Transformers: Rise Of The Ark

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    (inspired by recent on-set spy rumors)

    It was dawn on Diego Garcia. Six months had passed since the day a Decepticon named Ravage stole the coveted remanant of the All Spark, which led to the resurrection of Megatron. The incident left several dead, as well as injured pride. How a Decepticon could get past all of those soldiers, even the Autobots weren't sure. All of them, Autobots and humans, took solace in the fact no one could have predicted the strike. It was simply a fluke, something to learn from. Megatron and Starscream had disappeared after the death of their sire, the Fallen, had, well, fallen. They hadn't been seen since, and that made the Autobots nervous. They could feel they're enemy. Somewhere. Plotting against them, perhaps closer than they would care to admit.

    Prime was uneasy with his new-found heritage. Learning your destiny, even for an Autobot, was alot to bear. Even for Prime. His blue and red bodywork glistened in the sunlight as he stood on the shore, looking at the waves. Ironhide had learned not to bother him when he got like this, almost lethargic. Sometimes Prime would just stand there for hours with his fists on his hips, gazing out over the beautiful sea. Unaccostumed to, yet grateful, for the calm moments. Ironhide regretfully approached Prime, his massive black feet crunching the sand beneath as he tread. They hadn't encountered a Decepticon in weeks, and NEST was getting restless. Training exercises weren't enough for soldiers. And the absence of their foes was sobering. Something was going to happen. Something big.

    Prime sighed as he sensed his friend's arrival.

    "You sense it too don't you?" Prime asked. A long silence followed, as Ironhide gazed into the horizon, trying to feel what Prime felt. To say he admired their leader was an understatement. Finally he spoke.

    "Yes. Cosmos?"

    Prime nodded. He yearned for this peace he found in his private moments, like a warm comforter on a frigid winter day. Tearing himself away from it was almost unbearable. But it had to be done. The danger had to be addressed. Another long moment of silence was interrupted by Prime.

    "Alert our comrades."

    "You couldn't have known," said Ironhide offhandedly as he walked away. "Even Primes aren't infallable."

    "I should have." Prime gritted his teeth, making a mechanical whirring noise and shifted his weight. "Now I may have doomed us all." He waited two more minutes and enjoyed his peace. Then followed Ironhide's vast footprints, the incoming tide covering their tracks forever.

    Lennox was nervous, so was Epps. Prime loomed before them, waiting impatiently for the satellite uplink and the inevitable chat with the brass. Prime seemed different since Egypt. It was ever so slight, but it was there. The uneasiness. Almost a sense of dread. Jolt clicked his servos as he waited for the uplink, a very unpleasant sound. Prime slowly turned and gave Jolt a slight glower, ceasing the noise. After what seemed like an eternity, the uplink arrived. Almost immediately, Prime addressed all present, via satellite or in person.

    "Gentlemen, we have a serious problem. Approximately thirty-five of your minutes ago, I intercepted a signal from...a friend." A short silence emanated. This was very unlike Optimus, pouncing like he was. There was usually protocol. Now the matter before them was so urgent, protocol was dismissed. Coming from an old soldier, that was serious. "I made a choice. A choice that may or may not have been the right one, but I did." Prime glanced at Ratchet who nodded.

    "The Ark." Said Ratchet. Ratchet noticed how uneasy Epps was. He was cracking his knuckles. Something bad was going down. All attention was on Prime as he continued.

    "Eons ago, before the All Spark was launched into space, Cybertronian science developed a vessel. The greatest vessel in the known cosmos, called simply, Ark. It was a war ship, designed to be the end all and be all of all weaponry." Prime let that sink in before he continued. "As you know, when we and our Autobot brethren, as well as our Decepticon foes arrived on Earth, we arrived as protoforms resembling asteroids or meteors. But Ratchet, Ironhide, Bumblebee, Jazz and myself only made the last of our journey in those forms. We arrived on your planets moon three years ago." Prime hesitated. What came next hurt. "Aboard the Ark."

    Lennox and Epps shot a look at each other. The brass said nothing, only sat alert as Prime spoke off-camera.

    "At my behest, we left the Ark on your planet's moon. Cloaked, but stationary. As you also know, according to Sam Witwicky, prior to our arrival, Bumblebee sent out a beacon into deep space from Earth. A bright light into the sky. That beacon reached us on the Ark and we dispatched. But before we left, I left a guard. An Autobot named Cosmos. A trusted friend. The signal I intercepted from Cosmos advisory."

    "Of what?" asked one of the brass urgently.

    "Megatron. Is on the moon."

    Epps whistled.

    "It was my fault that we left the Ark stationary. Which, as you would understand it would mean, lockdown. The ship's computers are in..." Prime searched for the word. "Sleep mode. And can be reactivated. But Cosmos is unable to activate them on his own. I or one of my men must do this on board the ship. Cosmos was a just a precaution. After millenia of searching for the All Spark and coming out with nothing as was the norm, I became careless." He hesitated. "Imagine my surprise to find the cube here on Earth. After all those years..." Prime trailed off.

    "What you mean to tell us is, you left a war ship off-line and in sleep mode on our planet's moon. Unobtainable and guarded by someone who is not capable of operating it adequately in a hostile situation." The general was aghast. "So let me guess. Megatron can activate it."

    All eyes were on Prime. After what felt like years, he finally answered. The answer pained him.


    Epps felt his blood run cold. Megatron. With a Cybertronian war ship. The Cybertronians themsevles were impossibly mind-boggling, capable of unprecedented feats. Transforming. Absorbing the entire Internet in seconds and comprehending it. They're weaponry terrifying and unmatched. What was their technology capable of?

    "We must go to this planet's moon before Megatron knows it's there."

    The brass couldn't help but laugh. "Just like that?"

    Ratchet stepped forward. "Indeed. The ship is cloaked. Megatron may not even be aware of its existence upon the face of the moon."

    "And if he is?" asked the General.

    "Chances are good that he doesn't though," said Ratchet. "We must be optimistic. And we must go to the moon. Immediately."

    "Where on the moon?" asked Lennox. Protocol be damned. This was serious.

    Ratchet pressed a small switch on his wrist and a hologram of the moon's surface appeared in the room. "Here," he said, and the image became that of the sight of Apollo 11 moon landing. That beautiful tract of land where Neil Armstrong first stepped upon the moon all those years ago.

    "There?" asked Epps. "What, you thought it was a parking lot or something?"

    "We must go immediately," said Prime.

    "How do you suggest we do that?" Asked the general.

    Ratchet grinned as was quite unnatural for him. Epps and Lennox noticed immediately, eyes fixed on Ratchet. "I have some suggestions."


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