Transformers Supernova: Secret War (Part 2)

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    Chapter 1:

    Alpha Sector, Iacon, 2330 Hours

    Bumblebee, a fast yellow car, drives back towards where the fight had started. He didn’t hear much but he saw huge plumes of smoke and fire going up into the air. He transformed into robot mode and looked around. The building had been destroyed, but the others were gone. He saw pieces of wiring on the ground, as well as armor panels and the like. This was weird. He walked past the building and looked in the direction of Delta Sector. He’s about to transform when he hears coughing and metal clanging against metal. He turns quick with his gun activated and pointing at the being. The being was large and blue, with gigantic fist and powerful guns on his shoulders. His chest looked like it had exploded inwards, and sparks flew out of said area. He groans and collapses. His name is Optimus Primal.

    Bumblebee rushes to Primal’s side. “Primal, are you okay? Where are the others?”

    Primal shakes his head, “Dead, captured, who knows? I saw the Decepticons take them away.”

    Bumblebee fell backwards and sat down. “No, how?”

    Primal looked up at Bumblebee, “Cryonix came, and the others didn’t stand a chance…I had given up earlier in the battle.”

    Bumblebee looked sad for a few moments, then angrily shouts, “Wait, you had given up?!”

    Primal put his hand up at Bumblebee in a stop motion, he then said, “Yes, I did, and I regret it now. Maybe if I had helped, the others might not have been captured.”

    Bumblebee couldn’t believe this. Primal was their leader. Bumblebee looked at him for a few seconds, then exclaimed, “Get over yourself! Just because you got stuck in the leader position doesn’t give you the right to act like a jerk. So just get over that, and be a leader that Optimus PRIME, would have been proud of.”

    Bee turned away from him. Well, if he wasn’t going to think of something, Bee would. He thought for a few moments, then said, “I think I have an idea.”

    Primal looks up at him, “You? An idea? You never come up with ideas, and this is your second one today.”

    Bumblebee shrugged, “One of us has to come up with something. And somehow I DOUBT that you are going to. So here’s my idea.” He explained it to Primal slowly, and they planned for the mission that could save the others, or kill them all.

    Iacon City, 2340 Hours

    A very ornate, ancient starship flew through the skies of Iacon City, heading towards the Autobot Headquarters. His name was Vector Prime, one of the original thirteen Transformers, and the only Prime alive currently. He is also a member of the Ruling Council, and was on his way to talk to the active Autobot police force about the attack in Delta Sector earlier that day. He landed in front of the Headquarters and transformed into his robot mode. Walking to the entrance, two soldiers walked up to him. That was odd, the Autobots didn’t have any troopers, only the one squad.

    Vector Prime steps forward and asks, “Who are you?”

    The soldiers stayed silent, and pointed their guns at Vector. Vector’s optics widened. As the guns started firing the blasts slowed down to a stop in mid-air. Vector walked past them, and drew his sword from his back. Time slowly started speeding up again, and Vector turned as fast as he could and stabbed one of the soldiers in the back before either of them had noticed his moving. The other soldier turned and fired his gun at Vector, but he blocked it with the sword, then jabbed forward with it, cutting the soldier’s gun, then slices it downwards through the soldiers head. Vector kneeled down and looked at one of the soldiers’ bodies. He was surprised when he saw a Decepticon symbol on it.

    “No…” He turned, looked up and saw Umbra pointing his gun at him. He didn’t see anything else.

    Iacon City, Autobot-turned-Decepticon Headquarters, 2400 Hours

    Umbra walked into the main command center, approaching Cryonix, the leader of the Decepticons. “Sir. I have captured Vector Prime. He must’ve come here looking for the Autobots.”

    Cryonix, looked up at Teletran II, which had so far unable to be hacked. He kept his back turned to Umbra and asked, “Did you put him in the prison with the others?”

    Umbra nodded, and said, “With inhibitors to keep him from stopping time and teleporting.”

    Cryonix smirked, and said, rotating to face Umbra, “Perfect.”

    On the bottom floor of the headquarters, several soldiers guard the prison cells. In each cell were one of the Autobots; Nitro, Ratchet, Ironhide, Jazz, Rattrap, and Vector Prime. Groaning, Ironhide called out from his cell, “So, how the slag did you all get captured?”

    Everyone, except Vector Prime who was still unable to form a coherent word, started talking at once. Ironhide shouted slightly, “Alright, alright. Ratchet. You say how it happened.”

    Ratchet started talking and Ironhide wished he’d picked Nitro or Jazz, “We, being myself and Nitro were fighting the menace from Delta Sector who beat us up, whom we have now identified as Decepticon scientist and covert operation specialist Umbra, when we registered a large explosion, disrupting the combat, and we were stunned, as the huge building fell down in a spectacular display of fire, metal and smoke. From this wreckage, an orange body, identified after multiple seconds as Rattrap, was blasted off the collapsing roof with a high accuracy supreme-powered cannon blast, and within moments we were blasted apart by the aforementioned brute Umbra, we watched in horror as-”

    He was cut off by Vector Prime groaning, “You youngsters and your big words and descriptions. Just get to the point already.”

    There was silence for several seconds before Nitro, Jazz and Rattrap started clapping, and Nitro exclaiming, “Thank Primus!”

    Ratchet was about to continue again, when Ironhide said, “Never mind, I get the idea, Ratchet.”

    Ironhide groaned and laid back down. Vector Prime sighed and tried to get up found that he was energy chained to the wall, “Is anyone else hooked to the wall by energy capture devices.”

    There was a consensus of no from everyone. “No, nope, uhuh, nah, no sir.”

    Ratchet looked over at Vector’s cell, “Why?”

    “Because I am.”

    “Oh…. I wonder why.”

    Nitro face-palms, “I’m sure you’re not the only one, genius.”

    Rattrap leans over to look across at the other cell and sees Jazz. “Hey, Jazz, how about some sad song to make us even more miserable. Or better yet, a HAPPY one to cheer us up.”

    Vector Prime calls out, “This isn’t time for music, this is the time to escape.” Rattrap rolls his optics, “Can it, you old rust bucket, I. Don’t. Care!”

    Jazz sits for a moment then says, “I think I got a tune.”

    A calm, but at the same time, energetic song starts playing and everyone just sits quietly and listens to it.

    Iacon City, 230 Hours

    “This is insane. This is insane. This is insane. Did I mention it’s insane?” Primal asked Bumblebee.

    Bumblebee sighed, “Yes, you did, but it’s the only way.”

    Primal’s engines exploded with a sudden burst of speed to catch up with Bumblebee. “So I distract them, while you sneak in and free the others, then we switch roles and I get them out?” Primal says.

    “Yep, you good with it?”

    Primal suddenly started moving faster than normal, and said with a commanding voice, “Of course. Sounds good.”

    They stop and transform and stealthily move along the side of a building and poke their heads out a corner, and look at the entrance of the base. Thundercracker stood there guarding. Primal laughs, “This is gonna be easy.”

    Bumblebee grins and nods. Primal moves out, and his two shoulder guns flip out, and begin charging. After several seconds, they activate and fire a large blast of energy at Thundercracker, hitting him hard and knocking him into a metal pillar of the building. He laughed, and started running towards Thundercracker.

    “That hurt!” Thundercracker shouted, wondering where that blast came from, he reactivated his optics, and pulled himself from the pillar, looking up, he saw Primal heading towards him. And he did what any responsible, combat-worthy, beat-em up easy, battle-hungry, destroyer of the other side, Decepticon who had two awesome gun and an almost as awesome sword, would do. He screamed, very loudly, then turned and ran as fast as he could in the opposite direction. Primal laughed and started running after him. Thundercracker looked behind him as he ran, then squealed again and ran faster, looking up at the main tower of the base.

    And saw Cryonix standing there, he then screamed, “Help!” to Cryonix, but Cryonix only had a few words for Thundercracker, “Not now, maybe later.” He turned and walked back into the tower.

    Thundercracker turned in fear, “Oh, slag.”
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    Chapter 2:

    Primal’s fist smashes into Thundercracker’s head, knocking him backwards hard. He punched him again and again several times, letting out his anger and frustration. Thundercracker attempt to fight back, but couldn’t get a hit in. Primal pinned him to the ground, and started pounding him into it.

    Thundercracker managed to say, “What did I do?”

    Primal pulled him up by the head several meters with his hand, then pounds him down again with the other. “You attacked my teammates and are holding them prisoner.”

    Thundercracker groaned in pain, “Orders! They’re only orders.”

    Inside the base, Bumblebee moves against the walls, stealthily. He peaks around a corner and sees Starscream talking to Skywarp. Skywarp says, “When can we try and get that crystal away from Cryonix?”

    Bumblebee whispers to himself, “Crystal?”

    Starscream pushes Skywarp backwards, “Fool, he can hear, you know. Talk quieter. We’ll take it once we have taken over Cybertron.”

    Skywarp sighs, “That’ll take forever. Why do we need him anyway?”

    Starscream puts his hand to his face and started thinking. As he did that, Bumblebee tried to go across the hallway to the doorway on the other side. He was almost to the entrance when Skywarp looked up.

    “Bumblebee!” He shouts.

    Starscream looks up and sees him, “Get him!!”

    Bumblebee takes off running, but not daring to transform, or he could bring all of the Decepticons after him.

    “So, Vector, can I call you Vec? Good.” Rattrap says, without waiting for a response from Vector Prime.

    “I want to know, Vec, why exactly the Ruling Council is keeping the Decepticon attacks under wraps? They‘ve totaled a city block, a piece of highway, and according to the others, a town square.” Nitro leaned up, and looked over at Vector.

    “I was kinda wondering that myself.”

    Vector looked down, and half-grumbled out, “We didn’t know it was that bad.”

    Rattrap, exasperatedly, laughs, “Great, a ruling council that doesn’t even know what happening a short distance away!”

    Vector Prime keeps himself form growling. Normally he was calm, but Rattrap was getting on his nerves. He shut off his optics, and imagined the thought of hitting Rattrap with his sword.

    “Holy Scrapmetal!” Rattrap yells. Vector turns his optics again quickly. Jazz looked over at Rattrap, who had just dodged a sword that looked like Vector Prime’s. Within seconds, it fell to the ground.

    “What the slag was that?!” Rattrap yells.

    Vector Prime, realizing what had happened, said, “Rattrap, that’s my sword, you can use it to break us out. I think…”

    Rattrap got up and walked towards it, “Ya think! I didn’t think ya could think, Rusty.”

    Rattrap, using all of his strength picks up the sword. He is obviously strained, but is still able cut part of the cell door. He then sets the sword down and starts pulling the door’s metal apart, slowly, but surely. Nitro notices, and claps, before hissing, "Hurry!”

    Up above in the base, Cryonix watches Primal beat the face plate off of Thundercracker. He couldn’t help but chuckle.

    “One gets what one deserves.”Cryonix admired Primal’s tenacity, but, he should stop him before Thundercracker was out of commission. He jumped off the balcony, and landed on the ground. He activated his sword on one arm, and his gun on the other.

    “A valiant pummel, Primal. Now surrender, or I will have to make this painful.” Primal stands up, straight, and steps on Thundercracker, who looked like he had been thrown into gigantic turbine.

    Primal looked right at Cryonix, “I abandoned them once, but I won’t do it again.”

    Primal barrels towards Cryonix. Cryonix moves to the side and slashes Primal with his sword, leaving a deep gash in his body. Primal groaned and collapsed to the ground. Cryonix laughed, “That was easy.”

    Down below, everyone had broken out. Ratchet carried Ironhide, and Nitro had Jazz in his arms.

    “So, that’s the plan then. Rattrap and I will distract the Decepticons, while the four of you get out and we’ll all rendezvous at the Ruling Council’s headquarters?” Vector Prime asked.

    Rattrap looks from Nitro to Vector then back at Nitro, “Do I haveta go with him?!”

    Nitro nodded, so Rattrap looked at Ratchet who nodded as well. Rattrap sighs, “Okay.”

    Vector Prime groaned, and put his hand on Rattrap shoulder, and they disappear in a flash of lights. Vector Prime and Rattrap appear in the middle of a hallway, just as Bumblebee slams right into them. Vector and Rattrap get knocked into the wall. Bumblebee looked up and asks, “Vector Prime? And who are you?” He asks pointing at Rattrap.

    “I’m Rattrap, the new Autobot.”

    Bee realizes and nods, “Where are the others?”

    Vector answers, “On their way out. Were you here to rescue us?” Bumblebee nods again.

    Rattrap asks, “Why in such a hurry?”

    Bee turns around, and just then, Starscream and Skywarp come around the corner, Starscream shouting, “The prisoners! They’ve escaped.”

    They start running towards them. Vector Prime smiles, “I’ll take care of this.”

    He steps in front of Rattrap and Bumblebee, and activated his force field, the two Decepticons running right into it, and bouncing off of it. He then pulls his sword out and shouts, “You’ll will stop now.”

    He walks forward. Skywarp, trying to be sneaky, teleports behind Vector Prime, but Bumblebee fires his laser rifle repeatedly, until Skywarp had to turn to face them. He growled and pulled his wing off, it transforming into a sword. Vector Prime deftly turned his own sword quickly in his hand stabbing behind him and stabbing Skywarp through in the back. He said, “Oooh, that must of hurt.”

    Bumblebee and Rattrap laugh, as Skywarp says, “Slag…” and teleports away.

    Vector then continues towards Starscream who backs up slowly, “Don’t, Vector, please, I’ll go! I’ll go!” He turns around and runs away.

    Cryonix pulls Primal, who is in energy chains, into a laboratory, and takes him over to a table. He tosses him on to it, and hooks him to it. He then calls out, in a silly voice, “Delivery for Doctor Umbra.”[/B]

    Umbra walks in dramatically, “Where is he?”

    He moves over the table, and says to Cryonix, “Scalpel,” Cryonix activates his sword, and Umbra says, “That’s quite a scalpel!”

    The two of them laugh maniacally as they start to cut open Primal's systems.
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    Chapter 3:

    Vector Prime and Rattrap run out of the base as Bumblebee shoots any soldiers that follow the three. Once they get far enough back from the base, they transform into their alternate modes and drive/fly towards the rendezvous point. Bumblebee activates his communicator and asks, “Hey, is Primal with you guys, Nitro?”

    After several moments there was a response, “Hey, Bee. No, Primal isn’t with us, isn’t he with you three?”

    Jazz states, “He’s probably on his way out now. I wouldn’t worry about it.”

    Kaon, Underground Decepticon Base, 600 Hours

    There was a murmur of voices. “Is it him? Is he alive?”

    The Decepticons standing above the body are all surprised. No one had been paying any attention to them since the fall of their commander, but now, it looks as if their commander is back online.

    “Where did you find him?” One voice said.

    Another replied, “In an energon lake.”

    Another in the room snaps his fingers, and in a deep voice says, “That why he was able to keep alive.”

    Suddenly, the room was filled with light coming from the body on the ground as the systems turned on. A very monotonic voice comes from the body, “Soundwave, superior. Autobots inferior.”

    There was a chorus of cheers as Soundwave stood up. One of the ones in the room says, “Soundwave, sir, we have much to tell you about!”

    The first thing Soundwave wanted to know however was, “Where is Megatron?”

    The smaller Decepticons all looked at each other and one said, “Lord Megatron is dead, Soundwave.”

    Iacon, Ruling Council Tower, 700 Hours

    There was one group groan, as all of the Autobots collapsed in the break room of Ruling Council base. Some onto the floor, others in chairs. Ratchet looked at the others and said, “I’ve got a lot of work to do. Seriously, we need another medic.”

    Nitro laughed, “Like who?”

    Ratchet shrugged. Ironhide looked up, “Hoist, Red Alert…...Defensor!”

    Jazz laughed, “Defensor would be totally awesome. We could kick those buggers of Decepticons back to Kaon where they belong.”

    Nitro nodded, “They belong in the scrap heap, not Kaon.”

    Ratchet shrugged again, and started working on the others, and himself. Vector Prime stayed quiet, and left the room after a few moments. He couldn’t believe the war had returned. Maybe he just didn’t want to.

    Iacon, Decepticon Base, 1700 Hours

    His optics were off, he had to turn them back on. Doing so, he looked around the room. He was in the recharge facility for the Decepticons. Made sense, he was, after all, a loyal Decepticon soldier. He walked out of the recharge cell. He flexed his hands and stretched his arms. They were huge arms, capable of pounding those evil Autobots into the ground. He left the recharge area, and made his way down the hall, towards the command center. Walking into said command center, he walked towards Teletran II. Surprisingly the others hadn’t been able to break into this computer. He chuckled to himself and entered the access code. The system booted, and all of the Autobots data came up.

    The voice of Teletran II slowly said, “Welcome, Optimus Primal.”

    A Decepticon smirked behind him, and said, “Thank you, Primal. Now, time for your new objective.”

    Iacon, Ruling Council Tower, 1900 Hours

    Nitro, Vector Prime, Ironhide, Bumblebee, and Rattrap were fully repaired, by Ratchet, leaving only Jazz to finish repairing. Bumblebee laid on his back, and asked the others, “Shouldn’t Primal be back by now?”

    The others for the most part nodded, except for Nitro and Rattrap who shrugged like they didn’t care. There was a noise that rang throughout the tower base. It was the door. Ironhide and Bumblebee got up to go check it. Bumblebee rushed down to the entrance, and saw that it was Primal.

    “Hey, Primal! You’re finally back."

    Primal looked back up, and smiled, “Yep. It wasn’t too hard, the walk was a pain though.”

    Ironhide smirked and Bumblebee nodded with a grin, as the three walk into the break room.

    Jazz cheers, “We’re all finally together again.”

    He starts playing a song, titled, “We Are Family.” Primal laughs, and makes his way over to Vector, “Thank you, for helping my team, and apparently for joining with us to fight those Decepticons.”

    Vector nodded back, “You are welcome.”

    Primal moved to center of the room. “I have found out what they are after. They are looking for the Matrix of Leadership. We need to roll out as soon as possible so we can intercept them before they find it.”

    The others nodded in agreement, except for Nitro, who, while he didn’t say anything, thought something was wrong.

    Decepticon Base, 1910 Hours

    Cryonix, Umbra, Starscream, Skywarp, and a very beat-up, but otherwise repaired Thundercracker, stood in the command center. There were five locations on the screen. “There are five locations where the Matrix could be, as shown to us by our newly-turned soldier.”

    Starscream snorted, “How do you know he showed us the real locations?!”

    Umbra cut off Cryonix and smoothly said, “Because, he had no choice in the matter.”

    Skywarp and Thundercracker look at each other and shrug. “Now, we will each lead a large squad of soldiers to each location. Expect limited Autobot interference. We will crush any Autobot resistance, and get the Matrix. Cybertron is practically ours. We will move out soon.”

    Ruling Council Tower, 1920 Hours

    Primal had just finished stating out his plan. The Autobots would split into 5 squads and beat up any Decepticon squads that came near the locations. They split up, transformed and left the tower. Vector Prime stayed at the Tower, but could create a warp gate to any of the locations if he was needed.

    Nitro drove quickly. He was paired with Rattrap. The other pairs were Bumblebee and Jazz, as well as Ratchet and Ironhide. Bee and Jazz were going to cover two locations close to each other. Primal said he could handle one himself, so he didn’t have a partner. Nitro couldn’t shake the feeling though that something was wrong.

    Rattrap finally shouted, “Yo, NITRO, you ever talk?!”

    Nitro snapped out of his thoughts and apologized, “Sorry, I was just thinking about something.”

    Deciding not to share his thoughts, he quickly added, “Nothing important.”

    Rattrap sounded skeptical, but didn’t press, only saying, “Uh, huh.”

    Delta Sector, 2010 Hours

    Ratchet and Ironhide reached their tower first, but not by much. Jazz and Bumblebee were almost to the Polyhex-Iacon border, and Nitro and Rattrap had just about reached Alpha Sector. Primal needed to get to Orion Sector, which would take him a little longer. Ratchet and Ironhide walked into the nearly empty tower, with the exception of 3 guards. The matrix wasn’t there, of course, it was currently in the Alpha Sector location. Ratchet and Ironhide walked onto the balcony of the second floor of the tower and looked down at the streets.

    Ironhide sighed, “Nothing but a energon chase. They‘re never gonna attack. They‘re too dumb.”

    Ratchet nodded, “Or smart. They may all be heading for the Alpha Sector tower.”

    They hear an engine noise and looked up. There was what looked like a swarm of black and purple coming. Ironhide’s mouth dropped, “Decepticons! Nearly a hundred of them.”

    Ratchet’s optics widened and he pointed at the front, “Look! Skywarp!”

    The two ran off the balcony, and Ratchet yelled into his communicator, “We are under attack, I repeat we are under attack!”

    There was tons of static and laser blast sounds as well as shouting and commotion coming from the communicator speakers, “Hel…look o…….slag…..Jazz!”

    Barely a few moments later, the communicator shut off. Ratchet tried to turn it back on, but it replied, “Your communications provider no longer provides service to your communicator. Have a nice solar cycle.”

    They looked at each other, than out the balcony at the quickly approaching jets. Ironhide shouts angrily, “Primus! It’s a trap!”

    Ratchet looked at him, then back out there. “Let’s go, Ironhide, we can take them.”

    He pulls the gun off his back, and activates it. Ironhide nods, “Let’s bust some Decepticons.”

    He pounds his fists together as Ratchet runs to the balcony, and Ironhide runs to warn the guards. Ratchet kneels to get some cover from the siding, and starts firing his gun at the Decepti-jets. Ironhide gets to the guards, “Decepticons are attacking, let’s go.”

    He points to the sniper, “You go up top and shoot down as many as you can.”

    The rifleman is about to say something when Ironhide shakes his head, “You go help Ratchet, he’s on the second floor balcony.”

    Looking at the brawler he’s about to say something but the brawler finishes first, “I’m with you. Stealth tactics should work, right?”

    Ironhide nodded, “Yeah. Let’s go.” They run towards the place in the tower the matrix is stored when it’s there.

    Skywarp and the army of Decepticons flew by the tower and transformed, so that Ratchet couldn’t fire at them. Skywarp turned to face them, “Decepticons, we are going to attack that base, and destroy those Autobots. Leave no prisoners. You ten, come with me, we’ll get that Matrix and I’ll show Cryonix how good of a leader I am.”

    They transform and fly down, firing missiles and laser machine guns at the tower. Skywarp shouts loudly as he teleports, and transforms right on the balcony behind Ratchet, “It’s over for you all. HAHAHA!!!”

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    Chapter 4:

    Polyhex, Gamma Sector, Iacon Border Tower, 2020 Hours

    Jazz ran down the staircase in the Border Tower, one of the locations where the Matrix is capable of being stored. Transforming into the car mode, he races out of the tower and into the swarm of Decepticon tank soldiers. He transformed back into robot mode and flipped up into the air, activating his gun, and shooting several soldiers. He lands on the ground on his side panels, sliding for several seconds, continuing to shoot the other soldiers. There were at least 30 of them. He dodged and weaved through the ground ruptured by the artillery blasts.

    Ducking behind a building he activated his communicator, “Anyone? Can anyone here me?! This is Jazz. These blasted Decepticreeps have overwhelmed my position.”

    All he got was static from the receiver. Someone had to be near by, right? Not someone Jazz wanted to see. Landing in the alleyway was Starscream. Jazz backed up slightly, “You! I thought I had ripped apart your processors a LONG time ago.”

    Starscream smirked and laughed, “Only a temporary set back. Now, prepare to meet your doom at the hands of Starscream.”

    Jazz moved back a few more steps. “Get ready to meet Primus, back-stabber.”

    Starscream pulled off his wing, it transforming into his sword. Starscream then ran forward as fast he could, but not fast enough, as Jazz moves quickly to the left, deftly dodging the blade. He then jumped up and activated his gun, hitting Starscream hard. In mid-air, he grabbed Starscream’s other wing and swung past him, back flipping in midair, blasting Starscream in the back.

    Starscream turns quickly, and his two large guns flip over to face forward and begin charging. “Time to die, Autobrat.”

    Jazz lands backwards sliding backwards for several meters, still firing his gun, “Ya first, Starslag.”

    Iacon, Polyhex Border Tower, Epsilon Sector, 2025 Hours

    Meanwhile only a few miles away, Bumblebee jumps out of the way, just in time to miss getting nailed by Thundercracker’s sword. Thundercracker grunts and turns, slashing into Bumblebee as he came back down to the ground. He rolled to the side, and quickly used his jet boosters to dash forward, before turning to face Thundercracker, “Hey, whiney. Neh, neh, neh, neh neh.”

    Bumblebee waved his arms at Thundercracker before racing off away from the civilians and the many Decepticon military soldiers. Thundercracker chases after him running for a short distance before transforming to vehicle mode, to try and catch up. Bee transformed as well, and sped away. Thundercracker, being a jet, caught up quickly, “Die, Autobot!”

    Alpha Sector, 2040 Hours

    Nitro and Rattrap stood in the Matrix chamber while all of the guards were outside fighting the Decepticons. Rattrap walks up close to the floating Matrix, “So this is the Matrix of Leadership?”

    Nitro nodded and walked closer to it, himself. “Yeah. It’s quite something.”

    They turned their heads to the doorway when they hear laser fire. Seconds later the door blasts apart as Umbra walks in. “Get out of the way, Nitro. This’ll be quick and painless.”

    Nitro shook his head, “We’re never giving you the Matrix.”

    Rattrap agrees, “So go die in a plasma canyon!”

    Umbra shakes his head at the two, before raising his gun arm, “You first.”

    The gun charged up, and Nitro started running towards Umbra, yelling to Rattrap, “Get the Matrix out of here!!”

    Rattrap nods and runs in the opposite direction, grabbing the Matrix. Umbra attempted to blast Rattrap, but missed and hit the doorway Rattrap had just ran through seconds before. Just then Nitro slammed into Umbra, knocking him to the ground. He punched Umbra in the head, before Umbra managed to kick and punch Nitro off.

    Rattrap ran down the abandoned and dark hallway, trying to find an exit. He made his way to the end of the hall, and turned down another corridor. Seeing the lights of the city at the end of it, he ran as fast as he could. Out of nowhere, a Decepticon car soldier jumped out of a doorway and tackled him, the Matrix flying from his grasp. Rattrap twisted and punched the Decepticon.

    Pulling himself away from the soldier, Rattrap pulled his blaster off his back and blasts the Decepticon several times. “That’s for messing with the Rattrap.”

    The Decepticon falls dead to the ground and Rattrap ran to the Matrix picking it up again. Rattrap hurried again towards the exit. Getting outside the building he was suddenly surrounded by Decepticon soldiers of various types, all looking greedily at the Matrix.

    Delta Sector, 2050 Hours

    Ratchet blasted down another Decepticon before ducking behind a pillar, to let his gun cool-off. Ironhide rand down the hall quickly and hid behind the pillar opposite to Ratchet’s. “How are we doing?”

    Ratchet just shook his head. Ironhide looks down, “The guards?”

    Ratchet sighs, “Dead. Did you find out which tower the Matrix is at on the computers?”

    Ironhide looked back up and nodded, “Alpha Sector.”

    Ratchet face-palmed, “This is too much. Nitro and Rattrap aren’t going to last long against an attack like this.”

    Ironhide nodded, “Why don’t we go help them?”

    Ratchet thought for a few seconds, “Do you think we could make it in a reasonable amount of time?”

    “I think we shall!” An old voice yells, before appearing in front of them. Vector Prime got in between the two pillars and activated his force field.

    “How’d you get here?” Ironhide asks, with a bit of annoyance.

    Vector Prime responded, “With a warp gate. I’m surprised I can still make them.”

    Ratchet smiled and excitedly asked, “That means we can get to Alpha Sector within minutes, correct?”

    Vector Prime nodded. Ironhide however disagreed, “You ain’t getten me in a warp gate!”
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    Chapter 5:

    Gamma Sector, Polyhex, 2055 Hours

    Jazz fell backward, a deep sword gash in his side, and burn marks on his chest. He looked up at Starscream, “You aren’t taking me alive!”

    Starscream laughs, “That’s the point.”

    He jabs down with his sword, and just before it hits Jazz another sword comes in front of Jazz and stops it. Starscream looks up and standing there was Vector Prime, along with Ratchet, who’s holding his gun at Starscream.

    Ratchet shouts, “Get out of here, trash.”

    Starscream moves back, before transforming and flying away. Jazz looks up at Vector Prime and Ratchet, “You guys, wouldn’t believe…how glad…I am too see you.”

    Ratchet kneels down next to Jazz, “Easy, Jazz. Just rest for a few seconds.”

    He looks up to Vector, “Go help Nitro and Rattrap. Jazz needs medical attention now.”

    Vector nods, and transforms into spaceship mode flying off toward Iacon, to pick up Bumblebee.

    Alpha Sector, 2100 Hours

    Rattrap blasted down another Decepticon, but, just as he turned to shoot another he got blasted hard in the side, losing his gun, and sliding across the ground away from it. Looking up he saw Umbra, walking toward him. “No…”

    He reached toward his gun, though it was too far for him to even touch it, but Umbra came close and stepped on his arm. Umbra then reached down and ripped the Matrix from his grasp. “Now I have it. The power belongs to the Decepticons.”

    Rattrap kicks Umbra’s leg, but Umbra doesn’t notice.

    Nitro stumbles through the exit to the tower, and sees Umbra holding the Matrix, and the two remaining soldiers holding down Rattrap. He saw Rattrap’s gun not too far from the exit. He got on the ground and crawled toward the gun. As he crawled, he found a soldier’s gun still in working order. Shrugging to himself, he grabbed it and crawled to a good spot to shoot. He had just gotten there when he saw a flash of light. When it had gone, standing there was Vector Prime and Bumblebee.

    Omega Sector, 2105 Hours

    Optimus Primal stood in the center of the tower, as Cryonix walks in. Cryonix smiles and looks around at the designs of the tower walls, “Nice place. So where’s the Matrix?”

    Primal stayed silent, as Cryonix got closer. When Cryonix was only a couple meters from Primal, he spoke, “It’s not here.”

    Cryonix got angry, “What?!”

    Primal smiled, and continued, “Glorious leader, I didn’t want the other Autobots to suspect me. It’s in Alpha Sector, where I believe Umbra has just successfully captured it and the soldiers, Rattrap and Bumblebee. Vector Prime is giving him some trouble, however.”

    Cryonix frowned at him for a few seconds, but slowly started smiling, before breaking out into evil laughter, “Okay, Primal. Let’s go help Umbra, shall we?”

    Primal nodded, and there was a flash of light and the two disappeared.

    Alpha Sector, 2200 Hours

    Cryonix punches, then slashes Vector Prime. Vector moves to get out of they way, but right in that instant gets grabbed by Primal, who holds him still as Cryonix punches one last time hard. Vector’s sword laid on the ground several meters away, but for some reason it slowly started to fade away. Primal tossed Vector over to where Umbra was guarding Rattrap and Bumblebee. There was the loud sound of multiple engines as Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker flew in, along with about 20 various Decepti-jet soldiers.

    The Decepti-jets stayed in the air, but the three Seekers landed and transformed. Skywarp came over holding a knocked out Ironhide. Umbra pointed to the other Autobots, and he dropped him next to them before walking to join where Cryonix and Primal were standing. Cryonix talked to Primal for a few moments, then Primal walked over to join Umbra in guarding them, as Starscream came over and deposited an online but badly damaged Jazz.

    Rattrap spat at Primal, “Traitor!”

    Bumblebee shook his head, not able to understand why Primal did it. Jazz said, “You got lots of explaining to do bigbot!”

    Primal laughed, “Cryonix and Umbra have shown me that their way is the true way.”

    Vector looked down, struggling to stay online.

    “What did they do to you, Primal?!” Bumblebee asked.

    Primal simply stated, “They are my masters now.”

    He turned to watch the three Seekers gather near Cryonix.

    Cryonix set the Matrix floating in the air in front of him, causing Skywarp to say, “Megatron never accomplished this!”

    Starscream snorted, “We’d have accomplished it if he had made me leader.”

    Thundercracker laughed, “Yeah, yeah, sure, Starscream.”

    Starscream glared at Thundercracker but said nothing.

    Nitro watched from his hiding spot, trying to figure out what to do. He scanned the ground, when he saw that Umbra was pulling Vector Prime in energon chains over to Cryonix and the others. “I have to save him!”

    He transformed into truck mode, and drove fast over towards Umbra. Thundercracker turned and saw Nitro, “Look!”

    Cryonix turned his head, “Get him, he must not stop the process of converting the Matrix!!”

    The Matrix glowed for a few seconds, before going back to normal. The Seekers ran towards Nitro pulling off their swords in the process. Nitro drove as fast as he could, the quickly transformed to robot mode and tackled Umbra causing him to let go of Vector Prime. Nitro then jumped off Umbra. Back flipped through the air, and blasted Umbra with his gun, knocking him back. He quickly ran to Vector and said, “I’ll save you, don’t worry.”

    Vector nodded, and quickly pointed. Nitro turned and dodged moving away from Vector. “Come on, you idiots, come get me!”

    He shouts at the Seekers. Skywarp teleports and appears behind Nitro.

    Cryonix looks at the Matrix which suddenly glowed again, before going back to normal. Cryonix murmured to himself, “Hmmm.”

    Thundercracker ran towards Nitro head on, and just as Skywarp was about to stab Nitro in the back, Nitro dodged to the side, and Thundercracker and Skywarp stabbed each other in the chest, and fell onto their sides. Nitro ran to the side for a few moments before turning and seeing Vector being thrown down by Umbra in front of Cryonix. Just then,

    Cryonix’s sword slid out of his arm, and he stabbed it straight down into Vector Prime’s chest fatally. Vector Prime yelled, and waves of light blue energy came out of his body as he went offline for the final time. Nitro screamed out as he watched wave after wave of energy come out of Vector Prime, it getting absorbed by Cryonix. Suddenly two huge arms grabbed him and lifted him up slightly. It was Primal, and he held Nitro from going to save Vector, Nitro screamed, “Vector Prime! No!!!”

    Cryonix laughed maniacally, and pulled his sword out of Vector Prime’s lifeless body, that fell over down. He then turned to the Matrix which suddenly started pulsating with energy. Cryonix laughed, and shouted to Primal, “Bring that bot over here.”

    Primal brings the struggling Nitro over to Cryonix and drops him at his feet. Cryonix steps back a few steps, and says, “Kill him, Primal.”

    Nitro looked at Vector Prime‘s dead body, then up at Primal, who remained standing. Cryonix’s tone got angrier, “I said kill him, Primal!”

    Primal looked down then back up at Cryonix. Cryonix got exasperated, and said, “Umbra, you hate him, you kill him!”

    Umbra nods, “With pleasure.”

    He walked over as Primal moved back a few meters. Umbra bashes Nitro hard with his gun arm, knocking him completely to the ground. The Matrix pulsated again.

    Jazz watched as they did so, and looked up at the sky which had darkened. Looking at the others, “It’s over isn’t it.”

    Rattrap nodded, but Bumblebee shook his head, “Others will rise. We may die today, but the fight for peace and freedom will never die. Not as long as we believe.”

    Jazz shook his head, “There’s nothing to believe in anymore. They have the Matrix, they killed the only other Prime. With no one to lead the fight, the fight is dead.”

    Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker came over and picked up the group of Autobots, taking them inside the tower.
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    Chapter 6:

    He felt the energy. He fed on it. The Matrix was beautiful, and its power wonderful. Cryonix watched Umbra repeatedly bash Nitro over and over again. Turning to Primal, he watched the former Autobot with interest. He had refused Cryonix’s orders, which he shouldn’t be able to do.

    Primal’s eyes went from Cryonix to the Matrix to Umbra, and then finally rested on Nitro, who cried in pain , trying to move away, but unable to pull himself up. Umbra seemed happy to be doing this to him. Primal’s orders were to kill Nitro, but he couldn’t. Because he didn’t want to…because….he was an Autobot, and an Autobot does not watch his friends die. He looked at the Matrix and watched as the light from it dimmed and brightened in sync with Nitro getting hit. It all made sense to Primal now, why hadn’t he realized it sooner…of course, that day… He closed his optics.

    Primal jumped out of the way of a laser blast. Some terrorist came into the headquarters with a laser rifle and energon pistol taking him by surprise. Primal had been all alone, and the wacky terrorist was quickly joined by nine others, all carrying various weapons. They had pinned him in the corner of the main hall. He rested for a few moments behind a pillar.

    Once rested, he ran around the pillar and towards the bots. The bots turned and were scared by the large robot form running at them. They opened fire, but were lousy shots, with only a couple hitting Primal. Primal grabbed one and tossed him into another He then spun and elbowed one in the back, grabbed him by the arms and spun again tossing him with all his strength. Sadly, they wised up, and the others shot at Primal hard, and with better accuracy. Primal fell down hard.

    Looking up at the terrorists, he sighed. Looks like this was it for him. Out of nowhere, a loud yell was heard and Primal looked up as Nitro jumped off the second level railing, shooting down half the terrorists. Landing on the ground he shot down the rest. Turning to Primal, he reached his hand down, and Primal lifted his hand up and grasped it as Nitro pulled him up.

    Without warning, light engulfed the room and Nitro’s body phased in and out.

    “Help me, Primal… Help me…” He said loudly.

    Primal stepped backwards and turned around and Cryonix and Umbra behind him, “You will not. You belong to us, remember? Destroy him. He after all is the reason you were ever in active duty.”

    Primal turned and grabbed Nitro, and punched him repeatedly. Nitro barely fought back, falling backwards and onto his back. Primal put his hands on Nitro’s neck, and shook him hard.

    Cryonix’s voice rang through, “Kill him, Primal!”

    Primal let go of Nitro, but only for a few seconds, before punching him in the head again.

    He was about to finish him off when Nitro began to speak, but in the voice of Optimus Prime, “Primal, you are a great warrior for the Autobots. It is my distinct honor to grant your request and bestow upon you my own name of Optimus officially. I know you will do the name well, just as I have.”

    He repeated the message, and Cryonix’s message came through almost as clear, repeated, “Kill him, Primal!”

    Other voices, such as Bumblebee, and Jazz, screamed, “You are a hero!“

    Primal grabbed the sides of his head as the area got brighter around him again. Finally he shouted, “Enough! I….am…Optimus Primal!!!”

    The walls of the area shattered as light surrounded him.

    Optimus Primal’s optics reopened. He was back, and he was ready to beat the Decepticons. Moving forward, he grabbed Umbra, much to his and Cryonix’s surprise, and threw him at Cryonix, knocking him backwards a large distance. He put his hand down for Nitro, “You need a hand?”

    Nitro looked up at him, and nodded, putting his hand up. Primal helped him up. Nitro asked Primal, “Are you back?”

    Primal nodded, “I’m back. And, I’m sorry.”

    He looked over at Vector Prime’s deceased body. Nitro moved over to Vector’s body and tried to find his sword. “It’s gone. Vector’s sword, it isn’t here.”

    Primal got down on his knees and looked with Nitro. “Only a Prime can draw the sword, maybe when he died, it disappeared.”

    Nitro looked over at Cryonix and Umbra who were getting ready to get back over there. Primal looked at Nitro, then at the Matrix, and realized something important. If he told Nitro what he was going to become, he wouldn’t touch it, and they would lose. Primal made a decision and stood up. “I’ll hold off those two for as long as I can, you get the Matrix out of here.”

    Nitro nodded, and ran towards the Matrix, grabbing it, and just as he did, Primal smiled, and Cryonix yelled, “No, it isn’t possible!!!!”
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    Chapter 7:

    Nitro looked around. He wasn’t on the platform anymore, he was in a large chamber where several Autobots sat in seats surrounding him. He looked up at the podium and standing there was none other than Optimus Prime. “Nitro, welcome to the Council of The Primes. Sitting and standing before you is every Prime of the past, present, and future. You are here for one reason, and one alone. Are you ready to become a Prime, and to lead the Autobots, and someday, all Transformers, shall peace ever return?”

    Nitro’s optics widened, and he shouted, “This can’t be! I’m no Prime! Because of me, you died, Optimus! And so did Vector Prime!”

    Optimus nodded, “I know Nitro, but, that doesn’t make you any less of a Prime, does it? Being a Prime is in your spark, in what you do, you can’t change your destiny.”

    Nitro was about to say more, when a second person joined him on the podium. Vector Prime. Nitro fell down onto his knees, realizing as he did so, that the Matrix was floating up into Optimus’ hand. A third Prime join Optimus and Vector, but Nitro didn’t recognize him. And a final fourth Prime joined them, Nitro didn’t recognize him either, but he was very old.

    The old Prime begins, “I, Prima, grant you, the name of Nitro Prime, and this new body. May you use it to better yourself and others and to strike fear into the sparks of anyone who shall oppose justice.”

    Energy surround Nitro, and he immediately feels much stronger, and faster, and like he could take on a whole battalion. He looked down and saw that his chest was open and there was a hole in it for the Matrix to go.

    Optimus then speaks, “I, Optimus, grant you, Nitro Prime, my wisdom and battle experience. May you lead those of good intentions into battle against the forces of darkness, and protect those who are innocent, no matter the form.”

    The Prime he didn’t recognize speaks slowly, in a deep, but young voice, “I, Galactus, grant you, Nitro Prime, this gun. May you use it only against those of evil and dark intentions, and to protect those who need protecting.”

    The gun floats through the air, and into his hand. It fits comfortably in his hand.

    And finally Vector Prime spoke out, “I, Vector, grant you, Nitro Prime, two things. The first is my sword. May you use it with honor and valor. The second is friendship. In times of dire need, I will be there to help you and to guide you. Optimus will do this as well from time to time.”

    His sword slices through the air right to his hand before stopping, turning, and easing right into his fingers.

    He looked from his open chest to the Matrix floating above the four.

    A loud chant filled his sensors seconds later, “We, the Primes, grant you, Nitro Prime, the Matrix of Leadership. May you use it to guide Cybertron to peace and happiness, until all are one!”

    The Matrix floats down to Nitro and slides perfectly into his chest glowing, and finally dimming to it’s normal level as his chest closes around it. The Primes all yell one more time, “’til all are one!”

    Nitro Prime opened his optics, as a bright light that surrounded him slowly faded away. His feet touched the ground. With the sword in one hand, and the gun on his back, he raised the sword and shouted out to Cryonix, Umbra, Primal, and all of Cybertron. “’til all are one!!!”

    Cryonix shouted, “You will not stop me, Cybertron will be mine, Nitro!”

    He boosts forward at his speed with his sword out, and brings it down hard at Nitro. Nitro smiles, and puts his hand up, grabbing and stopping the sword with his hand alone, “The name is Nitro Prime, and the day is ours.”

    He slashed Cryonix hard with his sword, then kicked him away. Cryonix looked from Nitro to Umbra, “Decepticons! Retreat!!!!”

    He transforms and flies away, as does Umbra. Nitro nods to Primal with a smile who nods back. Nitro then turns and watches as the three Seekers walk out of the tower.

    Skywarp says, “Retreat? Why?”

    Thundercracker grabs Starscream and Skywarp by the wings and turns them to face the same direction he is, “I think that’s the reason.”

    He says nodding in the direction of Nitro. Skywarp looks at the other two, “I don’t know about you, but I think Cryonix’s plan looks pretty good about now.”

    He transforms, as do the other Seekers, and they fly away as well.

    Primal runs over to Nitro, and high-fives him. Together they walk to the edge of the platform and sit down on it.

    Looking at Primal, Nitro says, “You know, this war is only beginning….”

    Primal nods, “I know, and there is no one else I’d rather have in charge.”

    Nitro looks at Primal, and laughs, “This, from the bot who blamed me for killing Optimus Prime?”

    Primal nodded, “When my true mind was trapped in there it had a chance to do some thinking, and I realized, how good of a bot you were. Do you know who rescued me my spark from Cryonix and Umbra’s evil shell they put on it?” Nitro shook his head.

    “You. Out of any Autobot, you were the one. It made me realize that, though we argued, we always had each others back. Remember those terrorists?”

    Nitro nodded, “I saved your life, then you saved mine.”

    Primal responded, “That’s what brought me back. That memory, that action. So do you want the job, Nitro?”

    Nitro shook his head, “Only, if you are giving it because you think I am the better choice, Bigbot.”

    Primal laughed out loud, “Bigbot, huh? Look who’s talking. You are the better choice, you always have been, you always will be.”

    Primal stands up, as does Nitro. Primal salutes Nitro, “I am proud to serve, Nitro Prime, sir!”

    Nitro laughs, “Only if you are my lieutenant. You still have the experience.”

    Nitro puts out his hand, and Primal shakes it, “Deal.”

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