Transformers: Rise of Primus.

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    Narrior:Long time ago before Cybertron begin there was 2 beings that lives in space one is for good, and one is evil than Cybertron is born, and rise the Allspark we've know it today!


    Act 1

    (In New York City, 3 racing cars coming to the street all having Autobot Insignias with the numbers “91”,”01”, & “06”)

    Blurr:Here Here Here Here is is is is some some some some Decpeticon Decpeticon Decpeticon Decpeticon!

    (All of them transform into hedgehog-shrap robots)

    Blurr:Wildrider Wildrider Wildrider Wildrider,Drift Drift Drift Drift let let let let get get get get that that that that Spidercon Spidercon Spidercon Spidercon!

    Wildrider:Ok Blurr!

    Drift:I hope we've get him before he gets us.

    (Showing the Decpeticon Mad Bot Tarantalus walking.)

    Tarantulas:Hurry up Blitzwing the Autobot Hedgehogbots are here!

    (At the NEST base)

    Optimus: Blurr do hear here?

    Blurr (in the headphone):Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!!

    Optimus:Good now I'm sending my cousin, Blackarachnia on the hard attack,understand.

    Blurr (in the head headphone):I I I I see see see see tank tank tank tank!

    Optimus:Ironhide and Ratchet go to New York, and attack Tarantulas, and Blitzwing.

    Ironhide:I on it.

    Ratchet:Let go to plane we've are heading to Big Apple!

    (So they going to New York by plane, and flighting to they, and out the plane to seeing Blurr,Wildrider, & Drift.)

    Ironhide:Hey you Crazy son of Bitch Decepticon show up your stuff!

    Shockwave:I take that as a answer to your last days!

    (Shockwave show up in Robot Mode.)

    Shockwave:Well it's Autobot Ironhide, and Ratchet.


    Shockwave:Well you never fight in life doctor so you All are dead forever!

    (Shockwave blasting Ironhide and Ratchet into the left part to hurting them.)

    Shockwave:HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

    Blurr:Shockwave Shockwave Shockwave Shockwave!

    (Blurr attack Shockwave by used himself as a ball of spikes.)

    Shockwave:I HATE THAT AUTOBOT!!!!!!

    Blurr:I I I I know know know know!

    Shockwave:D ecepticons,Retreat to Tidal Wave now.

    (The Decpeticons escape to Tidal Wave to going to space,than The others Autobots coming)

    Ultra Magnus:Well you got hurt by Good old Shockwave.


    Optimus:My old friend you can hold on if you like to.

    Ratchet:Sir we've can't transform.

    Blackarachnia:Get new alt modes for saving your lives for offline death.

    Optimus:Blackarachnia is right your need new alt modes now.

    Sideswipe:How we've can to defeating Shockwave?

    Blurr:I I I I can can can can defeated defeated defeated defeated Shockwave Shockwave Shockwave Shockwave by by by by myself myself myself myself.

    Optimus:Only Bumblebee,Skids,Wheelie, & Mudflap can to stop Shockwave's path.

    (At Sam's house)


    Kup:You young bots can't do is fix that voice box with a little thing I like to called Transmetal.

    Sam:Un.....oldie listen up I'm going to ask Mikaela to marring me.

    Kup:Oldie? Hey Spike my name isn't Oldie it's Kup, and You marry you long time Gal Pal Carly to make me feels ever older in the inside of my slagged spark.

    Sam:Look I'm sorry to calling you Oldie, Kup.

    Kup:Ok Sammy Sofa don't give me telling any war stories about my life time in The Great War.

    (Then the twins show up with Wheelie)

    Skids:Yo what up Kupper.

    Mudflap:Hey Skids don't called him Kupper than he hit us with he's cane.

    Kup:You young (sparking) bots can't take a old bot for one of young friend,but I'm like telling war stories about who Ultra Magnus,and Ironhide got scars for they eyes.

    (Than Mikaela show up with Chromia.)

    Mikaela:Sam are you ready for are date?


    Kup:What about me?

    Sam:You stay with The Twins,Wheelie, & Chromia.

    Kup:So you taking Mr.Voiceness for your human date,Samwhich?

    Skids:Ya Good old Kup can take care with us.

    Mudflap:Good Byb, and bring some food for Kup.

    (Than Bumblebee with Sam and Mikaela leave in Vehicle Mode)

    Sam:Good thing that I got coming for you.

    Mikaela:What is it?

    Sam:I show you we've at the restaurant.

    (At the Nemeses)

    Shockwave: Megatron! We've back at losers.

    Megatron:Shockwave who are you doing so well to be lose to?

    Shockwave:Well I've be defeated a that blue son of a slagger Blurr!

    Soundwave:My sir a unknow being has flowing for parts of the galaxy.

    Megatron:Master Fallen?

    (Than Megatron runs out to Saturn's rings)

    Megatron:Fallen is that you show yourshelf.

    Unicron:It isn't My minion,The Fallen.

    Megatron:Who are you, and how The Fallen is your minion?

    Unicron:I am Unicron,I'm a Planet Eater from a past with my brother,Primus who creating the Allspark and Matrix that he is also made the Planet Cybertron that out from he's own body.

    Megatron:So he made the Allspark, but we've don't know were come from, and to defeated Optimus, and revived Cybertron bring to old shelf again.

    Unicron:I know it is,and it can destroy all life on Cybertron than there is none.

    Megatron:There any minions of your to help me?

    Unicron:Yess yess there will,and they will meet you at Earth.

    Megatron:Thank You All mighty Unicron.

    Unicron:D estory the 2 Primes!

    (Megatron returns to the Nemesis)

    Shockwave:My Lord are right,and what is it up there?

    Megatron:It's none,Shockwave.

    Shockwave:Megatron I got a idea to rid The Autobot Threat forever.

    Megatron:Where it,and how it's works?

    Shockwave:Behold Megatron it a size of a Earth insect,it can control minds by my laser hand I called it, “Cerebro-shell”!

    Megatron:Good Shockwave we've need it for tommow.

    Starscream:Megatron why tommow?

    Megatron:I will tell you in the ship, and who we've are going tonight.Decepticons to Tidal Wave,and away!

    (At outside in a park.)

    Mikaela:It good Sam.

    Sam:Ya Oh I almost forget this.

    Mikaela:Sam what the he....

    Sam:Mikaela Gwendolyn Banes will you marry me?


    Bumblebee:*Wedding Music*

    (A old Autobot ship come out of the sky, and land to a spot on the park also transform into a old Autobot)

    Alpha Trion:Hello Mr.Yellowbot I'm Alpha Trion,Guardian of The Vector Sigma Staff they you about the 2 Primes on Earth.

    Bumblebee:*Yes there Achy Breaky Prime.*

    Alpha Trion:Hmmm I guess you are a Autobot with broking voice, or Junkion.

    Sam:Hey Alpha Trion I'm know who you looking from Optimus, he last one.

    Alpha Trion:No he isn't there 2 Primes, and he Optimus of them.

    (Than Optimus, Magnus,Jolt,Sideswipe,Blurr,Wildrider,Dirft, & Blackarachnia can to the park see Alpha Trion)

    Optimus:Alpha Trion I here from the honors of the Primes, and All Cybertronian Workers.

    Alpha Trion:Now I see the two Primes.

    Optimus:Wait 2 Primes?

    Jolt:*Two Primez that weird,man.*

    Blackarachnia:Who other one?

    Alpha Trion:Well you are.

    Optimus:So Blackarachnia is a Prime,why.

    Alpha Trion:Long before the war there two protoforms that belonged to The 7 Primes they are workshelf to be The Children of Primus,and Cybertron than after The Fallen's kill the six members I find the Vector Sigma Staff,aslo find the The protoforms so I know that one prime is your father,Optimus and other is your's Blackarachnia.

    Jolt:*Nice ztroy Alpha Trion,and how you about what you zay.*

    Alpha Trion:I been countess cybermagic trick about the story I know about it that all.

    (Skids and Mudflap come out the bushes.)

    Skids:I tell you big meanie.

    Mudflap:I hope you die,Skids.

    Jolt:*Zkidz, and Wudvlap zhut up.*

    Skids:Sorry Jolt we've are hear about something about Mr.Magic old Bot with you been, man.

    Alpha Trion:I been for space going to Earth.

    Mudflap:Yah but We've defeated Devastator by a Rail Gun, yo.

    Alpha Trion:You done none that I can't see of a big huge piece of metal Cybertronians isn't you two are so dumbest things you did?

    Skids:D umb I show you who dumb you old crazy baster you.

    (Mudflap grap Skids)

    Alpha Trion:I best we can go.

    Optimus:Okay Autobots, Tranform and out!


    Sam:Mikaela are you happy to see this?

    Mikaela:I'm happy for we've getting marry.

    (than Unicron shoot out comets to Earth)

    Unicron:Go my childen destroy The Primes,and search for the Omega Maximus Commander.

    (The comets hit Earth, and transform into Robots)

    Galvatron:*Terrorcons we've will join forces with The Decpeticons Army so let scan some alt modes.*

    (They scan some Army Vechiles)

    Galvatron:Now we've have are new alt modes now be by name Galvatron.

    Megastorm:Megastorm Here!
    Thrustor:Thrustor is ready to kill!

    Dirgegun:D irge is starting for a fight.

    MaxB:It's MaxB Time!


    Terrorsaur:Me Terrorsaur is here.

    Crullock:Me Crullock is here me lord Galvatron.

    Nightblade:Me Nightblade is here.

    Axewarrior:me Axewarrior is Here.

    Joker:Me Joker is here.

    Hun-Grr: Hun-Grr here.

    Galvatron:Good now Terrorcons transform and rise up!

    (They transfrom into Jets and Tanks)

    (Tital Wave lands on the Gulf of Mexcio)

    Megatron:D ecepticons we've going to them Shockwave you put that mind thing on the girl,Soundwave Starscream we've finally scanning some alt modes.Yesss

    Shockwave:I unleashed Waspinator to spy on the Humans.

    Soundwave:Laserbeak,Razorclaw:Eject Mission:Spy on the boy.

    (Laserbeak,Razorclaw, & Waspinator come.)

    Waspinator:Why one-eyed Wazzzpintor don't wanted to zpy on freshlingz.

    Shockwave:Well you doing your job right go off inset fly off.
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    What... Guh... Uh... Argh... Blah... Yargh... Duh... Blugh... Yeh... GRARGH.
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    "I'm happy for we've getting marry."

    Possibly the most romantic line in movie history.

    I'm also pleased at how everybody talks like Borat.
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    Okay, I don't doubt that it's a good story, but I simply can't read it. Please use a dictionnary or the internet, but please edit your post untill it's all in proper English and not, like Shroobmaster said, Borat style.
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    Spiderus, you rock :D 
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    Hey, I'm using the same title for my fanfic! It'd be a great title for TF3 allround.
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    see sig
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    (Waspinator fly off to the NEST base)

    Megatron:Now Decpticons transform and rise up!

    (They transform into Their new alt modes)

    (At the NEST Base)

    Ironhide: Percepton..

    Percepton:Yes it is now you hold on is machine I and Nest build team created for made the alt mode to scan the same Alt mode like in so I going to put you in to the machine for this will work.


    (Percepton turns on the machine than it's starting to fusing a red Chevy Silverdo with yellow strips, and White and Red Chevy Taho with the robots to become one.)

    Percepton:Yes It's works it's work!

    Ironhide:Yes Percepton with each you grace of days.

    Ratchet:Now we've mush get to Mikaela now.

    Percepton:Why we've are got to now Medic?

    Ironhide:Because Shockwave and that crazy Decpticon Spiderbot, Tarantalus are on their why to get her.

    (at a science laboratory)

    Sam:Hey Leo why we've are here for?

    Leo: Dude we've are here for Doctor James Ivo Arkeville he like the greatest mind of science, and he is the first to made the one the only X16 h2o.

    Sam:Leo you do know that Sideswipe and Jolt are cars run with water.

    Dr.Arkeville:Hi I'm Doctor Arkeville,and I'm your boss, but I'm also talking to you Mr.Witwicky I'm got some for you that blow your mind, and he's a Autobot also my first car.

    (show a picture of a yellow Autobot)

    Sam:Who is he,and why he here?

    Dr.Arkeville:Well Sam before you find Optimus Prime,Bumblebee,Ironhide, & Megatron I was the first to meet a Cybertronian Being,and he is Sunstreaker the brother of Sideswipe.

    Sam:So Sunstreaker was here all the time,and you didn't tell anyone about him even Sector 7.

    Dr.Arkeville:Sam please ok I'll give NEST Sunstreaker by telling Optimus Prime of the Holy Grail.

    (Optimus show up)

    Optimus:What about the Holy Grail?

    Dr.Arkeville:Well Optimus the Holy Grail is a Cybertronian Lock to upload a Gaint Cybertronian for The Roman Empire.

    (At the Bike Shop)

    Skids:Hey you idiot don't try that bike it's too short like you.

    Mudflap:Okay Skids I enough with you know it, but if we've fused together than we've been happy as one okay yo.

    (Shockwave shows up and transform)

    Shockwave:It's time to die Autobots!


    (Shockwave pull both twin's big arm out of their socket,and hold Skids with he's gun hand and Mudflap with the other to pull the bodies into blowing up everywhere)

    Shockwave:Thanks Goodness I put the most dangerous death I made.

    Mikaela:Skids, Mudflap I...AHHHHH!

    Shockwave:So you are the female that the boy loved now you will become are spy.

    Mikaela:Never you one eyed freak!

    Shockwave:You leave me no choose,but I do the honors of turning you into a human drone.

    (Blackarachnia show up to save Mikaela,and Transform)

    Blackarachnia:Take this Shockwave.

    (She used her Cybermagic on Shockwave to blind him!)

    Blackarachnia:Mikaela The Decpticons are wanted to turn you into a mindless human.

    Mikaela:Okay I'm go to Dr.Arkeville's Laboratory that where Sam is.

    (Mikaela ride Blackachnia in Motorbike mode to the Laboratory)

    Shockwave:No Damn it I'll not missed her that time!

    Mikaela:Hurry up That purple Decpticon is coming!

    (they arrival to from laboratory)

    Sam:Mikaela what are you doing here?

    Mikaela:Sam a Purple Decpticon try to turn me into a mindless human.

    Shockwave:Bye Bye Human!

    (Shockwave shot the Cerebro Shell to Mikaela, but Optimus slash it with his Sword)

    Shockwave:No My Shell All the hard works that I made is gone.

    Optimus:Where is the other Decpticons,Shockwave?

    Shockwave:Are you ripping my face off?

    Optimus:No Where is the others?

    Shockwave:Okay The Decepticons are in the forest with a other faction.

    Optimus:Another faction?

    (Shockwave escape for been killed and return to the bike shop)

    Optimus:Ah Skids Mudflap.

    Blackachnia:I think we've need a trip to The Base now.

    Optimus:Okay I called the other Autobots.

    (In the woods that the Decpticons are hiding)

    Megatron:Shockwave where is the girl?

    Shockwave:My Lord I fail you let again.

    Megatron:Why is that my noble subject?

    Shockwave:I try to to firing the Cerebro Shell to her, but that Female Autobot save her life and go to a laboratory to find Optimus Prime standing there with the boy.

    Megatron:I guess you each yourself grace.

    (Than Terrorcons arrival to the forest and tranform)

    Galvatron:Are you Megatron leader of the Decpticons?

    Megatron:Yes I am and who are you?

    Galvatron:I am Galvatron the leader of The Terrorcons.


    Crullock:Me Crullock thinks that he's ugly.

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