Transformers Prime: Odeal (a script-reading project)

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    Hiya again, guys! Other than working on random Transformers covers, I've been also working on a script-reading project based on a story I wrote called "Ordeal". I enjoy the Transformers: Prime show a lot, and as a way of showing how much I appreciate it, I'm creating a series of videos that tell my story. Some voice actors, such as Crash (disgorgingfoetus - YouTube) and Luis (PeterCullenFanBoy - YouTube) are involved, and many more are to come! Check out their Youtube channels, they are fantastic!
    For the time being, I already have the prologue of my story up on Youtube. Here's the link to my video:
    Transformers Prime: Ordeal ~ Prologue ~ - YouTube
    Tell me what you guys think! ;)  Feedback is always appreciated!

    EDIT: Sorry about the thread title... It's supposed to be "Ordeal", not "Odeal". DX

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