Transformers: The Gears Of War (excerpt, for now)

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    Soon, I'm going to post some parts from my book, Transformers: The Gears Of War, part 1 in a trilogy I'm writing. The sequels (once I've done some work on them) will have parts of them added as well.

    I just hope people out there actually check out and like my books. If so, I might consider publishing them.
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    Cybertron, our home. For generations, it had been a peaceful world. Until Megatron divided us, his lust for power unquenchable. That thirst had provoked us into action. And so began the war, a war that ravaged the planet and consumed it in death. Then, our discovery of the Allspark, thought lost eons ago. To protect it, and Cybertron as a whole, it was cast from the planet into the blackness of space before reaching the third planet in a distant solar system. But, what is certain, is our actions may have been in vain...

    Time Line: June 6th, 1963, 1332 hours

    An alien-blue glow suddenly appeared 200 thousand miles from a large blue and green planet. From the blue and green glow exited two star ships: one seemingly gold, and the other being purple. Both were unloading plasma weapons on each other. At the same time, on the planet below, two outposts watched the two star ships on their radar scanners. At one of them, Cape Canaveral, an American astronomer followed their trajectory.
    "Lunar impact inevitable. 30 seconds."
    The two star ships began to tumble because of the gravity of the moon. They ceased fire and began trying to pull away from the moon
    "10 seconds..."
    Both ships began to pick up speed and rocketed towards the grey, lifeless surface of the moon. Almost in unison, both star ship commanders gave what could be their last command, "Brace for lunar impact!"
    The two ships hit the surface. Hundreds of pieces from each went flying and became embedded in the dirt. When the ships stopped sliding, not a single being, creature, or otherwise stirred.

    Back on Earth, at the American outpost, the citizen who followed the trajectories picked up the phone on his desk immediately.
    "This is Mr. Dennis Horton calling from NASA Headquarters in Cape Canaveral. Mr. Director, you need to transfer me to Sec Def immediately, it's urgent. Thank you, sir."
    In moments, Mr. Horton was transferred to the Secretary of Defense.
    "Hello, Mr. Secretary. This is Mr. Horton from Cape Canaveral. Two large UFOs made lunar impact at 1332 hours. I suggest we begin organizing a manned mission to the moon."
    "Give me some time, Mr. Horton, and I can get you in with the President."

    "Yes, sir. We'll be awaiting your call."

    Time Line: June 18th, 1963, 0945 hours

    A black Cadillac rolled up to the steps of the White House. Mr. Horton was escorted by bodyguards to the Oval Office. And there, at the end of the office, behind his desk, was President Kennedy. Dennis was astounded. The President had personally requested his presence.
    "You requested me, Mr. President?"
    "Yes, Mr. Horton, I did. Now, tell me what you were suggesting about getting to the moon."
    "Well, sir, I suggested that we attempt a manned mission to the moon to check out the wreckage of the two...anomalies. I ran it through NASA Command. They said it would take at least five years of trials."
    "Good. Have any other nations picked up on them?"
    "Only Russia, sir."
    "Then, you make damn sure that NASA move heaven and Earth to get us to the moon before the Soviets."

    Time Line: July 20th, 1969, Apollo 11 moon landing

    "Houston, the eagle has landed. I repeat, the eagle has landed."
    Everyone at NASA Headquarters cheered. In a booth at the back of the control room, an operator switched on interference. The room outside the booth became hectic. The commander of the small group in the booth spoke.
    "Are we clear?"
    "Yes, sir."
    "Neil, you have just over twenty minutes. Mission is a-go."

    Time Line: 2010

    Two balls of fire, both alike in shape and appearance, streaked across the night sky. One of them hit the Earth outside the city of Pasadena, California. The other landed in a pool on the Las Vegas Strip. These were no ordinary meteorites. They were cold to the touch, even with fieres still burning under-hand, and were made from a rare metal called Cybertanium, found only on a distant planet millions of light years away from Earth. Even their colorations were different: one was yellow with black accents while the other was red with orange accents. Then, something extraordinary happened: they 'transformed'. Alien headlights and windows recoiled and overlapped to form chest plates, or shoulder armor, and back armor. Engines caved in and extended to form legs and arms. At the conclusion of the process, two robotic beings stood in their craters. Oddly enough, their first priority was to find a suitable disguise, or vehicle mode, for their mission and to blend in with the local mechanized fauna.

    The black and yellow figure skittered down alleys searching for a suitable alternate form. And then it found one in the form of a well-maintained, souped-up Chevrolet Camaro of the same colors. The Vegas bot scanned a red McLaren MP4-12C in a nearby parking lot. They then converted into their chosen forms, with their faction symbols replacing the cars' brand logo on the front bumper, and burned rubber down the cities' highways to meet up with others of their kind at a common location: the Hollywood billboard. To the trained eye or optical receptor, they were not the only meteors to crash on the West Coast of the United States. Seven others of the same build and metal landed along the coast. A motorcycle, three sports cars, an Ambulance, a pickup truck, two muscle cars, and semi met at the Hollywood billboard.
    "In a deep voice, and in a monotone, the semi said, "Let's roll!"

    As they left the billboard, a young couple noticed that all nine vehicles had no drivers. After the semi noticed it at the last second, he calculated their cover was blown. The two humans stood up.
    "What kind of tech are you? Stolen?" asked the man.
    "Not stolen." The semi replied.
    The semi stopped its engine and began breaking down. The nose bent forward and split down the middle and the wheels placed themselves just above the doors to the cab. The grill and headlights remolded into hands and armor. A head rose from the cab. Back wheels and the back of the trailer hitch reshaped into legs and feet. the robot rose to its full height of forty feet, then knelt down to greet the humans. He cleared his throat and the other eight vehicles converted into robots as well.
    "My name is Optimus Prime. We are here to protect and seek refuge upon this planet."

    2 months later

    People ran through the streets of Detroit in panicked frenzy. To the untrained ear, there was no reason for them to run. Then,. a large robot was slammed into a building. Bricks from the building tumbled off the robot's armor. Megatron stood tall and scrapped broken bricks off his shoulders. He was much larger than his opponent, Optimus Prime, and much large more heavily armored. Optimus Prime, at the end of the street, returned his blaster to the form of his right hand and then reached back to unplug an axe from his back. From his own back, Megatron unplugged a sword and pointed it out in front of him. As he charged forward, an Autobot named Jazz tackled Megatron from the side. Jazz lost his footing and was quickly held down by Megatron's foot. As the Decepticon leader lowered his heavy blade, Optimus grabbed the blade and broke it just above the hilt. Megatron was thrown forward as the blade, now much shorter, pulled his weight head-over-heels. Optimus severed Megatron's arm below the elbow with his axe and fully knocked him to the ground. Energon, the Transformers' life blood, leaked from the wound. Megatron clutched it as his strength began to wane.
    He stood up and faced Optimus then opted to step back.
    "Decepticons!" He yelled. "Retreat! We are defeated! Retreat!"
    Megatron transformed into his Cybertronian jet alternate form and rendezvoused at his battleship, the Nemesis, on the moon, it's wreckage still providing shelter. Starscream welcomed Megatron and the Seekers back to the Nemesis.
    "Oh, my poor master, how it pains to see you so wounded and weak. Can I be of any assistance?" the Air Commander asked.
    Megatron hesitated to answer Starscream; he knew the Air Commander was always plotting and calculating how to snuff his spark and 'steal' the Decepticon throne from him.
    "I would like the good Doctor to assist me, Starscream. I still don't trust you. Do not forget, it was not long ago you were Air Commander of the Elite Guard Seekers."
    "Of course, Lord Megatron. I have not forgotten. I will send in the Doctor to help."nd, Starscream?"
    The Air Commander stopped and pivoted. Megatron now had his back to him and was staring out the viewport into the blackness of space.
    "Yes, my lord?"
    "Don't be too long. My patience grows thin and is at its breaking point."
    Starscream bowed and left his master in peace. A moment later, a smaller red bot came aboard the bridge.
    "You called, Lord Megatron?"
    "I did, Knockout. I need a new arm. Same as my old one."
    "I will see what I can do. We don't exactly have spare arms for you."
    "I don't care!" Megatron exclaimed. "Be quick about it. We have a lot of work to do."

    **Continued in Chapter 1**
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    Chapter 1

    2 years later

    Derek Witwicky waited for the bell. It rang and he left the college. Danielle Horton ran up to him. She jumped and wrapped her arms and legs around him.
    "Oh, my friends are so happy you popped the question!" Danielle gave him a kiss and got off him.
    "Well, I'm just glad you said 'yes'."
    Danielle gave him another kiss and ran off with her friends.
    "See you later, honey!" She yelled over her shoulder. "I'll meet you back at base later!"
    A large black F-150 Super Duty pulled up in front of Danielle and her friends. The doors opened on their own.
    "Welcome aboard, ladies." Said the truck.
    Derek shook his head. "Ironhide, you dirty old bot!" He yelled across the courtyard.
    "What? I'm a natural ladies-man!" Ironhide exclaimed and drove off. For today, as Danielle's very best friend, he had to stay with her at all times. And tonight, he had to take Danielle to get her wedding dress. The wedding wasn't for another ten months, but Danielle, with a bit of OCD in her, thought it best to get everything bought and paid for ahead of schedule.
    Derek walked over to his car sitting in the parking lot: a yellow Chevrolet Camaro with a spoiler and chrome 'Autobot' brand rims. Bumblebee was talking away with all of Derek's friends.
    "Eh, what's up, Bee?"
    "Nothin', Derek. How was your day?"
    "Not bad, but not good, either. Just the usual bullshit the teachers throw at us."
    "Sounds interesting."
    "It's not." Derek chuckled. "Let's go. See ya guys there!"
    "Yeah, see ya later." Said Derek's best friend, Ty. He got into a red Dodge Challenger. "Sup, Cliffjumper?"
    Derek's other friend, Jeff, and sister, Erin, got on a blue motorcycle labelled 'Arcee'.

    Over the span of time, we have embarked across the universe in search of the Allspark that was tossed from Cybertron eons ago. During the search, we, along with our adversaries, the Decepticons, are stranded on this planet Earth. In the years since our arrival, the native human race has accepted us into society with open arms. There have been no Decepticon sightings in two years. So, in the mean time, we now help save the planet from itself. And, with help from the United Nations, we search for indications of our true enemy's return. For now, we find strength in the compassionate bonds we have forged.

    Ratchet and Wheeljack watched the monitors attentively. Optimus Prime stepped into the main control center as Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, and Arcee coasted in in vehicle mode. Optimus placed his hands on his hips and admired Ratchet and Wheeljack's work ethic.
    Derek stepped out from Bumblebee, allowing the Autobot to transform. Derek held up his iPhone.
    "Hey, Optimus, do you wanna see a funny picture."
    "No." Optimus bluntly replied.
    "Um...ok?" Derek was surprised by Optimus's quick, stern response to his question. The Autobot second-in-command, Jazz, entered the room.
    "Eh, Bee. How's it hangin'?"
    Derek interrupted Bumblebee's reply.
    "So, Jazz, has Optimus always been like this? I mean, I thought it best to ask you since you've known him from before the war. And, besides, he never told us anything about his past. He just seems to be in a much different demeanor."
    "Well, now that you mention it, he hasn't always been this...distant. He also hasn't always been Optimus Prime. Before the war and before Megatron, he was Orion Pax, student and Archive librarian to Alpha Trion in our capital city of Iacon."
    "What was he like?"
    "Orion? He was more like...Bumblebee. He was brave, smart, and a good friend. But he had a big weakness: his caste, or 'designation', was made to not be noticed or cared about."
    "And what changed him?"
    "Megatron changed him. Megatron was just a nameless gladiator in the pits below Kaon. He became a champion and took up the name 'Megatron'. Orion found out through the Cybertronian internet, The Grid. Megatron wanted to re-shape Cybertron and Orion decided to follow. They both knew they would re-shape the planet, but, eventually, not in the way they had hoped. Since then, the planet has been re-shaped...into a barren wasteland."
    "So, Optimus and Megatron were brothers?"
    "As close as you could get, being from different castes."
    "I just hope he isn't like this all the time."

    Starscream read over the reports from Crankcase and Crowbar. Apparently, four of them were guardians to humans. It seemed to be nothing useful, at least to him. He couldn't say the same for Megatron. Almost on cue, Megatron and Soundwave came aboard the command bridge.
    "Starscream," Said Megatron. ", what have the Dreads to report?"
    "Nothing useful, I'm afraid. Just the usual Autobots-protecting-humans slag."
    "Do not be so short-sighted, Air Commander. Any information about the Autobots can be exploited to fit our needs. It's the little details that will hurt them the most."
    "Yes, my lord."
    "Yes, Lord Megatron?"
    "How is our 'guest'?"
    "Finished and ready for dessert."
    "Shall we take a look, Starscream?"
    Starscream was startled to hear Megatron requesting his presence instead of Soundwave's.
    "Uh...of course, my lord." The Air Commander bowed. "After you."
    Megatron nodded and led Starscream off the bridge into the medical sector of the ship.

    "Unhand me, you filth!"
    Megatron took the insult unkindly and knocked out the 'guest'.
    "It appears the good doctor was wrong about him being ready for dessert."
    "He was quiet a minute ago."
    Mergatron took the good doctor by the throat.
    "Do you take me for one who would grant you mercy?"
    "Not at all, Lord Megatron."
    Megatron let Knockout down. Starscream was amazed to see he wasn't the only one tghreatened with death.
    "Knockout, my friend, I am running out of patience; I require the information as soon as possible. You have been trying and failing to break Rodimus for three weeks. Either you extract the information and we win the war...or kill him and prolong it."
    Megatron let his words sink in.

    Derek and his friends watched the TV with Bumblebee and Cliffjumper. For whatever reason, they unanimously decided to watch The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King. The two Autobots were extremely intrigued while the four humans had seen it over a hundred times. After it was finished, Jeff, Ty, and Erin went to sleep immediately. Derek stayed up to talk with Bumblebee and Cliffjumper.
    "So, " Derek began. ", who is Rodimus? I remember Optimus bringing him up in a conversation a long time ago."
    "Rodimus is a long lost friend of ours. Besides Jazz, Ultra Magnus was was Optimus's first good friend. When the war began, an Autobot by the name of Hot Rod became student to Magnus. After very quick and successful training, Hot Rod changed his name to Rodimus and became one of the Autobot inner circle. Since our last fight, two years ago, with the Decepticons, Rodimus has been missing. Whenever Ratchet and Wheeljack are searching the scanners and detectors, it's not only to find out where the 'Cons are, it's to find Rodimus." Cliffjumper explained.
    "You've met him, actually. Do you remember when we first arrived here? He was the McLaren car that accompanied us."
    The buzzer on the monitors beeped, waking the other humans. Ratchet answered it immediately.
    "Optimus, you're going to want to see this!" He exclaimed.
    Optimus jogged into the room.
    "Ratchet, report."
    "Autobot signature detected. It's moving at a high speed above...Texas."
    "The Nemesis. They've rebuilt it." Optimus muttered. "Autobots, transform and roll out!"
    Optimus, Wheeljack, Arcee, and Cliffjumper transformed. Ratchet deactivated the Ground Bridge once the Autobots were through. Bumblebee and Ratchet were left with the four humans and Ironhide was still out with Danielle and her friends.

    The Ground Bridge opened on the lower levels of the Nemesis. Using a holo-screen, Arcee led the group through the halls of the warship. Cliffjumper looked around. There were no Vehicons anywhere.
    "Uh, guys, do you see the problem we have here?"
    "Yes, " Optimus replied. ", no Vehicons interrupting our ascent. This is a trap, for sure."
    "Wow, way to sound optimistic there, Prime." Cliffjumper said sarcastically.
    Arcee checked over the holo-screen. Rodimus was in the room ahead. They opened the door via its control panel. And there, like a trap, Megatron, Starscream, and a dozen Vehicons were waiting for them, surrounding the table on which Rodimus was still knocked out.
    "Optimus, my old friend, so good to see you again so soon."
    "Megatron." Optimus scowled.
    "I would have preferred we meet in different circumstances." The Decepticon leader paused for a moment. "But, I suppose it must end this way."
    The Vehicons opened fire on the doorway. The Autobots took up shelter behind the door frame. Cliffjumper turned to Optimus. "What's the plan, Prime?"
    "Arcee, take the ventilation shaft above us. Follow it behind the Vehicons and free Rodimus from the bindings." Optimus fired around the door frame. "We will try to bide you enough time. Move it!"
    Optimus, Wheeljack, and Cliffjumper opened fire on the Vehicons, definitely keeping them, as well as Megatron and Starscream, distracted.

    Arcee slowly lifted the grate out of the way. She could see Rodimus below her. She made a soft landing at the end of the jump. Using plasma cutters equipped with a silencer, she stealthily began to cut through the bindings. Starscream checked over his shoulder at the prisoner only to see Arcee slicing through the bindings.
    "Decepticons!" He screamed. "We've been had! Behind us!"
    Half a dozen Vehicons twisted and opened fire on the Autobot who snuck behind their lines. It was too late...for the Decepticons. Rodimus awoke and broke free of the bindings, before unleashing himself on his captors. In complete fear, Megatron and Starscream retreated and closed three cybertanium blast doors to the command bridge.
    Optimus held out a hand. Rodimus took it.
    "Glad to be free again, Optimus Prime."
    "It is good to have you in our ranks again, soldier."
    Cliffjumper and Arcee each put an arm around Rodimus.
    "Good to have you back, Hot Rod."
    "Oh, come on, Cliff. I've told you countless times to stop calling me by my old name."
    "Whatever, Hot Rod."
    Arcee chuckled. "I don't think Cliff is going to let it go."
    "You're damn right I'm not."
    "Wheeljack, put in a call to Ratchet to bridge us back." Optimus commanded.
    Wheeljack did as ordered and they returned to base with Rodimus.

    Megatron back-handed Starscream into a nearby wall. Starscream huddled into something resembling a ball in the corner.
    "If you hadn't been so oblivious, Starscream, the Autobots might have been defeated and we would have still had Rodimus as a prisoner! It's because of your stupidity that we must move on to Plan B of my grand scheme!" Megatron paused to relax. "Finish the construction immediatley and bring a shard of the Dark Energon."
    Starscream brought a Dark Energon shard and presented it like a ceremonial sword to his master. Megatron yanked it from his Air Commander's hands.
    "How may I fathom the momentous power of Dark Energon? Perhaps, I have not permitted myself enough contact?"
    Megatron, as if in slow motion, plunged the shard deep within his spark.
    "Lord Megatron, what have you done?!" Starscream exclaimed and jumped to his feet.
    There was silence for a minute before Megatron said anything.
    "Ah, yes." He quietly relished. "I can hear Unicron's thoughts. I can feel his blood coursing through my circuits."
    Megatron lowered his arms and gave Starscream an extremely stern look.
    "Prepare the warship for departure; we're meeting Straxus on schedule."

    The next day, saturday, Bumblebee, Rodimus, and Cliffjumper drag raced down the local spillway while Derek and Ty played on their iPods.
    "You know," Derek said to Ty. ", I don't think I'm yet ready for marriage."
    "Well, no matter what you two choose, I'll be at your side for the whole ride."
    Danielle walked up quietly behind the two of them and wrapped her arms around his neck.
    "Hi, angel." Derek gave her a kiss.
    "Whatcha talkin' about?"
    Derek was not yet ready to tell his fiance he wanted to postpone the wedding.

    Back at Autobot Base, the Autobot's government advisor, Special Agent Glen Horton, opened a comm channel with their main computer.
    "Hello, Ratchet. How are you today?"
    "I'm fine, Agent Horton. How have you been?"
    "Oh, same old, same old. Is Optimus around?"
    "Optimus here. What is it, Horton?" Optimus had quietly walked up behind Ratchet.
    "We detected a very large Energon signature about two miles off the East Coast."
    "What was the square-mileage the signature took up?"
    "About six and was some sort of stretched oval."
    "That would be the Nemesis, Megatron's flagship. Where are they headed?"
    "They have currently stopped about twenty miles outside of the Earth's atmosphere. And, there is another Energon signature there. And, much larger, too: 25 square miles and circular."
    "It's just as we feared, Optimus." Said Ratchet. "A Decepticon Space Bridge."
    "What do you need us to do, Agent?"
    "The President requests that you destroy this 'Space Bridge'."
    "Understood. We cannot allow Megatron to bring forth his conquering army. If we fail, his army will swarm through the Space Bridge's vortex and invade Earth, leaving it to Megatron's twisted rule. Ratchet, call in the others"
    Moments later, all the Autobots were awaiting orders.
    "Bum,blebee, Cliffjumper, Rodimus, Arcee, Ironhide, you're with me." Optimus decided. "We have been ordered by the President of the United States to destroy the Decepticon Space Bridge they detected on their radar. Roll out!"
    All chosen Autobots transformed and entered the Ground Bridge. Then, they were gone and the Ground Bridge shut off to recharge.
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    **Chapter 1 continued**

    The Ground Bridge opened onto the main platform of the Space Bridge. And there, one starship length from the Bridge, the Nemesis sat silent and menacing. Megatron was on the bridge to the warship.
    "Starscream, open the comm channel to Cybertron."
    "Of course, Lord Megatron."
    Starscream did as commanded.
    "Straxus," Megatron asked into the microphone. ", do you copy?"
    Strxus came up on the holo-screen in front of his leader.
    "Loud and clear, my liege."
    "I am your lord, not your liege."
    "Yes, of course, my lord. What are your orders?"
    "In T-minus five minutes, we will activate the Space Bridge to connect to the Endeavour's coordinates."
    "Understood. Awaiting your next orders."
    The comm channel was cut off on Straxus's end.
    "So," Said a deep voice only Megatron, Starscream, and Soundwave recognized. ", the invasion of this planet and the destruction of the Autobots is at hand?"
    "If all goes well? Yes, my liege." Megatron bowed to their master: the Liege Maximo.
    "Then, we must ensure that these Autobots go without much of a fight." Liege Maximo stepped closer to the holo-screen. "Another Prime? I thought that, other than myself, the Dynasty of Primes was long dead."
    "This one Optimus Prime, was appointed by the High Council as pupil to Sentinel Prime before I took Sentinel's life. Since then, my brother has carried the Matrix within him and has taken up the rank of Prime. I have tried for thousands, even millions of years, to destroy him for betraying me. So far, as you can see, I have been unsuccessful."
    Liege Maximo opened a comm channel to open space around the Space Bridge.
    "Stay out of our way and your lives will be spared, Autobots."
    "To whom am I responding?!" Optimus yelled.
    "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Saviour and Executioner, Life and Death, I am the Liege Maximo."
    "My name is Optimus Prime! If you approach this planet with hostile intent, know this: we will defend ourselves, we will defend humanity, we will defend...our home!"
    "Oh, how touching. What makes you think your little speech will change my decision minutely, Optimus Prime?"
    Optimus stood silent with his Autobots.
    "Megatron, go and finish that goal of yours. You are infused with Dark Energon, are you not?"
    Megatron stared at his clenched fists.
    "Yes, my liege."
    A hatch opened in the ceiling. Megatron transformed and flew out from the Nemesis.

    Megatron transformed again and landed several mechanometers from the group of Autobots. He smiled at the fear in their optics.
    "Gaze upon the power of Dark Energon, Autobots, because it's the last thing you'll ever see."
    Optimus stood his tallest in front of his Autobot brethren.
    "Megatron, your tyranny ends here!"
    Optimus turned his head over his shoulder, keeping his optics on the poised Megatron.
    "You four follow Ironhide's lead and disable the Space Bridge while I hold off Megatron. If all else fails,...destroy the power cores."
    "But, Optimus--" Arcee interjected. Optimus cut her off.
    "That's an order, soldier!"
    "Optimus unsheathed two swords and the others ran off behind him.
    "At last, you will meet your end at my hand, Prime." Megatron chuckled.
    "I have no illusions of facing your waiting army. But, perhaps, I can derail its objective by removing its head. One shall stand..." Optimus bellowed.
    "...and one shall fall."
    The two charged each other. Their blades met in a flurry of sparks. They parried each others every move, occasionally throwing in a lunch or a high kick.

    The five Autobots found the door into the main structure of the Bridge. Arcee contacted home base. Ratchet picked up.
    "Ratchet, we need info on how to shut down the Space Bridge."
    "Give me a moment." Ratchet replied.
    "Optimus may not have even that."
    "Oh no, he didn't go after Megatron again, did he?"
    "Yeah, he did, and Megatron said something along the linesthat he was consumed by something called 'Dark Energon'."
    "Well...then we'd better hurry."
    "Why so urgent all of a sudden?"
    "No time to explain. All right, keep a straight path until you come to a room filled with ten glowing, green tanks resembling repair terminals. The control panel should be at the other end of the room."
    "Got it. We'll contact you once we've deactivated the Space Bridge."
    A maniacal cackle echoed down the hall. The five Autobots followed the sound to its source: Air Commander Starscream.
    "Welcome to your doom, Autobots. Now, who's first?"
    Starscream rubbed his hands together.

    Optimus punched Megatron in the face and kicked out his legs. He tried to stab into Megatron's chest, but the Decepticon caught the blade between his fingers. With a twist of his wrists, the blade was broken. Luckily for Optimus, it was the left blade broken and not the right. Optimus retracted the left blade and clenched that fist instead. He launched himself at Megatron. He jumped and put all of his weight behind the one fist. The punch was so powerful, it broke pieces off from Megatron's face plate and dislocated his jaw. However, Megatron was able to wrench his jaw back into place. He cracked his neck, grinned, and proceeded to hammer on Optimus with his heavy, sharp fists. Optimus began to take as much damage as Megatron already had.
    "You're finished, Optimus! You would have made a fine Decepticon! But, my...hands...tonight!"
    Megatron 'charged' his fist's power. As he swung, Optimus caught it in his hand. The Autobot leader was strained but managed to stand to his full height. Megatron threw his other fist at Optimus, but his opponent caught it, too. Optimus slowly pushed back on Megatron.
    "Not..." Optimus grunted and strained. ", Megatron."
    Then, without warning, Optimus sliced off Megatron's fusion cannon and busted his knee. Megatron fell onto his hands and knees.
    "I chose my side."
    Optimus converted his right hand into a sword and raised it high above his head, ready for the final blow.
    "No more, brother. Please have mercy, I beg of you!"
    "You, who are without mercy, now plead for it? I think not. I rise, you fall." Optimus declared.
    A loud bellow rumbled through the Transformers' feet.
    "It has begun." Megatron muttered.
    "It's starting." Optimus also muttered.

    Starscream stooped his assault on the Autobots to listen to the 'soothing' sound of the rumbling. Ironhide took advantage of the moment and knocked out Starscream with a single, powerful punch.

    The jutting nose of the Endeavour slowly came into view on the other side of the Space Bridge portal. Two support ships followed in behind: the Thunder Arrow and the Semper Tyrannis. With the fire power and drone population on board all four warships, the Decepticons could easily overrun Earth. The Space Bridge had to be shut down or destroyed, postponing the Autobots' return to Cybertron.
    Optimus looked down. Megatron was gone. He looked to his right; Megatron was flying up to the center of the portal.

    Arcee and Rodimus dragged Starscream away from the generator room while Ironhide, Cliffjumper, and Bumblebee worked out how to either shut down or destroy the controls to overload the system. Using a straight-forward train of thought, Ironhide unleashed a flurry of bullets from his Heavy Iron machine gun, destroying and definitely overloading the Space Bridge's entire system. Arcee and Rodimus opened the access hatch, which opened into empty space, and threw Starscream out the door. Rodimus contacted Optimus.
    "Prime, the system is overloading. We've gotta get outta here!"
    "Understood, Rodimus! Ratchet?"
    "Awaiting your command, Optimus."
    "Open the Ground Bridge to my coordinates.
    The Ground Bridge opened in front of Optimus. He looked behind him. His comrades were running up behind. Optimus gave the signal and they all entered the Ground Bridge to safety.

    Near Cybertron...

    Straxus noticed the portal starting to flicker. There was a problem on the other end of the connection. The flickering began to appear more obvious. At his command, the Endeavour, and the supporting Thunder Arrow and Semper Tyrannis launched into reverse just in time as the Bridge shut down.


    Megatron's optics were closed and his arms spread, ready to welcome the Decepticon warships into Earth airspace. A sound resembling a power-down forced Megatron to open his optics. The warships could not be seen. Then, without so much as a warning, the Space Bridge imploded. And Megatron was lost with it.

    The Autobots exited the Ground Bridge. Ratchet smiled with a bitter taste in his mouth; the Space Bridge, so far the only thing that could return them to Cybertron, was destroyed.
    "Optimus, what about Megatron?"
    "Not even the great Megatron could have survived Ground Zero."
    "Then, why so glum? All planets are finally free from Megatron's tyranny."
    "I do not disagree, Ratchet. It's just that a small part of me hoped to change Megatron's mind, not destroy it."
    Derek stepped forward.
    "Is this the part where you tell us to part our seperate ways?"
    "No, young Derek. We have grown to be in need of your company as of late. Without a means of leaving this world, we Autobots take refuge in the bonds we ahve forged with you."
    "Well," Derek commented. ", that's nice to hear."

    Starscream slowly walked between the Vehicons assembled on the bridge of the Nemesis. They all stared blankly, waiting to hear what 'Lord' Starscream had to say.
    "My fellow Decepticons, it is with deep sorrow that I note for Soundwave's log: Megatron's spark...has been extinguished."
    Starscream smirked.

    Nevada Desert...

    Lunar light bathed the red and blue eighteen-wheeler as it sped along the quiet Nevada desert roads. Its headlights pierced the darkness like swords of light cutting through shadows, illuminating the path ahead. All was still and silent, save for the sound of the truck's running engine. Optimus Prime was alone with the night.
    He had left base in search of solitude, leaving his Autobots and the young human friends to relish their recent bittersweet victory. Relaxation was rare these days whilst they were constantly on the alert for Decepticons. But, Optimus was not one for parties. Those days were long behind him, in a past life. And he had not wanted to spoil the merriment amongst his Autobots and human friends, so he departed for a night-time drive of his own.
    Now, as he drove deeper into the darkness, Optimus Prime's thoughts also traveled to darker places, to darker moments in his memories. The voice of one he once called 'brother' resonated through his mind.

    "You would have made a fine Decepticon!"
    Megatron's last set of piercing words to him before he fell with the explosion of the Space Bridge.

    "You, who have no mercy, now plead for it? I think not. I rise, you fall."
    His own last set of piercing words before leaving him to his fate.

    "Then, why so glum? All planets are finally free from Megatron's tyranny."
    Ratchet's words to him after the loss of Megatron.

    "I do not disagree, Ratchet. It's just that a small part of me wanted to change Megatron's mind, not destroy it."
    Optimus felt the same pang of remorse ang rgret in his spark again.

    He had, long ago, made the war-bringing choice to stand against his one-time brother, and their rivalry and war had spanned millenia, plunging their homeworld of Cybertron into ruin and scattered their race to the stars. Yet, despite the countless stellar cycles of fierce battle and spilt Energon, Optimus Prime had never completely abandoned hope of changing his brother's darkened spark.
    But, now that Megatron was gone...dead...his hope of reaching through to his former brither had perished along with him. Optimus felt unhappy with this. Still, he mourned the loss of his one-time brother, however misguided he had been in life.

    Optimus had driven off the main roads now onto a steep, rocky terrain. He slowed down as he reached a cliff overlooking the moonlit desert plains. Coming to a halt, he transformed from his vehicle and rose to stand tall in robot mode. Approaching the edge of the cliff, he gazed out over the peaceful Nevada desert landscape. It glowed silver under the gentle lunar light, a calming sight for the Autobot leader. Looking skyward to the pale white face of the full moon and the twinkling stars, where Megatron had met his end amongst the stars in space, Optimus said a silent prayer for his lost brother. He hoped that he found peace in becoming one with the Allspark.
    There was little comfort from the bright silver glare of the moon for the sombre Prime, though. Her gaze upon him was cold. And the blinking stars were her unsympathetic accomplices. The night air stirred. A chilling wind blew over Optimus Prime's metallic body. But he was unable to shiver. He could only stand frozen under the icy silver light of the moon, casting a long, dark shadow behind him.
    "Be at peace, brother. I hope you have found the release I have prayed for."
    Optimus transformed and returned to base.

    When he returned, Optimus was willing to do anything to relax. Then, Derek asked him about his previous relationship with Megatron, their friendship that led to rivalry and a planetary civil war.
    "Well, Derek, if you must know..."

    **Continued In Chapter 2**
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    Chapter 2

    5 million years earlier, Cybertron...

    A powerful gladiator laid down his 17th 'trophy' on the table against one wall of his quarters. His quarters were directly below the smelting pits of the Kaon Mines. The sound of metal on metal, of hot cybertanium sizzling in water, they were soothing to him and him alone. His fans cheered in the arena just down the hall. He smiled at the uproar.
    "MEGATRON! MEGATRON! MEGATRON!" They chanted. The very ground shook beneath his feet. He stood up to straighten one of the heads on his trophy table and left to satisfy the fans' desire to see him enter the arena again.

    In the Archives at the center of the capital city of Cybertron, Iacon, an eager, young data clerk returned from Maccadam's Oil House to attend to his schedule. Orion Pax was still student to the Archivist, Alpha Trion. He was slowly gaining wisdom from his teacher. In anticipation of Orion Pax's graduation to Senior Data Clerk, Alpha Trion gave him an assignment: find out all he could on the newest gladiator, Megatron, in the illegal underground gladiator tournaments in Kaon. For Orion, it was simple; contact this 'Megatron' and get the information directly.
    A few days after the assignment was given, Orion found Megatron on The Grid, broadcasting to Blaster City and Slaughter City, attempting with great success to influence welders and miners and other castes to join the Gladiator Games. At first, Orion thought he had gotten through directly to Megatron's quarters. Instead, Megatron wasn't the one to answer.
    "I am looking for Megatron, gladiator."
    "The name is Soundwave." The gladiator replied. "He is here, but in the middle of a duel. Would you like to stay on hold?"
    "Yes, please."
    About two minutes later, Megatron entered the room.
    "Megatron, "Said Soundwave. ", there's a data clerk that wishes to speak with you."
    "Thank you, Soundwave. Leave me so I may speak with him in private."
    Soundwave left the room and waited with another of Megatron's followers, Shockwave.
    "What is it you wish to speak with me about, librarian?"
    "My name is Orion Pax, soon to be Senior Data Clerk at the Iacon Hall Of Records."
    "Iacon? I have always wanted to visit our prestigious capital. Go on."
    "My boss, the Archivist, Alpha Trion, gave me the task of uncovering all I could on you. I do not know why, but I assume it isn't for extra overtime hours on my part."
    "You have been asked to learn about me?"
    "Then, I will tell you. I am Megatron, currently the most admired gladiator in this side of Cybertron. I used to have only a number, D-16, and started as a worker. I was made expendable. But, through my free will, I am starting a movement to oppose the great Sentinel Prime, a movement that would stop the caste system from controlling our lives any longer, like it has the last millenia. I don't wish to impose, but what are your thoughts on the caste system?"
    "My thoughts? I always thought my ideas and concepts were important to no one but me."
    "What are your thoughts?"
    Reluctantly, Orion Pax replied. "I also believe the caste system is pointless. Sentinel must, either, relinquish the system or...the planet requires new leadership."
    "My ideas are very similar. Perhaps we can work together, leading my movement."
    "Our movement, you mean."
    Megatron grinned.
    "Welcome aboard, Orion. Before we go any further, what should we call ourselves?"
    "Autobots. As in 'autonomous robots'."
    "And, what should be our sole belief?"
    "How 'bout we use Sentinel Prime's words against him: freedom is the right of all sentient beings."
    "Agreed. Autobots we are, then. Goodbye, my friend. Hopefully, our bond will become as strong as that between brothers."
    "Till all are one, brother."
    They each cut their links. For several weeks after their first conversation, they constantly met in Iacon, Kaon, and Maccadam's Oil House to discuss their next 'big move'. And Orion became acquainted with several of Megatron's followers, including Soundwave, Shockwave, Straxus, and Breakdown. He even met Megatron's contact in the Elite Guard, Starscream. And their big moves caught bots' optics, even those of Sentinel Prime himself.

    Two Months Later...

    At Sentinel Prime's personal and specific request, the Autobot leaders, Orion Pax and Megatron, were called before him and the High Council of Elders. They were to plead their case and let the courts decide to leave the caste system in place or to force Sentinel to decide its fate, a system that took him several years to organize and implement into the society. The leader of the High Council of Elders, Halogen, stepped up to his podium. The court room was full of ruckus about the Autobot movement.
    "SILENCE!" Halogen banged his staff on the ground as loudly as possible. Immediately, the arena fell silent.
    "Thank you. As you all know, you are here to the cases of Orion Pax and Megatron of their so-called 'Autobot' resistance movement. What do the defendants have to say for themselves, about their crimes?"
    "Crimes?" Megatron exclaimed. "You mean free will is a crime?"
    "No, " Halogen replied. "But treason, resisting the law, and oppsoing leadership are. You have illegally commissioned this movement!" Orion Pax stepped up to his podium.
    "Do you, the opposition, not believe in free will? Do you not believe in self-determination? What about freedom?!"
    "Yes, we do, Orion Pax. What is your point?"
    "My point is that, in yours and the Elders' old age, you have become weary and no longer stand true and proud for the values I have previously stated."
    The entire arena fell so silent, you could hear a pin drop. No one, much less a little-known data clerk from the Archives, had ever had the spark or the thought to voice such an accusation to oppose the High Council. Even Orion Pax was surprised at his own words. He looked to his right. Megatron was awe struck at the clerk's courage. Orion turned back to Halogen.
    "And, for the good of Cybertron, I stand true to my words."
    Suddenly, the room went crazy and cheered for the Autobots.
    Halogen stood silent as the arena became so loud, the entirety of Iacon could hear them, it seemed.
    "SILENCE!" Orion 'commanded'. The room fell silent again and they continued.
    "About the castes." Halogen continued. "They're in place for a reason: to keep the society organized."
    "Organized like slaves, you mean." Megatron added.
    "Hold your tongue!" Halogen pointed his staff at Megatron. "Do you have any more to say, Orion Pax?"
    "I do." Orion replied. "I do not wish for this caste system to stand, but wish it to fall. It is pointless and disgraceful to remove a bot's Primus-given rights and force him or her into a system that removes them. I wish to speak to the crowd to prove my point."
    "Permission...granted." Halogen reluctantly agreed. Orion pointed to a random robot.
    "You. What is it you want?"
    "I wish to be a data clerk."
    "Really? And, what is your caste level at the moment?"
    "Miner in Blaster City."
    Orion pointed to another.
    "A miner as well, but I want to work in Security."
    Orion turned back to Halogen, Sentinel Prime, and the High Council.
    "Don't you see, Elders? You are not taking into account the decisions we the citizens, we the people, wish to make for ourselves."
    Halogen stepped forward again.
    "We will continue about the castes later. To Megatron, we have questions for you, now."
    Orion Pax stepped back and Megatron stepped forward.
    "Megatron, what have you to say of the bombings at Altihex and Six Lasers earlier this week?"
    "I have had no knowledge of these bombings until now."
    "And, yet, the attackers called themselves Decepticons and swore their allegiance to you and you alone."
    "Decepticons? An interesting name."
    "That is beside the point! What have you to say for yourself?"
    "I have nothing to say besides what I have already stated."
    "Did you invent the name 'Decepticon', or did one of your disciples do it for you?"
    "I will not go into great detail, but have heard it before. If the reveal of our true motives is deception, then we are gladly guilty. If you wish to refer to me as a Decepticon, then I accept the title with pride." Megatron clenched his right fist.
    Sentinel Prime placed a hand on Halogen's shoulder and stood up. His decision, with Orion's last statement to back it up, was made.
    "I, Sentinel Prime, have made my decision."
    The audience waited for his word on the subjects.
    "Megatron, would you please step back and Orion Pax step forward?"
    The two Autobots did as they were politely asked.
    "I choose to take Orion Pax's advice: there is no longer a caste system."
    The entire room cheered.
    "And--" Sentinel waited for the room to quiet down. "And, from this day forward, Orion Pax will no longer be a Senior Data Clerk."
    Orion took the last sentence as he saw it: he was being cast from society, despite his influence in the removal of the caste system. Sentinel Prime unsheathed his sword and pointed it at Orion. He smiled.
    "And, you will no longer be Orion Pax, either. You will be Optimus Minor. I will train you in the ancient arts, you will learn the true meaning behind my moral, and, when the time is right, you will heir."
    The promotion hit Orion extremely hard. And hit Megatron even harder. Orion had said a few brave words while Megatron, basically, stood by and listened. And, yet, Orion was named Optimus and set as the next Prime in line.
    Without being asked to leave, Megatron, furious, stormed out from the court.
    "Megatron." Said Optimus. "Where are you going, brother? We finally have some control!"
    "Yes, you do...Optimus. You are no longer aligned with me, do you understand, Minor?!"
    "But, Megatron!"
    Megatron shoved his way through the crowd through the crowd and out the door past the eagerly-listening Alpha Trion.
    "Your words have struck home, as I believe you hoped. With courage, sacrifice, and spirit, the virtues of a leader, you shall become the next, and the last, Prime."

    Optimus Minor: One Month Later, Training...

    Optimus jogged from the Archives to the Training Center. It was his last day at the Archives. Sentinel Prime was waiting at the front door with his arms crossed behind his back.
    "You are late, Optimus."
    "Sorry, sir. I was trying to make the most of my last day at the Hall Of Records."
    "Of course. I kind of expected. Let's go inside."
    Optimus followed in behind Sentinel and entered the central training room. Sentinel pointed to a weapons rack and unveiled his word, the legendary Primax Blade.
    "Face me." Said Sentinel.
    "Face me. Show me what you've got, Optimus."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Face me."
    "All right."
    Optimus unveiled a sword and charged Sentinel. He swund and was parried. He swund again and was parried yet again.
    "Is that all, Optimus?"
    "Not at all."
    Optimus unloaded several series' of combos on his mentor.
    "Good, using the unorthodox."
    Amazingly, and

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