Transformers Supernova: Secret War (Part 1)

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    Author's Note: This is an alternate reality, where the Autobots and Decepticons never left Cybertron and the Autobots won the war. These stories will contain mostly Gen-1 characters, with some Non-G1 and a few of my own creation. Most Gen-1 characters will be updated via Digibashing Unicron trilogy characters. Also, Umbra is one I made-up, he has no connection to the obscure Dreamwave Gen-1 Umbra character.

    Chapter 1

    Iacon City, Autobot Army Headquarters, 0800 Hours

    Nitro walked down the metallic corridor, arms folded against his chest, a depressed expression on his face. It had been 4 orbital cycles since Optimus Prime had been murdered by the formerly-imprisoned Cryonix.

    "It's my fault that he escaped." Nitro muttered. Reaching the end of the hallway, the door automatically opened and he walked into the command center. Up at Teletran II, Optimus Primal viewed various scanner feeds from around Cybertron.

    Primal was taller, more muscular, more powerful than Nitro. He was also the new leader of the Autobot Army. Well, it was more of the Cybertron Police Force than an army though. Optimus Primal turned and stared at Nitro for a few moments before turning back to the screens.

    "Anything to report?" Primal asked. Nitro shook his head, even though Optimus couldn't see him.

    "No, sir," Nitro never called him Optimus, only commander or sir. The only person fit to have that name was dead.

    "Where are the others?" Nitro asked Primal. He hated being alone with Primal, and Nitro was sure the feeling was mutual.

    "Ironhide is with Ratchet, getting some tune-ups, and Bumblebee is out scouting like you were. You can join him if you wish." Primal stated, the last sentence was said slower than the rest.

    Nitro smiled, and quickly saluted, "Yes, sir," leaving the room. Primal turned and faced him.

    "And be back in a reasonable amount of time, this time!" He yelled after him.

    Nitro yelled back, "Sure!"

    As soon as he had gotten out of the hallway and into a large entrance hall, he transformed into his truck mode, drove out at high speed underneath the Headquarters front arch, and onto the highway. He dodged the other cars, and turned on his army radio frequency.

    "Hey, Bumblebee! You on the line?" He said, excited.

    Bumblebee was the only Autobot of the four others on the team that actually liked him. Then again Bumblebee liked everyone. An energetic voice, came across the frequency,

    "Hey, Nitro, good to hear from ya. Did old Primal finally let you come back from your 'scouting mission'?" Nitro laughed, Bee always cheered him up.

    "Yep, and he was eager to get rid of me. I think a few of his transistors are loose, if you know what I mean?"

    "I heard that, Nitro!" Primal's voice blared over the comm. You could hear Bumblebee's laughter for the next several lanes over on the highway.

    Kaon, Secret Underground Base, 0900 Hours

    Umbra stood silently annoyed, as he listened to Cryonix go on and on about how he killed Optimus Prime.

    "He begged for mercy as I slammed my sword into him. He then proceeded to punch me, but I reacted quickly, blasting him with my chest guns, right at his sword blade wound. His death was slow and painful. Sadly the Autobots came before I could get the Matrix out of his chest. But it was only a minor setback. I have forged ahead, and here I am today, your new leader. I have gathered you all together so that we can make coordinated, well planned strikes against the Autobots, like the good old days."

    Umbra looked at the other Decepticons, then back at his leader. Noticing the silence, Umbra looked around again, before starting to clap slowly. The other Decepticons murmured slightly before joining in. Cryonix bowed,

    "Thank you. Thank you. The pleasure was all, back to work!!" The Decepticons groaned and shuffled off. Starscream, who had been standing next to Umbra, stepped in front of him, and turned to Cryonix.

    "What a wondeful retelling, Cryonix. It kept me on the edge of my seat. I am sure you will make a fine leader."

    If Umbra could have rolled his eye, he would have. Umbra shrugged, "It was....interesting, sir. I'm sure the actual battle was a lot drier, but that's just me."

    ((Below are the Digibashed photos of Nitro, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Cryonix and Umbra, as well as the photos of Primal, Rattrap, Jazz, Starscream (Just imagine Skywarp and Thundercracker) and Ironhide for easy refrence and description. You can click on the images to get larger versions.))

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    Chapter 2:

    Delta Sector, Iacon, 0930 Hours

    Bumblebee raced down the road at high speed. Cybertron had been celebrating it’s 1st full year of peace in eons. Celebrations had been going on all over the city, and that’s where Bee was going. If there was going to be an attack by the Decepticons, they would do it then. Bumblebee transformed into robot mode on the outskirts of the largest celebration, Botcon. He stayed out of site, but in a good position to shoot a Decepticon if they tried to shoot the crowd. Suddenly he heard the rev of an engine and saw Nitro burst out of the shadows, and stopped right next to Bee. Bumblebee watched as Nitro changed to robot mode.

    Happily, Bumblebee said, “Thank Primus, you got here. I was getting bored already.” Nitro smirked and walked over sitting down.

    “I’ve been bored all my life. No action.”

    Unbeknownst to the two Autobots, who just chattered away about racing mostly, Umbra walked out onto the roof of the largest building near the celebration. He took out a holo transmitter and set it on the ground. A large holo-picture of Cryonix appeared in front of him. Umbra nodded, and asked,

    “Lord Cryonix, what is thy bidding?” Cryonix pointed at the celebration.

    “Kill some of those fools. Just enough to show that the Decepticons are back and that we mean business. Oh, and make sure that you fight long enough for news crews to get there.”

    Umbra nodded again, “Understood.”

    The holo-transmitter turned off and Umbra picked it up, placing it on his belt. He readied his gun arm, opening the end, and gathering energy. He aimed at two older bots, continued charging up, and then he just let go. The blast exploded from his arm, and went right on target hitting the two old bots and sending them falling dead to the ground. Umbra ran and jumped off the building. Nitro had been asking Bumblebee about a new engine when he heard an explosion and turned to see two old bots dead, and people scrambling in a panic.

    “What in Primus’ name happened?!” Nitro shouted.

    Bumblebee stood and looked up.


    Nitro looked up as well, and saw a gigantic body flying down. It was huge, and one entire arm had been replaced by a gun. Bumblebee looked closer,

    “I’ve never seen him before, either. I need to report this to base.”

    “Are you crazy? He just killed two random bots, we need to stop him now before he..”

    The sound of Umbra blasting another bot dead cut him off. Nitro jumped up and out of his hiding placing, pulling out his gun, and starting to fire at Umbra.

    “Eat this, Decepticreep!” Sliding on his back, he quickly blasted at Umbra fast and hard.

    Umbra was obviously surprised, and knocked back by his shots. But not much. Umbra started firing the gun attached to his right arm, hitting Nitro and changing the direction of his sliding, making him crash into a wall. “Oww.” Umbra stared at the Autobot he just shot, and walked towards him.

    “Puny Autobot, you really think you could beat me? By yourself?!” Umbra asked, both tauntingly and curiously. The Autobot looked up at him.

    “An Autobot is never alone….Bumblebee!!!” Bumblebee burst out from a hidden spot at high speed, transforming and jumping high over Umbra’s head firing at him from above. Umbra put his gun arm above his head, and ducked slightly, trying to portect himself. Nitro took that chance to plow forward and smash Umbra backwards, onto the ground. Umbra reacted quickly however, and turned blasting Nitro with his giant gun. The blast hit Nitro dead center in the chest, and sent him flying into the building behind him.

    Umbra then quickly turned and blasted Bumblebee several times with his other gun, Bee falling over from the force of the shots. Umbra laughed, and walked towards Bee. Bumblebee lifted his gun, and blasted at Umbra. He looked over at Nitro. He wasn’t responding. Bumblebee started getting up, but Umbra clubed him hard with his giant gun arm. Bumblebee crashed into a building and groaned. Barely able to keep his optical sensors open he watched as Umbra activated his giant gun, and fired. His optical sensors failed, and he fell to the ground. Umbra laughed,

    “One freak down, one to go.”

    Nitro’s optics widened as he watched Bee get blasted hard. He couldn’t tell if Bumblebee was alive or dead.

    Getting up slowly, he yelled at Umbra,

    “You are soooo going down!” Getting angrier, he also added,

    "That was my friend!” Umbra laughed again, this time right at him,

    “He was weak. At least you are somewhat of a challenge. Why aren‘t you a Decepticon? You are helpful enough, you know, releasing Cryonix and all….” He taunted Nitro, and it was working. Nitro got angry, and barreled straight at Umbra. Nitro jumped into the air, and brought both of his fists down on Umbra, then, back flipping, off of him, twisting through the air, and landing on the ground with his hands, then using his hands to push into the air, spinning and kicking Umbra multiple times, before landing on the ground in front him. Umbra groaned, and collapsed.

    “Good job, punk.”

    A female helicopter flew into the celebration-turned-battle scene,

    “This is Asmara, member of the Cybertron News Network, also known as CNN. We are tracking a battle taking place in the center of Delta Sector, the largest sector of Iacon. According to unknown sources, the grey and black bot below with the unauthorized weapons, attacked the celebration taking place here. Transform!” She changed into robot mode, and stood in the town square, about 100 meters away from Nitro and Umbra. Nitro looked at the news fembot land and groaned. He put a cyber chain around Umbra, and hauled him up. Thinking it was safe, Asmara got closer, and moved her camera towards Nitro then towards Umbra.

    Umbra says, loudly, “Citizens of Cybertron, I’m not acting alone. The Decepticons have been reborn, we are back, and you are no longer safe. Even now, the other Decepticons are attacking other cities, all over Cybertron.”

    Asmara’s optical sensors widened, and she looks at Nitro who had the same expression on his face.

    “Cybertron is ours!” Umbra laughs, into the camera, as he breaks the cyber chain, turning quickly, punching Nitro off of him, and blasting Asmara with his giant gun, effectively killing Asmara and destroying the camera.
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    Great concept! I am eager to read how you weave the different "generations" together. You wasted no time introducing your characters and provided enough background to hint at coming troubles in both the Autobot and Decepticon camps. I have no doubt that the future will bring each character new troubles and insights before the story is over.
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    @Anodythe: Thanks! I hope to keep it coming!

    Chapter 3

    Nitro recovered quickly, tumbling, and turning, firing his gun at Umbra. Umbra was knocked slightly-off balance, but not too much so.

    “Where are the others?” Nitro wondered out loud.

    “You and your failure partner have been left to die. Face it. Your death is coming.” Umbra starts firing his two-barreled gun, tearing up the ground as Nitro jumped, and dodged, steadily coming closer, then did something crazy. He walked forward a few steps, then transformed into truck mode, racing forward, and changing into robot mode, carrying his momentum into a powerful punch that knocks Umbra most of the way to the ground. He then moves backwards, and fires his gun, which knocks Umbra the rest of the way.

    Two engines, one loud, one quieter is heard. Optimus Primal and Ratchet were on their way. It had been a quiet race to Delta Sector, but Ratchet finally spoke,

    “Primal, if either are hurt….don’t blame it on Nitro. He saved other bots lives by jumping in right away, and distracting the Decepticon.” Primal stayed silent for several moments then spoke,

    “I won’t blame him…..unless Bumblebee is dead.” Ratchet wanted to say something else but, didn’t want to make Primal angrier. “It can wait….can’t it?” Ratchet thought. Ratchet thought to the matrix that was floating in the center of Iacon at the Prime Tower. He wondered how long it would take before the Decepticons would find out and attack there?

    Umbra pretended to be out, and watched as Nitro went to check on Bumblebee. He activated his stealth field generator, and slowly stood up, not making a sound. He aimed his giant gun at Nitro, gathered up the energy, and super-blasted him, sending Nitro flying into the wall, right next to Bumblebee. He laughed, and turned off the stealth generator. He walked closer to the two Autobots. Suddenly, he heard a loud, racing engine coming his way. He didn’t worry about it though. It was probably some punk who would turn around the second he saw Umbra. But, the engine kept getting louder and louder. Umbra turned, and saw a large blue car racing down the street right toward him at super high speed.

    “No…” The only word to escape Umbra’s mouth before Optimus Primal transformed into robot mode and slammed his gigantic punch into Umbra, sending him fly back words several meters. Optimus looked at Bumblebee and Nitro, then turned to Ratchet who had just transformed behind him.

    “Go help them. I’ll take care of this idiot.” Ratchet nodded and ran towards the others. His two large shoulder cannons flipped out from their resting place on his back. He charged them up, and fired them at Umbra just as the Decepticon hand gotten back up. The strength of the blast sent Umbra two blocks down the road. Optimus then starts running over to Umbra, only stopping a couple meters away. He walked the last couple, and looked down right at Umbra. Optimus picked up Umbra with one hand, and bashed him hard in the chest with the other.

    “That’s for my team!”

    Umbra groaned, “And this is for me.” He did a sharp uppercut with his gun arm, knocking Primal away from him, then proceeded to fire his double-barrel gun at Primal repeatedly. Primal falls forward using his hands to catch himself. Umbra laughed, and yelled,

    “So is this!” His giant gun charged up for longer than normal, then released a large blast, sending Primal flying into a wall near the others. Ratchet turned to look up at Primal, who had impacted in the second story of the building,

    “Are you okay?” Primal shook his head a few times, but said,

    “Yeah, just fine.” He then coughed, and spit out a nut and a bolt.

    Ratchet nods and replies, sarcastically, “You sure look fine.” Ratchet closed the chest panel on Nitro. Nitro eyes lit back up and he got back up.

    “Man, that was a hit.” He rubs his head. Looking at Primal, then at Umbra then back at Primal, Nitro asked Primal,

    “You just gonna sit there?” Primal just growled back at him. Ratchet activated his healing ray, and started working on Bumblebee. Nitro started running back towards Umbra, and Umbra simply laughed, and aimed his two-barrel gun at Nitro. He then started shooting. Round after round kept hitting Nitro and he eventually fell down from the volley of hits. Umbra shook his head at the Autobot, and started towards him. Ratchet turned to look at them.

    “Oh, come on. That’s it!” Ratchet yells at Umbra.

    “You want a fight?! Fight me!“ Ratchet turned, and pressed a button on his side. The flaps covering his energy disk launch opened, he aimed, and fired a large powerful energy disk that explodes, sending Umbra backwards across the street.

    “Nobody hurts my friends!” Ratchet yells after him. Umbra got back up and spat,

    “You ain’t got brains, medic.” He starts firing his gun at Ratchet, and Ratchet falls backwards on his behind. Primal jumps down and asks,

    “When’s Ironhide getting here?” Ratchet shrugs.

    Primal puts a hand to his face, “Some team we are!”

    Ratchet brightens up, “Of course! We aren’t acting like a team, we are acting as if this is some sort of cyber-tag relay! We have to operate a cooperative-based maneuver, thus accessing the necessary skill sets to pull off a combined effort resulting in the total defeat of our nemesis.”

    Primal looked at him like he was insane. Ratchet sighs, “We have to shoot together.”

    Primal nods, and they get up running towards Umbra, but on opposite sides of him. Umbra moves his gun from one to the other not knowing which to shoot. Ratchet then runs faster, and drops to the ground, sliding on his side across the road, passed Umbra. He then rolled, and pulled his gun off his back. He begins to fire at Umbra who turns to fire at him, but doesn’t notice Primal stop behind him.

    “Yo, Decepticon!” Umbra turns his just in time to see the two big guns fire.

    “Not again!” Umbra shouts as the blast hits him, and sends him sailing backwards. Ratchet waved his fist at Umbra,

    “Yes!” Primal grins and looks at Ratchet, “Good idea, Ratchet. I think we got him.” Ratchet laughs, and runs to check Nitro. Getting down on the ground, he lifted up Nitro a little,

    “Tired of being a hero?”

    Nitro nodded, “I wanna go home now.” Ratchet helps him up, and Nitro calls out to Primal,

    “Hey, Primal! I need to tell you something!”

    Primal turned, “Not now, Nitro!” Primal kept walking towards Umbra. Ratchet looks at Nitro,

    “What is it?” Nitro shakes his head, at himself, “The Decepticons, they are attacking all over Cybertron, not just here!”

    Ratchet didn’t know what to say. So they may have saved this sector, “Do you know how many?” Ratchet asked Nitro urgently.

    Nitro shook his head, “No, Umbra, didn’t say!”

    Ratchet looks up, just in time to watch Umbra get up, and smash his gun arm down on Primal, and the two begin to fight in hand-to-hand combat.

    “What if they are all as good as him?” Ratchet thought out loud.

    Nitro looks down, “Cybertron is doomed.”

    Ratchet looked at him as determined as one can, "Not yet."

    Talking into his wrist communicator he says, "Activate emergency protocol number one. Call everyone. EVERYONE!!!"

    The voice in the communicator, was dark, creepy, and serious. "I'm sorry, but the operator can not come to the communication desk at this time. He's dead, and I am the substitute. Would you like to register for the new Decepticon Premium Plus package?.... Oh, and just so you know, we are tracking you to your location as we speak, so if you could just stay on the line for a few more moments...." Nitro leans forward, pulls the communicator right off of Ratchet's wrist and breaks it.

    "Got anymore bright ideas?!" Nitro yells.
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    Chapter 4:

    Primal punched Umbra off of him, as Nitro and Ratchet ran over, firing their guns. Umbra’s metal started peeling off, and coming apart in some areas. Hr couldn’t take much more of this. He jumped into the air, and transformed into his satellite jet mode, a couple of panels falling off in the process. Primal turned to the other’s with a grin,

    “Well, we gave him a beating.” But the faces he turned to were not of excitement or happiness, but sad, and almost…scared? Primal hated to ask, but,

    “What’s wrong?” He watched Nitro and Ratchet look at each other for a moment before Nitro said.

    “He’s not the only one. During the fight, he said that there were others attacking Cybertron at this moment.”[/B] Primal put his hand to his face. He thought for a moment, then said,

    “We can’t do this alone. Ratchet, call Headquarters, and start the emerg-”

    "We tried, the Decepticons have captured it,” Nitro cut him off. Primal looked at Ratchet and Ratchet nodded solemnly. Primal got angry and shouted, “What the slag are we supposed to do then?!”

    Nitro shouted back, “You’re the leader!”

    Primal pushed Nitro back, “Because of your ineffectiveness, kid!”

    Nitro got closer again, “I outta..” Ratchet got in between them.

    “Stop! You are both idiots. Let’s go rest, and I’ll work on all of ya, while we wait for Ironhide to get here.” Primal and Nitro stared each other for a moment, before sighing and walking over to where Bumblebee laid. A quiet engine was heard, and Ratchet turned and watched as Ironhide pulled up and transformed.

    “Where’s the Decepticon, I’ll pound him!” He smashed his fists together meanly.

    Ratchet sighed, “He’s gone, your late, we need repairs, Nitro will fill you in on what’s happening.”

    Ironhide frowned, "Ahh, blast. I haven’t seen action in forever.”

    Nitro called out, “I’m sure you’ll see some soon!” Ironhide looked at Ratchet questioningly, and Ratchet sighed, walking over toward Bee, Primal and Nitro, “We’ll fill you in.”

    Iacon City, Autobot Army Headquarters, 1200 Hours

    Umbra transformed and landed in front of the Autobot-turned-Decepticon Headquarters. He walked past two guards on his way into the entrance hall. He saw Cryonix and walked towards him. Turning, Cryonix was shocked when he saw Umbra, and he laughed,

    “Wow, those Autobots whooped your sorry diodes.”

    Umbra grunted and said, “You should see them. Which direction is the med bay?” Cryonix smirked and pointed down a hallway, in which Umbra walked down.

    Half-Destroyed Area of Delta Sector, Iacon, 1440 Hours

    3 hours since Ratchet started working on the other Autobots. He had completely fixed Primal and Bumblebee, but had only repaired himself and Nitro some. While Ratchet rested the five were talking about what to do.

    Nitro said, “They can’t have much of a force, we should be able to just get them out of there, and essentially save the planet.” Bumblebee had scouted earlier, and found out that the only other place the Decepticons attacked was the HQ.

    “Right?” Nitro asked. Primal shook his head, “What if that one Decepticon is there? We could barely take him on, let alone a bunch like him.”

    Ratchet decided to interject some thoughts, “Not if we worked as a team!”

    Definitely unusual for Ratchet, because it caused the others to all stare at him. Ironhide nodded,

    “Ratchet has a good point. We would do a lot better as a team.”

    “So says the one who got here after the fight was all over.” Nitro said, with annoyance in his voice. Primal said in response, with anger dripping like venom from his voice,

    “Respect your elders, boy! If you hadn’t been so foolish as to rush into a fight with that Decepticon, we could have been a team.” Bumblebee rolled his optics,

    “I’ve been sitting here quietly, and have finally gotten fed up with everyone‘s,” looking at Ratchet, “Except Ratchet's, attitude towards Nitro. The past is the past.” Looking at Primal, he said,

    “If Nitro hadn’t jumped out there many more civilians would have died. As it is, three were killed…. Now, I’ve actually got an idea, would anyone like to hear it?” Nitro and Ratchet nodded, Ironhide shrugged, and as for Primal, both his expression and body remained motionless. Bumblebee smiled,

    “Okey dokey. Ratchet, what was the emergency protocol for?” Ratchet thought for a few moments,

    “It was for the swift gathering of former advanced warriors who prior to the climax of the combative period, served as part of the Autobot forces against our foes, the Decepticons, to insure that should an unfortunate predicament fall upon the currently established line-up that they, or in this case we, should have back-up. All of this was authorized by the Ruling Council at that time and date.” He smiled at Bumblebee and the others.

    “Uhm, Ratchet, did you explain about the protocol, or your office at the headquarters, because I remember seeing all those words once…” Nitro stated. The others laughed, including Ratchet. Ratchet nodded,

    “It was about the protocol. Essentially, the protocol, was to call old members of the Autobots, from during the war.” Bumblebee, still laughing, says,

    “That’s what I thought, so, why don’t we just go out and find the others. We could split into like two teams, and it’d be easy wouldn’t it?”

    Primal nodded, “That doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea, Bumblebee. But who should we look for?”

    Nitro raised his hand, “What about that…uhm…special ops officer….Jazz?”

    Ironhide looks at Nitro with a sense of admiration, “The kid’s right. Jazz is the perfect person for the mission to get the Decepticons out of Iacon before they cause too much damage.”

    Primal smiles and nods, “Jazz it is then!”
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    Chapter 5:

    They split into two groups, Ratchet, Ironhide, and Nitro in one group, Optimus Primal and Bumblebee in the other. Nitro was being repaired by Ratchet while they drove, so their speed matched Ironhide’s anyway. Optimus and Bumblebee were also the two fastest, so they were going to check out places father away from the Headquarters, and the others would check places closer.

    Iacon City, Former Autobot Army Headquarters, 1500 Hours

    Cryonix approaches Starscream who stood on the balcony of the top level of the Headquarters. Without noticing Cryonix, Starscream shouts, “Finally the Decepticons shall rule Cybertron. Hmm, I wonder if Cryonix will give me my own city.”

    Cryonix smirked and laughed, “Oh, Starscream, Starscream, Starscream…..”

    Cryonix puts his arm around his shoulder, and points out into the city. “Somewhere out there are some Autobots who beat up Umbra. I need someone effective and efficient to take them out.”

    Starscream looks up at Cryonix and asks, “Like me?”

    Cryonix smiles, and nods, “Just like you. Go grab another seeker, and go after the Autobot scum!”

    He tightened his grasp around Starscream’s shoulders. Starscream gulps, and ducks underneath Cryonix’s arm, running towards the staircase. Whispering to himself, he says, “Someday, Cryonix, I’ll get the crystal from you, and you’ll turn back to a normal Seeker, and I’ll be the Ultimate Seeker.”

    He laughs, and sees one of the others, Skywarp, sitting on the bottom step. “Get up, Skywarp! We need to go crush some Autobots. Cryonix’s orders."

    Skywarp stood up, nodded, and they started walking towards the aerial landing bay. Skywarp looks at Starscream, with his usual vague expression, “I miss the days when I could order Cryonix around.”

    Starscream nodded, “Yeah. I personally miss the days when he was in jail.”

    The voice of Cryonix appears behind him, “And I miss the days when Megatron almost tore out your processor.”

    Starscream turned around right into Cryonix’s chest. Looking up, he says, “Sorry, uh sir. Just joking around. I’m sure Skywarp didn’t mean his either.”

    Skywarp looked over at Starscream, “Of course I did…,”

    Seeing Starscream’s face, he quickly says, “Didn’t. Yeah, didn’t.”

    Cryonix nodded, “Of course you didn’t.” His gun flips out from his arm, and he points it at Skywarp. He fires it, and Skywarp goes flying into a wall.

    Turning to Starscream he smiles, “You need to find another Seeker.” Starscream nods, with a grimace on his face.

    Cryonix turns and walks away, “Don’t fail me, Starscream!”

    Electronica Night Club, Omega Sector, Iacon, 1550 Hours

    Nitro, Ratchet, and Ironhide walk in to the Night Club. Ironhide shudders and covers his audio receptors, “That noise sounds worse than Starscream’s mouth.”

    Ratchet nods in agreement, “I concur. I like to party, but this is too much.”

    Nitro laughed, “Come on guys, where’s your sense of fun!” Nitro walks in, brushing against several male and female bots who were dancing.

    Getting to the bar, the old bartender asks Nitro, “Whatcha having tonight, Nitro? And are those two with you?”

    He says pointing to Ratchet and Ironhide who were covering their receptors, yet trying to blend in. Nitro almost fell over laughing, “Yes, they are. No drinks today, just info.”

    The bartender nods with a smile, “What kinda info?”

    He grabs a glass and starts filling it with the Club’s high-grade oil. Nitro asks, “The kind of info that could save the planet from the Decepticons.”

    “The Decepticons?!” The bartender shouts, dropping the glass. The music quieted down and everyone looked over at Nitro and the bartender.

    Ratchet, while walking up to Nitro, says, “Just continue playing the sound with rhythm that you all seem to enjoy, this is nothing.”

    The music slowly started again, and bots slowly started dancing again. The bartender gets close to Nitro, “You were on the news earlier, with that prank Decepticon, right?”

    Nitro shakes his head, “No prank there, it was the real deal.”

    The bartender shook his head, “But the Ruling Council said that it wasn’t, that it was just a prank.”

    Before Nitro could reply, Ironhide jumped into the conversation, “They covered it up, they are trying to keep this secret. They don’t want another war.”

    The bartender nods, “Well, whadda ya need then?”

    Nitro sat on a bar stool, and says, “We need to find the former Autobot Jazz. I’ve seen him here before, and was wondering if you knew where he was.”

    The bartender nodded, “Yeah, he’s at the Nightbird Club in Alpha Sector.”

    Ironhide had a half-smile, “You actually had a good idea for once, kid.” He says patting Nitro on the back once.

    “Thanks, Oilslick.”

    The bartender smiled, “Nothing to big for my best customer.”

    As the three leave, he activates his communicator, “Commander Starscream, they are leaving the Club now.” “Thanks, you are a great spy, Oilslick. There’ll be a little something waiting for you when you get home tonight.”

    The communicator turned off, and the bartender shook his head, talking to himself, “I’m sorry, Nitro but I had to do it.”

    Highway 49, Omega Sector, Iacon, 1650 Hours

    Ironhide yawned as they drove down the highway. “This is soooo boring. I remember during the war…”

    “Oh, no not more war stories.” Nitro says.

    Ratchet laughs, “When you travel with a couple of old geezers, you’re gonna hear stories.”

    Nitro groans, “I wish I was with Bee.”

    They laugh, until they here a couple of jet engines. Activating his sensors, Ratchet yells, “Starscream and Thundercracker!”

    Nitro yells, and transforms, “Slag!”

    Skidding to a stop he aims up and starts firing, as Ratchet and Ironhide transform. Ironhide hides behind Ratchet, and Ratchet fires some as well. Starscream and Thundercracker land, and transform.

    “Is that anyway to greet old friends, Ratchet?” Starscream asks with a smirk on his face.

    “Then again, we aren’t greeting…”

    He pulls his wing off, which transforms into a glowing sword, and Thundercracker does the same. Nitro steps back some, “That all you got two got?”

    Thundercracker grinned and shouted, “It’s all we need!”

    He runs forward and jumps into the air, bringing his sword down hard and fast towards Nitro.
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    Chapter 6:

    Nitro quickly dodges Thundercracker’s sword, and blasts him with his gun. Thundercracker falls flat on his face. Starscream face palms, and sighs, “Idiot!”

    Starscream launches into the air, and transforms flying up into the sky. Thundercracker slowly gets up, when out of nowhere, one of Ratchet’s energy disks knocks him back onto his back. Ratchet laughs, and he starts to walk towards Thundercracker. When he hears a loud jet engine, and looks up and behind him, to watch Starscream speed down, transform, pull his sword off his side and slams the blade right down on Ironhide. Ironhide collapses as Starscream pulls the blade out of Ironhide. Ratchet starts blasting at Starscream, some connecting, and knocking him back. Ironhide then gets up quick and slams into Starscream, pounding him into the ground. Starscream punches Ironhide off of him, and flies up into the air. He motions for Thundercracker who flies up next to him. Ratchet runs over to Ironhide and checks him. Thundercracker smiles at Starscream, then looks at the highway where Ratchet and Ironhide were sitting.

    “Ya thinkin, what I’m thinkin?” Starscream smirks and nods. Both of the shoulder cannons on Starscream and Thundercracker fold out and energy charges up at the edge before blasting out at Ratchet, Ironhide and the highway. The force of the blast cause the highway section to blast apart. Ironhide and Ratchet fall down a couple hundred meters and impact hard into the ground, on sheets of metal, as more fall on top of them. Thundercracker laughs and turns to Starscream with his hand out to high-five, but Starscream just frowns at him. Thundercracker’s shoulders sag and he looks down at the demolished section of the highway. Flying down to the ground, they land, and activate their swords.

    “You hit the one who hurt you, I’ll hit the one who hurt me.” They ran towards their targets. Thundercracker started cutting up the ground where Ratchet should be, when a big piece of metal piping hit him in the head. Turning he saw Nitro holding a heavy support pylon.

    Thundercracker stepped back a few steps, saying, "Hey, Autobot, let's talk about this, bot to bot, we don't need ta do this.."

    Nitro shrugged and nodded, "Yeah, that's true, but this is a lot more fun!"

    Then Nitro threw it at him, “Take that!” Nitro yells.

    It hits Thundercracker hard, and sends him flying towards Starscream, landing on the ground only a few meters away. Nitro runs over to Ratchet, and pulls him up a little, “You okay?”

    Ratchet shakes his head, “Do I look okay, lad?”

    But Nitro wasn’t looking at him anymore. He was looking at Starscream, who had just pulled Ironhide out of the scrap metal. He then tossed Ironhide into a large highway support. Ratchet turned his head and watched as Starscream stabs his sword down hard into Ironhide’s chest.

    “NO!” Ratchet screamed across the ruined land. Nitro stops Ratchet from running over there.

    Starscream turns over to Thundercracker, and says, Take this trash to the new base. Cryonix will enjoy a new toy.”

    Thundercracker laughs and gets up, “But what about those two?” He points at Ratchet and Nitro.

    Starscream smirks and laughs, “I’ll be bringing them back!”

    Thundercracker nods, and picks up Ironhide’s immobile but alive body, and starts to fly away. Ratchet and Nitro run towards Starscream while his back is turned, but he notices and slides to the side, and with great skill slashes both of them with his sword. Backflipping to a safe distance away, he looks at Ratchet, “Your next, you old medic.”

    Ratchet shakes his head, “Starscream? You are still taken orders from someone? Well, I guess, you never were a competent commander…”

    Starscream shouted at him, “Shut up!”

    Ratchet keeps shaking his head, “You are nothing but a diode kisser.”

    Starscream gets angry, and his guns flip out, and start charging, but just as he shot, Nitro pushes Ratchet out of the way, and gets hit by the blast, which launches him about a hundred meters backward. Starscream jets over to Ratchet, just as he was getting up, and sliced into him hard, knocking him down.

    “Just for that…I’ll kill your friend first.” Starscream walks to Nitro, but as he was about half-way there, he feels a hard laser blast in his back., that knocks him onto his knees. He turns his waist and see Ratchet standing there, smoke coming out of his gun, “See, Starscream? Always bowing down to someone else…”

    Starscream’s guns, still folded out, start charging up, energy gathering around the opening. Nitro sees this and yells out, “Ratchet! Look out!!”

    Ratchet looks at him confused, just as Starscream gets up and turns to face Ratchet, energy leaking out of his guns, “You are right, Ratchet, but no longer will I take this verbal abuse, from you or anyone. You hear me? NO MORE!!”

    The guns blast out a massive amount of energy, hitting Ratchet so hard that he is sent sailing up into the air, into the support for the highway, and right through it up onto the highway wreckage. A motorcycle Transformer stops hard, and loses traction sliding onto his side up right next to Ratchet. Transforming into robot mode, he says, “No way! Ratchet?!”

    Ratchet looks up at the motorcycle bot, with a very weak smile, “H-H-ey, R-r-a-”

    He groans loudly. He points towards where there was a whole piece of the highway missing. The motorcycle bot asks, “What’s wrong?”

    Starscream slashes into Nitro again, knocking him against the side of the support structure. Starscream asks him, “I don’t remember you, Autobrat.. Who are you?”

    Nitro groans and coughs, “Nitro…”

    Starscream laughs, “Nitro? The one who let Cryonix escape from the jail?! Whoohoo, did you fail epicly, or what!!”

    Nitro groans again, “Slimey..”

    Starscream punches Nitro in the face, “You don’t seem to understand that, I’M TALKING!!!”

    Nitro gives him a defiant look, “Don’t care, you son of a Quintesson!”

    Starscream growls, “How DARE you call me THAT!” Suddenly several powerful blasts of laser fire hit Starscream and knock him off of Nitro and back several meters. Nitro turns to look at the source.

    Standing there was an orange motorcycle bot, who introduced himself, “The name is Rattrap, and I wanna be an Autobot!”
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    Chapter 7:

    Starscream groaned and slowly got back up. “You’re good, young one.”

    Rattrap smiles, “I got class.”

    He fires his gun again, knocking Starscream back to the ground. He then runs over to Nitro, “Are you okay?”

    Nitro nods, and slowly pulls himself off of the structure. “Yeah…where’d you get a gun like that?”

    “Ratchet helped me build it about one orbital cycle ago.”

    Nitro’s jaw dropped, “Whoa, back up, Ratchet? That? Ratchet helped with that?”

    Starscream starts to get up again, “Why do you even bother with that Autobot trash? You should be a Decepticon.”

    Rattrap shrugs, “Eh..” He blasts Starscream again, who falls right back down again.

    Acting all excited, he jumped up and down looking at Starscream, “I could be a Decepticon, I could be a Decepticon.”

    Then he looks back at Nitro, “PUHLEESE!”

    Nitro laughed at Rattrap’s attitude. Rattrap grabs a gun off the ground and hands it to Nitro, “This yours?” Nitro nodded, and Rattrap handed it to him.

    “Not bad, but it’s size to blast ratio is too high…” Nitro looks at him hard. Rattrap laughs and shrugs, “What? I know about guns!”

    Nitro runs over to Starscream and pulls him up then punches him back into the ground, “Where is Thundercracker taking Ironhide?!”

    Starscream laughs, “Our new base, also known as your old one.”

    Taking advantage of Nitro being stunned by this news, Starscream kicks him off of him with both legs, and then transforms into jet mode, flying away, “I’ll get you next time, Autobot! And your little friend too!”

    Nitro frowns, and looks down. Rattrap looks somber as well, then starts to make his way up the structure back towards the highway. Nitro stares off at the form of Starscream growing increasingly smaller, before he started after Rattrap.

    Alpha Sector, Iacon, 1800 Hours

    Optimus Primal and Bumblebee race down the streets of the entertainment center of Cybertron, Alpha Sector. There was a night club or bar on every corner, but the Nightbird was by far the largest. It laid in the center of Alpha Sector, and you could hear the various concerts being played from the border of Delta Sector. Jazz was in a band with a couple of buddies from before the war. He was the lead singer, and also did the light show. Activating his super engines, Bumblebee passed Optimus Primal. They, along with many other bands around Cybertron, played songs that they picked up from some other planet several light-years away. Bumblebee raced into the Nightbird concert arena, and transformed into robot mode. Jazz had just finished a song and was about to start another.

    He whispered to the music guys of his band then shouted, “Hey, everybody, I wantcha to turn your receptors on high, and put your hands in the air, for….‘It‘s My Life!”

    The other guys in the band started playing music, and Jazz sang, “This ain't a song for the broken-hearted, No silent prayer for the faith-departed, I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd, You're gonna hear my voice, When I shout it out loud! It’s my life, it’s now or never, I ain’t gonna live forever!”

    As Jazz sang, Bumblebee quickly, which was hard, and quietly, which wasn’t, moved to the side of the stage, and ran behind the stage looking for Jazz’s stuff. He found Jazz’s old gun, and the communicator that would have given him the emergency protocol signal. He picked up the gun and looked at it, then set it back down on the table. It was a transforming gun, that could change to amny different types. Nice.

    A few moments later, Jazz walked through a doorway, and shouted, with some surprise in his voice, “Bee! Good to see you!”

    Bumblebee nodded, as a worn-out Primal came around the corner.

    Out of breath, he says, “Don’t do that again, Bumblebee.”

    Jazz sits down and asks, “So what’s the occasion for two of my old war buddies coming to visit me. And PLEASE don’t tell me it has anythin’ to do with the Decepticon that the Ruling Council says was pretending to attack Botcon…”

    Bumblebee grimaced. Primal and Bee filled him in.

    Iacon, New Decepticon Headquarters, 1830 Hours

    Cryonix stood on the balcony of the war room and looked out at Cybertron. He had summoned Starscream and Umbra, who were just now arriving. They walked up and Umbra says, “You wished to see us sir?”

    Cryonix kept his back to them, but did start to speak, “Yes. You both did admirably. I want you both to be my commanders. Yes, Starscream, I know you are already Seeker Commander, and that’s already more than you can handle, but I think you can at least attempt make the step up.”

    Umbra smirked and Starscream looked away, trying to compose himself, and keep himself from attacking Cryonix.

    “What’s your two’s opinion about officially making our presence known?”

    Starscream asks, “What’re you suggesting?”

    Cryonix shrugged, “Nothing much, just…um, maybe the leveling of Alpha Sector.”

    The Nightbird Concert Arena, Alpha Sector, Iacon, 1840 Hours

    Jazz walks out of the arena with Primal and Bumblebee, barely managing to get out of the way of fans. Suddenly, Primal and Bumblebee’s communicators starts beeping.

    They turn them on, and hear Ratchet’s and Nitro’s voices near immediately, “Finally!” “Where’ve you two been?!”

    Jazz turns on his communicator and changes to the army frequency, which Bee had graciously told him the number of.

    “They were picking up me!”

    Ratchet’s voice came across rather cheerful, “Jazz! Good buddy, so nice to hear from you again.”

    Noticing the lack of voice, Primal asked, “Where’s Ironhide?”

    The line was silent for several seconds, before a new voice, Rattrap, shouts, “He was captured!”

    Primal looks at the others before asking, “Who’s that?!”

    Nitro answers, “He’s Rattrap, Ratchet recruited him.”

    Primal shouts, loudly enough that Jazz and Bee jump away from him, “Ratchet RECRUITED him?!”

    Ratchet answers, “I concluded that our forces were insufficient especially after Ironhide’s capture, not to mention that Rattrap has fantastic training, and technologically advanced weap-”

    “I DON’T GIVE A SLAG!” Primal shouted.

    Nitro interjects, “We’d both be dead if it wasn’t for him.”

    Primal was about to shout again, when Jazz says, “Let’s vote on it! All in favor say aye!”

    Everyone but Primal says aye. “It’s unanimous!” Nitro shouts.

    Bee moves behind Jazz and says, “Congratulations, Rattrap, you’re an Autobot.”

    Primal glares at them, but not quite as angry as before. He then says into his communicator, “Okay, Rattrap, you’re on the team.”

    Rattrap shouts, “Yahoo!”

    High above on a rooftop only two blocks away, Starscream and Umbra transformed and stood, looking at the civilians below. Their communicators rang with the voice of Cryonix, “It’s time. Destroy the whole sector. Leave no bot standing.”
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    Chapter 8:

    Jazz looks up and sees the beings on top of the building, and shouts, “Starscream!”

    Primal looks up. “Blast! How quickly can you three get here?! We have Starscream AND the big gun freak.”

    The radio, with Nitro speaking, responded, “We are on our way! Hold em off as long as you can.”

    Primal looked at the two Decepticons then at his two teammates, “The Decepticons don’t know we’re here. Bumblebee, get the civilians out.”

    Bumblebee nodded and saluted, running off towards the arena, which most of the populace of Alpha Sector was gathered in.

    Primal then turned to Jazz, “What’s the range of your gun?”

    Jazz says, “I got a sniper setting if that’s what you want.”

    Primal nodded, and points at a tall skyscraper of a building that was a good amount taller than the one the Decepticons were on.

    “Can you get up there?”

    Jazz snorts, “You want a rock show or a quiet show?”

    Primal shrugged, “Don’t really care.”

    Jazz starts to walk off towards the building when Primal adds, “Good to have you back!”

    Jazz turns and gives a cocky salute, “Nice to work with you again too, Bigbot!”

    Jazz responded with Primal’s old nickname. For the first time since he became leader of the Autobots, Primal smiled. He then transformed and drove towards the building the Decepticons were still standing on.

    Starscream tapped his foot on the ground, waiting for Umbra to finish calculating how they should go about the task of destroying the building. What you may not realize is that Umbra is the Covert Operation Specialist, which this is definitely not a case for that, and scientist of the Decepticons, as well as a formidable warrior. He likes to think of himself as an all-in-one package….and Cryonix gave him the command of the mission.

    Starscream groaned, “What’s simpler than blowing up the arena?!”

    Umbra turned his head towards Starscream and stared at him with his one eye.

    “They are leaving it.”

    “What?!” Starscream shouts, exasperatedly. He moves to the edge of the building as he watches the people flood out.

    “Well, that’s bad.”

    Umbra looks back down, “Ya think?”

    Starscream growled quietly, he was getting very sick of Umbra and his know-it-all attitude. He was about to give him a piece of his mind, when he heard a quiet noise, almost as if someone was tapping something. Umbra must’ve heard it too, because he got up. The noise got louder until it became pounding. Starscream looked over the edge of the building, but didn’t see anything, when Umbra rudely bumped him in the side. Starscream turns around when he hears the sound stop. He turned to the direction that Umbra was facing, and watched as a gigantic body jumped into the air, and landed on the top, “Optimus Primal!” Starscream shouts.

    Umbra gives a laugh, “I thought it was an army coming, not you.”

    Jazz finished getting set on top of the building. He activated his speakers, which were still on the stage, and can play fairly loudly. He talked into his communicator, which he linked directly to his speakers, “Yo, all you crazy bots and cons, this is Radio Jazz, playing your Top 40 songs. I just wanted to take this moment to say if you haven’t already evacuated the immediate area, you should, because their going to be some EXPLOSIONS!” He does a machine gun sound effect.

    “Your first song of the night is….Instruments of Destruction!” He presses a button on his communicator, and the station starts playing a recording of the song. He then proceeds to activate his gun and starts firing slow, powerful shots at an immensely surprised Starscream and Umbra. They take evasive action as Primal pounded his fist into Starscream, knocking him to the ground. Jazz placed a good shot on Umbra, that misbalanced him enough, for Primal to grab him and slam him to the ground.

    Primal was trying to minimize damage, and trying to keep things quiet. If they could make this look like an isolated incident of a couple criminals, it would keep the planet from falling into war again. He punched Starscream into the ground again, realizing that he and Jazz wouldn’t be able to last long. They may have caught these two off guard, but these two weren’t afraid of blowing things up., and were both good at it. He turned quickly to find Umbra’s large gun pointed at his chest, charging, it fires, and hits him so hard, that the glass of his car cockpit brakes, and the armor dents in towards his insides, as he gets blown off the building. He starts falling towards the ground.

    Edge of Alpha Sector, Iacon, 1910 Hours

    Rattrap raced through the streets, slowly followed by Nitro and Ratchet, who were slowly falling farther and farther back from him. Nitro yells out, “Slow down Rattrap, you aren’t gonna do any good by yourself!”

    Rattrap laughs, “Gonna try anyway. I‘m assuming that building where laser fire is being shot at is the one.”

    Ratchet thinks for a second, “Yeah, that’s probably it.”

    They here Jazz yell across the communicator, “Yo, gang, Primal’s down, I repeat, Primal’s down!”

    Ratchet gets a little extra speed and pulls out in front of Nitro, and asks, “Where, Jazz?”

    “On the opposite side of the building from the direction you guys are coming!”

    Ratchet determinedly says, “I’m on my way.”

    Battle Scene, Alpha Sector, Iacon, 1912 Hours

    Jazz had stopped the music. This was a serious situation they were in the middle of. They had barely damaged Starscream and Umbra, but now Primal was barely moving. He had impacted hard and deep into the ground. Jazz moved backwards until he was at the opposite edge of the building from the direction the Decepticons were in. Then he transformed. He was a very nice white car with blue striping. He revved his engine loudly, staying in neutral as the tires squealed. He goes out of neutral, and launches forward at high-speed jumping off the building, flying through the air towards the opposite roof. He transformed in mid air, but didn’t fire his gun. He was worried that the recoil would push him backwards to far. As it was, it didn’t look like he was going to make it.
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    Chapter 9/Final Chapter:

    Starscream got up and pointed, “Umbra, look out!”

    As Jazz was getting close to them. Umbra turned quickly, just as Jazz landed on him. Jazz then jumped off him, and kicked Starscream in the chest. He then rolled out of the way and activated his weapon. It transforms into an SMG type gun and he starts firing rapid bursts. It knocks Umbra down, but Starscream rolls out of the way before it hits him.

    Ratchet drives in at high speed around the building, and transforms into his robot mode. Rushing to Primal’s side, he activated his healer tool, and started lightly doing it on his chest.

    Primal groaned and says, “Raaatcheeeet….Cybertron is doomed…”

    Ratchet shakes his head, “Don’t say that. We can do it.”

    Primal tilts his head to look right at Ratchet, “I wasn’t ready to be leader. And those two clobbered me. We CAN’T do it. We are too small and weak. This isn’t war, where there were huge sides of soldiers who knew what to do.”

    Ratchet stares at for him for a minute then pounds his arm down on Primal’s chest, causing Primal to yell in pain. He glared at Ratchet, “What was that for?”

    Ratchet stood up, and said, “You’re right, we will lose, as long as we all have the attitude you do. Autobots don’t give up, they fight on for what’s right and true, no matter what the odds. They don’t care about themselves, but the life and continuing of it for others. They haven’t one as long as we believe we can do it. I’m going to fight, because I still believe. You can fix yourself.”

    Ratchet hated talking this way to Primal. It just wasn’t right to have to say this to his leader. But if fighting these Decepticons instead of repairing him was going to save more lives and keep the hope of the Autobots and civilians of Cybertron alive, he would fight. He started climbing up the side of the building. It was time to end this.

    Rattrap and Nitro had already been climbing the building on the other side, though Rattrap was a lot higher up on it then Nitro. Rattrap reached the edge to watch the fight. Jazz was doing okay, considering he was only a bit larger than half the size of the two guys he was fighting. He was one of the best fighters the Autobots had and it showed. Jazz punched Starscream, then turned quick and blasted Umbra. Rattrap couldn’t decide if he was going to join in the fight or if he’d just get in the way. By now Nitro had climbed up next to Rattrap. Nitro and Rattrap nodded at each other, and Nitro jumped up onto the roof, and barreled right for Umbra. He rammed into him, and Umbra stumbled backwards several steps, nearly falling off the side. Rattrap then jumped up high into the air, and fires his gun down at Umbra, and the powerful blast hits him and knocks him backwards again and again until he falls off the side. Umbra falls, but unlike Primal, he slows himself down by digging his arm into the side of the building as he falls down.

    Nitro turns his head to Rattrap, who lands about a meter away, “You help against Starscream. I’ve got Umbra.”

    Before Rattrap could say anything, Nitro jumped right off the side of the building, using his hand to slow him down, and it made it appear as if he was almost sliding down toward the bottom.Rattrap turned his body around and watched Jazz slam into Starscream from behind, and Starscream stumbles forward.

    When he sees Rattrap he says, “Not you too!”

    Rattrap smiles, and says, “We can blast you until you’re a melting pile of slag or you can run.”

    Starscream looks at Jazz, who had his gun pointed at him, then looks at Rattrap with his gun pointed at him. He sighed, and realized he couldn’t get his sword out without being blasted apart by two of the best rapid-fire guns the Autobots had.

    Ratchet was taking a rest, holding onto the building. He was not built for climbing up tall buildings at all. Especially with as much damage as he had. He looked down at the ground and his eyes widened as he saw Nitro fighting Umbra, and losing. Doing the math in his head, he figured Jazz and Rattrap could keep Starscream at bay for now. He jumped off the building and started firing laser blasts at Umbra, which distracts him long enough for Nitro to land a good punch on his shoulder. Ratchet lands and shouts to Nitro, “Let’s do this together!”

    Nitro lifts his gun and they start firing at Umbra at the same time. He covers his face with his gun arm and slowly stepped backwards.

    The three were still standing on the roof looking at each other. Starscream had refused to move so the two hadn’t fired…yet. They were tempted. Jazz suddenly says to Rattrap, “Yo, Trapper, ya here tha engine noise?”

    Rattrap cleared his head for a second and listened, turning his head in the direction of it. When he did he was confronted with a giant white and blue jet coming. “What the?” Rattrap says, as the jet got closer.

    Nitro and Ratchet punched and hit Umbra who had backed himself into a wall with no escape. Ratchet transformed his healing gun into a laser gun and started burning into Umbra. Strangely, Umbra wasn’t fighting back hard. He was waiting for the signal. THE signal. The one where he’d being the destruction. The one that Starscream hadn’t been told. The one that he longed for. Then a loud noise shook the block as an orange shape went flying off the roof and the building itself literally started falling apart, he explosion of the blast firing acting like an earthquake, literally tearing the building from it’s foundation. Ratchet turned as saw that the orange shape was Rattrap. Umbra broke from their grasp and activated his super gun, blast Nitro across the street, and then whacking ratchet hard with it. He then picks Ratchet up with his other arm and toss him into the street, the proceeding to blast him with his two-barreled gun.

    Nitro just laid there and watched as the building broke apart, causing massive amounts of smoke. Out of the burning smoke and wreckage walked a gleaming white and blue form, carry Jazz in one hand, followed by Starscream who was only slightly more than half of the white form’s size. Nitro recognized him instantly, how could he not, for standing there in front of the broken Autobots, was Cryonix, the prisoner that Nitro couldn’t hold, and the monster who killed Optimus Prime.

    To Be Continued in...

    "Transformers Supernova: Secret War Part 2"

    Followed By:

    "Transformers Supernova: More Than Meets The Eye,"
    "Transformers Supernova Super-Special: A Whole New World,"
    and, "Transformers Supernova Spotlight: Nitro Prime"
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    Restored & Unified Cybertron
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