Transformers Rise of the Decepticons(Running title)

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    Transformers Rise of the Decepticons(RotD) is a stopmotion that I am working on. I need voice actors for these charcters:

    Bumblebee-Main Part

    Dino-Small Part

    Que-Small Part

    Sentinel/Young Sentinel Prime-Small Part(Same voice actor as Sentinel Prime)

    Sentinel Prime-Main Part

    Ratchet-Small Part


    Soundwave-Main Part

    Skyfall-Small Part

    Onslaught-Small Part

    Shockwave-Main Part

    Barricade-Main Part

    Crankcase-Small Part

    Straxus-Small Part

    Heres a short preview of the first sceen. Also at the end the wall is susposed to be being shot out since they are on The Nemesis while it is fighting the Ark.

    Transformers Rise of the Decepticon Episode one Preview - YouTube

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