Transformers: The Darkness Of The Axora Nuxus

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    Chapter 1: The Dark secret
    The Axora Nuxus was a key of great power created before time began, before the alsparks was born. Its purpose was to activate a machine of great power, a machine called Temporumus. The machine activated the Solar eclipses in 3 different galaxies, what it did was it lined up every planet and its moon in a straight line. When the galaxies were close enough they would line up together and would shoot a beam. It could wreck havoc on anything or anyone or create alsparks, cubes of pure life and power but to do this it needed to sacrifice a galaxy. When it was activated by its to guardians called Unicron and Primus. It made something called the matrix of leadership, Uncron was jealous and tried to steal the matrix from its chosen guardian Primus. To save the fate of there master the Axora Nuxus Primus used his own spark to seal Unicron in a moon and shot it into a wormhole. Primus was killed to save the universe he created cybertron and created the 7 primes to build it. The universe was saved but the Axora Nuxus was lost forever....until now.

    Chapter 2: The Recruits

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