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    Hi all,

    Hey everyone!

    I was inspired by the TF 2.0 thread a while back, and I thought of essentially redoing the TF timeline so that the Transformers arrive now, and take on more modern forms, and interact in our modern world. Another thing I wanted to do was take ALL the TF toys and place them into the timeline, including the Omnibots, Tigerstripe (and other repaints), and even the Japanese exclusive Transformers from Headmasters, Masterforce, and Victory.

    It'll be a massive undertaking, but I think it'll work out to see where all these bots fit into the TF universe. I'm rebooting my prior TF 2008 thread into this thread, and will try to update it much more frequently.

    For the first year, 2008/2011, I'll start with the following bots:

    Optimus Prime - COE Freightliner - (masterpiece prime)
    Bluestreak - Nissan 350 ZX
    Hound - Jeep Wrangler JK Military Edition
    Ironhide - Toyota Previa (pic)
    Jazz - Porsche 997 GT3 (pic1, pic2, pic3)
    Mirage - F1 car
    Prowl - Nissan 350 ZX Police edition (pic 1, pic 2) - (but with the G1 paint scheme)
    Ratchet - Toyota Estima Ambulance (pic 1, pic 2) with Ratchet's G1 color scheme
    Sideswipe - Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 (pic 1, pic 2)
    Sunstreaker - Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 (same as Sideswipe, but with the exposed motor aft)
    Trailbreaker - Toyota Tacoma with Super Sport Shell
    Wheeljack - Fenomenon Stratos (pic, pic 2, pic 3)
    Brawn - Land Rover Defender (pic)
    Bumblebee - VW bug 2008 (pic)
    Bumper - Mazda 3 hatchback (pic)
    Cliffjumper - Porsche Cayman S/987 (pic 1, pic 2)
    Gears - 4WD off-road truck
    Huffer - tractor/cab
    Windcharger - Pontiac Solstice
    Megatron - Walther P99AS, (pic)
    Soundwave (AV Special; looks like old Soundwave, but plays mini-HD by Sony that looks like the old cassettes; the front of Soundwave is not a real tape door, but is actually the screen; yes, Sony would make yet another proprietary format in this reality)
    Starscream - F-22 (pic)
    Skywarp - F-22
    Thundercracker - F-22
    Reflector - Canon EOS-1Ds Digital SLR (pics)
    Buzzsaw - mini-cassette size special Sony flash memory drive, 32GB, with USB slide-out port

    The first episode is essentially a movie pilot with the Transformers arriving in 2008, and it's a slight mix of the live movies and the cartoon - realism and modernity from the movies, but the cartoon's cast and more of the characterization.
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    Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye

    Location: Off Oregon Shore
    An Oil Rig, September 2008

    In the break room on the oil rig, a 15-year-old with scruffy light brown hair took off his yellow hardhat and turned on the TV. The break room had recently gotten a flat-panel LCD, so it could save room for the other guys' things.

    The young kid, a freshman in high school, was nicknamed 'Spike' by his dad's friends on the rig, and had proven helpful in getting the rig back in shape. He had taken a weekend from the mainland, and was due to go back shortly with his father.

    The news was showing recent events, the presidential races, local news, and the volcano at Mt. St. Hillary going off, and reports of some disturbances by the National Park Service. For an instant, the image they showed of the volcano seemed to have a bright, golden object in it, but they flashed away to the news anchor before it could register for Spike.

    His father, who earned the nickname 'Sparkplug' Witwicky, was a former marine that was on the rig as a temporary assignment while his brother Ron and his wife helped out at home. They were both due to come back after this weekend.

    Spike thought about studying engineering at college; he was a smart kid, and got good grades, but worried about the SAT he'd be taking this fall. His life was ahead of him, and he was looking forward to it.

    The City

    Two vehicles drove past the Gamestop, a yellow 2009 VW Bug and a Porsche 997, with a red/blue racing strip and a #4 on the hood. The young blonde girl looked up from her position behind the counter, tucked a bit of hair behind her ear, and saw the two cars idling in traffic.

    No drivers? she thought to herself. No way. She shook her head, and walked out from behind the counter, but by the time she did so, the two cars were already gone.

    "Hey Carly! We've got some customers ready to check out!" called her boss, Marco, from the back.

    Carly had long golden blonde hair, pulled back into a ponytail, with a long strand tucked behind one ear. She wore a pair of sneakers, skinny jeans, and her Gamestop polo shirt; she had blue eyes and played a mean game of Halo.

    In the City

    "Jazz, we should put on those holo-drivers that Wheeljack placed in us," Bumblebee said over his Autobot radio. "A few of the natives have been staring."

    "You got it, Bumblebee," Jazz replied, activating his driver, a mid-30s appearing white male with brown hair, khakis, and a blue button-up shirt.

    "Prime's not going to like this," Bumblebee said, as he scanned his frequencies. He activated his holo-driver, a blonde female in cut-off shorts, a tank-top, and a pony-tail.

    Reports indicate three F-22 Raptors outside of normal maneuvers, refusing to identify themselves. Air traffic controllers assure us there is nothing to worry about... came the news reporter's voice.

    "I see what you mean, man," Jazz noted, scanning across his frequencies also. "Jazz to Prime....we've made contact with the Decepticons."

    The Day Prior

    The Volcano, an ancient mountain created by lava and the heat and pressure of the Earth, began to rumble again. It had gotten more active in recent days, as seismologists had predicted. This time, however, would have an even greater affect on the surrounding area than any simple volcanic activity.

    The rumbling grew louder as the rock face, multi-ton boulders arrayed on the face of the mountain, immovable by humans and unattempted in the centuries since the young nation had been created, suddenly fell away, rolling off a large golden, metal craft. An alien craft, buried for millions of years, exposed for the first time to the world around it.

    The increase in activity had been taken in by the energy absorption sinks on the golden craft, slowly powering the vessel up for the first time in four million years. The first system activated was the repair and diagnostic systems, a separate, double-redundant system designed to activate in case the main computer were off-line.

    The scanner on the bridge scanned across the bridge, falling upon a black and purple frame. It processed its structure, flight abilities, and noted the repair drone to repair this frame.

    The repair computer noted that it needed to scan the area; transmissions were found, indicating civilization, and the need for a disguise. An aerial drone was released, with the simple command "Explore. Explore."

    Circular with two solar panels, the scanning drone found a military base in the vicinity with a suitable disguise for the deactivated frame: an F-22 Raptor. Scanning the plane, which took at most 10 seconds, the drone relayed that information to the repair computer, which set to work at repairing the black and purple frame it had begun repairing.

    Continuing its flight, the repair drone scanned more alternate forms for possible use: a communications device with removable cartridges, a semi-truck, a Lamborghini, a VW Bug, and more that were being relayed to the home base.

    The Repair Computer altered the frame of the inactive Cybertronian, as it was incapable of identifying factions, due to its isolated computer core from the main computer, Teletraan 1, and the four million years of stasis lock had made any possible identification unlikely.

    Minutes later, a black and purple F-22 Raptor transformed into Skywarp, the Decepticon Seeker warrior. He noted his surroundings, and saw the scanner try to hit another frame, but miss, and try again, and miss. It was purely luck that it had even struck him and repaired him.

    Skywarp looked around for his leader, Megatron, and drew his lifeless frame over to the scanning beam. Skywarp fixed the scanner's targeting system so it could focus on Megatron. The energy beam passed over the fallen Decepticon leader, as Skywarp placed the rest of Megatron's arm and left leg in the beam. The repair system removed his tracks and altered his cannon, but once it finished a moment later, the Walther P99AS transformed back into his leader.

    "Megatron, my leader," Skywarp said, helping Megatron up. "We are alive again."

    "Quickly, the others," Megatron commanded, his hand sweeping over the other fallen Decepticons.

    The two quickly got Thundercracker and Starscream repaired, becoming F-22 Raptors like their fellow Seeker. Soundwave's alternate mode was a unique media player by Sony taking replica cassettes which loaded with SD cards to play mp3s, with an LCD for videos on front. Reflector, a combining trio, was altered to become a Canon EOS-1Ds.

    "Decepticons, quickly," Megatron said, leading the Decepticons out of the Ark. He blasted his way out of the Ark bottom, and out of the volcano, creating a ramp downward underneath the mass of the ship so they could get out.

    "Why not destroy the Autobots and be done with them?" Starscream asked his leader.

    "Prime and the others are gone, Starscream," Megatron countered, as he and the others walked forward, away from the Ark. "Our energy should be conserved until we can find more." He scanned the area, taking in the scenery. "A long time has passed; this world is rich in resources. Resources which we must bring back to Cybertron."

    "Who knows if Cybertron even exists?" Thundercracker asked to no one in particular.

    Megatron's head swiveled quickly as his red optics glowed. "It must exist!" He clenched a fist at his subordinate, his anger and rage obvious, but controlled. Megatron gathered himself and spoke more coolly, forcefully, "And if this land is filled with resources, we shall return home with the power to build the ultimate weapon, and conquer the universe in the name of the Decepticon Empire."

    "Megatron," came the monotone voice of Soundwave, his communications agent. "This planet's energy can be converted into energon cubes." Soundwave had been collating the data concerning the planet that the Ark's communications drone in the time since he had been reactivated. Primitive carbon-based compounds were the majority fuel of this planet, but they would serve as a source of energon for the Decepticons.

    "Excellent. Decepticons, take off! First, a base, then, we take the energy!" Megatron smiled as he took off on his foot thrusters.

    Starscream stayed behind a moment longer, aiming his arm cannon at some loose boulders above the now exposed Ark. "Goodbye, Prime! Thanks for the trip. Too bad you can't go the rest of the way," he smiled as his shots loosened the boulders, causing a rockslide on the ancient vessel, as he took off, satisfied in his 'goodbye present.'

    "Starscream, what were you doing?" Megatron asked over the comm.

    "Just saying goodbye to Prime," he replied. "And thanking him for bringing the Decepticon Empire to such an energy-rich world."

    "Save your energy until we set up base," Megatron's raspy voice replied. "It was gracious of Prime to give us a parting gift...." The two Decepticons laughed as they flew a few miles away to the desert, where they could set up a base uninterrupted.

    Meanwhile in the Ark, a massive red and blue frame, jostled by the rockslide, fell off the command console it had come to rest upon, falling into the path of the repair beam. Two repair drones began making alterations to the frame, adapting it for Earth disguise.

    The Ark

    Optimus walked out of the opening in the mountain, which had been cleared out by Megatron not an hour before. His massive red and blue frame, 32 feet in height, watched as his troops filed in. All modified, but still recognizable. Ratchet and Ironhide, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, Trailbreaker, Mirage, Prowl and Bluestreak, Hound, Wheeljack, Jazz, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Bumper, Gears, Windcharger, and Huffer

    "Autobots, much time has passed," Optimus began, "and we are on a planet rich in energy. But the Decepticons must know this too. We have to find them, and stop them. Hound?"

    "Right here Prime," answered his trusted scout, who turned his head to the Autobot leader.

    "Scout the area. See if you can locate the Decepticons," Prime ordered.

    "Just turn me loose Prime," Hound stepped forward. "I'll sniff 'em out."

    "I'm going too. I'm gonna boot some Decepticon right in his turbocharger!" Cliffjumper said, holding his fist up.

    "Just find them. We'll deal with them later," Prime cautioned his eager fellow Autobot. "We don't have the energon to make a full-scale offensive."

    "Bumblebee, I want you to scout the locals," Prime turned to his little friend, who now converted to a 2009 VW Beetle. "Find out what you can about the humans."

    "I'll help you out, little buddy," Jazz smiled in his distinct voice. "We can scope out the crib, get the lay of the land."

    "Alright," Optimus chuckled a bit, not getting how Jazz could pick up the local idioms so quickly. "Jazz, Bumblebee, Hound, Cliffjumper - transform and roll out."

    Jazz shifted and revved the engine of his Porsche 997 GT3 alternate mode, with Martini Racing stripes on it; Bumblebee's yellow VW mode came to life as the duo sped off for the city. Cliffjumper shifted into a Porsche Cayman S/987, with Hound becoming a military detailed Jeep Wrangler JK. The second team left, heading into the desert under Hound's lead. His sensors could sniff out a 1 part per million energon trace left by a Cybertronian running on stealth mode.
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    Bumblebee and Jazz drove through the traffic, following as best they could while still driving as safely as possible on the busy human roads. Weaving through traffic, they eventually got to the docks, where the VW and the Porsche came to a stop, near the edge of the wharf. The two bots saw the F22 fighters flying out to sea, and as they lost sight of them, Jazz transformed to robot mode, and knelt down, engaging his binocular optics, zooming in on their destination.

    "What do you see?" Bumblebee asked.

    "A huge platform out there," Jazz replied, "I think the locals call it an oil rig. It pumps oil, which they use for fuel here."

    "Fuel the Decepticons could use to charge up and find a way back to Cybertron..." Bumblebee speculated.

    "...and take over the planet," Jazz finished the thought. "Let's radio Prime for backup so we can stop 'em." Jazz transformed back into his Porsche mode and began radioing Optimus for reinforcements.

    Unbeknownst to him, Carly, the girl from the video game shop, had tailed them, and was snapping pictures of the two talking, and of Jazz transforming into a car. She got a close-up of both cars license plates from around the corner, then ducked back.

    Her heart was racing a mile a minute. *This is just like the Gundam cartoons I used to watch!* she thought to herself. *Alien robots do exist!*

    The Ark

    Receiving the information from Jazz, Prime assembled his troops outside. Nearly all the Autobots except Hauler were outside. Prime wanted Hauler to begin work on the next stage of base defense for the Ark, and couldn't afford to lose him, as he was the best architect he had at the moment.

    Outside, Prime turned to Prowl, "Prowl, assemble the strike team."

    "Autobots," called his military tactician, "Sideswipe; Sunstreaker; Mirage; Trailbreaker; Ironhide; Ratchet; Wheeljack; Cliffjumper; Windcharger; Huffer; Brawn; Gears; Hound"

    After calling each Autobot's name, they transformed into vehicle mode. Being located on a volcano, Ratchet and Wheeljack had rigged a method to tap the volcano's heat to begin an energon conversion process. They fueled up as much as possible, but they were not fully powered yet.

    "Autobots, start your engines!" Prowl ordered. He turned to his commander, "Ready Prime."

    "Autobots, let's roll out!" Prime said, transforming into a semi. The entire team of Autobots rolled out after him, headed for the coast.

    The Oil Rig

    Three F-22 jets shot past the rig, as Michael Witwicky, called "Sparkplug" by his friends, being the mechanical genius he was, and a former marine, walked out to take a look at the jets. It wasn't often that jets flew out this far, so it was something worth checking out.

    "What've we got, Charlie?" Sparkplug asked his foreman, Charlie, a black man from Idaho who had been working the rig nearly as long as Sparkplug.

    "No radio ID or anything. They're not sending out a signal we can tell," Charlie replied. The man wore jeans an a button-up shirt, a hardhat, and his work gloves, as he usually worked with his workers rather than in the office like other foremen had in the past.

    The F-22s doubled back, and looked as if they were about to slam into the deck when the three slowed, and transformed, their parts shifting to reveal Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker, the Decepticons.

    The Docks

    A little over an hour later, the Autobots arrived at the docks, a convoy of vehicles rolling in and parking towards the VW and Porsche. Optimus transformed, followed by the rest of his Autobots.

    "Jazz, what do we have?" Prime asked, looking for a situation report.

    "They're on the rig, converting fuel to energon," Jazz reported. "They're putting it into a cube form, possibly ready for transport."

    "We've got to stop them from getting that energon Prime," Bluestreak called out, nearly yelling. "If they grab the energon, they'll have enough to take over Cybertron!"

    "I agree, but we need to find a way to get to the rig, and fast," Prime said, one hand rubbing his faceplated chin in a decidedly human gesture.

    "I....I think I can help," came a nervous voice from behind the Autobots.

    The dozen or so robots turned to see a blonde-haired girl in jeans and a polo-shirt that followed her figure perfectly, slowly making her way towards the robots. She was obviously a bit scared, but at the same time intrigued by the huge robots, after having spent her childhood and teenage years watching anime and super robot cartoons. Carly was the picture of the "hot geek" amongst her friends.

    Prime's optics dimmed a little as they focused on the little human approaching them. He slowly stepped forward, his other troops making room for him on the wide berth, as he then knelt down to better talk to the human. "Hello," he began. "I am Optimus Prime."

    " name's Carly," the human said, looking up at the large red-and-blue robot. She could see what would be eyes, and even pupils behind the semi-blue eye glass on his face. His torso looked as if a flat-nosed truck were shifted and contorted into a humanoid shape.

    She was still scared, and taking a huge risk, but this was possibly the most exciting thing she'd ever seen before. She glanced off to see the VW and Porsche robots, seeing they were also car robots as well. "Who are you?"

    "We are Autobots," Optimus explained. "We come from a planet called Cybertron. A planet of intelligent autonomous robots like us..."

    "Autonomous Robots?" Carly repeated.

    "Yes," Prime continued. "We crashed on your planet a long time ago in a fight against the Decepticons, and were recently awakened. The Decepticons have started collecting energy from your world to use in their attempt to conquer Cybertron, and from there, the galaxy."

    "So, the Decepticons are the bad guys...." Carly said, hands on her hips, attempting to take this in. "How do I know I can trust you? What's to say you aren't trying to take our energy for yourselves?"

    "Hey, we wouldn't do that!" Bumblebee said, as he stepped forward, which caused Carly to step back in caution. "We can't just take things that don't belong to us!"

    "Carly, we would never take from your world that which belongs to you," Optimus assured her. Something in his voice was soothing, and seemed trustworthy. "If your governments allowed us to use your resources to fuel our ship to allow us to return to Cybertron, we would certainly repay them for their help in whatever way they deem acceptable."

    "So if you're gonna help us, how're you going to get to the Decepticons on the rig over there?" Carly asked, gesturing off to the horizon. "Are you going to fly?"

    "Autobots can't fly," Prowl commented. The white and black robot was clearly a police car, and had a calm, logical voice. "We need a boat."

    "I think I've got the thing," Carly smirked, as she nodded her head behind her to the ferry that was docked behind the Autobots. A ferry that could hold automobiles. The Autobots turned in the direction she nodded, and a smile broke out on Bumblebee's face.

    The Rig

    Starscream stood over the unfolded container, as the Reflector trio, an early combiner experiment by Shockwave, loaded energon cubes charged from the turbines on the rig. They had landed about a half hour prior, as Megatron had shot in the direction of the humans to scare them away. He didn't have the energy to focus on the humans, otherwise he would've quashed the little flesh creatures.

    "I think we should leave quickly mighty Megatron," Starscream said. "This planet may have more resources than just this. We should explore all possibilities."

    "We leave when I say we leave, Starscream," Megatron scowled. "I want this human fueling station sucked dry. We will refuel ourselves, and store the rest for our space cruiser. Besides, the humans can't stop us; and the Autobots are long gone." Megatron laughed at the thought of his old foe Optimus Prime ling dormant in a volcano while he plundered the planet he had led him to.

    Minutes passed, while Soundwave turned back to Megatron, "Megatron. Human craft approaching at high speed. No Cybertronian life signs. One human aboard."

    "Let it approach," Megatron smirked. "We can use it as cargo space for our energon cubes."

    The boat approached as Carly guided it towards the rig.

    "Why aren't they firing at you, Bumblebee?" Carly asked the yellow VW bug parked to her left. "Can't they see you?"

    "They can't see us in vehicle mode. Our energy signatures are masked when we're transformed. Better for blending in."

    "I hope they don't change their minds..." Carly said, her heart beating faster.
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    The Rig

    Starscream looked at the now slowing boat with suspicion, "Megatron, why not let us use this as target practice? Those little machines look like they'd make good practice to make sure our battle computers are still functional." He felt it was somehow a trick, and Megatron was letting it happen.

    "That does sound like a good idea, Starscream," Megatron smirked. "Skywarp, Thundercracker! Take those cars and toss them over the rig! We can use them for target practice!"

    The two other seekers hovered down to the boat where Carly and the Autobots were. She was surprised they hadn't picked up the Autobots there lying in wait in car mode. She was hiding under the control console like Prowl told her until the Decepticons left.

    "What ugly little machines," Thundercracker mused. "Let's toss the big truck...then the cars!"

    Thundercracker and Skywarp grabbed the red truck and not very gingerly unhooked it from the trailer. It was a heavy truck, and it took the both of them to heft it up. With a large heave, they tossed it into the air, sending it high up in the sky, past where a human could see. They then began tossing the little cars, starting with the Porshe, then the 350s, and then the Lamborghinis.

    As the cars were heft into the sky, the truck came down, nose-grill first. Starscream could see his handsome reflection in it. He targeted his side-laser at it, smirking at the easy target, imagining it was a flying foe heading for him.

    "Autobots! Transform, and attack!" Optimus called out loudly, as the various falling cars now zooming towards the deck transformed. The red truck's rear axle shifted into two massive legs, as the red cab transformed, forming the torso of the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime. The large red Autobot landed nearly on top of Starscream, who couldn't get out of the way fast enough to avoid being trampled under Optimus' feet.

    Sideswipe and Sunstreaker twisted, attempting to hit two of the Reflector trio, transforming nearly at the last second. Sunstreaker quickly grabbed Spectro's arm, as Sideswipe grabbed Viewfinder's arm. The two brothers spun them around a few times, building up momentum, and throwing the two Decepticons into each other.

    Jazz transformed, attacking Soundwave, as the cassette-carrying Decepticon ejected his entourage to aid him. Prowl and Bumblebee began attacking Megatron, who tossed them into the scaffolding like ragdolls, while Optimus moved to take him on.

    On the boat, Thundercracker and Skywarp realized what had been happening in the last 15 seconds, but were taken by surprise by the 10 other Autobots who were already transforming firing on them. Trailbreaker and Wheeljack each leapt onto a seeker as they jumped up, using them as a rocket to bring them up to the rig's deck plating.

    The remaining Autobots shot a grappling line to the oil rig to get on board to join the fight, leaving the boat empty, save for Carly, who maneuvered it under the rig as she was told, to avoid any stray laser shots.

    On the deck, Bumblebee fell from the scaffolding, as Ravage leapt to attack him. Bumblebee grappled with the feline, as Cliffjumper moved to aid him.

    "Cliffjumper! Save those humans in there! Carly's got the boat nearly in position!" Bumblebee called out as he wrestled with the Decepticon.

    His red Autobot brother moved over to the welded door and gave it a few shots with his glass-gas gun, rendering it brittle enough for him to simple rip off the frame.

    The metal groaned as he ripped it off the framing, revealing over 40 humans in the room, trying to avoid the battle outside. One stepped forward, Sparkplug, holding a large wrench, tapping it in one hand.

    "Whoever you are, we don't want any trouble," Sparkplug said, trying to keep his voice steady in the face of giant metal robots tearing his rig apart.

    "Hey, I'm on your side, here. I'm Cliffjumper, and we Autobots are trying to save you!" Cliffjumper gestured innocently. It was a very human gesture, which surprised Sparkplug. "Our friend Carly is under the rig in a boat. Just go down the exit hatch and she'll carry you to safety."

    "How do we know we can trust you?" Sparkplug narrowed his eyes at the robot.

    "Blue eyes never lie," Cliffjumper quipped. "Bumblebee, Brawn, and I will cover you."

    "You think we can trust 'em Mike?" asked Shawn, one of Sparkplug's old buddies. He was about the same height as Sparkplug, and had two kids of his own to get back to. His light brown skin was dirty from the ash and debris, like all the rest of the men in there.

    Something about Cliffjumper, Sparkplug couldn't place it, but he knew he could trust him. "Boys, let's move out!" he yelled over shoulder, as he let his rig crew out.

    The Rig Deck

    Megatron and Prime were shooting and dodging each other's blasts, their fire destroying the rigging around them. Occasionally, their shots struck home, injuring the other in an unguarded moment.

    Jazz and Soundwave, both about 15' tall, were wrestling with one another on the decking, while Jazz, the more agile of the two, maneuvered Soundwave into a throw, tossing him over his shoulder, and into a pile of energon cubes, which exploded, tossing a few of the Autobots and Decepticons back.

    "Decepticons! Grab the energon!" Megatron yelled to his crew, in between shots with Prime.

    Meanwhile, Cliffjumper, Bumblebee, and Brawn were covering for the humans, who were climbing down the ladders down four flights as quickly as possible, trying to avoid getting caught by any Decepticons along the way.

    Brawn, standing about 8' tall, was maneuvering in the wide-berth staircase of the rig, guiding the humans down a ladder, which had been extended to the boat Carly was in. Carly was helping the people onto the boat as the Autobots guarded the exit.

    A precious few minutes past, the urgency palpable. Brawn felt something was wrong, and was proven right when a blue robot about his size leapt out of the dark, grappling him, throwing him off the staircase and into the wall, bursting into the cargo area.

    Rumble, the blue punk that hung around Soundwave, had caught Brawn unawares.

    "You little street punk!" Brawn spat as he got up, facing Rumble.

    "Whattaya mean, Auto-brat? I'm just havin' fun!" Rumble smirked "Where's the harm in that?"

    "The harm," Brawn began as he swung at Rumble, knocking the blue robot back along the metal floors, "is when you hurt these innocent people!"

    "Innocent? No one's innocent!" Rumble smirked as he shot and missed, not that you could tell he really even aimed.

    "We all were until you Decepticons came along," Brawn dropped, and kicked the leaping Rumble off into a huge pile of metal rigging and boxes, which collapsed on him, trapping him.

    Brawn ran back to make sure the humans got off the rig safely. Just as he returned, the last man got off the rig's ladder.

    "Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, go with them, and make sure they get to shore safely," Brawn ordered, as he jumped back onto the staircase. "I've got some Decepticons to trash!"

    The upper Deck

    Starscream recognized a stalemate when he saw one. The boat they were going to use was leaving, with the humans on board. Not that they would be much tactical use now to them. The Autobots were fighting the Decepticons to a standstill, and their energy reserves weren't high enough for a full-on assault.

    "Megatron!" Starscream yelled. "We're losing the energon by standing and fighting!"

    Megatron grappled with Prime, and thought his second-in-command's whining voice sounded only cowardly, but a quick survey of the deck proved him wise.

    Slowly but surely, the Autobots were holding and turning the tide. They needed to save the energon they harvested and put it to use before they came out at a net loss.

    "Decepticons..." Megatron called out to his soldiers, as Ravage and Buzzsaw started attacking Prime from behind, allowing Megatron to kick him off, sliding the huge blue-and-red frame into the building on deck. "Take the energon and retreat! We fight another day!"

    The Decepticons grasped for all the energon they could, and took off, leaving the non-flying Autobots standing on the deck, trying to shoot at the airborne enemy, which could weave between the shots.

    "Too bad you can't fly Prime..." Megatron smirked as he shot the rig's scaffolding, causing the deck to lurch, " should know not to stay with a sinking ship!"

    The Decepticons shot out the other scaffolding, causing the rig to groan under the strain as metal buckled, and half the deck folding, breaking off, taking most of the Autobots with it, explosions sending some flying into the water.

    To be continued.
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    Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye (Part 2)

    The Rig / The Ocean

    Huffer struggled behind the rigging, which was slowly beginning to sink, his arm stuck.

    "My arm! It's jammed in here! I can't get it out!" he called out as he tried to free himself again, but failed.

    "I'll get you loose, Huffer! Don't panic!" Brawn called out as he swam over to his friend.

    "There're two things I really hate, Brawn..." he began, as Brawn switched his hand with a welding torch to melt the metal away from Huffer so he could pull his arm out. "Fire and water!"

    "Great, you're in the right place!" Brawn quipped, as he melted the last bit of metal. "There!"

    "Thanks, Brawn! Let's take off!" Huffer smiled, a rare event in itself, as the two swam over to the still floating bit of deck plating, to get out of the water.

    "Help!" called out a distinctly human voice. Optimus scanned the area, and saw two humans, a larger and smaller.

    He swam over, and saw them trapped behind some twisted metal.

    "Hold on! I've got you!" Prime called out to them as he reached the two. Fire was creeping closer as the oil-covered ocean water burned around them.

    "Trailbreaker!" Optimus yelled as he began ripping through the metal, trying to free the two humans.

    "Here, Prime!" came the response from Trailbreaker, who was helping Sunstreaker and Gears up onto the deck.

    "Activate your force shield and take a shot at that fire!"

    "I'll give him a hand!" Wheeljack called out, switching out his hand for a fire-suffocating foam device. The two pushed the fire back from Prime, while suffocating it as well to give them some breathing room.

    "Almost have it!" Prime struggled as he bent and twisted the metal to get the humans out. "There!"

    "Catch!" Jazz called out to his leader, his hand switching out for a grappling hook.

    Prime caught the line, and Jazz pulled him in to the deck plate, which was slowing sinking into the ocean.

    "Sideswipe, Brawn, Prowl, help me tear off some deck plating and rig something to carry us off to shore," Prime ordered as he began tearing the deck up with his bare hands.

    The Shore

    Carly helped the rig's crew off the ferry as she had docked it, a little precariously, but they all were off safely as she looked back to the sea, where the rig was. Two of the crew, a cute boy named Spike, and his dad, said they had to get back up there and help out, and climbed back up the ladder.

    A few huge explosions, and the sight of the F-22s roaring into the distance did not fill Carly with much hope, but a distant motor sound caught her attention.

    She watched on the edge of the dock, as a very jury-rigged metal plate in the rough form of a boat, carrying a load of robots and two cars with their wheels in the water, made its way to the shore, and at the front of the 'boat' were two humans.

    Carly threw a rope to the boat and helped the ship stop alongside the dock as the Autobots climbed out and onto the wharf, while she helped Spike and Sparkplug out.

    "Hey, I'm Carly," she extended her hand to the boy and gave him a huge hug.

    "Oof!" came the surprised reply from Spike, not that he minded a beautiful girl hugging him in the slighted. "I'm Spike..." came his out-of-breath reply.

    "And I'm his dad, Michael, but everyone calls me Sparkplug."

    She shook his dad's hand, and gave Spike a kiss on the cheek.

    "You're very brave, Spike," She smiled, as the three humans walked up the stairs to meet the Autobots.

    Sparkplug walked over to Optimus, who was watching the humans hug and congratulate one another on getting out safely. Prime knelt down to speak to Sparkplug.

    "I don't know who you are, but you saved our lives," Sparkplug began, speaking for everyone present.

    "We're Autobots. We're from Cybertron, a planet far from Earth," Prime explained in a voice that sounded almost fatherly in a way.

    "Another planet? That's awesome!" Carly exclaimed.

    "Those who tried to harm you are called Decepticons. We must stop them before they destroy your world."

    "Can we help?" Spike asked.

    "We are the only ones who can stop the Decepticons," Prime replied.

    "But my son, Spike, and I know more about Earth than you do," Sparkplug countered.

    "Hmm. Maybe you can help us..." Prime thought as he rubbed his chin.

    The Autobots all transformed, and loaded the humans who didn't have cars near the docks, and drove them home, under promise of secrecy about the whole night.

    Carly watched as only Bumblebee, Jazz, and Prime remained.

    "Bumblebee, can you drive me and Spike home?" Carly asked, quiet enough that Spike's dad didn't hear.

    "Sure thing," Bumblebee smiled, as the 6' robot transformed into a full-size 2008 VW Bug.

    Carly looked at Spike from the passenger side, the door open, indicating she was getting in.

    Spike's dad nodded, and he ran to Carly to get into the car. Bumblebee started his engine as the two drove off.

    "Prime, they grow up so fast," Sparkplug remarked, as he leaned against one of the wooden streetlights, watching his son drive off in Bumblebee.

    "They do indeed," Prime agreed, though for different reasons. He remembered a dock worker on Cybertron, Orion Pax, who also grew up quickly due to the war with the Decepticons, but quickly halted the memory scan. Now was not the time.

    "I'll take you home, Sparkplug," Prime said, as he walked forward, Sparkplug to one side of him.

    Prime transformed into a Freightliner COE engine, with trailer, and Sparkplug climbed in. Jazz transformed into a Porsche, and drove behind, keeping his audio receptors peeled.
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    Decepticon Base

    "Space Cruiser plans complete, Megatron," Soundwave reported as he used the visual display of his robot mode to display a 3-D diagram of the cruiser, a simple, 2-deck cruiser with a cargo hold to carry energon back to Cybertron.

    "Excellent," Megatron smiled as he surveyed the area. "We'll set up here. Those rocks will serve as our base of operations. Starscream, convert the area for construction."

    "What about materials?" Starscream asked his leader.

    "Use your imagination," Megatron smirked.

    Starscream nodded, as he took off with Spectro, Viewfinder, Spyglass, Soundwave, and Rumble. The group flew high enough to get a good view of the terrain.

    "Well, any ideas?" Starscream called out, as he saw uninteresting plains, plants, and roads, none of which could remotely be useful.

    "There," Soundwave pointed out towards a metalworking plant with a power station.

    "Great! I'll need some help," Starscream replied.

    "Rumble, Frenzy, activate pile drivers. Operation: destruction." Soundwave replied in monotone, ejecting Frenzy, the red-and-black robot, from his chest compartment.

    "Let's do it!" Starscream smiled at finally getting some action.

    The Decepticons landed outside the power plant, and Soundwave immediately blacked out the area - all signals stopped inside his disruption field.

    "Soundwave, prepare energon cubes! Reflector, begin filling them!" Starscream ordered.

    "Rumble, Frenzy, pacify the humans inside. Be...creative," Starscream smirked. "But don't kill them yet. They might be...useful to us later."

    "You're no fun Starscream!" Frenzy yelled, as he took a gun and walked inside.

    "But I'm in charge here, punk, and you do as I say," Starscream answered with a contained fury. Megatron placed him as second-in-command for a reason, and he would get the energy they needed to leave this rock for good.

    Autobot Base

    Spike walked from outside the base into the interior, a rapidly constructed entryway that beat the hole Megatron made barely a day prior. His eye was caught by a small black microcassette lying outside the doorway, which glinted in the sunlight.

    "Hm. Wonder who left this here?" Spike picked it up, assuming it was one of Carly's gadgets. He saw her car last night, full of plenty of tech - mp3 players, Game Boys, and the like. Perhaps she was here earlier. He brought the cassette in, and laid it on one of the counters he could reach, making note to give it back to Carly next time he saw her.

    Walking into another room, Spike found Trailbreaker, Hound, and Mirage, scanning the area, and mapping out the terrain for resources.

    "Hey, tell me more about Cybertron," Spike said as he approached Trailbreaker.

    "What would you like to know?" he answered.

    "For one thing, why do you transform into cars and things?" Spike asked.

    "Simple. Disguise! Besides, it sure beats walking!" Trailbreaker laughed.

    "Yeah, but... how do you do it?" Spike continued.

    Trailbreaker turns to Hound, who's leaning over a Surface-like table, with a holographic terrain map showing, when Trailbreaker interrupts the pair.

    "Spike here wants to know how we transform, Hound." Trailbreaker interrupted

    "Easy. Like this," Hound replied, transforming into a Jeep Wrangler right before Spike's eyes, which still hadn't gotten used to the sight of the metal parts shifting, rearranging, and taking shape as a familiar Jeep.

    "Incredible..." Spike managed to finally say.

    "Now watch this!" Hound started, as he activated his holographic driver, creating a young man in his 20s, looking like some off-duty marine in jeans and a button-up shirt, with close-cropped blonde hair.

    "Who's he?" Spike asked, amazed at the hologram which took shape, looking as if it were really a person sitting there.

    "Nobody," Trailbreaker answered. "He doesn't really exist, Spike. It's a hologram."

    "We have to blend in so I installed the holo-matrix in each of us so we can appear to have drivers when we drive around the street," Hound answered. "It's all part of being robots in disguise."

    Spike laughed a bit, and asked, "What other tricks can you do?"

    Mirage chimed in, walking over to the others, "Try this one, Spike. Now you see me..." A spectacle of dull light particles swept over Mirage as his image faded into a slightly distorted outline, which quickly faded into nothing. "... now you don't."

    "Hey! Where'd Mirage go?" Spike looked around, not knowing where the 15' robot could've gone.

    A moment later, the air rippled into a Mirage-shaped figure, which slowly faded into the blue and white colors of the Autobot Mirage, a few feet away from everyone. "I'm over here!"

    "Disappearing! That's the best disguise of all!" Spike chuckled a bit. It seemed each Autobot had something about them that made them each unique, and special, just like people.

    "Hop in, Spike! I'm gonna take you for the ride of your life! Belt up and hang on!" Hound called out, as the holo-driver disappeared, and he opened the door for Spike to climb in.

    Elsewhere in Autobot HQ...

    Ravage sat there, and after a while, his cassette form sprouted four small crawler legs bringing him closer to the input port the human had so graciously placed him near.

    He received a communication on a subspace band shared only by Soundwave's cassettes: Ravage! Enter Teletraan 1. Acquire knowledge of Earth's resources.

    Ravage transformed silently, and accessed Teletraan I, using his paw, then transformed back into cassette mode, inserting into the slot, recording all information available on Earth's resources.
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    not bad so far.
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    More Than Meets the Eye

    Outside Autobot HQ

    Driving out in the hilly terrain, Hound uses the opportunity to take 3D holo-maps of the terrain. So different from Cybertron, so alien.

    "Sure is pretty out here, Spike. Earth must be a nice place to live," Hound piped up. His voicebox on the dash looked like a green VU meter.

    "It's okay. But tell me about Cybertron!" Spike replied, eager to learn about the Autobots' home planet, which only 2 days ago, never knew existed.

    "Before the war with the Decepticons, it was quiet and peaceful," Hound replied, with a bit of reminiscing in his memory banks. He remembered Crystal City, where he used to take Glyph for Energon drinks before Runabout and Runamuck shot up the place with the Constructicons. He still didn't know what happened to her.

    "You miss it?" Spike asked, snapping Hound out of it.

    "Sometimes," Hound replied, and changing the subject, revved his engine, gunning it up the hill. "Hold tight!"

    The duo jumped the hills, taking advantage of Hound's new off-road abilities, kicking up the dust and mud around HQ.

    Inside Autobot HQ

    Inside the Autobots' base, Carly walked around with Bluestreak and Jazz, getting to know them and their history, while they got an earful about Carly's favorite pasttimes...videogames and cosplay.

    Carly luckily had the day off, because she wouldn't be that useful today anyhow, given that only yesterday, she had been responsible for saving several dozen people and a dozen or so transforming robots from an oil rig.

    As she walked with the two robots, one 13' tall and blue and gray, and the other about 15' tall with racing stripes. She was practically giddy with excitement, and scared at the same time.

    "So, Jazz, what was Cybertron like?" Carly asked, looking up to the Porsche-robot to her right.

    "It was a cool scene, before the war," he began, with his unique voice. "Before we explored the stars, had art, games, until the Decepticons blew it up for power. They agitated, claiming the system was rigged against them, and they kept agitating, destroying freedom for all Cybertronians."

    "That sounds horrible," Carly interjected.

    "Lazy bums a lot of 'em," Bluestreak added. "Violent sociopaths too. Keep thinking everyone owes them everything because their ideas are better, and kept getting mad they lost in free elections. So they started arming up, and started a war to take power by force. Peace through tyranny, Megatron says."

    "Wow...I hope he doesn't win," Carly began, before switching the subject. "How've y'all decided on what you transform into?"

    "We didn't get much choice..." Jazz began, "but I got a sweet alternate mode."

    Jazz transformed in seconds from a 15' robot to a Porsche 997 Turbo, as Carly watched, wide-eyed. It had a number 4 on the car, and all she could manage was a drawn-out 'wow' at the sight.

    Carly looked inside, and Jazz opened the door for her, so she could see the fully decked out interior of the car.

    "I never thought I'd see a Porsche up close like this!" Carly practically squeeled. Aside from video games, she was big into cars, and cars that went fast. Her dad fixed cars and ran an auto shop when she was younger, so she knew all about how to fix cars from him.

    "And how about this?" Bluestreak said, trying to grab a bit of her attention as well, as he transformed into a blue and gray Nissan 350Z, and revved his engine a few times, a loud, full-throated rev.

    "Wow, you two have enough horsepower to make those Decepti-creeps eat your dust!" Carly smiled, chuckling a little. "I so wanna joyride later...there's a test track outside of town we can use." Carly traced Bluestreak's curves with her hand, before doing the same to Jazz, admiring their choice of alt-mode.

    Bluestreak and Jazz transformed back to robot mode, as they started walking towards the entrance, where the Decepticons blasted a hole out of the ship, and the Autobots were building an elevator and exit ramp to allow them to exit the ship more safely.

    Carly told Jazz and Bluestreak about Soul Caliber, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, and all the other games she played, leaving the Autobots wondering when she had time to work or go to school.

    "Don't humans your age go to school?" Bluestreak asked.

    "I graduated MIT already," Carly said a bit nonchalantly. "But I'm here to spend more time with my family. I'm just auditing classes to have some time with people my own age."

    "So, like us, you're 'in disguise' yourself," Jazz added.

    "A bit, yeah. 'We are not the masks we wear, but if we don them, do we not become them?' I heard once on TV somewhere," she smiled.

    Walking along, she rounded a corner before Jazz and Bluestreak, seeing a Teletraan access junction going through energy files compiled in the system.

    "What's going on here?" she asked, walking towards the computer. It looked like someone was remotely accessing the system...

    Before she could get closer, the feed stopped, and from the access port, ejected a microcassette, which transformed into a black and gray metallic jaguar, sporting missile launchers, and Decepticon symbols, which growled menacingly at her.

    The missile launcher on its hip hummed to life, charging, about to blast her, when a laser rifle shot the launcher off the jaguar, which immediately bolted for the exit, while Carly jumped back out of the way, near a low-lying alarm trigger, bumping it accidentally.

    She heard Bluestreak and Jazz yelling "It's Ravage! Get him!" as other Autobots ran out to try to capture the infiltrator.

    Not knowing what she could do to help, Carly tried to gather her wits, though her heart was nearly pounding out of her chest...she almost got shot with a missile!!

    She dodged Cliffjumper and Huffer, and got to the console, and climbed up to the Transformer-sized console, and started pushing buttons until the console beeped at her to stop.

    "Teletraan I...can you respond to voice command?" She finally asked out of frustration.

    "Yes, this computer can accept voice input," it said in a robotic voice...well, robotic in comparison to the other Transformers running about.

    "Show me everything that was downloaded to this console," Carly asked.
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    Decepticon Base

    "Hoover Dam has a capacity of 2080 Megawatts, generating over 4.2 billion kilowatt hours of electricity each year," reported the voice of Teletraan I through Soundwave's cassette mode speakers.

    "Good work. Soundwave," Megatron said in his gravelly voice.

    Starscream spoke up, "But that's not enough electrical power to make the energon cubes!"

    "Your knowledge is only overshadowed by your stupidity, Starscream. We are going to create a tidal wave, one that will send enough power surging through that dam to make all the energon cubes we need. We attack the dam at sunrise!"

    Starscream fumed. This plan would attract the Autobots' attention much more than his own plans to siphon geothermal energy and stealing oil from human's pumping sites. The last time they did, they barely got out with the energon cubes intact. Another such attack seemed foolish, unless Megatron was more eager to draw out Optimus and destroy him for good. Still, it would be unwise to challenge him further at this point. Give him enough cabling to hang himself with.

    Hoover Dam, the next Day

    Three F-22 jets screamed across the Nevada sky, making the thousand-mile journey in about 2 hours. The blue, black, and white jets descended and transformed, ejecting a cassette deck, camera, and Walther P-99, which also transformed into Soundwave, Reflector, and Megatron.

    "Soundwave, dispatch Rumble and Frenzy," Megatron ordered, at his position at the far end of Lake Mead, where they landed, the dam off in the distance from the promontory where they stood.

    "Rumble, Frenzy, activate pile drivers. Operation: tidal wave," Soundwave ordered in his monotone voice, as he ejected the two cassette-bots from his chest compartment, the Transformer-sized cassettes turning into roughly 6-foot robots, one blue, and the other red and black.

    The two bots transformed their arms into piledrivers, and descended into the lake without a word. A few moments passed as they reached bottom, and their piledrivers got to work.

    The waters shook, and the river began flowing more rapidly. A smile developed on Megatron's faceplate.

    "It's working. Excellent! Decepticons, to the power plant!" Megatron ordered as he took off, flying towards Hoover Dam to claim the energon from his plan that he so rightfully deserved.

    Inside the Power Plant

    The man at the readouts called to his co-worker, "Hey, Ed, look at this gauge!" He was in khakis, work boots, a button up shirt, and a black jacket to keep warm.

    His colleague came up to his station, and checked the gauges, noticing at once something was off. "It's going crazy!"

    "Something must be wrong," he replied, doubting that this could be anything but faulty equipment. The river doesn't suddenly get faster, especially since it had been slowly reducing its water levels over the years.

    "Tom, Ed, The river's risin'! Man your emergency stations!" yelled out their supervisor as he ran to the monitoring room overhead to try to figure out what he could do before the dam exceeded capacity. He made the calls to evacuate the tourist center and close off the area to the public in case anything happened to the dam.

    Autobot Base

    Spike was in the bridge of the ark, with Jazz, at the main Situation Monitor, which the Autobots had directed to monitor news feeds and energy spikes anywhere in the US in case Decepticons had decided to attack another power plant.

    Spike was up on the console, having used one of the newly installed ladders to let the humans interact better with the Autobot-size consoles. He was checking the monitor, and tapped a few commands into a smaller, human-sized interface that Ratchet and Sparkplug had rigged.

    "Hey, Jazz, check this out," Spike said, grabbing Jazz's attention. ""There's some sort of trouble at Sherman Dam."

    "There's some crazy messed up readings from the seismographs," Jazz continued, in his unique voice. He checked his readings too, and sounded surprised at what he saw.

    "The power output's ten times normal!" Spike exclaimed.

    "Could be the Decepticons, all right. I'll tell Prime!"

    Hoover Dam

    Landing at the foot of the dam, Thundercracker, Skywarp, and Starscream joined the three Reflector robots at the generators, with Soundwave landing a moment later, followed by Megatron.

    "Starscream, activate the null ray," he ordered calmly.

    Starscream complied, shooting out 6 of the generators supplying power to the surrounding area. Soundwave generated energon cubes, as he had done on the oil rig, which the other robots grabbed, and attached to the generators. They filled quickly with the raw power being generated by the dam. If this kept up, they could possibly refuel their entire army with this, Starscream thought.

    A few humans ran out of the plant to see what was going on with the generators outside, and they got their answer with the 43' tall jet robots, and a huge silver robot with a gun on his arm.

    "I am Megatron, leader of the Decepticons! You will do exactly as I say!" Megatron boomed, with an obvious intent to frighten the humans, which looked like little insects in comparison to the Decepticons.

    "We've gotta get out of here! She's gonna blow!" the black man yelled out to the robots.

    "Yes, exhilarating, isn't it!" Megatron smiled, as he saw the stack of energon growing. It would take hours for Prime to drive here, without any aerial support, and by then, they'd have enough fuel to launch the ship three times over.

    Autobot Base

    "Wheeljack, Ratchet, the Decepticons are at Hoover Dam, and stealing the energy from the humans. Millions are without power, and many more could be hurt in their hospitals. It would take 15 hours to drive down there, and we need another option," Optimus explained to his two smartest aids.

    "We can fit everyone with rocket packs," Ratchet offered. "But we'd have to build another 10 units to carry us all."

    "Our engines are still intact, aren't they?" Wheeljack thought out loud, rubbing his chin in a very human gesture associated with deep thought.

    "Of course, but the Ark can't move from the mountain! The shearing forces would rip the entire ship to shreds!" Ratchet countered.

    "We don't move the ship. We move us," Wheeljack replied, his mind moving a megamile a minute.

    "Go on, Wheeljack. What do you have in mind?" Optimus asked, curious as to what his engineer was thinking of.

    "We use transwarp engines to create spacebridges for the ship to travel through. They envelope the ship in a pocket of normal space, and essentially poke a hole in two points in normal space, and push the ship through, covering a large distance in a short timespan. If we focus the deflector's resonance beam onto a ring of Cybertronium, we can set up a warp entry point, a ground bridge, and shrink the distance to the Decepticons to nothing!"

    "How long would that take?" Prime asked.

    "Give me five breems, and every Autobot you can spare," Wheeljack answered.

    Hoover Dam, 30 minutes later

    Atop Hoover Dam Megatron was surveying the results of his efforts. Two hundred cubes, with Thundercracker and Skywarp ferrying back to base two additional trailer-loads now, and Starscream about to take off with a third. At least the humans were kind enough to leave several large containers for them to utilize.

    At the generators, the trailer was shut and sealed by Spectro, tied with cabling by Viewfinder and Spyglass to Starscream. He took off, transforming and soaring off to Decepticon base.

    At the edge of Hoover Dam, a wind started brewing, when a warp point ripped the space apart, revealing a transwarp conduit, instantly grabbing Megatron's attentions.

    Emerging from this portal, leading a convoy of vehicles, was Optimus Prime, followed by Bluestreak and Prowl, Ironhide and Ratchet, Mirage and Trailbreaker, Hound, Jazz, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Brawn, Cliffjumper, and Bumblebee. Thundering across the Dam, driving across the top, straight for Megatron.

    "You, uh, think the Decepticons did this?" Prowl asked over their internal comms, noticing the dam's overflowing and choppy waters.

    "You're too late Prime!" Megatron scowled in disbelief at Prime attempting a heroic entrance to stop him.

    "There's your answer Prowl," Prime replied.

    "Autobots, accelerate!" Optimus ordered, everyone following behind, revving their engines.

    Megatron barely moved out of the way as Prime barreled through, while the others transformed, descending the Dam and canyon walls, to fend off Soundwave and Reflector.

    The jets were nowhere to be seen, luckily, but Prime transformed, emerging a full thirty feet in height, as his trailer shifted, falling back into its subspace pocket, out of the way of what was sure to be an epic struggle.

    Prime turned to face his longtime foe, whom he had faced countless times on Cybertron, only to face him yet again on a new world. The same fights, just a new setting.

    Below, Prowl and Bluestreak shot and fought with Spectro and Viewfinder, while Jazz and Soundwave traded punches, as Jazz tried to prevent him from getting the chance to eject his minions.

    Hound, who had Spike inside, swerved on the bridge, and reversed as the portal closed. Precious minutes passed as they sought the heart of the tidal waves.

    At the generators, Bumblebee took stock of the river and its flooding over the dam. He activated his tactical mask, a visor and faceplate, covering his regular face, and used the magnification to scout downriver.

    "Ironhide, we've got to stop that water!" Bumblebee yelled to the red veteran bot. "There's a city downriver that's going to drown!"

    "Stop talkin', tighten your shock absorbers, and get on! We're gonna block a river!" Ironhide transformed to van mode, and Bumblebee, whose robot mode shrank down from vehicle mode, a long-ago enacted fuel-saving measure for bots sharing his chassis, climbed on top as Ironhide partly transformed his van to reveal his laser cannon. The pair took off down the road to try to shoot some boulders down to block the river from flooding the towns downstream.

    Back at Lake Mead

    Hound and Spike drove around Lake Mead, scanning the area. Spike noticed the lake calmed after the promontory.

    "It looks like the heart of the tidal wave's right here!" Spike pointed towards the lake.

    "Only one way to find out," Hound said as he walked into the lake, his mass making it easy for him to simply walk towards the disturbance.

    "Be careful, Hound!" Spike called, cupping his hands to his mouth as he watched the 13-foot green robot descend into the water.

    Hound found his robot weight helpful in keeping himself weighted down, as he quickly found the source of the disturbance: Rumble and Frenzy. The two mini-bots didn't notice him as their seimic activities were stirring up so much silt their optics were clouded. But Hound made out a rough outline of the two as he took out his missile launcher, and took careful aim...

    BOOM!! went the missile as it hit on target, sending Rumble and Frenzy flying, and sending Hound back too, moreso than he thought, as the water affected its reaction.

    Tense seconds passed, as Spike waited for Hound. His mind started racing, fearing that Hound might've bought it. It didn't help that climbing out of the water, he saw two 7-foot robots, a red-and-black and a blue-on-dark-blue robot, chumming it up, laughing at the dope they aced.

    "Hey! Where's Hound?" Spike yelled at the blue robot walking past.

    "Frenzy and I took care of that chump!" Rumble replied smugly, as he shoved Spike, who fell to the ground with a thud, as the two walked off.

    At the Dam

    Cliffjumper and Brawn shot Thundercracker, dodging the huge F-22-based blue Decepticon's attacks, with a combination of rapid transforming and kicks and punches.

    "Come on, Decepti-creep!" Cliffjumper cajoled him, "Your afterburner's stuck in low gear!"

    "I'll show you low-gear, Auto-brat!" Thundercracker retorted angrily, but before he could, the air behind him rippled and took on the shape and color of Mirage, the Autobot spy. Before he could launch his attack with his arm laster, Mirage shot a missile straight at Thundercracker, ripping a hole in his wing and blasting his arm cannon of in an explosion that knocked the Decepticon back into Skywarp, who was busy fighting Prowl and Wheeljack.

    "For someone who doesn't like to fight, heh, you're not bad, Mirage," Cliffjumper smiled, as he gave Mirage a thumbs-up, something he learned from Spike.

    On Top of the Dam

    Megatron took stock of the situation. On the narrow top of the dam, his forces were outnumbered; they were stronger, but at the moment, the Autobots were nimbler, had numbers on their side, and were using their size against them.

    Over their internal comm line and out loud, the gravelly voice of Megatron called out to each Decepticon: "Gather the energon cubes. Return to base."

    "Stick it in neutral, Megatron! You're not going anywhere!" Prime called out to his long-time foe. Megatron was a mech of action, but was talking, giving Prime time to devise a strategy.

    "Try and stop me, Prime!" Megatron sneered, as he shot at Prime, who rolled out of the way, shooting back as he stopped in a crouching position with his black rifle, shooting Megatron's arm cannon clean off.

    Taking the hit in stride, Megatron leapt at Prime before he could react, causing him to drop his rifle. But Prime used Megatron's momentum, rolled onto his back, and kicked Megatron over him, causing him to land unceremoniously on his back before he came around for another attack, punching at Prime, landing blow after blow, knocking him to the edge of the dam, precipitously over the long drop side.

    "Any last words??" Megatron smirked as his face curled into a smug grin. He would destroy Prime with his bare hands if that's what it took to raise his Decepticon Empire.

    "None you'd wanna hear, Megatron!" Prime responded, his hand retracting into his forearm casing, replaced with an energon axe, which he sliced across Megatron's chest, leaving a gash, as Megatron responded in kind, his right hand also retracting into an energon weapon...a mace, his old weapon from his gladiatorial days.

    "Nothing can stop me now! Not even you!!" Megatron yelled out, as he swung at Prime.

    The two titans exchanged blow after blow, as Starscream took aim from above, looking to use a few spare energon cubes near the car robots below the dam as explosives to rid them of their adversaries.

    "So long, Autobots. Here's one Starscream's been saving for you!" he said to no one in particular, as he shot the energon cubes, sending Soundwave, the Reflector trio, Jazz, Trailbreaker, and the mini-bots flying, in his desired effect.

    "You fool, Starscream! Help save the energon cubes! Get them out of here!" Megatron yelled as the explosion interrupted his fight with Prime. He swung again, knocking Prime back as he took off, running towards the energon cubes. "Follow me!"

    "You destroy everything you touch, Megatron!" Optimus shouted to his foe, who looked to be taking the cowardly way out by retreating.

    "Because everything I touch is food for my hunger -- my hunger for power!" Megatron replied, stopping and turning towards Prime again.

    "No! I'm going to end your hunger once and for all!" Prime said, with grim determination. He was NOT going to have his war spread to this planet. This was going to end here and now! He rushed Megatron, his axe at the ready, almost hitting him before Megatron dodged him, as he was hit in the back by the mace.

    "Almost, Prime. But almost doesn't get the job done," Megatron retorted as his mace hit the red chassis, before Prime turned around to face him once again. "You can't stop me!"

    "You're old, Megatron. Yesterday's model. Ready for the scrap heap!"

    "We'll see who's ready for the scrap heap!"

    "Junk! That's what you are. Junk!" Optimus retorted, goading Megatron into attacking more wrecklessly to avoid him focusing on his other warriors, who were being defeated by his own.

    "Silence!" Megatron yelled, furiously, as he swung at Optimus, denting his stomach grille, knocking him to the railing, which cracked under the impact of his large Cybertronian frame. He laughed at his long-time enemy, who denied him time and again the power he so rightfully deserved, before he said, "When I'm through with you, Prime, there won't be enough pieces to sweep up!"

    Noticing the weakened structure from their fighting, Megatron engaged his rear cannon to his right hip, and blasted the dam from under Optimus Prime, sending him falling down to the water below.

    Megatron took off, watching Prime fall, and signalled his Decepticons to take off with the energon cubes they could gather. He called out to Optimus, "Who's the scrap metal now, Prime? You'll never stop me!"

    Megatron laughed as he and his warriors took off, energon in hand, content Prime was finished from the fall.

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