2D Artwork: Transformers Rebirth Soundmaster

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    The following takes place in an alternate timeline, set up 100 years after The Rebirth 1-3, in a series where the Japanese series never happened. Instead is a story of Autobots lead by a new leader (after Rodimus Prime's mysterious death) named Atlas Prime, the first ever flying Autobot leader (Yes, he's based off Dai Atlas from Zone I think) and a new 'bots roster. The main villain is a Cybertronian sized incarnation of Unicron.

    Soundmaster, is the combined form of the original 'Con cassettebots merged together as a new non-transformable body for Soundwave after being killed of the battlefield. Unicron's soul offered SW's soul to build a new body from SW's former minions in exchange for Soundwave to give his allegiance to Unicron. This new form makes him allpowerful.

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