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    This FanFic will be the first in my own Transformer Continuity.

    Continuity: Original
    Plot: The Rise of Optimus Prime

    Chapter 1

    The highways of Cybertron are no busier than usual; each lane on the massive transportation system is near capacity. Skyscrapers of unimaginable heights connected by bridges at least 30 stories in the air decorate the busy streets below. In the middle of the northbound section of the highway, a blue streak zooms dangerously fast through the crowded highways, barely evading collisions with other vehicles. It hums and moans to itself as it tries to hurry through the crowded evening rush hour. Finally, it sees a rare opening and darts towards it. At last, the blue vehicle makes it out of the main highway and into the Capital District of Iacon.

    Scanning the city, the blue vehicle finds his destination: The Elite Guard Academy. As its wheels begin to speed up and skid on the cold metal street, it's conscience reminds itself that he's in the city, not the raceway. The alien streetcar begins to unfold, bend, twist, and stand upright until it resembles not a vehicle, but a robotic humanoid. The robot runs towards the Elite Guard Academy and enters its doors.

    On the seventh floor of the Elite Guard Academy, two more alien robots talk and chuckle amongst each other. Both of the robots are tall, elderly and have seen the heat of battle many times throughout their lives. One robot is mostly blue with hints of white and carries a sledgehammer, while the other robot is black with white markings on his body and has golden, crown shaped features on his head.

    "You never cease to impress me, Ultra Magnus," the black robot with white markings says to the other robot, "The training that these Elite Guard soldiers receive is remarkable. I couldn't ask for a better mentor."

    "Always a pleasure, Nova Prime," Ultra Magnus replies back, "I always apply the most realistic situations to the trainees in order to better prepare them for combat. Of course, the situations are within regulations." The blue robot added afterwards with a light laugh.

    "Ah, they're more or less guidelines anyway. The better prepared they are, the greater chance we have against purifying Cybertron of those retched Decepticons." Nova Prime paused for a moment afterwards, thinking about how he could address the next topic without appearing completely blunt. Not to much longer, he realized the blunt way was the only easy way, "So I here about this one student of yours, Ultra Magnus. He's a fourth year and has skills in all areas that are equal, even superior, to that of the seventh year graduates."

    Ultra Magnus pondered his aging thoughts for a moments, and then realized who the Autobot Leader was referring to, "Ah yes, Orion Pax. A fine trainee; passes all of his written exams with flying colors, does remarkably well in the battle simulations, and gets along with the others quite easily. Well...aside from U-Turn."

    "Might as well put this bluntly," Nova said letting out a deep sigh, "I want you to advance Orion Pax to the seventh year. The graduating class."

    Ultra Magnus was shocked; not at why his superior requested so, but at the fact that Nova Prime was strict on rules. "With all due respect sir, I cannot. I understand your reasoning and agree...but the Elite Guard Code will not allow me to pass a student that far in their training. A year would be acceptable, but skipping the rest of his fourth year and jumping ahead another three?"

    "I know I'm one to stick to rules, but I can let this one slide. Orion's a great student, holding him back could bore him and hinder his true potential."

    "Even if I advance him to the graduating class, what will the Senate think? Their audio receptors hear everything and anything that goes around Cybertron and they'll be sure to..."

    Nova smiled and put his hand on Ultra Magnus's shoulder, "Magnus, listen to me. I'll handle the Senate. That's not their concern in the first place. Axalon Maximus has scrapmetal shoved far up his crankcase and will bicker at anything to boost his ego. Go ahead and advance Orion to the graduating class. Also, be sure to give him the final assignment, just like the rest of the graduates. Should anyone fret, I'll pull some bogus, yet believable excuse from out of my processor."

    "Will do, sir," Ultra Magnus nodded in obedience, and walked out the door with his hammer in hand. Before he could exit the room, Nova Prime interrupted him.

    "Don't think low of yourself for breaking the rules, Ultra Magnus. You've done well as an soldier, an instructor to these trainees, and as a comrade. After all, I was trained by the best," Nova Prime remarked before he himself departed the room.

    Before either of them had reached the beginning of the flight of stairs, a blue robot raced up the staircase and barely avoided knocking down Nova Prime and Ultra Magnus. Saluting, the blue figure began talking rapidly.

    "Blurr reporting for duty, Nova Prime...and er...Ultra Magnus. I'm here on behalf of Axalon Maximus to remind you both about the High Council Meeting tomorrow night. Axalon expects all the commanders to be there, including the both of you. Furthermore, I'm here to alert you that Prowl has doubled the security efforts on Polyhex due to the Decepticons raids. That it all. And do not be late." Blurr halted his speech and raced off before either of the elders could utter a sound.

    "Well my audio receptors are burning," Nova Prime grinned, "Oh...but they'll be worse tomorrow. Last thing I need is Axalon ranting over and over again. Wish I could bypass the Senate's decision just to avoid hearing that glitch."

    "A bit harsh choice of words, eh?" asked Ultra Magnus.

    "Harsh," Nova replied, "But accurate."

    ***Later that evening***

    The Elite Guard Academy was having it's weekly showdowns in the indoor arena. Hosted by Meister, these approved sparring matches helped the trainees better prepare themselves for melee and hand-to-hand combat. The arena lights flickered on from above as Meister, a silver Elite Guard commander, stepped into the center of the arena, acting as the referee. From the surrounding bleachers, Elite Guard trainees howled and cheered in excitement.

    Two combatants entered from the east and west sides of the arena. From the eastern side entered a medium-sized red and blue robot with an orange and blue energy axe in one hand, and a shield in the other. A tall, black and green robot stomped in from the west side, spinning around two dual bladed lances in his hands.

    "Alright, Elite Guard Academy! Welcome to the Arena Showdown!" Meister announced to the roaring crowd, "Are you ready?" An ear shattering screech wailed from the audience as Meister saw their excitement through his blue visor, "Okay then. Tonight we're having two very special competitors in the arena. Two Academy favorites, that is. In the western corner we have the most skilled swordsman of the sixth year class: Turnabout!"

    A large majority of the crowd cheered as Turnabout sprung himself up in the air, and made a solid and earthshaking landing a few seconds later. Two black pieces from either side of his face came forward and merged into a battlemask, while a few pieces of armor bulked up around his body. He activated his dual energy lances, which glew a bright blue.

    "And in the Eastern Corner, we have one of our top students. Only a fourth year and having props like graduates: Orion Pax!!!"

    An equally loud cheer rose up from the audience as Orion activated his shield and his faceplate sprung up over his mouth. The look in his eyes changed from confidence to competitive. Orion stepped forward to greet his opponent.

    Taking both the combatant's hands, Meister made the two rivals shake hands before the confrontation; both combatants complied without misbehaving. "Okay guys, the crowd's been waiting for this one. Heck, I've been waiting for this fight. Now I want a clean fight from both of you. Originality is always welcome in the arena, but anything dirty will result in a victory for the other Autobot. Once your opponent declares defeat or I determine your opponent is no longer able to fight, you will stop fighting immediately. Am I clear?"

    "Yes, sir," Orion and Turnabout replied.

    "Good. Good luck to both of you, and make the crowd happy."

    ***In the bleachers***

    "So Gears, who are you betting on?" asked a red, cheerful Autobot.

    "I'm voting on Orion. He's tough and he knows what he's doing," replied Gears

    "Stupid move, I'm betting on Turnabout. He'll crush Orion," laughed the red one.

    "I'm stupid, Warpath? Turnabout is only good in the beginning. Orion is a slow starter, but he's got the endurance of a veteran," Gears sneered back.

    ***Back at the arena***

    "Academy Bots, let's here it for our fighters!" Meister announced as he gave the crowd one last shout of enthusiasm before the brawl began, "Okay. Orion, Turnabout, get ready." There was a long pause as the two fighters stared at each others' feet, determining their movements, "GO!"

    The arena exploded with cheers and jeers as Orion made the first move. Activating his short-distance jet-boosters on his legs, Orion veered off to the left before Turnabout could charge towards him. Attaching a cable to one of his double bladed lances, Turnabout threw his lance like a boomerang at Orion, making a minor cut in Orion's left forearm. Half of the crowd cheered as the other half started to encourage Orion.

    Controlling his temper, Orion assessed the situation. He went with his better judgment and decided against a foolish attack. Orion readied his boosters again, but this time charged head on at his opponent. Ready for his move, Turnabout spun his blades in circles around his hands and shoved his weapons towards Orion. In less than a second, Orion applied more power to his boosters and evaded the thrusts from Turnabout's lances. Seizing the moment, Orion punched Turnabout in chest with his left hand, and knocked out one of his lances with his axe.

    Turnabout steadied himself as Orion touched the ground. Rethinking his plan, the green and black Autobot spun his lances around again, but threw both of them at either side of Orion. Orion avoided the lances by backing up, but realized Turnabout had lunged over him. Returning the act from last time, Turnabout slammed his fists into Orion's back and retrieved his lances. Orion recoiled from Turnabout's punch and scuffled a few inches. Almost immediately, Orion swung his energy axe at Turnabout's legs and managed to hit his right one. Turnabout groaned as sparks started to fly from a little exposed circuitry.

    Orion contemplated a final blow attack that could quickly end the match, but thought for a half-second too long. The next thing he knew, Turnabout's right leg swept Orion from off his feet and on to his crankcase, and delivered a punch that indented into Orion's chest. With a few shards of glass from his the windshield of his Cybertronian truck mode shattered and major denting occured, Orion's temper was beginning to take over. Firmly grasping his axe, Orion activated his jet boosters and zoomed towards the other fighter. Turnabout spun around and he blocked Orion's frontal and right axe swings. The swing from the rear was unstoppable from his current position, and seconds later, Turnabout had a major indent in his back.

    "You're pretty good, Orion," Turnabout remarked as a green shrapnel fell off his back, "But I'm not out." Turnabout thrusted his lances forward, and along with Orion, engaged in their weapons clashing across the stadium. Both their momentums were being built and crumbled as axe and lances clung, each clash growing stronger and louder until the roar of the crowds made even the loudest clang inaudible.

    A short while later, Turnabout's left lance struck the bottom of the head of Orion's axe, causing the axe head to fall off. Orion's mighty weapon was no more than a pole with a jagged top end. Orion's temporary shock gave Turnabout an opportunity to send Orion flying backwards. Turnabout took the opportunity, slashing Orion's legs just below the knee, but unintentionally stabbed Orion in the upper chest with the tip of his blade, something Meister did not like. Looking towards the referee, Turnabout muttered "my bad" under his breath, although it was still frowned upon by Meister and the crowd. Nonetheless, the match went on.

    Now laying on his back, Orion's faceplate now donned a crack. He pushed himself upright and grabbed his broken axe. He used his shattered axe as a cane to stabilize himself on his injured knees. As he got up, he saw one of his boosters was broken, but left it alone. Deep inside, he thought Turnabout stabbed him on purpose, but his moral conscience stopped him from repeating his Turnabout's actions. Nevertheless, Orion's anger was starting to get the best of him.

    Turnabout started to charge forward in an attempt to deliver a crippling blow. Examining the moving target within a matter of nanoseconds, Orion threw his axe handle like a javelin straight at Turnabout. The axe handle did not penetrate through Turnabout's armor, but it did stop his momentum and halted his attack. Orion was ready and charged towards Turnabout, clenching his fist. With all his might, Orion delivered an uppercut which caught Turnabout off guard right in his opponent's middle torso. Turnabout crashed, and raised his hand in surrender. Meister approached Orion and raised the victor's hand up in the air for all to see. The crowd was pleased, and Orion's supporters rose from their seats.

    "You owe me," Gears grinned at Warpath.

    "Aww...shuddup...we never shook on anything." Warpath sneered back. Gears grumbled under his breath afterwards. "Psht. Still called it."

    ***Meanwhile from above the stadium***

    A small radar dish with a small box is hooked up to the observation tower above the stadium. The dish itself moves as it captures the final moments of the fight. As the medics rush to the field to escort the combatants to the medical bunker, the crowd empties the arena and head back to their own bunkers. When the arena finally clears, the dish itself splits in half and the box it is connected to begins to transform. After it unfolds itself, it becomes a small mechanical bird and flies off into the night sky. Two small antennae resembling tail feathers pop out from the rear of the bird, and begin to transmit data to a far away location.

    ***Somewhere far away from the arena***

    A blue and gray robot with a red visor stands in front of a large computer mainframe. The signal transmitted by the mechanical bird starts to appear on the monitor. A fast-forwarded visual of the fight appears, and the blue robot nods in success. Two other robots approach, both of them bearing identical purple insignia similar to the ones found on the bird and the blue robot.

    "Lord Megatron, Laserbeak has recorded the information as you've wished," the blue robot said in a monotone.

    Megatron stepped forward from out of the shadows. His tall, bulky, gray body had a commanding presence which demanded the utmost loyalty. His face gave a crooked smile, indicating all was going his way. He raised his right hand which had a cold, black fusion cannon attached to it, and massaged it with his left hand in satisfaction. "Excellent. Your reconnaissance and infiltration drones have yet to fail me, Soundwave."

    "Appreciated," Soundwave replied in his robotic monotone, as the third robot remained in the shadows. His scarlet armor still shined in the darkness, and the small hints of gray and black mixed on his jet wings were all too noticeable for him to blend in. Frowning in disgust, the scarlet robot approached Megatron and Soundwave.

    "So what, we've seen many young Autobots fight. Why are these two so important that we send out Laserbeak to observe."

    Megatron answered right after the scarlet robot uttered the lats syllable. "Starscream, you arrogant fool. You think you've seen everything just because you're always on the battlefield. Have you ever thought about why you continue to stay on the battlefield instead of calling the shots from behind?"

    "Maybe I'm not as cowardice as some of your lieutenants. Perhaps I have what it takes to be an actual commander rather than a figurehead in one of the Decepticon branches."

    "A coward, Starscream?" Soundwave said as two panels arose from his back and began pulsating high frequency soundwaves in the air. Megatron was immune to the attacks, but Starscream was agonized in pain. "ENOUGH!!!" Starscream howled as he shot null rays point blank at Soundwave. The communications expert was sent backwards a few feet, but remained standing.

    "SILENCE!" Megatron slammed his fist, causing both soldiers to cease and obey, "This class of trainees are stronger. I've seen Orion before. He's the one who assisted in stopping my first raid on Polyhex. It cost the life of one of my former lieutenants. Be very fortunate for Orion, Starscream. Without him, you would still be answering to S..."

    "I know," Starscream said as he stormed out the room, "Don't remind me."

    ***Later, in the Academy Medical Bunker***

    "Good game, Orion. You're pretty tough," Turnabout congratulated his former opponent, "For a fourth year, you're impressive."

    "Speak for yourself. You crippled me," Orion chuckled as he returned the respects to his comrade as a medic analyzed his wounds. "How am I, doc?"

    "You're going to need a few plates undented, which can be done right here, right now. But I might have to patch up your knees. Turnabout, you know you're not supposed to hit the joints, right?"

    "" Turnabout answered, unsure.

    "Might want to check on the rules on arena combat," Meister said walking into the room, "Good job to both of you. And congratulations Orion, another job well done."

    "Thanks, Meister," Orion said to the referee.

    "Orion Pax to Ultra Magnus's chambers. Repeat, Orion Pax to Ultra Magnus's chambers."

    "I have to go," Orion said as the medic stopped him. The medic pushed a button on the side of his head, communicating with Ultra Magnus himself.

    "Commander, you need to come down to the Medical Barrack yourself. Orion's gonna need a few circuits soldered and put back in place."

    "Understood," Ultra Magnus replied to the medic, "I'll be down as soon as I can. But with all this work, I might be delayed."

    "So is he coming?" asked Orion.

    "Not for awhile. In the meantime, lock yourself in stasis lock. I'm going to have to replace a few circuits in your legs. Trust me, the stasis lock will help you heal faster. You might feel it a few hours afterwards, but by tomorrow at midday, you should be fine."

    "Thanks, doc," Orion said as his blue eyes faded to gray and his body laid motionless in stasis lock.

    END of Chapter 1. Constructive Criticism is welcome.
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    It gave some interesting insights on the past of prime. Only thing I would say is Blurr was not yet created at the time Optimus was not yet the leader. I did love the story and enjoyed the descriptions of Cybertron that you gave.
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    This isn't G1 if that's what you thought. This is a whole new continuity, a different universe. Hope that clears things up.

    Thanks for your opinion though, sorry for the confusion. Glad you like the story so far!
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    NICE start. Definitely looking forward to reading more about your own continuity. ^^
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    Thanks to both of you for your opinions, and thanks to those who've read Chapter 1. And thus, the story continues.

    Chapter 2

    Elite Guard Medical Bay

    "Power capacity: 100%. Fully charged," the generator announced as the final jolts of electricity were pumped into Orion's body. The medic had finished soldering the final circuits a few moments beforehand, and now stood above the young trainee, waiting for him to rise. Suddenly, Orion's eyes were illuminated with blue and he began to slowly sit upright.

    "The operation was a success. You may feel slightly unsteady in your legs, but all the servos are hooked up and everything should be back to normal within a few hours. Go easy on the training drills today...the recovery process won't take as long."

    "Thanks, doctor," the young Autobot said as he managed to rise from his operating bed, "By the way, was anyone able to repair my axe?"

    "I'm not sure. I remember Meister..." the medic answered before Meister himself walked into the room. In one Meister held Orion's axe, still broken in two pieces. Confused, Orion walked over to his mentor.

    "Sorry Orion, but the mechanics couldn't fix your axe. Something about the ion emitter being shattered. Either way, Ultra Magnus watched the fight later last night. He was pretty damn impressed, and he wants to see you in his private office."

    "I'm on it." Orion nodded at Meister and walked out from the medical bunker. Once outside, the Autobot remained motionless for a split second before his body began to transform. His head folded into his chest as his legs collapsed to the ground. Both of his arms tucked beneath his torso as wheels popped from out of the sideds. Orion's chest protruded forward and connected together until a windshield and cabin formed. Finally, two small pipes resembling smokestacks popped out from the cabin and the alien truck set out from the Elite Guard barracks.

    It had been awhile since Orion drove in his alternate mode, and he forgot how long the academy was. Switching gears, Orion sped past the endless row of dark green bunkers. Most of the bunkers displayed an Autobot symbol with a blue ring around it, indicating it was a trainee bunker. Few of them had Autobot symbols with twin swords crossed behind it, notifying that they were actual soldiers stationed in the area. Finally, Orion reached the end of the long road, where a large bunker was located, displaying an Autobot symbol with twin sledgehammers crossed. The trainee knew this was Elite Guard headquarters and walked into the gates.

    A security officer halted Orion before he could take one foot inside the premises. "Identification?" the officer asked. "Orion Pax, 4th year trainee," Orion answered. Yellow beams emitted from out of the security officer's eyes and swept across Orion's body. From within the officer's head, a wire framed image of Orion's body as well as detailed schematics were downloaded and analyzed. A process which would take several days for a standard computer took merely seconds inside the officer's head. Lastly, the officer scanned Orion's Autobot symbol and the security clearance was complete. "Go ahead."

    The door to the dual-barricaded entrance was opened, allowing Orion to pass. The headquarters was twice as large as Orion's bunker, and was packed with Elite Guard officers of all ranks, as well as security officers posted at every major entrance. From out of nowhere another security officer approached Orion.

    "Excuse me," the officer greeted the young Autobot, "You must be Orion, right?"

    "Yeah, that's me," Orion answered politely.

    "Ultra Magnus was looking for you. Right this way please," the officer gestured with his hands for Orion to proceed to the right. Orion obeyed as the security officer escorted him to the Elite Guard Commander's room. As the two passed down two major hallways, the noise and commotion that occupied the entrance grew softer and softer until only a few murmurs could be heard. At the end of a maze of hallways, Ultra Magnus's room stood. The officer gave the okay for Orion to advance forward, and the two entered Ultra Magnus's private chamber.

    "Yes?" Ultra Magnus asked, seeing Orion following the officer, "Oh Orion, thank you for joining us."

    "Us?" Orion asked as the security officer took his post in front of the door, "Who is 'us'?" As Orion looked around, a tan, bulky robot revealed himself from a shadowy corner. At first, Orion seemed slightly intimidated, but quickly discovered the Elite Guard Crest on his left shoulder. The big figure had tough looking build to him, and his face had a few minor wrinkles. He had a commanding presence, but he smiled at Orion and saluted him. "Um...hello," Orion blurted out, not knowing what to make of the situation.

    Ultra Magnus gestured both Orion and the tan robot to sit down in front of his desk, to which both obeyed. Everyone in the room knew what was going on, except Orion who had an expression of confusion and uneasiness on his face. As Orion began to sit down, he felt his legs and knees slightly twitching, and the tan robot smiled again. "Um...sir, with all due respect, what's going on here?"

    "Relax, Orion Pax, you're not in trouble," Ultra Magnus smiled as he tried to ease the young Autobot, "In fact, I have very good news. Last night before your fight with Turnabout, I was in a meeting with our leader, Nova Prime. One of our items of discussion was you and your performances here in the academy. I'll admit it right here, right now. Out of all the Elite Guard Trainee's I've seen, you're one of the special ones. I'm afraid the all the planets in the Cybertronian Empire align more frequently than this opportunity comes around, Orion Pax. Anyways, the point is, I'm advancing you from a fourth year to a graduating student."

    At this point, Orion was both flattered and shocked. He appreciated the kind words, but did not know what to make of his advancement. Astounded, Orion only had these words on his mind, and spoke them. "I'm honored, commander, but has this ever been done before?"

    "A three year skip?" the tan Autobot spoke in a low and scratchy voice, "No. There have been trainees who have skipped one or two years, but skills so early in the training at your years? Unheard of. You should feel proud."

    "Yes, congratulations, Orion Pax. You will be graduating along with the seventh years as soon as this semester is over. However, you still have one final task to complete."

    The excitement that pulsed through Orion's body suddenly came to a stop. Confused, Orion raised an eyebrow and spoke, "Final task? I thought I proved myself as a worthy member of the Elite Guard. Wasn't that the whole point of this academy? Were my four years for nothing?"

    "Easy, did not let me finish," Ultra Magnus interrupted, "No, your four years here were not in the least wasted. You've proven yourself that you can survive the simulations and scenarios we give you. But your real test begins now."

    The tan Autobot stood up from his seat and explained, "The final task is infamous throughout the seventh year students. It is the most difficult test to complete, and the longest. Towards the end of your seventh year, each student is assigned a planet within the Cybertronian Empire or that is currently being explored or monitored by Autobots. On the planet your are assigned, there is a small Decepticon threat. Your task is to eliminate the threat while causing minimal damage to the planet and it's locals. It is preferred that the Decepticons are brought back alive, but if killing is necessary, so be it."

    Orion was speechless. Although he felt proud to have been given the chance, he was a little unsure about himself. Ultra Magnus couldn't be wrong in doing this,Orion thought to himself, He's been in charge of the Elite Guard longer than I've been online, he knows what he's doing. But am I ready for this?

    "The seventh years depart for their tests in a week. I know it is short notice, but this matter was brought to my attention less than a day ago. Do you accept this, Orion Pax?"

    "Yes," Orion answered as his moral conscience barked at him, "I'm ready."

    "Excellent. By the way, it's best you get yourself familiar with this veteran," Ultra Magnus stated, pointing to the tan Autobot sitting to Orion's right, "He'll be your veteran mentor on your journey. We wouldn't send you on your first mission without assistance. This is Breakdown. He and I were in the same graduating class, and he's been in the middle of some of Cybertron's darkest hours."

    "Recall the Third Seige of Kaon, the Space Prison Break, and the Fourth Battle of the Rust Sea?" Breakdown asked Orion.

    "All of those battles and you survived?" Orion asked dumbfounded, "You must be tough for a veteran. No offense."

    "None taken, I know I'm old, no older than Ultra Magnus though. I've been around for quite sometime and I've been in battles which historians dedicate existance to studying, but I've still got it," Breakdown added as he rotated his arms around, with no sound of cracking or gears jamming.

    "Tomorrow afternoon, you will be introduced to your teammates," Ultra Magnus instructed, "Get to learn your team, their personalities, their weaknesses, and their strengths. They may help or hinder your ability to finish the mission. But for today, I say congratulations one more time. Breakdown, escort Orion back to his bunkers. Good day to both of you."

    Unicron's Halo Asteroid Belt

    It wasn't called Unicron's Halo for nothing. Located tens of thousands of miles away from Cybertron, it contained asteroids that were the sizes of large continents. Once thought to be a strategic hiding spot in space battles, Unicron's Halo is now forbidden by both Autobots and Decepticons alike. For if the asteroids did not pulverize your space vessel, you became lost forever inside the moving maze of giant space rock.

    Within the cluster of rock and debris, a small, blue Decepticon shuttle slowly moves about, keeping its distance from whatever would hurl towards it. If sound could travel through space, echos of loud arguing could be heard from Cybertron itself...possibly giving away their location.

    Inside the shuttle stood a crew of Decepticons. A blue Decepticon with tiny jet wings coming out of its arms screeched at a smaller and thinner Decepticon, who was primarily white with hints of red and black. As the two bickered and quarreled, two other Decepticons tried to perform their tasks while covering both their audio receptors.

    "By Primus, will Dirge and Fracture ever shut up?!!!" yelled a short, green Decepticon in similar structure to the blue one, "I think my processor will short circuit if I here anymore. What do you think, Deadlock?"

    "Yeah," said the Deadlock, who was tall, bulky, and had armor as black and cold as the space outside them, "You're right, Acid Storm. HEY YOU TWO, SHUT UP ALREADY!!"

    "Oh, stay out of it, malfunction!" yelled Dirge, the blue Decepticon, "This is between me and the slag woman,"

    "Slag woman?" screeched Fracture as Acid Storm and Deadlock ducked for cover, "You're one to talk. Do you choose to be arrogant, or did the factory misassemble your motherboard? I'm telling you, you're going to ram our ship into a large asteroid. Typhonus is already short circuiting, you want him to overload?"

    "Typhonus can face me like a real Decepticon if he has a problem with my navigation skills," Dirge bickered as Typhonus himself stepped out from the door behind him, "Do you see that self-centered, mercenary wanna-be anywhere? Well, DO YOU FRACTURE???"

    "Take a good look behind you, Dirge," Typhonus demanded in his cold voice. Dirge spun around in fear, seeing his captain behind him. Pulling out his ion cannon, Typhonus shot a concentrated blue energy beam directly at Dirge's head, causing him to fall over. A burn mark was now engraved in the Decepticon's torso. The ship's captain grabbed Dirge by the neck and his bright crimson eyes glared into Dirge's, "I don't know why you think your word is law on my ship, when your words are utterly useless to me." Typhonus literally threw Dirge across the entire bridge of the ship, and the blue Decepticon slammed into a minor computer.

    "Finally, the iron lung shuts up," Fracture laughed, as Typhonus wasn't finished speaking.

    "Don't think you're innocent, Fracture. Although you prove your use as part of my team, I rarely tolerate insolence," the captain growled, "Be very lucky of that. Consider this your only warning upon your servitude on my crew."

    "Captain Typhonus, we have an incoming signal from Megatron. He really wants to speak to you," Deadlock notified.

    "Put him through," Typhonus ordered; Deadlock obeyed his master's command. The giant computer monitor aboard the ship currently was displaying the radar map around their ship. Within a second, the screen filled up with an image of Megatron alone.

    "Typhonus, I wish to speak to you and you alone. Decepticons, head to your quarters," the Decepticon leader ordered. All the crew members were confused, but dared not to refuse Megatron's orders and followed. "Good. Any issues with your team?"

    "As usual, Dirge continues with his bickering. It's starting to ruin my other soldiers, sir."

    "Precisely why I assigned them to your team. You were the best leader to sort them out. Perhaps I was mistaken."

    "Oh no, sir. I'm sure I'll find a way to straighten Dirge out without...putting him offline."

    "Anyhow, I have a task for you to complete. The planet Nebulon is close to your location, only twenty or so thousand miles away. Traveling there through hyperspace shouldn't be an issue."

    "Isn't Nebulon Autobot controlled though?"

    "Hardly. It's in the outer rim of the Empire, and the Autobots hardly keep a watch on it. Until recently, it proved little use to the Decepticons and I felt like I was wasting my time putting undercover agents there. Like I said, recently things have changed. Approximately five days ago Shockwave received intelligence of a very precious Energon source on Nebulon, one the Autobots have yet to discover. Are you aware of Silver Energon, Typhonus?"

    "No sir,"

    "Millions of years ago before life appeared on Nebulon, the planet's atmosphere was covered in a very thick gas. The conditions of the planet were precise enough to produce massive underground pools of Energon. As the gas disappeared and the planet's ability to trap excessive heat disappeared with it, life began to inhabit the planet. During the course of the planet's history, the massive pools of burning hot energon cooled rapidly. What our scientists guess is that the combination of rapid cooling and the minerals in the planet's crust formed the silver color."

    "So what's important that color makes the difference?"

    "Much more than you think. The minerals on Nebulon alone are enough to keep our bodies, weapons, and vehicles running five times longer than on a normal recharge. Combine the mineral effects with the effects of properly harvested Energon, and the Decepticons could easily outdo the Autobots within a matter of hours. I'm assigning you and your team to head to Nebulon and protect the source. Colonizing the planet in the name of the Decepticons is also part of your mission. Effective immediately. Do you understand?"

    "Yes, Lord Megatron. Orders heard loud and clear."

    "Good. Don't disappoint me," Megatron barked as his image disappeared.

    "Great, another mission full of wasted time," Typhonus grumbled under his breath, "I deserve better than scavenger hunting and colonizing weak planets," Typhonus looked over at his crew who had just exited their quarters, "If Dirge wasn't part of the problem, it wouldn't be as bad. But I get stuck with the glitches too. It's a great existance for me."

    Later that day: Autobot Bootcamp

    Strolling along with his new mentor, Orion Pax walked through Autobot Bootcamp. Unlike the Elite Guard where an invitation was necessary to be accepted, Autobot Bootcamp took everyone else who wanted to defend Cybertron for the right reasons. Most of the soldiers had nasty tempers and even nastier vocabularies, but were willing to risk their lives to defend those they cared about. Giving looks of disgust, Orion tried not looking at some of the meaner ones. Breakdown gave another famous smirk and turned his head towards Orion.

    "They're not so bad. You've never been around actual soldiers before, have ya?" Breakdown's scratchy voice asked, "You get used to them, and if you treat them with respect, they'll become very useful allies."

    "Useful?" Orion questioned, "Some of them seem like they don't know how to go into stasis lock, and I'll have to command them?"

    "Hahaha...they're smarter than they look. Trust me, if you're that loose in the circuit board, you don't make it past Basic Combat. Besides, I've already met your team, they don't seem half bad. C'mon, it's about time you've met them as well. "

    Breakdown escorted Orion through the boot camp, where some soldiers gave thumbs up to Orion. Obviously, they know who he was and about his promotion. Others came up to Orion and gave him simple, yet kind hellos. Breakdown himself was largely famous among some of the older soldiers, greeting him with variations of hugs and knuckle touches. At a station labled 84BRID, two other soldiers and a medic awaited.

    The three newcomers looked at Orion with hope. The same couldn't be said for Orion. Although the medic look like he had his cranial systems online, the two other trainees didn't. The spunkier one was short and yellow, and whispered into the audio receptor of the taller trainee. Elbowing the yellow one in the chest, the taller trainee nodded at Orion.

    "Whazzup?" the yellow one asked, "My name's Bumblebee. Been in this landfill for two years and I'm finally getting out into the battlefield."

    "Trailbreaker," the taller black one addressed himself, "Don't worry, Bumblebee isn't so bad. Just likes having fun," turning towards Bumblebee, "At other's expenses."

    "I'm Ratchet," the medic addressed himself, who was primarily white with blue limbs and red patterns on his armor, "Fresh out of Iacon University of Medicine and Mechanics. First in my class."

    "Really?" asked Orion, quite impressed with Ratchet, "How long is the program there?"

    "To get where I am now, about three years," Ratchet replied, as Orion and Ratchet already found friends in one another.

    "So how were your seven in the Academy, umm..." Bumblebee asked as he tried remembering his new commander's name.

    "It's Orion. And I'm actually in my fourth year. Ultra Magnus skipped me ahead to my final task."

    "Congrats, glad to know ya," Trailbreaker said as he extended his hand out for a handshake. Orion accepted, "Good to know our leader knows what he's doing. And we have Breakdown tool. I already feel better about this now."

    "Umm...yeah, congrats," Bumblebee congratulated as he felt bummed about himself.

    "Don't worry," Orion added, "I'll be sure to turn you and Trailbreaker into great soldiers, Bumblebee. If you cooperate with me, I'll return the favor."

    "Good attitude and state of mind, Orion," Breakdown added, "We don't know our planet yet, but within a few days time we should receive news from Ultra Magnus. I'll report that information back. It was good to see this team together for the first time. Respect your commander, and Orion I expect the same in return to your teammates. If we all get along, this mission will become easier....and new comrades will be made as well. We'll meet back here tomorrow at the same time. In the meantime, the rest of the day is yours to enjoy. Good day to you all."

    "Thanks, Breakdown," Orion and the remainder of his team spoke in unison. Bumblebee and Trailbreaker went off together, while Orion stuck around to chat with Ratchet a little more.
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    BTW: If anyone is interested in Tech Specs for the major characters, I'll be happy to post them.

    Chapter 3

    Location: Space Above Nebulon

    Typhonus's shuttle exits from a wormhole about 200 miles away from Nebulon as Dirge struggles to keep the portal open wide enough. Because of their travel through hyperspace, the Decepticon team now struggles with low fuel reserves. Angry and impatient, Typhonus snatches the controls from Dirge and pilots the ship himself as he attempts to enter Nebulon's atmosphere. He shifts the shuttle's engines into overdrive, causing the already-dangerously low fuel supply to wither away.

    From the planet's surface, a squadron of eight Autobot Combat Drones patrols the local grounds. As Typhonus's ship becomes visible from the sky, the drones look up, initially mistaking it for a large meteor. The "leader" of the squad quickly analyzes the object with his single blue visual receptor, and declares it as a threat. All eight drones morph their right arms into fusion pulse-cannons and shoot at the engines of the ship. A few of the blasts manage to blow out one of the thrusters, but the ship continues to hurl down towards the planet at hundreds of miles per hour.

    "Drone 8, trajectory status," commanded the drone leader.

    "Headed towards the nearest town," Drone 8 notified, "It's a Decepticon shuttle. Shall we alert the locals?"

    "Negative. Chances of evacuation are 0. It's moving much too fast. But we need to rush towards the shuttle and stop the Decepticons on board before they reach the locals."

    The drones were right. The Nebulons aren't able to get a second glance at the ship as it obliterates everything it it's path. Like rocks being thrown across a pond, Typhonus's ship bounces on and off the ground until gravity sucks the ship into the hard, rocky terrain. Within seconds, the ship comes to a complete stop and is partially buried beneath the hard rock and the ruin and rubble of the destroyed town. After the impact, the squadron of drones begin to charge towards the remains of the shuttle.

    A steel plate of the Decepticon ship breaks off as Fracture kicks it from the inside. Taking their first steps onto Nebulon, the Decepticons look in awe of the destroyed city. Fracture cannot contain herself as she explodes in giddiness and satisfaction. Dirge emerges from the ship quite pleased with the results, while Deadlock and Acid Storm simply jump off and walk through the debris. Typhonus is the last to exit, not moved in anyway from the aftermath of carnage. Not even the corpses of at least 170 Nebulon bodies bring him the least bit of accomplishment.

    Nebulon itself was a very Earth-like planet aside from it's green skies and very rocky terrain. Before being crushed by the Decepticon shuttle, the village had houses made out of clay with metal covered over it for extra protection. The few patches of overgrown grass housed a colony or so of harmless fly-like insects. A few large puddles of muddy water could be found inside the village, but are now nothing more than mounds of hardening mud that surround the crash site of the ship. Shards of the clay-metal houses are found across the area. Even some of the smaller fragments are blown into dust by a heavy breeze.

    "Deadlock, scan the area. Are there any Autobots in range?" Typhonus barked.

    Doing as he was commanded, red beams were emitted from Deadlock's eyes, sweeping the entire perimeter of the town and it's outlands, "Yes. Eight combat drones about three miles away and approaching. They know we're here. Looks like Theta Class drones to me."

    "This shouldn't be too difficult. Decepticons, engage!" Typhonus commanded as he transformed into his gray and silver Cybertronian Destroyer mode. Dirge and Acid Storm converted into their blue and green Cybertronian Fighter Jet forms, respectively. Fracture's body morphed into a Cybertronian race car while Deadlock transformed into a heavily armored Cybertronian tank. All five of them were eager for actual combat.

    Marching towards their enemies, the eight Autobot drones saw their opponents incoming towards them, though Deadlock approached slower than the others. To make up for his speed, Deadlock fired two concentrated energy beams from his twin turrets, which shook the ground beneath the eight drones. Acid Storm followed by launching a barrage of disintigration lasers at the drones, piercing their armor. To retaliate, three of the drones formed a barricade by activating large energy shields on their left arms. The remaining five took aim at the Decepticons and opened fire.

    Frustrated, Typhonus transformed and his twin red shoulder cannons lowered and fired at the five shooting drones, knocking three of them out. Dirge zoomed around behind the drones and decapitated two of them with twin energy katana. Fracture had the last bit of excitement and ripped out out the sparks of the remaining three with her bare hands. Seeing the three drones he knocked out, Typhonus stomped his way towards them.

    "" one of the drones said as he awoke from unconsciousness, unable to move. He saw Typhonus's dark figure approach as he was struck with fear. Before he knew it, the drones that laid at either side of him were crushed beneath Typhonus's titanic weight. The Decepticon then stepped on the drone's legs and ripped them off by grabbing his torso to him. Circuitry that was once connected to the drone's legs began to spark and and set flame to the other drone's bodies. It was here where the last drone knew he was going to die.

    "There are other Autobots here, no?" barked Typhonus, snarling in the drone's face.

    "....." the drone couldn't speak due to his low energy levels.

    "SPEAK!!!" the leader roared.

    "," the drone said as he died in Typhonus's hand. In rage, Typhonus threw the drone into the already growing fire. At least he knew what the drone was trying to tell him, but also wondered if Megatron deliberately sent him into a trap. His team slowly approached him, wondering if Typhonus would repeat his recent actions.

    "Sir, we need to stick to our mission," Deadlock daringly spoke, thinking over the consequences of his words, "Megatron commanded it."

    "Don't worry about what Megatron commands. I am your authority here, not him. Understood?"

    "Yes sir,"

    "I'm not even sure if Megatron told us the whole truth about this place."

    "Sir?" asked Acid Storm.

    "Not even minutes after we land, we spot Autobots and eliminate them. Who knows if this planet isn't infected with them. Who knows if Silver Energon exists here."

    "We could try searching," Fracture said, "Besides, we can handle those Autobot idiots. It doesn't take too much energy, anyways."

    Deadlock interjected, "Those were drones, Fracture. Not actual Autobots."

    "Still worth a try. I'm sticking to the mission. Anyone else?"

    "Might as well," Dirge said, "Can't exactly fly back to Cybertron on my energy supply." Acid Storm and Deadlock nodded in agreement. Typhonus turned around and ordered his team back into the shuttle, "We need to see what we need to be prepared for," Typhonus instructed, "Like I said, this place could be infected with Autobots at every corner of the planet."

    Later that night
    Location: Iacon Government Center

    In a large board room, all the chiefs of Cybertron's government and civil bodies gathered in. They all talked amongst each other as each chair became filled. Not too much later, Nova Prime arrived and took his seat at the head of the table. Lastly, Axalon Maximus waltzed in and sat at his place of Senate Head. Everyone else was disgusted at his entrance, not for his position of power, but for his attitude. Ultra Magnus grabbed his hammer and hit a gong-like object, calling the meeting to order.

    "Thank you, Ultra Magnus. As Autobot Leader, I declare this meeting of the High Council in session. We'll start of with reports. First from Emergency Operations: Inferno."

    "A few minor explosions at Grandus due to the generator failures, and a few rescues from Decepticon heists. Otherwise, fine."

    "Security: Prowl."

    "Sieges on Iacon and Polyhex have dropped considerably since the Elite Guard has aided Autobot Security in detaining Decepticon activity. Prison security has been an issue with maximum security inmates. We're thinking about relocating them to Thrull. Perhaps, we can discuss this later in the meeting?"

    "Yes, of course. Alright, Silverbolt: Air Force."

    "Everything's fine in the Autobot Air Force, Nova. Our efforts have kept the bogeys away. Little Decepticon activity in the skies, but nothing we can't manage. Almost all of our teams have been assigned sectors to observe and protect."

    "Computron: Intelligence Divison."

    "Per usual. No Decepticon hacks or stealing for quite sometime. Very suspicious if you ask me, sir."

    "Hoist: Construction and Demolition."

    "Almost all Fortresses have been completed. Two of them, Beta and Zeta had engineering flaws which we didn't have time to recalculate. Word is that Grapple and Erector are finishing up Fortress Omega. But our resources have been strained due to the Decepticon raids. Polyhex's cybertronium factories have been shut down due to the raids, and construction is slow due to that. Drill Bit is supplying us raw cybertronium, but we need the factories to enhance it's strength."

    "Fortress Omega needs to be online soon if Polyhex is to remain standing. In the meantime, transport two Fortresses to the outside of Polyhex to protect it."

    "And what about the people who are under the protection of those other two Fortresses?" Axalon's sneered at Nova and Hoist, "You see, if we move those two Fortresses, the cities that those Fortresses belong to will be more vulnerable to Decepticon attack."

    "True," Nova interjected, "But not all the cities are under constant sieges and attacks."

    "It is my duty to give equal protection, under law and otherwise, to the Autobots of Cybertron. Are you denying those Autobots their rights, Nova Prime?"

    "You call that equal protection, Axalon? With numbers, yes it's equal I suppose. But in reality, it isn't. Why waste powering the Fortresses in areas that are secure enough with security and Elite Guardsmen without Fortresses, when some of our cities are barely standing with the same protection? The Fortresses are vital to the survival of the Autobots. If we lose Polyhex, the Decepticons have a strategic location to devastate Iacon. Did I mention Iacon is also a primary target?"

    "Well, if those cities have enough protection with Elite Guardmen and security officers, why not transfer the excess amount to those cities?"

    Damn, he's right, thought Nova, "Very well then. Prowl, Ultra Magnus, where do you stand on this?"

    "I can supply more security officers and transfer a few as well," Prowl answered.

    "The Elite Guard Trainees are headed out on their planetary missions, and some of our veteran fighters are accompanying them. I'm afraid I have little more bots I can shell out for protection, if any at all," Ultra Magnus said, "I'm sorry, but I cannot afford to."

    "Cannot afford to?" inquired Axalon, "But..."

    Ultra Magnus became slightly infuriated by Axalon's smart comments and stood up from the table, "Axalon, you do realize that there is no such thing as unlimited resources? The Elite Guard, Security Agency, and both the Cybertronian Militia and Interplanetary Military are at their breaking points. What exactly is the Senate doing to put their best servo forward, other than harassing the armed forces about protecting civilians at all costs?"

    "We are merely putting the public's interests and concerns first."

    "But you don't realize how much strain the armed forces are on right now," Nova Prime butted in trying to back up Ultra Magnus, "All of us have a duty and responsibility to put the public's interests first. However, one of our major cities along with a few large sectors have been under Decepticon siege. The circumstances aren't dire enough for a draft. Unless the Senate has a better idea, I would think over your words carefully, Axalon."

    "Very well then. Shall we move on?"

    "Yes, yes. No more wasting time here. Prowl, you mentioned relocating prisoners?"

    Five Years Ago: Polyhex

    Awakening from a long status nap, Orion awakes from his slumber inside his comfortable apartment. He stands up and walks into a kitchen-like room. Reaching inside a refrigerator-like appliance, Orion finds a long pump and plugs it into his stomach area. He finds the switch to an Energon pump and turns it on, replenishing his Energon levels inside his body.

    Suddenly, Orion feels and hears a great tremor in the ground, knocking him off his feet and severing the Energon pump. Purple goo oozes out from the pump and all over the white-silver floor. Orion runs to a glass casing inside his living room and smashes through it, grabbing a large ion rifle from inside. He rushes to the windows of his apartment expecting a few criminals running away from setting a bomb off. The reality was far worse.

    Smoke erupted from three giant buildings like lava erupted from volcanoes. Whatever part of those buildings that wasn't shrouded in smoke was entombed in great fire. On the streets, a brigade of Decepticons stormed through the city walls and started to decimate the citizens of Polyhex. Larger Decepticons hauled in troops before they themselves transformed and wrecked havoc.

    Taking aim at who seemed to be a major leader in the attack, Orion charged up his ion rifle. From out of nowhere, two agile Decepticons swooped up at kicked Orion to the side, but not before his rifle fired and sent the leader's arm flying off. Now unarmed, Orion resorts to his fists as he sends his right one into the neck of one of the Decepticons. Although he successfully defeats one, the second Decepticon headlocks Orion from behind, and he cannot escape. Attempting a seemingly suicide move, Orion runs backwards and breaks through the glass door of his 9th floor apartment.

    Orion and the Decepticon fall through the air, wondering if either of them will survive. Seeing a lampost, Orion lunges himself towards it and grabs a hold. The same cannot be said for the unfortunate Decepticon who fell to his death. Jumping down from the flagpole, Orion ducks for cover as a flurry of laser bullets close in on him. He rummages through dead Decepticons until he finds a bazooka-like device and loads it. Taking careful aim with the two shots he has, Orion fires the first shot at an old abandon building. The building shatters, killing the Decepticons in the way and blocking any more Decepticons from coming in.

    For Orion, the worst had only arrived. A tall, gray, and bulky figure sneaks up from behind him and grabs Orion by his face. The gray figure slams his head into a pile of debris, cracking his head in several places. Orion opens his eyes to see that he is at the mercy of Megatron himself. The Decepticon leaders groans as his purple Decepticon insignia glows in the flames around the city.

    "A mere civilian took care of my troops?" Megatron growled in question, "This doesn't seem right to me. You're not even a soldier and you make a mocking of me. How heroic, and yet..." Megatron paused as he shot open Orion's chest with a medium-concentrated fusion blast, " foolish. Hahaha!!! Now do me a favor and lay there until your spark core oxidizes."

    "Lord Megatron," a squad commander said, "Nova Prime has been captured." The commander stepped back as eight soldiers brought forth the Autobot leader in status cuffs on his arms, legs, and neck.

    Megatron was extremely pleased, "Well done, Quakebreaker. You will be awarded for your efforts as soon as I'm done with this so called 'chosen leader' or whatever the Autobots call him. Now step aside."

    "You have me now, Megatron. What next? Or have you thought your plan over?" Nova asked in a somewhat naive way.

    "You were hoping I wouldn't have. You're right. So many millions of years spent dreaming and deciding, I cannot choose. But first, a peak at the heat of the Autobots: The Matrix."

    All eight escorts ran to Nova Prime and restrained him further; each limb was held by two Decepticons. Grabbing an energon dagger, Megatron pried open Nova Prime's chest and found a blue and red orb encased inside a completely silver sphere with handles on either end. "At last, the Matrix of Leadership. Now let's see the power of this legendary artifact. BEHOLD!!!!"

    Orion was weak but had enough strength to at least position the bazooka. He found an Energon Refueling Station not too far from Megatron's position. Taking careful aim, Orion loaded the final missile inside the bazooka and launched it at the refueling station. Instantly, the station erupted in flames, and the recoil shook everyone around off their feet. The Matrix was sent from Megatron's hands into the air, and was caught by the other faction's leader. Returning the Matrix to his chest, Nova Prime was unbound, and went over to help Orion.

    Weak and barely able to stay awake, Orion covered his exposed spark with his hands while Nova Prime used his body as a shield to protect the then-civilian. Grabbing his weapon of choice, Nova Prime pulled out a small dual-barreled ion pistol and blasted three shots into Megatron's chest. Quickly retreating, Nova Prime transformed into a Cybertronian Mobile Battle Platform and instructed Orion to climb on top. Nova Prime accelerated as fast as he could out of Polyhex as much of the city remained in flames.

    "Hang in there, Autobot," Nova Prime said trying to ease Orion, "We're arriving at a nearby hospital. Don't worry, I know the staff there, they'll help you out, I promise you that."

    All Orion could do was grunt in agreement as his visible spark pulsated energy to his body. When they finally arrived at the hospital a few moments later, the medics rested Orion on a hover-stretcher and rushed him in. Nova Prime turned back to Polyhex to help with evacuating other civilians out.

    Elite Guard Bunkers: Present Day

    Orion suddenly woke up from a status nap, gasping as he awoke. Breakdown happened to be patrolling the area since his power was near full capacity. He approached Orion as he heard the gasp, "You okay, Orion Pax? Seemed as if a Decepticon was inches away from your face."

    "You could say that," Orion answered, "Just remembering why I joined the academy in the first place.

    "Tell me," Breakdown said as he rubbed his metallic goatee, "I'm always in the mood for a story...unless I'm in combat."

    "Remember the explosion at Polyhex five years ago?"

    "OH yes! I happened to be around the area at the time. So unfortunate."

    "I was caught in that explosion. I guess you could say that was my first real experience up close to Decepticons. And um...I set the Energon station on fire." Orion paused as he though Breakdown would holler.

    "Ah, quite a wise trick," Breakdown laughed as Orion expected a lecture, "Well if you're stuck in a situation like that, I guess it's better to lose a building than a few lives."

    "Megatron himself came up to me and nearly killed me. That explains why the metal around the center of my chest isn't the same type as the metal on the outside of it. It's a stronger alloy now. If it wasn't for Nova Prime coming, I wouldn't be alive. And if it wasn't for that bazooka, the Matrix would have been Megatron's."

    "You did well, and luck was on your side," Breakdown smiled as he patted Orion on the back, "You seem to stress out and feel bad about past events. Let go of those events. Within a few days you'll be setting out to a new world, and you're going to need a positive attitude. Otherwise, you put the other members of the team in jeopardy and lower the chances of a successful mission. A mighty fine tool to use and understand while your young. Trust me."

    "Thanks, Breakdown. You're actually a helpful Autobot, you're not as crazy as you look."

    "You obviously haven't seen me in a real situation," Breakdown chuckled, "Ah, but it's getting late. Catch up on your status nap, Orion Pax. You've got a very coming up. You're going to wish you've rested as much as you could. Until then, good night."

    "See ya later."
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    Need more . . . NOW!!!!!!

    This is awesome so far. Could you also do your version of the assension and madness of Megatron and maybe a few of the other Charecters? Will you do more chapters about Orion or is that it?
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    I didn't plan on doing anything about Megatron's origins, but I guess I'm up for it. I planned on doing either a two or three part saga (The Academy Bot being Part 1), so I'm not sure when I'll be able to do that.

    As for Orion, HELL NO. His adventure is only beginning. Don't worry, some of the other characters (Breakdown, Typhonus, Nova Prime, etc) will be explained more as the story continues.

    Anyhow, here is Chapter 4. Sorry to say it, but it will be my last chapter for awhile (I'm leaving on vacation on the 21st and coming back the 30th). I'll be able to respond to questions and comments that you guys post via iTouch, but I won't have the time to write chapters. PLEASE KEEP THIS THREAD ALIVE WHILE I'M ON VACATION, comments and suggestions are gladly welcome, as well as questions about what has happened so far in the story.

    I said this with my last chapter, but decided to post one more addition to the story. PLEASE keep this thread alive while I'm gone (I'll be on vacation from 7/21-7/30), I don't want to see this fall behind. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

    Chapter 4

    One Week Later: Autobot Air Force Hangar Bay

    As usual, the large hangar bay is filled with maintenance crews checking up on all the ships that are preparing for flight. Silverbolt, the Supreme Commander of the Air Force, oversees business from an iron balcony that overlooks the entire area. He looks proud as everything seems to be going smoothly. As Ultra Magnus walks in the room with the trainees behind him, Silverbolt spots the Elite Guard Commander, and as the thrusters on his back power on, he zooms towards him.

    "Silverbolt," Ultra Magnus said as the aerial Autobot landed on the hangar floor, "Glad to see you. My trainees are prepared and await boarding their ships."

    "Great! You all excited?" Silverbolt's peppy voice asked the trainees. All of them exclaimed in response, although Orion's answer sounded a bit unsure, "That's the attitude I like hearing. Don't worry, you'll all do fine. So long as you have your head in the right place, this shouldn't be too hard. Oh, Powerglide here will show you to your shuttles."

    A small, red Cybertronian recon jet zoomed over from the other side of the hangar and transformed. The jovial Autobot instructed the trainees to follow him to their ships. All fourty trainees followed; Powerglide wondered how they could afford to use up all these spare shuttles. Before Orion could take another step, Ultra Magnus approached Orion with a present. It was a new Energon Axe, although this one was able to emit a bigger axe blade and use up less power. Orion thanked Ultra Magnus before the Elite Guard Commander told him to catch up with the others. The commander smiled, seeing great potential inside of Orion.

    It was to Orion's fate that he was among one of the first trainees to be assigned to a ship. Breakaway, Trailbreaker, Ratchet, and Bumblebee were already standing next to a medium-sized, beige shuttle, named Trion. Powerglide checked off Orion's name on a digital clipboard and instructed Orion and his crew to board the shuttle, which they did so accordingly.

    "Your designated planet is...Nebulon. This planet wasn't on the marker until about a week ago. A distress signal was sent from one of our drones on that planet before it was terminated." Powerglide told Orion, as he and his crew stepped into the shuttle afterwards.

    Trailbreaker found right at home with the ship, while Bumblebee was partially unimpressed with the semi-outdated feel of the ship. Ratchet found what looked like a medical room and felt compelled to search through it, though Breakdown stopped him. Trailbreaker took his seat at the pilot's chair and plugged in the coordinates for Nebulon, while Orion and Breakdown sat at either side of him.

    After what seemed to be an eternity, Ultra Magnus' voice appeared on the intercom, instructing the trainees, "Alright Elite Guard Trainees, this is it. All that you've worked for comes down to this. Remember all of your training and use it to the best of your ability. Should you run into a dire emergency, we will have military and Elite Guard personal on standby. Silverbolt will now instruct you on how to take off, one of your trainees should have experience with piloting. Good luck to everyone, and may Primus be with you all.

    Silverbolt took the intercom device from Ultra Magnus, "Okay. Pilots, here is where you need to listen. Starting from the first ship on the right side of the hangar, you will pivot to the outside of the hangar and advanced all at once. Once you've advanced a mile outside the hangar, passing the probes, you will open up a wormhole and advance through hyperspace to your location. From there on out, you're on your own. Any questions? Good. Pilots, begin take off procedures."

    The first ship on the right side powered up their engines as each ship behind it followed. Simultaneously, all of them pivoted until the front of their craft pointed out into space. Their thrusters were now at 35 percent power and advanced at a moderate pace outwards. Silverbolt and other Air Force instructors kept their eyes out for trouble.

    Meanwhile, Decepticon Missile Silo

    Not far away, giant missile launchers decorated with Decepticon signs took aim at the multiple Elite Guard vessels. Megatron's voice could be heard from a tiny speaker as the operators positioned the missile launchers correctly. From above, Starscream flew over in his scarlet Cybertronian Fighter Jet mode and transformed in space.

    "Megatron, the Elite Guard shuttles are moving into position. Awaiting orders," Starscream stated in a rare moment of calmness.

    "Excellent," Megatron replied, "Fire at will."

    "Fire at will!!!" Starscream exclaimed as a cluster of heat-seeking missiles flew out from the launchers.

    From the hangar, Powerglide caught the attention of the missiles. Intitially he thought it were a small squadron returning from a scouting mission, but quickly realized from the excess amounts of white that it was a missile barrage. He ran over and punched the alarm, as Silverbolt began to take action.

    "Holy shit!" Silverbolt exclaimed, "Get some cover out there ASAP!!! GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!"

    Swarms of aerial Autobots swooped out from the hangar bay, but many of them were pelleted by the missiles and became badly damaged. Those that evaded the missile attacks were left to see some of the Elite Guard vessels obliterated, with no trace of survivors. What seemed like thousands of white rockets turned into tens of thousands, and the little remaining vessels ran for their lives.

    On board Trion

    "Trailbreaker, engine status?" Orion instructed.

    "Two of our engines have been shot down, we have enough power to make it to hyperspace."

    "Get us out of the barrage! DO NOT head back. Repeat, do not head back!" Breakdown yelled over the noise of explosions.

    Bumblebee scurried over to the rear window of the shuttle, only to see swarms of missiles rip apart other shuttles. For the first time in his life, Bumblebee was truly scared to death. "What about the others?! Should we save them?!" Bumblebee asked frantically.

    "How?" Orion asked, "We'll explode ourselves if we go back." As the Elite Guard trainee answered the cadet's question, the whole ship rumbled as if a rock lord was attacking it. Quickly obeying Orion's previous orders, Trailbreaker slammed on the acceleration and the shuttle zoomed into overdrive.

    "Ultra Magnus here, does anyone out there respond?"

    "Yes, this is Orion Pax. My team and I have barely managed to avoid the missiles," Orion replied as the missile impact on a nearby ship sent a shockwave and rattled Orion's vessel, "Scratch pilot is still trying to evade the missiles."

    "Orion, how far are you from the rest of the group?"

    "I'd say about three quarters of a mile at most. We're still in firing range."

    "We'll send you two airmen for cover. They'll cover you until you're within reason to open a warpgate."

    "Two of our engines are down and are unable to repair them, sir. With all due respect, make it quick!"


    As he played around with the controls to stabilize the ship, Trailbreaker utilizes his three remaining engines to full power to get away from the enemy. The constant rattling from the missile impacts doesn't help the barely experience pilot control the situation. From out of the hangar, two airmen transform into their Cybertronian Starfighter modes and fly over to help out Orion's team.

    Fate is unforgiving, as three missiles incinerate one of the starfighters instantly. The remaining starfighter is able to reach Orion's ship, and shoots down incoming missiles. Finally, the swarm of missiles encasing the flight area dies down, leaving massive wreckage of shuttle parts, debris, and Autobot corpses.

    Orion looks out the right side of the control bridge and sees the corpse of Dion, a seventh year student that he had befriended from the start of his enrollment in the academy. Petrified, Orion stares for a few long seconds and quickly turns away in horror. Fear forces Orion to turn back as a sharp piece of debris rips through Dion's body and severs it in two. Dion's teammates also lay unconscious; one of them having their face ripped off, another having her endoskeleton exposed in places, and his veteran partner burning away into the black void of space.

    The rest of Orion's team witnesses the aftermath of the sheer carnage that ended only minutes beforehand. Breakdown pauses his pacing for a second and delivers a prayer-like message to the fallen Autobots. Ratchet hangs his head in sorrow and goes back to organizing his medical room. Taking charge again, Orion orders Trailbreaker to make the jump to hyperspace, to which the pilots agrees. Thrusting forward a blue handle and pressing a few buttons, a beam emits from the front of the ship and a wormhole big enough to fit the shuttle forms. Orion nods and the ship is sucked into the swirling vortex inside. After entry, the wormhole immediately closes and the accompanying airman returns to Cybertron.

    Hours Later: Outermost Part of Nebulon's Atmosphere

    Orion's ship exits another wormhole, which closes immediately after the transport exits. Suddenly, the gravity of Planet Nebulon takes over from the ship's depleting engine power, and the transport is sucked down towards the planet below. Trying to direct the ship, Trailbreaker turns as hard as the ship will allow him as the shuttle begins to flare up from entering the planet. The surface of the shuttle becomes red hot, and appears as a giant comet from the surface.

    The Nebulons themselves observe the ship and mistake it for another Decepticon shuttle. Militias of Nebulons hop on awkward looking personal hovercrafts and zoom in the direction of the Autobot shuttle. The last shuttle that impacted the surface of their planet contained hostiles, and they weren't about to repeat their previous mistake.

    Pulling upwards on the controls, Trailbreaker prevents a deadly crash landing and ejects metallic flaps from the rear and sides of the shuttle, trying to reduce speed. Although it helps slow down the shuttle, impact is eminent, and the Autobot shuttle crashes in a meadow-like area. Fortunately for them and the locals, the crash is minor and the ship remains mostly intact. However, whether or not the shuttle is able to fly again is in question.

    " my servos hurt like crazy," Trailbreaker moaned.

    Breakdown coughed as he pulled himself up using a railing on the side of the bridge, "Everyone okay?"

    "Yeah I'm fine," Bumblebee said as he pushed himself up.

    "Affirmative," Orion answered.

    "Ugh...I'm fine. But I JUST finished organizing the medical supplies!"

    "Aww, you'll be fine," Breakdown rolled his eyes at Ratchet's comment, "Just start reorganizing again."

    "Anyone know where exactly we are on Nebulon?" asked Orion, looking at Trailbreaker.

    The young Autobot rushed over to the command center and activated the navigation computer. The computer began humming and buzzing as it relocated itself. A screen on the left side of the control planet lit up and displayed a hologram of Nebulon. Zooming in on the northeastern continent, it located the Autobots near a small, yet populous village. Ironically, pounding from outside the door could be heard.

    Breakdown opened the door, and a large riot of soldiers roared from outside. Realizing how much bigger the ship's passengers were then they were, the locals backed off slightly, leaving their leader to stand for them. "Whatta ya think you're doing?" a village leader asked with a Brooklyn-like accent, "A week ago, another ship landed here and wrecked an entire village! Is that what your kind is up to now?"

    "Our kind?!" exclaimed Breakdown, "Those Decepticons aren't even close to what the Autobots are!! You should be ashamed of yourself for even comparing us to those ungrateful, hate bringing malfunctions. It's disgraceful, it's embarrasing, it's an insult to us!" the elderly Autobot began huffing and literally getting in the faces of the Nebulon village leaders.

    "Breakdown, that's enough!" Orion daringly ordered as he tried to prevent conflict with the locals, "My name is Orion Pax and I'm the leader of this team. We're here to combat the Decepticon threat that landed on this planet. You said they were only here a week, do you know where they are?"

    The Nebulon leaders began to laugh as the rest of Orion's team stepped out form the ship. Seeing how weak and feeble they looked compared to the Decepticons, the Nebulons didn't think they stood a chance. This irritated Bumblebee so much that he stomped his way over and spoke his feelings.

    "What's with the laughing? Just because we're not walking war machines doesn't mean we don't stand a chance!"

    "No offense, young robot, but that's pretty much why you won't win. They tore apart a squadron of eight other robots the other wasn't a pretty ending," a tubbier Nebulon said.

    "Your one to talk. I've seen armorflies fiercer than this crowd, Orion. No wonder their village was ripped apart."

    "Bumblebee, that's enough!" Orion raised his voice, "I'm sorry, but you can't go around acting like that in a real situation. Especially with those not so used to our kind. But...there are other Autobots here, no?"

    "Yes, there are, but there on the western continent. It's quite a trip, even by air. You're best staying over on this side."

    "Can we call them?"

    "Not sure. Ever since those Decepticons have arrived, our radio signals have acted up. You can try, but I doubt it."

    "Alright then. Bumblebee, Trailbreaker, you two go with Breakdown and begin to scout out the place. Ratchet and I will stay behind and fix up the ship. And I have to report back to Cybertron Command."

    "Yes sir," Trailbreaker said as he transformed into his Cybertronian Truck mode. Bumblebee morphed into his car mode while Breakdown changed into his troop transport mode. All three Autobots took off, Breakdown leading the two other recruits.

    Inside the Trion

    Orion waltzed back inside the ship and approached a large computer monitor. Typing in a code and bypassing a security firewall, Orion managed to reach Cybertron Command. In moments, a visual of Ultra Magnus's face appeared and began talking to Orion.

    "Orion Pax, good to see you again. How is everything coming along?"

    "Just checking in. We've managed to land on Nebulon. Our shuttle is damaged from the missile firing and from the impact on the planet, but everyone is okay and there is little damage on the inside."

    "Good to know. Any contact with the Nebulons yet?"

    "Yeah, and they don't like us. Apparently the Decepticons ransacked an entire village within moments of landing there. Are you sure we're being sent to the right planet?"

    "Yes, I'm sure. Decepticons are an intimidating bunch up close, do not be fooled by your combat simulations. These Decepticons are for real and there are no retakes. Did they mention what they looked like?"

    "No sir."

    "Interesting. Where are your teammates now?"

    "Breadown, Bumblebee, and Trailbreaker are out scouting the planet, just to familiarize ourselves with the...surroundings. Ratchet and I are staying here for awhile to repair the ship. I don't think we can fly home in the ship's current condition."

    "Understood. For now, leave your ship be, treat it as a command center unless it is necessary to repair the engines so soon. In the meantime, continue your current plans of getting used to Nebulon. And try not to upset the locals too much. Don't want a bad reputation for the Autobots. Ultra Magnus out."

    "Rodger that, sir."

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