Transformers Rescue Bots - Potential Crossover Idea Part 1

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    I don't usually write "fan-fiction", at least not in the sense of full fleshed-out stories. I'm usually more into adding tweaks and changes to already-existing media, so you'll have to forgive me if I don't do this whole "fan-fiction" thing correctly. ;)  I have this more in the form of a temp script/call-sheet, rather than a full-on story. I'm missing things, I'm missing details, things may not quite add up. But my intent wasn't to make a fully operational story. I just wanted to plan out some key scenes. This is my proposed idea for the token "crossover episode" in the middle of the second season of Rescue Bots.

    *And let it be noted, I'm not a writer. I have no plans to be an author, a screenwriter, or anything like that. I've probably made taboo choices pertaining to the proper formatting and structure of something like this, but hey, sue me.

    “Official” Synopsis:
    The Doctor Will See You Now, Part 1 - When Blades is infected by a mysterious mechanical virus by Dr. Morocco, Optimus Prime enlists the help of his medic, Ratchet, to help save Blades’ life.

    Brief Breakdown:
    Act 1: The Rescue Team is called to assist in stopping a mysterious fire that has engulfed a local factory. Blades hovers above the fire, lifting factory workers out with his hook. Explosions erupt as various canisters and containers (with the focus being on the ones that bear the ‘Morocco’ label) in the fire, causing fumes and other gases to fill the air, surrounding and swirling around Blades. After successfully putting out the fire and rescuing any civilians, the team regroup at HQ. It’s there that Blades falls ill. He becomes weakened and a rust-like material begins to coat his body.
    Act 2: After conversing with Optimus on the television screen, Chief Burns informs them that Optimus’ own medical officer is being brought to Griffin Rock to help Blades. Ratchet (with Optimus) arrives, introductions are made and he begins his work, after identifying the unusual disease as some form of man-made “cosmic rust”.
    Act 3: After many painstaking hours, Ratchet successfully manufactures an antidote. Blades slowly recovers. But once Blades is well enough to get off of the operating table, it’s revealed that Ratchet himself has contracted the strange disease! To be continued...

    Select Scene Descriptions:
    The episode begins with establishing a bustling factory. Inside, workers of all sorts operate conveyer belts, build things, open and close canisters and whatnot. A mysterious, shadowy figure moves around in the background. It’s revealed that it’s Doctor Morocco. He runs around, trying to remain hidden. All the while he is busy setting up strange canisters with the Morocco label on them. He sprints out of the factory and takes out his detonator. “If you build it, they will come. And by ‘build’, I mean BLOW UP! Mwa-hah-hah-hah!” He presses the button and the factory begins to blow up.
    The scene opens with Blades laying on a makeshift operating table, surrounded by the Burns family and the three other Rescue Bots. The strange ‘rash’ spreading on Blades’ body. Chief Burns converses with Optimus on the screen. “Chief Burns, please inform Blades that he will be in the best of hands. I will dispatch my medical officer to your location immediately.” Sighing, Chief Burns smiles. “Thanks, Optimus. I really didn’t know what else to do. Mechanical biology is a little different than tinkering on some car engine.” Optimus nods. “My medic and I should be rendezvousing with you shortly. I will keep in touch. Over and out.” “Over and out”, responds Chief Burns. He turns back to Blades, who begins to look more sick with every passing hour.
    Chase approaches Ratchet and salutes. "It is an honour to meet another emergency response vehicle, sir." Rolling his eyes, Heatwave scoffs, "Wow, an ambulance." Sensing the obvious disdain, Ratchet strides up to Heatwave, getting up in his grill. "I am Team Prime's chief medical officer. I've saved hundreds - no, thousands - of Transformers over the centuries. Tell me, what do you do?" Heatwave begins, "I-". Ratchet immediately cuts him off. "I thought so. I have virtually everything needed to save lives at my disposal. Do not get on my bad side, hot-shot. Or I might not be there to get your bumper out of a jam." Heatwave angrily crosses his arms. “Who’s he calling “Hot Shot”?”
    Cut to the ocean surrounding Griffin Rock. A submarine whizzes by the camera, a large ‘M’ logo brandished on the hull. Inside, Doctor Morocco is hard at work, preparing more samples of his evil “cosmic rust” poison. “Oh, this will make me quite the pretty penny when my associates finally open their tightwad wallets! Ha ha!” (later on in TFP it would be revealed that Morocco is referring to MECH, as TFP would have a crossover where Morocco appears in Jasper, Nevada)
    Chief Burns consoles Blades. “Optimus is very concerned about your well being, Blades. He wants the best for you, and I know that. That’s why I asked for his help.” Optimus approaches Blades. “When Chief Burns informed me of this incident, I left immediately.” Chief Burns turns his glance from Optimus to Blades. Blades looks around. He is dazed, confused. He strains “Where’s...where’s Bumblebee?” (because you have to have a Bumblebee reference :rolleyes:  ) Optimus lays his hand on Blades. “Bumblebee had other matters to attend to with my team. But rest assured, Ratchet is the best medical officer I’ve ever known. You are in good hands, Blades.” Rolling his eyes, Ratchet scoffs, “To be blunt, Bumblebee wouldn’t prove to be very useful in this situation. He has virtually no medical experience. I, on the other hand, have performed my fair share of surgeries.” A small grin peels across Blades face, as he is assured.
    Ratchet, Optimus, Graham and Chief Burns huddle around the science gizmos and computer screens, examining the strange rust material. "Ever seen anything like this, Ratchet?" inquires Graham. "Well, only a few times in my years. In some ways it resembles what we Cybertronians refer to as "cosmic rust", an alien poison that can eventually cause the termination of its victims. But... it doesn't have any Cybertronian - or even any alien biological signature - in general. This appears to be man-made." Cody grimaces. "Morocco!" Chief Burns crosses his arms. "He's the only man we know who could do this. Kade? Take Dani and Heatwave and go investigate the scene at the factory. See if you can find anything there to link Morocco to this." Heatwave clenches his fist. "Do we really need any proof? It's obvious it's him!" Dani tries to calm Heatwave. "I agree, Heatwave, but we just can't go out and hunt him down because we "think" he's behind this." Graham begins to get his coat on. "Want me to go too, dad?" Ratchet turns around abruptly. "If it's all the same to you, Chief Burns, I could really use Graham's knowledge with me. Here. To help. Me" Ratchet clears his throat, awkwardly looking around at having to admit his weakness. Graham smiles, secretly wanting Ratchet to have said that. Dani, Kade and Heatwave roll out. Optimus stands tall, preparing his next speech. "It's imperative that we find a cure for this disease. This sort of biological weapon in the hands of someone like Morocco could prove catastrophic for not only Griffin Rock, but for the entire planet." Chase looks over at Boulder. "I can't even begin to count the numbers of things that this heinous action would violate in the Geneva Code."
    Ratchet leans over Blades, hard at work trying to reconnect circuits and scrape away the cosmic rust. Boulder, intrigued by Ratchet's medical equipment, picks up a scalpel. "Ooh. Ratchet, what is thi-". Boulder accidentally crushes it between his massive hands. Ratchet cringes. "BOULDER! I NEEDED THAT!" He grabs the scalpel from Boulder and mutters, "Why? Why is it always my things?"
    Examining Blades’ vital signs, Ratchet steps back and wipes his forehead (because I guess he gets sweaty? :lol  ). Slowly, Blades comes to and opens his optics. He glances around, still dazed from the operation. He squints at Ratchet and smiles. “Optimus was right. You are the best doctor.” This causes Ratchet usually grumpy demeanor to soften momentarily, as he manages a smile.
    Optimus and Ratchet prepare to leave the firehouse. The Burns family and the Rescue Bots give their thanks and goodbyes, but something is amiss. Ratchet braces himself. He puts his hand on his head. “Heh. I don’t...I don’t feel so well, Optimus.” Optimus turns around just in time to catch Ratchet before he falls to the ground. Dani shouts “Look! Ratchet’s hand!” Everyone looks at the back of Ratchet’s hand, revealing that the cosmic rust rash has infected the good doctor! Duh-duh-duuuuhhhhhh! To be continued...

    Voice Cast:
    LeVar Burton - Doc Greene, Factory Worker
    Lacey Chabert - Dani Burns
    Elan Garfais - Cody Burns
    Maurice LaMarche - Chief Charlie Burns
    Jason Marsden - Kade Burns
    Shannon McKain - Graham Burns
    Jeff Bennett - Huxley Prescott
    Tim Curry - Doctor Morocco
    Steve Blum - Heatwave
    D.C. Douglas - Chase
    Parvesh Cheena - Blades
    Imari Williams - Boulder
    Jeffrey Combs - Ratchet
    Peter Cullen - Optimus Prime

    I'll post the following "episode" when I get some time. :) 
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    Dude. This is good. You may not be a writer, but you always had sense !
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    I like it
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    This is fantastic, Tyler.

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