lose a few of his soldiers, but not his entire existing army. The situation had become more dire.

    It was then that a faint voice could be heard.


    Megatron scanned the area. Besides Starscream and Skywarp, there was no one else around.

    The voice grew louder.


    He knew that voice.


    Indeed, it was. The strange voice belonged to The Fallen. Though, he was still no where to be found.

    “Where are you, Master? Reveal yourself to me.”

    “I am no longer a part of the physical plane, my apprentice. For though the Prime destroyed my body, my spark has transcended.”
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    Wow, great stuff. I cant wait for more.
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    Part 5:

    “Transcended? But how? How is such a thing possible?”

    The Fallen chuckled sinisterly.

    “I am a prime, my dear Megatron. My power and cunning surpasses even the strongest and slyest of your Decepticons. I know more tricks then you can imagine.”

    Skywarp and Starscream were puzzled. Their master was clearly talking to someone, but who?

    “lord Megatron, are….are you alright?”


    Starscream quickly shut up. He didn’t know what was going on, but it was best if he didn’t anger his leader.

    “Please, Master. My army is weakening! My soldiers are dying! Our plans are never going to succeed unless you help me! We need energon……but we don’t know where to find more!”

    The Fallen pondered.

    “Hmmmm….when the Prime Dynasty was still strong we knew of the energon mines in the northern valleys, but no doubt this pitiful excuse of a war has rendered them barren.”

    The Fallen pondered again. It was then he remembered something.

    “Though, there IS one relic that can help you find what you need.”

    This is what Megatron wanted.

    “Please, my Master! I must know what it is! Where to find it! Please!”

    He tried to sound as desperate as he possibly could.

    “It’s name is Vector Sigma. It is a source of mass Cybertronian knowledge. The Primes believed it was created by Primus himself to chronicle the history of Cybertron. It is said to contain information on anything and everything related to this planet, from it’s inhabitants to it’s landmarks…..perhaps even to a new source of energon. It is located in the underground catacombs of Cybertron.”

    exactly what Megatron was hoping to hear.

    “I will prepare some scouting units. We will traverse the catacombs and we will find this “Vector Sigma””.

    “It’s never that simple, my apprentice. Vector Sigma can not be accessed by any mere Cybertronian.”

    Megatron grew curious.

    “What do you mean.”

    “Vector Sigma can only be activated by one who possesses the Matrix of Leadership. It is the key that will unlock it’s knowledge.”

    Megatron became filled with rage.


    “Yes. Optimus Prime is the only obstacle that stands in your way.”

    “Then I know what I must do. Optimus Prime will fall, the Autobots will be destroyed and the Matrix will be mine.”

    The Fallen had only one question.

    “And if those wrenched earthling flesh-bags interfere?”

    “Then the planet will fall with them. This……I swear.”
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    Part 6:

    Deeper down inside Diego Garcia, in the lower levels of the base, Agent Simmons was busy overlooking multiple large pieces of old metal. They were worn and rusted and vaguely resembled parts of an old jet. Helping him was another Autobot. This one was small, the size of a small dog. He was blue, with small, monster truck-like tires for feet. His face was very strange-looking.

    Simmons called out to him.

    “Yo, small fry! You done scanning these things yet? Did ya find out if they’re salvageable?”

    The small robot yelled back angrily.

    “How many times do I has to tell ya? The name’s Wheelie! WHEEL-IE! And NO, I’m not done yet! Incase you haven’t noticed, I’m not as big as yous guys! So I can’t cover as much freaking ground as you fleshies!”

    Simmons groaned.

    “…….you don’t have to yell.”

    It was then that Major William lennox and Sergeant Robert Epps, the main commanders of NEST, stepped into the warehouse-sized room. Lennox spoke first.

    “Simmons. Wheelie. Any luck examining Jetfire’s parts?”

    “SEE? THAT one remembers my name!”

    Simmons ignored Wheelie’s jab.

    “If by “any luck” you mean “new info”, then no. We only know the basics. He was old, his parts were old. That’s it.”

    Epps spoke next.

    “Anything on his body structure? If his internal components and structure were more complex then prime or his soldiers.”

    Wheelie smirked.

    “Heh, yeah. We’re gonna figure all that out just by looking at his armor panels. Gimme a break.”

    “I gotta agree with the toy truck. That’s kinda hard to determine when all we have left of him are armor panels and external components.”

    That was when another voice interjected.

    “But that doesn’t stop us from making a new body for him.”

    It was Leo.

    “What are you talking about, kid?”

    “We were able to save his spark. So what’s keeping us from constructing a new body or something?”

    Both Wheelie and Simmons thought about this for a minute.

    “Hmmmm…..the kid’s got a point.”
    “Yeah, we could use Ratchet’s medical voodoo an’ what not.”

    Lennox and Epps looked at each other. They were skeptical, but it was worth a shot.

    “So it’s settled. We’ll send Ratchet and Jolt down here as soon as we can. We’ll see what they have to say about this.”
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    Part 7:

    “lord Megatron. It’s an honor to be in your presence.”

    Megatron, Starscream and Skywarp stood inside one of Trypticon’s monitoring stations. These rooms were used to overlook the outskirts and insides of the city. The Decepticon leader glanced at a screen showing a unit of his soldiers in the heat of battle against some Autobot forces.

    Before them stood another Decepticon. He was as tall as Megatron and metallic purple in color. In place of a left hand was a plasma cannon with a tube extending from his forearm to his back-mounted fuel components.

    “Rise, Shockwave.”

    Commanded Megatron. Shockwave did as told.

    “How may I serve you, my lord?”

    “I need you to transmit a message to my Communications Officer on a planet called Earth. Coordinates: 296.7 epsilon.”

    “Of course, my lord. Give me just a few nano - klicks to activate the communications tower.”

    As Shockwave dealt with the tower, Megatron turned to his two other soldiers.

    “Starscream, I want you to return to earth. Rally all of our Earth-bound soldiers and prepare them for an all-out assault against the Autobots. Skywarp, prepare some Constructicon units and any other Decepticons you see fit. You are to depart to Earth on my command.”

    “And what about you, Lord Megatron?”

    “I shall remain here until I locate Vector Sigma. I will join you shortly afterwards. You have your missions. Dismissed.”

    Skywarp and starscream exited the chamber. Before they set of on their missions, Skywarp had one question.

    “Commander Starscream. Before you leave, is there any soldier you’d like sent to earth?”

    Starscream smirked.

    “We’ve worked on many air raid and bombing missions, Skywarp. I think it’s time megatron’s Elite Air Force reunite. Make sure Thundercracker is sent with you.”

    Starscream turned around, transformed and blasted up through the purple skies of Cybertron, out of it’s atmosphere and into space, beginning his journey to Earth.

    Megatron began his transmission.

    “Decepticons of Earth, this is your Commander. The fight is not over. We now have a new target. A target you are all familiar with. At this time Air Commander Starscream is on route to the planet. You will follow his orders until my arrival. The time has come. Optimus prime possesses something I need and I will take it with as much force as it takes……..Optimus prime must be destroyed!”

    Floating in Earth’s orbit was a strange looking satellite. It was giant, alien in appearance and had multiple orbs all over it’s body. The orbs started glowing an eerie blue. It was then a head rose up the top. It’s eyes glowing a piercing shade of red. He spoke in a deep, demonic-sounding voice.

    “Message received. Commencing planet-wide transmission…”
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    Part 8:

    The message was sent all over the planet and all over the planet Decepticons began to stir. In a warehouse in Russia a pale-green forklift’s engine began to groan and growl. A red racing motorcycle in Tokyo began to rev and spin it’s wheels. Cons in every corner of the world activated. Ready to begin their mission.

    Starscream blasted through Earth’s atmosphere and headed straight for the continent of North America. There was someone he needed to meet with.

    It wasn’t long before he was soaring through the skies over San Francisco. He began scanning the areas he flew over until he found his target. Below him was a Saleen Mustang police cruiser. Though there were some differences about this one. The words “To Punish and Enslave…” were written on the sides of the car and a Decepticon insignia was housed inside the police badge symbol.

    The cruiser turned on it’s sirens and sped around a corner. Starscream descended lower and followed it. He knew he was leading him somewhere.

    They soon arrived in an open field outside the city. The cruiser drove into the middle, skidded to a stop and began to transform. Starscream followed suit.

    “Barricade. Surprising to find you still functioning after so many encounters with the Autobots.”

    “I could say the same about you, Commander.”

    Barricade was known for having a smart mouth. Something Starscream didn’t like.

    “I take it you’ve received Megatron’s transmission?”

    “Affirmative, but why did you request to meet with me?”

    “because I have a special assignment for you.”
    Barricade became curious.

    “Until Megatron’s arrival I need someone to lead our ground forces into battle. You are the only Decepticon on Earth who has encountered Prime’s forces more then once and lived. Your skill can be of use to me.”

    Barricade needed no time to think of an answer.

    “I accept, as long as it gives me the chance to confront that Autobot scout of Prime’s without remorse.”

    “Of course, Barricade. And this time… won’t be alone.”

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