Transformers Primes - Control -- Short story

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    Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers; this is for fun because I enjoy writing about them.

    Transformers Prime: Control

    (Optimus POV)

    I look around the area I am being held in, Mech have gotten smarter. I feel nothing but pain; they were kind enough to turn off Breakdown's pain receptors, I wasn't so lucky. I do not even remember how they got me; I only know agony has become like a best friend to me. My energon spilling all over this metal table I am on, my servos locked down; so I cannot fight my assailants. They are not even trying to learn anything from my body; Silas just feels the need to torture me. I have long since stopped screaming, my vocal processors strained badly; the most I can summon are grunts. My team has not found me, nor will they; I am sure once they can lock my position; I will be one with the Allspark by then. It's not that my team will give up; it's that I cannot even send a signal or anything. Silas and Mech have it in for me; I am not sure why he hates me particularly; maybe because he thinks I am smarter, and he wanted me out of the way. I do not know, and at this point I do not care.

    Silas is standing on some sort of walkway above me, as he control some sort of mechanical arm. I won't like this; I haven't liked anything he has done to me.

    "Optimus Prime, still holding up down there...?" Silas replies with a smirk.

    If there was a human I would break my not harming human's policy for, it was this one. I try to talk, but only static comes out; which makes him laugh at me.

    "You are a fool, Optimus Prime..." Silas chuckles, as suddenly I hear explosions going off.

    Music to my audios, my team found me... I see blast after blast seeing Silas blown to bits, it couldn't have happened to a nicer human.
    I see a shadow descending over me; I am shocked it's Megatron. He looms over me ripping the bonds off of me with a growl. He scans me seeing I am badly injured, and then growls inwardly.

    "Slagging humans..." he mumbled picking me up, yes he actually picked me up in his servos.

    He took off to the Nemesis with me; I had fallen into recharge by then. I was exhausted, but for some reason I felt safe I know how odd that sounds.
    When I awoke I heard voices, I am not sure how long I was out for. I looked up seeing Soundwave and Knockout watching me.

    "Optimus, you're online how wonderful; your wounds are severe; we will nurse you back to health." Megatron said to me.

    I tried to speak once more.

    "Don't talk, your voice processors are damaged badly, I have to replace a lot of things that Mech took from you." Knockout said.

    It was then I heard four humans, they asked about me. Agent Fowler, Rafe, Jack and Miko; but where was my team. I struggled a little bit; Megatron put his clawed hand on my chest to still me.

    I then saw Starscream walk up limping, he looked sad that is not possible Starscream looking sad. I looked at Megatron, I didn't even have sense to private comm him; I was suddenly confused, and I didn't like it one bit.
    Megatron walked away I heard him talking to Agent Fowler.

    "He doesn't know, does he?" Agent Fowler said.

    "No, nor does he know how much Silas stole from him, it felt good to destroy that insect." Megatron replied, as spark wrenching fear slithered into my spark and made itself welcome.

    I tried to speak once more, Knockout and Breakdown tried to calm me down.

    :::... Megatron, what happened; please tell me...::::


    :::... Silas created robots like us, except they were out of control. Airachnid was the first to get offlined, followed by your human's families, your team tried to stop them along with some of my men Vehicons... I am sorry Optimus they were offlined while defeating them. You killed one of the more powerful robots; which was why Silas was able to grab you for revenge. The Earth governments wanted any and all Cybertronians, off the planet or be destroyed. The children and Agent Fowler will be with us as well as you now; we must rely on each other...:::::

    I looked around I was so upset, my team oh Primus my team was gone. The kids ran up my chest, and laid there crying on my chest plates; while I tried to run a finger over them.

    I couldn't speak, I couldn't send any private commlinks; I was taken off guard by the news. I felt Megatron's clawed hand slip into mine; I was not sure why he was so different. He squeezed my hand, I started to chirp, click and I looked up into Megatron's optics. I know it looked weak, but I couldn't help it energon rolled down my face plates.

    "Would you give us some privacy please?" Megatron asked, as Knockout picked up the kids and Agent Fowler.

    Megatron waited until everyone left, and then he sat by me.

    "I know everything is confusing, Optimus; I will not leave your side, you have my word I will help you through this." he said, as he looked straight at my lip plates, leaning down and kissing me gently.

    He opened my chest plates, I watched him while he played with my spark. He looped his claws around the tendrils making me chirp.

    "That's it enjoy this Optimus, you have been through the pit and back." Megatron remarked as he looked at me. "I want to make you stronger; I am going to sparkmerge with you. It will hurt a little; but it will give you control. Besides you will be my mate, and I will do anything for the one who is my equal and my mate." Megatron said to me, as he wrapped his servos around me pulling me closer into his chest.

    I couldn't talk, but I let him know I loved; what he was doing to me, but simply chirping, clicking and finally purring for him. He held me tightly kissing me.

    "That's it my Prime, I love those sounds you're making keep making them for me." he replied, as our sparks tightened.

    When we overloaded, it hit us at the same time. It staggered; I was close to falling into recharge. Megatron was caressing my face, and whispering into my ear finials, that we were one now. We were both the embodiment of control, and no one would steal that from us. Then he whispered something to me, before he fell into recharge all he said were five little words; which meant the world to me.

    "I love you..." he whispered. "Always will..."

    (This is the shorter version, if readers would like to read the longer version let me know)

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