Transformers: Shoot if you’re an Underpaid Autobot

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    This is my first even Transformers Fanfiction. I was originally planning to do a comic but I rarely get access to my transformers nowadays. Anyway this story has a plot like a comic and I will put a cast list about which Transformers are which. This story takes place in a another dimension which happens to look like a house!

    Anyway here's the cast list (I'll add to it when more characters are introduced!):
    -Autobot Platoon Sigma
    Optimus Prime (Supercon Class): Armada Supercon Optimus Prime (With big Optimus' guns)
    Hot Shot: Cybertron Defence Hot Shot
    Sureshot: Energon Hot Shot
    E.Prowl: Energon Prowl
    Speed Dial 800: Movie 1 Real Gear Speed Dial 800

    -Autobot Command
    Wheeljack: Cybertron Downshift
    Sentinel Prime: Animated Sentinel Prime

    And here is the main event! Please enjoy!

    Transformers: Shoot if you’re an Underpaid Autobot

    Chapter 1: The Lost Platoon

    -Second Bedroom, 17th May 2010.-

    Weapons fire raged from one side of the room to the other. Optimus Prime and Captain Hot Shot were returning fire to the Predacons. Optimus Prime was using his Ion blaster, which was almost bigger that him.
    “These Predacons can’t hold out for much longer!” He shouted over the weapons fire.
    “I don’t know,” admitted Hot Shot, blasting a couple of Predacons off their lookout tower. “This is the Tenth year we’ve been fighting them!”
    The battle ended as quickly as it had started. Optimus wondered whether the war would end. It had been going on ten long years and he was tired of the fighting. Just then E.Prowl came around the corner. “I have the supply report for you, Sir.”
    Optimus nodded. “So, how are we doing for supplies then?” Prowls expression was of “Don’t shoot the messenger”.
    “Well sir…” He was uneasy about the report he was going to give. “It’s been hard to supply our platoon with anything! I’ve had to ration heavily. It wasn't helped by the fact that we haven’t had any energon, ammo or pay, since that silly text message!” Optimus shot him a puzzled look.
    “What silly text message?” he inquired.
    “You mean you haven’t seen it?!” E.Prowl asked in shock. He had slowly backed away ever since the start of the conversation. “Speed Dial 800 had received a Text Message from command. It was a bit fishy so we ignored it.”
    “What Text Message?” Prime was losing his patience and it was made worse since he had his Ion blaster in hand.
    “Eh… Speed Dial has it… I’ll go get him!” And with that, E.Prowl raced out of the area. Prime couldn’t help but face-palm. It was going to be one of those days.

    After a worryingly long time, Speed Dial 800 walked in. Prime had holstered his Ion blaster, but still had his Plasma cannons attached to his wrist gauntlets and was shining his Fusion pistol. Even without those weapons, Prime could still punch you to death. He looked up from shining the two barrelled gun and watched as Speed Dial came in. Speed Dial gulped. The little Autobot was the platoon’s communications officer. Any Phone Calls, Text Messages, Salespeople, Wrong numbers should be reported to the Chief.
    “Apparently, you have a text for me.” Optimus said unusually calm. Speed Dial gulped again.
    “Uh…yes, Sir.” He said, before transforming into his Mobile Phone mode. Optimus Prime looked down at the screen before him. What he read, was this. “The war has ended, Predacons have surrendered, book in advance for next war!” Prime was speechless. The date of the message was… four years ago! Optimus was unsure what to be angrier about. His Troops not giving him this message or fighting a war for this length of time or that he was owed a massive amount of back pay.
    “Speed Dial, Open a com channel to Autobot Command!” He ordered. Speed Dial dialled in the number. He then started to ring.

    -Autobot Command, 17th May 2010.-

    Mad Scientist Wheeljack was manning the Phone… I mean com terminal! Suddenly the phone started to ring.
    “This Autobot Headquarters speaking, how may we be of service?” Wheeljack answered in his politest tone. He hoped this wasn’t another prank call. His mad scientist project had been cancelled due to being unfeasible. Giant killer flamingos, Whalipedes (A fusion of whales and centipedes), the bird eating birds (which didn’t last long) and the cricketbat (A fusion of a cricket and a bat only really to get a cheap laugh out of the name) were not practical in a real life situation.
    “This is Supercon Optimus Prime, Leader of Platoon Sigma. I’m calling about my back pay.”
    Wheeljack was unsure whether this was a joke or he was speaking to someone from beyond the grave. “Platoon Sigma? Your squad went missing four years ago in the last war! We’re on completely new war now!”
    “Seriously??? There’s another war!? How do we do it? We’ve been fighting Predacons all this time!”
    “Predacons?” Wheeljack was amazed that soldiers were still fighting Predacons somewhere. “You’re not taking the frag are you?”
    “DO I SOUND LIKE I AM?!” At this point, Optimus Prime had lost all of his patience (Can you tell?). “**** ** ************ * ***** ****** ****** *** *****!!!” (And also knew fluent Mini-con!) “For Primus sake, put me on to the pay corps, NOW!!!”
    Wheeljack, on the other end, was speechless. “Since you asked so nicely.” He then put him through and prayed to Primus, for who ever answers the phone!

    -Second Bedroom, 17th May 2010.-

    Hot Shot walked in, just as Prime threw Speed Dial into the wall. The little Autobot then reverted back to robot mode.
    “Sorry about that Speed Dial!” apologised Optimus as he sat back down.
    “Don’t worry. I get bad calls all the time” Admitted the Small Autobot, before leaving the area. Hot Shot had been watching the whole event.
    “What was that about?” he asked, as he watched Speed Dial walk out.
    “I spoke to the guy in charge of the Pay Corps. A guy name Sentinel Prime or something like that. Anyway, the pay corps denies that we’re alive!”
    “What?! You’ve got to be kidding!” Hot Shot was just annoyed as Prime. “I’ve never had a day’s death in my life. Did you tell them that we’ve been fighting all this time?”
    “Yeah. They said that the Predacons we’re fighting must be forgeries!”
    “You mean that they’re worthless?”
    “No bank would cash them…” responded Optimus Prime, depressed. “And we can’t even prove we’ve been fighting anybody!”
    “What can we do now? Join this new war?” Hot Shot wasn’t particularly excited about joining a new war.
    “No.” answered Prime. “We are not joining another war without pay or a vacation! Here’s the plan! We are going to capture the Predacon Forces and take them back to command! Get Sureshot to scout out their current location, and then get the rest of the squad ready! We’re goin’ Predacon hunting!”
    “Roger that, Sir!” perked up Hot Shot. Optimus was going to get his back pay. He upholstered his Ion blaster and locked and loaded!

    -Unknown, Unknown.-

    “Sir, we have intercepted a transmission. There is a group of Autobots located in the Second Bedroom. Yes, we didn’t know they had advanced that much. We will send a squad to eliminate them immediately!”


    What do you think? Post any creative comments because I'm unsure whether what I'm writing is good or rubbish!
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    That was quite funny! Combining bots from different toylines makes for an interesting mixed 'bedroom' universe!

    Armada Prime is pretty scary on a bad day like this... And poor lil' Speed Dial.
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    You've a very quirky sense of humor! I'd hate to be anyone at Command when Prime gets there. Please keep on writing. I'd love to see more of your work, especially more of this story!

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