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    If there's anything I've learned about Reviews, especially the incoherent type, is that you cannot properly determine if your going to like something unless you buy it yourself. Well, that and listening to the 30 second clips, but even that isn't enough sometimes. It will leave you with a linger doubt of "Will I like it?" or "Will I Hate it?" This was basically the predicament I faced when venturing for the Various Artists soundtrack, though in the beginning I was truly searching for the Score ---like everyone else--- and was disappointed when I found out (from a Superherohype Forums based on said subject) there wasn't one produced.

    For a time, I was fussy about it, even went as far as hating the available Soundtrack without reason, but as time drew on I became less and less bothered by it. "It would come out when it would come out, if at all" I told myself, there was no point in beating a dead horse. So I decided to read some Reviews for the Various Artists soundtrack, and unsurprisingly I found a lot of disjointed and poorly written reviews save for one, entitled "I Feel bad for Steve Jablonsky", though it was no kinder than the poorly written reviews full of grammatical errors made of nightmares. The reviews that didn't bash the CD didn't give you much information on it or simply were skimpy responses to the spiteful reviews.

    So,'s customers were no help. I had to find out myself, so I bought it along with the soundtrack for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (best of the POTC soundtracks in its entirety. I & II had the best action themes, however).

    Transformers - The Album, is unlike any Various Artist Soundtrack released so far in 2007. Take it from someone who own the less than stellar Spider-Man II and Fantastic Four VA Soundtracks. It fits the atmosphere of the film quite well in most instances. While it has the usual popular artists (or not) lined up neatly in a semblance in which the music flows without a hitch, its no reason to dread unless you really hate mainstream teeny-rockers of the now. When reading the track listing and spotting names like "The Used" - "Taking Back Sunday" -- bands best known for screeching and not singing --, "HIM" - "Armor for Sleep" - "Idiot Pilot" - and "Mute Math" I immediately thought I had bought myself SM-II Redux Soundtrack. The only redeeming points seemed to be the presence Smashing Pumpkins, Linkin Park, Goo Goo Dolls, Disturbed, and Mike Shinoda. Once I put it in the CD player, it wasn't entirely convinced I had made the right choice until my third listen. Sufficed to say, in the long run its a good soundtrack.


    1. What I've Done - I had heard this song several months before the film's initial release and with the teaser trailer recently released, I thought this song would mesh well Transformers. Its Ironic that it would end up on the soundtrack, as if the heavens granted my wish. What I've Done is a moving piece from the revamped Linkin Park, hailing greatly from Breaking the Habit without so many electrical riffs. The melancholy beginning really sets the tone of the entire song and the lyrics are mournful and at the same time empower with determination to become stronger. However, like with most LP songs, its far too short and listening to it one too many times kills its atmosphere. - 4/5

    2. Doomsday Clock - This song is sort of like of the Pumpkins Bullet with Butterfly Wings without so much of a dark edge to it. Its hardcore rock in its purest form and it really gets the adrenaline pumping with its short lived intro. All in all its an awesome track (even better when Instrumental) worth listening to twice. - 4/5

    3. This Moment - I wasn't too crazy about this song at first; Unlike Stupify, Land of Confusion, and The Game, This Moment failed to click like they did. I thought it lacked the power of the usual Disturbed songs and just shifted to the next track on the CD. When I gave it another try, I was moody, and thus the song suddenly became another Disturbed song that clicked with me. Its guitar riffs and David Draiman's near-unintelligible vocals make this song what it is despite its lack of a guitar solo. - 5/5

    4. Before its Too Late - The title reminded me of "Across the stars" and I dreaded immediately. I hadn't listened to the Goo Goo Dolls in ages, and their once-recent release Let Love in had me thinking they were a done-for group of the past. So when I heard they had made a theme song for this soundtrack, I scratched my head at the sheer ludicrous logic of that move. They were best known for love-centric themes, what were they doing on this soundtrack? Transformers isn't a love story! However, if you listen closely, its not so much of a romantic song as is a song describing a developing friendship and two people taking chances they wouldn't normally to. Hence "Sam and Mikaela's Theme". Overall, its a beautiful song and probably one the best songs they've done in a long time. - 5/5

    5. Pretty Handsome Awkward - A 30 second clip doesn't do this song justice by a long shot. When you hear its Instrumental version in the film, the strength in this song really hits you. However, when you hear it with the Lyrics its takes a moment to get used to it as you become familiar with the track all over again. As expected, the singer does nothing but scream out his lyrics, but unlike most Used songs, it adds onto the energy and gets you excited despite their off-keyness. - 5/5

    6. Passion's Killing Floor - A song from Emo-wannabe rock band HIM usually spells disaster, but for once they've made something decent. This is one the first songs on the CD that feels out of place, detached from the overall atmosphere, but its an enjoyable listen nonetheless. - 4/5

    7. What its feel like to be a ghost? - The second out-of-sync song on the soundtrack. Like "This Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know)" there's pretty much nothing worth listening to (instrumental or lyrical), the teen-pop-rock mentality syndrome just kills it. Or it just might be because I don't like Taking back Sunday, but I doubt it. - 1/5

    8. Second to None - I honestly didn't think that this song would be included on the Soundtrack, or that it was a even song. When Prime introduces Bumblebee and he uses a instrument-less "Check on the Rep, second to none" as his theme, I thought it was another archive song --- I.E. bad rap from the early 90's. I was pleasantly surprised when listening to the song and Mike Shinoda reaches the aforementioned line in the song. The song reminds me a lot of the X-Ecutioners "Its Goin' Down" but its more upbeat, lacking the overbearing table-turning' scratching and the rapping is a lot better from all performers. All in all, Styles of Beyond's Second to None is a highly recommended song. - 5/5

    9. End of the World - Armor for Sleep sounds a lot like the trendy-rock/pop bands I keep talking about, of the present and while I was tempted to write them off as another said band (without the screaming), their song has some merit and their instruments don't sound as though they're being beating mindlessly upon by the band. The singing isn't half-bad either. - 4/5

    10. Retina in the Sky - Yet another song that falls out of sync with the atmosphere of the TF and the soundtrack overall. Nothing to say about this song besides its not recommended listening. - 1/5

    11. Technical Difficulties - Don't ask why, this song reminded of the virus Frenzy planted in the Government's computer mainframe and the trouble it causes. Besides that, its an awesome techno-rock song from the former band members of Orgy (they only song I ever heard from them was Fiction [Dreams In Digital] ). - 5/5

    12. Transformers Theme - Confusion runs amuck on the net as people are given not one, but three official-unofficial themes for this Transformers film. Two of which are from the Sector 7 Web site performed by unknown groups. The theme by Mute Math, is just as hit and miss as the S7 Themes (assuming you can even get into the web site to download them), but you get used to it the more you listen to it. Its not the greatest variation of the theme, [as I said before], certainly not was a great as Lion's version, but if you compare this to the three unofficial themes currently available for download (Black Lab's for instance), Mute Math is the one to go with. - 3/5


    All in all Transformers - The Album is obvious not for everyone, but for anyone who enjoys this kind of music without any bias towards it because of a certain unreleased Score, or compare it to 1986 Soundtrack (from a completely different era of music) then its a good buy overall. ----- [a 4 out of 5]

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