Transformer's Reborn

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    This is my attempt of a G1 rewrite intended to chronicle the events that led to the start of the Great war as well as the series of events that led to Alpha-Trion becoming such a pivotal charactor in Transformer history.
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    We need to turn around. I am exhausted and you are low on energon as well, this endeavor is proving to be little more than frivolous.

    It amazes me how a mech of your intelligence and skill finds a way to reason in his mind the existence of a deity no one has ever seen or heard, yet cannot find a way to trust in his brother whom he both sees and hears; and who has yet to let him down. A thirty-five foot grey mech with golden horns protruding from the sides of his head responded.

    It’s not that I do not trust you Omega, it’s just that we’ve been on this chase for ages now and we’ve come up with nothing. I’m beginning to think the life spark does not even exist.

    Alpha, my dear brother, your doubt surprises me. I’d assume that since the Chronicles of Primus claim this device does indeed exist that you of all mechs would defend the truth of its existence with every ounce of your mech fluid.

    Just because I believe in Primus does not believe I believe everything that has been written concerning him. There are after all some inconsistencies within the chronicles.

    Shh, wait a minute, Omega said to Alpha as he extended his arm to stop the progress of the silver and blue mech who stood about seven feet shorter than Omega. I think we’ve found something.

    Wha, what is it Omega?

    Though I cannot say for certain at this time, I bet my fuel pump that it is what we’ve been seeking. The larger mech said as the two stared in awe at the glowing blue light that was peering through the cracked metal up towards the ground they were standing on.

    Well hurry, let’s get it so we can get back to the surface before our brethren leave and our world becomes totally divided..

    This wretched world is already divided Alpha. Omega replied angrily. Don’t you realize that by the time we get back that we will probably be the only two Lithomechs left on Cybertron. Kranix has allowed Arbolus to convince him that the wrath of Primus will soon be manifested upon the inhabitants of Cybertron. As we speak, I just know that those two as probably leading our brethren away from Cybertron forever, and the fact of the matter is, we can do nothing about it.

    Primus never intended for Cybertron to be a one race world.

    Will you stop it with all this talk of Primus! Primus does not exist. All his legend as done is corrupt our would, cause divisions, and left you and I to live alone on this planet overrun with Autobots. It is up to us to find and use the Lifespark and use its power to replenish our number so the Autobots don’t ruin this planet any more than they already have.

    Why is it that you have such animosity towards the Autobots? They are a peaceful lot, what threat can they possibly pose to us or Cybertron?

    At times your naivety borders on stupidity. We are pure Cybertronians Alpha, these Autobots are freaks of nature able to transform and disguise themselves before our very optics; they cannot be trusted and therefore they cannot be allowed to be the dominant race on Cybertron!

    Your self-righteousness is at times sickening. You speak as if you have plans of ethnic cleansing.

    My plans are pure and not polluted by false sense of loyalty to a deity that may or may not exist, Omega said condescendingly. My plans are to save Cybertron, and if it cannot be saved.....

    What if it cannot be saved?

    Then it must be purged. My aim is to bring a lasting peace and order to this once proud world, but if that plan does not work, I will bring chaos!

    You speak of genocide!

    I speak of destiny! Our destiny; Surely you share my vision and wish to be a partaker in our calling, after all we are brothers and brothers sick together.

    After an extended pause, Alpha lifted his head to meet the gaze of his brother and began to shake his head from left to right. I do not feel as you do on this Omega. I fear you may be headed down a destructive path that you may not return from.

    Fine, have it your way brother!

    Your vision is clouded Omega, once again I suggest that we uncover this light source and bring it back with us for further study before we make any rash decisions.

    Do not preach to me about my decision-making Alpha! Was it not I who protested the candidacy of Arbolus and subsequent Autobot occupation of New Iacon while you caste your lot in with them allowing those misfits to eventually take control of the Cybertronian Senate.

    I had no way of knowing how unstable Arbolus would turn out to be, and as for the Autobots, other than not being able to effectively deal with Arbolus and Kranix I’d say they have done an admirable job in their leadership capacity.

    Nonsense, I will hear no more of this foolishness! I see your loyalties lie with legends rather than with facts or your own brother. There is a task that must be accomplished and I intent to accomplish that task with or without you, so if you wish to return to the surface and flee with Kranix or better yet assimilate into the ranks of those other foolish Autobots, then go. I intend to make sure Cybertron will forever be under proper subjection.

    Your anger and hate is causing you to act foolishly, you must reconsider and think rationally Omega.

    There will be not debates brother, my mind is made up and you are either with me or against me. The larger mech said as he stepped towards his brother and looked down at him with a menacing glare.

    As you wish Omega, his brother said as he turned and walked away from Omega who then knelt down to begin unearthing the source of the light. After putting a bit of distance between himself and his larger brother, Alpha turned around to address his brother one last time. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” he asked hoping for a reply. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” he asked another time again getting no response. “Well I guess it will be as you said Omega, I must be against you. I cannot let you destroy our world.

    There’s nothing you can say or do to stop me either.

    Forgive me Omega. Alpha said before pulling his blaster from subspace and aiming it in Omega’s direction.

    You wouldn’t dare.

    Cease this foolish tirade of your and I won’t have to.

    Never, my destiny awaits. Omega said as he lifted the supposed Lifespark from beneath the surface. You have made a foolish choice brother, now you as well as the Autobots will have to face my wrath.

    May Primus be with you. Alpha said as he released rounds of laser ammunition in his brother’s direction as Omega stood defiantly with the Lifespark in hand.

    Alpha noo! Omega said as he was knocked to the floor by Alpha’s initial blast which was followed by additional blasts that brought down tons of metal on top of Omega.

    Sorry brother, but life is not a toy to be used for your selfish purposes. Alpha said as he again turned and preceded to walk back towards the surface.


    Arg, aOW, Omega billowed in pain as he pushed the debris off of him.

    My destiny was not a destiny that was to be shared. I offered you power, I offered you life, I offered you Cybertron, but now my brother, your faith in Primus will cause you to suffer the same fate as the Autobots and all of Cybertron. Omega said as he lifted the Lifespark and began his accent from the catacombs headed in the direction of the space cruisers many of his brethren had been using to leave their world.


    Much time had passed since Alpha had last seen his brother, but the memories of their last encounter still haunted him. As the Lithomech considered Omega’s prophetic words about the two of them being left alone on Cybertron, he also began thinking about what his brother had said concerning their destiny. Alpha was now the only Lithomech on Cybertron, the only non-Autobot, the only mech that was not a transformer, yet he did not feel as though he was an outsider. The mild hostilities that had at times arisen between Autobots and Lithomechs were things of the past; aside from Alpha, the Lithomech race was a thing of the past. So because of this, he was free to go and come as he pleased wherever he pleased, and going to the Temple of Primus pleased him the most. This was Alpha’s sanctuary because it was within the Temple that Alpha believed he’d find answers to the uncertainty that was plaguing his spark.

    Dear Primus, my light, great Allspark, I come to you at this time with questions and fear. You know all that I know and more, so I beg of you great Primus, please impart to me the answers I seek concerning Cybertron, myself, and my brother. Alpha prayed once again as was his custom.

    Cybertron was a planet steeped in religion and legends. His race, the Lithomechs were for the most part zealous Primusites, while the Autobots seemed to only hold a passing interest in the things their previous cohorts held dear. Ever since that faithful day down in the catacombs Alpha had been haunted by a feeling even greater than the feelings of sadness that turning on his brother had caused him. The encounter with the Lifespark had changed Alpha, and despite his prayers to the contrary he became convinced that returning to the catacombs was the only way he’d find piece. So exactly six solar cycles to the day he and Omega first ventured into the depths, he went back with as much determination to find what he was seeking as Omega had when they went in search of the Lifespark.
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    and now, Chp 1
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    "This meeting is called to order, everyone please take your seats as we have much to discuss." The voice of a large orange and blue mech with an Autobot insignia said as he approached a podium. "We have reason to believe that the lone Lithomech, identified by Autobot officials as Alpha may possess the information we seek."

    "Why the sudden interest in the Lithomech Sentinel? Though his reclusive nature may give us reason to believe he is not to be trusted, I do not suppose for an instant that you are believing the propaganda he’s been spreading."

    "Beta my dear, I am no more convinced that there is truth to any of his words than you are, but what I do realize is that he is perhaps the only mech on Cybertron with enough knowledge of the teachings of Primus to help us figure out the meaning of this most recent, development." Sentinel explained.

    "This development, I’d very much like to discuss this development Sentinel." Another femme, this one pink began. "Why do you believe this relic to be so important?"

    "Elita," the large orange mech responded. "I cannot explain the exact reason behind why I feel this...........this matrix is so valuable. All I can tell you is that something deep within my spark tells me it is. And something tells me that this Alpha knows enough about the legends to be of use."

    "True,' Beta interjected; "this Lithomech may possess some knowledge that we don’t, but even it that is the case I do not see the point in employing his services for something as intangible as a feeling within you spark. I have always respected you as the head of this council Sentinel, but I do not think that this course of action is prudent, and furthermore, I do not trust the Lithomech. So with that being said, do not count on having my support."

    "Unfortunately Sentinel I will have to side with Beta on this." Elita chimed in. "There has always a certain mystery surrounding the Lithomech race that has not sat well with the Autobots. I fear that a confrontation with this Alpha concerning something as mystical as this matrix could prove dangerous. We do not know what powers it holds and from all indications this thing was a Lithonian artifact. I say we bury it and leave well enough alone after all, we Autobots control all of Cybertron."

    "The femmes have a point sir," Centurion, a large blue mech with a white face with a Roman soldier like strip of blue metal going from his forehead to the back of his neck stated. "I do not see the point either."

    A small silver and yellow mech seated next to the podium rose up and approached the mech known as Sentinel. "I have sat here quietly, making observations and considering a myriad of possibilities and the one conclusion I have made is that we have become a race of contented fools. We live on a world as the dominant race, but as we are all aware, that has been the case for a relatively short period of time. There is much about our home world we know nothing about. Our origin, our purpose, and our destiny are things we have failed to concern ourselves with, and my fear is that our contentment may lead to our demise."

    "Don’t give us that nonsense Grimlock,' Beta interrupted, "you’re starting to sound like those Lithomechs before they departed."

    "Your interruption is pardoned by dear Beta," Grimlock, who was known more for actions than for speeches replied as he directed a slightly menacing glare at Beta. "Now as I was saying, this matrix is clearly a powerful device and we cannot afford to ignore that power, so if it will require the services of this Alpha to give us the answers we need, then so be it. We cannot continue to ignore what is right before our optics. The Lithomechs fled this world for a reason and it’s past time that we find out exactly what that reason was."

    "Thank you Grimlock", Sentinel said has he again took control of the podium. "All that needs to be said has been said, the decision is now in your hands senators; let the voting begin. Perceptor, tally the vote and Blaster report the outcome first thing next cycle."

    "As you wish sir", the red genius replied as the five top ranking Autobots exited the assembly.

    A large white transport transformed in front of the five leaders as they made their way into the streets of Iacon.
    "Is there a problem Magnus?" Centurion asked.

    "Possibly sir," the broad robot stated. "It seems as though two unidentified mechs have been causing a ruckus in Polyhex. They wore a strange purple emblem across their chests and are hell bent on finding the Lithomech."

    "Take Prowl and Streetwise and head Polyhex to apprehend the two mechs you speak of and bring them to the capital spires." Sentinel ordered. "And have Kup, Mirage, and Pax report to my quarters at once."

    "Yes sir," Magnus stated as he transformed and rolled away to carry out Sentinel’s orders.

    "Sentinel, what do you need to see those three for, I thought the one called Kup had been relieved of his duties and that Pax mech is new to the cause?," Centurion asked.

    "Kup’s desire to be reckless will finally come in handy Centurion. I intend to have him and Pax go on a wild mech chase." Sentinel replied. "I’m sending Pax with Kup in case they run into trouble, if anymech can get Kup to be responsible and offer expendable bulk, it’s Pax."

    "I guess the vote is null and void then," Elita said after hearing the name Pax.

    "Unfortunately that WILL be the case Elita," Sentinel declared slightly annoyed. "this latest development does not sit well with me. I feel it’s more imperative than ever that we find Alpha before we all face a reckoning we’re not prepared for."

    "So you choose to send two mechs with no pedigree to do your work so they can face the denizens' wrath for going against their wishes as opposed to you taking the responsibility!!" Elita accused.

    "I do not have the time nor the patience to go down this path with the likes of you today Elita." Sentinel scowled.

    "The LIKES OF ME, what do you mean, the likes of me?!! Elita responded.

    "You know very well what I mean." Sentinel declared, "It no secret that you had a thing for that Pax. And to think I once thought you were appointed to the Council because you held yourself to a higher standard, femmes." he finished before transforming and rolling out .


    "Pipes, status report," a twenty four foot white robot said as he transformed from his patrol car alt mode.

    "I’m pleased to report that there are no casualties, but there is quite a bit of damage that has Grapple and his crew very busy at the moment." Pipes answered.

    "We can see that Pipes," another patrol car turned robot stated, "tell us something that’s a little less obvious."

    "My, my, aren’t we testy today Streetwise," Pipes responded. "Maybe if you would have stayed here and focused on your responsibilities instead of rolling to Iacon to kiss the fenders of the senate then some of this damage could have been prevented."

    "Enough Pipes", the other patrol car interrupted, "our problem is not with each other, we have a lot of work to so I suggest you two bury whatever issues you two have and help me get to the bottom of whatever it is that has transpired here."

    "Sorry Prowl, you’re right", Streetwise answered as he twisted his glare away from Pipes to the bulky white mech that had just transformed behind Prowl.

    "Did you find anything out Ultra Magnus?" Prowl inquired as the large white mech approached them.

    "I can’t tell you much more than the obvious Prowl, it seems that whoever was responsible for all this damage has totally vanished." Magnus replied.

    "I saw the culprits," Pipes said. "There were only two of them at first, one blue a little bit bigger than an average sized Autobot and the other, a purple war machine every bit as powerfully built as you Ultra Magnus. The two of them were very similar to Autobots, but I got the impression that they weren’t from anywhere around here."

    "Why’d you get that impression?" Magnus questioned.

    "Because they both could fly." Pipes informed.

    "You mean they have aerial alt modes, that’s not so odd." Streetwise replied.

    "No detective," Pipes answered sarcastically, "although their designs indicated that they were both Transformers, neither of them displayed the ability to transform. They were able to fly unassisted in robot mode."

    "Who else saw them?" Magnus inquired.

    "Blades, he got up close and personal with the big one once he saw him take to the sky." Pipes explained.

    "Where is he, do you think he’ll have some more info?" asked Magnus.

    "He may, but good luck getting any from him, he’s in stasis. That purple monster beat the bolts out of him. He finally picked a brawl with a mech who did not care that he was one of the senate’s hand picked protectibots." Pipes answered as he gave a disdainful look to Streetwise.

    "Come on then Magnus, let’s go survey the damage and make sure any damaged mech gets the necessary medical attention." Prowl requested.

    "I’m two steps ahead of you strategist, I’ve already contacted First Aid and he’s putting bolts back in place as we speak. What we need to do is find these rogue and bring them to justice, any suggestions?" Magnus said in jest.

    "I can see why Sentinel has hand picked you as his possible successor, you may indeed have what it takes to be a leader after all." Prowl responded before transforming. "Come on, follow me I have a plan."

    "Right behind you Prowl, now show me why I should make you chief strategist should Sentinel ever step down." Magnus replied as he too transformed and rolled away leaving Pipes and Streetwise alone.

    "Though Magnus too was hand picked, at least he has earned his place in the ranks." Pipes remarked.

    "Jealousy becomes you Pipes." Streetwise responded.

    "Maybe if a sense of duty would become you and the other of Sentinel’s hand picked leaders of Polyhex then things like this attack wouldn’t happen." Pipes accused.

    "So that’s what this is about Pipes, are you still bitter about not being placed in a seat of the Polyhex governing body?" Streetwise figured.

    "I am not bitter, I was betrayed! After vorns of hard work and dedication to this city Red Alert and I should have been chosen as representatives, not Hotspot and a hand full of upstarts. The only one of you that ever seems to be around when he’s needed is First Aid, the rest of you are either busy being reckless or placing you faces against Sentinel’s bumper." Pipes declared.

    "I have great respect and admiration for what mechs like you, Red Alert, and Grapple have done in Polyhex," Streetwise declared, "but if you think I’m going to apologize for being put in a position to help Polyhex, then you’re sadly mistaken."

    "You’re right, I have no right to be angry at you, your perspective is limited, you do not know the full history of Polyhex and the reasons that Polyhex is the only city on all of Cybertron that require both a police force and a military presence." Pipes rationalized.

    "So tell me Pipes, what is it I’m unaware of? Streetwise inquired.

    "If I were to make this list an exhaustive one this conversation would be unending. Let’s see, where to begin? Okay, I’ve got it." Pipes joked.

    "Can you please stop it with the sarcasm Pipes and get on with it."

    "Patience young Streetwise, I will tell you all you need to know if you prove trustworthy when time permits; but right now, I’ve got to bring some supplies to Grapple and I’m sure you have some busy work to do to please Sentinel." Pipes said.

    "I will prove trustworthy Pipes," Streetwise announced, "and I will not forget that you owe me some information. I’ll be seeing you around." Streetwise finished as he watched the robot transform into a transport vehicle and head into the streets of Polyhex.

    ******Deep beneath the surface of Cyberton******

    Why have you led me to this place? Alpha questioned as he reached out to Primus in his mind. Nothing, no sign of Omega, no sign of spark, nothing. Alpha stated aloud after walking past the place where he had last seen his brother years ago. Despite this discouragement , he kept pressing forward through the meandering tunnels until he came to a massive doorway decorated in ancient Cybertronian hieroglyphics. He was unable to decipher any of the writings until he got to the bottom of the door and saw two words written in the private Lithonian language reading, “Welcome Alpha.”


    A soft cadence of footsteps was barely audible as two mechs walked side by side in conversation.
    Sentinel must really be up against it if he’s sending us on this high priority mission. Do you have any idea why this mission is so important Orion?

    Your guess is better than mine Kup, for all we know the senate may just be trying to make sure we’re out of the way down here so we can’t mess up whatever they’re planning up there.

    So once we find this Alpha character, then what?

    Then we bring him to the senate and hopefully find a way back into their good graces so we can re-enlist in the Autobot military.

    You still wanna be a soldier Orion?

    Don’t you Kup? I mean think about it; Cybertron is at peace and us Autobots are the only race left on the planet, consider the status we’ll have in the optics of the femmes.

    You’ve got a point there my friend., high praise for low work. If you can pull that off, you’ll be another Sentinel.

    Another cheap shot at the boss, why do so many mechs seem to have a slight disdain for the leader of the senate?

    It ain’t personal Orion, it’s just that we think the guy is holding out on us. He has his select group that he’s straight with while he treats the rest of us like we lack artificial intelligence.

    Sounds personal to me Kup, but I can see why you may feel that way. If I were leader, I’d lay it all on the table for everyone to see, there would be no secrets, and no favorites.

    Always the noble mech Orion, always the noble mech. You belong in a senate position yourself, as for me, I’d just like to be an instructor.

    You teach, Orion said with a smile, I think I’ve heard it all.

    Don’t laugh at me goof ball, I’ve always wanted to coach young mechs, so they don’t turn out like me.


    Hear me out Orion. As a you mech, I had no guidance, that’s why I’ve made so many of the mistakes that I’m sure you and everyone else are aware of. I’d like to help young mechs who find themselves in the position I was in make better decisions.

    You sure have grown up.

    Look who I’ve been hanging with, Mr. Responsibility.

    I’m on unsteady ground just like you and you call me Mr. Responsibility, I think not.

    You wouldn’t have been in hot water if you weren’t covering my back as usual. I’ve learned a lot over the cycles, but the best lessons I’ve learned about being a mech, I’ve learned from you.

    You had to go there huh Kup, well I love you too old buddy. Now can we can this sentimental stuff and concentrate on finding this Lithomech.

    Not to worry, I’ll lead the way. This reminds me of the time I ran off to Andromeda 7 and had to navigate my way back to Cybertron in a stasis pod.

    More walking, less talk. Orion said was the two continued their search.


    I have found the specimens. A monotone voice stated as the yellow glare of a glowing single optic peered through the darkness in the direction of the speaker.

    Excellent, insert the programming on each.

    There are only five of them, we have eight ‘Marks of War’, what do you suggest.

    Install the six weaker programs on the specimens and on this frame we disposed of earlier, leave the other two programs here, we will find a use for them once we return.

    As you wish.

    Hurry Soundwave, time is of the essence. We still must find a way to accomplish the remainder of our mission before he sends his forces to find us.


    Where is Grapple, wasn’t he in charge of the repair project? Pipes ask as he arrived with additional materials.

    He disappeared a while ago Pipes.

    Disappeared, how does a foreman just disappear Jackhammer?

    We don’t know Pipes, one minute he was here, and the next he was gone.

    A transformation sound followed by the voice of Prowl interrupted their discussion. I’ve got bad news guys.

    What is it Prowl?

    It’s Grapple, we lost Grapple.

    What do you mean we lost Grapple?

    He’s gone, they killed him.

    Slag it, no! Pipes uttered in sorrow and frustration. How, how’d they get him?

    It looks like he was distracted by from his duties by the same signal Magnus and I picked up shortly after leaving you and Streetwise. By the time we reached the source of the signal we saw Grapple’s lifeless frame being battered by four minibots.

    Where is he now, I want to see him. Pipes said.

    Sorry Pipes, we couldn’t recover his chassis.

    What do you mean you could recover his chassis? No minibots could have possibly overcome you and Magnus.

    The minibots were not normal minibots Pipes, they were all able to fly, and two of them were able to transform their arms into pile drivers and create an escape route. We did, however, capture one of them, and Magnus is transporting it back to Iacon as we speak. In the meantime I am ordering repair efforts stopped until we can get a fix on who we’re fighting. There is as of right now a curfew in effect, no bots not involved with the peacekeeping efforts are to be allowed out of their quarters.


    WELCOME ALPHA, a mysterious voice echoed as the Lithomech removed his hand from the massive doors at the room’s entry while they opened wide enough for him to walk through.

    Who said that?


    Primus, is that you?


    So tell me, who am I?


    What must I do?


    What of my brother, does he still function?


    Why me, am I my brother’s keeper?


    How can I save Cybertron?


    Who or what is Prime?


    How will I know?


    Matrix, what is this Matrix?


    It belonged to the Autobots, we stole it from the Autobots, Alpha figured.


    Is that why Cybertron will be incurring the wrath of Primus?




    The dim lighting within the chamber suddenly became bright and Alpha could see exactly why the room was so massive. Within its walls stood an enormous orb with wires and circuits connected to it.

    Wow, what is this?


    So this is where the Autobot’s sparks are created.


    What if I can’t, or what if I find one the Matrix rejects?


    When, when shall this take place? Alpha asked hearing only silence in return as the room suddenly went dim again. Hello, is someone there? Alpha asked as he paced frantically in hopes of discovering the source of the mysterious voice that was suddenly silenced. Answer me anyone, please!

    As he concluded his rant a calm voice called for his attention. Show yourself and come out with your hands held high, there will be no trouble if you comply.

    I am unarmed, he responded as he heard two sets of footsteps. Are you two Autobots?

    Who else would we be? Kup answered as he and Orion came into view of the Lithomech. Are the Lithomech known as Alpha?

    Who else would I be? The Lithomech responded.

    Enough games you two, Orion said as he kept his weapon trained on the mech. We were sent in search of Alpha, our leadership requests his assistance.

    Put your weapon away Autobot, I am the one you seek, I am Alpha Trion, third generation Cybertronian. Take me to your leader.
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    The Birth of Aggression

    Misinformation, for ages we have been given misinformation, and now we are paying the price for our acceptance of the such. A large disgruntled red mech stated in contemplation.

    I realize that this recent chain of events has been especially difficult for the two of you to deal with, but if there is something you two are aware of that may help us out I’m going to have to demand that you inform us.

    We have had about enough of your demands Prowl. If you and the Senate were so concerned about the truth we wouldn’t have lost Grapple today. Sentinel’s day of reckoning will soon be on the horizon.

    Okay Pipes, I’ve had about enough of this! Prowl replied, I too at times have doubts about some of the decisions Sentinel makes, but I will be a dead mech before I allow you to threaten the life of the leader of Cybertron.

    You have me mistaken for your dishonest leader, I am as loyal to the Cybertronian Council as you are, I just don’t make myself oblivious the facts about the administration like you do. Do not think of what I said as a threat Prowl, consider it a warning, soon the senate, and all of Cybertron shall fall victim to a great upheaval.

    Okay, all right, enough, this is getting us nowhere, Streetwise said as he approached the others. Whatever issues we may have, need to be put aside so we can combat this threat that has already claimed one mech’s life. I say we get to work on our assignments now.

    You’re right Streetwise, Prowl answered, the curfew is in effect so let’s get out there and make sure the streets remain safe and quiet tonight.

    As you wish Chief Prowl, Pipes said as he and Red Alert followed Prowl outside.

    Hold on a minute Pipes, Streetwise urged as he grabbed Pipes by the arm, we need to talk.

    State your business Protectibot, and unhand me this instant!

    No more riddles, no more games Pipes. We’ve already lost one Autobot, and we definitely don’t need to lose anymore, so please, share what you know.

    Why should I Streetwise, tell me why! It’s probably too late anyway. Pipes said as he began to calm down.

    You know why the assailants are here, don’t you? What is it Pipes, what do they want?

    All right Streetwise, enough badgering, I’ll tell you.
    A long time ago, many cycles before the Autobots came to power Polyhex was made up of twin cities, Tarn, the dwelling place of the Autobot population, and Voss, where the Lithomechs lived. Throughout Cybertronian history, the Lithomechs always made up the majority, but as time passed that began to change. Though the LMs reproduced by some biological means, we Autobots were given life in bunches sporadically at events that came to be known as awakenings.

    I am aware of that history Pipes, but we are in the midst of a crisis so could you get to the circuits of the story?

    You asked me for this information, so I suggest you be patient.

    My apologies, continue.

    Now as I was saying, our numbers grew exponentially while theirs only increased a fraction of the amount ours did. This did not sit well with many LMs. They were always jealous of our ability to transform, and as our numbers neared theirs they were afraid that we’d eventually become the majority and unseed them as the dominant race on Cyberton. This fear caused a mass exodus of LMs from Polyhex, leaving Tarn in the hands but of a few; so naturally many Autobots moved there, I was one of them. The LMs relocated to an energon enriched region they dubbed New Iacon where they established a government and a religion, two things unheard of on Cybertron. There religious propaganda began corrupting them by the masses, and their lies even reached the receptors of certain Autobots who they actually allowed to reside in New Iacon; I assume there is no need for me to tell you which Autobots I speak of.

    I’m presuming Sentinel and the femmes?

    Religious divisions caused a war within the Iaconian LMs. Many who disagreed with the leaders were either killed or forced to flee. Realizing how useful the Autobots were to their struggle, the Lithomech leaders allowed Sentinel to sit in a seat of power in Iacon along with them. With his help, the war was quickly ended and those LMs who offered did not agree with the new government were forced to leave New Iacon. They naturally returned to Polyhex, which after cycles of Autobot habitation was no longer a pure Mecca of Lithomech influence. Despite this, peace reigned on Cybertron for vorns. Within that time you and many others came online. One Lithomech studied the process that brought our kind to life and attempted to replicate it so he could build his own army that would take over Cybertron and ‘purge’ it of what he called the new order.

    What was this new order?

    We were the new order Streetwise, and so was religion.
    Legend has it that he built a small army, but was unsuccessful in his attempts to animate those troops. So to make a long story short, he convinced a religious zealot from Iacon named Kranix to share his knowledge of creation with him. This Lithomech priest told him about a device called the Lifespark, said to be the vessel of Primus’ power to bestow life.

    So what happened?

    Kranix went crazy and stirred up the LMs, causing them to leave the planet, Sentinel and the Autobot Senate took over, and no one ever saw that mech again.

    Who was the mech, and did he ever find this Lifespark?

    The two mechs who attacked us wear the mark of his creations across the chests.

    Oh dear Primus I think I may be becoming religious.

    So Streetwise, you see, there is more than meets the optic at work among us now.

    So how do we find their creator?

    I think that may prove difficult as they are on a search of their own.


    They came to Polyhex from the sky, and they came searching for his brother.

    His brother?

    Yes, Alpha, his brother.

    We’ve got to tell Sentinel!

    Hold it! Weren’t you listening to anything I said? Sentinel was in with the Lithomechs for eons, he probably has forgotten more than any of us has ever known, and that is why he cannot be trusted.

    Then what do you suggest?

    We must find the hiding place of the inactive army the Lithomech left behind before the two that ransacked Polyhex do, or else we’ll all be in trouble.


    Internal diagnostic check………subject ID confirmed……….Hook……subject functional.
    I’m, I’m green! Why am I green? What did they do to me! The mech said as he gazed down at his forearms. Continue diagnostic, he then ordered.
    His processor scanned his data banks for information where it could be found, and placed data where there was no info. After this final diagnostic the mech spoke again.
    I shall be avenged; my death will not go unpunished! Though it was not your hands that killed me Sentinel, your mech fluid will be spilled for causing all of this. I will accept my destiny, Grapple is no more, my name is Hook!
    As he accepted his new life, five other green mechs joined him in the land of the living: Scavenger, the mighty Bonecrusher, Mixmaster, Longhaul, and the leader of the six new mechs, Scrapper.
    Welcome my fellow Constructicons, Hook stated, we have two more Decepticon sparks at our disposal, let us make the most of them and reek havoc on any who’d dare oppose us!
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    That’s bad news Magnus, a hulking baby blue mech stated as the two walked through the capitol spires. We may have even bigger problems once this mess is over now that there’s been a fatality.

    Bigger problems than this Hotshot, I doubt it, Ultra Magnus replied.

    Not to disregard the loss of one of our citizens, but I’m afraid that his demise may cause even more problems. Ever since Streetwise, the others, and myself have been in positions of leadership some of the denizens of Polyhex have been clamoring for a reason to have us removed.

    From what I’ve heard, Grapple was one such mech correct?

    Yes, and he was very outspoken against not only the leadership of Polyhex, but also the leadership that put us in our current positions.

    I heard a little murmuring from Pipes about the leadership myself.

    Pipes and Red Alert are not nearly as outspoken as Grapple was. Grapple and a young mech known as Screamer were at times adamant about Cybertron needing a change of direction. Screamer became such a problem that we had to lock him away on Darkmount.

    The prison facility outside of Polyhex, I thought that place was only a legend?

    No sir, it’s as real as we are. On last count there were about a dozen mechs locked up there for crimes ranging from conspiracy to murder. Many mechs, especially the ones from your generation really hate us and Sentinel.

    They’ll always be those who wish to be divisive Hotspot, it’s just something all leaders have to deal with.

    I see you have your mind right; looks like someone’s prepared should the boot of Sentinel need filling anytime soon.

    I do not wish to be put in that position anytime soon Hotspot, I’m content just being a foot soldier, and the worries of leadership are enough to make one’s chassis rusty. Magnus concluded as he and Hotspot approached the door that began opening to Sentinel’s private quarters.

    Welcome you two, have a seat. The large orange and blue mech said as the two high-ranking officials enters his chamber. I understand that each of you have some useful information, whichever mech wishes to go first may proceed.

    Yes sir, Ultra Magnus began. I’m sorry to inform you of this Sentinel, but the situation in Polyhex is more complex than originally anticipated. It seems that our original warning about there being only two violators was incorrect. There are confirmed reports of at least six, two of which have been captured and are incarcerated here as we speak. There has also been a fatality.

    Damn it, Sentinel said, I hoped I would hear those words Magnus. Who did we lose?

    Grapple, the builder who constructed much of the city. Magnus answered. Prowl and Streetwise are still there making sure the city is safe and conducting further investigations.

    I hope your news is better than what Magnus just shared Hotspot.

    Actually sir it’s not exactly the news you’d want to hear, but at least nobody died. Hotspot said sheepishly.

    Go on.

    The vote has been tallied and it appears that an overwhelming majority of the officials of the Iacon congress say we leave the Lithomech out of our affairs. Hotspot answered.

    A look of worry came across the usually stern face of Sentinel as he contemplated the current situation. What else can go wrong?

    I know we’re experiencing some setbacks Sentinel, but try not to worry too much, the overwhelming majority of Cybertron is fine and everyone will be behind whatever course of action you feel we should take to rid ourselves of this current menace. Ultra Magnus proclaimed.

    I wouldn’t bet on that Magnus, a femme’s voice stated as Beta and Elita One entered the room.

    Well hello you two, Sentinel said sarcastically.

    No time for pleasantries Sentinel, you’ve got another problem. Beta stated.

    What is it now?

    Follow us, we’ll show you. Elita answered as she lead the three mechs down the hall towards a large monitor.

    That’s Darkmount! Hotspot exclaimed.

    That was Darkmount. Elita said. It seems the rouges that attacked Polyhex raided the place and killed all three guards. There are also no signs of any of the prisoners who were incarcerated there.

    Where are Prowl and Streetwise? Sentinel asked.

    Prowl reported this development and he also reported that Streetwise is missing. We’ve been trying to contact him now for a while and we’ve heard nothing back. She concluded.

    Where are you going? Beta asked as Sentinel dashed towards the outside of the spires.

    I need to go to Polyhex myself; this is starting to get pretty bad.

    And it’s about to get worse. Elita said as the watched the crowds gathering as Sentinel made his way towards the exit as two mechs speed to the entry from the opposite direction.

    What are those two doing here? Magnus asked as he recognized the red transport that was approaching Sentinel’s position.

    Making a drop off. Beta answered as all optics watched the transport transformed into the robot known as Orion and deposited the Lithomech known as Alpha before Sentinel.

    Did we come at a bad time? The teal robot called Kup said as he saw the looks of shock and anger on the faces of the gathered Autobots.
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    I take it that you all aren’t happy to see me, the Lithomech proclaimed as he looked across the audience of gathered Autobots.

    What’s he doing here Sentinel? A voice from the angered crowd asked.

    Orion, Kup, your timing couldn’t have been worse, Sentinel said as he transformed and faced the crowd.
    My fellow Autobots, it is with my deepest apologies that I have done this behind your backs. The fact of the matter is that we are in the midst of a crisis that warranted my act of intentional deceit. As I speak an unnamed enemy has set foot in Polyhex and is already responsible for the death of a handful of Autobots. We do not know who this enemy is or where this enemy is from, but what I do know is that this enemy must be stopped before more lives are lost, and we may need Alpha’s help to stop them.

    Is the truth so hard, and if it is not then why did you go through such lengths to blind our optics to this act? Another mech in the crowd questioned.

    Yeah, and why should we believe you now?

    Beta, Elita, would you two mind debriefing to our constituents the current situation before this gets anymore out of hand? Sentinel whispered to the two femmes that ranked just below him in the pecking order. Autobot, I assure you that you questions will be answered soon enough, but for right now I must help those in Polyhex. I beg of each of you to trust me on this, certain things must be done.

    Okay everyone, the show is over, Elita stated addressing the crowd, anyone who wants to know the whole story come with us.

    Thank you Elita, Sentinel said as Elita led the large contingent away. Now, we still need some help Alpha, we will not force you against your will, but we do earnestly hope that you will assist us in our search for answers.

    I intend to do just that Sentinel. Alpha answered.

    Thank you. Magnus go with Grimlock and make our guest comfortable. Grimlock will know what to do from there. Hotspot, you and Orion come with me, I may need some additional muscle if this Polyhex situation continues to worsen.

    What about me sir? Kup asked.

    Go with Magnus and Grimlock and do not leave their sight.

    Yes sir. Kup answered as everyone took off on their respective missions.
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    Is the price of freedom death, or will it be slavery? One mech asked.

    Freedom will always have a price, but does not always have a limit. Another responded.

    What are you implying Screamer?

    My implication is simple; freedom need not be our chief motivation. Our motivation, our ambition should be to usurp the power of the ones that subjected us to our former state.

    Just how do you suppose we do that Screamer? Who or whatever freed us from Darkmount is very powerful and I’m sure has an agenda of its own. How do you suggest we oppose that threat?

    The room full of freed cons began to rumble as if something massive was approaching. With each step the massive entity made debris fell from the walls of the encasement the former prisoners were now in.

    Prepare yourself cons, Screamer said; whatever that is is getting closer.

    All of a sudden one of the walls gave way as if kicked in, and amidst the sound of falling metal the noise of transformations could be heard. No sooner did the mechs within the encasement realize this than six powerfully built green mechs step through the hole in the wall.

    I trust you have found your temporary accommodations comfortable and have been able to recharge, one said as he stepped in front of the other five, because we require a task of each of you.

    Who are you? You guys don’t look like any Autobots we’ve ever heard of.

    Do not mistake us for puny Autobots. The markings of weakness that once adorned the frames of each of you have no place with us. The mech said as he pointed at the nearly scratched off Autobot insignia on the shoulder of Screamer. We are a new breed. A race called by destiny, adorned with the mark of war ready to act in judgment against those who have dishonored Cybertron for far too long.

    What are your names, and what is it you want from us? Screamer asked.

    I am Scapper, leader of the group that stands before you and we are the Constructicons.

    Cons, looks like we already have something in common, one of the former prisoners spoke out.

    As I was saying, we have brought you here to commission you to our cause, the cause of overthrowing the government run by Sentinel and his pathetic following. Cheers erupted from the gathered mechs as they realized that the six mechs standing before them shared a similar goal.

    Constructicons huh, Screamer began, the six of you are powerful war machines capable of damaging and possibly even killing some in Sentinel’s army, but you are only six.

    That is the one I was telling you about Scrapper.

    And your points are duly noted Hook, Scrapper responded. Tell us Screamer, what’s running through your neural net.

    Well Scrapper, though I share your desire to see Sentinel and all that the government stand for rust to pieces, I do not share your confidence that we can accomplish this task. Though the six of you are strong, many of us are weak and would not fare in battle nearly as well of you Constructicons. I guess what I’m asking is what’s in it for us.

    You dare pose such a foolish question after we just freed your wretched frame from rotting forever at Darkmount! The largest of the Constructicons blurted out.

    Easy Bonecrusher, Scrapper said, there is some truth to what he says. If that is the case than the entire lot of these cons are useless and will be no more than an interference to our plans. Destroy them!

    Wait; wait, please, not so fast, Screamer stated. There is a way we can be effective in battle together against the Autobots.

    I’m listening, Scrapper replied.

    I was formerly a scientist, and my specialty was robo-biology. I know of a way to enhance the frames of those willing to be experimented on so that we will be able to cripple the Autobots forces in a way they’ve never experienced!

    You boast quite magnificently Screamer; but be more specific! Scrapper ordered as he pointed his weapon at the arrogant convict.

    Flight! Whoever is willing to trust me and undergo these alterations will be able to soar with me through the heavens and bring destruction down on our enemies. We will call ourselves seekers and be feared and respected throughout Cybertron. Are you cons with me?!

    Okay Screamer, we will test you theory. What materials do you need?

    Just metal, and you all.

    Us, what do you need us for?

    Well you call yourselves Constructicons so I just assumed that you’d be good at constructing things.

    Very well. Give the schematics to Hook and get prepared for this, operation.

    And hopefully it won’t hurt too much. Hook said as he took the schematics from Screamer.

    So, we shall be of the same fold Scrapper, both Seeker and Constructicon alike. I say we come up with a designation that identifies our team while masking our goals.

    What do you have in mind?

    Since we are outnumbered we must strike strategically using guile and deception until we get the Autobots in a compromising position. I say we call ourselves Decepticons!

    Decepticons? I like the sound of it, Scrapper acknowledged, and as a sign of our unity all of your modified frames shall be fitted with the mark of war as will the frames of any who wish to be associated with the mighty Decepticon Army!

    Well then, Screamer said as he laid flat on an operating table with a Constructicon on each side preparing to begin the procedure, let the revolution begin!
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    His name is Ravage, and no, he doesn’t talk much. A small but powerfully built red minibot stated.

    The pet won’t talk, so maybe the master will. The white Autobot stated in the direction of the minibot. Who are you?

    Who are you? Doesn’t matter much anyway, you and your kind will be destroyed.

    My kind? Other than your propensity to break laws and hurt the innocent, you and I are no different; we are both transformers.

    You and I are very different. I wear the mark of war, I was created to fight and conquer, while you and your kind are destined to either follow us or die fighting.

    I am an Autobot, why would I join with a rogue such as you?

    Autobot? How pathetic. You will soon be homeless, your world belongs to us now, and we will use it to its full potential.

    Cybertron will never be taken by the likes of you, and if you want to continue your existence it will be wise of you to disclose the location of the others of your kind before you are all destroyed.

    You are funny Autobot. What is your name?

    What’s it to you?

    I just like to know the names of my victims.

    Victims, whatever, my name’s Bluestreak, and you are?

    The name’s Frenzy, and though you are a foolish dreamer like most of your kind, I like you so I’ll let you in on a secret.

    What secret?

    The Lithomech, the Lithomech holds the key to your survival. Deliver the Lithomech known as Alpha to us, and you will be spared. Refuse, and be punished just like the others who opposed us. Oh yeah I remember, I think his name is Grapple, was Grapple.

    Why you little, Bluestreak said as he gave a backhanded slap to the face of the smaller red warrior knocking the minibot’s head back.

    You just sealed your own fate Autobot, Frenzy said as his angry glare turned to an evil grin.

    And you just signed on to get your bolts busted. The angry Autobot said as he released the energon constraints holding Frenzy. Now, let’s see who’ll end up laughing.

    You are more foolish than I imagined, Frenzy said as he stretched to loosen his joints.

    Enough talk, let’s dance, the Autobot said as he punched his foe right across the face.

    You think that was a punch, I’ll show you a punch, Frenzy said to the approaching Autobot as he got to his knees just in time to deliver a devastating blow the chest of Bluestreak that sent the Autobot flying across the room. Violence does not become you Autobot; you made a bad choice.

    Perhaps you are correct, Bluestreak said as he got to his feet. I do not desire to be a warrior, nor do I desire for war to rear itself on Cybertron; so I must put an end to cretins like you. In a display of speed Frenzy was not prepared for, Bluestreak was able to maneuver behind him and subdue him with his left arm.

    Let me go Autobot, I’m warning you!

    I’m going to let you go straight to the pit! Bluestreak said as he used his freehand to point a weapon at the nearly defenseless minibot.

    Laserbeak now! Frenzy said right before a volley of lasers connected with the chassis of Bluestreak causing him to lose his grip on the minibot. Free Ravage and blast us way out of here, I’ve got a score to settle. Immediately, a metal condor descended from the ceiling and blasted the energon constraints off of the black metal jaguar.

    Oh slag, looks like I need a contingency plan, Bluestreak said to himself as he surveyed the situation. As he transformed and attempted to avoid the attack of his trio of antagonists as security warning suddenly began blaring: Attention Autobots report to sector 9, report to sector 9. Iacon is under attack, repeat, Iacon is under attack.

    That’s what I’m talking about; it’s time to have some real fun, Frenzy said. Let’s get outta here and go find Soundwave. Frenzy declared as the trio departed the room through the whole that Laserbeak had created.

    Oh slag; Bluestreak said as the three escaped the makeshift prison, this could be the start of trouble.


    Your haste is understandable, but wait, the revolution has already begun. This is simply the prelude to something far greater, you must act now or else Cybertron may end up paying the ultimate price.

    You are not making any sense Alpha, Elita answered. With one breath you say we wait and with the next you say we must act now. What action or inaction do you propose?

    I propose that you give me the Matrix.

    The Matrix? I think I know what you’re talking about. But why?

    It’s funny you ask that when we all know that the Matrix is the reason Sentinel sent for me.

    I don’t care why Sentinel sent for you, she answered angrily. He may have the last say, but he does not have the only say, and I do not think you are to be trusted.

    Why do you let your fears breed prejudice young Elita? I am no threat to the Autobot cause; I only seek to protect Cybertron from utter chaos. You must grant me access to the Matrix.

    I’ve had enough of this for right now, Elita said. Beta, Grimlock, Kup, keep an eye on our guest, I’m going to find Ultra Magnus and see if we can chase these newcomers away from Iacon.
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    I was reading this old story of mines and I got to thinking, "aside from the grammer faux pas, this is pretty cool." I want to finish this bad boy and somehow tie it in with the movie. (can anyone say prequel). Give me some feedback and tell me what you guys think. Help me get the creative juices flowing.
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    Could you use quotation marks please?
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    We're all living on borrowed time, the master will not tarry forever. Soon, the time for action as well as Cybertron's hope will be things of the past.
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    This is great just use quotation marks!!!

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