Transformers Spotlight: Knightbreaker project

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    Here's my new characters for Transformers Spotlight: Knighbreaker (Before we go into that I'll see if I could get a draft by the end of june).

    1.) The protagainst of the story is a autobot accused of crashing Council of primes meeting to assassinate Zeta Prime, going on a journey to uncover the cybertronians alike really behind it.

    2.) It's set in the aligned continutiy, on cybertron.

    3.) Characters usch as Shockwave, Bruticus, Cliffjumper, Ricochet and Clench will make appearances along with suprise characters.

    4.) Not sure when I'll get the date to release, maybe I get a draft by the end of june.

    5.) Expect Knightbreaker to be a gun totting, sword wielding bad ass with a hot temper for revenge :D 

    P.s for some reason it posted the same thread with a name change, any one reading this plz deleate it

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