Transformers: The Art of Destruction

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    My first fan fic. Be gentle. CONSTRUCTIVE critisism is welcome with hugz.

    A new chapter will be added every Friday.

    Note: All characters are in their Classics/Universe bodies. This takes place in an alternate universe from the Marvelverse. My take on what the Classics/Universe story should be.


    Transformers: The Art of Destruction​

    Chapter One-

    Cybertron Capital City of Iacon, 2:31 AM Earth time-

    War seemed like a natural thing on Cybertron. A primal force of nature, which could not be put to rest.

    It seemed to go on forever.

    Optimus Prime jumped behind a torn apart piece of metal. It would provide enough cover for him to reload.

    “Prowl, I want a retreat, on the double.”

    “Yes sir.”

    Prowl made a series of hand signals to the other Autobots, making it clear there was to be an evacuation.

    “Aw, but I was just startin’.” Ironhide said to himself, clutching a wound in his arm.

    Optimus fired a round at his arch enemy: Megatron. If it would work, it would be a distraction while the others fell back.

    Megatron could see through it.

    “They are running.”

    “Obviously.” Starscream retorted. Megatron’s face grew into a frown.

    “Starscream, take your seekers to point 28.39. Activate camouflage.” Megatron ordered.

    “With pleasure.”

    By then, most of the Autobots had begun to fall back, except for Prowl.

    “Come on, sir. We need to get you out of here.”

    “No. Get them to safety; I will hold the Decepticons off.


    “That wasn’t a request, Prowl.”

    Prowl’s expression grew dark, but he complied with his commander’s orders.

    “Onslaught: destroy Prime’s cover.”

    The giant robot known as Onslaught sent laser beam after laser bean out of the twin barrels mounted on his back. They can down and disintegrated whatever was in its path.

    Optimus was now exposed.

    “Prime, you cannot win. Give yourself up, and we will make your death quick.”

    Optimus considered. Megatron was right. It was Astrotrain, Onslaught and himself against Prime.

    Optimus looked again. Where had the Seekers gone to? Time enough to figure that out later, he thought.

    “Megatron this war has gone on long enough Let us finish it- here, now, one on one.”

    “Agreed, Prime.” Megatron cocked his Fusion Cannon. He ordered the Decepticons flanking him to join the Seekers.

    “Come to your doom.”

    Iacon Highway, 2:55 AM Earth time-

    Ironhide, Prowl, Sideswipe and Hot Rod sped along the abandoned Iacon Highway. The road had many cracks and dents in it, but it was still just functional.

    Suddenly, out of nowhere, four jets appeared up ahead. They were instantly recognizable as the Seekers. Starscream, Skywarp, Ramjet, and Acid Storm formed the group.

    “Well, well, well, look what we have here. Four reckless Autobots against four elite Decepticons. Who will win?” Starscream mocked.

    “Hey, I say we compress their corpses and melt them into liquid slag. This road could use a few patch ups.” Skywarp said.

    “Yeah, right after I impale them on my nosecone.” Ramjet responded.

    Starscream thought for a second.

    “You may do what you wish with them after you have killed them.”

    “Well, looks like this is it.” Sideswipe said.

    “Yup.” Ironhide also said.
    The Autobots were too depleted of energy to fight back. With nothing they could do, they watched as dozens of missiles sprang from the Seekers.

    Chapter Two-

    Cybertron Capital City of Iacon, 2:46 AM Earth time-

    “Look at yourself, Prime. It is quite amusing, in reality.”

    Megatron delivered a hard punch to Optimus’ torso.

    “Energy depleted, and your ammunition non existent, yet still you remain determined.”

    “As long as Energon pumps through my body, you shall not win this war.” Optimus said.

    “Indeed. We must fix that.”

    The Decepticon commander whirled his body to again hit Prime, but this time he avoided it, and countered by slamming Megatron to the ground.

    “I still have some fight left in me.”

    “This becomes tiresome, Prime. Now you must die.”

    Megatron flipped back onto his feet, gripped Prime by the chest plate, and crushed it in on itself. Oil and Energon rushed from the severed innards of Optimus, the Autobot falling to his knees.


    As a final blow, Megatron shot a blast from his Fusion Cannon clean through Prime’s chest.

    The Deceticon traced for signals of life.

    Iacon Highway, 3:07 AM Earth time-

    The four Autobots prepared to die.

    The rounds of fire were seconds away from the group.

    Four… three… two…

    Suddenly, as if a miracle struck, the missiles stopped in their paths, and fell to the ground.

    “Um… what just happened?” Ramjet asked.

    “Science happened.”

    The voice came from an Autobot hovering above. He was joined by another, taller Autobot.

    “Jetfire… thank Primus.” Prowl said.

    “Well Jetfire,” said the Autobot next to him, “Looks like we have some Deceptiscum to clean out.”

    “No. No! Not when we were so close to a victory...”

    Starscream transformed and hovered above the pack of Autobots.

    “We give up. We surrender. Take us, punish us, just please don’t kill us.”

    “What in- aargh!”

    Silverbolt whirled around to see Onslaught and Astrotrain closing in.

    “Fools. Decepticons do not give up. They conquer!”

    Onslaught shot an arsenal of weaponry down onto the Autobots. Jetfire moved in to deflect them while Silverbolt unleashed fire on Onslaught.

    Jetfire was able to deflect most of the fire- the rest were strays. One of them deflected and hit Acid Storm, who fell to the ground, going into stasis lock. Starscream looked over to Astrotrain.

    “Get Acid storm to the base for repairs. We can handle these fools.”

    Astrotrain nodded and scooped the damaged Decepticon into his ship mode.

    Silverbolt was spotted by Onslaught, who deployed his wrist mounted cannon and fired.

    A blast hit Silverbolt’s wing, forcing him to the ground.

    “There. Now it is even, Autobot scum.”
    “Scum?” Silverbolt cocked his blaster.

    “Go look in a mirror.”

    Starscream observed the battle.

    “Do not toy around, Decepticons. Slaughter them no- whagh?!”

    Prowl had transformed into vehicle mode and sped up on one of the torn ramps on the highway, sending him plunging into Starscream’s back.

    “Foolish Autobot. You have no change against Cybertron’s elite.

    “You Decepticons talk too much.”

    Hot Rod fired his plasma weapon at Ramjet, who’s thrusters were melted and he fell to the ground.

    The Decepticon transformed and fired his null rays. Hot Rod avoided them, drop kicking him into the ground.

    “How about I shove your nosecone into you, buddy?”

    Skywarp was about to fly over and help Ramjet, but Ironhide jumped and ran his energo blade into his wing. He transformed and kicked the Autobot away.

    “How’s times, old bot?”

    Skywarp warped behind Ironhide, and sent his fist into the Autobot’s back. Innards shattered and cracked.

    “Apparently not so good.”

    Jetfire rushed to Ironhide’s aid, kicking the Decepticon away and hurtling into a nearby wall.

    “Thanks, kid.”

    “Don’t mention it.”

    Silverbolt was aided by the other Autobots, and Onslaught eventually fell.

    Somehow, all of the Decepticon had been defeated.

    Suddenly, a voice came from the top of the highway.


    It was Megatron, and he held what made the Autobots go into shock.

    He dropped Optimus Prime’s corpse onto the ground, and placed a foot on destroyed chest.

    “Heed, Autobots. Optimus Prime is dead.”

    He kicked the dead Autobot to the others’ feet. Fluids spurted from him as he tumbled. A large hole resided in his chest, and his optics were pitch black.

    “Submit to me, for I am your new leader. Any who object shall suffer the same fate as he has. Freedom is the right of all dead beings.”
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    Pretty good there MechaBreaker.............. 1st time I ever read a Fan fic.
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    Thanks MG... the third part of the kickoff will be posted in due time.
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    Sorry guys,

    I am puting the 'fic on a hold, I am just too busy, and no one seems to be posting about it.

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