Transformers: The Chronicles of Cybertron

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    I've had this fan fiction wondering around for a while and I'd like to share it with this board. It's a very ambitious project spanning 3 eras of Cybertron along with a few fillers for the gaps of time between each era. Basically, it's the existance of Cybertronians from beginning to bitter sweet end. The first part I'm posting is the prelude. My grammer and spelling are not perfect, nor is the structure so I hope most won't be too critical of that. Anyway, enjoy.

    Transformers: The Chronicles of Cybertron

    By: Cyberwolf1980 (C-Dub)

    Prelude to the Beginning:

    It began eons ago, as the universe emerged and expanded in which intellectual species described as the "big bang" theory. During this glorious event, stars were not all that slowly formed. In what might have been visible to the naked eye almost 14 billion years ago, was the opening of a dimensional rift. Contained within this rift is what is believed to be an infinite source of powerful, and more importantly, intelligent energy. Perhaps a strong collective of memories from the past, present, and future, or maybe a life-force, in which we are all fragments of. Whatever it may be, one race of beings of this universe know it as, the Matrix.

    It is believed that the Matrix opened this doorway to spread a minuscule portion of it's intelligence to this new galaxy. Some might say it was an experiment to see what would become of this fresh existence. Others say, fate. That all our lives and the paths we take were drawn out, thus, the Matrix knowing the outcome. Whatever the reasons might be, it is the very reason this race, known as, Cybertronians, exist. What came through the portal is what some might mistake as a machine, modeled after the stars that inhabit this universe. From within was something far greater than any star. A life-force. A spark.

    This spark would contain but a small amount of knowledge from the Matrix. It would also house the knowledge obtained from then till the day the spark itself would extinguish, and rejoin the Matrix, adding it's own experiences. Shaped like a metallic planet, constructed of millions of wires and gears, but powered by it's own life-force, Cybertronians called this entity, Primus.

    For billions of years, Primus explored, this galaxy, in solitude. At the time, the universe itself was devoid intelligent life. A lonely road for this being to walk. For billions of years Primus slowly developed his own personality. Through time, loneliness slowly crept up on him. This created a large void within. With nothing to share his ideals and experiences with he sought companionship. He searched the galaxy, tirelessly, seeking something; anything in which would understand him. Sometimes, he felt as if he would never find this gap in his spark. Others he contemplated as to whether or not open the Matrix, and use a portion of it's energy to create himself a companion. But, no. It was not right. The Matrix gave him the life he was grateful to have, only to take from it, not what he needed, only what he wanted.

    The silence of the universe were like shackles on his mind, restraining his knowledge and beliefs. Finally through desperation it dawned on him. Perhaps the Matrix wasn't the only source of an intelligent energy. Perhaps there was another dimension, similar to that of the Matrix. A place he could collect the energy he needed to create another spark. He was given the knowledge to do so. Perhaps this was his reason for existence. To create another like himself. It was decided. He would find another source of energy and answer the loneliness that beckoned him.

    Preparations began. Slowly he sought a manner to open a gateway. A gateway that would contain the energy he needed. And through much experimentation, he finally succeeded. He opened a portal to another dimension, full of energy. Right there before him, lie the solution to his emptiness. And so he began. Slowly it made sense to him. Since his own beginning, he had been given this gift. An ability to change his own form. To transform. He often wondered why he was given this form. Having a similar structure to that of life forms to come, he had, arms, legs, a torso, and a head. Mounted to his back were wings. Perhaps used for greater mobility in the universe while transformed. And of course, hands, to create. This is how he now saw it.

    Upon reaching into this rift for the first time, he could sense great intelligence within. But there was something more. He couldn't place it, but it unnerved him a bit. Not to be deterred, however, he continued. Finally it was complete. What took billions of years to imagine, and millennia to create, he finally had his companion. Using himself for a template, but with a few modifications for difference, he created another life form whom he called, Unicron.

    Dark Design:

    For two billion years, Primus was content. Unicron was everything he idealized. Intelligent, understanding, but more importantly unique. For Unicron had his own ideals that which he shared with Primus. Both were greatly satisfied with their friendship. For if only Primus knew what was to come, what he was to learn from Unicron. During one of their many long and practically endless conversations Primus mentioned the idea of creating others. The idea of diverse personalities astounded him. What if there were more like them but whom thought differently? Unicron, however, was not so inspired by this idea. Immediately it agitated him. How could this wise and powerful friend have devised such a stupid idea? He lashed out at Primus in anger, insulting his intelligence in an abusive manner.

    Once he had finished, there was a long silence. One in which Primus has not encountered since he was alone. Greatly saddened by his friend he did not speak for centuries. Unicron, was not deterred by this. If Primus did not wish to speak with him following his statement it only encouraged him on how right he was. With much hesitance Primus attempted to renew his friendship with his companion. It was there he finally saw the true nature of Unicron. Upon trying to explain his reasons for the idea of others Unicron, decided to prove a point.

    He felt that even if they were to create another it would never be as intelligent as they were. To further butter up his friend he even downsized his own intelligence in hopes that Primus would understand. From within he truly felt superior, but Primus did not have to know that. Unicron approached one of many stars in which did not complete it's growth. A star that did which the universe did for them. Housed life forms. He described them as empty shells of stupidity. No real purpose or merit in the galaxy. Only meant to feed and survive. While some might have appeared differently there was no real difference in any of them. From there he began to devour the planet.

    Primus watched in horror to what he saw as innocent were destroyed for the purpose of Unicrons insane ideal. He was even more shocked than when his friend lashed out on him. Another silence fell upon him. One that pained him more than his loneliness. He had to make a decision. To stand idle as Unicron would continue to try to prove his mad point, but continue to have companionship, or destroy what he created, and once again follow a path of emptiness.

    For three centuries, he followed Unicron, watching him devour planet after planet. He was intoxicated by his own power. After the destruction of that first planet Unicron felt like a god of sorts. It was so easy, and oddly enough, enjoyable. He found great satisfaction in destruction. He knew sooner or later, Primus would understand, and join with him. Primus saw differently, however. Upon watching countless life forms suffer Unicrons wrath, he begged the Matrix to forgive him for what he must do.

    Millennial Scream:

    Primus finally decided with great hesitation on how to handle Unicron. He would destroy his old friend, since it was a mistake to create him in the first place. Finally the day arrived to confront Unicron. As Unicron was about to lay waste to entire planet Primus stood in his way. He explained that Unicrons obsession is what has caused this and that he must stop him even if it means destroying him. Unicron enraged, transformed and assaulted his former friend. Primus dodged and transformed as well. From there, their battle across the universe began.

    For many it was a war that would feel like an eternity, but for their long and nearly endless lives it was but a short time. For five millennia they struck one another down continuously. The tide of the battle fluctuated frequently. Sometimes Primus would have to escape and hide, only to regain his strength and fight back. Other times Unicron would do the same. It was what seemed like an endless cycle. As combatants they were like equals. Neither one would ever truly give in.

    It wasn't till the last fight that Primus had realized what he'd done. Not only had he created a monster, but while warring with him, he had been involved in ravaging the galaxy. Many planets and stars were destroyed during their fight. While in battle they weren't anything more than cover in a large battlefield. Unicron was about to strike at him yet again with a powerful energy blast, and once again Primus was going to use a planet to cover him. Upon this realization, he could take it no longer. He accepted his fate and took the blow as Unicron struck him hard. Primus was nearly destroyed by the blast.

    Primus was no fool, however. He knew, even if Unicron, destroyed him, one day Unicron would atone for his actions. The day he began creating Unicron, he created yet another life form. Using a fragment of his own spark he gave life to his creation housing it in a small shuttle within him. Lying dormant in stasis it would only launch and awake upon Primus' destruction, landing on a planet Primus had chosen. One devoid of life, but suitable to survive and progress.

    Unicron approached his fallen nemesis. Ready to deliver the final blow he witnessed a small device launch from Primus' torso. Moving too fast to follow or track he demanded to know what it was and where it was headed. Primus merely choked a laugh, telling Unicron only that one day it would be the means to his end. This angered Unicron, that Primus would defy him, as he struck him one last time. The universe was silent except the final scream of Primus.

    Though, Unicron had destroyed Primus, Primus knew his end was only the beginning. He would join with the Matrix, and someday his other creation, would put an end to Unicrons evil.

    The First Cybertronian:

    Primus' shuttle raced across the galaxy until finally it landed on a distant planet, billions of light years away. The shuttle opened and the being within emerged. Created in the likeness of Primus but with no wings or alternate mode, he resembled that of a robot. But as he would soon find out, he was much more. At first he was confused. He did not understand who he was or what had happened. Finally a small section of the shuttle opened revealing a small screen. The screen lit up and before him was a recording of Primus.

    "Greetings, my name is, Primus," the image on the screen spoke. "If you are witnessing this than something terrible has occurred. For billions of years I have existed in this universe. In that time I have also encountered much loneliness. I've had nothing to share my experience with. For that reason I've created you and another. If you are to awaken then it was a mistake that I created this other. Though, I am unsure how it will end, I am sure there is something I've seen wrong in my creation. You are witnessing this now, because I have been destroyed."

    This small creation of Primus watched intently learning all that Primus had to tell. From his own creation to the means of opening a gateway to the Matrix and other dimensions. From there he explained he would give to this creation a small device. This device would be a collective of the experiences from all those whom can use it. The device links directly to the spark, and records all events. He explained how to create others as they will be necessary in putting an end to Unicron. That now he will have to disturb the Matrix because of Primus' mistake.

    As the message finished up a part of the ship opened revealing a strange object. It had handles big enough for his fingers to fit and larger round section with a hole in the center. "This is the Matrix of Leadership. It is the means to your survival and evolution. Should you ever pass on, it will never be destroyed, merely move on to the next to lead. Choose your successor wisely. For it is he you put your trust in to continue our legacy. It is he whom you trust to unify the galaxy and put an end to all evil. Within this device is all the information you need. All the information I've gathered through my long existence. I leave you now to begin your quest. Please stop Unicron, no matter the cost. Till all are one." The screen went black leaving only this being to take in and understand his fate.

    Though, Primus assured him Unicron has no awareness of his whereabouts or even that of his existence, the being felt certain that he must move quickly as anything could have happened upon Primus' destruction. He picked up the Matrix of Leadership and as he held it a small section in his chest opened. It is there he saw his spark for the first time. His spark left his body and merged with the device. From there both the Matrix and his spark reentered his body and his chest plate closed.

    Searching the planet he found all the material he needed to create more like him. It started with only one. During it's creation he decided upon a name for himself. To honor that of his creator he called himself Prime.

    Creation of Cybertron:

    What started as one slowly grew to hundreds and eventually thousands. A body was made and from there Prime would open the matrix personally and give but a fragment of it's energy to the empty shell, thus giving it life. With their numbers growing it was time to give shelter to the planets inhabitants. Cities were built. They started as villages and slowly grew and advanced. Within the course of a thousand years nearly the entire planet was a machine. The planet was powered by a strange energy source that was seeded within the planet. It's amounts were vast and virtually endless. For a small fragment the size of a finger, of this crystallized substance, would power an entire city for a year. The inhabitants called it, energon.

    For a while Prime oversaw the creation of every life, but as time went on he had other attentions. An order had to be established if they were to survive. At first he would personally construct a personality for each bot. From there it would grow and expand, as did the universe. Those times past. Now he decided to create factories that would produce the bodies and a machine to implant a spark. A computer would randomize personalities. For a while thirty percent of subjects had multiple errors. Nothing serious, but usually intellectual levels barely that above a drone. With a little trial and error the machines were up to one hundred percent accuracy.

    With the creation of life finally settled in a balanced manner, it was time to put the new order together. First was giving their home a name. Many ideas were thrown out. Some great, some terrible, and some so special, they were used as city and sector names. One day child bot mentioned a name so unforgettable all whom heard it knew they'd finally found a match. Prime made it official. The planet, their home, was now called Cybertron.

    From there a counsil of elders has to be established. Choosing only the oldest and wisest of Cybertronians, it was composed of 12 bots. Centering them out was a 13th member. The high elder, their leader, Prime. For the others jobs were created. Prime declared every job of every bot was just as important as that of leadership. There would be equality in all. Though, not all saw it the same, it settled their minds and gave a balance. A perfect peace. But as with life, all good things must come to an end.

    System Error:

    The Cybertronian Manufacturing Plant was a large factory in Cybertropolis, the capitol city of Cybertron. It was the only one of it's kind. All the machines inside and the bots whom supervised it were responsible for the creation of all Cybertron life. During the day workers would come to help progress the creation of bodies and infuse sparks. At night, the days inventory was overseen by one computer. A computer that would randomize the personality in such a manner that no such bot would ever be the same. With programmed traits peace was always assured.

    It was till one fateful day that energon storm emerged. It was late night, and all bots were in their homes. The computer was setting out the personality traits when lightning struck the generator. The computer went haywire during a trait randomizing for one bot. Afterwards the computer was destroyed and the bot unsuitable for release. It took days to construct repairs. Finally the computer was repaired and everything went back to normal. Some of the staff decided to repair the damaged bot. After the body was tuned up they did a test to ensure it was intelligent. Though, they could not see what traits were given they could ensure he would function. All checked out and spark was given to him. Upon activation he was sent out on his way.

    Upon creation all bots give a name to themselves. However, this bot was different. He was unsure what to call himself. The council was alerted to this but decided that this should not interfere in such a manner that he could not work. Construction seemed perfect for this bot. Instantly many admired him for his great strength and endurance. When many went home he'd continue to work. It was as if nothing could stop him. He also showed great wisdom and leadership ability. He was idealized a true Cybertronian. The council recognized his efforts to the city. Even with no name and only a manufacturing number he was viewed as the future of Cybertronians.

    When awake, he was easy to get along with, a hard worker, a great thinker, and leader for other bots in his field. However, the short times he slept, he was haunted by his nightmares. In his dreams he only saw destruction. He feared this dream because it was always the same, and it occurred every night. Cybertron was ravaged, bots were destroyed, buildings collapsed, and those that did survive were bowing. Bowing to a lone bot standing atop a citadel. The house of elders. And just as he is to see the face of this new leader he'd awaken. He never let this interfere with his work, however. Always glad to be awake and away from this dream he'd do as he'd always wanted. Building Cybertrons future.

    This did not remain, however. He'd sought only one goal during his time in construction. He felt he was ready to move onto design and supervising. He'd many ideas he wanted to share and with his charisma knew others would follow his orders. Not all saw the same. With no name it was decided that his work was limited. For this he was OK. In time he'd decide and finally move on. One day he thought it'd be great to share with his supervisor, known as Blaster, an idea for the new city council building. It was the one from his dream only in perfect shape. Blaster said to let him have a look at the plans and he'd sleep on it.

    A few days later there was much commotion. When arriving at his work place a big celebration was going. Upon entering the main floor there stood Prime congratulating Blaster and next to them were the plans for the new citadel. The bot was devistated. He confronted Blaster afterward. Blaster told him, it's a competitive field and often you should only trust yourself. He tried explaining to others what happened but since deception was such a new concept to Cybertronians, none believed him seeing him as jealous that Blaster was promoted and not him for his hard work.

    That night he had his reoccurring nightmare again. Only this time he finally saw the face of the bot atop his creation. Almost as if taking back what was rightfully his, with a cannon mounted to his arm still smoking from the war, there he stood. This bot was the shadowy figure which brought Cybertron to it's knees. The crowd was chanting a name. Chanting acceptance to their new leader. When he awoke he finally spoke his name. Megatron.

    Rise of the Decepticons:

    With new meaning and purpose in his life, Megatron had moved beyond his old job. He now had a goal. To oversee the destruction of Blaster, Prime, and the entire council of elders. From there he would claim his right to the Matrix of Leadership, and dominate Cybertron and eventually the universe. Cybertron was in a state of contentment and peace. Starting his conquest would be easy. He quit his job and began by creating for himself weaponry as it would be important to his quest.

    His next goal was create loyal troops. He wanted fresh bots. Those already awakened and released from the factories were useless sheep to him. The factory had what he needed. Since there was no crime on Cybertron breaking in was easy. There were no security cameras or bots to stop him. First he'd grab an empty shell just before personality programming. Shutting the computer down and manually imprinting his own choices for personality were the next steps. Following that he would move the body to spark implantation.

    With it all mapped out he pursued his goal. It was not only successful but no one would know. With a little editing in the paperwork, the bot never existed. It was too easy for him. He finally had his first troop and second in command, Shockwave. From there they both continued his conquest of Cybertron. Two became four, four became eight, and so on. All armed and trained for melee and long range combat, every bot was eager to assault Cybertron. Megatron felt that he and his troops were too special to be defined as mere Cybertronians. He decreed that all his brethren be known as Decepticons. With an army of hundreds ready he had only one thing left to do before taking Cybertron.

    Blaster had just finished his yet another successful meeting for a new building approved for construction. Upon entering his home, there stood Megatron. He fired on Blaster sending his enemy to the floor with ease. Blaster to stunned by this action to do anything else could only utter 'why'. Megatron stood above his cannon ready to fire again. He replied to his old boss only with, "You've taught me so much. I'm merely repaying the favor." It would be days before anyone noticed his destruction.

    The Fall of Prime and the Elders:

    Cybertron was stunned by the announcement of Blasters murder. Who would do such a thing? How could any Cybertronian be so evil? Prime was unsure how to act. He never anticipated such an act to occur. At first he thought, Unicron, a name he'd never spoken to anyone. He soon dismissed it realizing had it been Unicron, they'd all be dead. But still the question remained of who? In the following days he would soon learn.

    The Citadel, the very home of the elders and Prime; Megatrons creation, was used as more than just a senate. Young bots would also seek enlightenment, often feeling lost, or abandoned. Prime addressed these children personally. He could give hope to all. He was teaching some when the first blasts struck the Citadel. Immediately he moved them all the conference hall of the elders for safety. From there he was alerted to the situation. Guards explained that a large force of armed and deadly bots were outside trying to break in.

    Prime was quick to respond. He ordered that all elders who had not already left be moved to a secret location used for just an emergency. They would know where to go. From there all guards would be placed in halls of all entrances. The guard left to alert the others as Prime, left with only the children, looked out the large window. A large army surrounded the Citadel. Those elders whom tried to leave through a main exit were slaughtered immediately. Prime was later alerted only one elder escaped alive with only a few apprentices. Prime then began to feel it. This could very well be their demise.

    It was then he noticed one figure in the crowd raving to the troops. He'd recognized instantaneously. A once respected Cybertronian, now fanatical leader; Megatron. The guards tried hard to fortify the entrances but to no avail. Almost simultaneously all entrances were overrun by Decepticons. Prime could hear the slaughter echoing through the hallways leading to the conference hall. He could even hear the ranting of Megatron.

    Finally he emerged followed by many troops. He ordered the troops to the destroy the youths but to leave Prime to him. They did as he asked. Prime witnessed the horror of these young bots being murdered by a ravenous group. When all was said and done with only Prime remained. Megatron order his troops to leave him and take the rest of the Citadel. When the doors closed both knew only one would survive. Though, Megatron had the advantage it was Primes skill and knowledge that led him to nearly defeating him. Megatron was stunned how an unarmed elder could be so tough. Then a weakness showed itself. From behind a large podium Megatron could hear the sobbing of a child. He used this to his advantage moving to grab him.

    With a child as shield Prime was at his mercy. Megatron at first toyed with Prime. Making him slowly suffer. Once there was no fight left he threw the child aside and prepared to end Primes life. Surprisingly the child fought back. Both Megatron and Prime were shocked by his courage but Megatron kicked him aside like a small animal. He approached Prime and punched through his chest plate, ripping out the Matrix and Primes spark. Megatron could feel it's power and slowly felt it's knowledge flow through him. But he would only learn so much as Prime stood with what little energy he had left and struck Megatron to the ground with great force. Megatron dropped the Matrix and fell unconscious.

    Prime took back the Matrix of Leadership and beckoned the child to him. Opening and placing it within the childs chest he pointed to hidden doorway that would lead the bot to safety. He left the child only with the words, "Till all are one..." before collapsing completely, lifeless. The child quickly left leaving only Megatron to awaken surrounded by his troops with news that Prime was dead and the Citadel was in their control.

    However, in the hidden tunnels under the Citadel the child followed its empty halls. Not knowing where it'd lead him he continued restlessly. Finally he'd arrived. There were very few who had survived the onslaught that continued long after Primes demise. Those that were left wondered why the child had come from the Citadel and where their leader was. The only surviving elder, Ultra Magnus approached the child. From his face he knew Prime was gone. But he could also feel the power of the Matrix flowing through the youth. They had lost Prime and now their future lie in the hands of a child; Optimal.

    A New Order:

    Once Megatron had awoken from his battle with Prime not even the news of Primes death or their victory satisfied him. For one moment he held the coveted Cybertronian artifact, The Matrix of Leadership. Only to have it stolen by a child. He felt mocked. Infuriated that he would fail to possess it. He ordered his troops to split into teams. One to search for the child and the Cybertronians that escaped. Another to seek out any survivors in the city and destroy those that would resist and enslave the rest. The rest of the Decepticons were ordered to protect the Citadel. From there, all were ordered to leave him alone until otherwise stated by him.

    After Cybertropolis was searched for survivors the next step was acquiring and reprogramming the Cybertronian Manufacturing Plant. They would need fresh troops. Even with their victory they were still outnumbered one hundred to one. With more Decepticons they could search the remaining cities and enslave the remaining Cybertronians before they'd have time to train for combat, and fight back. Upon arriving at it's location, the Decepticons were wary to report back to Megatron that the plant had been destroyed.

    It was a precaution. If at anytime a control of Cybertropolis was in danger the plant would be destroyed so that the enemy could not use their means of life creation. As the Decepticons entered the Citadel, Prime gave the order. The plant was shut down, the new lives evacuated, explosives were set, and detonated. There was no way it could be repaired.

    The news of the plants destruction sent Megatron over the edge. This put him in a state of rage, ripping the head from the shoulders of the Decepticon who told him. He began trashing the conference hall. Ranting and raving on how he'd destroy any who stood in his way of the conquest of Cybertron. Once kicking the lifeless body of Prime, vowing to him that he'd never be denied, it dawned on him. While holding the Matrix of Leadership there was some useful information revealed. He did not have a means of opening the Matrix. Only the Matrix of Leadership could truly perform this task. However, there was another way. A way in which the Matrix of Leadership was not required. The Pit.

    Upon the realization that energy used to created Unicrons life was tainted, Primus dubbed the dimension as the Pit. Megatron began researching immediately. He would find a way to open the portal the Pit. Before, a Decepticon was programmed to be evil, but with Pit, evil was a certainty. Many cycles passed and his troops began to wonder just what would keep him locked in the conference hall, demanding to be left alone. Finally it was done. Before him was a small rip in space and time. A portal the Pit itself. He could feel the power, and more importantly, the evil of the dimension. For time it worried him that his creations would be more evil than he. To ensure this never occurred he needed to taint his own spark.

    A wise scientist never uses himself as a guinea pig, so he called in one of his loyal soldiers; Starscream. He explained to him what had to be done and Starscream fearlessly obeyed. His spark was revealed and holding it in his own hands he merged it into the Pit. The power of the plane was so immense his body was shot back spark still in his hands. But different now. Absorbing the Pits evil it was a success. Starscreams spark was connected to the Pit. And so Megatron began doing the same. His own spark was already evil enough, however. This plane turned a simple vengeful, tyrannical leader, into a pure megalomaniac.

    All Decepticons were ordered to merge with the pit. After that was complete, Megatron had to begin a new quest. To create a new life from the dark portal. Through irony, a body was selected and spark implanted from the Pit. Upon it's awakening Megatron could see it's evil intentions. It was no Decepticon, but a monster. It was restrained and locked away. Eventually Megatron launched it in shuttle destined for distant planet, not to be seen again for billions of years.

    The first experiment failed. Megatron decided that first loyalty must be programmed into his new troops. The second prototype became the basis of Decepticons to come. It was not perfect but it was loyal and intelligent. Though, charisma was lacking, Megatron was not disappointed. Soundwave was everything he thought he'd be. With it's success a new plant was constructed. Soon the Decepticons would be unstoppable.

    Optimals Ascension:

    With Ultra Magnus being the only surviving elder it was thought that he should be their new leader. However, Ultra Magnus knew it was not a matter of seniority. The previous leader chooses a successor and if they accept than the Matrix of Leadership adapts itself to their spark, and only until this current leader is truly ready to step down, or in his dying moments can a new leader be chosen. That was the case with Optimal. The rest were not so satisfied with a child as their leader.

    With a new council of elders elected, and a new leader, the council and the rest of the surviving Cybertronians made their way to their new home. The very first city of Cybertron. Once populated by the original council and created by Prime himself, the abandoned, underground city of Iacon. Only Ultra Magnus knew of it's location so they all felt safe for the time being.

    Once at Iacon, a meeting was called by the elders. It was time to decide what do about Optimal. Only Ultra Magnus had any faith that this child could become a suitable leader to their kind. The rest were not so optimistic. It was time to bring Optimal in. He stood before a line of faces he'd never known. Since the day he'd came online all he'd known was a strange emptiness. Wondering if he'd ever have any real purpose in the universe. But he didn't want this. It was too much to bare. A leader he could never be.

    The council frightened him. From the looks on their faces it was if he done something wrong. Maybe he did. Maybe had he not survived, Prime might still be alive. The pressure weighing down on him was too much. He fell to his knees and pleaded with the council to take the Matrix of Leadership from him. He didn't want it. They could have it. Ultra Magnus would never forget Optimals sobbing. Even he knew it was this was unfair to Optimal. He asked the rest of the elders to leave. Without question they did so and he approached Optimal.

    "Optimal, what do you know of the Matrix?" he spoke softly to him as he kneeled before him.

    "It's what decides who our leader is, isn't it?" Optimal responded.

    "The Matrix of Leadership yes, but I'm speaking of the Matrix. The all-spark that links us all." Ultra Magnus' voice eased Optimal. He was the only one who did not appear angry with him.

    "I don't know. I've never heard of that before." It was not completely uncommon for some to have no knowledge of the Matrix.

    "None of us are entirely certain of what it is. It's believed that the Matrix brought Primus to this Universe, and Primus gave us Prime, the first of our kind. Primus made him special. Aside from a spark and the Matrix of Leadership, he gave him a certain kindness. And that kindness, we original Cybertronians were molded from. Our kind were meant to be peaceful."

    "And what about the Decepticons? Aren't they our kind?" Optimal asked with slight confusion.

    "At one point, yes. But Megatron was created through a system error. We didn't think anything was wrong until it was too late. So when it truly comes down to it, no, Decepticons are no longer our kind." The idea concerned him. He realized they'd need to go to war.

    "Then perhaps they're not really Cybertronians at all. They've betrayed us and the teachings of Prime. Prime told us we should never hurt anyone or anything, but those Decepticons...." Optimal clenched his fist as Ultra Magnus watched his eyes light up with fury. "Those Decepticons, they destroy without reason! What did we ever do to them?! No one deserved what they did! Maybe someone should show them what it feels like. Maybe someone should teach Megatron a lesson."

    At that moment Optimals anger got the best of him. Ultra Magnus felt broken watching Optimal flail about, striking his fists into a nearby wall, in total rage. For the first time he witnessed how evil can corrupt. The destruction in the Citadel infused hatred into the young bots spark. Ultra Magnus could not begin to imagine what he must be going through. Eventually Optimal fell to his knees sobbing, hammering his fist into the ground, repeating over and over, 'it's not fair'. Ultra Magnus could take it no more. He approached Optimal and kneeling down, putting and arm on Optimals shoulder, he tried to console the youth.

    "Optimal, I could never begin to understand your anger, but I know, within my own spark, that Prime would never have wanted you to go through this, nor see you seek vengence against Megatron and the Decepticons. You're our leader now, and though, it may be unfair, this is your time to rise above the evil that corrupt the Decepticons and lead our kind to a peaceful future."

    Optimal looked at Ultra Magnus, his eyes conveying the pain he felt inside. "How can I? I don't know the first thing about leadership."

    "You will. Both myself, and the rest of the elders will teach you what being a leader is about. And don't worry if they seem angry towards you. This is a new transition for us. We need to adjust to the situation. They're not mad you, they just don't know handle things right now. In time they'll open up and I'm sure all of us will come to accept you as our future."

    After a long talk with the rest of the elders, explaining what happened with Optimal, the rest decided it would be best to train Optimus as they're leader, rather than lash out over the loss of Prime. One of the first elders to open up to him was Vector Prime. His entire life was practically combat training. And that was his job. Not only an elder, but commander of Cybertronian Mobile Infantry, the only militant group before the Decepticons came. Perhaps that's why they lost to them. So many were told to be peaceful but never prepared for what was to come. Regardless, the previous elder before him, his mentor, taught him everything he knew. It was time Optimal learned that combat was a necessary part of survival.

    He spoke with Ultra Magnus, and they both agreed, if he was to become a great leader he must also learn to defend himself. Optimal was never told why but was ordered to follow Vector Primes instructions. He was harsh. Anytime Optimal fell, Vector Prime wouldn't be their to pick him up. If anything it only made him work Optimal harder. For the longest time he felt Vector Prime was so cruel because it upset him that Optimal was their leader. It was as if Vector Prime wanted him gone.

    They trained well outside Iacon. Vector Prime wanted privacy for them. Many bots would try to look in on his training. He wanted no disturbances. One such day while training a small Decepticon scout patrol caught them. They immediately engaged. One survivor and child. Easy in their eyes. Vector Prime caught them out of the corner of his eye. Ready to fire on Optimal he moved him out of the way. Optimal watched in fear as the Decepticons attacked them. But Vector Prime was no pushover. He defended Optimal, even if it meant his own life. The Decepticons knew they'd bitten off more than they could chew and fled. Vector Prime didn't command the newly reinforced Cybertronian Mobile Infantry for nothing.

    Once the battle was over Optimal understood why Vector Prime was so hard on him. The Decepticons would never be as compassionate. He may have worked him hard but he'd never fail to protect him. It was then Optimal began to feel like a leader. Not through command but seeing how others would endanger themselves to protect him. Indeed Vector Prime would. Optimal was his responsibility. He had to ensure he'd grow up to be a great leader. After the Decepticon battle a place was set up within Iacon for them to train.

    Decades past, Iacon was slowly restored, and Optimal grew. He learned much from his mentor, Vector Prime. He was trained in all areas of combat. While his knowledge was great in leadership now his body restricted much of what he could do. This did not throw him off, however. He pushed himself. He was beginning to feel ready to take command. It was then Vector Prime prepared a gift for him. One that would allow him to become a great leader.

    The others opened up to Optimal. He excelled as their future leader. They now believed he would take back Cybertron from the Decepticon armies. The day came when he was to be sworn in, to take command, and hopefully lead them to victory. All the survivors were there to witness the moment. It was then Vector Prime presented him with his gift. It lie on a table covered in a red cloth. Whatever it was it was big. Bigger than Optimal could ever be. He revealed what was underneath. At first he was uncertain as to what it was. It looked like another Cybertronian. But it did not move. Vector Prime explained it was his new body. One fit for leader and wouldn't restrict his capabilities.

    Optimal accepted, and it was greatly appreciated. Another table lie near. It would be the resting place of his old body. He lay on it nervous of what was to come. When he was ready he engaged stasis lock. Once in stasis lock Ultra Magnus opened Optimals chest plate and removed the Matrix of Leadership along with Optimals spark. All witnessed as it was fitted into the chest of his new body. It was done. Optimal was ready to arise.

    As he stood he felt something different. The body moved so differently. There was something more to it then he understood. Vector Prime approached and proceeded to speak of Primus. He explained that in the universe Primus had the ability to look like the stars. Hide among them if needed. But he could transform into a robot when he pleased. Both forms had benefits and now it was time for Optimal to have the same ability. Vector Prime explained how to activate the transformation and urged Optimal to try.

    Optimal did as he instructed as he felt his body shift and contract. He went from a robot to what appeared as a Cybertronian transport unit. If the others came to see him like this without witnessing the transformation they wouldn't have known he was anything different from a transport unit. Optimal transformed again and thanks his mentor. He then thanked Ultra Magnus and the other elders. From there he spoke to the remaining bots.

    "I know many of you had no faith in me at one time. I was just a child, unable to be a suitable leader. I'm glad you all have stuck with me, and given me a chance. I promise I will not let you down. I will lead us back to Cybertropolis and take back what was once ours. More importantly I hope to unify all Cybertronians as one. To go beyond Cybertronian or Decepticon. Today not only a new beginning for we Cybertronians but a new beginning for myself. I feel reborn again. From now on I am Optimal no more. From this day forward I shall be known as Optimus Prime! Till all are one!" Optimus and crowd chanted in unison. The survivors were ready to reclaim Cybertron.

    And so the real story begins.
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    This is pretty good. I eagerly await an update.
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    Here's the first chapter. Once again the grammer and structure isn't the best but hopefully the story more than makes up for it.

    Book 1

    Chapter I - First Assault:

    With Optimus Prime fully in charge it was time to organize an assault squad. The Decepticons would have to learn they hadn't won just yet. Besides, energon reserves were low and they had none of the tools required to mine. They'd have to return to Cybertropolis and steal the parts required. Vector Prime was ordered to find the very best of the suvivors. This was not so easy. Only 5 bots had any necessary combat skills. Prowl, Kup, Strong Arm, Bulkhead, and Hoist. With Optimus and Ultra Magnus included they only had eight, against hundreds of combat ready Decepticons. Stealth would be a necessity.

    "Optimus!" Vector Prime called out.

    "What is it Vector Prime?" Optimus responded back.

    "I've been revising our strategy, and given current reports of Cybertropolis, I'm not certain we can slip in unseen. Megatron has practically turned it into a fortress. Every route leading in is guarded by at least three Decepticons and multiple automated turrets."

    "So then what would you suggest we do?" Optimus said approaching their map grid.

    "It would be impossible for the 8 of us to get the parts needed and still fend off Decepticon threats. And even if we did succeed we'd have to return to get refinement tools and by then Megatron would have already fortified their weaknesses. We need to get it all in one run."

    "How can we? We're already undermanned as it is. Where would we find the extra troops to assist?"

    "I have an idea but it's risky. The back end of Cybertropolis is closest to the Citadel. Within the Citadel is a storage of old equipment we used to use to mine energon as well as refinement tools. Their crude but they should help us in getting Iacon up and running full power again."

    "So you suggest we use the secret entrance to the conference hall? How do we know Megatron hasn't discovered it? And besides, latest intelligence reports he uses the conference hall as his thrown room. How can the eight of us slip past him?"

    "That's just it. The eight of us don't go. Only one of us does. You."

    "I understand you're my mentor and all but I think you might want to have your cerebral sensors inspected. I'd be blasted to slag before I could fully open the hatch." Optimus was losing confidence in their plan.

    "While you and five others, trained in stealth, infiltrate, myself, Kup, Bulkhead assault the northern gate in Sector 12. Ultra Magnus, Prowl, Hoist, and Strong Arm will attack the from the West in Sector 4."

    "Why Sector 4? It's well inside Decepticon radar. They'd be spotted before reaching the gate. And that still doesn't help my team slipping by Megatron."

    "Sector 4 is closest to the Citadel. We want Megatron to go to the Sector 4 gate personally."

    "And how do you intend to get him there?"

    "By now Megatron will already have a report of which elders have fallen and which haven't. He'll know Ultra Magnus still lives. When he assaulted, the chain of command had Ultra Magnus second in command to Prime. He'll think Ultra Magnus has the Matrix of Leadership. He wouldn't risk the other Decepticons picking it up. He'll ensure he personally destroys Ultra Magnus. From there you and the others can get the parts needed. You bring two others to stay under the hatch and gather the equipment you find and when you return, you transform have them load it on you, and high tail it before Megatron even realizes what happened. This should still leave the hatch as the only kink in his armor. Just don't get caught." Vector Prime seems more than confident it will succeed.

    "Are you sure Ultra Magnus will go along with it? I mean being the bait?"

    "We'll ask him of course, but his loyalty is to you and our kind. I'm sure he'll have no problem with it." Vector Prime and Optimus settle on the idea and report to the others.

    Back in Cybertropolis Megatron is becoming frustrated over the lack of reports to remaining Cybertronians. "Where is the fall back point for survivors, Prime?" Megatron speaks to himself as if awaiting an epiphany. "They can't hide forever. Soon, we will discover their location and all that remains of the old Cybertron will have been destroyed, and more importantly, the Matrix of Leadership will be mine." Megatron sits in his newly constructed thrown. Pressing a button on the arm and screen lowers to his level showing Starscream in his quarters apparently devising a strategy. "Starscream!"

    Starscream turns around alertly trying to hide what it was he was working on. "Yes, Megatron?"
    "Quit whatever it is you're doing and get in here! We need to speak at once!" Megatron appears agitated with him.

    "I'll be right there." The image of Megatron on Starscreams screen fades as he stands and leaves his quarters. "Hmm, Megatron. Always barking out orders, but never getting anything done. He may be our leader but he lacks the effort needed." Starscream enters the former conference hall. "What can I do for you, my'lord?" He kneels before Megatron.

    "Please enlighten me, Starscream. Why has there been no progress in finding the remaining survivors of our assault?!" Megatron slams his fist down as he says this.

    "Please, Megatron, calm down. We have already taken every remaining city and any resistance has been destroyed as you asked. I doubt the survivors could do anything to fight back by this point. It's only a matter of time before we discover their location." Starscream smiles but Megatron looks all but assured.

    "Your confidence is all but inspiring, Starscream. To think one of my generals being so optimistic. Any Cybertronian that does not follow me, is a threat, regardless of activity! Those we have not found, especially Ultra Magnus, are a great threat to us. They have practically nothing else to lose. Soon they will risk anything. They must be found."

    "What about Matrix of Leadership? They have that to lose." Starscream responds with proud grin on his face, but this only brings out the rage in Megatrons. "All right, all right, don't get your circuits in a bunch. I'll reinforce our search crews with more troops and increase their efforts."

    "Good, now get out of here before you give me another reason to use you as a shield!" Starscream leaves as Megatron continues to speak to himself, yet again. "That Starscream. He's witty but that's only what makes him more ignorant. Sometimes he can be a little suspect." He presses yet another button on his thrown with the same screen now showing another Decepticon. "Thundercracker! See me immediately. I have a job for you." Megatron snickers as he closes the link.

    In Iacon, the Cybertronians readied their attempt to infiltrate the Citadel. With all the involved bots present, Optimus goes over the details.

    ".... Once Vector Primes team assaults sector 12 that's when you and your team, Ultra Magnus, will attack and hopefully draw out Megatron. Remember, we don't want him to know that I have the Matrix. I know this more dangerous to you my friend but...."

    "Don't worry Optimus. I'll always be loyal to you. If I'm the bate for the time being, or even for the entire war, if it protects you, it's worth it." Ultra Magnus was not about to doubt his leader in any way.

    "Thank you. That means a lot. Bluestreak, Downsift, and Windcharger, you'll be with me gathering the parts we need. Red Alert and Scattershot, You two remain under the Citadel, for our return. If we're not back in 30 cycles leave without us."

    "Optimus, I'm sorry but we can't do that." Red Alert interrupts, "You're more important than any of us. If we lose you we might as well put up a sign around Iacon that says, 'Welcome all Decepticons. Survivors are here!', and I'm afraid, I'm not about to let that happen."

    "You get caught, Optimus, we all do." Scattershot adds.

    "I wonder what I did to deserve such great comrades. Very well, let's stick it out. We're gonna show those Decepticons they haven't won yet." Optimus holds out his hand to the group.
    "More like Deceptichumps!" Downsift replies as he and the rest place their hands on top of each others, shooting them upwards.

    "All right, bots, let's move out!" Optimus transforms as Downsift, Red Alert, Scattershot, Windcharger, and Bluestreak gather into the transport trailer. "Vector Prime, you make the call to begin the attack. Ultra Magnus, you hit the signal when Megatron arrives." Optimus drives off towards the underground entrance to the Citadel, as Vector Prime and Ultra Magnus lead their teams to their destinations.

    Two megacycles later, Vector Prime arrives in Sector 12. "Ultra Magnus, this is Vector Prime. We've arrived at the Sector 12 gate and are awaiting you to get into position."

    Near Sector 4 Ultra Magnus receives the message. "Understood, we have almost arrived and will be in position within a couple cycles." Ultra Magnus continuing moving towards Sector 4 unaware they're being watched.

    "Hm ha ha ha ha, so the survivors plan to attack Cybertropolis with such a small force. Let's see if Megatron falls for this ploy. Perhaps this will even give me the chance to play my own cards." A shadowed Cybertronian watches from afar as Ultra Magnus and his team get into position. His intentions, unknown.

    "Vector Prime, we're in position and ready. We attack on your command." Ultra Magnus awaits Vector Primes response.

    Back in Sector 12, Vector Prime receives his message. "Understood. Fire at will. Bots, let's do this!" Vector Prime calls out as he, Kup, and Bulkhead begin firing on the turrets hoping to disable them first. In Sector 4 Ultra Magnus and Prowl attack a turret, as Strong Arm, and Hoist fire on the guards. Immediately guards send out distress calls to Megatron.

    "Megatron come in! Sectors 12 and 4 are under assault by survivors!"

    Megatron stands and approaches the map grid. "Understood, I will send out reinforcements to you! Don't screw this up or I'll have your head! Failure won't be tolerated!"

    "Sir, I think you should know Ultra Magnus is leading the assault on Sector 4!"

    "What?! Have the survivors lost their minds?! Sending their leader on a suicide mission! Something is not right...," he hesitates,"...but I cannot pass up this opportunity. I'll be their immediately! Make sure you do not destroy Ultra Magnus! He's mine!" Megatron closes the comm-link and leaves the Citadel in a rush. In Sector 12, the Cybertronians are all but having and easy time. Decepticons are well guarded and the turrets seem to be soaking up their fire, showing no weakness.

    "This appears harder than we thought! Let's hope Ultra Magnus and the others are having better luck!" Just then Kup fires on the turrets barrel just as it fires off a round resulting in a backfire destroying the turret.

    "Score 1 for Kup! Let's time are shots and aim for those barrels! Seems to be a weakness!" Kup quite pleased with his discovery moves on the next turret.

    "Turret, smurret! I wanna take on these Deceptipunks!" Bulkhead responds.

    "No! The turrets are the biggest threat! We gotta focus on disabling them first. Kup, you take on turret 2, I'll go for three, and you Bulkhead, take cover to the right and take on 4." Vector Prime focused on his plan thinks of Optimus and the others, "Let's just hope Optimus hasn't been discovered. Primus help us all if that happens."

    Under the Citadel, Optimus and his squad await the signal from Ultra Magnus. "They taking long enough or what?! Been here for ten cycles already!"

    "Patient, Windcharger. I'm sure it'll be any moment now." Optimus assures them.

    "You think they're OK, Optimus?" Red Alert asks.

    "I'm sure they are. I believe we'll be successful today. And we're all getting outta here in one piece."

    "Yeah, even if you're carrying our sparkless bodies back to Iacon." Bluestreak couldn't resist.

    "Don't talk like that, Bluestreak! It's best to think optimistically at a time right now." Scattershot was all but amused by Bluestreaks crack.

    "I'm only kidding. Just wanted to ease the tension a little."

    "If anything you just got my spark pulsing." Downsift snaps back.

    "Cut it out you two! Let's keep it down and wait for the signal." As Optimus says this a red light on his comm-link goes off. "That's a go, bots. Red Alert open the hatch!" Back at Sector 4 Megatron arrives in hopes of bringing down Ultra Magnus.

    "Decepticons hold your fire! Let me have a word with our dear friends!" Behind cover they stop the turret fire as Megatron calls out. "So, Ultra Magnus, I wasn't aware you and the survivors were so eager to lose your sparks today. If I did I'd have made it a special occasion and prepared a warm welcome."

    "Shut it, Megatron! Cybertron doesn't belong to you, and you'll see we Cybertronians won't go down without a fight!" Ultra Magnus waits under cover for Megatron to show himself.

    "So, how is it you hope to take over with such a small force."

    "We may not be great in numbers but we have a few tricks up our sleeves!"

    "Ha! Decepticons will not be fooled by petty sleight of hand! Decepticons destroy his comrades but leave him to me!" Megatron gives the order as he jumps into the open to fight Ultra Magnus, hand to hand. In Sector 12 reinforcements arrive in the form of Starscream and Thundercracker. Vector Prime busies himself with Starscream as the others try to attract the fire of remaining Decepticons.

    "So, Vector Prime. Second in command to the Cybertronian Mobile Infantry. Or, is it commander now? Perhaps you should thank us for the promotion!" Starscream gloats.

    "Quiet vile, Decepticon! You may have destroyed my master but you'll see I won't be so easy." Taking out his energon sword Vector Prime swings at Starscream as he defends with his own.

    "You'll soon see you aren't the only sword master of Cybertron!" Starscream fights back with vigor, but Vector Prime won't be deterred and puts Starscream to the test. Meanwhile Kup, and Bulkhead have their hands full with Thundercracker and the remaining Decepticon forces.

    "Man how come Vector Prime gets to have all the fun?!" Bulkhead says impulsively.

    "You kidding me?! That Decepticon would kick you like 3 legged drone!" Kup adds.

    "Shutdap!" Bulkhead snaps this back as he strikes a Decepticon right in the head. "Beat that, Kup!" In the Citadel Optimus and the others make their way to the storage room quietly trying not to be seen by Decepticon forces. They finally arrive at their destination as Optimus signals complete silence and has Bluestreak and Downsift disable the alarm on the door. Windcharger watches carefully for any Decepticons. Bluestreak and Downsift finish disabling the alarm as all enter the storage and close the door behind them. "All right, bots. Let's make this quick and silent. Don't drop anything." Optimus makes the order as they all start to gather the equipment needed.

    At Sector 4 Ultra Magnus struggles with Megatron as Prowl and Strong Arm hold off the remaining forces. Hoist can't help but feel helpless as Ultra Magnus made an order for none to interfere. It distracts him from his duties long enough for him to be struck down by a Decepticon. "Hoist, no!" Ultra Magnus calls out distracted as Megatron takes him down.

    "Ha! Fool! Never take your eyes off your opponent! Destroy the others and restrain Ultra Magnus! I'll deal with him back at the Citadel!" Megatron makes the order as Prowl and Strong Arm have to take cover from the extra fire on them.

    "Prowl, Strong Arm, get Hoist outta here and leave me now! I'll provide you with cover! Now go!!" Ultra Magnus, throws down a smoke bomb as it goes off providing deep cover for Prowl and Strong Arm to grab Hoist and flee.

    "No! Ultra Magnus, we can't leave without you!" an injured Hoist hollers back.

    "Don't worry about him! He's a tough customer! It'll take more than capture and Decepticon torture to make him crack! He'll be OK, you can be assured of that!" Strong Arm reassures Hoist as the three make a hasty escape.

    In the Citadel the others have delivered the first set of parts as they return to get the last of it. During the walk back a Decepticon approaches as the Autobots flee to find cover. All hidden the Decepticon passes. As Downsift gets up he accidentally knocks over one of the nearby supply crates that he was using for cover. "What was that?!" The Decepticon looks back in the direction as Downsift backs himself into a dark corner hoping not to be noticed. The Decepticon searches around the crates near the shadowed corner turning his back to Downsift to inspect the crate.

    Downsift ready to take advantage lifts his arms to strike as Optimus signals him not to. He eases following his orders and hopes not to be discovered. At that time a nearby drone passes and the Decepticon notices. "Stupid drones. They should program them to avoid obstructions. Let someone else pick this up." He walks out as the group relaxes with relief. Once he's gone they return to the storage and gather the rest of the parts.

    "OK, bots, let's get out of here. And Downsift, a little more careful please." Downsift looks at Optimus and nods. They make their way back to the conference hall unseen and underground, closing the hatch securely as Optimus transforms and they load up the parts just as Megatron arrives back with Ultra Magnus as a prisoner. "Let's get back! Call off our forces Red Alert!" He obeys as they all return to Iacon.

    In Sector 12 Vector Prime receives the orders. "All right, bots, mission accomplished! Let's return. Later, Starscream!" He yells as he kicks Starscream to the ground and runs off.

    Before leaving Bulkhead fires on a downed Starscream as Thundercracker jumps in the way taking the shot. The Cybertronians escape as Starscream approaches Thundercracker. "Why'd you protect me?!"

    "You're a great warrior Starscream. You gave Vector Prime quite a fight. I'm certain he only fled because he feared you. Probably said mission accomplished to cover his fear of you." Thundercracker stands with only minor injuries by the shot.

    "You're a real suck up, you know that Thundercracker? I like that!" Starscream grins at him as they watch the enemy run off. "Another day, Vector Prime."

    Once Vector Prime and the others are in the clear, they attempt to make contact with Ultra Magnus and his squad, unaware of what's occurred. "Ultra Magnus, come in. This is Vector Prime. We've been successful and are checking your status. Come in." There is only static on the other end. "Come in Ultra Magnus! What is your status?!" No response, yet again. "Prowl come in! What's happened to Ultra Magnus?!"

    "Vector Prime, this is Prowl. Ultra Magnus was taken by Megatron. He gave us cover for us to get Hoist out of here whose been injured!" Strong Arm at the time is tending to Hoist.

    "What?! This can't be! Ultra Magnus, taken?! We must contact Optimus!" As Vector Prime and the others make their way back to Iacon he contacts Prime with the news. Once back at Iacon worker bots begin gathering the stolen mining parts ready to begin immediately. Optimus and the others however discuss Ultra Magnus' capture.

    "This is indeed a terrible loss. Without Ultra Magnus the council will have trouble making decisions. We maybe members Vector Prime, but Ultra Magnus was better with politics than we are. I say it's time we organize a rescue mission."
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    good stuff so far
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    Ooooh, you are SO good... and just when I'm trying to plan a G1-based fanfic, too!

    Dang it... should I even bother with the fanfic? I barely have enough time and energy to get on with my "Sailor Squadron" rewrite project in between college and farm life!
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    Well, I'm back to post chapter 3 of the story. Hopefully, you'll all find it in pace with the previous chapters, if not better. And, TRANS+CRAZY, if it's something you want to do, I feel you should never deny yourself... well, as long as it's within reason. Wouldn't say robbing a bank is need to be satisified. Anyway, here it is:

    Chapter II - Demands

    With Ultra Magnus captured by the Decepticons, Megatron prepares to take the Matrix of Leadership from Ultra Magnus, still unaware that he does not have it. Ultra Magnus, having no means of escape and restrained to a table, awaits Megatrons next move. "So, Ultra Magnus. It's wonderful we have you here as our guest. Do you like what we've done with the place. Ultra Magnus looks around the conference hall, noticing murals on the wall, all of Megatron standing tall over some conquest. In one Megatron holds Cybertron in his hand, and in another Megatron has his foot atop Primes lifeless body. All of them disgust Ultra Magnus.

    "I see your conquest hasn't made you anymore modest. Your ego exceeds your skill and reputation. So sad that all these minions of yours can't understand that." Ultra Magnus lays calmly hoping to strike a nerve.

    "Pitiful. To think your lowly insults would anger me. At a time like this nothing could possibly disappoint me." Ultra Magnus grins as Megatron says this, knowing Megatron is in for a big surprise. "Now I'd love to stay here and chat but I have my conquest of Cybertron to attend to, so, I guess I'll just relieve you of the Matrix of Leadership, crush your spark, and be on my way."

    "Well, what are you waiting for? Come and get it." Ultra Magnus is still grinning.

    "You won't be smiling much longer, fool. Soundwave open his chest." Soundwave approaches Ultra Magnus, and holding a small device near Ultra Magnus' chest, slowly it begins to open. "Yes, reveal to me my prize." His chest finally opens all the way but there's only a small metal orb which contains his spark. "What?! Where is the Matrix of Leadership?! What is going on Ultra Magnus?!" Megatron holds his fusion cannon near Ultra Magnus' head hoping frighten the truth out of him but to no avail.

    "Who even said I had the Matrix of Leadership? You honestly think if I was coming here to assault Cybertropolis, I'd risk bringing such an artifact, knowing how badly you desire it?" Megatron slightly stunned is silent. "And you call me the fool?"

    "Shut up. Tell me where it is or I'll destroy you right here and now."

    "You destroy me right now, neither side will find it. I've hidden it in a location I'm only aware of and a place no one would think to look. Without me you'll never have it. Or with me for that matter. I'd never tell you where, so don't bother asking." Ultra Magnus, lies still and confident.

    "So the Matrix of Leadership means more than your own life. I guess you really are a fool. Shockwave, take him the prison cells and lock him up. Judging from his attitude, the survivors are selfless and heroic. I anticipate a rescue mission soon so we'll see if we can negotiate something." With that Megatron sends them all away. Shockwave binds Ultra Magnus' hands and feet together and moves him from the room to the basement.

    Back in Iacon, Optimus is stuck in a dilemma of trying to organize a rescue mission for Ultra Magnus and a lack of combat ready survivors. Only Prowl and Strong Arm walked away from the battle without any injury. As the others receive repairs Vector Prime struggles trying to train more Cybertronians in combat. Only a small few show promise. Namely Jazz, Brawn, and Gears, but, even they are still far from ready for combat. A tough decision must be made.

    "Go alone?! That's suicide! The Decepticons would scrap us the minute we step foot in Cybertropolis. Vector Prime, if we're destroyed then it's the end of the line for us." Optimus relaxes in his seat beside Vector Prime.

    "You, of all bots, should understand the importance of rescuing Ultra Magnus. He had faith in you to become a great leader long before anyone else. And besides, this isn't a rescue mission. It's a negotiation. We use a bargaining chip. Me." Vector Prime grins as he says this.

    "You mean to tell me that we trade you for Ultra Magnus? You're our best soldier. Who will train the others without you?" Optimus looks at him more worried than before.

    "Come now, Optimus. You and I both know that while I have more experience you are far better at combat than any of us. You could train the others better and faster than I ever could."

    "But I've only practiced with you and Ultra Magnus. I've never taken on an armed Decepticon. I'm not doubting my combat abilities but I do not think I'd ever be able to out perform you."

    Vector Prime chuckles. "Modest as ever. You don't change a bit. Don't go thinking we were going easy on you. Our intentions were to defeat and restrain you by any means and you still managed to toss the two of us around like mere trash cans. It would take a dozen Decepticons to take you down. I doubt Megatron would ever stand a chance against you."

    "Don't get ahead of yourself now. It's been a long time since we met. I'm sure he's become more deadly since. Besides, you're talking about the two of us entering a nest of Decepticons. He has more than enough troops to take us down."

    "But would he risk it? Ultra Magnus would never tell him where the Matrix of Leadership is and it is certain that is what he wants more than our destruction. We offer to trade me so that Ultra Magnus can return with you and supposedly retrieve the Matrix of Leadership from its 'hidden' location and once again trade it for myself. Only thing is I don't plan to stay there long enough for you two to have the time to even make to Iacon. Soon after you leave I'll escape and make my way back."

    "And what about Decepticons following us back to Iacon?"

    "Simple, transform and transport him back. Not even a standard transport unit could match your speed with ten of us loaded on."

    Optimus sighs a bit but still looks concerned. "You know I would follow you anywhere and go along with any plan you come up with. You've been my mentor since I was young. However, I have to express concern. How would you manage to escape Cybertropolis and manage to return to Iacon unseen?"

    "The escape pathway under the Citadel. Sure they'd see me enter it most likely but that's why I plant these around the hatch." Vector Prime pulls out a few small explosives. "That cavern is not too stable as it is. I escape, drop the explosives, and set them off with a remote. Any Decepticons that follow would get blown to scrap."

    "Well, when should we leave?" Optimus and Vector Prime settle out the details and prepare to leave for Cybertropolis. Once ready they make their way to Cybertropolis in hopes of returning with Ultra Magnus, in one piece. Back in Cybertropolis, atop an abandoned building Starscream stands with his supposed protege, Thundercracker.

    "You show much promise, Thundercracker. With me as your teacher I'm sure any Autobot would grow to fear you. It is that type of intimidation that shows potential for leadership. But not only must you instill fear but you must be fearless. Megatron has this attribute. Even our own kind cower in his presence. Not I, though. Only through courage will Megatron ever truly respect any of us. Through that respect promotion is likely to come. I aspire to become his right hand. Perhaps someday even lead should, heh heh, Megatron ever fall." Starscreams grin widens as he says this.

    "You wouldn't think of betraying him would you?! He'd destroy the two of us should he even find that out." Thundercracker did not fear this, however. He was an informant to Megatron. His purpose was to notify him of just this motive. Megatron would likely reward him, but then again what if he didn't.

    "Betray? Never, Thundercracker. We are all his loyal subjects." These words do not inspire confidence in Thundercracker. He can't help but feel that Starscream deliberately said that to sound suspicious. "I will only await till it is my time." He turns his back to Thundercracker to look off in the distance. "When that time comes all this will be mine. And should you be loyal I think that you would likely be my right hand."

    "Heh, with your training, I think the two of us could even make ol' Megs, himself, fearful." Maybe if he fed Starscreams ego a little, Starscream would reveal his true intentions. But, what if he is right? What if Megatron would cower before them? Thundercracker can't help but think this.

    "Perhaps." It is all Starscream say. He often ponders such a notion. Then again, even if he tried, most of Megatrons troops would likely be too loyal that they defend him to their deaths. While in thought, Starscream notices off in the distance two bots approaching Cybertropolis. "Hmm, what's this?" Zooming his vision in, it's clear. Two survivors are making their way to Cybertropolis by themselves. "It's Vector Prime, and some other. Thundercracker, what do you say we greet them, properly." Both Starscream and Thundercracker chuckle as they leap off the building to the ground and approach the nearby gate.

    Optimus and Vector Prime are anxious as they approach. It is likely the Decepticons will attack on first sight. How will they convince them that they wish to negotiate a trade under fire. The gate is only a few hundred yards away as it opens and Starscream and Thundercracker run out towards them ready for combat. "Incoming!" Vector Prime calls out. They ready themselves for engagement. Dodging incoming fire, they fire back, but Starscream and Thundercracker are just as evasive. Their opponents finally are in arms length when they engage in melee combat.

    Thundercracker, moves back slightly hoping to continue fire on Vector Prime as Starscream berserks Optimus only to be tossed away by his own momentum. He lands on his feet sliding along the ground to stop himself. Once he has stopped he starts to move again to attack but hesitates slightly. There is something different about this bot. He can't quite place it but he feels uneasy in his presence. Only Megatron has been known to make him feel this way but clearly this bot is doing the same. Starscream wipes such thoughts from his mind. He's only a survivor, and the survivors are too weak. He charges again.

    Vector Prime busies himself with Thundercracker, more than confident that Optimus can handle Starscream. With little cover he can only dodge incoming fire and fire back. These Decepticons aren't giving much of a chance for them to explain their reasons for being there. They'll have to be neutralized. With that, Vector Prime starts focusing his fire on disabling Thundercracker. Eventually he hits him, in his abdomen. Thundercracker falls to his knees. While the blast was not too deadly it only makes defeat imminent.

    Meanwhile, Optimus and Starscream have grasped hands in a test of strength. Optimus can clearly see this is one tough Decepticon but understands that Starscream is no match for him. Starscream is in awe of the Optimus' power. He can feel his defeat drawing near. Optimus forces Starscreams arms down followed by kicking him in the chest plate forcing him to the ground. Pulling out his blaster and putting it to Starscreams head before he can get up Optimus finally gets a chance to speak. "Easy, Decepticon. You're in no position to fight back anymore."

    Thundercracker, who has been neutralized looks on. "Starscream, don't give up, you can easily take him." Starscream is just about ready to get up and fight again when Optimus slightly jerks the trigger. Starscream sees this and eases a little. "Starscream, was it? That's better. We're not here to fight. We only wish to meet with Megatron."

    "For what reason would Megatron even bother himself with weaklings like yourselves?" Starscream sees this battle as mere luck for the survivors.

    "We wish to negotiate a trade for Ultra Magnus. So get hold of him and let him know, will you?" Vector Prime is impressed with Optimus' first real combat experience. He expected no less but Optimus has clearly taken charge quickly. Starscream obeys and calls into Megatron. One day he'll have his revenge on this Autobot. Within, no time Megatron arrives with a restrained Ultra Magnus and enough reinforcements to take down and army of Cybertronians. Optimus and Vector Prime clearly know they're outnumbered for combat.

    "Starscream, you fool! To let these survivors take you down! You too, Thundercracker!" Megatron is not pleased.

    "Megatron, I...," Starscream begins before he is interrupted.

    "Shut up! I will hear none of your failure!" This angers Starscream, but he is in no place to argue. "What is this I hear of negotiating a trade? Unless you have the Matrix of Leadership with you, there will be no such thing!"

    "Come on, Megatron. You clearly understand we don't know where it would be. But perhaps with a trade Ultra Magnus can retrieve it from where he's hidden it." Vector Prime explains. Optimus stands behind him still holding his gun to Starscreams head. Megatron looks at him. He feels the same unexplained uneasiness that Starscream felt but does not let this deter him.

    "And who is this with you?! Must be quite some warrior to take down Starscream."

    "He is my apprentice. He's only accompanied me to ensure we survive long enough to make such a trade." Vector Prime does not hesitate but Megatron somehow feels as if he's lying. Either way, it's of no consequence to him.

    "Very well. And what do you plan to trade for Ultra Magnus? It had better be something good."

    "Myself. I am his second-in-command, an elder, and commander to the Cybertronian Mobile Infantry. Even you know I hold much importance to the Cybertronians. Clearly enough to justify such a trade."

    "You hold no importance to me or my troops so clearly it's a select group of our kind."

    "You and your kind are no Cybertronians. Any who betray the decree of Primus have not the privaledge of calling themselves that." Vector Prime stands firm as he says this.

    Megatron is taken back for a moment, but only a moment. "Then slag Primus and you all! I have my own decree. A decree of destruction!" He aims his cannon at Vector Prime.

    Ultra Magnus interrupts. "Destroy them, and you'll never see the Matrix of Leadership. If you want it then you must agree with their demands."

    Megatron stares at Ultra Magnus for a moment, and lowers his arm. "Very well. We'll send him over. However, if you do not come forward as he approaches we'll destroy you and your 'apprentice' without a second thought. Those are my demands. Remove the power bands. Let him go to them." Ultra Magnus, is set free and walks towards Optimus. Vector Prime starts to go towards Megatron and stops as he nears Ultra Magnus. Ultra Magnus does the same.

    "What are you two thinking, coming here alone?" Ultra Magnus whispers.

    "Don't worry, no matter what happens now you, Optimus, and the Matrix of Leadership will be safe from Megatron for sometime. Ensure you never approach Cybertropolis until all the survivors are ready to fight back. Also ensure that you all receive the gift we gave Optimus. I think it will give us an edge against the Decepticons."

    "You're talking like you'll never make it back. We're never gonna just leave you here to die."

    Megatron speaks up. "Don't try any tricks! Stop talking and continue over here!" They both obey but Vector Prime has much on his mind. He is certain that he won't last long in the hands of the Decepticons. He's almost certain he'll die before they even make it back to the Citadel. In a way he almost counts on it. Optimus needs to understand that he shouldn't ever doubt his ability and further, that he doesn't need Vector Prime for any type of securities. Vector Prime knows he's come a long way. He also knows that Optimus will bring down the Decepticons and take back Cybertron.

    Finally he approaches Megatron. Ultra Magnus has also approached Optimus by this point and Starscream and Thundercracker are sent back to Megatron as well. Megatron speaks up again. "Good. You do understand that you two won't be going back to your hideout alone? I'll ensure many of my loyal troops follow to make sure you don't try to bide your time. And so you don't even think of defying me and to further motivate you to obey me..." He draws his energon sword and smiles at Ultra Magnus and looks at Vector Prime. "Teach you to talk back to me!" With that his thrusts it into Vector Primes chest plate, right through his spark. Vector Prime barely makes a sound but his expression is full of pain. He falls into Megatrons arms almost gripping tightly.

    Optimus screams out, "Vector Prime! No!" Optimus is ready to assault and Ultra Magnus himself readies himself to fight back but warns Optimus.

    "Optimus. This isn't the way. We fight now, Megatron learns the truth and we lose. Transform and we escape and ensure their defeat eventually. They will pay for this, but please not now."

    Vector Prime falls on all fours and looks back at Optimus, smiles and winks. He shows that he is holding an explosive that is armed and the detonator is in his other hand. "Another day, Optimus. You're destined for great things....", he mouths. Megatron sees the detonator.

    "What?! Decepticons fall back! He's gonna blow!" They start to run but Vector Prime plans to take a couple with him. He's sets off the explosive as his body is ripped apart by the force of the blast. Four other unfortunate Decepticons don't make it as their sparks are all extinguished in explosion. The blast even takes one of Megatrons arms but he would likely recover. Optimus watches this in horror almost frozen by the shock of losing his mentor.

    Ultra Magnus snaps Optimus out of it. "Optimus! Now's are chance! Transform and let's get out of here! Don't let his sacrifice go in vain!" Optimus looks at him and nods. He transforms as Ultra Magnus loads onto the back. They flee hastily. Megatron, although injured, watches and questions what he saw.

    "He turned into a transport. But how?" The Decepticons can't follow because of the blast but even if they could they'd be left in a trail of dust. Later at the Citadel, Megatron is undergoing diagnostic from Shockwave. "What's my status?!"

    "Your shoulder joint has taken heavy damage. It will take at least a solar cycle before I can even repair it enough to attach a replacement arm." Shockwave responds as he continues his examination. "It doesn't look as if anything else sustained damage but clearly you'll be in no condition to give out to many orders as you'll have to rest as we repair. Furthermore our losses may have only set us back slightly but it is still a set back. While they were not anywhere close to your abilities they were some of our elite."

    "Yes, yes, I understand all of this! While I undergo repairs I want Soundwave to be put in charge." Megatron tries to calm himself but goes into a rant. "Blast, Starscream and Thundercracker! Those two fools ruined all I had planned! Now I definitely won't obtain the Matrix of Leadership anytime soon!"

    "Perhaps you'd like me to have them incarcerated for punishment while you rest?" Shockwave asks.

    "No need. I already have Soundwave on that. He'll decide on when they've had enough and then they'll undergo more training, in hopes that this doesn't happen again. But still ... this will push back our plans heavily."

    "Well, do not worry, Megatron, sir. Ultra Magnus will not get away so easily next time." Shockwave wishes to ease Megatrons worrying.

    Megatron thinks to himself for a moment then responds. "Something puzzles me about today, Shockwave. While it's evident that this 'Optimus' that came with Vector Prime is powerful I think there's more to him than meets the eye. Not only did he transform into a transport but when he considered attacking me as I impaled Vector Prime, it appeared that Ultra Magnus would have joined in had this 'Optimus' given the order. While I've never heard of him, there's something ... something about him I... I can't quite place it but I'm almost certain we've met somewhere before."

    "Perhaps long ago before you realized your destiny. I'm sure you encountered many whom might have escaped. It is also evident that if he was Vector Primes apprentice than he would likely be second-in-command to the Cybertronian Mobile Infantry. Perhaps they give the orders on combat. There is a chance that the chain of command works in such a way."

    "While that maybe, I know I never met him before my ascension to greatness. A presence like that you don't forget. Just from the look of him you'd know he was powerful. No, this is something else. Then again, I'm not so certain he could just order Ultra Magnus so easily. Ultra Magnus is the leader. We must also consider that this survivor has a unique ability. Hmm.... Shockwave. After my repairs are done I want you to research how such an ability can be possible. If there is a way to utilize this then we shall exploit this."
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    Here's chapter 3. I wanted Ironhide to be mischievious when he was younger to show how he'll eventually evolve into a powerful warrior. Note: Cybertronian alt. modes i feel should reflect their situation. In this case war. So some turn into weapons. It's based on their skills. Only when they reach earth does it begin to change drastically. Earth is still along ways away.

    Chapter III - Guidance

    It was a slow process, as much time had passed. For a while the Decepticons wondered if the survivors would ever return. Their hiding frustrated Megatron. Shockwaves research couldn't continue without more information. He needed to witness this transformation first hand to truly get an understanding of it. And what made this particular survivor so special? How did he obtain this ability? Why was he so familiar? Megatron couldn't put it together. Only more questions would arise. With more questions came more frustrations. And these frustrations had a consequences. At least for Starscream. It seemed he was somehow to blame for this. Megatrons personal whipping dog.

    "Why can't those blasted survivors just show up again?! Especially this Optimus Prime. He got lucky during our last fight. There's no chance he could beat me twice." Starscream clenched his fist as he complained.

    "I dunno, boss. It sure looked like it wasn't luck." Starscream glared back at Thundercracker with piercing eyes. This always made him cower. "I just weren't prepared. It was your first encounter with him so he wouldn't be...predictable." His words only further angered Starscream. "I'm certain if he were to fight you again he wouldn't stand a chance. Even Megatron can't compare to you." It started, merely, as words to feed Starscreams endless ego, however with time, it became a delusional truth. He would follow Starscream, and report back to Megatron with lies. Starscream should be their leader. At least this is how Thundercracker thought.

    "Megatron would fall almost instantly. What has he ever done to prove himself as a great leader besides lash out on me for his failures? If I ruled Cybertron none would have never escaped the slaughter so many centuries ago. Yet, the rest follow him like worthless drones."

    "Their just blind, boss. They feel just because he created us, we somehow owe him something. The only thing you owe him is a stab in the backside."

    Starscream turned and stared off in the distance. "I wouldn't need to stab him in the back. I could give him a free shot and I'd still defeat him. And someday Optimus will befall the same fate."

    "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

    "Cybertron needs a new king. And someday it shall be me." Thundercracker grinned as Starscream began to laugh.

    Though, hundreds of years may seem like an eternity to most species, for Cybertronians it can feel like yesterday. It surprised Optimus just how quickly the true Cybertronians had progressed. Not only had they learned to better defend themselves but with their new transformations the Decepticons wouldn't stand a chance. Transformations weren't just choose either. It became specific to training. All was based on individual personality. The natural leaders were given the ability to transport the smaller units and much more fortified as a last line of defense. Hardheaded and anxious Cybertronians could transform into automated assault turrets for a little extra firepower. Even the timid were valuable assets as scouts and spies trained to hide themselves amongst the Decepticons.

    As time went on it was as if there were no elders or superiors. All were equal. While this was indeed an army, there were no intentions of killing. Neutralize your target before destruction is even considered. If there seemed to be no way, find one. All thought like this. All but one. He couldn't get the image of Vector Primes sacrifice out of his mind. His mentor, his friend, lost. Optimus knew it was wrong but after witnessing Megatrons evil he couldn't let such a vile Cybertronian survive. In his mind he vowed to destroy Megatron. It was the only punishment suitable in his eyes.

    "You know, revenge isn't the right way. And I'm certain not even Vector Prime would want it that way." None respected Optimus more than Ultra Magnus, yet, even he could see the hatred burning in Optimus' eyes.

    "I understand that, Ultra Magnus, but, Megatrons existence is like a deep void in my spark. The longer his continues his evil the bigger it becomes." Optimus dropped his head in shame to his best friend. "I'm sorry. I just can't help but feel this way."

    "Don't apologize Optimus. The feeling is understandable. But, in time, old wounds will heal and fade. Even your hatred." Ultra Magnus put his hand on Optimus' shoulder. "Come on, it's time we start taking back Cybertron. For Vector Primes sake if any." Optimus looked at Ultra Magnus and nodded.

    Outside in the training area, two Autobots were eager to show the Decepticons what there were made of. Hound was your all around average soldier. When transformed he could become a little added extra firepower for one of the bigger Autobots. Like a large shoulder mounted cannon, when he focused his energon he could let out a blast that could take down a cluster of Decepticons. Then there was his over zealous and often troublesome friend, Ironhide. Ironhide, while large in stature, wasn't cut out for the leader gig. He rather enjoyed blowing things up more than most would. For that a heavily powered, stationary, manually operated, defense turret was the perfect form for him.

    These two transformations made them the perfect partners. While as a robot Ironhide had the strength, size, and precision to wield Hound. This was complimented by Hounds quick trigger finger and reflexes. When Ironhide transformed with Hound behind the trigger Decepticons would be in a world of trouble. However, this wasn't always a blessing. The two had no concept of strategy. Their idea was, 'Give me a Decepticon and I'll blast it!' And it was that thinking that made them trouble.

    "I'm getting sick of sitting around here. I wanna take on some Deceptichops!" Ironhide said as he pace back and forth in boredom.

    "I know how you feel but Optimus gives the orders and I guess we're all not ready yet. Sure, it's no fun waiting for the call but what other choice do we have?" Hounds words betrayed him. He knew they had a choice but he wasn't the type to disobey his superiors.

    "I'll tell you what choice we have. We head out of Iacon and start showing the Decepticons that Cybertronians aren't a force to be messed with." Ironhide pulled out his pulse rifle and started making shooting noises as Hound observed and laughed.

    "Not without me you wouldn't. You'd be in a world of trouble without me to bail you out. Besides I don't think Optimus and Ultra Magnus would just up and give us the order to display our talents to the Decepticons."

    "You think I don't already know that? Besides, who said we had to have orders?" Ironhides eyes were opened wide with a mischievous grin on his face. Hound didn't take this lightly.

    "Are you crazy?!" Hound blurted out.

    Ironhide stared at Hound and frowned. "Say that again. I'm not sure Optimus and Ultra Magnus heard ya the first time." Hound looked around noticing that everyone in the training yard was staring at him.

    "Look if Optimus were to find out we'd be sent straight back to basic training and probably never see combat again." Hound whispered glancing off avoiding the dozens of staring eyes. "Listen, I'd love to just go off and use a few Decepticons as target practice but it's just too risky. Optimus catching us is one thing but what if we're captured. You know Decepticons show no mercy."

    "I'm not talking about starting a battle, just blasting a couple unlucky Decepticons that happen to pass in our cross hairs. I got it all worked out. Tonight, Bluestreak and Gears are standing guard over the west gate. Like clockwork every 3 solar cycles those two head off to the northern gate for a little energon gambling. Prowls always looking to empty our wallets and those two bite easily. Vos is a small Decepticon checkpoint that eventually leads out to the wastes, beyond the west gate. We're probably looking at about half a dozen Decepticons on the base tonight. There's barely any activity other than a few energon searches on occasion."

    "Wait a second. How do you know all of this?" Hound is bewildered.

    "I've been sneaking out for the past month observing all of this. They're gone for at least a few megacycles and I found out tonight is gonna have a hot pot so it's a certainty. It takes less than a megacycle to get to Vos. It'd only take a few cycles and after that we'll flee before they have time to get reinforcements."

    "And what about them following us back. We can't risk that especially."

    "Come on, Hound. I'm not talking a full assault. Just a little sniping. There's plenty of cover and before they'd have time to find out where we're shooting from we'd be long gone. We can do this, bro. It's foolproof." Hound wasn't so certain but Ironhide had never let him down before so they agreed.

    The skies over Iacon went dark as much of the cities lights has been shut off save for the gates and the street lights. Ironhide and Hound lay in the large quarters in the barracks faking stasis. All's quiet in the barracks as the two listen carefully for the sounds of the patrolling guard that night. It seemed like forever until he finally arrived. He surveyed the room from the entrance only briefly before moving on. When they were certain he was gone they stood up and carefully snuck out.

    Outside there were only a few darkened paths they use for cover on the way to gate. They took their time and moved slowly till they reached the west gate. Just as Ironhide had said it was like clockwork. The same time every few nights they'd leave their post. They watched carefully as Gears and Bluestreak made their way to the northern gate. Once they were gone from sight Ironhide and Hound made their move.

    Once outside Iacon, Hound quietly followed Ironhide to the location of Vos. He was a little scared and wasn't hiding it. Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to go. Too late now, however. They had gone too far to turn back. They finally arrived at the location Ironhide had scouted Vos from. "It's right over that hill. Those rock formations towards the top offer good cover. For now we just spy. Survey the situation before we take any course of action. If anything seems out of the ordinary we'll just call this hole thing off."

    They finally found good cover in a rock formation and sure enough, there it was. Vos, nothing but a small Decepticon base. A large energy fence surrounded the perimeter with only one visible entrance out to the wastes. On the base, however, things did seem out of the ordinary. The base appeared operational, but devoid of Decepticons. They waited, hoping one would at least pop out, but clearly no one was around. "I thought you said there'd be about half a dozen."

    "There should be. I was out here a few solar cycles ago and I didn't see more than four at the time. I think we should check this out." Ironhide stood to walk over the base when Hound tugged him back down by his arm.

    "We're not going anywhere but back to Iacon. You said we leave if anything is out of the ordinary and this qualifies as out of the ordinary in my book." Hound turned to leave but Ironhide stopped him.

    "Look, Hound. Normally you're right but this could be a good opportunity. I think we should check the base for anything of use at least. Maybe we'll find information on operations or even a large energon cache. Clearly no one is around. Let's at least just take a peak around." Hound didn't like it but nodded in compliance. "Yeah, that's more like it. If ya' get nervous, just remember, I got your back."

    The two stood and quietly made their way to the small building near the entrance. Just as Ironhide had said, it was empty. Once inside they took notice of the room. Security cameras lined the wall monitoring areas around the gate. Surveying the area it was evident that it had not been empty for more than a megacycle. They searched around finding nothing more than a few small energon cubes and documents posting all visitors over the course of the day. Hound overlooked the documents till he came to the present time. Listed fifty cycles before they arrived was a large Decepticon force that had passed through. Twenty transports carrying more than a hundred Decepticons.

    "Uhhh, Ironhide? You might want to take a look at this." Hound stepped back from the documents and looked at Ironhide. He stood silently looking at one of the monitors.

    "No, buddy. I think you should take a look at this." Hound approached him. On the screen appeared to be a military base still being constructed. Dozens of Decepticons moved about erecting various structures. "Looks like they're building themselves quite a city there."

    Hound went back to the table pushing the documents off. It was a holographic table displaying everything from cities to energon mines. Hound searched the map for the coordinates of the location being built. "Kaon." He spoke to himself. Right under the location was a massive energon vein. "Ironhide. It's called Kaon. Right underneath it is a large energon deposit. Looks like it might be used as a mining location rather than just a city."

    "Kaon, huh?" Ironhide walked over the computer console a searched for any information on the new city. "It looks like more than just an energon mine. I found the blueprints and this city will be huge when it's finished. In the center appears to be a giant dome like structure that looks like it might be a new citadel. And right here it says this will be the new capitol of Cybertron."

    "Ironhide, I think we should just get out of here and report this to Optimus. We stay any longer we might be looking at some trouble."

    "Not just yet. I'm gonna download all the information on this computer. It's got maps, operations, names...just about anything you can think of on the Decepticons. Just watch the monitors to see if anyone comes near. I'm gonna try to get all I can." Hound approached the security monitors and watched closely. Not long after it appeared as if a few Decepticons began to converse briefly before one started barking out orders. Right their a transport pulled up about nine fully armed Decepticons hopped on and drove off towards the gate.

    "Ironhide! You might wanna hurry up. We got company on the way."

    "How many?" Ironhide looked back.

    "I'd say nine or ten and these ain't just any Decepticons. Those guys looked armed and ready for combat. I think they know we're here."

    "Slag!" Ironhide terminated his connections with the computer and the two made their way for the doorway. As it slid open Prowl, Gears, Bluestreak and Optimus stood there. "Uh oh!" Ironhide closed the door on impulse.

    "What'd you do that for?!" Hound snapped at Ironhide.

    "Open up Ironhide! You two are in big trouble!" Optimus said sternly from outside. They opened the door again and walked out. "Care to tell me what you two are doing..."

    Hound interrupted, "We'd love to chat about this Optimus, but we got a problem."

    "Yeah? What kinda problem?" Prowl asked.

    "A bunch of Decepticons are on their way back here. Looks like they're ready to slag a few Cybertronians too. I think we should hightail it before they even get here." Ironhide answered.

    "Looks like you're guys are too late. Look!" Gears pointed to the approaching transport carrying the armed force.

    "Bots, head for the rock formations and take cover! Looks like we're gonna have to see just how well your training has gone!" Optimus pointed to Ironhide and Hound. The group fled for the hill and hid ready to fight back when attacked.

    "Optimus why don't we just run for it?!" Ironhide asked.

    "Because, only a few of use here are mobile and you're a little to big for transport." Bluestreak replied.

    "He's right. We're gonna have to fight them off till we're absolutely certain they can't follow! Hound, transform and Ironhide, you arm him! I want you to aim for their transport and blow it straight to the pit! You two wanted action and now you got it so let's see what you're made of!" The two nodded and Hound transformed into a pulse cannon. Ironhide caught him and hoisted him on his shoulders.

    "You ready, buddy?" Ironhide looked at the transformed Hound.

    "You know it. Fire when ready." Hounds voice came from the cannon. Ironhide pulled the trigger as a huge pulse of energy raced at the still moving transport that was headed in their direction. In the final moments before the blast you could see every Decepticon jumping out scattering in various directions. The blast hit as a huge shock wave shot around the perimeter knocking many of the Decepticons further away from the explosion.

    Among the group of Decepticons was Starscream, Thundercracker, and their superior, Soundwave. "What in the Pit just happened?!" Thundercracker yelled.

    "It would appear these survivors have been altered in the same manner as Optimus Prime. I detect all nearby survivors have transformation capabilities. I calculate chances of their demise, now 85%." Soundwave droned out.

    "You sound a little too optimistic about it." Starscream said as the group ran for cover to fire back. Many of the Decepticons had organized into small groups utilizing anything for cover. They began firing back on the Cybertronians but they had already taken advantage of the situation as Ironhide transformed into a turret with Hound transformed back into a robot, scattering rapid fire around the area at anything that would show it's face. "I calculate your chances of being an imbecile at 100%."

    "Quiet, Starscream, or I shall report you to Megatron." Soundwave directed at Starscream unable to add authority due to the restrictions of his harmonics.

    "You know, I'm not one to disagree with you, Starscream, but I think we should just listen at least till we finish the survivors." Thundercracker added.

    "Finish what you'd like but I've got business with Optimus." Starscream stood and called out, "Optimus Prime! If you're brave enough come out and face me! We have unfinished business to attend to!"

    Optimus called out from his cover, "Maybe another time, Starscream. I haven't the time to defeat you yet again." Optimus' response agitated Starscream as he'd intended to.

    "You dare disrespect me?! We both know the real reason you don't face me! You know you can't win! You just got lucky the first time! So, how about you come out and surrender and perhaps I'll make your death quick and painless?!"

    "How about you take you and your decried visions and start crying back to Kaon, Screamer!" Ironhide stood up and fired another of Hounds cannon shots right at the group of Decepticons. They all stood and scattered again, however, too little, too late. The blast knocked all three in various directions. Starscream taking much of the damage, his back hitting the steel fence behind him. Only his torso, head, and left arm remained in tact after the blast.

    "Okay, bots, let's get out of here while they attend to Starscream!" Optimus ordered.

    "Or at least what's left of him." Prowl added. The Cybertronians fled on foot with no resistance. The Decepticons waited till there was no more fire before approaching Starscream. At first they all, just stood there staring as Starscream writhed in pain.

    "Don't just stand there you fools! Repair me, and quick!" Starscream yelled with urgency. Thundercracker lifted his remains and carried him to the security building as the rest gathered what they could find of his limbs.

    On the way back to Iacon, Optimus, agitated by Ironhides and Hounds decision, disciplines the two unruly Cybertronians. "What were you two thinking? You could have gotten yourselves destroyed! Right now we can't afford to lose anyone!"

    "Look, Optimus, we're sorry, but you gotta understand, a lot of us, not just Hound and I, have been itching for some combat. We've been training so long, we feel we're ready to finally take back Cybertron. Hound and I just wanted to see what we were made of." Ironhide responded.

    "And had we not arrived you would have seen just that, as the Decepticons hovered over your remains. Believe me, you two could not have taken them on. I understand you're some of our best, but that's all the more reason not to jump into battle. What you did was not only risk your lives but everyone back at Iacon as well. If they'd captured you alive they'd have forced you into revealing it's location. They're persuasive like that, as Ultra Magnus, I'm sure, can tell you." By this point the Cybertronians were walking past the gates of Iacon. All were silent till they reached the command post.

    "Optimus. We're really sorry about all the trouble we caused. I guess we were a little too anxious. But, our foolishness has a bit of a bright side. We have some very useful information." Hound nudged Ironhide, as Ironhide pulled out the data-disc he'd collected, extending it to Optimus.

    "I take it this will explain to me this 'Kaon' you spoke of Ironhide?" Optimus said taking the disc from Ironhide.

    "Yes, Apparently it's to be the new capitol city of Cybertron. I guess Cybertropolis wasn't enough for them. Furthermore, it's got one massive energon vein under it. Perfect location for a new city. Unfortunately for us much like that checkpoint, it's not far off Iacon. I think if we expect to stay here we might want to find a way to better disguise this place."

    "You may be right. You two are dismissed. Prowl, escort them back to their proper barracks and make sure they stay in this time." Optimus ordered.

    "Yes, sir." Prowl replied.

    "Oh, and Prowl." Prowl turned to face Optimus. "If I find out you're gambling on duty again I'll have you demoted to the custodian crew." Prowl, sighed and as Ironhide and Hound chuckled at him.

    "Move it, you two lug nuts!" Prowl said as he gave the two a light push.

    "Bluestreak, go wake Ultra Magnus and have him meet with me. Gears I want you to search through our recruits and find me the best tech engineer we have. If there's anything else on this disc that's of use, I want it found." The two saluted and left. "Hmm, Kaon..." Optimus sighed.
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    It's been a while since I posted anything new and for those of you still following, I'm ready to post chapter 4. The Autobots won't have the advantage much longer.

    Chapter IV - Reconfiguration

    "How could you be such a fool?! Not only did you wind up getting yourself scraped but you let the survivors escape with the data of Kaon and who knows what else! You've put us at real risk Starscream!" Megatron went on, once again putting all the blame of the latest failure against the Cybertronians on Starscreams shoulders. Shockwave was putting the finishing touches on Starscreams repairs as Megatron, in anger, kicked the table Starscream was on over, causing Starscream to fall on the floor.

    "Megatron, how can you put all of this on me?! I was at Kaon merely doing my job when one of your lackeys, whom should have been at the checkpoint, alerted us to their presence! It's not my fault the guards left there post! I wasn't even aware they were even at Kaon! I was actually doing my job!" Starscream tried to explain to Megatron but he was hearing none of it.

    "Quit your excuses you pathetic excuse for a Decepticon! You still shouldn't have let them escape!" Megatron lowered his head to Starscreams. "Can't you do anything right?!"

    "You know, I wasn't alone at that battle, mind you! Why aren't you complaining to Soundwave and Thundercracker as well? They failed just the same!" Starscream was getting frustrated of taking all the blame.

    "At least they show more loyalty than you. Besides you're the one who stood with incoming fire to challenge Optimus. You're no match for the successor of Vector Prime. Seems you weren't a match for the two who trashed you as well."

    "Megatron, it seems they all can transform now and those two specifically transformed into destructive weaponry. They're getting stronger. Whomever this Optimus Prime is, it is likely he's influencing this strength." Starscream explained as Shockwave put him back on this operating table.

    "As much as I hate to admit it, you are right on that. This Optimus Prime is more than just some loyal soldier of Ultra Magnus'. It would seem he might even be an elder. Given his youth that would be unlikely, however. But his strength is unmatched to any other survivor. Furthermore, it's been driving me mad, trying to figure out just where we've met before. I'm certain I know him from somewhere."

    Starscream stood as Shockwave finished his repairs and approached Megatron. "It doesn't matter who he is. Sooner or later we'll destroy those survivors and you'll finally have the Matrix of Leadership." Starscream bowed, turned, and exited. "And as you stand over Optimus Primes lifeless body, I'll be there, right behind you, to rightfully claim what is mine." Starscream thought as he walked to his quarters.

    "Megatron, I have finally finished my research on the survivors transformation capabilities. Though, that battle gave away the location of Kaon, it did enlighten me in how they make it possible to transform." Shockwave explained as he displayed a schematic of the known Cybertronians forms.

    "Is it possible to duplicate this process?" Megatron asked as he stared at the monitor.

    "Sir, not only can we duplicate it but we can make you far more powerful than this Optimus could ever hope to be. We'll need to create new body for you but as you'll see here I'm almost fully prepared for that." Shockwave said as he pressed a button displaying another schematic on the monitor.

    "Ahhh, beautiful Shockwave. You've made me quite proud." Megatron grinned as he stared toward the monitor.

    Back at Iacon, Ultra Magnus visits Optimus with another Cybertronian. "Optimus. I've brought you our best tech expert, as you requested. I'd like you to meet Ratchet." Ultra Magnus placed his hand on Ratchets shoulder and urged him forward.

    "It's a real pleasure to meet you, sir. Ultra Magnus says you need some data examined and I'll tell you now, if you need something examined, repaired, or created, I'm your bot." Ratchet extended his hand to Optimus.

    "Ratchet, the pleasure is all mine. If you can really do all that than you're an invaluable asset to us." Optimus said as his shook his hand.

    "So where is this disc? I'm eager to get started on it." Ratchet asked.

    "It's right over here in our mainframe computer. I've been trying to decode most of the data but it's so well encrypted I can't seem to bypass it." Optimus explained leading Ratchet over to a massive computer station in the command center.

    "Wow! We never had this kind of equipment in the training centers. With this I'll be able to decode the data in no time." Ratchet sat himself in the command chair and began pressing keys on the console, getting to work immediately.

    "Looks like he's a fast learner." Optimus says to Ultra Magnus as Ratchet quickly begins loading up the decryption programs and the data disc.

    Ultra Magnus approaches Optimus as they both look on as Ratchet decrypts the information. "He studied in communications, engineering, and first aid. Quite talented. Not a computer system in this galaxy could keep him out."

    "Especially not this one. I've already decrypted about 5% of the disc. Seems this thing is loaded with locations to military installations, energon deposits, and names of high ranking Decepticon officers. Should we examine that first?" Ratchet asked.

    "Yes, please, Ratchet." Optimus directed.

    "Well, first we got Megatrons second-in-command. Shockwave. Well, versed in combat strategies, but also, like myself, is a communications and first aid expert. After that we have his two highest ranking field generals. Starscream and Soundwave. Says here Soundwave, while not the most charismatic individual, is quite talented with interception of communication transmissions and an expert in ranged combat. Starscream is speculated to be deceptive at nature but excellent in melee combat and the fastest Decepticon in existence."

    "Fortunately, for us, it's overshadowed by his rather large ego." Optimus added.

    Ratchet chuckles and continues, "There's quite a bit here on Megatron himself. Turns out, he has love for architecture, science, and experimentation. He likes to take grunts and low level commanders in his army and try to turn them into monstrous, yet loyal, brutes. Right now he's got 6 Decepticons all lined up for an experiment code named 'Devastator.' Not much else on that is currently decoded."

    "What's that symbol?" Optimus asks pointing a red and white symbol in the upper right corner of the screen constructed similarly to that of the Decepticon symbol, yet, more civil looking.

    "I'm not sure. Let's find out." Ratchet touches the symbol and immediately images and data-text start popping up. The images are of Cybertronian survivors with only ID numbers as opposed to names and all branded with that symbol. "I..... can this be? It's survivors of the Decepticon attack. They're... slaves! Megatron is using them to construct Kaon as well as various other structures." Ratchet continues as Optimus stares at the screen keeping his composure and emotions in check. "When one has been worked to excessive exhaustion he is...terminated and his remains refined into energon." Ratchet turns to look at Optimus whom is deep in thought. "Optimus?"

    Optimus looks at Ratchet again. "Find as many combat ready Cybertronians as you can. We're going to liberate our enslaved brethren."

    In the conference hall at the Citadel many Decepticons fill the dimly lit room all working on monitors and hooking up various devices. In the center of the room rests two tables. One empty and the other containing a figure underneath a cloth. Shockwave and Megatron walk towards the tables discussing the procedure. "Transformation will be a simple thought process. Just think of activating it and it will occur. It might feel a bit strange at first and hard to control your body in it's new configuration however soon you shall master it."

    "Excellent, Shockwave. With this new form I shall make those pesky survivors quiver in fear." Megatron clenches his fist with an eager grin on his face.

    "I don't see why Megatron should have to be the first to go through this process." Starscream thought out loud.

    Shockwave and Megatron stare at him, with Megatrons grin turning to a scowl. "You dare question the orders of our great leader?!"

    Starscream turns to them realizing he's spoken aloud. "Uh... please, Shockwave. I did not question the orders at all. I'm only...concerned for Megatrons well-being. How do we know this procedure won't destroy him?! If anything one of us should have endured the process first to ensure it is safe and effective."

    "Your lack of intelligence always boggles my mind Starscream. The process is perfect. I would never make a mistake. Megatron will be far better than safe. He will be unstoppable!"

    "Shockwave, let us begin. I'm eager to try out my new found power." Already Megatron could feel the impending doom of the survivors drawing near. He approached the empty table and lay down on it. Shockwave approached the control panel. "I'm ready. Shutting down now." Megatrons eyes went dim as he put himself in stasis lock. Shockwave connected a cable to Megatron diverting power from him to his new body.

    "Body's power level at 20%," Said one Decepticon. The body jolted at the start of the transfer. Shockwave observed his monitor awaiting the spark transfer. "Power level at 50%." Shockwave was ready now.

    "Reveal his spark!" Shockwave ordered. With that, Megatrons chest plate slowly flipped open revealing his spark in it's chamber. "Download and triple encrypt his data-tracks!" It was almost complete now.

    "Power level at 80%."

    One Decepticon approached Shockwave and presented him with Megatrons new processor containing his data-tracks. He approached the new body inserted the processor into the top of the head. On a near by table he picked up a helmet just like the old and placed and secured it atop of the head. "Now the time has finally come." He went Megatron and took his encapsulated spark in his hands. "Now you will have the power to defeat any and all whom oppose you!"

    Back in Iacon, the streets were filled with hundreds of soldiers ready to liberate their captured brothers. Many transformed into advanced weaponry, but dozens were transports, much like Optimus, ready to return to Iacon with precious cargo. Optimus stood before his mass army to deliver them a speech before their seemly suicidal mission. "Greetings, my brothers. Today we launch the largest counter-strike against the Decepticons since the invasion, but with a far greater goal than that of taking back Cybertron. Today we will enter 8 major cities across Cybertron to free survivors who have been turned into slaves by the evil Decepticons. We will be greatly outnumbered however we have an advantage no single Decepticon possess. Our ability to transform will be key to our survival. I'm certain that some of us will not return, but I would never force any of you to endanger yourselves for a mission with no certainty of success. Those of you whom wish not to fight can turn back now without consequence."

    Amongst the huge army not one bot moved from formation. Many rose up and cheered encouraging phrases, but all focused on the task at hand. Optimus spoke again. "This moment you have all demonstrated, once again, an advantage we hold. Bravery. It is that bravery that assures me that we will succeed. Now let's show these Decepticons the mistake that made so long ago!" With the entire army cheered and chanted praise to Optimus.

    Ultra Magnus approached Optimus. "So which squad will I be taking?"

    "None. I want you to come and assist me in Cybertropolis. We have unfinished business with Megatron. Ratchet has already been informed that he will be taking your squad to Kaon. We're gonna hit that main slavery camp."

    "Optimus, please tell me our only reason for going to Cybertropolis is the slaves and not Megatron. I too am angered at our loss of Vector Prime but revenge is not the way as I've told you." Ultra Magnus knew the truth but couldn't bare to think of it. He'd hoped Optimus to be above such things.

    "You know it goes beyond what happened to Vector Prime, but that only fueled my hatred for Megatron. I can't promise you that if I have the chance to, I will not destroy Megatron. I'm sorry, I must fill that void, if not today, someday. The slaves are first, but I will ensure he pays for what he's done." With that Optimus walked into the army to organize his troops with Ultra Magnus watching closely.

    "Someday, Optimus. Someday you'll be free of your transgressions. I only hope it won't be too late." Ultra Magnus said softly before following Optimus.
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    cool keep it up

    :cool:  Hey i read your stroy's a while back and enjoyed. Now reading the new chapter i love it it's good to show how things where diffrent back then sounds cool

    keep it up cant wait for the new one.
    please write more please.
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    To me, this is my biggest chapter yet. The first one on one showdown of Optimus and Megatron with a epiphany for Megs towards the end. I only have one other chapter complete after this one which I'll post once I finish chapter VII. Enjoy!

    Chapter V - A New Hope

    The time was drawing near. They'd left Iacon less then a couple megacycles ago, but it felt like forever. All were anxious. Many nervous. Others impulsive. Optimus, on the other hand, was combating another feeling. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't shake the image of Megatron shattering to pieces. Such violent thoughts were normally beyond him but with Megatron he knew he'd hold no compassion or mercy. Though, he'd told Ultra Magnus he'd try not to kill Megatron, Optimus hoped he'd get the chance to. His mood was rubbing off on his dear friend, whom, drove right beside him.

    "Optimus, I know what you're thinking. Stop it! Destroying Megatron won't bring Vector Prime back. And seeing you like this only makes it all the more painful. You've been like a son to me. You mean more to me than any other lifeform that has ever existed. I know that might sound horrible, but, I can't bare to think what would happen to us if you were to be destroyed. I can't bare to think of recycling you. I've trained you for leadership since you were a child. Please, use that leadership now, and rise above these primative feelings."

    It was breaking Optimus' spark to hear such things. Much like Ultra Magnus, Optimus held a strong bond to him. It felt almost as if Ultra Magnus was ashamed of him. He knew that wasn't so but the feeling remained. He couldn't speak a word as only one repeated in his mind. Megatron.

    The forces had largely spread out. Many having to sneak quietly beyond checkpoints. No Decepticon could be alerted of what was to come. Luckly for the Cybertronians, they'd have to pass through no cities to reach their destinations with the exception of Cybertropolis. And with Optimus and Ultra Magnus at the front, there was no chance of being spotted. However, all party leaders couldn't help but feel like they were being watched. And they were.

    "Hmm, this will prove to be most interesting. The true followers of Primus embarking of a suicide mission. How delicious. While normally I would 'accidently' slip the Decepticons a tidbit of information, I'm really curious to see how this will play out. Perhaps to the liking of my master, and myself."

    The figure was hidden in Cybertronian orbit, rarely entering it's atmosphere. He'd been watching them since the beginning of the war. His radar was tipped off in deep space when the first explosions hit the surface of Cybertropolis. It was then, he'd found them. But much like the inhabitants of Cybertron, he too, felt as if something, but not his master, was watching him.

    Back on the surface the first team had reached their destination. The assualt began almost imediately. Just millacycles after they'd recieved the okay to strike, Decepticons fired away. Optimus could only hope for them now. Near Kaon, Ratchet, and his team, had begun their assualt. While, on the surface it would appear this would be the easiest strike, deep down they all knew this might be the toughest. Many elite Decepticons already inhabited the incomplete city. The rest, were simple grunts and slaves.

    In each city, it was planned that all transports would stay behind outside while soldiers would infiltrate the city and after rescue, would lead slaves back to the transports where they'd be loaded on, and evacuated. There were enough transports for both slaves and combatants to flee. Optimus would not have one Cybertronian be left behind.

    By the time Optimus and the others had reached Cybertropolis all teams had begun their assualts. It was hard to concentrate on the task at hand, since on the com-links you could already hear cries of distress. While, for the most part, the attacks were sucessful, clearly, some Cybertronians sparks had already been extinguished. Optimus and Ultra Magnus could only hope their deaths were quick and painless, as possible. All knew it might be a one way trip, and they all accepted that, however, the reality was a different story. Not since the Decepticon invasion had they witnessed such destruction.

    Optimus' team didn't have long to sympathize with their fallen comrads, as they'd been spotted by Decepticons at the, nearby, gates. Within moments of the first shots all combat ready Cybertronians had transformed and fought back. While Cybertropolis was the most populated Decepticon city, the gated were overwhelmed within cycles, barely able to send out a distress signal. The gates had been blasted open and they moved in. Now, would be the hardest part. Fighting their way through the city with Decepticons on all sides. Optimus moving way ahead of the group, clearly the most skilled, plowing through grunts and low level officers with his blaster.

    After a while he'd realized he'd traveled far ahead of his comrads. Foolishly he let himself get caught in the moment. The sense of urgencey to rescue his brothers pushed him far ahead of his team. However, they all knew they'd eventually reach him and probably have an easier time now that he'd cleared out the many Decepticons that stood in his way. Till then Optimus made his way to the slavery camp. He could sense it was coming up. Until finally it was in view. Blasting the energy gate open he'd finally made it. Now, it was time to rescue these slaves.

    ...But, where were they? The camp was covered with debrie and smoke, but otherwise devoid of life. Not even Decepticons were in the area. It was empty. Or so he thought. Moving further into the smoke he'd finally understood what had happened. He fell to his knees in shock and agony. All around him lie plates of metal and wires. His brothers. Many in pieces, but all dead. Looking at one of the remains nearby, the same symbol he'd seen on the data-disc was branded into the chest plate plate of the unfortunate slave. It was smelted in, and clearly, all were conscious as they recieved this brand.

    He couldn't help but begin to sob. This slaughter was not a last minute decision. Clearly whom ever had done this had planned to long ago. While their deaths were clearly fresh, it was motivated out of sadism rather than spite. Beyond all the sounds of gun fire and hollering in the backround, he could hear footsteps approaching. Within the clouds of smoke he could see a shadow drawing closer. And, while he'd already known whom it was, he was clearly different.

    "Megatron." Optimus uttered as his nemesis emerged from the clouds of smoke and debrie.

    "Ahhh, Optimus Prime! How wonderful of you to join me in this graveyard. That ground you rest on is reserved especially for you." Megatrons eyes glowed with evil. But Optimus was more so fixated on his new form. While he still resembled his old self it was obvious that the Decepticons had learned the way of transformation. "Shocking isn't it. Clearly, transforming is no longer your edge. Soon all my troops will be reconfigured this way. In the end your petty attempts to fight back will be for not. We will all possess this intoxicating form, better, stronger, and more destructive then any form you and any survivor could possibly take. In the end, the pleasurable events that took place in this slave camp will happen to the rest of your obsolete kind."

    Optimus couldn't speak. His body began to shake uncontrollably, his eyes on fire. What he felt now was like no emotion he'd felt before. "Oh, your eyes speak your thoughts clearly. You'd love to kill me right now, wouldn't you? I can only imagine the satisfaction you'd feel if you held my spark in your hands. You and I are not so different, Optimus. While you shake, it is in rage. And your stare only burns your hatred into my core. So, there are those who drift far from the code of Primus."

    "You and I...", Optimus spoke softly at first, "will never be alike!" As he screamed this he fired on Megatron once, knocking him back. "You dare speak the name of Primus, with your vile harmonics?! You'd kill me or any other of my kind out of sadistic pleasure. Meanwhile, I'd kill you for vengence! To avenge these slaves! To avenge my fallen brother, mentor, and best friend!"

    "It's funny, Prime. For the longest time I figured I'd find no greater satisfaction then killing Ultra Magnus, and obtaining the Matrix of Leadership, yet; in the end, the look on your face as you see what I've done here... well, nothing could compare. I was hoping Ultra Magnus would arrive here first but it seems calling off all my forces from this area had more of a benifit. Not even the Matrix of Leadership will satisfy me more than killing you right now." Megatrons grin widens.

    "You'll never have the Matrix of Leadership, nor, will you ever defeat me!" Optimus fires at him again, his shot barely penetrating the tough armor of Megatrons new body. "I will send you and your kind back to where you belong. Back to the abyss; of oblivion!" He fires yet again this time knocking Megatron to the ground. "You have no sense of compasion, no sense of mercy! There is no reason to let you exist any longer!" Optimus' attack and words fuel Megatrons impending anger.

    Megatron stood quickly. "Do not speak to me of compassion or mercy, Optimus Prime! You know nothing about me! You talk as if only Decepticons are capable of deception and evil but your kind aren't innocent! Where was this compassion when I was betrayed?! Who believed me when my vision was stolen?!" He points to the Citadel as speaks this. "No one cared what I had to say! In the end it was all blamed on petty jealousy! It was mine, and it was stolen from me! My vision! My creation!" Megatron calms himself. "That was how it all felt before I killed that Blaster. It was clear that no one truely followed the code of Primus. We're all capable of evil. Even you. While I wasn't the first to utilize it, I was the first motivated by it. It gave me a new way. A hope like I'd only dreamed. To rule this pathetic universe and destroy all those that oppose me!"

    "So, all this... all this needless destruction was to fuel your own insane ambitions? By Primus, only one corrupted by Unicron could ever dream this up."

    "Unicron? I know not of the name you speak, but no one, not him, not you, will ever stop me!"

    "You're wrong Megatron. As long as my spark pulses, I'll ensure I send you to the pit."

    Megatron is taken aback for a moment. "There's something...something in your eyes that only confirm my suspicions. We have met before. I still cannot place it, but the feeling is too strong for me to be incorrect. Your hatred goes beyond what happened here or to Vector Prime." He reaserts himself. "I will not be detered! It doesn't matter who you are. I'll kill you and the rest of your survivors and brand you all like your pathetic friends here!" With that he holds a rod with the slaves symbol on the end. The symbol is growing ready to scar anything it touches. "You may be brave, but you're Autobots. Because you're automatically destined to lose! Mwahahahaha!" With that he throws the rod at Optimus but instead of dodging he catches it.

    Optimus stares at the symbol. So many of his kind have fallen prey to this brand. The symbol is passive, almost ensinuating that they are harmless. For the first time in his existance he understands this irony, that Megatron loves to utilize. 'If Megatron want's it that way, then let his very own creation be his downfall.' With this thought Optimus points the rod toward himself and proceeds to brand his arm with the symbol. Optimus does not, so much as wince at the pain. His eyes never break the lock they have on Megatrons. "Then from this day foward let the Autobots be the means to your end."

    Once again Megatron is taken aback. This this, Autobot, clearly not stronger, but seemingly, nothing will stand in his way. It is then in his eyes Megatron sees it. Within moments his mind flashes back to the Citadel as rips the Matrix of Leadership from Prime. "The child! You! The brat that fled from the Citadel with the Matrix of Leadership! It's you! All this time I wondered how far you could have managed. You were so scared. So weak, yet now you stand before me and your body burns with power. How is that possible? You bring Ultra Magnus the Matrix of Leadership and yet they train you to become their most powerful warrior?! Do they spite me?!" Megatron breaks his gaze from Optimus, trying to piece it all together.

    "Not even Ultra Magnus could reach your level of power...and clearly he'd follow you to the grave. Vector Prime trains you for combat and the elders and Ultra Magnus turn you into a leader? Why?!" His eyes lock to Optimus once again. He now understands. "You! You possess the Matrix of Leadership! Ultra Magnus never hid it, nor was he your leader! You lead these... Autobots! How can a weak child possibly possess such a powerful relic?!"

    Optimus tilts his head down. "You don't get it, do you Megatron. Simply taking the Matrix of Leadership doesn't give you power. It must be given to you. I don't know why, but Prime saw something in me. He choose me to become the new leader. Ultra Magnus, Vector Prime, and the elders, honored his choice and raised me. Molded me into what you see now. For all of them, for Prime, Primus himself, and all others to come, I will defeat you." Embracing Megatrons gaze again he aims his blaster at his enemy!

    The sounds in the distance clearly point out that not only is Optimus Prime a powerful leader, but his men know it. They've somehow managed to overcome the odds that surround them and draw closer to the former slave camp. It's in this moment Megatron can see in Optimus' eyes that he can't possibly defeat him. Optimus is strong, but above all else fearless. Megatron, for the first time in his very existance, feels outclassed. He knows, now, he cannot possibly defeat Optimus. He'll need more power before he's ever capable. He must find a way. As long as this Optimus lives, the Autobots will stand a chance of taking back Cybertron. Optimus has won this battle but Megatron will still have the last laugh.

    "Another day, Prime!" With that he pushes a nearby button and then transformers. At this moment Optimus understands how such destruction was possible. Megatrons new form, while mobile, and slow, clearly can destroy anything obstucting it's path. It's heavily reinforced with armor with a big cannon mounted on top in the center. Like a Cybertronian tank. Megatron fires off a blast near Optimus' feet. Optimus jumps back only to witness a large, black and gold, flying jet approach, landing near Megatron opening its back end up as Megatron enters.

    "Master, let us leave this fool and his kind here to die! Starscream and large force are already on their way!"

    It is clear another Decepticon has been given a transformation, but more importantly his voice haunts Optimus. While Optimus may have used irony for the first time, Megatron is clearly a master. "Vector Prime?"

    "Go, Dark Prime. Back to the Citadel!"

    As Megatron and this Dark Prime fly away Ultra Magnus and the others finally reach Optimus. "Optimus, the other teams have been sucessful and have managed to get the remaining slaves back to Iacon. Now let's rescue those here and do the same." His words feel like they've reached nothing as Optimus just stares at the sky where Megatron and this new Decepticon have fled. "Optimus? We haven't got time. Let's rescue the slaves and get out of here."

    In Optimus' mind only one name resonates. 'Vector Prime.' He looks at Ultra Magnus, finally speaks. "It's too late. They're dead. Call all our men back and return to Iacon. Starscream and forces are on their way." Ultra Magnus looks around and notices the slaughter around him. He sighs as he gives the command. Meanwhile, Optimus, still fixated on where Megatron fled, can't escape a spark retching feeling. Vector Prime.
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    Here we are. Chapter VI. Since I've finally finished VII it's time to post this portion. I'm beginning VIII as soon as I know who to spotlight this time around. VI focus' on Dark Prime and Sunstreaker. The Decepticons are beginning their desparate search to find the location of Iacon.

    Chapter VI - Corruption

    Iacon was in celebration over their spectacular victory against the Decepticons. The slaves, the remaining survivors, their brothers, free of Decepticon tyranny. The city was filled with cheers and rejoicing. Within Optimus Primes quarters, however, there was very little light, and his own thoughts drown out the sounds of celebration in the streets. He stared at the floor, but his mind was elsewhere. He was certain that Dark Prime was Vector Prime. He would never forget his voice. How Megatron could bring him back, but more importantly, turn him into a Decepticon was a complete mystery? The door to his quarters opened. Ultra Magnus' figure stand in the doorway, casting his shadow over Optimus. Outside the door a fembot ran past with Ironhide in pursuit.

    "Come on, baby! Don't listen to Hound! That's not why they call me Ironhide!"

    The door closes, the sounds of celebration muffled yet again. Only the glow of Ultra Magnus's optics are visible. Optimus is certain Ultra Magnus will try to cheer him up. He hasn't yet told him what really happened with Megatron. "Optimus. Do not let the losses of Cybertropolis put a hamper on this great victory of ours. I'm sure our fallen brethren would not want it this way. Celebrate with us. We need our leader to be with us at this time."

    Only the light of Optimus' holo-screen illuminated his figure. He had not moved since Ultra Magnus had entered. He continued to just stare at his floor. However, now his spoke, softly. "He's alive. Vector Prime is alive."

    "What?! You can't be serious. If that were true you'd celebrating like the rest of us."

    "He's a Decepticon now. Megatron called him Dark Prime. The body was new and had transformation capabilities but his voice was clear. And I could feel his spark pulsing from within. He's betrayed us." Optimus' voice is barely audable. He cannot fathom his mentor willingly joining the Decepticons.

    "So this is why you've been so quiet? Why did you not tell me sooner? Why not confide in me? While I can't understand what you're going through, I can sympathize."

    Optimus raises his voice slamming his fist to his table. "I don't need your sympathy!" After a moment Optimus looks up realizing how he's been acting. Ultra Magnus has turned his head away. "I'm...I'm sorry. With everything that's transpired I just can't think straight. I just want to lash out at everything, and everyone."

    Ultra Magnus looks at him again. "You need not apologize, Optimus. After everything that Megatron has put you through, I can't imagine you being in a good place, mentally. Vector Prime, the fallen slaves, and him branding you with that sickening symbol."

    "No. Megatron did not brand me. I did it myself."

    "What? Why would you do that?"

    "He created the symbol as a slave marker. Contructed it as a passive mockery of the Decepticon symbol. To him, it symbolizes our weakness, and inferiority. He even jokingly called us Autobots. It meant how we would automatically lose. That's why now I'm choosing to mock him. From now on we survivors, the true Cybertronians, are Autobots."

    "Autobots, huh? Hm, regardless of it's creator, it's kinda catchy. So be it. I'll notify the others immediately." Ultra Magnus turned to leave. He didn't want to, but was certain Optimus still wanted to be alone.

    "Ultra Magnus." Ultra Magnus stopped and turned to face Optimus again. "When you craft new bodies for our brothers and sisters, make sure each body bears this symbol, and afterwards, engrave it into all our structures."

    "Yes, sir!" Ultra Magnus turned again and left.

    At the Citadel, Megatron is between emotions. On one hand, the slaves had been freed, and was sure they'd soon be like the other survivors. No. Autobots! On the other, he felt a great psychological victory over Optimus. He would need many more before he could truely defeat him. He sit in his thrown awaiting the arrival of his generals. Shockwave was soon to implement their new bodies. And as little as Starscream deserved a new body, he would be needed in their war against the Autobots.

    Standing beside him was his twisted creation, Dark Prime. He has a knowing smirk on his face. While evil is a new sensation to him, he can't help bask in it's glory. If only he'd known sooner how it felt, he'd have joined the Decepticons without a second thought. "Master," He spoke, feeling that Megatron was unhappy, "today, the Autobots may have won the battle, but we will still win the war. Do not concern yourself with the slaves anymore. We have more then enough bots for make up for it."

    "Oh, I'm not upset, Dark Prime. I'm not quite sure how I feel. The slaves mean nothing to me. We still outnumber their forces ten to one, and I don't think that will change anytime soon. However, Optimus Prime is another story. I always wondered what consiquences I'd face had I not destroyed that child, and that's, now, been identified. Then again it is almost fitting he be my true nemesis. The one that got away." Megatron chuckles a little. "And I'm sure you'll have quite an effect on him. You're my most prized creation. Not even my Devastator project could match you. However, I wish your data tracks had not been scrambled in our salvage so that you could have warned me that he is the carrier of the Matrix of Leadership."

    "I apologize Master, for my previous actions."

    "Do not apologize, Dark Prime. You've nothing to be sorry for. You had, yet, to taste true power. Your existance is a blessing alone. Unlike many of my other troops, I know you would never betray me." Megatron smiled at him and thought, "Because I created you, and you're programmed not to."

    "Master, concerning Project Devastator. Shockwave has suggested that we delay production, scrap our early designs, and start fresh. Implement transformation capabilities for each of the six bots used. It will nearly triple costs but will be well worth it on the long run."

    "I can see where Shockwave is coming from. Very well. In the meantime we should focus on finishing Kaon, dubbing it our new Capatol, and giving all Decepticon troops transformation. Inform him immediately, Dark Prime."

    "As you wish, Master." Dark Prime turned to face Megatron and bowed, and then turned and walked for the exit. Just as he reached the door, it opened. Starscream had finally arrived. "You're late, Starscream. Master, is most unpleased."

    "Ohh, 'Master, is most unpleased'." Starscream mocked. "Shut it, drone! I'll arrive when I'm good and ready!"

    "Starscream! Get over here, now!" Megatron hollared.

    "I'm good and ready!" Starscream choked. Once again, he could feel failure being weighed on his shoulders as he approached Megatrons thrown. How much longer must he stand for this abuse? And that, Dark Prime. Why should he be Megatrons personal bodyguard? Starscream was certain he could scrap him in a nanocycle. Starscream stood before Megatron. "Megatron, I apologize for my tardiness. I was trying to get production of Kaon back on track. The Cybertronian assault has set us back many solar cycles."

    "I will hear none of your excuses, Starscream! When I beckon you, I expect you here that very cycle! Furthermore, we no longer refer the survivors as Cybertronians. They're Autobots now. You were already informed, you blithering idiot."

    Starscream had recieved no such information. Sounded like someone neglected his job. Or maybe Soundwave just enjoyed Starscream taking all the blame. Even if Megatron knew Starscream was never informed, he'd probably take the blame for not asking sooner. "Of course, mighty Megatron."

    "Besides, I'm didn't call you here to complain about your stupidities or incompetence. Instead, I have a gift for you, regardless of your lackluster performance. Perhaps my gift will be motivation to get your jobs done properly." As he said this Shockwave entered pushing a large table, with a structure covered in a cloth, into the room. "Ahh, Shockwave, right on time. Show Starscream what you have created for him."

    "Gladly Megatron. Behold, Starscream. Your new form." With that Shockwave removed the cloth revealing body similar to his own but much more complex, with small wings on the back and cannons on the arms

    "Hmm, most befitting." Starscream smiled, which quickly turned to a frown. "However, where is my sword? I prefer the blade to any gun."

    "You have two. You wings detach and form them." Shockwave pulled one out, the wing forming the shape of a sword.

    "Most impressive." Starscream turned to face Megatron again. "Megatron, while I am quite grateful with this new body, might I ask a favor?"

    Megatron frowned. "You dare ask a favor of me, in light of your failures?"

    "Please, Megatron, it is not much. I merely request my lieutenent, Thundercracker recieve a similar body. However, not as powerful, of course."

    Megatron smiled again. "We had already planned on that Starscream. However, I am also giving you a new subordanate. Skywarp. The three of you, all similar in form, will be my Seeker team, with you, as their commander. It will also be important for you to note that you will be given a new ability to give you a distict advantage over your enemies."


    "Allow me Megatron." Shockwave responded, displaying a skematic on a nearby monitor. "Skywarp, Thundercracker, and yourself will all be given the ability of flight. Your alternate mode will be that of a Cybertronian jet, nothing on Cybertron will ever match your new speed. This way Autobots can never escape..."

    "Giving you less excuses to use after your failures." Megatron interrupted. Starscream scowled at him.

    "Moving on." Shockwave continued. "Transformation is merely a thought. It may feel odd at first but eventually you'll get used to it."

    "So when do we begin transfering my spark?" Starscream asked.

    "Immediately." Megatron responded.

    Vector Prime wondered the halls of the Citadel. It is so familiar to him, yet he can't remember. What little they could salvage of his datatracks only reflect a blur. All he knows of his past was that he was commander of the Cybertronian mobile infantry, an Autobot, and best friend to Optimus Prime. And this is only word of mouth, he remembers none of it. The lack of these memories only create a void in his existance. A part of him wants to know his past. Another, desires only to bring Megatron control of the universe as a gift. A slave of his will, but delightfully so. He passes a couple of citadel guards, Thrust and Dirge. Too smart for their own good, sometimes. Evesdropping on every conversation they hear and spilling it all to the others. The Decepticons finest gossipers. "Greetings, Dark Prime, sir!" Both speak, acknowledging his presense. He merely nods his head in aquaintance and walks around the corner stopping soon after to overhear their conversation.

    "I don't trust that, Dark Prime. I don't care if Megatron created him as a Decepticon or not. He was still an Autobot at one point." Thrust says after looking around to ensure no one is around.

    "Especially since a fragment of his old spark was used to bring life to him. That's just begging for trouble if you ask me." Dirge adds.

    "Correction, Dirge. It wasn't a fragment, it was a spark residue left over after his spark was extinguished. When it was exposed to Pit energies a new spark was formed, the old spark being a template for personality."

    "Who cares? Point is what's to stop him from rejoining the Autobots?" Dirge questions.

    "From what I hear, his datatracks were scrambled far beyond recovery. Any memories he occurs will be too vague for him to understand." Thrust is always trying to sound like a know it all.

    "What if an Autobot uploaded his old datatracks into him? It's possible. I don't care how much evil energy a Pit spark contains, he could still switch sides." Both ponder this for a moment, however, Dark Primes eyes widen. That's it! He can't let confusion of his past corrupt his visions of Megatrons conquest. He'll find his old datatracks and upload them himself. It will shed light on his past and maybe even identify the location of Iacon. How he'd obtain these datatracks was the tough part.

    Back at Iacon the celebration has ended. Daylight has risen on the outside, and many Autobots are still sleeping from the heavy partying the night before. Prime hasn't slept at all. Hasn't moved from his quarters. Megatron has truely struck a nerve. Corrupting his best friend and mentor. Ultra Magnus has already begun preparations on Primes orders. New bodies were already being configured for the former slaves and remaining Autobots being ordered to recieve branding of their new symbol. Ultra Magnus and Ratchet are both still awake discussing their plans for their rescued bretheren.

    "How long will it take for the computer to configure their new forms? I'm sure Optimus will want this done quickly so that combat training can begin immediately." Ultra Magnus fears a Decepticon revolt could be awaiting them soon.

    "The computer is doing all the work for us. Based on their personalities bodies are being set up for fields it feels are suitable for them grow in. However I have had to modify things a bit. We don't have many that could grow into the medical field and we're short on medics. I gotta tell you the battle at Kaon was a nightmare. We lost many and I did my best to patch up those that did survive. We still have many who are in critical condition but not enough hands to repair them. I have Prowl, Bluestreak, and Red Alert already attending to those injured but none are really proficient enough. I do feel however Red Alert could easily pick up on this field." Ratchet babbles on, clearly not getting his point across to Ultra Magnus.

    "So what is it you've modified exactly?" Ultra Magnus asks patiently.

    "Oh, sorry. I've to take those in which we've freed and those already amongst our ranks and switch their ranks in a way. I'd much rather we have veterans amongst us than mostly grunts. Basic first aid training should already be given to all our brothers, but I've had to take a good 8 percent of our population and set up training in more advanced medical areas."

    "I can't say I disagree with you. I'd rather we not lose anymore of our brothers to this war, though, I am aware that is a certainty. I just pray we never lose Optimus. He is the hope of our race. We all depend on him to bring us to victory, yet, I fear we may be putting too much burden on his shoulders."

    "What do you mean, sir?"

    "Optimus is being consumed with his lust to destroy Megatron. I know that he is our leader and that is his battle but I fear he'll take pleasure in that act. I don't want for him to desire revenge more than our freedom but it's beginning to take form. Vector Prime and myself raised him into what he is now but we never taught him that way."

    "Sir, I know you want to protect him from these feelings but in this case I feel it's important to let him discover this on his own. By trying to convince him of his wrongs will only bring doubt to his character. I feel one day he will find his true path on his own. We just have to give him time to do so." Ultra Magnus drops his head and sighs at Ratchets words. He's right, yet, he can't help but feel like he has to protect Optimus from himself. "And sir..." Ultra Magnus diverts his eyes to Ratchets again. "...that burden... he accepts that of his own volition. No one forces this life upon him. He chooses it. And for that I have much respect for him."

    "You're right Ratchet. I just can't bare to lose one, I see like a son." Both fall silent for a moment.

    "Sir, there is another matter we must discuss." Ratchets voice expresses concern.

    "And that is?"

    "I've decoded more of that disc Ironhide and Hound gave us. While Iacon is underground the plot of land above us... is scheduled for another Decepticon city." Ultra Magnus falls silent for a moment. "Construction begins in one decacycle. If they build above us, it's only a matter of time before they discover Iacon."

    "What can we do? Their must be a way to keep this location a secret."

    "I have one idea, however, it'll take numerous energon resourses and alot of bots. Even then I'm still unsure we can finish it."

    "You're best bet we have to protect this place. Our safety is in your hands now. Begin preparations immediately."

    Outside the citadel Dark Prime decides upon his means to obtaining his old datatracks. There were many bots whom he trained to become warriors, and there were none more wreckless and irresponsible, yet loyal, than Sunstreaker. He would make the perfect patsy. Dark Prime transformed and flew to Kaon to begin his plan of decieving his former student. Sunstreaker always had his communicators set to a private frequency. It was something he was taught during his scout training. Use uncommon frequencies to communicate solely with your superior officer to ensure your enemy has little chance of stumbling upon it.

    Vector Prime was the only bot aware of Sunstreakers frequency, and while his datatracks were lost the parts used in his communicators were salvaged and used in Dark Primes creation. There in his communicators memory banks were numerous Autobot frequencies. This would be useful later, he thought. Moving to a secure location, to ensure no Decepticons dare interfere, he began transmitting to Sunstreak. "Sunstreak, can you hear me? It is Vector Prime. Do you read me?"

    Immediately transmissions came back to him. "Vector Prime?!! But how? I thought you were destroyed and turned into Dark Prime?!"

    "While that is true, I am fully aware of my identity, my student. Unfortunately the tampering the Decepticons have done with my systems have scrambled my datatracks. I cannot overcome the evil they have programmed into me. I can merely only supress it momentarly. Please, Sunstreaker. I need your help. I cannot bare to ever fight my former comrads. If I had my datatracks I believe I could override their programming and rejoin with my brothers. I need to sneak into the command center and download my datatracks from Ratchets computer."

    "No problem! I'm sure Ratchet would gladly let me knowing we could have you back with us!"

    "No!! You musn't tell anyone! They'll think it is only a trap! That is why I need you. I know you have always had faith in me. I need that faith now." That was not untrue either. While Sunstreaker could be unreliable, his loyalty to Vector Prime was unmatched.

    "But how would I even tear Ratchet away from the station long enough to get the datatracks?"

    "I already have a plan for that, my student. Listen, and be hasty."

    Outside Iacon hundreds of bots were outside the cavern that led to the Autobot city. All digging up the rock that surrounded the entrance to the city. Ratchets idea was to cover the entrance completely and creat a secret gateway leading into the new Decepticon city from the underground. Turning a small section of the mountain above their home into a machine with cleverly placed holograms to conceal the entrance to Iacon. With luck, during construction of their new city they'd never discover the gateway, so that eventually they could link it to the roads of the Decepticon city.

    Within Iacon, in the command center, Ratchet was working out the final details on protecting their home. He soon heard someone running towards command center. Seconds later Sunstreaker rushed in calling to him. "Ratchet! There's a problem with the holograms. Apparently they keep shorting out." Sunstreaker used the building of their secret entrance as the perfect excuse to get Ratchet away his console. "They need you out their right now."

    "Are you serious?! We can't afford these set backs. Alert Ultra Magnus. I'm heading out there right away." With that Ratchet rushed out of the command center. It seemed almost too easy for Sunstreaker. He at least expected some resistance. Sure enough it worked and Ratchet had not locked up the mainframe. Everything was at Sunstreakers access. And with little searching there they were. Vector Primes datatracks. Quickly he downloaded them to small device, closed the data on the computer and left quickly. Next up was sneaking out of Iacon long enough to deliver the datatracks.

    He made it to the exit, however, bots were everywhere. Someone would notice if he tried to leave. Fortunately he only needed a small window to do so. Rather than choose a defensive alternate mode he choose a vehicular form. A speedster of sorts. To fast to follow. He didn't have to wait long for an opporitunity, as moments after heading outside a small landslide occured distracted all of the bots long enough for him to transformer and drive off quickly with only Ratchet watching him before going to assist the others.

    Dark Prime and Sunstreaker agreed to meet just outside the checkpoint to Kaon. Both prefered this stay off of Decepticon radar, but for different reasons. When Sunstreaker finally arrived at the location he greeted to Dark Prime, whom had been their waiting patiently. Sunstreaker couldn't believe. He resembled his former commander but was clearly different. "Vector Prime! It's hard to believe you're standing here before me!" Sunstreaker was excited. Dark Prime was delighted to how guilable this Autobot was.

    "Well, I am. Did you bring my datatracks?" Dark Prime could wait no longer and he wouldn't have to. Sunstreaker pulled out the small device which contained Vector Primes old datatracks. "Wonderful! You've done so well! I'm sure Optimus will be pleased! Give them here!" Dark Prime tried to keep as polite as possible as to not raise too many suspicions.

    "I really hope this works." Sunstreaker handed them over only to be struck down by Dark Prime. "Vector Prime! Why?! I thought I did well!"

    "You did Sunstreaker. Unfortunately for you, you Autobots are quite guilable. You really think I was trying to fight the evil within? Hahaha!" Dark Prime picked Sunstreaker up off the ground with one arm and held him by the throat. "I revel in this evil. Megatron will be pleased with me. With these I can finally alert to him the location of Iacon. You fool! You've doomed your kind." With those words he threw Sunstreaker to the ground again and inplanted the device into small slot on his left shoulder. "Now all I have left is to access them and the assualt of Iacon will be... what is wrong?! Why are they not working?!" Dark Prime couldn't access the datatracks even to the surprise of Sunstreaker. Dark Prime pulled out his blaster and fired on Sunstreakers leg. "What did you do?!"

    "I didn't do anything! I don't know why they don't work!"

    "You lie! Tell me you little piece of scrap before I end your miserable existance!" He fired again, this time at his abdomen. Sunstreaker screamed in agony. "Tell me now!"

    "I don't know! I haven't lied to you! I did as you asked me to! That's all!" Sunstreaker sobbed. He wouldn't last very long. Combat wasn't a strong point for the Autobot.

    "If you don't tell me, I'll rip out your datatracks and find out anyway! Now tell me and I might be generous enough to let you live!"

    "Dark Prime!!" A voice screamed off in the distance. Dark Prime couldn't make out who it was but it was clearly another Autobot. "Let him go before I send you to the Pit where you belong!"

    While Dark Prime could only see silouette of the Autobot, his voice made it apparent of who it was. "Ratchet?! Oh, now this is precious! Chief communications officer and first class medic, here to save the day?! Don't make me laugh!"

    "I'm warning you, Dark Prime!" Ratchet pulled out a large rifle with a highly advanced sight scope and began aiming for Dark Prime. "I've got one round in here but I never miss!"

    "You'll do nothing Autobot! Your kind is too weak! You'd never risk destroying..." Before he could finish Ratchet fired the round piercing Dark Primes shoulder. However, he didn't have long to complain about it as seconds after the shot Dark Prime shorted out and entered stasis lock. Ratchet started to approach Sunstreaker.

    "I'm sorry, Ratchet. I should have known better." Sunstreaker barely composed himself to stand again. Holding his abdomen tightly, he winced at the pain. "Argh... I bet Optimus is pretty ticked off."

    "Optimus doesn't know, nor will he for the time being." Ratchet finally approached and helped Sunstreaker stand.

    "Why? I risked the safety of Iacon and fell right into a trap. I was foolish and now we'll all be in danger." Sunstreaker couldn't bare to even look at Ratchet.

    "True on the first part, however he'll be getting nothing from those datatracks anytime soon. They have a safegaurd. They can't be accessed so long as there's Decepticon programming. And any tampering will activate further safeguards that will wipe his core and make him a blank."

    "I guess we should leave it to you to leave no stone unturned, huh?"

    "Be lucky I stumbled onto your frequency. My console is frequently searching random frequencies in hopes we might stumble onto some Decepticon transmissions. By shear luck I found yours. Afterwards I began altering and ecrypting his datatracks. I didn't tell Optimus because I know he wouldn't approve but one day I hope Vector Prime will access those datatracks, an Autobot once again. Now let's get you out of here, get some repairs in and finish our new entrance, before anyone suspects."

    "What about Dark Prime?!" Sunstreaker asked.

    "He'll awaken in a few megacylcles with a major headache, but he'll live. Let's just be out of here when that happens." With that Ratchet assisted Sunstreaker far enough to begin a patch up job that would hold till they could get back to Iacon. Four megacycles later, Vector Prime awaked in the citidel.

    "What?! How did I get back?!" He looked around until he saw Megatrons face looking in disapproval. "Megatron, I'm sorry. I... I..."

    "I'll hear no excuses Dark Prime! I know exactly what you've done. It's just too bad I found out just before you went into stasis lock. Furthermore you've brought nothing of use." Megatron turned his back quickly and walked to his thrown.

    "But the datatracks..."

    "They are useless! I already had Shockwave attempt to access them. They're encrypted with highly advanced safeguards and for the time being we haven't the ability to remove them."

    "But how did he know. I could have sworn I had him fooled." Dark Prime was puzzled.

    "I'm sure you did. What I wish to know is how Ratchet found out. Now leave my sight. I'm very disappointed with you Dark Prime." Megatron tilted his head down to him refusing to look at him. Dark Prime left the thrown room upset he couldn't please his master.
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    Awsome story. I love how transforming wasn't automatic. It's great that it was more of an evolution.
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    As I too eagerly await updates Cyberwolf1980 so far you can almost see and feel the story its like your there when it happens

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