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    Plot: The Autobots flee to Earth with the Decepticons on their tail, at the helm of the Ark is Sentinel Prime. Megatron will do anything to destroy them and their future home called Earth.

    Characters Autobots:

    -Sentinel Prime is an Iveco Magirus Dragon 2 fire truck
    Alt Mode: red and black, large shoulders wielding a cybertronian blade made from the metal of fallen Decepticons.
    -Optimus Prime is a
    -Ultra Magnus
    -Ratchet is a Subaru Mountain Rescue vehicle
    Alt Mode: gatlin gun on his shoulders, machine gun hands
    -Bumblebee is an Audi A4
    Alt Mode: hand can transform into plasma cannon and has wrist rockets
    -Ironhide is an All Terrain Assualt Vehicle
    Alt Mode: Heavy cannons on his arms, gatlin gun on his shoulder
    -Mirage is an Aston Martin DB9
    Alt Mode: skinny arms with chunky legs and rocket launcher from his shoulder and plasma grenades.
    Roadbuster is a Buick Wildcat
    Alt Mode: tough with large cannons and machine guns on his shoulders and arms.


    -Megatron is a cybertronian tank
    -Starscream is a F-35 Raptor
    -Thundercracker is a F22 Raptor
    -Soundwave is a cybertronian satellite
    -Ravage is a metallic panther
    -Laserbeak is a metallic falcon
    -Smokescreen is a Subaru Impreza
    - Mixmaster is a giant cement mixer.
    - Crankcase is a SUV

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