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    I've made a series about the Autobots and Decpeticons having the abilities of both transforming into Vehicles and Animals. It's really good, i can tell.
    It has a lot of Homages to other Transformer incarnations that you will get a kick out of.

    The War between the Heroic Autobots and the Evil Decepticons never ends, as to this series the two factions crash land on Earth taking forms of both vehicles and beasts. This leads them to become powerful warriors on Earth, dealing with human casualties and secrets about the Transformers that lay buried in the Earth.

    Part 1.
    On Cybertron, the main Autobot City has been devastated to the ground making cracks for the plants in the organic core (a reference to Beast Machines) to rise up and spread around the rubble and barriers of the city that was destroyed. With the Autobots that evacuated, they take a giant ship and flee into the stars. But in luck the Decepticons have them on their trail, and from both defeats they crash land on Earth.

    Centuries have passed since they crashed, and the Evolution of Organic Life has taken to the top. In what now is Louisville, the Decpeticons have awaken right before the Autobots, having to plan to scan forms of both metallic powerful and deadly vehicles and organic bone crushing and venomous creatures (this mainly means Giant Reptiles, Vicious Birds of Prey and Poisonous Insects) with the Autobots last awaken, they take forms of mostly fast and well built cars and strong built animals (Mammals, Primates, Dogs, Cats and Gentle Reptiles)

    With Optimus Prime as a Semi Trailer Truck/Gorilla, Megatron as a Aircraft Carrying Warship/Dragon, Bumblebee as a Volkswagen New Beetle/Bee, Starscream as a Fighter Jet/Vulture it's bound to get deadly for the Humans.

    To be continued.

    Optimus Prime-Trailer Truck/Mountain Gorilla
    Bumblebee-Volkswagen N.Beetle/Bee
    Wheeljack-Power Sports Car/Dingo
    Prowl-Chevy Police Car/Shepherd Dog
    Mirage-Race Car/Greyhound
    Jazz-Sports Car/Wolfhound
    Ironhide-SUV/African Elephant
    Ratchet-Emergency Van/Bulldog
    Brawn-Small Van/Tortoise
    Huffer-Small Cab/Sea Turtle
    Beachcomber-Dune Buggy/Crab

    Megatron-Aircraft Carrier/Dragon
    Starscream-Fighter Jet/Vulture
    Thundercracker-Fighter Jet/Vulture
    Skywarp-Fighter Jet/Vulture
    Soundwave-Satellite Van/Bat
    Ravage-Jaguar Car/Jaguar
    Lazerbeak-Toy Convertible/Bird
    Waspinator-Race Car/Wasp
    Ramjet-Jet/ Falcon
    Dirge-Jet/Griffin Vulture
    Octane-Boeing Air Plane/Giant Squid
    Blitzwing-Abram Tank/Wyvern

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