Transformers: Shadows Cast (Sequel to DOTM)

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    Before this even starts: yes, this shares a lot of similarities with the '86 movie, but assuming I continue it, it will (hopefully) diverge even more from that story. This is merely an intro, to see if anyone would be interested in reading anymore, or if it's too boring/too much deja vu. So, please feel free to share your thoughts, thanks!

    Amongst seemingly nothing but blackness, a gravelly voice asks, “Where am I?” A booming response comes forth, “You are one with the Allspark…you are one with your brothers.” A pinpoint of white light in the distance quickly engulfs the area, as Megatron looks forward to see hordes of dead Decepticon troops. “This…is impossible. The Allspark was destroyed; I was destroyed. Now I ask again, where AM I?!” Once again, the booming voice responds, “You are one with the Allspark. Your race knows only a brief portion of its history; the object you knew to be the Allspark was merely a small piece of my brother, broken off many millennia ago, in our final battle; the day I claimed his spark…the true Allspark.” Megatron replies, “I don’t understand…who are you, and why have you brought me here? How have you brought me here?”

    “Bringing you and your troops’ sparks here was but child’s play. The power of the Allspark is matched only by my own. I am Unicron, and I have brought you here because my time is short; my spark is fading. I need to merge my spark with that of another worthy warrior, so that I may continue to function. I’ve watched you since your conception, Megatron, hoping that you would be that worthy warrior…you had such great potential, but you squandered it. I will, however, give you one last opportunity to prove to me that you can be worthy of this honor. ” Megatron scoffs, “HONOR?! There is no honor in sharing a spark chamber with that of another robot. If you have indeed been watching me, you would know I have no interest in proving anything to you, especially when…that…is the reward.”

    “I know you, Megatron, perhaps better than you know yourself. I know you crave power more than anything, and I offer you unlimited power. If you require proof, I shall provide it.” All of the sudden, Megatron finds himself floating through space, with two planets in front of him, one appearing to be inorganic, with many large spikes protruding from its surface, and the other in its direct path. The two largest spikes, facing the organic planet, begin to slowly move forward and inward, grabbing the planet. The massive grinders in between these spikes start to churn, and pieces of the planet begin to fly into the cosmos as it begins its inevitable path to destruction. In a matter of seconds, the planet has been reduced to rubble. The now lone planet slowly turns in Megatron’s direction, and immediately transports him back into the Allspark. “Now do you understand, Megatron? That could be you…no more schemes…no more power struggles…just absolute, universal domination. Nothing in this universe could stop you…except…”

    “Except, what?” Megatron asks. “…The Matrix of Leadership. It was created by my brother as he was dying, and handed down to one of the original Primes. It was designed specifically as a defense mechanism against myself, in case I were to ever come after his precious Cybertron and its inhabitants; its other abilities were merely a byproduct of it having been created from his own, life-giving materials. Fortunately for me, the power of the Matrix immediately after its creation was too great for soon as it landed on Cybertron, it disrupted every circuit of every robot on the planet. It took hundreds of years for the Matrix to lose enough power, and eventually, seven Primes rose, with all of their memory banks wiped clean from the disruption. They tried to piece together their past, and rebuild, but as you may know, that didn't go well. But enough ancient history, my problem now is Optimus Prime. He is beginning to learn the secrets of the Matrix, and of your past....I don't understand how, but it is beginning, ” Unicron replies, “This is how you shall prove your worth. I will provide you and your troops with new bodies, and in exchange, you will crush the Matrix. If you succeed, we will be merged, and all the power you’ve ever craved will be at your very fingertips, but if you fail—“ Megatron interrupts, “Failure is not an option.”
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    woah this is an amazing story foundation, well done.

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