Transformers Prime: The Clone Chronicles

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    I am starting my own season for TF: Prime, to say the least. It takes place in the middle of season 2, sorta kinda after Nemesis Prime and let's pretend that the Armada episode never happened (I swear they got the cloning idea from me...) Anyway, I hope you enjoy the ride.

    Episode 1: Send in the Clones

    Rain ruled the skies over the sleepy town of Jasper, Nevada. A thin, tall figure sadly walked on the deserted road, craning his head back whenever he suspected a vehicle approaching. His thin arms wrapped around his thin body as he shivered violently.

    "Oh, if I still had my T-Cog," Starscream moaned to himself. "I could transform into a jet and leave this wretched planet with its merciless precipitation."

    He dreadfully knew that rust would devour his body in time, but it would be far better than meeting Megatron again. He shuddered when he pictured Megatron cornering him in the middle of the night, the tip of his sword at his face.

    His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the familiar sound of grinding wheels. Starscream swiftly retreated into the shadows of the cliff next to the road, and waited patiently. Moments later, a dark red and black tanker truck came into his view. A thick cage covered the entire front cab section and its fog lights glowed ominously through the rain. Starscream detected a scratched Decepticon symbol on the rear of the truck, and he clumsily chased after it.

    "Stop! Stop!," he exclaimed as he pounded the chemical tank. The vehicle ceased and he ran in front of the headlights.

    "Thank the Allspark! Please help me!"

    The truck then transformed into a monster of a robot. His arms were thick and long, with skeletal fingers. A massive blaster cannon rested on his spiky back. A red visor covered his optics, and his large face had a pointy chin.

    "F-Flatline?" Starscream said. "Is it really you?"

    "It is me, Commander Starscream," he replied in a husky yet sinister voice. "I sincerely regret betraying Lord Megatron when he sent me to scout for Energon only eons ago."

    Starscream paused. Flatline did not know about his breaking away from the Decepticons. For a second, Starscream's spark brightened. His ingenious plan could be executed through Flatline, who was known as a mad scientist…

    "Your apology is wise," Starscream commented. "But it will not save you from Megatron's deadly grasp." Flatline looked down miserably.

    "However, if you complete a certain task I have in mind, your life will be spared."

    "Only if it is in Lord Megatron's best interests. To only him, I obey."

    "Yes, yes, Megatron demands it," Starscream said, annoyed at Flatline's senseless loyalty like the other Decepticons. "He sent me, his most superior lieutenant, to supervise your progress."

    "Then I will commence the task. What does he require?"

    Starscream smiled briefly. The continuous years of planning were finally paying off.

    "You are to build an army for Megatron, more advanced than those drones you gave him during the war on Cybertron. They will be cloned versions of Autobots, with identical combat skills, trained to destroy our enemies for us," he proudly said.

    "That is quite an ambitious project. I will execute his task once I return to my lab."

    "You have a laboratory? May I reside there with you? I had to sacrifice my T-Cog for that imbecile, Airachnid. I have no where to go."

    "Your request is granted, Commander Starscream." Flatline transformed back into tanker mode and Starscream awkwardly sat on the back of the truck. The truck began driving once more, and Starscream applauded himself for his genius.

    "Soon, with my new army, I will become lord over all Autobots. And Decepticons," he fantasized, closing his eyes in peace.

    Jack Darby couldn't believe what Mr. Huff was writing on the board. Five minutes after school had ended, he was still writing up more Chemistry assignments…and a surprise.

    "Don't forget, test on Thursday," he announced proudly, and the class let out a synchronized groan. He slammed the pen loudly on the board and the students drowsily left the room. When Jack stepped outside and took his first breath of fresh air, he realized that his throat was as dry as sawdust. He quickly got on his motorcycle and sped away from his normal life.

    "What took?" Arcee questioned, when they were away from earshot.

    "Mr. Huff," Jack spat. "He's giving us a test in three days."

    "Really? Didn't you just have one-"

    "Last week? Yeah, he stinks."

    "Sounds like Flatline," Arcee said. "He was this mad scientist back on Cybertron. I heard that he gave a test to his apprentices every hour on the hour."

    "I bet he's chillin' with Mr. Huff right now," Jack joked.

    "Impressive," Starscream complimented as Flatline drove through a hologram of a lake. A crash-landed Cybertronian troop-carrier lied in a ditch, with Vehicon drones guarding it. Flatline transformed and pulled down on a lever at the side of the ship, and the drop door revealed a high-tech laboratory inside. A surplus of Energon cubes lined the walls, and work tables were cluttered with unfinished projects. Starscream looked at a hologram screen on the wall, and recognized formulas for failed synthetic Energon. A dozen vats were filled with blue Energon, containing a Vehicon clone in each one of them.

    "I will begin developing a DNA copying device for the Autobots immediately," Flatline said coldly. "One more advanced than the antique I used to create the Vehicons."

    He threw a rusty scanner gun into a corner of the room.

    "Excellent! I am pl- Megatron will be most pleased," Starscream stuttered.

    Flatline nodded. "But first, let me make some room for you."

    His scaly fingers morphed into a blade, and he stabbed the chest of a Vehicon in a vat. He mercilessly threw its crumpled body into an incinerator, and did the same to the other clones. Flatline then scooted the empty vats apart and revealed a gunner cockpit behind.

    "Here it is," Flatline said, his visor glowing like fire. "If you'll excuse me, I have a cloning device to attend to."

    He exited the cockpit, and Starscream slouched on the chair, still shaking from the horror he had witnessed.

    "Flatline certainly lives up to his reputation," he quivered, watching a puddle of Vehicon Energon slowly leak inside.

    The guardians drove into the base and transformed after the kids got off.

    "That-was-wicked-awesome," Miko uttered to Bulkhead.

    "What was?" Raf asked.

    "Bulk was in a high-speed chase with a Con," Miko started, trying to gasp for breath. "Right when we were gonna be dead meat and metal, he turned around and the Con fell down a cliff. He just went KABLAMO!"

    "I feel bad for the poor guy," Bulkhead said.

    "What? A Vehicon?" Arcee shouted. "Bulk, they were practically made to be easy scrap metal. There will always be more."

    Bumblebee bleeped.

    "Yeah it is unfortunate, Bee," Raf agreed.

    "Guys," Jack pointed. "Look."

    They wheeled their bodies around and saw Optimus exiting theGroundBridge. His chest windows were cracked and his metal was bent and charred. Although it looked painful, he walked slowly and calmly.

    "Optimus, what happened to you?" Ratchet asked as he prepared his medical tools.

    "Nothing serious, old friend. Be concerned, however, over the Decepticons. They have successfully obtained all Energon deposits on this continent."

    "Darn Cons," Bulkhead pounded. "They keep outnumbering us."

    "Aren't there more 'Bots out there?" Miko asked. "Where are they?"

    "Of course. But they're all scattered across distant galaxies," Ratchet explained while repairing Optimus. "Or they're like Wheeljack, and prefer to work alone."

    "Well, why can't you use drones?" Jack spoke. "The Cons use them all the time."

    "Yeah," Raf and Miko joined.

    Ratchet face palmed himself. The guardians made hand motions to stop talking. They had all experienced Optimus' lecture on drones before. Optimus gently bent down to look closer at their faces.

    "I will answer your question, Jack, but only once. We do not use drones because we believe that the life of every sentient being should be valued. The Vehicons are actually, not weapons of destruction, but clones of a feared Decepticon warrior. Megatron only saw a military advantage when they were created, only lifeless soldiers. Their prime purpose was to bring extra firepower. I do admit that Megatron's tactic has proved effective, but I refuse to rise through my comrades' fall."

    He paused. "Is there more you want me to explain?"

    "N-nope, we're good," Jack said, bending his head down. Optimus was about to comfort Jack when Agent Fowler appeared at the elevator.

    "Prime!" he shouted, with a tinge of fear in his voice. "It's all over town! A local mine has been flattened into a pancake! I have a hunch that the Decepticons are to blame."

    "I suspect that as well," Optimus agreed. "Jack, you are in charge."

    "Aye, aye captain," Jack saluted.

    "Ratchet, there might be survivors under the mine! They might require assistance! Autobots, transform and roll out!"

    Raf activated the Ground Bridge to the location, and the Autobots rocketed inside. Ratchet stopped next to Fowler and reluctantly opened his door.

    "Let's go, partner. The survivors won't stare in awe at you."

    "Just quit your yap and drive," Agent Fowler smiled.

    "Hands off dashboard," Ratchet said in a monotone. He started his engine and headed into the portal.

    The vehicles skidded out of the Bridge and faced the collapsed mine. It looked like an earthquake occurred. A thick dust cloud formed around the blocked entrance and the carts were crushed under heavy boulders.

    "Agent Fowler, you search for any survivors among the rubble. Ratchet, you will remain in ambulance mode. Rafael will bridge you to the hospital."

    "Oh joy," he muttered.

    The rest of the Autobots transformed and activated their weapons.

    "Let's roll," Optimus uttered. He and Bulkhead trotted to the left side of the mine. Arcee and Bumblebee disappeared to the right side.

    "Show offs," Ratchet said in vehicle mode.

    Agent Fowler stepped out and walked up to the entrance. He cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled.

    "Yoo hoo, is anyone in there?" Only echoes responded. Fowler carefully bent down and began moving the small rocks from the opening, sweating heavily.

    "Man, I gotta get in shape," he heaved. "Say, Ratchet? Do you have a body temperature scanner? That would help a lot."

    "I'm afraid I don't," Ratchet droned. "While Bumblebee and Bulkhead were lobbing, the two fools damaged my scanners, which I needed at that time."

    "Good thing I'm always prepared," Fowler said. He ceremoniously pulled out his Lucky Pen, given to him by the President himself. He pushed its button and a blowtorch flipped from the side.

    "Whoops." Agent Fowler purposely showed Ratchet every tool equipped on the pen first and finally made it transform into a heat scanner.

    Fowler frowned as he moved the pen over the wreckage. "Not a single beep."

    "What?" Ratchet shouted in a concerned voice. He hurried over and plowed the rocks with one swipe of his arm.

    "Unless my visual scanners are faulty, it appears that this mine hasn't been used for at least a century." He looked up and saw a long ramp pointing down at the entrance. It was covered with thick dust and small pebbles gathered at the bottom. Pebbles created by a large amount of rocks that had rolled down the ramp…

    "It's a trap!" Ratchet shouted at Agent Fowler. He instructed Fowler to stay put and ran to the left side of the mine.

    Little did he know that one of Flatline's Cybertronian leeches was stuck on his back, secretly copying his spark that housed his DNA.

    "What would Megatron do with a Ratchet army? Watch them bicker about tools?" Starscream scolded Flatline at the rear of the mine. Both of them patiently watched the Autobots' signals slowly reaching their location.

    "Our master needs servants, does he not? What's better than a servant with intel on the Autobots?"

    Starscream thought about it. "My apologies, Flatline. Megatron will praise your…consideration."

    Flatline huffed indignantly. "You will be wise to know your place, Commander. For no one-"

    Starscream rejoiced when his speech was interrupted by Optimus Prime.

    "Stay behind me, Bulkhead. I detect a strong Energon signature around the corner."

    The two Decepticons ended their argument and proceeded with the plan. Flatline transformed into truck mode and parked behind the abandoned construction vehicles. Starscream slid behind a toppled dump truck, where they had hidden an advanced cannon engineered by Flatline. He loaded it with four curled-up Cybertronian leeches, and trained it on Optimus approaching.

    "My scanner's getting a signal," Bulkhead said behind Optimus' shoulder. The Autobot leader cautiously moved his scanner over each of the discarded construction vehicles.

    "It's coming from there." Arcee pointed at a chemical truck behind the wreckage and Optimus fired at the target.

    The truck transformed and dodged the Energon blast. Flatline smiled maliciously at the Autobots.

    "Flatline," Optimus glared. "Why do you still fight for the Decepticons even after you have deserted them? Please, side with us, and we will end the war."

    "You are foolish for a Prime," Flatline shot back. "Why should I join the losing side?"

    Arcee couldn't control her anger anymore. She sprinted forward and launched powerful Energon blasts at Flatline as he driving away. With pinpoint accuracy, Starscream shot a leech at her back, and it crept inside her body.

    Optimus, Bulkhead, and Bumblebee followed her, and Starscream fired the leeches at them.

    "The leeches are inside their systems now," Starscream radioed to Flatline.

    "Good, good. The leeches will duplicate their DNA quicker if their sparks are more energized."

    He boosted his speed and easily left the Autobots in the dust.

    "Let's get him!" Arcee yelled as she transformed. Optimus switched to truck mode and swiftly stopped in front of her, bracing for impact. Fortunately, Arcee screeched to a halt before she could hit him, and tumbled over.

    "Arcee, I am disappointed. You are much wiser than this," Optimus stated. "What caused you to lose control over yourself.?"

    "She's angry at everything," Bulkhead said, still tired from pursuing Flatline.

    "I didn't need to be reminded," she grimaced. "Of how we lost Cliff."

    "Just let him blab as much as he wants," Bulkhead said, a little annoyed. "He'll be dead soon anyway."

    Bumblebee bleeped, punching his fist into his hand.

    "I am sorry, Bumblebee, but Arcee will not be getting another chance to terminate Flatline," Optimus sighed. "Flatline is far too dangerous to battle alone."

    He saw Arcee's face and added, "But Flatline will regret the mistake he made today."

    "Optimus!" Ratchet yelled in ambulance mode. He transformed and came up to the Autobot leader.

    "The mine collapse was a set-up! Quick, we must retreat!"

    "We have taken care of it, Ratchet. This was all Flatline's doing."

    Ratchet paused. "I thought Flatline quit the Decepticons."

    "Well, he's back now," Arcee said resentfully. "What's stumping me is why he tricked us into coming here."

    "Yeah," Bulkhead realized. "There was no Energon to steal, he obviously failed at killing us…what's his plan?"

    "I don't know, and I'm not sure I want to find out," Ratchet replied. "Knowing him, it's probably sick and twisted beyond measure."

    Soft footsteps were heard in the distance.

    "I wait inside a moldy, dusty, foul-smelling crack in a cave for half an hour and I find you folks hanging out at the back," Agent Fowler grumbled as he emerged from the darkness. He looked like he just fell into a tub full of baby powder.

    "Let's bridge back. It has been an exhausting day for all of us," Optimus said to his team and Fowler. "And may we be grateful that Flatline's strategy had failed."

    Ironically, at that very moment, the leeches sent the copied DNA codes to Flatline's laboratory. After the information was transferred, the leeches crawled out of the Autobots' bodies and self-destructed when the Ground Bridge was opened. No traces were left.

    Starscream hurried to Flatline's work station, a grin plastered on his face the whole time. He couldn't help but kick down the airtight door rather than knocking, as Flatline had instructed. It seemed like he was turning as frenetic as Flatline.

    "Rejoice, for your brilliance has brought success!" Starscream exulted. "In my very hands are the codes that will spawn our master's deadly army!"

    A hologram flickered on as he opened his palm excitedly. When there was no response, Starscream cracked an optic open and discovered that the room he stood in was no longer the lab. It was pitch black, except for the lighted path in front of him. Starscream took a huge gulp and slowly proceeded forward. He reached a massive Space Bridge generator and used the previous coordinates.

    The Decepticon Air Commander emerged from the portal and stepped onto a pulsing asteroid. He recognized Flatline in the distance and scrambled up to him.

    Flatline was furious when Starscream called out his name. In a swift motion, he took the cannon from his back and shot at the ground in front of Starscream.

    "How did you find me?" he growled. "You don't belong here."

    "I used your previous launch coordinates for the Space Bridge," Starscream cringed. "I am here to tell you that your plan was successful. Here are the codes for the-"

    "Shut up!" Flatline roared. "I already have the codes. Now get back to the ship before I order Megatron to terminate you."

    A large body materialized next to Flatline. Starscream cried out in fear when he identified the body as Optimus Prime.

    Flatline sighed hoplessly.

    "Commander Starscream, you must not tell anyone about the location of this shard. Even Megatron."

    "Shard?" Starscream gasped, still staring at Optimus' clone.

    "We're standing on the only shard left of the AllSpark," Flatline explained, in a calmer tone. "I'm sure you know that all Cybertronians are originated from it."

    "The AllSpark? But it was destroyed with Cybertron!"

    "Correct, but the shards were lost to the stars. This is the only one found."

    "Then why keep it away from our master? Surely you pledged full loyalty to him," Starscream challenged, starting to admire Flatline's treachery.

    "Megatron is legendary, but he is not wise."

    "You dare say such lies of our master?" Starscream pretended. He was liking Flatline more and more.

    "Our master would be destroyed if he attempted to absorb the information within this shard. Even he is not fit to hold such divine power."

    "The knowledge of everything in the universe," Starscream grinned hungrily. He changed the subject.

    "So you use this shard to create clones."

    "There is no other way to engineer Cybertronians," Flatline boasted. "All I need to do is punch in the genetic codes and the Spark creates an exact duplicate."

    He demonstrated it, and a Vehicon body formed on the shard.

    "They are lifeless though without Energon," Flatline added.

    "But once the bodies have Enerrgon, they'll have the same capabilities as the originals?"

    "Correct. In fact, I have a demonstration for that as well. But only if you swear upon the AllSpark itself that you will never reveal this location."

    "I accept your call of treason," Starscream bowed. "For our lord's safety."

    Flatline motioned for him to follow and they went back through the Space Bridge. Starscream eagerly watched as Flatline loaded Energon cubes into a large machine and closed the hatch.

    He gave a signal to Starscream and he dramatically pulled down the lever.

    At first, the Energon cubes inside the machine were heated into a liquid, and it drained into the floor. The black room suddenly became illuminated with bright blue as the Energon gradually filled up a hundred clone vats. Starscream watched feverishly as each of the Autobot clones woke up.

    "Flatline, your science continues to impress," Starscream rejoiced in the blue light. "Behold, our unstoppable army!"

    The adventure continues in episode 2...
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    Episode 2: Familiar Faces

    "So…can you tell me why you're the one who gets to drive?" Arcee asked Jack in motorcycle mode. Right after she picked him up from school, Jack told her that he needed to make a stop before going to the Autobot Base.

    "I told you, Arcee. It's an emergency," Jack answered. "I forgot to give my partner the stuff I did for our project. And why are you mad about me driving? It's not like I'm using you to race Vince again."

    "Ladies first," Arcee replied simply.

    They stopped next to a small orange apartment with clouded windows. In case of Decepticons, Jack pushed Arcee into a dark alley next to the building.

    "You call this a safe place?" Arcee complained.

    "I can stick a note that says "Kill me now Cons" if you like," Jack replied. He slung his backpack over his shoulder and walked up the metal stairs.

    For a few minutes, Arcee waited patiently, watching her mirrors for Decepticons. All of a sudden, an identical blue and pink motorcycle turned into the alleyway. A female in a leather suit was driving it.

    That's my hologram, Arcee thought. The motorcycle parked directly in front of her and shut its engine down.

    The driver's still on, Arcee noticed. At that moment, the driver flickered faintly and disappeared.

    Arcee wasted no time to transform and point her pistols at the motorcycle.

    "If MECH thinks they can make a copy of me-"

    "I'm not MECH," the bike said in her own voice. It transformed into the same robot mode, and Arcee's look-alike put her hands into the air.

    "Then who are you? Makeshift?" Arcee spat.

    "I'm not Makeshift either," her look-alike sighed. "Look, I'm you!"

    Arcee didn't budge one bit.

    Her look-alike sighed once more. "Man, why do I have to be so annoying?"

    She stood up slowly and spoke.

    "I can prove I'm you," she started. "You're gonna ask me three questions. The answers are Polyhex, Airachnid, and Jack Darby. If you want more, I can tell you about your embarrassing run-in with Mirage."

    "Don't," Arcee said. Her pistols transformed back into hands. "So uh…clone, who created you?"

    "Starscream, actually."

    "What? He's not smart enough!" Arcee shouted.

    "Duh. He teamed up with a Decepticon scientist named Flatline."


    Her clone paused. "'Scream planned to create an army of evil Autobots with the same fighting capabilities so you'll be destroyed and all that. Except he and Flatline didn't know that the clones still had memories of the originals, you see? We have the same fighting capabilities too, so it didn't take long for us to bust out of there."

    "Wait? Us?"

    Her clone opened her palm, and a hologram chart flickered on. Images of the Autobots were displayed, with life signals underneath.

    "Five Arcees, Five Bumblebees, three Bulkheads, one Ratchet, one Optimus," she listed.

    "That's it? I thought Starsream had an army."

    Arcee looked down sadly. "There were dozens of us, but Flatline killed them off before they could escape. He just drained out their Energon like it was nothing."

    The real Arcee looked down as well, trying to imagine the horrors her clone witnessed. Suddenly, Jack's voice disturbed the silence.

    "Sorry for the wait, Arcee. My partner had to-"

    He stopped at the stairs, his mouth gaping.

    "Scrap," the Arcees muttered.

    Miko was furious.

    "Where the heck is Jack?" she demanded Bulkhead. "We have a rematch to get to."

    "He needed to meet up with his partner for a project," Raf answered. After all, he was the one Jack paid to do most of the research.

    "How come you don't have any projects, Miko?" Bulkhead asked.

    "C'mon, Bulk. They're so boooring," Miko replied, slamming her body onto the couch.

    Everyone sighed, except for Optimus.

    "I just hope they are both safe," he said.

    Just then, Arcee rolled into the base. Jack stepped off, and she transformed.

    "What took you so long? Remember our game?" Miko cried at Jack as he was taking off his helmet. She waved a PS3 controller angrily in the air.

    "Arcee had to, uh, pick up a friend."

    Arcee smiled and looked over her shoulder, at the light of a vehicle approaching. A blue and pink motorcycle appeared from the entrance and transformed. Arcee posed next to her clone.

    "What do you think?"

    There was a LONG silence. Raf stopped typing. Bulkhead and Ratchet quitted arguing about the tool Bulkhead stepped on. For once, Miko was speechless. Bumblebee rubbed his optics in disbelief. Optimus only stared at the visitor.

    "Welcome," he greeted. "I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots."

    "It is an honor finally meeting you," Arcee's clone said. "You're exactly as Arcee's memories pictured."

    "And you are exactly the same as my loyal comrade," Optimus replied, nodding at Arcee.

    "Optimus," the original Arcee spoke. "She has valuable intel for us."

    Her clone nodded and showed him the hologram. "Flatline created us to be an army of evil Autobots for Starscream, but he did not know that we still had our originals' memories."

    "Wait, Starscream copied all of us?" Bulkhead finally spoke. Bumblebee shook his head at his slow learning.

    Arcee's double ignored him. "We escaped from the facility before they could extinguish our sparks. These are the only survivors."

    "Where are they now?" Optimus questioned.

    "In Jasper, with your clone as their leader."

    Optimus nodded and looked over his shoulder. "Ratchet, open a Ground Bridge for the coordinates Arcee Two has supplied."

    "Here?" Ratchet asked. "There isn't enough room even for Bulkhead, and especially not for three more."

    "Hey!" Bulkhead shouted.

    "I want to see some robot clones!" Miko yelled enthusiastically. Raf and Jack only face palmed themselves.

    "I know what we have is small," Optimus began. "But I refuse to let our counterparts be exposed to the Decepticons, especially to Megatron."

    Ratchet sighed. "It will be a tight squeeze, but ooooh well." He punched in the coordinates and the portal activated.

    Arcee Two transformed and drove into the Ground Bridge.

    "I hope your clones are as awesome as you, Bulk," Miko said.

    "Yeah, me too. We are gonna rock this place inside out!" Bulkhead boomed. Ratchet sighed regretfully once more.

    Jack felt a tug on his sleeve.

    "What's up?" he asked Raf.

    "What was it like, seeing two Arcees?"

    "Scary," he admitted. He saw Raf's face and added, "It will be weird seeing a bunch of Bumblebees at first, but you'll get used to it."

    Raf shook his head. "I just hope Bumblebee will still remember me. I don't want it to be like my family."

    He looked at Bumblebee, and his guardian bleeped.

    "I'm sure they'll like you, Bee," Raf chuckled.

    "Rafael," Optimus said. "I suggest that you, Miko, and Jack should move away from the center of the room. I am not sure yet if our guests have good driving skills."

    "Right," Raf replied. The kids stood at the sides of the room, Miko obviously in front.

    The five Autobots stood at the entrance of the portal, everyone but Optimus and Ratchet, with childishly eager faces.

    "I see them!" Miko yelled.

    Five motorcycles entered the base and transformed. All of the Arcees winked at the original and Jack, who returned the favor. Three green trucks transformed, and the Bulkheads high-fived Miko. Five yellow muscle cars skidded and transformed. They waved at Bumblebee and Raf. Next, an ambulance drove in and Ratchet shook hands with his clone. All robots made way for a red and blue truck entering the base. It transformed and Optimus smiled at his double.

    "You have done well protecting your team. If you allow it, Optimus Prime, may your team reside here with mine?"

    "I accept your offer," his clone replied. "Forgive me, but my name is Orion Pax, not Optimus Prime."

    "He keeps saying that, for some reason" an Arcee clone spoke. "We think it's because he does not have your Matrix."

    "Indeed, it holds all of my memories and wisdom. The vessel cannot be replicated." He looked sadly at Orion. "Will you allow me to call you by my name, Optimus Prime?"

    "I'm sorry, but you must call me Orion Pax. I am not like a Prime as you are."

    "Very well," Optimus said. "You will always be considered equal to me."

    He turned to face the robots.

    "To our visitors, I know this base is too crowded for you-"

    "No kidding," an Arcee commented, trying to stretch her arms between her clones.

    "-But the Decepticons must not discover our secret weapons…for now. With the element of surprise in our hands, our new army will change the war."

    Two Bumblebees bleeped happily, and Raf shushed them.

    "Keep in mind that, unlike the insensitive Decepticons with their drones, we will treat you with the respect you deserve. When you fight, do not assume that you will be replaced or forgotten, for you are one of us."

    "Pardon me," Orion interrupted. "But may you describe the Decepticons? My team has tried, but I believe that Megatronus would never go against his morals."

    "The Decepticons are mean jerks who want to destroy the world. Megatron is their boss," Jack answered. The original Arcee gave him a thumbs-up.

    "A very accurate definition," Optimus complimented. "But Orion Pax must be informed and trained for combat. Please excuse us for our drive."

    He turned towards the Ratchets. "You two are in charge of developing labels for our team. The last thing we need is any identity confusion."

    "We have already developed visual signals for the clones," Ratchet's clone replied. "Each clone has his or her own unique energy signature."

    "Duly noted," Optimus said. "But the children are not able to detect the signatures. All Autobots in your team must be assigned a number that they will display. Now, Orion Pax! Transform and roll out!"

    Orion obeyed, and the two trucks left the base.

    No sooner after they exited, Bulkhead raised his voice.

    "LET'S PARTY!"

    A huge roar from the Autobots and kids responded, but an amplified screech disrupted them.

    "Not yet!" Ratchet yelled from the intercom. "You heard Optimus, all Autobot clones line up for your number!"

    Bursts of protest louder than before filled the room, but the robots eventually lined up reluctantly.

    "I hope I won't have to walk around with a giant 4 around my neck or something," one of the Bulkheads joked to Miko as he joined the line.

    "Don't give them any ideas," an Arcee replied.

    "So Raf, how were they?" Jack asked.

    "They're really friendly, just like Bumblebee. One of them even promised me that we'd be sharpshooter partners!"

    "I'm not sure if there is an arcade big enough for Bumblebee," Jack laughed.

    "No, of course. He said he would take me to a battle against some Decepticons."

    "What? Does Bumblebee know about this?"

    "Not really."

    "You should probably listen to him more than his clones," Jack suggested.

    "Isn't this awesome?" Miko exclaimed as she spun around. "Now Bulkhead and I can really rock out!"

    "Uh, yeah," Jack shivered. "Four Bulkheads and you. What more could you want?"

    "Megatron will have my head," Flatline said miserably. He kicked an Arcee body hard and more Energon dripped from her mouth. Still not satisfied, he used a dead Bulkhead as a punchbag, denting the metal until his fists were heavily scratched. He stomped into the main lab and saw Starscream sprawled across the floor.

    "The only option for us now is to beg our master for forgiveness," Flatline said. "We must alert him of our failure, assuming that he does not already know."

    Starscream shot up like a bullet.

    "No, no!" he panicked. "I have, uh, already contacted our lord. He reluctantly said that he would spare our souls if we successfully destroyed every clone that has escaped. Only then would, uh, our souls be spared."

    "What are we standing here for?" Flatline asked, relieved of serving a merciful master. "We must obey his will."

    Starscream was pleased of Flatline's foolishness. For a genius, he had the mind of a Scraplet.

    "I am ready," he said darkly. He used the T-Cog he had stolen from a Vehicon to transform into jet mode, and he followed Flatline out to the road. They moved swiftly, ready for an opportunity to spill more Energon.

    Bumblebee Six was the last Autobot in line. He sulked back to the others, a black roman numeral VI spray-painted on his right shoulder. He grumbled along with the team, and the kids sat in the middle of their complaining, giggling along with the originals.

    "How come you guys didn't get numbers painted on you?" Bulkhead Three asked the original.

    "We were here first," Bulkhead joked. "First come, first served I guess."

    "I thought third gets a treasure chest," Arcee Three joined, trying to rub off the III on her right wing. "Not a bunch of black sticks."

    Arcee and Jack chuckled with Raf and Bumblebee.

    Bumblebee Four tried cleaning the paint off with motor oil, but it only left a big smudge over the number and he sighed hopelessly.

    "Hold still," Arcee Five scolded Arcee Six. She positioned the tub of water Jack had filled over Six's number. Right at the moment she was about to pour it, Arcee Six tripped her and Five collided on the floor with a huge THUD.

    "Why me?" she mumbled to herself. The base erupted in laughter and Miko even complimented Arcee Six.

    "Wow, you're a lot funnier than Arcee!" Arcee gave a sharp look at Miko. "I bet you want to marry Bulkhead too!"

    "Miko," Bulkhead Two interrupted, noticing Arcee's death stare. "Why don't we listen to some Slash Monkey?"

    "Todes, Bulk Two!" Miko sprinted past Arcee and tagged along with Bulkhead's clone.

    A moment of awkward silence passed by, but then Raf spoke.

    "So..." he started. "What now?"

    Bumblebee bleeped questioningly.

    "I mean…what will happen now?"

    "We'll crush the Cons," Arcee snorted. "Wasn't that always the plan?"

    Ratchet Two spoke up for Raf. "You all have the sense of an Insecticon. He was asking if we'll finally end this cursed war."

    "Oh. Well in that case, sure, as long as the Cons don't know our little secret," Bulkhead replied.

    For some reason, everyone in the base felt that it would be a lot harder than that.

    Orion Pax wept next to the waterfall, hidden from human sight.

    "I'm sorry, Optimus Prime," he cried. "I-I just can't believe that my dearest friend and mentor was actually a monster in disguise."

    "Do not be ashamed of revealing your emotions," Optimus soothed. "I still mourn the day Megatron and I became sworn enemies."

    "Megatron –I keep forgetting that he changed his name."

    "Megatron changed everything about himself, most importantly his beliefs and morals."

    Orion stood up and wiped his tears away.

    "I will help you extinguish the Decepticons. I swear with my entire Spark."

    "I admire your tenacity," Optimus spoke. "But never allow revenge to be your reason. Remember, we are here to defend humankind. To save Earth from the same fate as Cybertron."

    Orion Pax nodded, staring deeply into Optimus' optics.

    "Let's roll," Optimus declared. The two trucks left the deserted waterfall and made their way back to the base. The skies slowly turned dark, but Optimus only saw the sun eventually rising.

    Don't worry, the journey WILL continue. In fact, I have plans to make the Clone Chronicles a complete season! Anyway, transform and roll out!
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    Well-written! :D  :thumb s
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    Thanks! There's actually FOUR more chaps i gotta post tho lol so it only gets better!
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    Episode 3: Newbie

    It was like any other day for guard duty. The Energon illuminated the dark cave and the air was saturated with sounds of grinding and mining. Several sets of Decepticon drones lugged enormous blocks on their backs while the commander barked at them to move forward.

    "Move!" a Vehicon commander bellowed, kicking a drone. "We must meet our quota for Megatron today."

    "What's the rush?" the other complained. "It's not like the Autobots will stop us."

    "Don't jinx our operation," the Vehicon scolded. "In fact, I sense that they are on their way right now."

    "And what can they possibly do? We outnumber them 100:1."

    "Just shut up and keep hauling!"

    "The Autobots! They're here!" another Vehicon exclaimed from the back.

    "Then shoot them!" the commander hissed back. "Or I'll use the Driller on you!"

    "No!" the other whimpered as he scrambled down to his knees. "They have-"

    An Energon blast coming from the back exploded his head into flaming pieces.

    "My bad," Bulkhead Four said, his cannon sizzling.

    "You should have thought before attacking us alone, Autobot," the commander grimaced. "Now you'll have to face us."

    Two hundred Vehicons quickly lined up behind him, and pointed their cannons.

    "He's not alone," Bulkhead bellowed as he dropped from the ceiling next to his clone. Bulkhead Two followed, and the three raised their clubs.

    For once, the Decepticon warriors hesitated to attack. They only stared at the incredulous sight.

    "What are you waiting for?" the commander shrieked frantically at the troops. "Finish them!"

    The Vehicons unwillingly ran forward, and a quarter of them were easily dismantled by the Bulkheads.

    "Is this all you got? 'Cause we'll be here all day!" Bulkhead Four shouted after smashing through the chest of another trooper. As each second passed by, the Autobots got closer to the Energon supply.

    "Alert Megatron," the commander panicked to another Vehicon. He slipped and fell first, but managed to reach the communication kiosk. With shaky hands, he dialed the Decepticon warship.

    Before he could get a response, an Energon blast demolished the screen.

    "Bad idea," Arcee whispered harshly, her pistols pointed at him.

    The Decepticon aimed his gun at her, but another blast burst through his chest.

    "Autobots!" Optimus shouted. "Seize the mine and leave no witnesses!"

    From behind, Arcee Three and Five somersaulted into the air and joined their original against several Vehicons. Arcee gave the opponents her trademark smirk, and flipped into the air using deadly stealth. With cunning speed, she and her clones quickly shot the drones' heads off and slashed incoming Drillers, the clones holding every one of Arcee's skills. Bumblebee Four and Six took down Decepticons with their cannons while the original and Five raided the supply. A dozen guards charged forward, and Bumblebee Five and the original leaped away from their blasts. They each grabbed onto a Vehicon's pair of arms and pushed their bodies down with supernatural strength. Next, they used the bodies as shields against the Vehicons' blasts and tossed them into the crowd. The three Bulkheads pounded ten Decepticons with their clubs and drove over them in truck mode. Their bumpers rammed into a group of troops, and tire marks stained the drones' dead bodies after the threesome pancaked them. In no time, the mighty army quickly dwindled to only twenty Vehicons.

    The commander realized that they had lost and transformed to make his escape to the entrance of the cave. Scowling at his cowardice, Optimus swung a drone body at him, and shot him as his car mode was tossed in the air. He dodged a blast from behind and stabbed the three shooting drones with his sharpened sword. On the other side, the Bumblebees heaved stacks of Energon while Arcee and Arcee Three shot at anything coming at them. Ten hopeless troopers rushed towards the team, but were squashed under the Bulkheads' backsides as the green Autobots piled on top of them. Arcee Three delivered a roundhouse to two of the Vehicons shooting at Optimus, and Arcee shot down four others who were retreating in alt mode. Bumblebee swiftly dropped his Energon pile and beat his fist into four drones behind Bumblebee Five.

    Bumblebee Five thanked his original and bleeped something to Bulkhead.

    "I think that's it," he said, a little surprised at how quickly the assault had ended.

    "Autobots!" Optimus yelled, an Energon grenade in his hand. "Gather the Energon and Bridge back to base!"

    His team rapidly followed his order and hurried into the Bridge Ratchet Two had opened.

    Optimus threw the grenade into the darkness and when it detonated, the giant mine shrank into rubble. By then, Optimus was safe in the portal, refusing to look at the explosion behind him. After so many centuries, the odds were finally on his team's side.

    Ratchet and Ratchet Two stood with gaping mouths as four massive figures materialized within the Ground Bridge, three of them with giant upper bodies. Ratchet quickly pointed his blades at the silhouettes as a precaution, but lowered them when he recognized the Autobots. Optimus, Bumblebee, and Arcee each carried a tall stack of Energon cubes. Each of Bulkhead's and Bulkhead Two's enormous hands grasped a massive bundle of cubes. Trailing behind were Bumblebee Five and Six, their cannons hissing with smoke. Arcee Three and Five, along with Bulkhead Four, transformed into robot mode and walked through the Bridge. Both Ratchets stood dumbfounded as the robots built glowing towers of Energon.

    "And I was actually worried that you'd be outnumbered," Ratchet commented, shaking his head.

    "At this rate, we'll need another base just for storing Energon," Ratchet Two added. By the time the Autobots were finished stacking, the storage vault door was left wide open, with the blocks continuing beyond the doorway.

    "We have an abundant surplus now," Optimus said. "But we still have to destroy the Decepticons' supply. I believe that we have a chance of destroying them from the inside."

    "Works for me," Bulkhead stated. He cracked his knuckles loudly and pounded his fists together.

    Bumblebee nodded slowly, narrowing his optics determinedly. Their clones readied their Energon cannons.

    "I will fight with you," Orion announced after repairing one of the Ratchets' irons. He stood up and walked next to Optimus.

    The confidence in the Autobots' optics was replaced with pure horror. Simultaneously, they ran behind Orion and made neck-slashing motions to Optimus. To emphasize the message, Arcee made pummeling motions next to Arcee Three's side, and Arcee Three's face expressed fake pain at each blow. After they finished their act, they both pointed at Orion Pax.

    "Orion," Optimus sighed. "I am sorry, but you are not properly trained. I can still recall that before the Matrix was granted to me, I did not even know how to operate a weapon."

    "My team was kind enough to teach me after we escaped Flatline's laboratory," Orion said proudly.

    "Except you still don't know how to use a sword," Bulkhead groaned, shaking his head. "Which is pretty important if you happen to be Optimus."

    "I will educate swordplay to you as best as I can," Optimus assured Orion. "However, since you are well-acquainted with my blasters, I will allow you to join me on our next mission."

    "WHAT?" the team exclaimed out loud, the Bumblebees letting out identical high-pitched bleeps.

    "What?" Orion gasped, smiling slightly. "You mean it?"

    "You have made a courageous decision and we all will honor it," Optimus pronounced, looking over Orion's shoulder at the Autobots' flabbergasted faces.

    "Why…Thank you, sir," Orion cried as he knelt down. "I promise that I won't let you down."

    "At ease, soldier. You can call me Optimus instead of sir."

    "Yes, Optimus Prime."

    "Uh…Optimus?" Arcee spoke up. "Can we talk with you in private?"

    Optimus excused himself to Orion and coolly walked over to the corner where the Autobots were gathered.

    "Orion Pax must be offered a sporting chance to prove himself, as you all were given," Optimus stated flatly. "Did I answer your questions?"

    "Optimus," Arcee said stubbornly. "He's a newbie. Newbies always die first."

    "Every soldier begins as a "newbie", as you put it. Possibly, the only way for them to survive is if they rise above all doubt from the experienced. But they must be given the opportunity first."

    Arcee began to protest, but looked away from his optics instead.

    "You're right. I…We're not giving Orion a chance," Arcee sighed.

    "I understand your fear of losing to the Decepticons again," Optimus comforted everyone. "I too feel uneasy of letting Orion Pax fight. But we must have faith in the unpredictable. For it is the only possibility of bringing about change."

    Arcee nodded, and the team stared at Optimus' back as he walked away to consult with Orion.

    An hour later, a mission was located. The Autobots, along with Orion, accelerated into the Ground Bridge Ratchet had reluctantly opened and entered a vast canyon.

    "So…this is the mine you tried to raid two days ago?" Bulkhead asked, remembering Optimus' damaged body walking inside the Bridge.

    "These are the coordinates, though my memory is not how it used to be," Optimus responded.

    The Autobots transformed into robot mode. It was awkward at first to see Optimus and Orion standing next to each other. Although the only difference in their appearances was that Orion had a white stripe painted under the Autobot symbols on his shoulders, but it was clear that Optimus was the leader. Orion's optics expressed curiosity and innocence as he gazed intently at Optimus.

    "Bumblebee," Optimus addressed to all six of them. "Cause a diversion so Arcee's and Bulkhead's teams can ransack their Energon supply. Orion and I will be in charge of exterminating the troopers."

    Bumblebee Four bleeped a question.

    "The Energon will be hidden until we are finished with our supply. I am not planning on storing it at base, Bumblebee. Only as long as it is away from the Decepticons' reach."

    Bumblebee Four nodded and transformed along with the rest of his team. The yellow muscle cars curved around the corner, towards the Decepticons mining at the end of the canyon. Arcee and four of her clones triggered their pistols and dashed over to the Bumblebees. Two Bulkheads and the original trailed behind them, their Energon cannons in place of their hands.

    "It is time, Orion," Optimus said, his faceplate activated. Orion followed suit and readied his rifle. He jogged around the corner, lagging a little behind Optimus.

    The Vehicons immediately ceased their work and gawked at the six Bumblebees blaring their car alarms.

    "Uh…c-commander?" a drone faltered. "Am I seeing a mirage?"

    "Contact Megatron!" he screamed. He turned towards the workers.

    "Squish those bugs!"

    The drones stampeded with their blasters raised. The Bumblebees rapidly transformed and, dodging the drones' blasts, smashed their legs into the front rank troopers' torsos. The six scouts activated their pistols and melted painful holes into the Decepticons' blank faces.

    The commander shivered slightly when he heard a drone cry out that the Autobots had more clone comrades. Fear locked in his spark, he transformed and drove past the battle and entered the Energon storage room, where the scream had been heard. He literally stopped in his tracks when he saw that the entire room was empty, except for five Arcees and three green trucks piled with Energon cubes.

    His spark thumping furiously, he accelerated back to the battlefield, where the communication kiosk was inconveniently located.

    "Con!" Arcee Two pointed. She, the original, and Arcee Six fired ruthlessly at the sleek purple sports car, but he managed to speed away from their shooting range.

    "Scrap," Bulkhead Two groaned. He radioed the leader of the Autobots. "Bulkhead Two to Optimus, the commander just got away from us. He's on his way to squeal to Megatron!"

    "Understood. Orion and I will intercept him," Optimus responded once he was finished decapitating a Vehicon.

    He spun around and managed to dodge a long stick of Energon another Vehicon was using as a sword. In the middle of his spin, Optimus fired only one round with his blaster, and it roasted the drone's face. Next to his side, Orion tried to imitate Optimus' moves, but he got shot when his back was turned in his spin.

    "If only the real Optimus was as weak as you," the Vehicon roared triumphantly. He placed his blaster right in front of Orion defenseless on the ground, but a blast shot his arm off. Before he even had time to register the pain, another blast went through his spark and his body collapsed.

    "We must hurry," Optimus said in the distance, his rifle sizzling. The Autobot leader sprinted through the army closing in on him, all the while shooting them down at every stride he took. Orion followed him and once more tried to copy Optimus' fighting style. He clumsily missed his targets, for he was running too fast and unfocused. Frustrated at how unskilled he was, Orion transformed and ran over the Decepticons. He madly plowed his way through the masses and didn't even dare to slow down.

    "Orion, it is time to prove yourself," Optimus said once they stopped. The commander was driving up to the communication kiosk about ten meters away, and he still hadn't seen Orion and Optimus. The rest of the Autobots skidded next to Optimus and transformed. All of them stared at Orion expectantly, and Orion nodded to Optimus.

    "Commander Eleven to Base, do you read me? This is Commander Eleven to Base," the Vehicon sputtered into the microphone. He pounded his fists on the console impatiently, checking the area every millisecond.

    Optimus and his team emerged at the stone arch. "Autobots! Stop his call!"

    Before they could engage, the commander launched a grenade at the foot of the arch. Immediately after it detonated, the arch crumpled and the boulders blocked the path.

    "That oughta take care of them," the commander muttered. He banged on the kiosk screen angrily. "Work you useless piece of metal!"

    Suddenly, he heard a truck horn coming from above. Orion drove off of the ridge and transformed into the air. The commander let out a high-pitched shriek when he landed right next to him, and Orion's feet numbed because he forgot to brace his fall.

    "Let's..end…this," Orion panted, wincing at the pain building in his legs.

    The commander released a maniacal laugh.

    "You're not Optimus. You're just his clone."

    Orion closed his faceplate.

    The commander chuckled once more and smashed open a glass case attached to the console. From it, he pulled out a long Cybertronian axe.

    "I'm supposed to use this for cutting hard lines," he said as he polished the axe. "Not for tearing out Optimus' clone's spark."

    "My name is Orion Pax," Orion glared. "And I discharge you from duty."

    He snarled as he ran forward to stab the Decepticon. Swiftly, the commander dodged out of the way and raised the axe.

    "So Prime's too lazy to teach you swordplay, huh?"

    Orion turned his body around and darted forward again. Once more, the commander slid aside and his sword dug into the air. The commander pushed Orion down with the butt of his hammer. He chuckled lightly, clearly not hurrying.

    "Aaarrgh!" Orion got up and ran with his sword over his head like an executioner. The commander twisted to the right and Orion sliced into the rocky side of the canyon. Irritated, he pulled his sword out and persistently swung at the commander, but his reflexes were impressive. Orion jabbed at him another time, a foolish move, and the commander hacked off the point of his sword. He cunningly swiped at Orion's midsection and blue Energon leaked out from the wound. Orion crouched down and groaned quietly as he pressed his hand over the cut.

    "And let that be a lesson for you," the commander said. As if on cue, the screen of the kiosk projected Knockout's face.

    "What is it?" the Decepticon scientist griped. He was joyfully buffing his paint job until he was interrupted by the call.

    "The Autobots-"

    "-Finish them."
    "I know! But there's too many-"

    An Energon blast from Bumblebee Three wrecked the screen and the commander turned around anxiously. He shot rapidly through the dust cloud in front of the demolished arch, but the Autobots had driven away.

    Orion watched as Optimus silently walked behind the commander and sliced his body in two. A puddle of Energon trickled over the pieces of the arch right after the body halves toppled to the ground. Orion looked down in shame when Optimus turned to face him.

    "Orion…" he uttered, staring at him sadly. "I-"

    "What was that?" Arcee shouted angrily. "You use a sword to swipe! Did you think it was a lance or an axe or something?"

    Bumblebee bleeped in agreement.

    "Why did you use a sword even when you were not trained with it?" Optimus questioned, ignoring the team's frustration.

    "I just wanted to be more like you," Orion mumbled.

    "Well, Megatron almost found out about us!" Bulkhead Three yelled indignantly. "You were this close to blowing the mission!"

    He pinched his thumb and finger together, leaving a microscopic gap. Orion avoided Optimus' team's scowls and noticed a Vehicon hiding behind a Driller. The drone screeched at his glance and fled in jet mode.

    "Stop him!" Optimus commanded. He and the rest of the Autobots shot ceaselessly at the drone's form, but he was beyond range. Determinedly, Orion grabbed the axe from the ground and transformed into truck mode. He rocketed forward to pursue the survivor.

    Orion transformed when he was directly below the jet and raised the hammer. He twirled around swiftly and grunted as he let go of the handle.

    It was a one in a million shot. The axe spiraled in front of the jet and split it into two pieces on impact. Orion triumphantly watched as the blazing heap shot down to the ground like a comet, and he glanced at the Autobots standing behind him only after the trail of smoke disappeared.

    The whole team stared at the spot the jet had been and then at Orion, with wide optics and gaping mouths. Even Optimus stared in awe, but his faceplate hid his expression.

    "Ratchet Two," he said after moments of silence. "Open a Ground Bridge."

    A green portal materialized and the Autobots, still shaken from the event, slowly walked inside.

    "Autobots," Optimus said. "Orion and I will stay behind for awhile."

    The team nodded and carried the Energon spoils back to base.

    Once they were gone, Optimus looked admirably at Orion.

    "Optimus, I'm sorry for disobeying your orders," Orion spoke, shrinking at Optimus' stare.

    "Please, I should be the one apologizing," Optimus said. Orion gazed at him confusedly.

    "I now realize that you perform best when you stray from me. I will no longer push you to pursue the impossible, to be a Prime without the Matrix."

    He paused and planned his next sentence.

    "Orion, I want you to create your own identity."

    "Come again?"

    "I give you the right to go against my example. You are no longer me."

    He pointed over to the horizon. "Find an alt mode that suits you and we will Bridge you back when you are done. I will present to you…a more appropriate weapon."

    Orion flipped out his damaged sword and smiled bashfully at Optimus, and the Autobot leader nodded back. Relieved, Orion threw the sword piece on the ground and ran forward happily. Optimus beamed as Orion transformed and sped away to seek his destiny. Bending down, he picked up the abandoned sword and stared at the Cybertronian symbol embossed on the end. The symbol said "Prime".

    "He is free now," Optimus exhaled gently, closing his optics.

    The message went blank and Knockout shook his head, trying to digest what he had just heard.

    "But there's too many," Commander Eleven had said. Knockout shuddered. If the Autobots had grown to the point of overpowering the Decepticons, they were in deep scrap.

    He ran out of the lab to alert Megatron. Surprisingly, the feared leader only laughed at the news.

    "Optimus is finally stepping up his game," he said gladly. He paced around the ship, and Knockout stared at him uncomfortably.

    "We will fight fire with fire," Megatron announced. He moved up towards Knockout. "Notify all Decepticons around the globe. Tell them to rendezvous here immediately. That's an order. The next time one of Optimus' warriors step out of line, we will be there first."

    Knockout quickly exited the room, leaving Megatron alone.

    "Well played, Prime," he cackled. "But I have already won."

    The Autobots watched excitedly as Ratchet finally opened the Ground Bridge. A white and blue sleek semi truck rolled into the base and transformed. Orion was still identical to Optimus' form, but his chest was now white and had different parts from Optimus. His leg armor and helmet were still blue like the original but a lighter shade.

    "I hate to admit it Orion, but you got style," Bulkhead Two commented.

    Bumblebee Four bleeped questioningly, and Arcee shook her head at his foolishness.

    "No, Orion didn't just scan a new mode because he felt like it. Remember? Optimus told him that he had to make his own identity…Weren't you listening when he got back?"

    He bleeped back and Arcee face palmed herself.

    "Figures," she sighed.

    "Orion," Optimus appeared. He had an object hidden behind his back. "I am honored to say that you have earned this."

    He pulled out a magnificent hammer and handed it to Orion. Orion's optics ogled at the glowing symbols imprinted on the sides of the hammer and rubbed his hands over the Autobot symbol at the center of the block. The long handle touched the ground as he was standing, but with a push of a button, it shrank so the hammer could be thrown easily. With great might, he threw the hammer across the room and was pleased when it spun back to him.

    "The Magnus Hammer," he finally spoke, recalling Optimus' memories of researching it on Cybertron. "But how?"

    "I stole it back from the Decepticons eons ago when we raided Kaon. I kept it hidden, for my sword is the only weapon a Prime can wield. Now I have found someone worthy."

    Orion glanced once more at the hammer, still astonished. He turned towards the Autobots.

    "Welcome to the team, Orion," Arcee said proudly.

    "No," Optimus declared, putting his hand on his clone's shoulder. "His name is Ultra Magnus."
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    Episode 4: Busted

    The whole Autobot base came to life once the kids were dropped off. Miko folded her English test into a paper airplane and flung it at the ceiling, where it got caught on top of the lights. She twirled and back flipped over to Bulkhead Four and chatted with him about how boring school was. Raf and Bumblebee Five and Three watched an America's Funniest Home Videos episode, guffawing uncontrollably. Only Jack remained silent, reading silently on a desk near the corner of the base. He paid no attention to the words, only that it was impossible for anyone to talk to him. Or so he thought.

    "Gosh, it's a beautiful day outside," Arcee Two commented as she walked over. "Perfect for, oh I don't know, a drive perhaps."

    "No thanks," Jack muttered without looking up.

    "We can make doughnuts around police cars again," she suggested. "You loved that."


    Arcee Two bit her lip nervously, searching for ideas.

    "I got it! Let's wrap Bulkhead around with toilet paper! Remember his face when he woke up?"


    She leaned down and looked over his shoulder curiously.

    "You want me to quiz you for that chemistry test?"

    "It's history," Jack sighed. He finally faced her.

    "And why do you care?" he snapped.

    "I'm your guardian, Jack Darby, and I'm not digging your attitude," Arcee Two said sharply.

    "No you're not. Arcee is. The first Arcee."

    "Jack, you don't understand. I am her."

    "No, you're like her."

    Arcee Two froze. Her Energon heated to a boil, but she allowed herself to calm down.

    "Look, I know much has changed in such a short time. You have made a strong friendship with Arcee. I can remember how it was, even though I never experienced it. It's painful to have memories that aren't yours," she paused, catching her breath. "I guess all I want is for you to give me a chance. Like you did for her."

    "I-I'm sorry. But I can't," Jack replied, looking down at his shoes. Arcee Two's optics slowly narrowed.

    "Fine," she scowled. "I guess I'm not that special after all."

    She retreated to the other side of the base, arms crossed over her chest. She slumped in between Bulkhead Three and Bumblebee Five, watching enviously as they played with Raf and Miko. For half an hour, the entire room sparkled with energy, except in Arcee Two's and Jack's dark corners.

    Ratchet Two opened the Ground Bridge and the rest of the Autobots entered the base, all of them looking quite pleased with themselves.

    The Bumblebees bleeped excitedly about their surprise attack on the Driller operators, making punching motions in the air. Bulkhead Two and Three joked about how stupid the commander was, and Bulkhead nearly collapsed laughing after hearing their story of the drones' rear ends catching on fire.

    "I'm assuming that the mission was successful?" Ratchet asked Optimus and Ultra Magnus. They each nodded gratefully, Magnus a tad more happily.

    "Good job girls," Arcee praised her squadron, transforming her pistol back into a hand. "Never seen Cons blow up so fast."

    "Talk with your boyfriend," Arcee Two said bitterly as she passed by her.

    Arcee looked towards Jack, and he turned his head around after spying on them. She sighed as she shook her head and approached the desk.

    "I heard that you've been a hassle today." Arcee remarked, arms crossed.

    "But she shouldn't have tried talking to me," Jack defended. "She just walked over here and pretended that she was you. Then she kept naming off all of the things we did, as if she was there."

    "In some ways, she has a right to. How would you feel if you couldn't have your own life? I don't blame her for trying to make her own memories."

    "It's just weird, that's all."

    Arcee sighed. "Well, Arcee Four's taking my shift. You wanna go for a drive?"

    Jack's eyes lit up eagerly. "Right now?"

    "I gotta take a decontamination bath first, silly. But I'll be ready in a minute."

    Jack watched Arcee as she walked away, and he slammed his helmet on top of his history book.

    The hidden passageway on the mountain opened and Arcee wheelied out to the road, tumbleweeds fleeing from her deadly speed.

    "Yeah!" Jack yelled, bending his head back. Arcee giggled and slammed her tire on the road, and Jack's body was thrown forward.

    "Whoa, easy!" Jack said while straightening his helmet. Arcee giggled more in vehicle mode.

    "So how was your day?" Arcee asked randomly.

    "Uh, fine I guess," Jack replied, a little off guard.

    "Nothing wrong? That's a first."

    Jack thought about it. "Actually, the only thing that's bothering me is your new buddies."

    "Jack, they just want to get to know you better. I actually think they're jealous of us hanging out and want a chance too."

    "That's exactly what Arcee Two told me," Jack sighed.

    "She's me, so she's right," Arcee responded. "Watch, by the end of the day, you'll be okay with them."

    "It's worth hoping." He stared at the landscape surrounding them. The sun shone through a blanket of fluffy cumulus clouds. The cacti on the sides of the road radiated with green and their flowers displayed flamboyant shades of pink, yellow, and white. The mountains cast a shadow on the road, but in a peaceful manner like trees casting shade. Jack inhaled a refreshing lungful of air and let it out slowly.

    "I like Jasper," he started. "I mean, it may be a nowheresville but you can take a long drive here and just enjoy the ride."

    Arcee remained silent.

    "What? Let me guess, you're laughing at me."

    "You never told me that you liked quiet drives," she said softly.

    "Don't you?"

    "Yeah…but they're best when the wind hits your face just right."

    She accelerated, and the two zoomed across the desolated road, the whole world to themselves.

    Starscream cackled in jet mode. Wrong way, he said to himself.

    "Flatline! Arcee is coming towards your position."

    A red tanker truck drove off from an abandoned gas station and blocked the road. Arcee's brakes automatically triggered, and she slid to a stop before impact.

    "Hey, you're blocking the road!" Jack yelled. Then he noticed that the cab was empty…

    Flatline transformed and raised his gigantic arm to smash the motorcycle. Arcee drove out of the way and transformed, and she gently set Jack down next to the gas station.

    "Flatline," she glared. "What do you want with Jack?"

    "Starscream can take care of him," he said. "All I want is your torn out spark."

    He spoke while reaching behind his back for his cannon. He readied it, and the cannon began to absorb molecules for ammo.

    "Then come and get it," Arcee whispered. She dodged his powerful blast and circled around to his back. Angrily, she shot bursts of Energon at his back, and the brute collapsed at the blows. He wrenched his body around and fired another round at Arcee, and she was thrown back thirty feet.

    "Arcee!" Jack yelled. He ran to go up to her, but Starscream landed right in front of him, his red optics glowing brightly.

    "Sweet dreams, boy," he smiled darkly, aiming his missile at him.

    "No!" Arcee sprinted into him and smashed her fist into his face while he was helplessly splayed on the floor

    "Bah!" he choked, Energon bleeding from his mouth. Arcee put her pistol up to his face, but Flatline clutched onto her wing and tossed her like a ragdoll into a stop sign on the corner.

    "Where are your clones?" Flatline boomed, noticing that Arcee did not have a number. "I'll spare your sorry life if you tell me."

    "Ahhrrrgh!" She broke the sign at the middle of the pole and swung it at Flatline's chest like a lethal baseball bat. She managed to make a small dent into his abdomen, but Flatline ripped the sign out of her hands and brutally pushed her down next to Jack.

    "Such a shame, killing the original," Starscream said as he transformed his hand into a cannon.

    "Arcee!" Jack snatched a small stone from the ground and tossed it up at Starscream's head with pinpoint accuracy. The sharp rock dug into Starscream's cheek, and a small spurt of Energon tricked down his jawline.

    Starscream winced at the pain for a second, and turned his head sharply at Jack. His pale face shook with hatred.


    Flatline suddenly collapsed to the ground, and Starscream lost his balance.

    "Flatline!" he hissed back. "Warn me that you'll fall unconscious next time!"

    A small magnetic disc clasped onto his chest and electricity shocked his entire body. The skinny Decepticon fell down next to Arcee, and in a few seconds a huge shadow cloaked the entire gas station.

    Jack hesitantly raised his head, and witnessed the Decepticon warship itself above him. A shaft on its underside opened, and the ex-Decepticons' bodies were elevated by rings of light. Jack caught sight of another shaft above him, and more rings enveloped Arcee.

    "No!" Jack desperately grabbed Arcee's wing as she was raised, but his arm weakened and he plopped back on the road.

    He watched miserably as the shafts sealed and the warship ascended into the nothingness of the clouds. Instantly, Jack reached into his jeans pocket and pulled out his black Razr.

    "Miko's Doughnut Ball and Monster drink Museum."

    "Miko!" Jack said urgently. "Put Ratchet on the line!"

    "Which one? They both hate Earth tech-"

    "JUST DO IT!"

    "Ratch! Jack needs help!" Miko screamed, after hearing Jack's tone. They looked stunned at first, since they had never seen Miko so afraid. Ratchet jogged over to her side and awkwardly positioned his mouth over the phone she held up.

    "Jack, Jack what is it?"


    "What? She's on a mission right now!"

    "We went for a drive! I saw them take her!"

    Ratchet checked the screen on his arm. His spark numbed.

    "Jack, my readings say that Energon has been spilled a few miles from you! And it's coming from Arcee Two!"

    Time stopped for Jack. He moved his phone midway from his ear

    "Jack, backup is on their way. I will send a Ground Bridge for you."

    "No," Jack said. "I need to save her too."

    A Ground Bridge opened and an ambulance emerged in front of Jack.

    "You're not going alone," Ratchet Two said in vehicle mode. Jack got inside the passenger seat and Ratchet Two sped off.

    Arcee Two stared at the scrubbed spot where the II had been, paying no attention to the Energon dripping from her right cheek. She flailed her body around vigorously, but the cuffs holding her arms up were unbreakable. Transforming was out of the question.

    A cold shiver ran down her back when the door opened and Megatron entered the room, Dreadwing at his side.

    "My lord, I ask you why did you switch off the cloaking technology?" Dreadwing asked. "We're leaking a trail."

    "No, I believe our guest is," Megatron replied, gazing at Arcee Two. "And when her…new teammates stage a rescue, they will be making their own trails as well."

    After he said his sentence, the room lit up and revealed hundreds of Vehicons positioned around the room. All of their cannons aimed at Arcee Two.

    "What shall I do with the scientist and Starscream, my lord?" Dreadwind continued, staring in awe at the number of guards.

    "I will deal with them later," Megatron growled, recalling his treacherous second-in-command. "I sense that their confrontation with Arcee was not just a coincidence."

    "I'm right here you know!" Arcee Two shouted angrily, her body dangling.

    "My lord!" a drone panicked as he dashed into the room. "I'm detecting twelve incoming Energon signatures!"

    Megatron smiled back at Arcee Two and followed the drone out of the room without another word.

    "Destroy all of the Autobots," Dreadwing shouted to the hidden drones. "But save Prime for Megatron."

    He coolly strode out of the room, and the lights powered down.

    "I'm sorry, Jack," Arcee Two said as she helplessly looked up at the multitude of glowing rifle barrels surrounding the room, like an ominous blanket of stars.

    "Autobots, roll out!" Optimus thundered. The five Arcees, two Bumblebees, two Bulkheads, and Orion Pax transformed and zoomed after Optimus over the cliff of the mountain.

    "Maxmum Overdrive!" the Autobot leader yelled in truck mode. His team pressed on their gas pedals and shot down to the Nemesis like comets.

    "AUTOBOTS!" a guard warned his comrades. A squadron immediately assembled on top of the vessel.

    The roof-mounted Energon lasers swiveled around and shot beams of purple at the intruders. Ultra Magnus transformed in the air and hurled the Magnus Hammer at a laser. The powerful hammer tore through the double barrels like a wrecking ball and spun back to its owner similar to a boomerang. Bumblebee and Bumblebee Five's pistols shot blasts of Energon through the chests of drones climbing up to the roof, and the bodies toppled over the reinforcements like dominoes.

    With Arcee Six and Three at each side, Arcee's motorcycle mode landed on the vessel and she rammed into a rank of Vehicons. Arcee Six and Three somersaulted as they transformed, and they unleashed intense bursts of Energon at the laser cannons. Bulkhead and Bulkhead Three skidded on the roof and they transformed when their truck modes collided against an overpowered drone. They beat their maces deep into the drones' heads as their backs dropped to the ground, and pummeled a Vehicon's hood down when he tried to escape. Shots fired from Optimus' and Magnus' blasters cleared an incoming army of Vehicons, and Optimus easily slashed the laser barrels with his sword.

    "Go, we'll cover you," Optimus yelled over to Arcee. She nodded back and ran into the gaping entrance of the ship, Arcee Four and Five following close behind.

    "Lord Megatron!" a drone stumbled up to his master. "We have a breach!"

    The Decepticon tyrant activated his arm-mounted cannon, a hungry smirk wrapped around his face.

    In the distance, a Vehicon's cry for help sounded, and it was interrupted by the thump of a body collapsing. The drone whimpered and broke into a run, but Megatron seized his neck.

    "You coward!" he grimaced. "What has made the Autobots so threatening now?"

    "Over here, Fathead," Ratchet Two said in ambulance mode a few meters away. He drove off, and the livid Megatron and several Vehicons dashed after him.

    Jack held his breath as the Decepticons ran past his hiding spot, and released it only when he was sure they were gone. He peeked at the entrance to Arcee Two's cell, and realized that two drones were about to enter.

    It's now or never, he thought. Suddenly, he found himself frantically sprinting over to his ticket inside. Miraculously, in only twenty seconds, he ran almost a mile and stealthily took cover behind one of the drones' legs. At the last second, the door slid down into the floor and Jack scaled up on the drone as he headed inside.

    "False alarm," he uttered when his comrades pointed their guns at him. Jack climbed up to his upper leg and snatched the small card attached to his hip.

    "This is stupid," a Vehicon complained. "Where are the Bots? We've been standing like this for two hours already!"

    "They'll come," Jack's Vehicon moaned. "And we'll kill their newbies, snuff the girl's spark, boo hoo, and then Master will take care of Prime."

    The drones above chatted agreeably and failed to notice Jack leaping from the drone's back and onto the metal arch with Arcee Two cuffed inside.

    She heard the faint landing and stared up thunderstruck at Jack.

    "Hey," he mouthed. Arcee Two gently smiled back.

    "What are you so happy about?" the drone noticed. Arcee Two flashed a mischievous smile at him, and his optic caught the tiny fleshling jamming the key into the last cuff.


    With one blast from her pistol, Arcee Two shot him in the head and transformed. The guards above shot recklessly down at the blue and pink motorcycle. The blasts hurled down like a volley of arrows, but Arcee Two and Jack were too agile. As if the whole world had gone in slow-motion, Jack mounted on Arcee Two and she raced forward, the bursts hairs away from the two of them. They outran the blasts and sped out of the cell, Arcee Two driving like a madman.

    Megatron and his troopers kept shooting at the helpless ambulance, but it kept annoyingly turning into the corners.

    "Hold still!" Megatron exploded. He followed the troopers around the corner and dodged out of the way when the front ranks were shot down.

    It was rare to see Megatron so astounded. His burning optics expanded and his jaw partially dropped.

    "Megatron," Optimus spoke gravely, his blaster out. Ultra Magnus stood behind him with the fabled Magnus Hammer, wielding it with both hands. Arcee and her clones scowled with their pistols drawn and the Bumblebees had their cannons ready. Ratchet Two held out his surgical blades and the two Bulkheads stood at the back of the line, arms crossed with cannons for hands.

    "How?" Megatron asked, more to himself.

    "Free Arcee Two!" Optimus shouted. "Or we will use deadly force."

    Megatron returned to his old self.

    "The Autobots have expanded," he started. "But they're still no match against the Decepticons!"

    His saber was released over his claw, and he bellowed as he swung it at Optimus. The Autobot leader's reflexes initiated, and he blocked Megatron with his sword. The two exchanged blow after blow, while the Autobots took down any Vehicons that dared to interfere.

    Optimus stopped Megatron's strike once more, glaring into Megatron's optics. The fiend smiled maliciously, and Optimus' optics widened. Megatron socked his opponent under the chin while he was distracted, and Optimus crashed onto the floor. Megatron stepped towards him, his saber positioned over his head. He stopped in mid-swing when he heard a whoosh, and he looked up too late. The Magnus Hammer collided into his frightening maw, and he lost focus for a second. By the time he recovered, a shower of Energon blasts rammed his body and he felt his legs give way. The Autobots watched contemptuously as his helm banged firmly on the wall of the ship, and Megatron finally shut his optics.

    "Good riddance," Ratchet said sourly after the Autobots ceased their fire.

    "Let's finish him!" Bulkhead bellowed, raising his mace. Several shots were heard way off, and Arcee Two emerged with Jack.

    "The Cons are onto us," she shouted to the team. "We have to Bridge back!"

    Ratchet contacted Bumblebee Two, and a Ground Bridge opened. The two Bulkheads and Bumblebee Five hauled Optimus into the portal and the rest of the Autobots jumped inside. Arcee Two dodged another Energon blast from behind her and darted inside right before it closed.

    Dozens of drones stopped at where the Ground Bridge had been and gasped at the sight of their defeated master.

    "Lord Megatron!" one of them yelped. "What happened?"

    Megatron's optics narrowed.

    "This." He stabbed the drone through his spark chamber and rapidly annihilated all of the witnesses to his humility. The drones' bodies crackling beneath his feet, Megatron stomped over them to the prison sector of the ship. Starscream and Flatline have some serious explaining to do, he growled to himself.

    Back at the base, the Autobots and kids encircled Arcee Two and Jack, listening intently.

    "So…it was all a set up?" Jack addressed Arcee.

    She nodded.

    "It was meant to be a surprise. I knew that if Arcee Two scrubbed off her number, you would take a drive with her. Then, at the end of the day, you would find out that my clones are no different from me."

    Jack glanced at Arcee Two and looked down.

    "I-I'm sorry. Really I am. I was stupid. I should've been nice to you from the start."

    "S'okay partner," Arcee Two grinned. "It was a fun drive."

    "The Cons know about you guys because of me!" Jack shouted, outraged at himself. "The secret is out there!" He shut his eyes and pushed a hand through his hair.

    Optimus spoke up. "It was inevitable. Yes, I am disappointed that Megatron now has the knowledge of our new comrades, but I am also proud that you have learned to trust Arcee's clones."

    "In only one day too!" Arcee smirked. "It took us months to be friends."

    Jack chuckled lightly, and then his frown returned.

    "If it will make you feel less guilty, I have a job for you," Ratchet commented.

    Jack raised his head eagerly. Ratchet threw a mop and bucket at him, and filled the bucket with black paint.

    "Let's hope there won't be another mix-up again," he said, and he pointed at Arcee Two's blank wing.

    Determined, Jack walked toward Arcee Two with the mop and bucket. The Autobots and kids watched him and Optimus nodded in approval.

    The adventure continues in Episode 5...stay tuned and prepare yourself for the ride! Roll out =)
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    Episode 5: Inside Job

    Starscream's optics slowly cracked open, and he shrieked at the sight of his face.

    "I would love to kill you," Megatron snarled, his deadly saber centimeters away from his ex-commander's neck. "But we have delicate work to attend to."

    His spark burning uncontrollably, Starscream attempted to transform, but his limbs were cuffed tightly. A collar placed around his neck sent a surge of Energon up to his brain, and he screamed at the pain.

    "I know you too well," Megatron laughed coldly. "The pathetic coward that you are."

    Starscream looked over to his side, and noticed Flatline trapped next to him. Megatron didn't even bother putting a collar around him or cuffing his legs down.

    "Master," Flatline spoke once he woke up. "Pardon me for questioning, but have you changed your mind about the task assigned to us?"

    Starscream's spark froze, and his body turned rigid like rock.

    "What task?" Megatron snarled, shooting a glance a Starscream. His stare seemed to melt right through Starscream's metal.

    "Your humble servant and I will eliminate all of the runaway Autobot clones we had failed on your previous order."

    "I never issued an order for clone Autobots! And when was Starscream my humble servant?"

    He glanced back at the terrified Starscream. All of a sudden, everything clicked into place.

    "So, you have finally found someone mindless enough to carry out your dim-witted schemes!" Megatron roared, trying to suppress his laughter. "I am not at all surprised that it was as successful as your attempt to terminate me."

    He was delighted when he saw Flatline's optics widen in horror at Starscream.

    "Flatline, you were foolishly misinformed by this wretch," Megatron accused him, without a trace of sympathy in his voice. "But now that you know the truth, you serve me now."

    "Yes, my lord," Flatline bowed, thankful that Megatron had ignored his betrayal.

    "Do not take this as an act of mercy," Megatron threatened. "I am sparing your life simply because I will have much enjoyment ending Starscream's."

    "Acknowledged," Flatline replied. "I hope that traitor will dearly regret ever being brought from the AllSpark."

    Megatron ordered the drones to release him, and Flatline exited the room.

    "For eons I have waited for this," Megatron turned towards Starscream helplessly restrained. Hatred locked in his optics, he raised his saber.

    "Wait-wait!" Starscream choked up. "I have valuable intel!"

    "Nothing you have is valuable to me," Megatron rumbled.

    "The AllSpark! I know where a shard is, ready for the taking!"

    Megatron paused, but refused to lower his saber.

    "Tell me," he uttered.

    "Flatline knows the coordinates. He uses it to make clones!"

    Everything started to make sense. It was like all of the scattered pieces in Megatron's mind transformed into the final picture. His saber went back into his arm, and he turned towards the guards.

    "Lock him up. Solitary confinement."

    "What? No, please no! Anything but that! Please, I beg of you!"

    Megatron swiftly exited the room, paying no attention to Starscream's pleas as he was carried to his cell. He caught up with Flatline walking towards a Ground Bridge generator on the vessel.

    "My lord, did you enjoy terminating Starscream?" Flatline asked.

    "He is imprisoned now, after he offered me some vital information."

    Flatline nodded understandingly.

    "I have a task for you," Megatron announced.

    "Your servant is listening."

    Megatron smirked.

    "Take me to the shard."

    Flatline's T-Cog churned and his optics exploded in horror.

    "But master, it's suicide! This is all Starscream's plot to extinguish you spark! The raw power will kill you!"

    "I never said that I was the one unlocking its information."

    Flatline realized his plan and bowed.

    "I am willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, master."

    "No, you bumbling simpleton! Only I can access the information I require!" He recalled reading the legend of Narrus. The warrior's life ended along with his servant when the servant revealed the secret he had requested from the AllSpark. Only one could obtain the information, and he would die along with the secret.

    "How will you find the answer you seek then, Lord Megatron?"

    The Decepticon leader told Flatline his twisted strategy to outwit the shard.

    Megatron's systems powered up and his nightmarish optics lit bright red within his helm. Immediately, he realized that he had been transported from the ship. He was lying in a crudely-built laboratory with a multitude of clone vats and prototype weapons. Shattered glass littered the floor, and small pools of Energon were gathered around the room.

    "Soundwave!" Megatron shouted to the silent Decepticon standing over his bed. "I demand to know where I've been taken!"

    "There is no need to worry, my master," Flatline emerged into the room. "This is my laboratory."

    "Take me back to the Nemesis!" Megatron snarled. "I have no interest in your scummy shelter!"

    "You request the AllSpark shard, do you not? To discover your fate?"

    Megatron paused, recollecting his memories.

    "Of course I do! Flatline, deliver me to the shard this instant!"

    "Yes, master," Flatline obeyed. Megatron stepped off of the bed and trailed closely behind the scientist. Soundwave followed last, staring at Megatron's back.

    They reached the SpaceBridge generator, and Flatline entered the previous coordinates. In mere seconds, a bright green portal formed inside and the three Decepticons entered, Megatron overtaking Flatline's lead.

    Megatron put one monstrous foot on the shard's surface, and its magnificent power instantly coursed through his body and into his veins. He sighed at full volume, closing his optics and taking in the energy.

    Flatline and Soundwave watched patiently, anticipating his next move. The next moment, Megatron finally bellowed the telltale chant.

    "O Spark!" he shouted in Cybertronian. "I seek the destiny wrongfully concealed from me!"

    The shard began to quake violently under his feet and its ancient inscriptions ignited into a brilliant green. A blinding golden halo enveloped Megatron's body, and he released a victorious roar. Dramatically, he kneeled down and positioned his claws on the glowing surface of the shard. He let out another mighty shout, his optics saturated with the golden light.

    Soundwave commenced the plan with cold swiftness. The Decepticon unraveled a long and narrow coil with glowing purple accents, and he plugged one end to the back of Megatron's head while he was distracted. Once he had done so, he flung the other end of the cordical psychic patch to Flatline.

    From the shadows, a dark figure materialized like a ghost. He soundlessly walked up to the hallucinating Megatron, wearing a constant grim expression. His nightmarish optics lit bright red within his helm.

    The real Megatron nodded at his followers to proceed his scheme.

    Flatline attached the remaining end to the back of the real Megatron's head, and Soundwave's face-screen switched into a video recorder.

    "We have your visual," Flatline said to Megatron. "When your clone is killed, we'll make sure that your mind will return to your body."

    "If you fail, I will come back and get revenge," Megatron menaced. "In the next life."

    "I understand, my master."

    Megatron looked suspiciously at Flatline for a second, but then closed his optics.

    Flatline stared uncomfortably at the two Megatrons before him. Megatron had conceitedly positioned himself so that his clone bowed before him.

    Smoke gathered nearby the ground and Megatron materialized within the cloud as rapidly as a bolt of lightning. He surveyed his destination and recognized that it was Kaon, the Decepticon capital. The dry ground he stood on was made of dark red Cybertronian rock. The massive gray buildings surrounding him released thick fumes into the humid air, shining coldly in the dark night.

    Megatron caught sight of his clone walking towards a light in the distance. For an experiment, he stroked his claws across the buildings and was delighted when they passed through like a hologram. He remembered that when the annoying scout entered his own mind, he was indestructible because he wasn't part of the illusion. Stealthily, he ran into the shadows of the buildings' walls and emerged at the back of a gigantic crowd. He picked out faces of Decepticons, and realized that the entire crowd was his followers.

    "Decepticons, begin our assault!" he heard his own voice cry out.

    Megatron looked forward and saw a young version of him standing in front of the Decepticons, Soundwave at his side. From what he could see, the Megatron in front of the crowd was too skinny and small for a ruthless tyrant. He almost resembled a bulkier relative to Soundwave, who still appeared the same. Megatron turned his head around and spotted the other Megatron staring at his young self a couple yards away at the side. As a precaution, Megatron slid inside the crowd of Decepticons and flowed through them to get to the front ranks of troops.

    He now had a clear picture now of his young self. The younger Megatron opened a portal inside a crudely-built Ground Bridge generator. The green light poured over the army and they charged forward, yelling out war cries. Megatron watched his young self scowling triumphantly as the Decepticons stampeded into the portal, finally recalling the battle that he was witnessing. It was one of his first invasions: Operation Iacon. He began to recall every detail of the operation, including its despicable outcome.

    He saw his clone go after the Decepticons entering the portal, and knew that he had his memories of Operation Iacon as well.

    "C'mon, Bucketbrain, we need to go before it closes," a young husky version of Breakdown scolded a skinny Knockout polishing his saw blade. Breakdown pushed Knockout forward and they headed towards the Ground Bridge. Quickly, Megatron took cover behind Breakdown, and the three of them entered the giant portal.

    Iacon was just as Megatron remembered it. Hexagons decorated on the metal ground like a honeycomb pulsed AllSpark blue and the shiny buildings reflected bright light shone by the stars. A monstrous fortress was perched on a mesa a few clicks away, and Megatron saw the Decepticon army approach the structure with their cannons pointed out.

    "The AllSpark Citadel," Megatron commented to himself. He prepared to dash to the front ranks of the army until he caught sight of his clone's Cyberonian jet mode. He had split from the invasion and was following a radiant white diamond leading to the side of the Citadel. Megatron transformed and pursued him, soundlessly as if he were a predator stalking his prey.

    The diamond next to the back wall of the building, and some of the metal blocks transformed out of the way into a secret passageway. The other Megatron landed at the entrance and followed the diamond through the gap in the wall. As soon as he had done so, the blocks precisely shifted back into place. However, it failed to terminate Megatron's stubbornness to learn the secret. He transformed at the spot his clone had been and walked through the back wall. He nudged his head through the door his clone had taken and gazed at the impressive sight of the AllSpark Chamber.

    In the middle of the room was a blast-proof case that housed the gargantuan Cube. The four hundred-foot Cube was a hair from touching the towering ceiling, and it was so wide that all of the Cybertronians could've easily taken cover under it. Its symbols glowed with a rich blue and the vessel rotated slowly in midair. A platoon of Autobots guarded each side of the Cube, in case anyone attempted to steal its infinite knowledge.

    Megatron watched his clone carefully and was pleased that he looked as confused as he was. How did the Citadel relate to his fate? Just then a red and blue Cybertronian truck skidded into the Chamber, an orange and white vehicle at his side. The two transformed and the young Optimus walked determinedly towards the AllSpark.

    "But Optimus, no!" a more athletic version of Ratchet pleaded to his leader. "Just imagine Sentinel Prime's fury when he finds out!"

    "It is our only option, Ratchet," Optimus replied. "It's either that or Megatron finally gets his oily claws on the Spark's power."

    "He will be dead if he tries to seize it," Ratchet assured. "Please, you don't have to do this."

    "It is our only option," Optimus repeated.

    "Why can't you sacrifice the Omega Key instead? Then we could end this mess altogether."

    Optimus paused. "Believe me, I want the Key to be destroyed as much as you do, but it is impossible to launch it far from Megatron's grasp. We have to split the lock from the key."

    Hundreds of explosions shook the room, and Optimus and Ratchet lost their balance.

    "Megatron," Optimus spat to Ratchet as Energon blasts sounded in the distance. "We must act quickly."

    The two transformed and drove to their positions. The guards tried to stop Optimus, but quickly understood that his plan was their only hope of stopping Megatron. They reluctantly left the AllSpark to Optimus, and didn't bother pushing Ratchet away when he tugged down on a switch that opened the ceiling.

    "It's ready, Optimus!" he signaled. The Autobot leader entered a code into the base of the AllSpark and the case faded away.

    "It's an itsy bitsy universe after all." Megatron and his clone turned their heads around and saw the young version of themselves standing at the collapsed entrance of the Chamber, his fusion cannon pointed at Optimus' back.

    "Now, get out of my way!" the young Megatron yelled as he activated his cannon. A powerful burst of Energon emitted from the barrel, and it was hurled at the speed of light towards Optimus. In the blink of an eye, Optimus raised his mighty sword in front of his mouth plate and it sliced through the deadly blast.

    "Urrrgh!" Megatron charged at his opponent and socked him hard in the abdomen, and Optimus' body collapsed onto the ground.

    "You're so weak," Megatron laughed victoriously as he walked over to him, his blade flipped out over his claw.

    "No!" Ratchet made a desperate run at Megatron, but an Energon pulse from his cannon sent him flying back to the control panel.

    Optimus seized the opportunity and, with the last bit of his strength, activated the eject button on the base the Cube was suspended over. Instantly, a blinding beam of light erupted from the base and shot up out of the hole in the ceiling and into the distant stars. The Spark vanished along with it.

    "You mindless imbecile!" the young Megatron roared at Optimus. He transformed into jet mode and recklessly blasted after the Spark, desperate to obtain unlimited power. Megatron and his clone knew that he would chase after the Cube's fragments for half a century, until they became out of reach.

    But what does this mean? Megatron questioned himself.

    Suddenly, the scene shifted. Both Decepticon leaders stood in an underground vault, with a group of Autobot Council members standing around a case that housed a magnificent decorated key. Ancient Cybertronian symbols were imprinted on its sides and iridescent colors constantly flowed through it like a river.

    "Optimus Prime commanded us to leave the Omega Key here to be destroyed along with Cybertron, however doubtful that situation may be," a leader started in a mocking tone. "He selfishly never considered saving such divine knowledge. I say that we defy his authority only once and save the Key from permanent destruction."

    He paused dramatically. "We shall transform the key into relics and smuggle them out of Cybertron during its final years."

    He stretched out his hand and a hologram appeared.

    "After several centuries, after the planet has evacuated, we will return and build a new Spark. We will merge the Iacon relics together and use the Omega Key to bring the Spark's power back to its rightful place in Iacon!"

    A wave of excited Autobot shouts swept over him, and the leader smiled.

    "Til it is one!" he announced.

    "TIL IT IS ONE!" his followers chanted. A beam of light flickered around the Omega Key, and it saturated the entire room and blinded the whole scene. In a matter of seconds, everything faded to black.

    Megatron's clone reopened his optics and gasped at what was in front of him.

    The scene had changed into blackness. Glowing red symbols were fading into the air, one at a time.

    "The relic coordinates," Megatron's clone spoke aloud, refusing to blink once. The real Megatron stepped out from the pitch black shadows and tip-toed closer to his double. He positioned himself right behind his clone's back and stared at the coordinates, so Soundwave could record them.

    There were now four sets of coordinates written. A devilish grin was plastered on the other Megatron's face the entire time, remained unchanged. All of a sudden, he detected a soft breath and the chill ran down his spine. He immediately whirled his body around and faced Megatron's narrowed optics.

    "I knew I wasn't alone," he whispered crossly.

    Megatron's smirk faltered.

    "We've been made!" Flatline screamed at Soundwave's screen. "Forget the rest of the coordinates and disconnect him!"

    Soundwave released Laserbeak from his chest and the scout flew over to Megatron's dome and yanked on the cord.

    Megatron's clone stared at the original, an aghast expression constant on his face. Before he even had time to register it, a portal formed behind Megatron and he swiftly retreated inside.

    "You were watching the whole time!" his clone exploded. "You stole my destiny!"

    "It was never yours," Megatron growled, smiling sinisterly. He let out a great laugh, and it echoed as the portal progressively closed around him. The last thing his clone saw was his triumphant blazing optics.

    Megatron returned to his body, and Flatline spoke no later after his optics lit up.

    "My master, your plan succeeded!" he exclaimed like an infant. "You have lived after entering the AllSpark!"

    "Fool," Megatron hissed back. "If my clone didn't sense me, we could have obtained all of the relic coordinates!"

    Soundwave's screen replayed the footage of the coordinates.

    "Yes," Megatron said, listening to the communications officer's reasoning. "It is possible that those four measly coordinates might lead to something worthwhile."

    Flatline tapped Megatron lightly on the shoulder.

    "What?" he growled as he turned his head back. His jaw dropped slightly.

    The other Megatron was getting up on his feet and he pounded his fists together angrily.

    "I will perish soon," he growled. "But I can still take you with me."

    Megatron smiled, for he had finally found a challenge after so many eons. He told Flatline and Soundwave to leave and walked forward once they were gone in the SpaceBridge. The two Megatrons paced in a circle, staring at each other with pure hatred.

    "There can only be one!" Megatron's clone yelled.

    "Allow me," Megatron snarled.

    His saber flipped out and he charged at his clone. With identical speed, his clone blocked his strike with his saber and swung at him. Megatron leaped out of the way and made another stab at his opponent, but his clone dodged the blow. He fired a blast of Energon at Megatron, and the original did the same. The large explosion caused both of them to slide across the ground at equal distances, and they grunted when they stood back up. They rocketed towards each other with their arms forward like a pair of mountain goats, and their large palms connected. Each Megatron tried desperately to push the other down, and their claws dug into their double's hands. Both Megatrons roared and snarled at each other, and only an inch separated their helms from clashing. Their optics were locked on like deadly lasers. Megatron's clone kicked his match with his right leg, but at the same time Megatron launched a roundhouse with his left leg. Their feet pounded into the other's chest and they slid back once more. For five more times, they exchanged indistinguishable blows, but no one could overpower the other. Megatron's clone swiped another blast with his saber and was about to fire back when he felt his spark burn madly. His Decepticon emblem on his chest pulsed purple violently, and he clutched it tightly.

    "NOOOOOOO! This wasn't how it was supposed to end!" he shrieked. A foot planted on his chest, and he felt his circuits snapping at the impact.

    Megatron leaned his body down and smiled broadly. Now more than ever, his optics pierced into his clone's spark. He put his cannon right in front of his clone's horrified face.

    "I should not interrupt the AllSpark with its work. After all, the secret dies with the ones who seek, doesn't it?"

    "Please, take me out of this misery!" Megatron screamed. Rust was slowly eating his body, slower than even Sentinel Prime's cosmic rust gun. It was as if each molecule of his body was being ripped to bits, one at a time.

    "No," Megatron teased, leisurely lifting his cannon. "You need time to reflect on all of the terrible crimes you have done."

    "Please, grant me mercy! I beg of you!"

    "You out of all should know that I loathe begging."

    "Kre esca tanan!" Megatron's clone cursed in Cybertronian. "May you live long and die long, Megatron!"

    Energon oozed out of his melting metal like wax. Megatron watched as rust ate at his clone's optics and they cracked into pieces, leaving sizzling pieces of wire. Finally, he stood up and stomped into the Space Bridge.

    His clone's body was left unburied and untouched. Megatron had left it to shrivel into nothing, as his spark had become at that moment.

    Flatline waited patiently at the mouth of the Space Bridge generator. The form of Megatron suddenly materialized within the portal and he stepped up to the scientist.

    "What is your will, master?" Flatline questioned, bowing down from his stare.

    "If it is my destiny to find all pieces of the Omega Key, we must boost our efforts to the max," Megatron said. Flatline looked up at him, registering another plan concocting in his sick mind.

    "Alert all Decepticons around the globe once more. Their new mission is to hunt for the Iacon relics, before the Autobots can even realize our strategy."

    "Is that all, lord?"

    Megatron smiled.

    "I will also need a new army of troopers. The score must be settled yet again."

    Flatline nodded and left the room in truck mode.

    "The power of the AllSpark," Megatron said hungrily with his optics glazed over. He laughed arrogantly, and it rumbled the entire Nemesis, piercing every Decepticon's core.
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    Hey this is really good, a little twist on the Prime series, I like it. Please do more :popcorn 
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    there is mor =) there's two mor chapters on fanfiction: just look up tfp: the clone chronicles cuz it takes too long to reformat it on tfw2005. i've got ep.8 in the works and i promise u it will only get better! thanks for the comment!

    tell me what u think of ep.6 and 7!
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    Pretty cool so far! :thumb 

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