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    Transformers: Till All Are One

    Many millions of years ago, the planet Cybertron was a peaceful place, full of beauty and tranquillity. The planet was inhabited by a race of sentient machines, rather than organic life. However, one day a serpent was born in this paradise, and a war was sparked.
    This war has lasted for more than 9 million years. The serpents, who had called themselves Decepticons, were vicious and deadly, they slew any of the peace-loving inhabitants, who had named themselves Autobots, who came close to them.
    The Decepticons were led by their cruel leader Megatron, whilst the Autobots were defended by their greatest hero, Optimus Prime.
    The two of them battled fiercely on many occasions, but their final battle was on Cybertron itself. A one-on-one battle that would decide the fate of the planet itself.
    The battle was a stalemate. Optimus and Megatron used the planet itself as the battleground. They both fell in the battle, however the Autobots had claimed the majority of the war torn planet as their own.
    Without their great leaders, the Autobots and Decepticons began battling again, but this time without any single purpose. Now the war was for glory, power, peace, tyranny and many other misguided goals. As a result, the planet for which they fought for fell as well. The planet lost all it's energy, and began collapsing in on itself. The Cybertronians, or otherwise known as Transformers, were forced to leave their home planet, and move their war to other worlds and into unknown space.
    Recently, on one of the planets that the Transformers had moved to, Earth, the Autobot's Field Commander, Red Alert, faced off against the Decepticon's Earth Commander, Soundwave in a one-on-one battle, Red Alert managed to kill the Decepticon tyrant, but in the process he sustained serious and mortal wounds, two of Red Alert's officers, Tracks and Nightbeat, arrived after the battle was done, and rescued his body. He died in the CR chamber whilst under the watch of Autobot medic Ratchet.
    The Decepticons on Earth were then taken over by Soundwave's former sub-commander Starscream.
    The Decepticons did not mourn the loss of their leader, unlike the Autobots, and continued on their war-based assault on the unsuspecting planet...


    In the middle of the empty field, where no-one goes is a strange dip in the land. Most people believe it is just the geology of the ground, but in actual fact it is where the Autobot's ship landed and cloaked. This ship was now the Autobot's headquarters on this planet.
    On the main bridge of this ship stood four Autobots, Nightbeat, Tracks, Ratchet and Wheeljack. They were awaiting the arrival of their new field commander.
    Two days ago, Red Alert had died after a fierce battle with the Decepticon Soundwave.
    After the death of their commander, Ratchet, the chief medic on this team who had taken temporary command, informed Sentinel Prime, who was the current Supreme Commander, and was based on Autobot Command Hub 01. He disclosed that a new commander would be sent immediately. The team had just received word that an Ark ship had just entered Earth's aerospace, meaning that a cloaked ship would be arriving soon. The entire team assembled on the bridge.
    This particular team was quite small, even by Autobot standards, it was only small because Earth hadn't been deemed as important enough to warrant a larger team.
    The bridge's doors opened.
    Coming from them walked two Autobots, one was a large white and winged robot, the other a red one with a flamed deco on his legs and chest.
    "It's good to see you sirs" declared Ratchet, who had walked closer to the two
    "It's good to be here, this planet seems quite pleasing" said the winged robot "I'm Jetfire by the way" he stated
    "And I am Rodimus" declared the red robot "I have been asked to take command of this group, this is my second in command" he indicated towards Jetfire
    "Rodimus?" repeated Nightbeat "As in the Autobot that Optimus Prime himself trained?" he was awestruck
    "Yes, amongst many other Autobots" Rodimus confirmed "So what is the situation here then?" he asked of his new crew
    "The denizens of this planet, the Humans, do not seem to know of our existence here, the Decepticons have taken to attacking military and energy reserves on this planet. We have managed to slow them down enough, but even since their leader died, they still continue with their assaults. It seems that Starscream has taken command of them" Ratchet reported
    "Starscream?" repeated Jetfire "He's here?"
    "You know him?" asked Tracks
    "He and I were once friends, but he betrayed me, in a big way, I'd rather not talk about it though" Jetfire replied
    "You might get a chance at revenge here then" suggested Rodimus. Jetfire wasn't looking happy. He walked off, and slowly the other assembled Autobots dispersed as well.
    Later on, Jetfire walked into a room, and found the blue Autobots, Nightbeat and Tracks, sitting to a large table, doing something. He walked over.
    "So what's going on here?" Jetfire asked the two Autobots, who were looking at some datafiles, and had some plastic and metal models on the table
    "We're RPG-ing, we learnt it from some Human 'websites' and we like it" Nightbeat explained
    "How does it work?" Jetfire inquired
    "Well...this is me" Nightbeat picked up a plastic blue and red robot "and that's Tracks" he pointed to a taller metallic model, which had a minor resemblance to Tracks himself
    Jetfire looked around the table, there were miniatures of all the Autobots on the team, minus himself and Rodimus, and also some recognizable Decepticons, including Starscream
    "So what do you do with them?" Jetfire asked, still staring at the plastic likeness of Starscream
    "Well, we re-enact events and ponder ideas with them, it's a game though, we just do it to calm down after a battle or something" Tracks replied
    "Heh, can I play?" Jetfire asked, finally smiling
    Tracks and Nightbeat looked at each other
    "Sure...we need a new player anyway, since..." Tracks began "well, Red Alert used to join us..." he finished quietly
    "Okay then, who can I play as?" Jetfire asked, pulling up a chair, trying to lighten the mood again
    "Well, we're making Jetfire and Rodimus figures now, but you can play as Red's old characters, himself and Ratchet" Nightbeat said, whilst passing along a box to the larger white robot, inside was a plastic, nearly life-like replica of Ratchet, and a smaller, metallic version of Red Alert...this felt morbid....
    The three of them began their game, and it was fun.
    By the end of the gaming session, Jetfire had grown fond of his two new friends, and their weird little game. Nightbeat had built a semi-metallic version of Jetfire, and a fully metallic version of Rodimus, ready for next time. Jetfire was shocked at how realistic they looked, almost like a micromaster of himself... he was a bit freaked out, but this would make a good home.
    Elsewhere, Rodimus was having just as much of a good time, he was with Ratchet and Wheeljack in the Captain's bridge. This was a room where the commander of the ship, or team in this case, would come to relax. Rodimus had invited Wheeljack and Ratchet in for the night, just so he felt welcome. They certainly saw to that. Ratchet had brought a bottle of fine Energon-pagne, and Wheeljack brought Plasma-cider. The three of them had been drinking for the last couple of hours.
    "I wonder where Jetfire could be?" asked Rodimus
    "Dunno, did you tell him?" Ratchet replied
    "I don't remember" Rodimus said, laughing. Wheeljack got sleepy (somehow) and was resting his head on the table.
    "He's probably with Nightbeat and Tracks" Ratchet suggested "Red used to do the same, he was always socializing with all of us" he looked to the floor "He was a great leader"
    Rodimus was looking at the large medic, he didn't know what to say, so he patted his new friend on the back
    "I hope I can do his legacy proud" Rodimus declared. Ratchet smiled
    "I should get Wheeljack somewhere else, before he wakes up and gets scared" he lifted Wheeljack onto his shoulder "Last time, he almost forgot he was on Earth...that would have been a bad day for us..."
    Ratchet walked off, with his friend on his shoulder, still mumbling about 'last time'. Rodimus smiled on
    Two figures stood on a nearby high-rise, and wore a pair of infra-red binoculars, they were looking at the Autobot ship
    "Heh, guess the re-enforcements are here..." smiled the smaller of the two
    "Not that it'll make much of a difference" replied the larger robot.
    The two of them walked away, and then both turned into Earth-terrain car modes, driving away, unnaturally silently.
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    Different Missions

    Jetfire flew high above the city below, it looked small to him, compared to the cities that had been built in the past few years, for the Autobots to live in now, thanks to Cybertron being destroyed, but it was a still a nice city. He had the team on his sensors, Rodimus was rolling along on his own, taking in the sights of this new world, he took on the form of a truck now. Nightbeat, Tracks and Wheeljack all travelled together, they were in their car modes, they were near to Rodimus, but far enough away to elude any suspicious humans from believing they were affiliated. Ratchet was on his own, approaching a 'bad neighbour-hood' as the humans would call it, an ambulance would be expected in that area.
    The city seemed quite serene, this was only a reconnaissance mission after all, but it was still important none-the-less.
    With that, the scene suddenly changed, a barrage of jets suddenly roared past Jetfire, causing him to flinch somewhat, he managed to scan the jets as they spun past. Decepticons! He quickly, but silently contacted Rodimus, who then stopped to a halt, seeming to scan for a safe place.
    The jets began flying below the skyline, twirling, and firing, several humans just stood there shocked, most of them ran off screaming. This wasn't lightened by the fact that a nearby truck had just turned into a large red robot, drew a large rifle, and began firing at the planes. One of the plans, which had been hit suddenly began to change too, it became a robot, not the same type as the truck, with a very different build and colour-scheme. The hit robot fell to the ground. Some of the other jets began circling, three of them transformed as well, though they weren't hit, they began brandishing their guns and lasers, and started firing down.
    Some of them were hit by three other grounded robots all of a sudden, as they joined up with their comrade in red.
    The fastest of the jets had begun an aerial dog-fight with a large white jet in the sky.
    "You're going down Screamer!" Jetfire was screaming out of his speakers
    "You're a fool Jetfire!" retorted the evil jet.
    The two of them continued this volley of insults.
    Ratchet had heard the call for attack, but was too far away to do anything. If he transformed here it would only add to the problems. Besides the other Autobots had things under control without his help
    "You lost doc?" came a voice from behind the still-disguised ambulance. He activated a rear view camera. He saw a silver sports car behind him
    "Whose there?" he replied, on Cybertronian frequencies, just in case
    "Can't you tell?" replied the sports car. This was definitely a Transformer, or at least a related species.
    Ratchet turned his attention to his forward visuals now, a blue and grey security car was driving slowly towards him, blaring his sirens
    "Hiya!" sneered the security car
    "What is this?" Ratchet was getting scared now "Who are you?" he demanded
    "Oh this is an ambush" began the security car
    "And as for who we are..." continued the Sports Car, as he began to contort
    The Sports car transformed into a small silver robot with a blue optical visor, meanwhile the security car transformed into a domineering body with dark optics. Ratchet recognized them. He transformed into his bulky robotic mode, and drew out his buzzsaw blade and pincers.
    "Prowl...Jazz" he declared, whilst looking at the former security car, and then the silver robot
    "Ding Ding" said Jazz tauntingly "Guess you get the prize"
    "Let's look what's behind door number one!" continued Prowl
    He opened his chest cavity, and a smaller robot shot out at the doctor, who merely batted the small mechanoid away with his buzzsaw
    " didn't like our prize, old friend?" taunted Jazz some more
    "Well, lets give you another one!" roared Prowl, as he rushed towards the white robot, who tried to back away, but was stopped by Jazz, who was still behind the medic.
    Prowl had extended his arm, and it was now a mace/hammer like weapon, it was barraging into Ratchet's chest, denting it with every hit. Jazz had thrown the doctor onto the floor now, and had draw his large rifle weapon, cocked it, and began to aim.
    "One down..." Jazz started, but was interrupted by a loud noise approaching at high speed.
    Jazz looked out into the distance, and saw a purple motorcycle rushing towards him. Slamming into his legs, and causing him to capsize in on himself. The small vehicle rode up and used Jazz as a ramp, swiftly transforming into a small robot, with a very large crossbow
    "Take this!" shouted the robot, who turned out to be a woman.
    She shot the still standing Prowl in the chest, which knocked him over. The female robot landed, and pointed towards the two ambushing transformers. They slowly stood up
    "What are you doing here?" asked Prowl to the female
    "You're going down Traitors" declared the female
    "Ha, even you can't deal with the two of us on your own" Jazz sneered
    "Who says I'm on my own" she pointed behind the two supposed traitors. They looked back.
    Behind them they saw a white truck cab, a green Jeep and a yellow mini-car
    "Aw Slaggit!" declared Jazz, he quickly transformed into his vehicular mode and sped off, quickly followed by Prowl. The fem-bot was about to follow them
    "Arcee, stop" declared one of the new vehicles "We have to help this Autobot" with that the white truck cab transformed into a large white robot
    The other two vehicles quickly transformed too
    "You okay?" asked the small yellow one
    "Can you hear us?" asked the green robot
    "Bumblebee, Hound, give him some space" declared the white robot
    "Sure Alpha Prime" replied Hound
    "I'm going to patch up your wounds" he said to the medic
    "Sure...who are you guys?" asked the medical expert
    "I'm Alpha Prime, and this is my team" he responded
    "Alpha Prime? As in the Alpha Prime whose in Cybertron Guard?" Ratchet asked
    "Well, sort of...." replied Arcee, slowly. Ratchet noticed that they didn't want to talk about it
    Starscream had declared a retreat. Jetfire had beaten him in the air-fight, and he'd sustained some serious injuries. The Decepticons had all retreated. Rodimus and the rest of the Autobots, still didn't have any idea about Ratchet's involvement in a very short and strange battle. But they soon would.


    Earth's atmosphere is peaceful, at least it used to be, before the beings from Cybertron started coming around, and here comes another one. A large white and gold ship suddenly appeared through a fold in space, it headed at a steady pace and angle towards the blue and green planet.
    "And so we have not been successful in locating the origin of the Broadcast yet sir" came the accented voice from the intercom
    "That is most unfortunate Shockwave, but it cannot be helped, continue your good work" replied the white robot sitting in a raised chair
    "Thank you Mistrel Prime sir, Shockwave out" with that the screen went clear, and disappeared, as a hologram would normally
    "Do you feel that we can really trust him sir?" asked one of the crew-members
    "What do you mean Hosehead?" Mistrel asked the red robot
    "Well, he is a Decepticon" Hosehead replied
    "That does not matter, he works for me, and so I trust him" Mistrel explained briefly
    "But..?" began Hosehead
    "Need I remind you that I am not an Autobot either, I am neutral" Mistrel explained
    "But you've always sided with the Autobots in war times, and you hold an Autobot rank, a Prime even!" Hosehead retorted
    "That matters not" Mistrel stated, essentially ending the conversation "What is our arrival time?"
    "We are due to arrive with 5 nano-kliks sir" responded another crew-man
    "Thank you, I will lead the away team, and make contact with the resident infiltration team" Mistrel declared "Rodimus Major is the leader, correct?"
    "Yes sir, with Jetfire Minor as his sub-commander" a female robot replied
    "Thank you Night Hawk" replied Mistrel
    "You ever notice how he never says Night Hawk or Punch's rank when he refers to them?" Hosehead asked his neighbour robot
    "Guess its a commander thing, or just 'cos they're a Convoy and a Major, I dunno" replied his neighbour, Siren
    "Sir, we are within range or Rodimus Major's ship" another robot declared
    "Thank you Swerve" Mistrel replied "Night Hawk, Punch, you will accompany me for first contact"
    The three robots left the command room and headed to the exit
    Rodimus was standing outside his command ship and watched as a distorted area of the sky was approaching the ship's site, this was obviously an Ark that had been cloaked, he had received a report stating that an Autobot ship was approaching the Earth a few moments ago, so he had decided to greet the new team approaching, he was joined by Nightbeat and Jetfire.
    "Any Idea who it is?" Nightbeat asked his commander
    "Nope, it is an Ark though, like ours" Rodimus answered "Ooo, look it's getting lower"
    The ship went lower, and some landing struts appeared from no where, the grass flew around as an invisible ship landed. It was very close to the two ships already in the field, this was getting crampt now.
    The back of the ship seemed to open up, three bodies were standing on the platform. Rodimus and his two associates approached them. Rodimus suddenly stood there shocked, he recognized them instantly
    "Hello Rodimus Major, Jetfire Minor,and Nightbeat" Mistrel stated
    "Mistrel Prime sir!" Rodimus exclaimed "What are you doing here?" he was very shocked, Mistrel NEVER went on Infiltration missions
    "I believe you know my associates, Night Hawk Convoy and Punch Major" Mistrel began "and we are here for a reconnaissance mission
    "Why do you keep adding suffixes to everyone's names?" came a voice
    Mistrel looked around, and noticed Nightbeat transform, his head detached itself from his body, and became a smaller robot
    "Muzzle! Get back here!" Nightbeat screamed from his car mode
    "Oh, you are binary bonded?" asked Mistrel "I hadn't realized that"
    "It just happened, I'd rather not get into it" replied the now form-locked robot
    "And to answer your question organic being, the suffixes are the ranks obtained by the individual during war times and such" Mistrel said, addressing Muzzle
    "Um, so what ranks are there?" Muzzle asked, clearly curious
    "Well, there's the lowest rank, which has no name, that is how everyone starts, an example of this is your binary partner, Nightbeat. The next rank is Minor, such as Jetfire Minor over there. Next is Major, such as Rodimus Major and Punch, The fourth stage is Convoy, that is what Night Hawk is, and finally, the highest rank is Prime, such as myself. There are other ranks, but they are for other areas, such as political ranks and the such" Mistrel explained
    Muzzle took in this information very easily, he had the ability to absorb information at a fast rate, that was the reason he was capable of under-going the binary bonding process, but that's not important right now
    "Am I correct that Alpha Prime and his team are on this planet?" Mistrel asked Rodimus. Though Rodimus didn't know why, Mistrel knew everything
    "Yes, they are here" Rodimus responded
    "Have you been informed on their mission?"
    "They are hunting Prowl and Jazz right?"
    Mistrel looked at Rodimus "Correct"
    "Is everything okay?" Rodimus asked, looking concerned at Mistrel's concerned look
    "Are you monitoring them?" Mistrel asked
    "Yes, we actually have a fix on Prowl and Jazz's current location, so Alpha and the others will be there soon too" Rodimus answered
    "Good, set your trans-warp teleporter to that location, we will depart for there immediately" Mistrel ordered, heading towards the other ships
    "Sir? Why?" Rodimus asked
    "We are going to capture Prowl and Jazz ourselves" Mistrel replied, without even looking back
    "Um, Nightbeat..." Muzzle began
    "Yeah buddy?" Nightbeat answered
    "I thought they came here for a special mission, not to capture some renegades" he stated, Nightbeat thought for a few seconds
    "I have no idea, that is strange" Nightbeat said, as he began to transform into robot mode, Muzzle contorted into his head mode and combined
    "Lets keep an eye out" both of them said together
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    Two very expensive cars drove through the city at an alarming speed, the security vehicle could be excused, but the sports car couldn't, well it could if people knew it was actually a robot in disguise. The other vehicles following the two cars would also fall under this same category, a large white truck cab, a Jeep, and small bug car and a purple motorcycle, driven by a semi-transparent woman, all six vehicles were driving at ridiculous speeds. The purple motorcycle sped forward even more, and overtook the two expensive cars, the motorcycle's engine changed shape slightly, and extended a large pipe, which spat out, hitting the sport's car in the front window, shattering it, the car flipped and changed into a silver robot
    "Hey babe, why you gotta mess up a player?" Jazz shouted at the purple motorcycle, whose driver had now disappeared
    The security car transformed next to Jazz, into Prowl. He transformed his left arm into a mace-like weapon and swung at the motorcycle, it was so fast that it never even saw it coming. The bike flew up, and contorted into a feminine looking robot, she had been quite badly damaged from the mace.
    "Hey!" came a shout from behind the duo, they both spun around to find her team-mates, Alpha, Bumblebee and Hound, with their weapons drawn
    "Come on! How many times do we have to trounce you guys before you give up?" asked Jazz
    "When will you give up?" retorted Alpha Prime
    "Good point, still the three of you are no match for even the two of us!" Prowl replied, they drew their weapons, readying for the fight.
    As they began to rush for each other the air crackled and shimmered, suddenly the combatants stopped in their tracks, then six shadows suddenly materialized from nowhere.
    "Halt Traitors!" declared one of them
    "OH SLAG!" Jazz screamed, both he and Prowl transformed again and sped off
    "Take them" declared the cleared up form of Mistrel
    a blue and yellow robot quickly transformed into a very fast blue sports car and sped after the pair, whilst a purple and black female robot transformed into a small stealth jet and also followed the duo.
    Punch overtook the escaping duo and transformed back into his robot mode, drew his gun in a split second and fired at the front wheels of both driver-less cars, both began to spark from their now grinding wheels, and forced both into transforming once again, overhead a near-inaudible jet flew above, and quickly span around, firing some very non-Earth based weapons at the two, which seemed to disable their internal circuits briefly, the jet transformed into a very attractive female robot (attractive in Cybertronian terms) he detached her wings and quickly shifted them into large blades, she sped forward with her thrusters, she drove her blades through both chests, and quickly withdrew them, both robots fell to the floor.
    Several vehicles arrived at the sight of the battle, as well as a large winged robot carrying an unconscious Arcee. A very luxurious looking silver car arrived first, and transformed into the now familiar form of Mistrel, Nightbeat and Rodimus arrived next to him, followed by Alpha and his team.
    "Are they still functional?" Mistrel asked of his team
    "Yeah, we just disabled them" Punch answered
    "We'll send the to Garus once the Delta arrives" Night Hawk added
    "The Delta?" Rodimus asked "The Delta's coming here?"
    "It will be here within the week, it's currently examining a spatial distortion" Mistrel explained
    "But, how will you hide it?" asked Rodimus, he knew how big it was
    "We wont, if something is too big to hide, we just wont" Mistrel answered
    "What?" said a confused Nightbeat
    "We will keep it out of Earth's perimeter and go to it with the prisoners" Mistrel said matter-of-factly "But that is not important, I would appreciate if you and your team would relocate to Rodimus' base at the moment, Alpha Prime"
    "Uh, of course sir, we will pilot our ship to the site ASAP" Alpha replied, after which he touched a console on his arm, and shimmered into the air, much like how Mistrel and the others had arrived
    "Autobots, let us return" Mistrel ordered, and he shimmered away, along with the others, except for Rodimus and Nightbeat
    "Sir, Muzzle is concerned" Nightbeat explained
    "About what?" Rodimus asked
    "Mistrel Prime sir, he has a bad feeling about him" Nightbeat said, quite nervously
    "Well he is eccentric, but..." Rodimus began
    "But he's here on a special mission, but had time to go after some rogues?" Nightbeat stated
    "True" Rodimus began "But Mistrel is a brilliant leader, he's the second highest ranked in the entire Autobot military"
    "Seriously?" the voice was Muzzle's "Then why is he doing such a small job? Something's up!"
    "Alright, I'll see what I can find out, but don't look into this yourself, and besides, it will be nothing" Rodimus said
    "Okay" Muzzle replied, still as Nightwear's head
    "Right lets go back now" Rodimus ordered, and so they did
    Later on, Mistrel was walking through his ship, accompanied by Siren
    "The Delta called whilst you were out, they found something interesting there, but they are still on schedule for pick-up and transfers"
    "Good, and the status of our guests?" Mistrel asked
    "Prowl and Jazz are both in a stable condition, but will be repaired before the pick-up, Arcee is in her stasis pod, and is recovering steadily" Siren replied
    "Very good, is the array set up?" asked Mistrel
    "Yes sir, and it will be secure" replied Siren, they arrived at a door "Good luck sir"
    "I don't believe in luck, only logic" replied the Prime, he entered the room, he sat at a chair.
    The room suddenly filled with images and holographic figures
    "Meltdown, it is good to see you" stated one of them
    "Thank you Sydnia" replied Mistrel, to a robot who he spoke to earlier "We have rescued our agents, the Delta will pick them up within the week"
    "That is great news Commander" replied Shockwave/Sydnia
    "Broadcast has just arrived sir" Shockwave stated
    The figure of a red and white robot with a transparent looking chest appeared
    "Hey kids, what's shaking?" shouted the robot
    "Have you broadcasted tonight?" Mistrel asked
    "Uh, yes sir, just went out a few kliks ago" Broadcast reported
    "Good, our resistance needs it, and with Shockwave investigating, you wont be uncovered, and with my leadership we wont ever be found out" Mistrel reassured his fellows
    "This resistance is for all Cybertronians, not just the Decepticons that have been unjustly treated in prisons" Shockwave declared
    "We gotta save all the little peeps man!" declared Broadcast
    "Good, then here's our next move" began Mistrel


    Orbiting a dead planet, a planet that was once bright and filled with life, was a large structure that it's resident's knew as Cybertron Orbital Hub, it was the current home of the Autobots, ever since their home world of Cybertron was drained of it's energy and life-force. Within the centre of the large orbital structure was a complex that was marked as "Autobot Command Hub 01" this was one of the larger constructs on the Hub, and was where the Supreme Prime, Sentinel Prime, was located with one of his trusted advisers, and leader of the Cybertron military, Ultra Magnus.
    "Has there been any word from Mistrel Prime yet?" asked the leader of the Autobots
    "No sir, I have no idea where he is" Ultra Magnus responded, he disliked Mistrel
    "And is the mining project set?" Sentinel asked
    "Yes sir, and I have decided on the first few planets already, Cybertron will be restored soon enough" Ultra Magnus responded
    Sentinel Prime left the room, leaving Ultra Magnus to his work, on the screen was a familiar looking blue planet, set for astral mining, for it's high deposits of Energon.
    Many systems away, Nightbeat was sitting at a computer terminal, well rather his binary bonded partner, Muzzle was using Nightbeat's body and using the computer to do research.
    "I wonder..." Muzzle wondered
    "You wonder what?" came a voice behind the Headmaster robot, who span around suddenly. Muzzle/Nightbeat saw the white figure of Mistrel Prime
    "Oh Mistrel Prime sir, I'm glad it's you, if you don't mind, I've been looking into reasons why a high level Prime would come here to a boon-dock planet" Muzzle said
    "I don't mind, so what is your hypothesis?" Mistrel asked, taking a seat next to Muzzle
    "Well, I cross examined a scan of Earth with several other planets you Cybertronians have visited, and the levels of 'Energon' here are higher than most" Muzzle declared
    "Correct" Mistrel simply stated "But that doesn't explain why I am here"
    "Well, looking into your personal records, I found out that you are head of both the Intelligence Agency and Science Division of Cybertron, so that would give you interest on this anomaly"
    "Again, correct...but how did you gain access to my personal records, only a ranked individual could do so" Mistrel stated
    "Well, I realized that it was a 20 digit code to access the database, I used my skills and Nightbeat's body to enter in all possible codes and find the correct one" Muzzle explained
    "Intriguing...but why did you assume that we wouldn't have a Lockdown code after a number of failed attempts?" Mistrel asked, with a feint smile
    "Well I noticed a couple of times that Jetfire accessed the database from a console, but inputted the wrong code twice, he didn't get worried, so I assumed that it meant there was no Lockdown procedure, also, If there was, for a technologically advanced species with great memories, you would make the lockdown procedure activate after one mistake" Muzzle answered
    Mistrel was impressed
    "Muzzle, were you a detective before your binary bonding?" Mistrel asked
    "No, I was an engineer for a computer company, but I always had a good knack for thinking of stuff" Muzzle answered
    "Muzzle, and Nightbeat too, I want you two to take the officer's exam, and join the Intelligence Agency" Mistrel said
    "What? Are you serious sir?" Muzzle asked
    "Very much, Nightbeat's detective skills are influencing your natural abilities, and your brain capacity has improved his detective skills" Mistrel explained "When two beings come together, they eventually become one superior being, using both participant's strongest skills"
    "I see..." Muzzle said, rubbing his robotic chin "but if I'm taking an exam shouldn't we be separated?"
    "No, you two are a bonded team, you would take the exam as one being, that is allowed" Mistrel corrected
    "Thank you Mistrel Prime sir, I'm going to be the first Human to come to Cybertron Orbital Hub" Muzzle said, full of excitement now
    Later Mistrel was within the Array once again, talking with his associates
    "He's doing what?" shouted one of the holographic figures
    "Ultra Magnus is deploying Astral Miners to multiple planets" Shockwave/Sydnia repeated "Including the Earth"
    "Meltdown sir!" the first voice began "You must leave now!"
    "Skyboom, there is no logical reason for me to leave" Mistrel/Meltdown began "The only reason we know of this is because of our sources, if I were to leave as my true self, then it would reveal who I am"
    "Meltdown! There's also no reason for you to stay!" Broadcast stated
    "If my team was the only one here, then I would agree, but there are two other Autobot teams here, and a Decepticon team too. I have managed to keep my presence here from Autobot Command, but if I suddenly leave then I will be in trouble" Mistrel explained
    "I understand" Shockwave stated "But we must have a plan"
    "I agree, Skyboom, your team is patrolling near this system isn't it?" Mistrel asked
    "Yes sir" replied the hologram of a large white, red and blue robot "I could come to Earth"
    "No!" Mistrel ordered "If you arrive on Earth, without a true reason, then we will be revealed, remain at your current area, and keep a monitor on us"
    "Understood" Skyboom replied
    "Sydnia, I want you to arrange for the Cybertron Satellite relay to detonate" Mistrel said to Shockwave
    "What? Why?" he responded, shocked
    "When they attack, I will signal to you, that way we can prevent news of the Miner's destruction from returning to Ultra Magnus" Mistrel explained
    "I understand" Shockwave relayed
    "Broadcast, do not report any of this. If Ultra Magnus hears this, he will be suspicious, especially since we don't tend to report on mining expeditions"
    "Sure Boss" Broadcast stated
    "Good luck to you all" Mistrel said, closing down the array's communication's systems.
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    End (1)

    Jetfire was pacing through the command room of the main base of operations on Earth, waiting for the global scan to complete. Mistrel had supplied him with a new addition to the standard scanners, which could actually penetrate shields.
    Jetfire walked over to his console, and found it, the Decepticon base, this battle could come to an end now. Mistrel's ship, the Delta was arriving in a few hours, Mistrel's crew and Nightbeat would leave, take any Decepticon captives they have with them, and the Autobots could start a settlement on Earth, and possibly set up an Energon Farm. The location of the Decepticon's base, and therefore Starscream was also just sent to Mistrel's Ark, so he can devise a plan to defeat them, once and for all.
    Mistrel had just received a message from the Autobot's ship, he accessed it briefly, and noted the details, he would devise a plan later. He was too concerned about Ultra Magnus' plan to destroy the Earth, if Shockwave's calculations were correct then the Astral Miner would arrive within the day, he had a few contingency plans in place, so he was fairly safe, but there was still the possibility of failure, the Decepticons could wait till' after the planet was destroyed or not.
    Mistrel quickly typed something into his computer monitor, and pushed the 'SEND' button, a moment later a figure appeared on the screen
    "Dai Atlas here" came the voice on the other end
    "This is Mistrel Prime, I want a progress report" Mistrel ordered. He watched as Dai Atlas looked into an apparently adjacent screen
    "Cyber Hub is currently at a code green efficiency level, external trafficking is also at code green" Dai Atlas looked up "Everything looks great sir"
    "Thank you, I will be returning to Cybertron Orbital Hub within the next couple of days, then I have a mission for you and Star Convoy" Mistrel said "I am transmitting the orders now, it is to be accessed after my return, not before"
    "Understood sir, Dai Atlas out!" with that Dai Atlas disappeared from the screen, leaving a reflection of Mistrel
    "Siren, put me in visual contact with Rodimus Major and Alpha Prime please" asked Mistrel
    "Roger sir!" Siren almost shouted, he typed a few keys, and two holographic screens appeared, on them were Alpha Prime and Rodimus
    "I have decided on a course of action for apprehending the Decepticons on the planet, Alpha Prime, you, Bumblebee Minor and Hound Minor will head to the location we apprehended earlier, that will deal as the forward attack force, you may either kill or arrest, use your own discresion. Rodimus Major, you're team will take to the surrounding city, to ensure that the Humans are safe. Rodimus Major, I wish for you and Jetfire Minor to take one of the Arks, and circle the area, in case one of the Decepticons try to escape" Mistrel explained
    "What about Arcee?" asked Alpha Prime
    "She, Nightbeat and Wheeljack are to remain on my ship. Arcee Major is still injured, Wheeljack is tending to her at the present. Nightbeat is being tutored for his officer's exam, they will not be joining your teams for the mission" Mistrel explained
    "Understood commander" Rodimus and Alpha Prime said, almost in unison, and disappeared form the holo-screens.
    "I hope it's enough" Mistrel commented to himself
    "Excuse me sir?" Siren asked, confused
    "Nothing" Mistrel said, almost bored
    The large ship was heading towards the blue and green planet at a relatively slow speed, it was a large disk-like shape, it rotated in twin different directions, the centre portion went in one direction, the outer rim went in another. Large teeth-like weapons span around in the centre section. The Astral Miner was approaching the unwitting planet, unaware that it was being monitored itself by a distant ship.
    "Sir, should we approach it?" asked the red Autobot at his station. A large white, red and blue Autobot approached him
    "No Blacker, Mistrel wanted us to watch until his signal comes" Star Saber ordered
    He went to his command chair, and continued to watch the holo-screen
    Blaster was at the Communications Hub Central.
    "Legout, move a leg! Eject, you got that report ready to air yet?" Blaster was ordering his team around, as usual "Sorry 'bout that Sydnia, what were you saying?"
    "Broadcast, be prepared for detonation, we must await Meltdown's signal first though" came the voice from the screen
    "Sure thing, but it's gonna waste a week of scheduled programming" Blaster replied, quite sarcastically
    "That is a small price to pay for freedom" Shockwave declared
    Blaster looked into the screen, and worried, he knew Shockwave was doing the same on the other side
    "Mistrel Prime Sir!" shouted Siren "We have a Cybertronian vessel approaching orbit!"
    "On screen!" ordered Mistrel
    The holo-screen appeared once again, and a large green, disk-shaped spaceship, rotating at a slow speed.
    "Siren, take the ship into orbit. Activate weapon's systems" Mistrel pushed a button "All hands, prepare for take off, and battle"
    The ship shook, and took off, shaking from all sides from take off, but then fell into a silent and smooth journey, into the orbit of the planet.

    End (2)

    "What's going on?" Nightbeat shouted, he stumbled around the hallways of the ship
    "I dunno, I heard Mistrel say something about battle, but why?" Muzzle said, from inside his head
    "Let's get to the command room" Nightbeat suggested
    "Right, we'll get answers there" Muzzle agreed
    The combined form ran down the hallway, heading to the command room
    "Activate the disruptor beams" Mistrel ordered
    Punch responded by pulling down the levers and pushing buttons, from the ship they resided within, a beam of orange light blasted, aimed at the Astral Miner, due to it's size, it was incapable of avoiding the relatively small ship's weapons. Of course, despite the size of the Ark, it is far stronger than a mining ship.
    "Sir! We've been hit!" came the helm's man of the Astral Miner
    "Prepare for emergency landing, send a distress call!" the commander of the ship declared, futility of course
    Blaster pushed a series of buttons
    "Okay kids, take a breather!" he declared to his team, then the room's screens all went black, the radio signal's all ceased at once
    "Awesome!" Legout declared in disbelief
    The screens all went black, all communication ended, the Cybertron Orbital Hub was in complete communication blackout. The Communications Hub was in complete darkness, the Intelligence Agency building was in darkness, the Science Division's building was unnaturally quiet. The Central Hub was full of commotion though.
    "Ultra Magnus! What has happened?" Sentinel Prime was calling out
    "Complete communication blackout sir, only short range comms. are still active" Magnus responded
    "Try to regain contact with Blaster Prime at the Communications Hub!" Sentinel ordered
    "Right sir!" Magnus responded, but not truthfully, in fact he was sending a signal to a near-by ship: "PLAN B"
    Mistrel's ship followed the Astral Miner, as it hit into Earth's atmosphere, the Ark was still firing upon the failing ship
    "Sir! The planet's atmosphere is altering due to the ship's appearance. The water-ways are all changing courses, the plant-life is decaying" Hosehead declared
    "Continue firing then, make it less of a threat to the planet" Mistrel decided "Where is the rest of the team?" he asked
    "They have begun your mission plan, they don't appear to have noticed we've gone yet" NightHawk reported
    "I'd bet they notice the big ship crashing" Swerve suggested with some sarcasm. Mistrel looked worried.
    Alpha Prime with his small team sat on the out-skirts of the Decepticon's Headquarters. They were in a cave-like construct in the side of a dormant volcano- very Decepticon-like of them. He began to make some silent hand gestures to his team, and they moved to their positions. They were equipped with a special cloaking system, this would make it easy for them to sneak up on the stinking 'cons. Bumblebee sped off in his vehicle mode, almost silently, he entered the cavern entrance, and was gone for a few minutes. On his return, he quickly transformed into his robotic form
    "There's six Decepticons inside, all seekers, that seems to be the entire team" Bumblebee relayed to his commander
    "Good, we can take them all out at once then" Hound exclaimed. Alpha had a smile behind his mouth-piece
    Alpha and his team quickly paced towards the entrance, with Bumblebee in the lead. They were going into the mouth of the beast.
    Ratchet was running the operation in the city, he was monitoring the city with his scanners, he noticed the debris coming from the atmosphere, and the slight alterations in the weather. He also noticed that Mistrel's ship wasn't in it's old place, and was in orbit. It wasn't his place to question Mistrel's actions, but this was strange. He tried to communicate with him, but only got dead noise, he couldn't even reach Rodimus or Alpha. He was alone, bar Tracks.
    Jetfire was piloting the Ark that he and Rodimus had arrived on Earth in, they were circling the volcano with their sensors on full alert, searching for any signs of Decepticon shenanigans. Jetfire looked back, and saw Rodimus looking concerned
    "What is it Rod?" asked Jetfire
    "I can't get a signal with Mistrel" Rodimus replied
    "That's weird, maybe it's due to the Volcano?" suggested Jetfire
    "Maybe..." replied Rodimus. He continued to try and contact Mistrel.
    "Mistrel!" screamed NightHawk
    "What is it?" replied Mistrel, who had just noticed that Nightbeat had entered the room
    "We've got more company!" she answered
    On the screen appeared four more astral Miners, all coming at great speeds
    "What are those?" Nightbeat asked
    "Trouble" Mistrel answered "More than I anticipated"
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    End (3)

    Ultra Magnus walked down the Intelligence Agency's darkened halls, several officer's dodged him, he wasn't moving out of their way, they all knew that, they all understood his feelings, or rather what was his public feelings. He approached the top floor's office, Mistrel's office. He walked through the sliding doors, and was greeted by a large blue and white Autobot behind the desk.
    "Greetings Ultra Magnus, I'm afraid Mistrel Prime is unavailable at the moment" Dai Atlas stated
    "Quiet fool, what is being done about the blackout?" Ultra Magnus barked at the Autobot
    "We can't do anything without the Communication's Hub, we sent a team to see Blaster a short while ago" Dai Atlas responded
    "That isn't enough, I'm taking command here" Magnus ordered
    "I don't think so Ultra Magnus" Atlas replied
    "WHAT?" Shouted Magnus to the impetuous Autobot
    "I'm here on the orders of Mistrel Prime, and he has told me to keep command here, under any circumstances" Dai Atlas responded
    "I FAR OUT RANK YOU FOOL!" Ultra Magnus screamed at the Autobot
    "Actually, your rank of Prime is only one stage above Convoy, and I am under the strict orders of Mistrel, who is only out-ranked by Sentinel Prime, and even if Sentinel orders against Mistrel, the majority of Autobots will follow Mistrel" Dai Atlas explained
    "That idiot Mistrel doesn't scare me" laughed Magnus. Dai Atlas drew his gun, and pointed it at Magnus' chest
    "Never disrespect Mistrel Prime in my presence again" Dai Atlas threatened "He is far superior to you in every way"
    Ultra Magnus looked at his foe, and towards the gun, he felt afraid, but could never show it, not to a lower officer. Instead he turned, and strode away, never looking back. Dai Atlas smiled, and walked over to Mistrel's desk, and took his chair.
    "We've lost our shields sir!" shouted Siren from his command station
    "Engines are gone too" added Hosehead
    "Divert emergency power to thrusters" Mistrel ordered "Head to the moon"
    Nightbeat typed into his console, the room turned dark, and the ship moved forwards, towards the pale planetoid in orbit around Earth. The four Astral Miners turned away from the ship, and headed to the Earth. Mistrel had made a fatal miscalculation, he hadn't anticipated multiple Miner ships, he can't contact Star Saber or anyone else, due to his orders to detonate the satellite earlier. the Earth will fall.
    Starscream heard the commotion from outside the command room, explosions, gun fire, and screams of anguish. Starscream was cowering in the room, he was alone, he was going to be captured, or die here. Thundercracker ran into the room
    "Starscream! The Autobots are massacring us!" he shouted
    "I can see that!" Starscream shouted back
    "They've killed Skywarp and Dirge, I just saw Thrust and Ramjet tied up. We're done for!" Thundercracker was losing it. Starscream ran towards him. The door blasted open.
    "Hold it right there Starscream!" shouted Alpha, Starscream was about to raise his hands, when the Volcano started shaking
    "WHAT IS THAT!?" Shouted Bumblebee
    One of the large Astral Miners was hovering over the city of London, far from the events of the Cybertronian War, but not so far. The central orb began spinning at a fast rate, and then a beam shot down. The teeth of the orb seemed to dig down with the beam, it tore through the tarmac, buildings and ripped a hole in the legendary city. The planet could feel the effect, as well as that of the other three such devices, spread over the planet.
    The water of the planet began to recede, the plants decayed, buildings rotted, all life was draining from the planet itself. The Earth shattered in places, people fell into it, lost for eternity, energy syphoned from the planet, and into the ships.
    Ratchet and Tracks looked on, the city around them was collapsing and decaying. People were screaming, cars rotting, the two Autobots looked at each other, clearly frightened. They knew it was over.
    The Volcano began to come to life, all the denizens in the volcano stumbled
    "See ya!" shouted Starscream, he quickly transformed into his jet mode, and flew up, out of the exit hole.
    Thundercracker was about to follow his leader, when the ground collapsed under him, leaving him to fall into the flaming abyss.
    "Autobots! Roll Out" Alpha ordered, he transformed, as did his team, the three of them fled from the collapsing area, not noticing the energon cubes in their holding area falling into the hot area, detonating.
    Starscream fled from the volcano, spinning up, just as the volcano detonated, not just from lava, but also with a bright purple light, Starscream sped up, and then stopped. He was caught in something see-through. A shield, an Autobot shield
    Jetfre looked down, he saw Starscream below, and the explosion below him
    "It was an honour sir" he declared, Rodimus nodded, then typed.
    The ship's engines detonated, blowing half of Starscream away with it, slowly followed by the second half with the volcano's explosion. The Astral Miner over London was caught in the plume from the volcano, and hurtled towards the planet's surface, detonating on impact, damaging the planet further.

    End (4)

    "Red Alert, Red Alert" The computer was repeating in a droll voice, the command room of the Ark-class ship was filled with red light, all the denizens of the vessel were rushing around, trying to put out electrical fires and manning the screens showing damaged systems.
    "I've lost all signals from the planet!" NightHawk declared to her commander
    "The planet's gonna blow!" shouted Nightbeat from the terminal he was manning
    "Locking down the engines!" shouted Siren. Siren knew that if he didn't, then they would surely explode.
    There was only one Miner left in the sky now, the others had either been destroyed by the small Ark, or by the conditions from the rapidly deteriorating planet below
    "We've got to get out of here!" Pipes called out
    "Agreed, Swerve, launch a distress buoy on a missile, aim it towards sector 29-87!" ordered Mistrel "And cross your digits!"
    Swerve obliged his commander and almost immediately launched a single missile far out of sight
    "Use impulse engines to get as far away as possible!" shouted Punch to the helms-men "Divert any power we have available!"
    Blurr stood on the slightly damaged Astral Miner, and looked at the planet that was detonating below
    "What have we done?" he muttered to himself, his crew didn't hear him
    "Sir! There's a ship incoming!" shouted Trailbreaker from his console
    "Where is it, and what class?" Blurr asked
    "Coming from the direction of Sector 29-87, and it's an Ark, maximum speed!" Trailbreaker replied
    "Hull ruptures imminent. Local conditions volatile" declared the calm droll voice of the Ark's computer, basically put, they are doomed!
    "Cybertronian Vessel in Vicinity. Identifying. Identifying. Identified: Ark-17; Commander- Star Saber" the computer reported
    "We're getting a local comm!" Siren declared "Playing it!"
    "Need a lift?" came the simple question
    "If you would please" replied Mistrel, oddly calm
    Suddenly the entire crew and 'cargo' were teleported onto the new Ark ship. Siren, Hosehead, Nightbeat, Mistrel, NightHawk, Punch, Swerve, Pipes, Wheeljack, Arcee, Prowl and Jazz all arrived on the ship in approximately their exact locations on the second Ark. The ship sped up, swerved, and was gone. The Astral Miner however wasn't so lucky, they began to speed away, but was caught in Earth's final fiery embrace.
    Nightbeat was watching a monitor when it filled with a large red and white ripple. Muzzle had watched it from inside Nightbeat's head many times now. They had been on Ark-17 for quite a long time now. This was the furthest Muzzle had ever been from Earth, and now he could never go back.
    "You Okay?" asked a voice behind him, it was Wing, one of the Autobots who greeted him when he arrived on the ship
    "Yeah, just missing my home" Muzzle replied from Nightbeat's head
    "Just so you know, we're rendezvousing with the Delta soon, then we're heading to the Orbital Hub" Wing said "You still looking at that recording?" he said, as the recording looped around again
    "Yeah, can't believe it still" Muzzle replied
    "Our home is dead now, but at least it's still there" Wing said, trying to help "I couldn't imagine it not being there, under the Hub, like a large black orb"
    "Least it is still there" Muzzle mumbled
    Wing felt bad now, so he just walked off, leaving Muzzle and Nightbeat alone
    Mistrel sat at the desk that usually sat Star Saber, surrounding him were Arcee, Star Saber and Blacker.
    "So it was Ultra Magnus?" Arcee asked
    "Yeah, he's a jerk" Blacker responded
    "He ordered Alpha's death, the entire Earth?" Arcee said, stunned
    "Yes" nodded Star Saber
    "Well lets go after him!" Arcee screamed
    "We can't, we know it is him, but we have no physical proof" Mistrel explained
    "THEN GET SOME!" Shouted Arcee
    "We are trying to, once we return to the Hub, I am sending Team Battlestar and Team Zone to Earth's site, so we can find any proof we can" Mistrel explained
    "I want to help" Arcee pat out
    "You can, just lay low on the Hub, and then we can strike him down later" Star Saber said. Arcee nodded, and left the room
    "Oh my god!" Muzzle exclaimed.
    He was looking at a giant construct floating the the space in front of him. It made the Astral Miners look like dwarf ships. He couldn't see any weapons, but he bet that there were some somewhere.
    The Delta was clearly a battleship, despite its apparent lack of weaponry.
    After a few moments, the entire Ark was enclosed within the Delta, in what appeared to be a hanger of some sorts, it looked like it could hold another 10 Arks on top of the one inside at the moment.
    Nightbeat and Muzzle stayed on the Ark whilst a couple of the Ark-17's crew went onto the large ship, the remainder of the journey was remarkably quick compared to the earlier half. When the ship came to a full stop, the Ark departed from the hangar door, and the sight shocked Muzzle.
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    The small Ark-17 ship descended from the hanger of the Battleship Delta, and was presented with a magnificent sight. Muzzle looked out from the command room, along with Mistrel and his team. He couldn't help but be fascinated by the activity below.
    There were flying vehicles with designs that he'd never seen before, the buildings were much larger than those on Earth had been. The buildings even looked to be built far differently, with ornate patterns and strange shapes.
    In roads, if you could call them that, they were more like tubes, were seemingly floating in the space and connected the masses of metallic land, where the buildings were. The central-most landmass held a large domed building with several armed guards outside. A little way away from there was a very bland looking, almost square building. It wasn't marked or distinguishing at all. Near there was a domed building, this one was smaller than the other one, but had several satellite dishes and sensors visible. The building that next caught Muzzle's eye was a very tall building that looked like a giant sword piercing through the ground, blade up. It glistened in the light, as though it was transparent.
    "That's the Intelligence Agency" said Nightbeat, who was seeing what Muzzle saw "That's where Mistrel works"
    "Oh..." began Muzzle "...I like it"
    The Ark landed on a strip of land that seemed to be a spaceport, and the crew departed.
    "Nightbeat, I need to head to the Intelligence Agency, please show Muzzle around, then come to the Agency when I call you for your examination" Mistrel said as he left the ship
    "Already? I guess that's fine" said Nightbeat, quite shocked that his Officer's Exam would be so soon
    Mistrel transformed into his Earth-form quickly and drove away towards the gleaming tower in the distance. Punch and NightHawk followed him, also still in their Earth-forms.
    "Hey Muzzle, you mind if I change first?" Nightbeat said to his head
    "Change?" repeated Muzzle
    Then a series of images appeared in front of Muzzle, there were about 20 different car-like vehicles on them. An image was then high-lighted, it looked like an armoured Convertible car with large exhaust pipes. Suddenly the body began to contort and re-mould itself, then the process ended as soon as it had started. Muzzle then was ejected from his neck socket, he transformed into his small robotic mode, and watched as Nightbeat's body became a replica of the image he had just seen. Muzzle landed smoothly in the driver's seat, and the new car began to drive itself down the open-roof tunnels.
    Muzzle was looking around as fast as he could, trying to take everything in. He saw the flying vehicles he had seen from the Ark closer-up now, and saw that they were either large flying robots, or just small spaceships or jet-like vehicles, some had signs on them, some were just emblazoned by the Autobot insignia.
    "Hey Nightbeat, can I ask you something?" asked Muzzle from his chair
    "Sure" called back Nightbeat, from his radio transceiver
    "Why didn't you just choose a flying mode? It would be faster than driving surely" Muzzle continued
    "I'm not built to fly, I'm built to drive buddy" Nightbeat explained
    "Okay.." said Muzzle, sort of confused
    Muzzle looked out to the side again, he noticed what looked like shops on the side of the tunnels, one was flashing a sign that read 'Minicon pads: 50 Eng/piece' Muzzle looked at it confused
    "How can I read that?" he asked
    "Oh the sign? You have a universal translator in your suit" Nightbeat explained
    "OK, so what's a Minicon pad?" Muzzle continued with his questions
    "It's a power-boost, we don't tend to use them any more, they were really popular during the Crusades though" replied Nightbeat
    "Crusades?" inquired Muzzle
    "It's a nick-name for one of our wars" explained Nightbeat "Oh! There's the Communications Hub!" he added quickly, as he began to slow down
    This was the building that Muzzle had noticed with the Satellites outside, up close he also noticed several television monitors, or at least something that acted like them. Several of them read 'Awaiting repairs' but more of them had images on them. One showed a large blue and white robot talking to a crowd, looking authoritative, another showed Mistrel entering a building, yet another showed a scene from what Muzzle assumed was a Cybertronian Soap Opera, it seemed to be set in a bar of some sort.
    Muzzle transformed into the head of his partner Nightbeat at this point, and the two of them walked through the hallway, there were more screens inside, a lot of which showed the repair sign still, but some showed robots on them, others had maps and such. They approached a door, and pushed it, but rather than opening into a room, the push actually made the door go upwards. Inside were several small robots and a couple of larger ones. All of them were rushing around, some with data-pads in their hands, others with what looked like cameras.
    "Hurry up Playback!" called out a voice from a high-raise place. Nightbeat looked up
    "Hi Blaster!" Nightbeat called out to the figure up high
    "Oh hi kid, Mistrel said you would be coming round some point...With a human?" Blaster said, trailing off a bit at the end
    "He's in my head" Nightbeat said, noticing Blaster's confusion, he nodded back to him
    "There's a human being in there?"
    "Don't pull my leg!"
    Three of the small robots had surrounded Nightbeat within a couple of seconds. Nightbeat looked a bit concerned
    "Oh...hi guys" Nightbeat began "Muzzle, these are Decibel, Legout and Slam Dance, they're reporters"
    "Hi" Muzzle said, feeling inexplicably starstruck
    "Nightbeat! I just got a call from Mistrel, he wants you at the Agency now" Blaster reported
    "Thanks, that was quick" Nightbeat answered "Lets go Muzzle!" with that he transformed back into his convertible car mode and Muzzle jumped in, they drove through the open doorway and out of the Communication Hub.
    On the way to the Agency (it was easy to see it) Muzzle continued his sight-seeing session, and noticed one of the repairs signs flick onto a seemingly regular program. Blaster was on it.
    "And it's coming next week! The Cybertron Games, we have several famous faces this year, including Chancellor Necros and StarSaber Convoy! Stay tuned for new info on this channel, DON'T SWITCH!" The screen changed suddenly and showed a still image of several robots running, flying or throwing things.
    "Nightbeat, what's the Cybertron Games?" wondered Muzzle
    "Like the Olympics on Earth" said Nightbeat "I heard Mistrel was signed up for an event"
    "Really?" squeaked Muzzle
    "Yeah, but he always signs up, and this year he's actually on the Hub at the right time" Nightbeat pondered to himself "Can't wait to see him in action" Muzzle had to agree, he's seen Mistrel only on the Ark fighting, and him driving on Earth, he wondered what he could do too.
    They arrived at the tall glistening tower that was the Intelligence Agency, it actually looked more ornate that he expected. there were large gash-like marks near the base that made it look unique in it's own ways. The building itself looked like it was made of glass, but he was sure that it was actually something much more sturdy than that in reality. Nightbeat walked through the open doorway.
    When they reached the top floor, they were greeted by a female robot named Chromia, she told them to wait on the chairs provided whilst Mistrel finished with a couple of matters first. It took Mistrel about 30 minutes to finish his business though. When the door opened though, Mistrel wasn't the one who left the room, it was two quite large robots, one was red, the other was mostly blue. They passed Nightbeat without saying anything, and entered the elevator, descending down the tower. Nightbeat entered the still open office door. Mistrel was sitting at a large white desk. On the walls were several awards of sorts and there was also some types of armour set up in every corner, they were white as well. Nightbeat noticed a single chair set up by a small table near Mistrel's desk, he approached it. There was a data-pad on it.
    "I've already accessed your practical ability on Earth, so I only need an example of your theoretical ability too. This exam has no time limit, however, the quicker you complete it, the better your score will be" he touched a button on his desk, and a holographic stopwatch screen appeared in the air, rotating freely "The timer will begin once you activate the datapad" Mistrel explained. Nightbeat looked at the pad, and touched a button.
    52 minutes later Nightbeat was sitting opposite Mistrel, who had just begun to read the exam. Mistrel put the pad down and looked at Nightbeat and nodded.
    "You will begin work at the Intelligence Agency shortly, put until then, I want Muzzle to get to know the area a bit more. He should go to the Cybertron Games next week." Mistrel suggested.
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    Okay, I just posted this from my website (it is my work) because I want some feedback and stuff. Also I decided to begin the 'second series' soon, so I figured now is as good a time to post this as any other

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