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    Here's my "X-Files"/"Transformers Prime" crossover fanfic titled "Salvation". It takes place in the official X-Files continuity right at the beginning of a 5-part "X-Files"/"Transformers Prime" Season 3 introductory miniseries.

    At the end of Season 2, just like in Season 1, Optimus becomes separated from the Autobots again and is mysteriously missing. Before mysteriously vanishing for a second time, Optimus once again gave the Key to Vector Sigma to Jack.

    During Season 2, in the middle of 2012, Mulder moved to Jasper, Nevada. Scully moved to the small town shortly afterwards. What prompted Mulder and Scully to move to Jasper of all places? Well here's a little backstory.

    Prior to being informed about the possible existence of extraterrestrial mechanoids in Jasper, Nevada, Mulder was living with Scully in a house in Virginia: the same house featured in the second X-Files movie: "I Want To Believe". Scully was still working as a physician at Our Lady Of Sorrows Catholic hospital while Mulder continued to be...well...Mulder relentlessly collecting any paranormal news he received via the internet, television, or newspaper clippings for intense research and investigation often to the point of borderline insanity. One day, while checking his email, Mulder was given a mystery he simply could not refuse from three old friends of his: Langly, Byers and Frohike formally known collectively as The Lone Gunmen. Contrary to what we were led to believe in the X-Files episode, "Jump The Shark", the conspiracy-tackling trio did not die from a deadly virus created by a dangerous terrorist organization. Rather they were secretly given the cure for the virus by Yves Harlow, the daughter of an international arms dealer connected to this organization: a man she now despises for his despicable business dealings and terrorist actions. After being cured, with Yves' help, the Gunmen faked their deaths and hid inside the basement of an old farm house resting on a cow ranch in Montana in order to avoid being hunted down and killed by agents of the terrorist organization who wanted their heads for foiling their early world-domination plans. Using new aliases, they secretly continued their past profession of uncovering and exposing vast conspiracies and publishing their findings on a new website of theirs under a new name. They eventually made contact with Mulder and Scully again: the only two people on the planet, outside of Yves, who knew they were still alive. One day, a New York construction worker by the name of Vogel, who frequently visited their website, emailed them about his alleged contact with giant transforming extraterrestrial robots under the ground of New York City. He then told the Gunmen that he not only spoke to a government agent in cohoots with the giant robots, but he made a mental note of the agent's phone number which was displayed on the screen of a Japanese girl's cell phone he was using to converse with him. Refusing to give the Gunmen the names of the robots or the humans accompanying them, he only gave them the government agent's phone number. Using their sophisticated tracking equipment and rather impressive hacking skills, after calling the agent, the Gunmen were able to trace him to a location not far from Jasper, Nevada. Since Vogel requested that the Gunmen honor the government agent's request to keep his reports of his alien robot contacts out of the public eye, they decided instead to share the construction worker's information with only one man: Fox Mulder. Mulder nearly flipped when he received this information and could not resist the urge to investigate it further. Since the vicinity of Jasper was not known to have any known military or other government installations, Mulder reasoned that the government agent Vogel claimed to have spoken to must be stationed there in secret. And the only reason he'd be stationed there is because the robots are there as well. Mulder informed Scully that he was moving there to investigate reports of possible extraterrestrial mechanoids residing in or near the area. He encouraged Scully to come with him. Scully, skeptical of such reports and unwilling to leave her cozy Virginia town and stable medical job, initially refused. However, the desire to remain with Mulder eventually overrode all else as she finally decided to follow him there. Although the tiny and economically depressed town of Jasper did not provide all she desired in life, she at least could continue her passion for medicine there after landing a job as a physician at the local hospital June Darby works for. And it is from here that Mulder and Scully's shocking life-changing story begins:

    Scully was giving a lecture to a group of nurses and doctors on the latest advances in stem cell research. At the end of the lecture, as everyone was exiting the lecture room, she was approached by a nurse with long dark hair wearing green scrubs.

    JUNE DARBY: "Dr. Scully. Hi. I'm June. June Darby. I want to personally welcome you to our hospital.

    SCULLY: "Why...why thank you."

    JUNE: "No, thank you. Thank you for choosing our hospital. I mean I've heard all about you. I'm so honored to be working with you here at this hospital of all places."

    SCULLY: "Why would you say that?"

    JUNE: "Well...It's just with your credentials, why would you choose to practice medicine in this small and economically depressed town of all places?"

    Scully suddenly gives June an expression that reveals her discomfort towards such a question.

    JUNE: "I'm...I'm sorry. I meant no offense."

    Scully sends June a smile to ease her own discomfort.

    SCULLY: "Don't worry. It''s alright."

    After a long pause, Scully decides to reveal to June her true reason for moving to Jasper.

    SCULLY: "l did it for a friend."

    Later that night June ventures into the hospital's underground parking lot looking for her vehicle so she could drive home and get some well-deserved rest. All of a sudden, from behind a wall a large muscular man grabs her and places a gun to her head. The man is non other than the infamous street racer and criminal known as Fast Willy. He reaches into one of her pockets and grabs her wallet opening it with one hand as his eyes feast on a few credit cards and $200.00 in cash.

    FAST WILLY: "Well this will buy me some nice upgrades for my new set of wheels."

    Fast Willy then reaches into her other pocket and pulls out her keys. He then releases her but keeps his gun pointed at her head.

    FAST WILLY: "Now if you could so kindly lead me to that vehicle of yours to I can sell it for even more parts..."

    Scully is walking down the parking lot's stairs when she spots a now familar person at the mercy of a large armed thug. Using her old F.B.I. stealth skills, she quietly approaches Fast Willy from behind as he follows June Darby. Then, with lightning speed, she wraps her stethoscope around the thug's neck pulling him back a few feet. Before Fast Willy can react, she delivers several kicks to his large frame before kicking the gun out of his hand, grabbing it, and pointing it at his own head. June Darby stares at Scully both amazed and stunned. Scully then issues a command to June.

    SCULLY: "June, grab your cellphone and call the police."

    Moments later the police arrive, handcuff Willy, and escort him inside one of their vehicles. June Darby continues to stare at Scully in amazement.

    JUNE: "Where did you learn to fight like that?"

    Scully refuses to answer June's question as the nurse's feelings of amazement transform into gratitude.

    JUNE: "I...I don't know how to thank you enough."

    Scully smiles at the nurse.

    SCULLY: "It's quite alright June."

    JUNE: " it's not. I mean saved my life. What can I do to make this up to you?"

    SCULLY: "It's alright June. You don't owe me anything."

    JUNE: "Yes...yes I do. I owe you everything. What can I do for you?"

    SCULLY: "You don't have to do anything for me."

    JUNE: "No, I do! I need to do something..."

    SCULLY: "June?"

    JUNE: "Please, let me invite you over for dinner if nothing else."

    SCULLY: "June, really, you don't..."

    JUNE: "No, please! I insist. It's the least I can do. Are you available tomarrow night?"

    SCULLY: "I am."

    June pulls a pen and a small notebook out from another pocket and begins writing some information. She then rips the piece of paper off from her notebook and hands it to Scully.

    JUNE: "Here's my phone number and address. Just let me know what your in the mood for and what time will work for you and I will cook you the best dinner you can imagine. And I'll introduce you to my son, Jack. And if you want, you can invite your friend over as well."

    The very next day, in the late afternoon, during her lunch break, Scully dials her friend's cellphone after numerous earlier attempts only to continue receiving the following recording:

    RECORDING: "I'm not available. Leave a message. Bye."

    Frustrated, she decides to drive to his residence in the isolated outskirts of the town. After arriving at his house, she pulls a key out of her purse, unlocks the front door, and ventures up a long stairway before arriving at the door to a converted upstairs studio apartment. Loudly, she knocks on that door.

    SCULLY: "Mulder, it's me."

    She then hears an old familar voice.

    MULDER: "Come on in."

    Scully opens the door revealing an extremely cluttered and disorganized room. Covering the surface of every door and wall are pictures, newspaper clippings, paranormal literature, and a large and war-torn poster displaying a U.F.O. and the words, "I Want To Believe", on it. Navigating through such entropy, she eventually arrives at a desk and sets her eyes on the backside of a man pulling a picture he printed from an internet conspiracy site out of his printer. He then turns around in his chair to face Scully as he shows her that picture.

    MULDER: "So what do you think?"

    SCULLY: "About this picture?"

    Mulder gives her an affirming nod.

    SCULLY: "It's a black and yellow muscle car."

    MULDER: "Look closer."

    SCULLY: "Closer at what?"

    MULDER: "Notice nobody's inside?"

    SCULLY: "Mulder, you're not..."

    MULDER: "It's not a car Scully."

    SCULLY: "Mulder you're not seriously suggesting this is a...Mulder, it's the internet. You can't believe everything you see on the internet."

    MULDER: "This picture was posted several months ago only to mysteriously vanish and be replaced on every website with this."

    Mulder clicks a link on the screen of his laptop computer revealing a cute animation of a cat dressed in a spacesuit singing something humorous.

    CAT IN SPACESUIT: "Mars Cat says take me to your feeder."

    Scully starts laughing.

    MULDER: "It's not really funny Scully. It's actually quite annoying."

    SCULLY: "Only to you Mulder."

    MULDER: "No, to many other people as well who originally saw this picture before it mysteriously vanished for months. Luckily the creator of this site found it again after the government tried to erase all traces of it and replace it with something so pathetic."

    Scully laughs even louder at Mulder's comment.

    SCULLY: "Mulder, thank you. I really needed that. Especially after yesterday."

    MULDER: "Yesterday? Why? What happened yesterday?"

    SCULLY: "Well I risked my life defending a nurse against a large armed thug 3 times my weight."

    MULDER: "What? Why didn't you tell me about this earlier Scully?"

    SCULLY: "I tried, but you never answered your cellphone."

    MULDER: "Scully, I'm so sorry. It's just that I've been so busy lately."

    SCULLY: "Busy doing what? More of your 'research'?"

    Mulder, frustrated, walks away from his desk towards his kitchen.

    MULDER: "Scully, you want something to drink?"

    SCULLY: "I'll just take some water."

    Mulder enters his small kitchen unit noticing a package of pills sitting on top of the counter. Not wanting Scully to see them, he immediately places them inside his silverware drawer. He then pours Scully a glass of water from his refrigerator dispenser. Exiting the kitchen, he finds Scully's eyes fixed on an almost empty bottle of alcohol on his desk. Scully gives him a worried expression.

    SCULLY: "Mulder, is this the same bottle you had two nights ago?"

    Mulder let's out a faint sigh.

    MULDER: "Here's your water."

    SCULLY: "Mulder, you've been drinking again, haven't you?"

    MULDER: "Come on Scully. It was just a couple of shots."

    SCULLY: "A couple? That bottle was almost full a couple of days ago! Mulder, I'm worried about you."

    MULDER: "Scully, I'm fine."

    SCULLY: "No, you're not fine. Not with all this isolation."

    MULDER: "Scully, you gave me this same lecture over and over again in Virginia."

    SCULLY: "Yeah, and since you moved here, it's only gotten worse. Despite the fact you're a free man now."

    Scully notices Mulder's unkept appearance.

    SCULLY: "I mean when's the last time you even showered?"

    MULDER: "Why, do I stink?"

    SCULLY: "No, it's just that you look like you haven't changed your clothes in two days."

    MULDER: "I thought you came over to see me, not critique my appearance."

    SCULLY: "Actually, I came here to ask you for a favor."

    MULDER: "A favor?"

    SCULLY: "The nurse I defended, June Darby, has invited me over for dinner tonight at her house as an expression of her gratitude. I would like you to come."

    MULDER: "Come?"

    SCULLY: "Yes, Mulder. Come."

    MULDER: "At what time?"

    SCULLY: "Our shifts don't end until late this evening. So around 9:00 o'clock?"

    MULDER: "So I take it I'll be there for more than an hour?"

    SCULLY: "Most likely."

    MULDER: "But they're having a very important guest on 'Coast To Coast AM' at 10:30."

    SCULLY: "Can't you skip that show for just one night?"

    MULDER: "No I can't. Not this one. Especially since this guest is another eye witness claiming to have seen..."

    SCULLY: "Let me guess. Giant robots."

    MULDER: "Scully?"

    SCULLY: "Mulder, you've become way too obsessed with something based on nothing more than rumors and hearsay!"

    MULDER: "Rumors? Hearsay? I thought you'd have a more open mind after all these years. After all you've seen. After all you've heard. After all that has happened to you. To both of us."

    SCULLY: "Mulder, organic biological aliens are one thing. But giant mechanoids? That disguise themselves as vehicles?"

    MULDER: "Why is that so absurd to you?"

    SCULLY: "Why would any advanced robotic race need to imitate our primative technology?"

    MULDER: "Why would organic aliens, aliens we've seen proof of, need to imitate human beings? Disguise?"

    SCULLY: "You have a point. But you know me. As a medical doctor and scientist, I deal in facts and evidence only. I've seen evidence of the organic shapeshifters, but not of the robotic ones."

    MULDER: "Maybe you can help me find that evidence."

    SCULLY: "You want me to accompany you on one of your wild robot chases?"

    MULDER: "Why not? We always made a great team."

    SCULLY: "Mulder, this isn't my job anymore!"

    MULDER: "Oh I forget. You're done chasing monsters in the dark. And aliens."

    SCULLY: "Mulder, how many times do I have to tell you? We are no longer F.B.I. agents. This is no longer the X-Files. We are just two people now and at least one of us is trying to live a normal life."

    MULDER: "Well it won't be so normal come December 21st."

    SCULLY: "Oh the Mayan apocalyptic alien invasion again. Are you really sure you saw what you saw inside that military base?"

    MULDER: "Just keep hiding your head in the sand."

    SCULLY: "Mulder, listen. We're all going to die eventually. You. Me. Everyone. At least I'd like to know I lived the life I wanted."

    MULDER: "Then why can't you understand that this is the life I want? I was forced to leave the X-Files behind, but you of all people should know that the X-Files can never leave me. This is who I am Scully. This is what I know. This is all I've ever known. It's what drives me. It's why I moved here."

    SCULLY: "It's NOT why I moved here Mulder! I could have practiced medicine anywhere. I moved to the butt-end of Nevada for you! I've stood by you thick and thin all these years. Risked everything for you and this is how you repay me? All I'm asking you for is a simple favor. Is that too much to ask?"

    MULDER: "I'm sorry Scully. I...I just can't. Maybe tomarrow."

    Scully stares at a picture of Mulder's sister, Samantha, tacked on his closet door.

    SCULLY: "Still searching for your sister. You just can't let her go, can you?"

    MULDER: "What does my sister have to do with any of this?"

    SCULLY: "Everything Mulder."

    MULDER: "Scully, how many times do I have to TELL you? My sister's dead. I let her go years ago."

    SCULLY: "No you haven't. If you did, you'd stop chasing after your obsession."

    MULDER: "Extraterrestrial mechanoids didn't abduct her."

    SCULLY: "But something extraterrestrial did. Something you keep chasing because it serves to distract you from what you really need."

    MULDER: "Oh it's the 'I just need to get out and make some friends' garbage all over again!"

    SCULLY: "Mulder, you've been searching for aliens all your life because you feel like one yourself. Because you feel like you don't fit in this world. Like you don't belong here. You're seeking a sense of belonging. Belonging to something greater than yourself."

    Mulder stares at the gold cross around Scully's neck.

    MULDER: "You think I'm ultimately searching for God? Huh? Is that it? I still can't understand how you can call yourself a scientist and skeptic and yet believe in the existence of a supernatural being. You think I'm absurd for wanting to believe in the existence of extraterrestrial mechanoids? You say there's no proof? Well there's no proof of God either!"

    SCULLY: "Mulder, I don't want to continue this argument anymore."

    MULDER: "Because you know I'm right. Don't you?"

    SCULLY: "Mulder, I have to get going."

    MULDER: "Trying to back out of an argument you can't win."

    SCULLY: "Mulder, here's June's address. I'd really like you to come over."

    Scully hands Mulder a piece of paper with June handed her. She then leaves his residence. Mulder, a bit distraught and tired, falls asleep. He then starts to dream...

    Mulder, 12 years old, steals his 8-year old sister's Stratego piece asserting that he's won the game.

    MULDER: "Ha, ha! I win!"

    SAMANTHA: "Hey give that back! That's my piece!"

    MULDER: "Too bad!"

    Samantha's frown deepens as Mulder moves closer towards the television set.

    SAMANTHA: "That's not fair."

    Samantha moves closer to Mulder as he's watching a news report of the Watergate scandal.

    SAMANTHA: "This is boring. Mom said I could watch the Western."

    Mulder rudely refuses to remove his gaze from the television set and acknowledge her.

    MULDER: "No, we're watching this."

    Samantha, in protest, walks up to the television set and changes the channel. Mulder, in anger, resets it causing his frustrated sister to scream at him. Mulder then backs away from the set while voicing his disdain for his sister's actions.

    MULDER: "Listen, we're watching this and then we're watching 'The Magician' at nine. Ok?"

    SAMANTHA: "It's always about you and what you wanna watch! You're so SELFISH!"

    Suddenly the lights in the room flicker off as the television goes out.

    MULDER: "Great, what did you do? Blow the fuse?"

    SAMANTHA: "Oh yeah, just go ahead and blame everything on me."

    Mulder and Samantha then hear an eerie, electrical, and engine-like hum from outside as the Stratego pieces and other objects in the room start to vibrate and shudder.

    MULDER: "What the?"

    SAMANTHA: "Fox!"

    Then strobing red, orange, and blue lights come out of the window and fill the room. Suddenly the door opens and Mulder is caught by the mysterious appearance of an alien-looking figure. Mulder, in horror, watches a now unconscious Samantha, enveloped in light, levitate through the window. Scared out of his mind, he starts screaming....


    Mulder suddenly awakens and lifts his head from its resting place on his desk realizing he's been asleep for several hours. Moving his arms to straighten himself, he brushes against an old photograph causing it to fall to the floor. Grabbing it, he stares at another picture of his sister taken with him and his parents shortly before she mysteriously disappeared from his life forever. He grabs the piece of paper inscribed with June Darby's address and decides to honor Scully's wish. He showers, gets directions via the internet, and drives to the Darby residence reminding himself how lucky he is to have Scully in his life. If it wasn't for Scully's skeptical but generous help, he may have never been able to accomplish his 9 years of X-Files research to begin with. In fact, he may have never even made if out of the F.B.I. alive. Realizing the great debt he owes to Scully, he acknowledges that he cannot be as selfish to her as he was to his only sister shortly before she was taken from his life forever.

    Mulder finally arrives at the correct street but is unable to see the houses' addresses due to the poor outside illumination. He parks his vehicle and seaches for the Darby residence on foot. After walking a small distance, he finally locates the correct house by shining a flashlight on its number. Assuming the house is vacant due to the lack of vehicles in its driveway, he decides to wait for Scully and its occupants near the garage door. He then hears chatter inside prompting him to knock on the garage door. He then hears a strange name.

    JACK: "Arcee?"

    Mulder mumbles to himself.

    MULDER: "Arcee?"

    He then hears something even stranger.

    JACK: "Arcee, you need to rev your engines and head back."

    His curiousity stimulated, Mulder decides to peak through the window on the right side of the garage instead of disturbing the occupants inside. Looking through that window, he observes a very strange scene: a teenage boy talking to his motorcycle.

    JACK: "Arcee, please. I don't want you sleeping here tonight in this tiny cramped garage in your vehicle mode."

    Mulder mumbles to himself again.

    MULDER: "Vehicle mode?"

    To Mulder's surprise, the motorcycle converses with the boy in a female voice.

    ARCEE: "Jack, I'm fine!"

    JACK: "No, you're not. Not after all you've been through."

    To Mulder's shock, the motorcycle moves on its own towards Jack.

    ARCEE: "Jack, I said I'm fine!"

    Mulder moves towards the middle of the window to have a better look unconscious of a rock resting on the loose gravel below him. He steps on the rock causing it to slide under his foot as he slips and crashes against the ground. The noise generated from his fall alerts Arcee and Jack.

    ARCEE: "What was that?"

    Jack looks out the window and sees a man lying on the ground. He opens the garage door and rushes outside to offer assistance.

    JACK: "Are you ok?"

    Mulder rises from the ground and stands.

    MULDER: "Yeah, I'm fine."

    JACK: "Who are you?"

    MULDER: "Name's Mulder."

    JACK: "Mulder?"

    MULDER: "I'm friends with Dana Scully."

    JACK: "The doctor who saved my mom?"

    MULDER: "Yeah, where are they? I thought we're supposed to be having dinner tonight."

    JACK: "What?"

    MULDER: "As a thank you to Scully. I was told I was invited."

    JACK: "Hold on. Let me call my mom."

    As Jack dials his mother on his cellphone, he observes, to his discomfort, Mulder walking close to Arcee and staring at her. As his mother answers his call, he begins to worry that Mulder may have been observing him and Arcee during their conversation.

    JUNE: "Jack?"

    JACK: "Hi mom. There's a man named Mulder here who says he's friends with Dr. Scully and that you invited him and her over for dinner tonight. I didn't hear anything about this."

    JUNE: "I'm sorry Jack. Dr. Scully didn't think her friend was going to be able to make it so I told her it was alright if we rescheduled for another day."

    JACK: "Well he's right here waiting."

    Scully, who's with June at the hospital, hears her conversation and decides to respond.

    SCULLY: "June, can I have your phone for a minute."

    JUNE: "Sure. Jack wait just a minute. I'm getting Dr. Scully on the line."

    June then hands her phone to Scully.

    SCULLY: "Hi Jack. This is Dr. Scully. Can I speak to Mulder right now?"

    JACK: "Sure."

    Jack walks over to Mulder and hands him his cellphone.

    JACK: "It's Dr. Scully."

    Mulder grabs the cellphone still elated that he is in the presence of an extraterrestrial robot.

    MULDER: "Hey Scully."

    SCULLY: "Mulder, I thought you weren't coming so I rescheduled. I'm sorry."

    MULDER: "Don't worry."

    At this point, June Darby makes a suggestion.

    JUNE: "Dana, I know it's too late to make a meal, but how about if I treat you all to pizza?"

    SCULLY: "June, you don't..."

    JUNE: "I insist and I would like to meet Mulder and introduce you to Jack."

    SCULLY: "Mulder, don't go anywhere. Our shifts are ending soon and we will both be over with some pizza."

    MULDER: "Sounds really good Scully. See you soon."

    Mulder then resumes staring at Jack's motorcycle. Jack, now worried, approaches the man and decides to question his knowledge of all that he observed inside his garage not too long ago.

    JACK: "You weren't looking in on me, were you?"

    Mulder decides to play stupid as his gaze remains fixed on the motorcycle.

    MULDER: "Um no. No, not at all. Was just looking for the front door. By the way, nice bike. Where did you get her...I mean it?"

    Arcee mumbles to herself.

    ARCEE: "Uh oh."

    JACK: "Um...I bought it."

    MULDER: "You bought it? Really?"

    JACK: "You know. I just remembered. We're low on paper plaits and napkins and we're really going to need those for all that pizza. Would you mind waiting while I head to the grocery store up the street?"

    MULDER: "Can't you call your mom and ask her to get them."

    JACK: "Well I like to be responsible and help out."

    Jack hops on Arcee and pretends to rev her engines. They then quickly exit the garage as it closes behind them and speed away from the house relieved to be away from Mulder knowing full well that the local store was closed already. They take their sweet time as Mulder waits, rather impatiently, for them to return. Forty five minutes later, Arcee and Jack arrive back at the house only to find, to their worry, that June and Scully have not returned yet. Jack realizes he will have to contend with Mulder again all by himself. As soon as he gets off his motorcycle, Mulder begins probing him again.

    MULDER: "What took you so long?"

    JACK: "What?"

    MULDER: "You were gone 45 minutes. I thought you just had to make a quick trip to the grocery store. And where's your groceries?"

    JACK: Well we....I mean I....was....stuck in traffic."

    MULDER: "Traffic? In this town? And what's with this 'we'?"

    Suddenly, to Jack's relief, two cars pull into the driveway interrupting Mulder's probing. June exits her vehicle. Scully then exits hers, walks over to Mulder, smiles at him, and gives him a hug.

    SCULLY: "Thank you for coming Mulder."

    June gives Mulder a warm smile of her own.

    JUNE: "Oh so this is the friend you've known for so long. Nice to meet you Mulder."

    MULDER: "Nice to meet you June."

    June stares at Mulder amazed at his resemblance to another person she use to know.

    JUNE: "You look so much like..."

    June pauses for a moment.

    MULDER: "Like who?"

    JUNE: "Um...never mind."

    Mulder turns away from June and Scully as his gaze returns to Jack's motorcycle. Scully, uncomfortable with his rude behavior, tries to get his attention.

    SCULLY: "Mulder, where's your car?"

    MULDER: "It's across the street."

    Jack walks over to Scully.

    JACK: "Hi Dr. Scully. I'm Jack. Thanks for saving my mom."

    SCULLY: "I'm glad I could."

    JUNE: "Jack, come and help me with the pizza."

    Moments later, Mulder and Scully are inside June and Jack's house enjoying many tasty slices of pizza.

    JUNE: "So Dana, how long have you known Mulder?"

    SCULLY: "A long time."

    JACK: "So Mulder, what do you do for a living?"

    MULDER: "I investigate."

    JACK: "Investigate? What?"

    MULDER: "Aliens. Giant robots."

    Jack suddenly spits out a large chunk of pizza to his mother's annoyance.

    JUNE: "Jack?"

    MULDER: "Early this spring, a construction worker informed a few friends of mine that he had made contact with giant extraterrestrial mechanoids under the ground of New York City."

    June and Jack's eyes widened as their mouths begin to gape. Scully's eyes, however, begin to squint in embarrassment and anger.

    SCULLY: "Mulder, please!"

    MULDER: "A government agent contacted this worker and tried to silence him about his encounter. However, he obtained the phone number of this agent. My friends then traced that number to this town, Jasper Nevada."

    June and Jack's mouths gape even more in astonishment. Scully, however, starts to turn red.

    SCULLY: "Mulder, please. That's enough!"

    MULDER: "The contruction worker gave descriptions of these robots. According to him, they have the ability to change their shapes in order to mimic vehicles. He described one of them as being female and transforming into a blue motorcycle."

    SCULLY: "Mulder, stop! Now!"

    MULDER: "He stated that the robots were accompanied by two teenagers. You wouldn't happen to be one of those teenagers, would you Jack?"

    Jack and June turn bright red in shock and Scully fills with utter embarrassment. Scully approaches Mulder and grabs him by the arm.

    SCULLY: "Mulder, let's go!"

    MULDER: "Scully?"

    Scully reaches into Mulder's pant pocket and grabs his keys.

    SCULLY: "I said let's go! I'm driving!"

    Scully then drags Mulder out of June's house to his car. She shoves him in the passenger seat before stepping in herself and turning on the ignition. She rolls down her window as she and Mulder speed toward June and Jack who are now standing in their driveway.

    SCULLY: "I'll come back for my car. Bye June. Bye Jack. Sorry about this!"

    Scully rushes back to her residence and exits Mulder's vehicle. Mulder exits afterwards but remains by his car. Scully tries to get his attention.

    SCULLY: "Mulder?"

    Mulder, however, refuses to follow her.

    MULDER: "Scully, I want my keys back."

    SCULLY: "Mulder, you're spending the night here."

    MULDER: "Why?"

    SCULLY: "Because I don't want you driving while you're intoxicated."

    MULDER: "Intoxicated? What? I wasn't drinking."

    SCULLY: "After talking crazy and embarrassing me right in front of June and her son? Telling them that you believe Jack's motorcycle is a giant robot in disguise?"

    MULDER: "It isn't what I believe. It's what I saw?"

    SCULLY: "Saw what Mulder?"

    MULDER: "I saw Jack and his motorcycle interacting. Conversing."

    SCULLY: "Conversing?"

    MULDER: "Jack spoke to the motorcycle and it spoke back to him in a female voice."

    SCULLY: "What?"

    MULDER: "He called her 'Arcee'".

    SCULLY: "Arcee?"

    MULDER: "She not only spoke to him, she moved on her own volition."

    SCULLY: "Mulder..."

    MULDER: "Scully, she's not a motorcycle. She's a giant robot disguised as one! The same robot the construction worker encountered in New York City. And Jack is that same teenager he described befriending her."

    Scully turns her frustrated gaze away from Mulder and releases a breath of air. She then returns that same gaze signaling to Mulder her disbelief in what he told her.

    MULDER: "Scully, I'm telling you the truth."

    SCULLY: "Mulder, get inside."

    MULDER: "You don't believe me."

    SCULLY: "Just get inside!"

    MULDER: "No, Scully. I need to go back."

    SCULLY: "No, Mulder. You're not going back."

    MULDER: "Scully. My keys. Now!"

    SCULLY: "No Mulder!"

    MULDER: "You need to return to the Darby's too."

    SCULLY: "Mulder, just get inside! I'm tired and don't have time for this anymore!"

    MULDER: "Don't have time for what? Listening to me instead of blowing me off? Scully, I'm telling you the truth. That's NOT a motorcycle inside June's garage!"

    SCULLY: "Just like the planes in the sky aren't really planes? And the cars on the street aren't really cars? Mulder, everything to you is a giant robot!"

    MULDER: "Not everything."

    SCULLY: "Almost everything."

    MULDER: "You think I've lost it? You think I'm just seeing things now? Imagining things? That I just imagined what I saw in June's garage? I thought you trusted me after all these years. Trusted my observations. My judgements."

    SCULLY: "While we were F.B.I. agents you still had some rationality for the most part. Some discernment. I don't know if that's the case anymore."

    MULDER: "You think I'm mentally ill? You think I'm crazy again? Just like back in the good ole days when you first met me? When the F.B.I. assigned you to debunk me?"

    SCULLY: "Mulder, this isn't about how you were in the past. This is about how are you now. Back then your obsessions didn't drive you to such extremes."

    MULDER: "Extremes? Like what?"

    SCULLY: "Like alcoholism."

    MULDER: "You never complained every time I visited the pub."

    SCULLY: "That's because you didn't visit the pub on a daily basis chugging down pints of alcohol every time."

    MULDER: "You really think I have a drinking problem?"

    SCULLY: "Mulder, your father had a drinking problem. These things tend to run in the family. And it wasn't just your father."

    MULDER: "Oh, so now your going after my mother."

    SCULLY: "Like you, your mother developed insomnia later in life. As a result, she started taking sleeping pills on a regular basis. Became addicted to them. Mulder, you haven't been doing the same, have you?"

    Mulder turns away from Scully refusing to acknowledge her.

    SCULLY: "Mulder, look at me!"

    Scully, knowing Mulder well, takes his refusal to acknowledge her as an affirmative answer.

    SCULLY: "You have, haven't you?"

    MULDER: "Scully, I've had enough!"

    SCULLY: "Mulder, you need help!"

    MULDER: "Don't tell me what I need!"

    SCULLY: "Mulder, just look at you. Just look at what your robot obsession is doing to you."

    MULDER: "What? Giving me purpose? Hope?"

    SCULLY: "Purpose? Hope? Hope for what? You think some iron giant's going to save you? Slay all the demons and make everything right?"

    MULDER: "You think I'm looking for some savior figure? Some messiah who'll take me under his wing?"

    Scully stares at the ground suddenly realizing a profound truth she hadn't been able to see before.

    SCULLY: "Take you under his wing? I...I just figured it out."

    MULDER: "Figured out what?"

    SCULLY: "All these years I thought you were searching for your sister. You were never searching for her, Mulder. You were searching for your father."

    MULDER: "My father?"

    SCULLY: "Yes Mulder. Your father. That perfect father you always desired but never had."

    MULDER: "Scully, just...just stop. Just stop with the psychoanalyzing. Ok? I mean you're lecturing someone with a psychology degree for crying out loud."

    SCULLY: "That doesn't mean you're capable of diagnosing your own problems."

    MULDER: "Ok, know what? This has been the longest five minutes of my life. It really has. You say you're tired? Well I'm tired too!"

    SCULLY: "Mulder, I'm just concerned about you."

    MULDER: "Scully, I don't need your so-called concern. What I need are my keys back."

    SCULLY: "Why? So you can return to the Darbys and spy on them?"

    MULDER: "Scully, just give me my keys back or else I'm walking."

    SCULLY: "Walking? Alone? This late at night?"

    MULDER: "I'll risk being mugged. It beats what I just had to listened to."

    SCULLY: "If you don't want to stay here, fine. Just get in my car and I'll drive you home."

    MULDER: "No, you're not driving me anywhere! I'm driving myself inside my own vehicle!"

    SCULLY: "Ok, since you want to make things difficult, fine! Here's your keys. Just promise me you're going straight home?"

    Mulder grabs his car keys and, dishonoring Scully's request, heads back to the Darby residence. After parking his car a block away and walking back to June's house, he finds the residence vacant. He returns to that same garage side window desparate for Jack's motorcycle to return. After several hours of patiently waiting, Mulder finally falls into a rare sleep that does not require the aid of his sleeping pills or his bottles of alcohol: a sleep made possible by the peace of knowing that he may finally get the one thing he has been desparately seeking after years of searching: that precious chance encounter with an extraterrestrial robotic titan! Alternating between sleep and wakefulness, Mulder stays by the window for hours on end as the sun rises the next day and makes its long transit through the sky. Finally, hours after the sun has set again, Mulder is awakened from his drousy light sleep by the sound of an engine hum as June pulls Scully's vehicle into her driveway. Not wanting to be seen, Mulder backs away from the window towards the backyard. June exits the vehicle and reaches into her pocket for her keys when she is suddenly interrupted by her ringing cell phone. Seeing Scully's name displayed on her phone, she immediately answers it.

    JUNE: "Hello, Dana?"

    SCULLY: "June, how's everything?"

    JUNE: "I still don't see him anywhere. Haven't seen him since last night."

    SCULLY: "Maybe you should look around just in case. He can be very sneaky."

    June walks around the perimeter of the entire house and then peeks inside the backyard. Mulder, however, is easily able to avoid her watchful eye.

    JUNE: "Nope, he's not anywhere."

    SCULLY: "Maybe he's really home. I've been trying to call him, but he's not answering. June, I'm so sorry about this."

    JUNE: "Dana, this isn't your fault. I invited him over."

    SCULLY: "How's Jack? Is he ok?"

    JUNE: "He's fine. We spent the night over at a friend's house."

    SCULLY: "I hope Mulder doesn't come back and harrass him."

    JUNE: "Well, if it will make you feel better, Jack's staying at my friend's place for at least a week. Maybe longer."

    SCULLY: "Actually, that doesn't make me feel any better. I'm sorry for all this."

    JUNE: "Dana, please. Stop blaming yourself. You saved my life for crying out loud!"

    Scully pauses for a moment worrying June.

    JUNE: "Dana, are you there?"

    SCULLY: "I'm here."

    JUNE: "Dana, what's wrong?"

    SCULLY: "I'm...I'm worried about him June."

    JUNE: "Dana, what's wrong? What's wrong with Mulder?"

    Scully pauses again.

    SCULLY: "I'm...I'm sorry June. I shouldn't be..."

    JUNE: "No Dana. You should. You need someone to talk to. Tell me. What's wrong with Mulder?"

    SCULLY: "June, he's an alcoholic."

    JUNE: "An alcoholic?"

    SCULLY: "And I just found out he's addicted to sleeping pills."

    JUNE: "Sleeping pills?"

    SCULLY: "June, I'm worried about his mental and emotional health. I mean he doesn't talk to anyone. He doesn't get out and do anything. Unless it concerns those fictitious robots he's obsessed with."

    June pauses for a second as she reflects on her deceased husband. She then decides to issue Scully a dire warning.

    JUNE: "Listen, Dana. What's happening to Mulder is serious. I know. It's what happened to my husband: Jack's father right before he ran off and committed suicide."

    SCULLY: "June, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry to hear that."

    Scully pauses for a another moment worrying June again.

    JUNE: "Dana?"

    SCULLY: "Mulder's mother committed suicide not long after she became addicted to those same pills Mulder's taking."

    JUNE: "And Mulder could do the same. He needs help immediately."

    SCULLY: "I've been trying to tell him that for a long time."

    JUNE: "I know someone who can help him. His name is Dr. Arin Reed. He's a psychiatrist who specializes in drug and alcohol addiction. I can get you his number."

    SCULLY: "I would really appreciate that."

    JUNE: "Do you know anyone who can observe him on a regular basis?"

    SCULLY: "His landlady."

    JUNE: "Landlady?"

    SCULLY: "I've spoken to her before. She shares my same concerns."

    JUNE: "What did she tell you?"

    SCULLY: "Mainly about his unsanitary living conditions and the high electric bill she has to pay each month because he refuses to turn his lights off. Or his computer."

    JUNE: "He's definitely not sleeping much which explains the pills. Anything else?"

    SCULLY: "She complained about his hygiene and the smell of alcohol on his breath every time he passed her. She's basically observing the same things I am."

    JUNE: "Dana, for Mulder's sake, you need to get in touch with her immediately and warn her about his mental and emotional state. That way she can monitor him on a regular basis just in case he tries to do anything drastic."

    June's alarming advice causes Scully to breakdown and cry.

    JUNE: "Dana? Dana?"

    SCULLY: "I...I just don't know what I'd do if I ever lost him."

    JUNE: "Dana, it's alright. Listen, I'm coming over to your place."

    SCULLY: "But June, it's late and have you to..."

    JUNE: "Dana, I'm taking tomarrow off. You need to do the same. You need someone to talk to."

    SCULLY: "June..."

    JUNE: "Dana, listen? I'll be over in 30 minutes. Just hang in there. I'm bringing you something to eat. And I'll have Dr. Reed's number."

    SCULLY: "Thank you June."

    Mulder retrieves his car and drives back to his place of residence. He unlocks the front door and ventures back inside his room which, though full of clutter, seems almost as dark and as empty as he feels inside. Feeling immense anger towards Scully, he begins to question her friendship. He pulls out another bottle of alcohol from his kitchen cupboard and pours its contents into a large glass. Shortly after drinking the entire amount, he starts to feel its effects, especially on his emotions, as his anger towards Scully swells.

    MULDER: "So Scully, I guess everything's come full circle now. We're back at the beginning. Only this time you not only think I'm crazy again, but dysfunctional now. Even suicidal. I thought you trusted me after all these years. Trusted me to be honest with you. To always tell you the truth. But maybe it's not me who can't be trusted. Maybe it's you. Especially after going behind my back like that. To June. To my landlady. Having her spy on me. You want me to get out of this place? Well guess what Scully? I'm finally granting your wish. I'm moving. You've given me all the incentive to do so."

    Mulder, no longer in control of his emotions, grabs a pen and a piece of paper from his desk drawer and begins to ponder something he would never ponder while he was sober.

    MULDER: "Hey Scully, you really think I would take my life? Well here you go."

    Mulder begins writing Scully a fake suicide note. He doesn't do so with the intent of spiting her. He could never bring himself to do such a thing no matter how much anger he has towards her or how much alcohol he has consumed. Rather he writes the letter simply as amusement to relieve his frustrations never intending for her to see it. Afterwards, his head falls to his desk as his drowsiness takes over causing him to fall into a light sleep. Two hours later, he awakens, turns on his radio, walks towards a table under a large window, and places his fake suicide note upside down on its surface. He gazes at the dazzling array of stars in the night sky. He then heads for a wall with a calendar attached to it. Grasping a marker nearby, he crosses off the day's date. He then thumbs through the rest of the calendar until his eyes rest on one ominous date: December 21st, 2012. He suddenly fills with fear. A fear he is all too familiar with. A fear a radio conversation only compounds.

    GEORGE NOORY: "Hello. Back with open lines. Rick from New Mexico."

    RICK: "Hey George. You know. I just thought of something."

    GEORGE NOORY: "Ok, what is it?"

    RICK: "You know that Mayan endtime date? December 21st of this year?"

    GEORGE NOORY: "Know it all too well. After all these crazy storms and quakes in February, I thought the Mayans were off by almost a year."

    RICK: "I wish they were, but I think it's gonna get much worse."

    GEORGY NOORY: "How could it get any worse?"

    RICK: "Listen George, I don't think it's the earth that's going to do us in but something from space."

    GEORGE NOORY: "Something from space? Like what?"

    RICK: "I don't know. Maybe a meteor. Or aliens. Or just some big bad....I don't know. Just something."

    Upon hearing those words, Mulder's fear and anger swell to an unmanageable level. He pulls a baseball bat out of his closet and smashes all the dishes and glasses on the counter top. As their debris settle, so finally does his anger. Feeling exhausted, but unable to sleep, he reaches for his pack of sleeping pills inside his silverware drawer and returns to that same table under the window. He swallows some of the pills as his attention returns to that dazzling night sky. He wonders if there's more than fear and terror in that sky: fear and terror that could be visiting Earth in a little less than a year from now. He wonders if there's also hope. Salvation. As the pills take effect and his mind begins to drift, he begins to see an image in that sky. The image of a father. Not the cold, critical, and distant father who beat him in drunken fits of rage shortly after his sister's disappearance. But the ideal father possessing absolute courage, supreme strength, and unconditional love. He wonders if that perfect father figure exists: that perfect father he has always desired, even if subconsciously as he falls asleep. The next day Mulder is awakened by a ray of morning sunlight shining on his face. He rises from his table groggy but in a slightly more pleasant mood than the night before. He walks inside his kitchen and makes himself a cup of coffee before returning to his computer on top of his desk. Gazing at its screen, he mumbles to himself.

    MULDER: "Ok, so Jack and his...'Arcee'...won't be coming home for awhile. But since Jack's a teenager, around 16, he's got to be at one of the local high schools."

    Mulder uses the internet to find all the high schools within the vicinity of Jasper. Fortunately for him, there is only one simply named "Jasper High School". After finding the directions to the school, Mulder, in a hurry, enters his vehicle and starts its engine. He's doesn't bother cleaning up the glass shards on his countertop, destroying his fake suicide note, and putting away his sleeping pills first. Since his landlady is out of town for a week, she will not be there to observe anything of concern to report to Scully. And since Scully only has the keys to the front door of the house, and not to his living space upstairs, she will be unable to come inside his apartment and spy on him while he is gone. He arrives at the school only to find almost no students wandering the campus. He buys a newspaper from a vending machine and uses it to hide his face while he sits on a bench waiting for the lunch recess. Four hours later, approximately 1000 students exit their classrooms and head for the cafeteria and snack machines. Mulder catches sight of two female students several feet from him.

    SIERRA: "I just don't get him! He promised to meet me at the Starbuck's at the mall yesterday. I show up and waited and nothing!"

    SIERRA'S FRIEND: "Well maybe he was called at the last minute to work an extra shift at KO Burger again."

    SIERRA: "Well he could have at least called me and let me know."

    After listening to their conversation, Mulder finds the directions to KO Burger from his cell phone and drives to the burger joint. He parks his vehicle and enters the joint's newly added restaurant area only to find a shocked Jack staring at him while flipping some burgers on a grill. Jack lets out a brief scream as Mulder approaches him.

    MULDER: "Hey Jack. Shouldn't you be in school?"

    Startled by the boy's scream, Jack's boss, Fred, runs into the kitchen.

    FRED: "Jack, just what's going on?"

    JACK: "Fred, can I leave now? My shift's almost over."

    FRED: "No you can't! You still got 10 minutes left and a customer's waiting."

    JACK: "But Fred..."

    FRED: "Leave before your 10 minutes is up and you're fired! I mean it! Now serve this man his food!"

    Jack gives Mulder an expression of fear as he comes closer to him. He begins reciting the menu trying to appease his boss and distract Mulder at the same time.

    JACK: "The Classic Double Punch Combo? The Supersized Knockout Value Meal?"

    MULDER: "No, I'll have it my way."

    Mulder waits until Jack's boss leaves the kitchen before engaging the boy in conversation.

    MULDER: "Jack, I need to talk to you."

    JACK: "Dude, it's just a motorcycle. Ok?"

    MULDER: "Jack, listen. Can we go outside for a minute?"

    JACK: "Outside?"

    Mulder begins talking in a loud voice.

    MULDER: "I need to speak to Jack outside or else I'm not buying anything!"

    JACK: "But..."

    Jack's boss, overhearing Mulder, hollers at the boy from his office ordering him to do as Mulder says.

    FRED: "Go outside and talk to him. I want a sale!"

    Jack reluctantly follows Mulder outside. Mulder than begins conversing with him.

    MULDER: "Listen, Jack. I use to be an F.B.I. agent. I worked on a group of unsolved cases called the X-Files."

    JACK: "The what?"

    MULDER: "They dealt with paranormal phenomenon, especially that related to U.F.O.s and alien abductions. During my years of investigation I uncovered a vast conspiracy by the government to coverup the existence of extraterrestrial life. I discovered that our government is secretly working with a very advanced and hostile alien species. A species that plans to wipe out humanity and conquer this planet very soon."

    JACK: "Um...ok...that's....interesting. Listen, I...."

    MULDER: "Later, I began investigating another extraterrestrial species. A species that appeared on this planet much more recently. A highly advanced robotic species of shape-shifting mechanoids. A species you are obviously befriending. A species that can save this planet from a hostile alien takeover on December 21st of this year."

    JACK: "Listen, I don't know what you're smoking, but I really have to go now."

    MULDER: "Jack, please! I need your help!"

    Jack devises a plan to rid himself of Mulder.

    JACK: "Can I use the restroom first? Because Mother Nature's really calling."

    MULDER: "Sure."

    Jack rushes inside K.O. Burger's restroom while Mulder waits outside in the eating area. The boy races inside a stall and closes its door while he pulls his cell phone out of his pocket. He pulls his pants down and sits on the toilet seat in an effort to fool his boss into thinking he's defecating rather than fooling around and wasting time should he come inside. He begins dialing Arcee as a mysterious blue and grey object slides out of his side pocket onto the floor.

    ARCEE: "Jack?"

    JACK: "I have a big problem."

    ARCEE: "Why? What's wrong?"

    JACK: "It's that Mulder guy. He found me."

    ARCEE: "What? How?"

    JACK: "I don't know. It's a small town. It's not that hard to find anyone really. Listen. He came by K.O. Burger and started harrassing me. Told me that he use to be an F.B.I. agent who investigated U.F.O.s and aliens. He claims there's some really nasty aliens the government's secretly working with. He said they're going to invade this planet and kill everyone on December 21st of this year."

    ARCEE: "What?"

    JACK: "He knows I have an alliance with you guys."

    ARCEE: "Jack, I'm not a guy."

    JACK: "I mean he knows about you and the rest of the bots. He claims you Autobots can stop the aliens. I don't know whether he's just crazy or telling the truth."

    ARCEE: "Jack, are you still at work?"

    JACK: "Yeah. I'm in the bathroom trying to stay away from him. I need someone to pick me up right now!"

    ARCEE: "Just hang in there. I'm calling Bee."

    Several minutes later, Bumblebee pulls in front of the burger joint with his holographic driver engaged. He dials Jack who rushes out the doors past Mulder and his annoyed boss.

    JACK: "Bye Fred."

    Mulder runs out the door chasing after Jack. However, Jack proves too quick for him as he rushes inside Bumblebee. Mulder watches a very familar yellow and black muscle car take off with lightning speed. He then ventures back inside K.O. burger and mumbles to himself.

    MULDER: "I've seen that same car on a conspiracy site. It's...."

    Mulder decides to stop himself and not say anything more. However, he already has captured Fred's attention.

    FRED: "It's what?"

    MULDER: "Um...nothing."

    FRED: "Are you his father?"

    MULDER: "Um no."

    FRED: "Then why were you going after him like that?"

    Mulder, not wanting Fred to think he's a stalker or a child molester, gives him an nonsense explanation.

    MULDER: "He hit my vehicle with his bike and put a large dent in it."

    FRED: "Why that little...I should fire his..."

    MULDER: "No. No. It's ok. His mom took full responsibility for everything. I just didn't think he fully apologized to me. That's why I came down here. To get him to apologize. Don't fire him. He's a good kid overall. He just has a few glitches."

    FRED: "Yeah, maybe I shouldn't be so hard on him. Listen, I'm sorry about all this trouble. Order anything you like. It's on me."

    MULDER: "Thanks. I'll take your supersized...whatever you call it."

    Fred enters the kitchen and begins preparing food as Mulder walks inside the bathroom looking for any clues Jack may have left behind. He sees a shiney blue and grey object on the floor inside a stall. He grabs the curious object as it mysteriously, to his surprise, begins to glow in his hand. Mulder stares at the object reasoning that it is somehow connected to the mysterious alien mechanoids Jack is befriending. Little does he realize that like Jack before him, he has now become the guardian of one of Autobots' most important relics: the key to Vector Sigma! One half hour later, Bumblebee and Jack return to base. Jack exits Bumblebee right before he transforms. Ratchet walks toward Jack until he is standing right in front of him.

    RATCHET: "Jack, we have some good news."

    JACK: "About Optimus?"

    RATCHET: "We may have a means of finding him."

    JACK: "How?"

    RATCHET: "Using the very thing you now possess."

    JACK: "The key to Vector Sigma? How can that help?"

    RATCHET: "Last night, Rafael suggested that if the key can lead you through the Path of the Primes to Vector Sigma, it may be able to lead you to Prime himself!"

    JACK: "Like how?"

    RATCHET: "During the eons Optimus possessed the key, it became infused with his life force. It, therefore, may be able to do something our limited Earth-based technology can't: hone in on his specific energy signature whereever he is on this planet. Jack, we need you to use it to find him."

    JACK: "Sure, just let me pull it out of my..."

    Jack reaches into his pant pocket only to find it devoid of the key.

    JACK: "What?"

    RATCHET: "Jack, what's wrong?"

    JACK: "I don't have it. It's gone!"

    RATCHET: "What? You lost the key? You lost the key to Vector Sigma?"

    JACK: "It must have fallen out of my pocket while I was in the restroom."

    RATCHET: "I can't believe this!"

    ARCEE: "Ratchet, calm down. We're going back to Jack's work place to see if it's still there."

    Jack and Arcee leave the base and head back to K.O. Burger. After searching the entire fast food joint, especially the restroom, Jack, to his horror, finds himself empty handed. He leaves the joint and hops on Arcee in her motorcycle mode with disappointing news to report.

    JACK: "Arcee, I couldn't find that key anywhere. I'm so sorry. I feel so bad."

    ARCEE: "Jack..."

    JACK: "I mean without that key, we may never find Optimus and it's all my fault."

    ARCEE: "Jack, your boss didn't find it?"

    JACK: "No. I asked him. Well I didn't tell him it was an artifact from outerspace. I hope some customer didn't pick it up."

    ARCEE: "I'm wondering if that Mulder guy found it."

    JACK: "I'm calling my mom."

    June is inside Scully's apartment consoling her when her cell phone rings. She immediately answers it.

    JUNE: "Hi Jack."

    JACK: "Mom, I need your help."

    JUNE: "Why? What's going on?"

    JACK: "It concerns that key Optimus gave me. I lost it and..."

    JUNE: "Jack, give me one second."

    June turns her attention away from Jack towards Scully.

    JUNE: "Dana, can you excuse me for one moment? I need to talk to Jack in private."

    SCULLY: "Sure. You can use my bedroom if you want."

    June walks inside Scully's bedroom and closes the door. She then resumes her conversation with Jack.

    JUNE: "You lost that key?"

    JACK: "Yeah, but I think Mulder may have found it."

    JUNE: "How could Mulder have it?"

    JACK: "Well he came by K.O. Burger and..."

    JUNE: "Wait. He came by your work place? How does he know where you work?"

    JACK: "I don't know, but he somehow found out. I need you to tell Dr. Scully to call him and find out. Tell her it's some toy my dad gave me when I was little."

    JUNE: "Jack, I think this has gone far enough."

    JACK: "What? What are you talking about?"

    JUNE: "I'll have Dana find out if Mulder has that key. But I think at this point Mulder has the right to know."

    JACK: "What? You want to tell him about the bots?"

    JUNE: "Mulder's been searching for the robots for a long time. Like me, he saw too much when he witnessed you and Arcee interacting. He wants to know the truth and I don't think it's fair to keep him in the dark anymore. Or Dana for that matter."

    JACK: "What? You want to tell Dr. Scully too? Mom, you heard what Agent Fowler said earlier. 'No more human contacts'. He was adamant about that!"

    JUNE: "Well then that's Fowler's problem."

    JACK: "Mom, you can't be serious. Please, think about this."

    JUNE: "Ok, Jack. I'll just see if Dana can get ahold of Mulder for now. Love you. Bye."

    June hangs up, walks out of the bedroom, and talks to Scully. Scully afterwards calls Mulder who just got back from K.O. Burger. Mulder is inside his studio apartment eating a huge burger and playing with his newly found object when he hears his cellphone ring. He grabs his phone and observes that Scully is calling him. Still upset with her, he decides not to answer it. Scully then calls his landline phone only to get a busy signal since he recently disconnected it. She dials his cell phone again and leaves him a message instructing him to return her call.

    SCULLY: "He disconnected his landline and is not answering his cell phone. He's obviously still very upset with me. I left him a message. I hope he calls back soon because if he doesn't, I'm coming over."

    JUNE: "Can I go with you? I'd like to take you out to lunch afterwards. My treat."

    SCULLY: "June, you've done enough for me."

    JUNE: "Dana, if it wasn't for you, I may not be alive right now."

    SCULLY: "Thank you."

    JUNE: "If you don't mind, can you excuse me for one more moment. I need to talk to Jack in private again."

    SCULLY: "Sure."

    June returns to Scully's room and dials Jack's cell phone. Jack immediately answers it.

    JACK: "Mom, did Dr. Scully get ahold of Mulder?"

    JUNE: "She tried, but all she got was his voice mail. She left him a message. If he doesn't respond soon, we're both heading to his residence."

    JACK: "Make a note of where he lives because if he's got that key and refuses to give it back..."

    JUNE: "You're not thinking about breaking into his place and looking for it yourself?"

    Arcee then intercepts June's cell phone signal.

    ARCEE: "Listen, June. We have to get that key back. It's the only way we can find Optimus."

    JUNE: "What do you mean?"

    ARCEE: "The key's connected to Optimus and can lead us right to him."

    JUNE: "Ok, Arcee. Just let Dana and I handle this first. Please."

    ARCEE: "Ok, June. Just keep us posted."

    An hour has gone by since June last conversed with her son. She observes Scully growing worried and impatient.

    SCULLY: "That's it. I think we need to leave and head on over."

    JUNE: "Sure."

    Dana and June drive over to Mulder's residence with June secretly making mental notes of the directions and the names of the streets. After arriving, Scully parks her vehicle on the driveway. The noise of the engine hum alerts Mulder as he peeks through the sliding glass doors next to a balcony above the driveway. Seeing both Scully and June below him, he immediately locks the entrance to his apartment. Still angry with Scully, he hides in his bathroom having no desire to see or speak to her, especially in June's presence. Scully engages June in coversation while they are still in her vehicle.

    SCULLY: "His vehicle's here which means he must be home."

    Scully exits her vehicle and and unlocks the door to the house. She then ventures up the stairs while June waits inside her car. Mulder then hears a loud bang on his door.

    SCULLY: "Mulder, it's me."

    Mulder does not respond causing Scully to become more assertive.

    SCULLY: "Mulder, please. I know you're home."

    Mulder still does not respond.

    SCULLY: "Mulder, I'm just worried about you. Please come to the door."

    Mulder, not wanting to cause Scully anguish despite his anger towards her, decides to exit his bathroom and respond to her.

    MULDER: "I'm fine, Scully. I just want to be left alone for awhile."

    SCULLY: "I'm glad you're ok. Mulder, I left you a message. Did you get it."

    Mulder, not wanting Scully to think he's ignoring her, decides to lie to her instead.

    MULDER: "I haven't been able to listen to it yet. My cell phone's charging. I'll call you later."

    SCULLY: "Ok, Mulder. I'll talk to you later."

    Scully returns to her vehicle and drives it to a local restaurant. Her and June exit the vehicle and walk inside. After finding a table, they settle down and try to relax.

    JUNE: "I think its best we wait and don't push anything. Especially since he's in a fragile mental and emotional state."

    SCULLY: "I agree. I'll wait for him to get back to me."

    JUNE: "Scully, excuse me. I need to use the restroom."

    June walks inside the women's restroom and makes sure it's devoid of everyone except herself. She then calls Jack.

    JACK: "Hey mom. Anything."

    JUNE: "Dana and I visited Mulder's residence."

    JACK: "Were you able to get ahold of him?"

    JUNE: "He was there but refused to unlock his door and come out. We're going to wait until he listens to Dana's message and responds."

    Arcee intercepts June's cell phone signal again.

    ARCEE: "June, we can't afford to wait. We need that key now!"

    JUNE: "Mulder's in a rather fragile mental and emotional state."

    JACK: "What do you mean?"

    JUNE: "I'll just say he has some problems. Dana and I don't want to push him too far."

    JACK: "Well what about Optimus?"

    JUNE: "Arcee, can you pick a lock?"

    ARCEE: "You want us to break in to his residence? I thought you were against that plan."

    JUNE: "I was, but now I think it may be the best option but only if he isn't home."

    ARCEE: "Maybe I should just reveal myself to him. Maybe if I do, he'll surrender that key."

    JACK: "That's assuming he has it in the first place which we don't know. What if he doesn't? If Agent Fowler catches wind of this, he's going to be mad and we don't know how his government superiors will respond."

    ARCEE: "Ok, June. Give us the directions."

    Arcee and Jack arrive at Mulder's residence only to find no vehicles parked on the driveway.

    ARCEE: "Looks like he's not home."

    JACK: "Mom said he lives on the second story."

    Arcee spots the sliding glass doors and the balcony above her. She then lowers herself.

    ARCEE: "Jack, hop on my back."

    Jack clings to Arcee as she climbs up the house. Jack then hops off her back onto the balcony. Arcee zaps the lock to the sliding glass doors with an Energon beam from her finger tip causing it to unlock. Jack opens the sliding glass doors and enters Mulder's apartment stunned by the clutter and mess inside. He dials Arcee as she lands on the ground.

    ARCEE: "Jack?"

    JACK: "Arcee, what a mess!"

    ARCEE: "Find anything?"

    JACK: "Just pictures of U.F.O.s and Bigfoot everywhere. This guy definitely doesn't have a life."

    ARCEE: "Jack, I need you to look everywhere."

    JACK: "Ok."

    Jack glances at every table and desk througout the living section of the apartment. He then investigates every shelf and looks through every drawer. He enters the bathroom and gives it a thorough inspection.

    ARCEE: "Anything at all Jack?"

    JACK: "Nothing so far except a bunch of weird stuff and a box of sleeping pills. I'd need them too if I lived here."

    ARCEE: "Anywhere else you haven't looked?"

    JACK: "His kitchen. I'm going in there right...."

    ARCEE: "Jack, are you there?"

    Jack stares at the baseball bat on the counter covered with broken glass and ceramic shards.

    JACK: "This guy is seriously whacked!"

    ARCEE: "Why? What did you find?"

    JACK: "A baseball bat he used to break everything on his counter."

    ARCEE: "Oh boy."

    JACK: "Yeah, when my mom said he had problems, she wasn't kidding. I'm opening up his cupboards"

    ARCEE: "Find anything yet."

    JACK: "No key. Just alot of booze."

    ARCEE: "Keep looking."

    Jack inspects the kitchen before reinspecting the entire apartment again.

    ARCEE: "Any luck at all?"

    JACK: "I've checked and double checked. The key's nowhere."

    ARCEE: "Scrap!"

    JACK: "Let me look on his computer. Maybe there might be a clue there as to where he is."

    Jack presses a button on the computer to get the screen to light up only to find he can't access its contents.

    JACK: "Well this is not helping. He's got a password unless you want to try breaking it."

    ARCEE: "Let's just head back to base for now and report to Ratchet."
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    Well done, I thought it was well written and I liked how Bulkhead responded to Bulky
  3. Spunky

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    Thanks. I added some more to the fanfic. I added a whole conversation between Agent Fowler and F.B.I. Assistant Director Walter Skinner.
  4. Spunky

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    Well, it's been awhile and I just completed alot more of this crazy fanfic. It's progressing slowly. Made a few changes here and there.
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    Well, I finally finished the first half. It took me 20 million revisions. I'll be working on the second half in about 2 weeks from now. I just have other things to do first. So what do all of you think of this?
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    Ok, it's been a little while. I added quite a bit more to this story.
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    So many character nuances I loved here: Breakdown punning his own name; the notion of Megatron being 'disgruntled' AND giving Optimus his "trademarked enraged stare"

    This truly is an interesting cross over combination that I think you're handling quite well; I particularly liked the implication of the connection between Ratchet and Knockdown. Its not only completely plausible but an intriguing idea!
  8. Spunky

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    Thanks for the compliments. Actually it's Megatron's trademark enraged stare. I think I am going to have to rewrite this learning that....


    June is going to meet the bots real soon. They won't be a secret to her anymore. That could make it all the easier for Mulder and Scully to find out about the existence of the Transformers. However, I prefer she was kept in the dark about their existence.

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