Transformers Return: Prologue

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    A quite road on the side of the cliff. the sea breeze & the seagulls rollicking off the shore. A vehicle is seen in the distance on the cliff road. As it gets closer, the vehicle appears to be a truck. The red & blue paint job reflects the light of the sun. The man driving the truck appeared to be in his 30's, Caucasian with a rugged look to him. As the Red truck pases, two jets & a helicopter rise over the cliff.

    The helicopter open fires on the red truck, with a heavy machine gun turret attached to the bottom. Few bullets hit the truck.

    Dan: We're under fire!
    Optimus: Don't worry Dan, just a little further.
    Dan: I don't think we can take much more of this.

    The red truck was reaching the end of the cliff road.

    Optimus: Almost there.

    Suddenly, another jet rises from the end of the road, loaded with a heavy arsenal.

    Dan: Oh Crap.

    The Jet unleashes a barrage of missiles straight at the truck. Seen from bystanders nearby, a large explosion causes panic as shrapnel flies over a local resort. A large red & blue truck door lands on a coffee shop table, smoking, showing a strange but familiar insignia.

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