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    Name: Starfire

    Allegiance: Autobot

    Assignment: Aerialbot Leader.

    Rank: Major

    Status: OFFLINE.

    Bio: Alita One & Alpha Trion's original "flyer" (of eight that were salvaged, converted or recruited,) who could go nose to nose with any of Starscream's brothers (Thundercracker, Skywarp, Dirge, et al.) in the skies over Cybertron. She was a prototype based on a bot that crashed through the ceiling of a warehouse at the conclusion of a firefight.

    The bot's payload of energon ignited when it was pushed too close to an overhead walkway (from an autobot's missile impact) during a get-away, clipped the walkway, rebounded, causing the payload to jostle, ignite, react and explode, ripping the soldier to bits.

    Alpha Trion rebuilt the flyer as best he could and then brought the repaired but lifeless bot to Alpha Sigma for a protoform to fill its otherwise-dead system with life.

    Starfire had eight team-mates of varying configurations, even though there wouldn't be discussion of the possibility of making the Aerialbots into combiners for millenia. She was ambushed and slagged by Megatron and Shockwave as they'd developed a severe disapproval of Trion's hubris in trying to establish a presence in Cybertron's skies. Just the bot to send Prime and the others a less-than-subtle-message.

    Dirge was laying heavy bombing runs looking for Trion's female autobot headquarters. The Constructicons caught her in Devastator's grip as Dirge egged Starfire on, leading her into a hot pursuit, through a blind squeeze between two really large buildings.

    Shockwave and Megatron took extreme pleasure in ripping multiple holes in her chasis returning Starfire to Iacon, leaving her lifeless, burned out husk on a crudely formed brace on display. Eventually, the others of her group would fall to the rest of the Decepticons, on Cybertron, in inter-stellar space, or would disappear without a trace, never to be seen again.

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