Transformers: Shadow of Unicron

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    NOTE: This thread is the sequel to my idea for Transformers 4 called Transformers: Generations. I suggest that you read it first. You can read it in my thread called: My idea for Transformers 4.

    Transformers 5: Shadow of Unicron
    It begins with a flashback to the days on Cybertron in which Megatron commands Lord Straxus to find and conquer new worlds to get their energon supply. It then jumps ahead to the year 2033 where Liege Maximo has found Unicron much closer to Earth than he had originally thought. Liege Maximo then sees a vision that came from Unicron's mind that tells him to travel to one of the dwarf planets and summon Lord Straxus. The story then transitions to Earth and Spike and Sari are shown to be at a school dance. After the dance, Spike drives Sari home in Bumblebee. Before she gets out, Sari breaks down crying because she and Spike can't be together like all the other couples and that she never can be normal. Spike tells her that she is like that for a reason and that he believes she is meant for something greater than any human. It then transitions to the Autobot base under Denver International Airport. Here, Optimus Prime and his new student Ultra Magnus discuss the low supply of energon left and that if they don't find more soon, they could die off for good. Suddenly, the base is attacked by Cyclonus who turns into a 737 Boeing airplane. Many people are killed and the Autobots must flee the base. On the dwarf planets, Liege Maximo and Slipstream convince Straxus to aid them in their battle by promising him a new golden age where Unicron is home to them. Straxus agrees and shows them a supply of dark energon that he had found; which is just enough to revive the mighty Unicron.
    I will soon post more of my TF5 plot in Part 2.

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