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    I've decided to give a transformers cartoon fan fic another try, so I rewrote the story and put all new characters. New Autobots, new Decepticons, and new humans as well as my own version of the movie-verse human characters. I'm still working on it, so here's a preview of TRANSFORMERS: ROLL OUT!


    Plot- As the war on Cybertron continues, the Autobots begin to loose the war. Their only hope is an ancient power source called the Key To Vector Sigma, which unlocks the very core of Cybertron itself. The only problem is that at the beginning of the war, the former Autobot leader, Zeta Prime, and a crew of brave Autobots took it away from the planet on a mighty star ship called the Ark to avoid it from falling in the hands of the evil Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. So the Autobots create a new star ship called the Ark II so they can travel to the Ark’s last known location and retrieve the key before Megatron and his Decepticons get to it first. The location, Sector 7 of the Milky Way galaxy, on an unknown planet called…Earth…

    Characters: Autobots- The heroes who search for the Ark’s cargo so they can stop the evil Decepticons.

    Optimus Prime / Semi Truck: Peter Cullen-

    Bumblebee / Sport Compact: Yuri Lowenthal-

    Arcee / Motorcycle: Grey DeLisle-

    Jazz / Sports Car: Phil Lamar-

    Ironhide / Heavy Duty Pickup Truck: Jeff Bennett-

    Ratchet / SUV Ambulance: James Sie-

    Kup / Rusty Tow Truck: Cory Burton-

    Characters: Decepticons- The villains who want the Ark’s cargo, so they can destroy the Autobots.

    Megatron / Tank: David Kaye-

    Starscream / Fighter Jet: Charlie Adler-

    Soundwave / Prototype Sound Truck: Frank Welker-

    Shockwave / Nuclear Tank: Cory Burton-

    Runamuck / Sports Car: Frank Welker-

    Brawl / Tank: David Kaye-

    Dead End / Sports Car: Steve Downes-

    Slipstream / Fighter Jet: Cree Summer-

    Strika / Armored Military Truck: Tara Strong-

    Oil Slick / Chopper Motorcycle: Tom Kenny-

    Blackout / Military Helicopter: Frank Welker-

    Characters: Humans- The humans who side with the Autobots.

    Daniel Witwicky: David Kaufman-

    Sam Witwicky: James Arnold Taylor-

    Alexia Ketion: Tara Strong-

    Mikaela Banes: Grey DeLisle-

    William Lennox: Mark Hildreth-

    Robert Epps: Khary Payton-

    General Morshower: David Kaye-

    Seymour Simmons: Townsend Coleman-

    Like I said, I'm still working on it but tell me what you think so far. I've still got more robots to put in it as well as bio's for all the characters, but I'll bet you'll love it. plus: Zeta Prime and the lost Autobots...

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