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    Act 1: Seeds of Revolution 8000 BCE

    The iridescent lighting of an alien spacecraft shimmers in the night sky as the vehicle descends towards the frozen surface of a planet that would one day be known as Earth. Within the cockpit of the vessel 3 autonomous robotic organisms discuss the mission at hand.

    “According to these readings, the energon resources this planet contains will be more than enough to end the energon shortage on Cybertron. In addition, once we refine this rock there will no longer be a need for us to scour the galaxy and these Primus forsaken organic worlds. The thought of spending any additional nanoclicks in the presence of these disgusting carbon based organism repulses me.” The smallest of the 3 silver and red robots declared.

    “I doubt they feel like throwing a party when the see you Starscream.” The largest of the 3 replied. “You’d be well served to free your processor of the archaic notions you hold about organic worlds as there may yet be more than meets the optic to them.”

    “Skyfire is right Starscream,” the powerfully built leader of the expedition declared after landing the ship and standing to his full height of nearly 35 feet. “There is much to be learned from worlds like this. One day, they may in fact be able to produce sentient beings not so much unlike ourselves.”

    “Your optimism, though comical is duly noted Prime.” Starscream replied. “Shall we order the droids to begin recon?”

    “Starscream, you take the team of droids and set up the Harvestor as soon as they find the best place to utilize it. Skyfire and I will rendezvous with you shortly.” Prime stated. “In the meantime Skyfire, I need you to take a look at something with me.”

    As Starscream lead his crew to the exit, Prime motioned for Skyfire to have a seat. Skyfire did as instructed, but did so with a bit of trepidation as something about the situation made him uneasy. In his processor he knew that he was between the proverbial rock and a hard place. On one hand there was Starscream, the slightly overzealous newly sparked addition to the ranks of the Decepticons and on the other there was Prime, the council’s appointed co-chair of the Cybertronian Alliance with Megatron. Prime and Megatron were like brothers, and like most brothers there was a sibling rivalry of sorts between them with each trying to prove to the council that they were in fact the better leader. Megatron’s goal was to bring glory, restoration, and unrivaled might to Cybertron while Prime’s goal was to secure a future Cybertron could fend of any potential threats by not only building its defenses, but also by coordinating with alien species as allies as opposed to foes. As time progressed it seemed as if the council had sided with Prime which angered Megatron not only because he felt Prime was getting the better of him, but mainly because he firmly believed that Prime’s approach weakened and made Cybertron vulnerable. It was a philosophy Megatron felt he could not allow to be fully embraced by Cybertronians, so he enacted a plan that he hoped would insure that his vision would ultimately become Cybertron’s vision. Starscream fully bought into Megatron’s philosophy, and though Skyfire believed in it as well, he was not sure Megatron’s plan was wise or that it would work.

    “Skyfire,” Prime began, “Do you know why it is that I have requested this time with you?”

    “No I do not Optimus Prime, what is it you wish to discuss?”

    “Megatron!” Prime declared emphatically making an uneasy Skyfire that much more unnerved. “I have reason to believe the council is going down the wrong road, and I believe Megatron may be behind their decisions. What do you know of Megatron’s plans for the Heart of Cybertron?”

    “The Heart of Cybertron” Skyfire inquired, “what is that Prime.”

    “It is this.” Prime answered a he brought an image into view on the ship’s screen console. “It came up missing shortly before the Council decided to have me lead this energon refining mission with you and our……… recruit. The Heart of Cybertron is what the ancient Primes used to harvest suns long ago. It was supposed to have been sealed and decommissioned by the Council after the Fallen was defeated and jettisoned away from Cybertron aboard the detainment vessel known as the Nemesis with him. However, I have reason to believe it has been rediscovered and may again be activated.
    Skyfire, do you have any knowledge of this?”

    “I don’t know what to say Prime; this is all news to me.” Skyfire answered as Prime’s curious optics gave him a once over as he considered whether what Megatron had shared with his disciples was in fact true as opposed to being propaganda used to turn more mechs to his side.

    “Skyfire, I know that many mechs believe in Megatron, even I believe in Megatron and know that he ultimately has Cybertron’s interests at heart.” Prime stated, “but in his zeal for Cybertron he has become short sighted. He views all non biological life forms as less valuable than that of his own kind and in doing so has alienated potential allies that could have helped us end the Cybertronian energon crisis ages ago. If he has the Heart of Cybertron, I fear he will walk down the same path as the Fallen and use its power to destroy the suns of that give life to solar systems much like this one. Life is too precious to let him succeed in that endeavor.”

    “But Prime,” Skyfire replied pleadingly. “It’s it true that every biological world that has ever been discovered have been known to be notorious warmongers that ultimately destroy each other? And wasn’t it organics that attacked Cybertron long ago enslaving the populous in the process? We cannot turn a blind optic to their ways and risk Cybertron’s safety again Prime!”

    “No, indeed we must do all we can to insure that our world is secure.” Prime rebutted, “but we must not do so in violation of the right to freedom that all sentient beings possess. If Cybertron is to truly thrive, we must realize that there is more to this vast universe than Cybertron and we must not only do what we can to insure Cybertron’s safety and survival, but that of our neighbors in the universe as well.”

    “I understand your position Optimus Prime.” Skyfire stated, unable to look Prime optic to optic. “It is a position I wish more mechs shared.”

    “It is a position of treason!” The voice of Starscream yelled as he entered the room with his weapon drawn in the direction of Optimus Prime. “Your feeling for these organics has blinded you, and because of it you have put all of Cybertron in jeopardy. We will not allow your foolish ways to subject our race to the possibility of enslavement ever again.”

    “Stand down Starscream!” Prime ordered as he focused his full attention on the seeker.

    “I WILL NOT!” Starscream yelled with his weapon fully charged and ready to fire. “I would sooner extinguish your spark than allow you to continue to lead us down a path to weakness and slavery.”

    “Starscream,” Prime declared angrily as he slowly stepped towards his accuser, “this is your final warning. STAND DOWN or be taken down!”

    “Not so fast Prime.” Skyfire declared as he too fixed a weapon on Optimus Prime. “You knew all along, didn’t you?” Skyfire began. “That’s why you told me that story about the Heart of Cybertron in hopes of getting me to side with you as opposed to Megatron isn’t, isn’t it!”

    “Do you think I would lie about something of such importance Skyfire?” Prime questioned as his imposing glare shifted from Starscream to his co-conspirator.

    “So he knows about our new toy.” Starscream laughed in an attempt to show bravado.

    “What!?!” Skyfire bellowed back. “Is it true?”

    “I thought you knew Skyfire.” Starscream replied. “The Nemesis and all of its precious cargo are under the control of the Decepticons and our only leader, Megatron!”

    Realizing both antagonists were as distracted as they may ever be, Prime lunged at Starscream swiftly taking the seeker before Starscream’s weapon could be focused back on Prime. In the mêlée that ensued Prime was quickly able to get the upper hand on Starscream and as he subdued him, he began addressing Skyfire.
    “It appears that sometimes we do not have a choice in the matter and rather than choosing our battles, our battles choose us. You must choose how you wish to fight the battle that is before you. Choose wisely!”

    “There is no choice to be made,” Starscream struggled to yell as he was restrained by Prime. “Not choosing Megatron and Cybertron is choosing death!”

    “Enough Starscream!” Prime bellowed before tossing the seeker into the wall adjacent to them in a heap. “Megatron has lied to you Skyfire, and his lies have subjected us all to peril. We must not let this continue. We must inform the council of this act of treachery.”

    “Maybe you’re right Prime,” Skyfire responded. “But what do you think will happen to us when we get back to the home world? Megatron planned all this. Starscream and I were ordered to leave you here and we were to inform the Council that you had been scraped and had fallen victim to the elements of this organic world. Without you, he would be able to persuade the Council to move forward with his plans.”

    “We can stop him Skyfire, you do not have to be a party to his plans” Optimus replied.

    “I’m fear there is no other choice Prime.” Skyfire replied. “If Megatron has the weapon you spoke of he will not believe that any mech will be able to stand against him and those you believe as he does. Standing against him will do nothing but lead to war, and I as much as I agree with your stance on the value of all life, I cannot go against Megatron knowing that my decision will lead to countless casualties. So, I’m sorry Prime, but the decision to side with you is not one that avails itself to me.”

    “Kill him now Skyfire!” Starscream petitioned, “Or you will share his fate.”

    “His fate is not to die at my hands,” Skyfire declared, “It is to be decided upon by the Council.” He added as he nodded at Optimus giving Prime the notion that Skyfire had an idea. “We must do, what must be done.”

    At that Skyfire directed his weapon at Prime with just enough hesitation to allow Prime to brandish his own weapon and fire on Skyfire. The blast from Prime was powerful enough to wound the larger Skyfire knocking him to the floor in a heap. Prime then slowly moved towards the downed Starscream turning his back to the wounded Skyfire in the process. Just as Prime picked Starscream up, a volley of energy blasts connected with his back causing him to loose him grip on Starscream who was then able to get to his null rays with hopes of finishing what Skyfire had started. Starscream was able to get one blast to connect with Optimus Prime before being taken from consciousness by a swift and powerful blow from the downed leader. After taking care of Starscream, Prime moved towards Skyfire to help him get to his feet.

    “Are you alright?” Prime inquired as Skyfire struggled to stand.

    “My chassis feels far better than does my mental state.” Skyfire responded. “What are we to do when we get back to Cybertron? Surely there will now be war.”

    “No,” Prime replied. “I will not let that happen. The courage you showed today will not go unrewarded brave friend. I will face the Council as your prisoner and by Primus; we will find a way to stop Megatron without laying waste to Cybertron.”

    “I cannot return and live a lie Prime.” Skyfire declared. “I will log this incident and label you as a traitor in the process so that you will have your day in front of the Council. I will stay behind on this world. I’m sure that when Starscream comes out of stasis seeing you in restraints and realizing that the only part of me that remains on the Xanthium is my mech fluid, he’ll be sure to take the credit for your apprehension as well as blame you for my supposed demise.” He finished indicating what he wanted Prime to inform Starscream of.

    “It does not have to be this way, you can come with us.” Prime rebutted. “What will you do, how do you expect to survive on this frozen world?”

    “The same way you would have had Megatron been honest with me about his plans.” Skyfire answered. “I brought along with us a stasis pod designed to protect one’s spark while at the same time repairing ones chassis from damage. I was to be my way of saying I’m sorry to you for us abandoning you here.”

    “Put everything in the log as you wish for the Council to perceive them.” Prime replied as he gave the controls to a set of energon restraints to Skyfire. “I will stand before them and defend myself against your words and when it is all said and done. I will come back for you. That is my solemn promise to you.”

    “The droids have been ordered back to the storage energon storage area and the autopilot navigation is set. Farewell Prime.” Skyfire declared after placing the restraints on Optimus and preparing to exit the ship.

    “Farewell Skyfire, farewell.” Prime whispered as Skyfire made his way out of the departing spacecraft. “May Primus help us all.”

    Act 2: Trial and Error

    “It is the opinion of this Council that you not only have removed the title of Prime, but also that you be exiled just as the last Prime that acted with such treacherous intent was. Because your acts culminated with the murder of a fellow Cybertronian in the Sol System, it is there that you will spend the time of your confinement. Should you decide to return to Cybertron, such action would be considered an act of terrorism and you can rest assured that you will be met with force. In your absence, Megatron will assume leadership with his acting vice chair being the new Prime, Sentinel Prime. Do you have any last requests before you board the Ark, Optimus?”

    “I only wish to both thank you for the trust that was shown to me in letting me take the lead in securing Cybertron for these many vorns as well as warn you to be leery of the things I have claimed. There are some of our number who not only dream of a liberated Cybertron, but also of a dominant Cybertron bent on oppressing any and all that would oppose them in their endeavors of conquest.” Optimus declared.

    “That will be enough.” One of the Council members stated. “Take the traitor to the ship, secure him, and I will be there shortly to insure that all goes as planned. The elder Cybertronian finished.

    “As you wish Emirate Xaaron.” The lead guard replied before leading the prisoner out of the chamber towards the loading area of the Ark.
    Once aboard the Ark, Optimus was secured and the ship’s coordinates were set. It was to be a slow journey to the Sol System ending with ship being detonated once it came close enough to the system’s sun. The detonation would trigger the opening of a space bridge that would act as an intergalactic transport allowing the energy produced by the detonation to be transported to Cybertron as energon.
    With the countdown to ignition underway, Emirate Xaaron entered the holding area and dismissed the crew that had secured the now former Prime.

    “Optimus, or should I say Orion, do you have a preference?” Xaaron inquired getting no response from the captive. “I never took you for one who would betray Cybertron. I told you progenitor that it was not wise to bestow upon you the mantle of a Prime, but he, in his zeal towards you could not be reasoned with.”

    “Where is Alpha Trion Emirate, why has he not been a part of my trial?” Optimus asked.

    “Because he still believes in you.” Emirate Xaaron answered. “It is due to his belief in you that I am here. Cybertron is at a crossroads. Megatron may indeed be up to exactly what you accused and if that is the case, we are powerless to stop him if he gains control of Cybertron. That is why I have been instructed to give you this.” Emirate Xaaron stated as he unveiled an object that most Cybertronians that came online after the time of the Primes though of only as a myth.

    “Is that the Matrix of Leadership Emirate Xaaron?” Optimas gasped.

    “Yes, indeed it is. And if the findings of Alpha Trion are correct, it is yours.” Xaaron declared as the talisman glistened. “You see, for a while now we have known that Cybertron’s days were numbered. There is a great evil out there that no might, no defense, and not amount of aggression can stand against. The only hope we have is within this device.”

    “I do not understand Emirate Xaaron,” Optimus rebutted, “what does this mean?” What…..”

    “The meaning is for you to figure out, and in time you will.” Emirate Xaaron declared. “All we know is that one day the chosen one will rise from our ranks and use the mystical powers of the Matrix to light our darkest hour.”

    “How can I defend Cybertron if I am elsewhere?” Prime questioned. “The Ark is scheduled to be detonated, how am I to escape?”

    “The seat where you rest is a flight capable stasis pod. When you awaken for stasis, you can use it to free yourself from the fate of the Ark. In the mean time Optimus……..Prime,” Xaaron beamed. “You must slumber and allow the Matrix to take your processor on a journey the likes of which no other Cybertronian has known.”

    With that, Xaaron forced open the compartment in Optimus’ chest that held his spark chamber and inserted the Matrix into it causing the frame of Optimus Prime to shimmer in a golden glow. In less than a click, Prime’s optics were closed and so were the doors to the Ark behind the exiting Emirate Xaaron.

    “Till all are one, Optimus Prime, till all are one……….” Emirate Xaaron whispered as he looked into the Cybertronian sky at the departing Ark.
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    sounds a bit like a fanfic I have in the drawing war actually. This is a pretty good read !!!

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