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    Dec 17, 2011
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    Hey i'm on here to buy sell and trade transformer toys.

    My Wants:Universe Tankor
    Rts Cyclonus
    Cybertron Optimus
    Energon Wing saber
    Universe Galvatron
    Any Rodimus From Any Line

    Please contact if you have any of these you are willing to get rid of.I will buy for right price and trade.Don't email me please i won't see it.Hit me up on youtube or text me at 901-734-3636.

    I have for sale/trade:Genarations Kup
    Junker Energon Hot Shot
    Energon Rodimus
    Energon Optimus With OP 1,2,3,4 (helicoper missing blades and optimus missing super mode helmet
    Generations Scourge
    Junker Energon Jetfire And Ironhide
    Energon Mega And Galvatron(Missing shoulder guns)
    Cybertron Primus
    Energon Starscream
    Energon Tidal Wave
    Armada Smaokescreen
    Armada Optimus(Missing Grill)
    Energon Toline
    Junker Energon Mirage
    Japan Reissue G1 Soundwave
    Cybertron Buzzsaw

    Contact at 901-734-3636 or on youtube

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