Transformers:Prime ( The Untold Adventures)

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    Transformers: Prime finally gets some backstories for many characters!

    No Mercy.​

    One million years ago on planet Cybertron...

    (On a battlefield in a destroyed city, Megatron and Optimus interrogate a captured soldier.)

    Megatron: Tell us where the rebels are hiding!

    Soldier: I DON'T KNOW! I'm just a medic! I have wounded to tend to! LET ME GO!

    Megatron: Not until you tell us what we want!

    Optimus: Megatron, They obviously don't know where it is...

    Megatron: Optimus, This scrap pile does know! If he does'nt tell me where his base is, I execute Him.

    Optimus: Megatron, You can't do this! It's a violation of Autobot code!

    Megatron: Obviously, I don't tell us where the rebels are!

    (Megatron's left arm transfigures into a cannon and aims it at the soldier)

    Soldier: I..UH.URGH..Kaon..They're hiding in Kaon.

    Megatron: Thank you, Your assistance is appreciated.

    (Megatron then stabs the soldier in the chest.)

    Optimus: NO! Megatron, What have you done!

    Megatron: I did what you could never do, The only way to win this war is to show no mercy.
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    Like it. MORE PLZ
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    5 Years before the events of Transformers: Prime...

    Jasper, Nevada.

    (In the solitary town of Jasper, An eleven year old boy named Jack Darby is playing a video game titled ENDGAME. His mother, June Darby, is sweeping the living room floor when her son asks...)

    Jack: Mom, when's dad gonna be here? I wanna showm him my new high score.

    June: He should be on his way home now.

    ( Suddenly, A knock is heard on the door. June rushes to get the door.)

    June: Might be him, Jack.

    (She opens the door.)

    June: Mike, it's so good to have you baaa...... Captain. Stark?

    Cap. Stark: Hello June, There's something I have to tell you... It's about Mike.

    June: Louis, what happened.

    Cap. Stark: Mike was on patrol in his fighter...Something happened to his engines...I'm so sorry.

    June: No..No..NNNNOOOOOOOOO!*Cries Uncontrollably*

    ( Jack walks in on the scene.)

    Jack: Mom, what's wrong? Why is Mr. Stark here?

    June: Jack... Your Father...

    Jack: What? Is...No, that can't be true!

    (Jack runs to his room in a haste)

    Cap. Stark: Arrangements have already been made. Good-bye.

    (The Captain exits the house, leaving June to mourn her late husband alone.
    He enters his car and drives off.)

    Stark: * Sighs sadly*

    (Then his cell phone rings.)

    Stark: Hello? Yes, she bought the story. Has the wreckage been relocated for study? Good. So, What can be explained by that second crater? A meteor?
    Any Photos or videos of what happened? The Black box survived intact, that's great. What happened? What do you mean by another jet? Something came out of the meteor and turned into a jet?

    The end.

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