Transformers Prime Vol.3: Alien Threat

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    Oh yes! There's a third volume for Transformers Prime: Alien Threat available for Preorder on EzyDVD.

    Transformers Prime: Volume 3 - Alien Threat

    When Jack accompanies Arcee on a routine patrol, they discover a crashed spaceship in a clearing and the ship s occupant could be one of the Autobots most ruthless foes yet. Optimus Prime has also discovered a crashed Autobot ship in a desert region but its contents could prove more harmful than helpful. Meanwhile, Megatron and Starscream continue to battle for supremacy over the Decepticons.

    Looking at it's summary after Unfamiliar Enemies, my guess it goes from Episode 11 (Speed Metal) to Episode 15 (Shadowzone). Once again, it's rating is PG, so... no duh! XD And it has a runtime of 110 minutes.

    It's not due for release until 12/08/12 (AUS: 08/12/12). Have fun with that!

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