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    Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers. I only own Anna and Nightshadow/Meg and Sarah Bell, Cricket & Archer, Tony,

    Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

    A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

    Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

    Chapter 17 – Transformers Prime

    Jack and the others were yelling for Anna; when Arcee, Bee and Bulkhead came running up.

    "Why is everyone running out of the carnival?" Bulkhead asked as Jack looked right to Arcee.

    "Arcee, its Airachnid and we can't find Anna." Jack replied urgently.

    "No, I was supposed to keep her safe for him...How am I suppose to keep her safe when I couldn't save Tailgate." Arcee whispered horrified as she took off. "ANNA, SWEETSPARK ANSWER ME PLEASE!" Arcee begged as she went running to find Anna.

    "Arcee, what do you want us to do?" Bulkhead asked.

    "Split up and look for her, if anything ever happens to her I will never forgive myself." Arcee turns to Jack. "Come on partner..." she says as Jack smiles and nods.

    Meg goes with them as well; Raf and Bumblebee go searching in one direction, Bulkhead and Miko in another.

    (In Airachnid's Lair)

    Airachnid has Anna and Tony on the cave walls hanging by her webbing; she smiles slightly and walks toward Anna.

    "Let him go, please..." Anna pleads.

    "Let me think...No!" She snarls, as Anna tried very hard to be brave.

    Airachnid walked closer toward Tony, her pointed tip on her leg moved toward his neck.

    "In all honesty, he is a waste to me I have no use for him." Airachnid said as she went to kill Tony.

    Anna screamed, as blood hit her as Airachnid heard sounds outside.

    "Guests...?" she snarled as she went to turn and Arcee came out of nowhere tackling her.

    "You made a huge mistake taking Anna..." Arcee snapped.

    "At least I know where to hurt you the most Optimus Prime and that little techno organic." Airachnid snarled, as she was able to get Arcee off her, and took off.

    Meg got the webbing off her cousin, and Anna ran straight into Arcee's arms crying. Arcee held onto the little techno Organic tightly, her optics filling with tears.

    Jack went to Tony, who it was already too late for. Jack shook his head in despair, while Meg tried to help. Jack pulled Meg into his arms.

    "He didn't have parents, he lived with his grandmother." Jack stated. "He seemed happy with the little time he was with Anna." Jack said, as Anna screamed and cried wildly.

    "It's my fault, he's dead that nasty evil spider is after my daddy, Arcee. She said she would take his head, and make it a trophy." Anna cried as Arcee held her tighter.

    "Shhh sweetling, Come on let's go home okay?" Arcee said.

    Anna never let Arcee go; Arcee picked her up in her hand. Arcee contacted Ratchet for him to spin up the ground bridge; everyone went through the ground bridge. Bulkhead carried Tony's body as they headed through to base.

    Ratchet, Optimus, Megatron and Soundwave all looked at the rather traumatized Anna; and then the body of the human boy.

    "What in the name of the Allspark happened?" Ratchet demanded as Arcee gently gave Anna to Ratchet. "She's in shock..." Ratchet replied, as he laid her on one of the medical berths.

    "Arcee saved me daddy..." Anna whispered still holding the stuff animal Tony won her.

    Ratchet gave Anna a sedative, while they talked about what happened, and who did all the damage and killing.

    "It was Airachnid; she had your daughter, Optimus." Arcee said as Optimus snarled, while he knelt by his daughter's side.

    "Thank you for saving her, Arcee." Optimus replied, as she touched his face making his optics dilate sadly.

    "She's vicious..." was all Megatron said. "Who's this?" Megatron asked looking at Tony.

    "He befriended Anna, he won her the stuffed animal, she's clutching against herself." Arcee said.

    Jack explained where Tony had been living, and they agreed it would be better if Agent Fowler handled this rather delicate part of explaining Tony's death. Optimus saw the scar on Anna's face, he snarled almost in a feral tone.

    "I will rip her apart leg by leg for harming my daughter; she will learn of my full fury." Optimus said his voice not rising, but that did not make his threat sound any less ominous.

    "Can we talk after, Optimus?" she asked.

    "Yes after we have a discussion with Agent Fowler, we shall talk in private then." Optimus said as he, Bumblebee, Arcee and Bulkhead went to meet Agent Fowler in the ground bridge at a different location.

    Megatron and Soundwave went to check on their base next to the Autobots base; while Meg watched over her cousin.

    Meg got a basin and washed Anna's face very gently. She saw tears fall from Anna's eyes; and looked confused at that discovery.

    "Why is she crying, when she's sedated?" Meg asked.

    Ratchet looked at Meg then, he walked toward Anna.

    "It's unusual indeed, but she could be dreaming, that is entirely possible." Ratchet explained.

    "She feels to blame for Tony's death." Meg said.


    "What's wrong?" Ratchet asked.

    "I feel really guilty about having fun on my date with Jack." she said biting her lower lip.

    "Because of what happened with Tony, you mean?"Ratchet asked.

    "Yes, am I mean because I had fun with Jack?" she asked.

    "No Meg, you had no idea this would happen." Ratchet answered.

    :::... Ratchet, would you send my daughter over please...:::

    Megatron sent through private commlink.

    :::... Yes, very well Megatron...:::::

    "Your father wishes for your presence at his base, Meg." Ratchet said.

    "Okay..." she said, as he sent the ground bridge for her to get safely to the base no matter how close it was.

    Ratchet gently picked Anna up and laid her on her bed under the covers. Ratchet laid the stuffed animal on her desk and left the room. He went to check on some other things; while he was gone an interesting thing was going on outside.

    The flashy car which the mysterious human female called Cricket created was outside along with its creator.

    "Are you sure this is where you want to go, Cricket?"

    Cricket could talk somewhat to her car, she nick named lovingly Archer.

    "Y-e-s...I-n-s-i-d-e..." she ordered softly.

    "Okay..." Archer said as he jammed a signal he got from something inside the mountain; which opened the hidden he drove in and Cricket looked around; after she got out of the car. She saw the Autobot symbol on the floor getting to her knees; she touched it with loving fingers for the longest time.

    "A-u-t-o-b-o-t-s...H-o-m-e..." Cricket said slowly as she collapsed onto the floor crying.
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    Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers. I only own Anna and Nightshadow/Meg and Sarah Bell, Cricket & Archer,

    Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

    A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

    Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

    Chapter 18 – Transformers Prime

    (Autobot base)

    Cricket walked around the base taking everything in, she went into Anna's room and stood over the sleeping techno's form. She smiled sadly, and touched her face. She looked at the pictures on Anna's desk, the one with Optimus and Anna together caught her eye. She glanced back at the sleeping techno organic, then back at the picture.

    "O-p-t-i-m-u-s..." she whispered, as she went back to Anna and caressed her face and hair.

    "Daddy..." Anna whispered, as she opened her eyes suddenly startled at the stranger in her bedroom.

    Anna screamed, just as Ratchet came running into her room.

    "What's wrong sweetling?" Ratchet asked, until he saw the human female by his leader's daughter. "GET AWAY FROM HER, NOW!" Ratchet ordered.

    "R-a-t-c-h-e-t..." she replied.

    "How do you know who I am?" he demanded.

    The female pointed toward the picture of Anna and Optimus.

    "O-p-t-i-m-u-s..." she whispered as Archer came rushing in.

    "Don't harm her please!" Archer begged.

    Ratchet spun around.

    "Who are you?"

    "Archer, that's Cricket she built me..." Archer answered.

    Anna watched, as Cricket picked up the picture of Optimus and Anna.

    "O-p-t-i-m-u-s..." she repeated.

    "You know my father, how?" Anna asked.

    "F-a-t-h-e-r...?" Cricket asked looking sad then. "M-a-t-e...?"

    Anna looked at Cricket, and wrinkled her nose.

    "He wants Arcee..."


    Ratchet sent a private link to Optimus.

    :::... Optimus you better get back here right away...:::::

    ::::... What's going on Ratchet...::::

    :::... A human female got into the base with a human based transformer...::::

    ::::... What...:::::

    ::::: She seems to know you, Optimus...::::

    :::::... What how can that be...:::::::

    :::::... Not sure, but you need to enter the ground bridge and get back here...:::::

    ::::... Very well, we are on our way...:::::

    Cricket looked back down at the picture, and ran her hand over the picture of Optimus.

    "O-p-t-i-m-u-s..." she whispered again her hand caressing the picture.

    Anna stared at Cricket oddly.

    "Okay, everyone out in the main part of the base please." Ratchet ordered.

    ::::... Ratchet could you ground bridge us back to your base please...:::

    :::::... Yes, Megatron, give me a second I have to bridge Optimus back first...:::

    Ratchet bridged Optimus and the others back, and then Megatron, Soundwave and Meg were next. The second Cricket saw Megatron, she was frozen in fear. Optimus walked over toward Cricket, and she moved closer nuzzling him. However her touch made Optimus purr and chirp, this of course bristled Arcee to no end.

    Arcee stomped over toward Cricket then; until Archer stopped Arcee from interfering.

    "Do not interfere," Archer warned.

    "What...How dare you speak to me like that?" Arcee said, as she saw Optimus put his hand down toward the human.

    She climbed onto his hand, and her hands ran all over his face. Optimus' optics filled with unshed energon tears; while she touched him confusing him greatly.

    "Optimus...?" Arcee whispered.

    Cricket looked back at Arcee and growled.

    "M-i-n-e...H-E-'S- M-I-N-E..." Cricket sneered.

    "No, he was going to give his spark to me, who is this human that she can just touch him like that and cause that sort of reaction from him?" Arcee snarled.

    Cricket looked back at Optimus, and he looked like he was going to mist up.

    "Optimus what's wrong?" Ratchet asked.

    "Her touch feels almost like..." Optimus started to whisper.

    "Like who...?" Arcee asked.

    "Elita -1..." Optimus whispered as Arcee growled looking at the human sharply; while everyone else looked shocked.

    Arcee glanced at Optimus then with a stunned expression.

    "That's not possible Optimus; Elita -1 is dead and she isn't a human; you know that!" Bulkhead remarked as Bumblebee whistled and chirped wildly.

    "Plus her name is different." Meg remarked.

    "I named her...She didn't have a name before that, well at least to the best of my knowledge she didn't." Archer said.

    "You named her...?" Optimus asked.

    "Yes, I did." Archer replied.

    Optimus continued to nuzzle the human female; while Arcee looked away as pain surged all through her circuits. This making her spark race with uncontrollable loss, all Arcee knew was she felt she was losing Optimus now forever. A sad whine escaped her as she suddenly transformed and started to leave; until Anna stopped her.

    "WAIT ARCEE...!" Anna begged as Arcee stopped idling as Anna ran toward her.

    "I'm coming too..." Meg said as she hoped on too.

    (Cricket's POV)

    I lifted my head tears in my eyes, something wasn't right I was causing problems. I didn't want to cause him problems or Arcee; she was my best front liner. My memories are so jumbled, why are they so jumbled?

    I see so many memories melting into one another, I see a different planet made of metal, I see a pink and white female robot, swirling around in my mind with stunning blue eyes.

    Her name is Elita-1; no wait that female robot it's... She's me...Yet something is not right Arcee is not my enemy she's a friend, Optimus is not mine anymore. I am human now, I cannot have him, Arcee is right he belongs to her now. I cannot come back home I do not belong here anymore,

    Oooooo oooooooo


    So now we know who she is, it is indeed Elita-1; but there is the little fact of have she was brought back human. And more importantly if she will stay human; if she will indeed steal Optimus from Arcee? She is very meddled yet too so will have to see where indeed this takes our favorite Autobot leader and his team.

    This goes back to the poll guys who will Optimus stay with, something will indeed happen and Optimus will have to make the decision himself. So yes, one of the femmes will be heartbroken or sparkbroken at the decision...Who will it be?
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    Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers. I only own Anna and Nightshadow/Meg and Sarah Bell, Archer

    Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

    A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

    Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

    Chapter 19 – Transformers Prime

    Arcee stopped someplace secluded, and for the first time in the femme's life; she just broke down in energon tears.

    "If she is indeed Elita I have no claim to Optimus; they were sparkmates long before I entered the picture." Arcee said, as tears rolled down her face.

    "But she's human now, how can they have any kind of relationship?" Anna asked.

    "Ratchet will find a way to return her to her true form for Optimus; I have lost him truly lost him now." Arcee replied her voice processor cracking in emotion.

    "Arcee you can't give up, what's wrong with you?" Meg demanded.


    "You are a fighter Jack told me how you kicked that spider bots' aft." Meg replied.

    "Airachnid...You mean?" Arcee asked with a touch of venom toward the spider Con.

    "Yeah, I mean you wanted Optimus; you said so yourself." Meg replied.

    Arcee looked away; she remembered how quickly Optimus was attracted to the human. Elita was her commander during the war for the femmes, she held too much respect for her; she wouldn't steal Optimus away from her. She would bow out quietly, and let her femme commander be with her mate no matter how much it destroyed her inside.

    "I will bow out quietly, you will like Elita-1 Anna; you'll see just give her a chance and we will always be friends." Arcee whispered, as she walked off sitting by a tree.

    Anna glanced over at Meg, tears stung her eyes then. She felt so bad for Arcee, but maybe somehow Arcee was right. She saw the look in his optics, when the human was touching him, he enjoyed the touch. If indeed this human was her father's long lost mate, and they were sparkmates. They were technically married, and she had to respect that too. This was her father, she had to respect his needs and desires and he obviously wanted Elita.

    (Autobot Base)

    Megatron pulled Ratchet aside.

    "Is this even possible?" Megatron demanded.

    "Yes, I suppose it is; but why Primus chose for her soul to be housed inside of a human, instead of letting her go to the matrix. That is a slagging mystery to even me, Megatron." Ratchet replied.

    "Can she be brought back to Cybertronian form?" Bulkhead asked.

    "I suppose she could, maybe if Soundwave and I brainstormed we could come up with something?" Ratchet replied as Soundwave nodded.

    Optimus had continuously nuzzled Elita.

    "O-p-t-i-m-u-s I missed you..." she whispered.

    Optimus felt his spark raging inside his chest, he missed Elita so badly, but he knew now this was indeed Elita-1 his missing femme.

    "As have I, my dear one as have I." Optimus replied.

    "Optimus, we have to try and get Elita back to her Cybertronian form." Ratchet replied, as she glanced at Megatron and Soundwave.

    "So, it's really true he changed?" Elita asked.

    Megatron walked slowly up to Optimus, Elita looked up not one hint of fear in her now.

    "Yes, I am changing for the better." he replied.

    Elita looked pleased, as she turned back toward Optimus.

    "I know you thought me dead, Optimus; have you and Arcee bonded?" Elita asked.


    "No, we hadn't she hesitated, and changed her mind at the last minute. Maybe she knew something I did not, but either way we will find a way to restore you to your metal body." he vowed.

    She felt his face gently and tenderly, as she pressed her lips against his making his engine rumble. It was then Arcee rode back into the base, she let the two techno organics climb off; and she trans

    ...formed. She walked toward Optimus and Elita and bowed her head toward her leader and Prime.

    "My leader and dear Prime; I will bow out and not interfere with your relationship. I will be as it was before your friend and soldier." Arcee said trying to hide her spark break.

    "Very well, Arcee; thank you for doing this..." Optimus said replied forcing a sad smile.

    "You're welcome..." Arcee said turning back toward Elita. "Welcome back my femme commander." Arcee said bowing toward her.

    Arcee walked back toward Bulkhead and Bumblebee, she noticed Megatron watching her.

    :::... Quite noble of you to let Elita have him without question...:::

    Arcee crossed her servos over her chest, her blue optics dimming slightly.

    :::... Yeah, that's me noble and a push over...:::

    :::... Come now Arcee, you are a femme with much to give to a mech; surely you have another suitor just a strong and fierce as Optimus...:::

    :::... Such as...::::


    :::... Bumblebee is too young, Bulkhead is not my type, Ratchet can be crotchedy sometimes and Wheeljack is off visiting other planets and looking for adventure...::::

    :::... I believe there are other mechs in this base standing here...:::

    ::::... Soundwave doesn't talk...:::

    She stopped, and looked at Megatron tilting her head; she wasn't sure if she was hearing him correctly.

    :::... Wait are you asking to date me...::::

    :::... Are you accepting, Arcee...::::

    Arcee couldn't believe what she was hearing; Megatron was asking her to date him?

    :::... I can't believe you're asking...:::

    ::::... If Optimus and Elita can be happy, shouldn't we have a happy ending as well...:::

    Arcee looked into those flaming ruby red optics, Megatron had changed he had certainly proven himself to Optimus. So why couldn't she at least give him a chance, Optimus was happy with Elita; so couldn't she and Megatron be happy as well?

    "Okay, you on." she said out loud, while Megatron smiled his fangs still making him look rather intimidating.

    "You two look happy." Bulkhead said.

    "We are going to try and get it on." Megatron replied proudly.

    "WHAT...?" Ratchet demanded.

    :::... Wrong wording...:::

    :::... Oh isn't that what those organics say...:::

    :::... We're not organic though..:::

    "Don't you three have to pick up your organics?" Ratchet asked in a grumpy mood.

    "Yes, we do..." Bulkhead replied as Bee whistled and clicked.

    "Hurry back, my dear." Megatron said as the three Autobots went to pick up their charges.

    Optimus was watching Megatron oddly then.

    "You and Arcee are going to try having a relationship?" Optimus asked.

    "Yes, you have Elita back and she is rather feisty; I like feisty femmes, Prime." he replied as Meg smiled.

    "Cool check it out, if you two bond she'll be my mother." Meg replied as Arcee smiled, as she glanced at Anna who didn't look happy.

    (Anna's POV)

    I didn't want to interfere, my daddy knew what he wanted; and apparently Elita and my father had a history. My daddy lowered his hand for me, and I hopped on and he brought me closer toward Elita.

    "This is my daughter, Elita; her name is Anna." Optimus said.

    "Hi Anna, it's so nice to meet you, sweetling." Elita said.

    "My daddy calls me that too." I said.

    Elita smiled at me, I moved closer and hugged her. She sighed softly and tightened her hold on me. I rested my head on her shoulder; maybe just maybe things could work out. If Daddy was happy, then so should I be with his choice in mates.

    Oooooo oooooooo


    Something really weird happened with the poll, at last count it was a tie 7 to 7 – So I read the one review by one of my readers. Optimus already was responded to Elita in human form, so I figured she would stay with Optimus. I decided to match Arcee with Megatron, Elita will go back to her true form at some point not sure when though. What I was going to do was have Silas and Mech have something that could help, so they have to go on a mission. A mission the five kids decide to go on later on... :O)
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    Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers. I only own Anna and Nightshadow/Meg and Sarah Bell, Cricket & Archer,

    Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

    A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

    Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

    Chapter 20 – Transformers Prime

    Optimus lay on his berth recharging; while Elita lay on his chest plates. Optimus onlined his optics hearing strange sounds coming from Elita. Optimus was slightly alarmed, he commed Ratchet immediately.

    :::... I'll be right there, Optimus...:::

    Ratchet hurried into Optimus' quarters, only to find the sounds were growing louder.

    "What is wrong with her?" Optimus asked.


    "Ratchet...?" Optimus asked looking rather upset.

    "You crazy aft, she is what humans would call snoring. You do it too, I might add." Ratchet replied as Optimus looked shocked at this new development.

    "I do not snore Ratchet, that's ridiculous." Optimus remarked.

    Ratchet huffed.

    "You are so slagging out of your processor, you do too snore." Ratchet remarked.

    "My daddy does not snore, he just recharges loudly; Right daddy?" Anna asked walking in his quarters.

    Optimus lowered his hand to the floor, and she climbed on it.

    "Hello sweetling, how are you this morning, did you recharge well?" Optimus asked.

    "Yes I did daddy." she said, as she gave her daddy a kiss on his cheek.

    "Good sweetling..." Optimus replied.

    "I think I may be able to build Elita's Cybertronian body once more; however there is the one key ingredient we need..." Ratchet said showing Optimus a hologram of it, as Anna saw Meg waving at her from the floor.

    "Can I be excused daddy?" Anna asked.

    "Sure sweetling..." Optimus said lowering her to the floor.

    "Ratchet you better find a way soon, so daddy can interface with Elita..." Anna replied in a snarky way. "I know how you adult bots get when you're not getting any you know fun." Anna said as Optimus and Ratchet's optics nearly popped out of their heads.

    "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Optimus and Ratchet demanded.

    Anna froze and giggled.

    "Oh did I say that out loud, my bad..." Anna replied getting a little embarrassed.

    "Youngling, we do not speak of such private things like that." Optimus replied.

    "Even if it's true, daddy...?" Anna asked innocently.

    "You just keep digging yourself deeper and deeper, don't you youngling?" Ratchet asked.

    Meg grabbed her cousin, and pulled her along.

    "Come on, Anna; before you get yourself grounded for being a perv." Meg replied.

    (Anna's bedroom)

    "What is going on, Meg?" Anna asked.

    "I remember that ingredient; Silas has it in his lab." Meg replied.


    "So we can find some for my father and Elita; so they can be happy once more?" Anna asked.

    "Exactly, but we will need help, Jack, Miko and Raf's help that is." Meg said.

    "Our fathers are never going to allow this, and if our fathers caught us I can just hear my father – 'Anna your grounded for life.' no ands ifs or butts." Anna remarked.

    "He will not, you will have the thing to bring his mate back to her real body; he won't be angry once he has her back." Meg replied.


    "Like you said he is kinda grumpy, when he isn't getting any spark. Well of course my father is grumpy all the time, but hey beggars can't be choosers." Meg replied.

    Anna sighed then.

    "Okay, so as soon as Jack, Miko and Raf get here we use the ground bridge to head for Silas' lair right?" Anna asked.


    "Wait, what about getting back; who is going to bridge us back?" Anna asked.


    "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, okay?" Meg said.

    Anna rolled her eyes.

    "We are so going to be dead, I am the good daughter just remember that; and you're the bad one." Anna said as Meg cackled. "That is NOT funny, Meg!" Anna snapped.

    "That's a matter of opinion, cousin." Meg replied with a snort of laughter.

    Anna crossed her arms over her chest, and gave her cousin her best annoyed look, until Bulkhead and Bumblebee came in.

    "Where's Arcee?" Meg asked.


    Bumblebee clicked and whistled nervously, Meg got it then.

    "OHHHH, she's over with dad; he's such a sly dog." Meg said bouncing around moving her hips. "Hey maybe I will get a little mech or femme sibling." Meg giggled. "Go for it pops!" she cheered.

    "I don't honestly know where you younglings get your ideas, I blame television." Bulkhead muttered.

    Bumblebee chirped and whistled then in agreement.

    "I have no idea what you are saying, Bumblebee." Meg replied.

    Bumblebee looked at the girls his optics filled with mischief; he really liked the two techno organics.

    (Several hours later after Jack, Miko and Raf are there)

    Meg and Anna talked to the three other teenagers, and they all seemed onboard with the mission.

    "So what do we plan on telling the bots what we're doing?" Miko asked.

    "Well we could say we are all over at your place Meg, and hanging out." Jack suggested.

    "Okay, sounds good." Meg said winking at him.

    "Okay, do you know the location so you can spin up the ground bridge?" Jack asked Meg.

    "Yes, shall we go?" Meg said as they started they chain of lies, which would anger both fathers when they learned of the deceit.

    Unfortunately, both fathers were completely strict and had short fuses (especially Megatron) when his daughter misbehaved.

    Oooo oooooo oooo oooooooo


    Oh my, had to put the kids in a little danger, and when Optimus and Megatron find out they will explode with anger...

    Also wanted my fantastic readers to also know I have two new stories –

    1) Bigger than the both of us – Buffy the vampire slayer crossover/Transformers – Buffy and Optimus pairing – will have some steamy scenes later on between Buffy and Optimus and possibly Faith and Ironhide.

    2) Just rewards – Optimus Prime and Barricade pairing – this one will be really hotter than usual I just love pairing them together.

    Check them out everyone...

    R & R

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    Disclaimer – I do not own Transformers – This is only for fun – I only own my OC'S – Anna, Meg, Sarah Bell, Cricket/ BloodRose and Archer,

    Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

    A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

    Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

    Warnings – Tear jerky because its emotional for Anna

    Chapter 21 – Transformers Prime

    (New Con base)

    Arcee was sitting on Megatron's berth; the warlord was watching her with mixed emotions.

    "You are in love with Optimus, aren't you?" Megatron asked finally.


    She growled, and then got up walking toward Megatron.

    "It doesn't matter he belongs to Elita now, she will always have his spark. I need to move on now, that's the way it has to be." Arcee said with sadness.

    "Very well, but we will take it slow, Arcee; we let our relationship build one step at a time, okay?" Megatron replied.

    Arcee smiled, and then reached for him, putting her hand on his face.

    "Thank you, Megatron; thank you for caring if means the world to me." Arcee answered.

    He frowned then.

    "But if you ever tell Optimus that I am in touch with my sensitive side I will deny it." Megatron snarled his optics flaring brightly, as she snickered at that. "Oh and what do you find so amusing femme?" he asked.

    "You...You're just very crafty..." she said.

    Megatron merely huffs.

    "I am glad you're a father now, you've become nicer; and it's a pleasant change." she said, as he grabbed her picking her up picking her to the wall.

    "I can still be very evil, femme..." Megatron growled.

    Arcee leaned in kissing him.

    "Yeah, okay I'll by that." she said.

    Megatron simply growled back, and kissed her right back.

    (Mech's headquarters)

    Anna, Jack, Raf and Miko followed Meg; she led them into the massive facility. They were careful of the guards, while Meg checked the primary lab room; which housed all types of chemicals and things. She found what she was looking for, and then she stuffed it into a backpack.

    "Is that it?" Jack asked.

    "Yeah, but I still don't know, how Ratchet plans to make the spark part?" Meg asked.

    "Worry about that after, let Raf use his computer to spin up the ground bridge." Miko replied.

    "Well, well, well, C-1 you little treacherous scrap heap; what are you doing here?" Silas demanded. "But you have Grandfather's creation and hostages to use against the titans, how wonderful..." Silas replied as Anna transformed her arm into a blaster and blew up several chemicals catching Silas' arm on fire.

    "RUN...!" Anna yelled.

    The five kids ran as fast as they could, they needed to head outside so Raf could activate the ground bridge.

    "This is so not good, why didn't we bring a bot with us?" Jack demanded.

    "Because we would get knocked into next Tuesday for even asking..." Miko retorted.

    "Good point..." Jack replied, as they tried to make it to the door.

    Three men were there with guns in their hands.

    "STOP...!" they ordered.

    "Come on quickly; there is a back way, this way." Meg ordered, as they followed her running out of the back door.

    Raf quickly opens his laptop and sets the location and triggering the ground bridge from his laptop. It appeared in seconds just as Silas and his men run out, seeing the five kids escaping with whatever it was they stole.

    Silas snarled and slammed his fist into a car, noting once more his hand is perfectly fine. However his eyes flicker ruby red as his anger knew no bonds now.

    "Score another point for them, but my revenge will be sweet..." Silas muttered.

    (Autobot base)

    They shut down the Ground Bridge; Meg and Anna quickly started to put the final touches on the shell for Elita. The compound Meg stole was a base they needed to finish the shell; this was something Meg knew from her time there with Mech and Silas.

    However what the girls didn't know, Ratchet had to put his own touches on the shell; and as of right now it would completely ruin the shell.

    "We did it...!" Anna exclaimed, as she and Meg gave high fives.

    "Let's go play some video games and relax, that was seriously some heart pounding excitement for one day." Miko said.

    While the children played video games, Ratchet walked into his medical bay finding Elita's shell tampered with.

    "Optimus, come here please." Ratchet replied.

    "What is it, Ratchet?" Optimus asked.

    "Elita's shell is ruined!" he exclaimed.

    "What...!" Optimus and Elita exclaimed.

    "How..." Elita demanded in her commander tone.


    "The ingredient I needed is here, and it wasn't there before." Ratchet remarked as he suddenly got a horrible feeling. "Meg, Anna, Miko, Jack and Raf; GET IN HERE NOW!" Ratchet demanded.

    "Oh great the grumpy medic is bellowing..." Meg mumbled.

    The five kids walked into Ratchet's medical bay, of course Anna and Meg looked pleased with themselves; until Anna saw her father's expression.

    "Daddy, what's wrong?" she asked.

    "Do you five know anything about this?" Ratchet demanded as Meg and Anna both looked at each other.

    "Well yeah, we went to Mech's lair and got the ingredient for Elita to help her and Uncle Optimus." Meg replied.


    "YOU WHAT...?" Optimus roared.

    "Uncle ..." Meg started until she saw his look on his face.

    "You will be quiet, YOU explain." Optimus ordered of his own daughter.

    Anna bit her bottom lip then.

    "Meg knew where to get what Ratchet needed for Elita's form, so the five of us Ground Bridged to Mech's lair and got it." Anna replied.

    "It was kind of fun too..." Miko replied.

    "Not helping Miko..." Bulkhead said.

    "We did it for you Daddy..." Anna protested.

    "No matter how you explain it you acted recklessly and foolhardy, Anna; you put everyone at risk. What if Silas followed you through and got us all, what if he caught you younglings?" Optimus demanded. "This was the most thoughtless and stupid stunt any of you pulled, but you and Meg more so!" Optimus shouted.

    "You ruined my chances of ever becoming Cybertronian again!" Elita roared.

    "No, I can possibly salvage it, but it will take time." Ratchet replied sighing.

    Optimus was cycling heavily, his fans trying to cool him down from his anger.

    "Meg go home, Bumblebee and Bulkhead take Jack, Raf and Miko home; Anna go to your room, until I say otherwise you're grounded." Optimus ordered.

    Anna felt tears sting her eyes, while she bit her bottom lip. She headed for her room, but then started back to ask her father something.

    "I do not know what you're going to do with her; she is the most irresponsible youngling..." Ratchet remarked.

    "She isn't a youngling Ratchet; she isn't Cybertronian and she's not human either!" Elita snarled.

    "She's still my daughter Elita..." Optimus replied.

    "Is she because a piece of paper says so, and because you gave her piece of your spark? It doesn't work that way, and you of all mechs know that. She will never be your real daughter, she is a creation of humans a freak and that's all she is." Elita replied.

    "I did tell you Optimus, when I wanted to wipe your memory of her she was trouble." Ratchet replied, as Anna watched a lump forming in her throat as her spark broke.

    (Anna's POV)

    My own father doesn't want me now, all because of that she wolf who we tried to help.

    "So, I'm a freak and not worth anything to you now? Why did you even bother to save me when I was sick, why didn't you let me die? We did this for you so you'd be happy, I knew you missed Elita -1; and I wanted to make you happy. She's nothing like the mate you told me about, she's cruel and mean and you're becoming like her!" I cried.

    "Anna, how dare you speak to me in that tone; I am your father and you will show me respect." daddy roared at me. "Go to your room, Anna and stay there until I call for you."

    I felt tears rolling down my face, I wanted to talk to Arcee I needed to talk to Arcee.

    "Don't bother I will go over with Meg and Megatron, maybe he would take me in and be a real father to me." I cried, as I saw the hurt expression hit my daddy's optics. "Ground Bridge me there, Ratchet." I ordered as he narrowed his optics at me, but did it anyway.

    (Several moments later – Normal POV)

    "She's becoming quite a handful..." Ratchet remarked as he headed for his quarters. "I need some recharge; I'll be back in a bit." Ratchet said.

    "You need some recharge too Optimus I will watch over you, and protect you." she said as Optimus smiled and headed for his quarters. "I'll be there in a bit..." she said watching him disappear into his quarters. "We have got to get rid of that kid, and in order for that to happen Optimus and the other Autobots must be forced to forget all about her."

    "How do we do that Cricket?" Archer asked.

    She laughed in a sinister way; while she put her hands on the basic shell Ratchet had created. Archer watched as the shell suddenly started flying piece by piece; until it formed a femme but not Elita -1. This femme was far from Elita -1; her optics blazed red, she snickered.

    "I am finally back at least for the time being I don't have to pretend to be that wretched Autobot femme commander Elita-1."

    "BloodRose, welcome back..." Archer said bowing.

    She smirked.

    "In order for me to succeed in mating with Optimus and breeding an army; that little brat must be gone. We will wipe out Optimus, Ratchet, Bumblebee and Bulkhead's memories of that techno organic." BloodRose hissed.

    "What about Meg?" Archer asked.

    "Yes, she will be a problem too not to mention those human children." she remarked.

    "I might be able to know a way to remove their memories of her too." Archer replied.

    "Call Bulkhead and Bumblebee back with the three kids use Optimus' voice pattern; I have too much at risk to let these children slag up everything on me now." BloodRose hissed. "Start the memory removal..." BloodRose ordered with a sneer.

    (Decepticon base)

    Anna was crying and hugging her cousin, but it was Arcee Anna needed to hold. Arcee and Megatron had gone off privately to talk about some things. Soundwave picked up a cloth and walked slowly over toward Anna handing it too her.

    "Thanks Soundwave..." Anna whispered, as the mech nodded.

    "Why would your dad agree with Elita; I mean she just shows up and BAM she is calling all the shots. I say the glitch needs to be put in her place before she turns back into her Cybertronian form and can make us go squish." Meg said trying to make Anna smile or laugh.

    "Maybe I don't belong here, it's not like I was born his daughter... "Anna started to say.

    "You're not a freak, because I am a techno organic too and I most certainly am not a freak." Meg snarled.

    Soundwave played back recordings of both, Optimus and Megatron telling both girls that they loved them.

    "Thanks soundwave..." Meg and Anna replied.

    Anna smiled knowing what Meg and Soundwave said was true, there was nothing on this planet that could take her father away from her. She waited awhile trying to calm her nerves; she was also hoping Arcee would be back.

    (5 hours later)

    Anna figured whatever Megatron and Arcee were doing was important or private; so she decided to go back home, and speak to her father. She ended up having to go through the old fashioned way; she walked back in and saw her father with the others Jack, Miko and Raf along with the other Autobots.

    "Hey Daddy, I wanted to talk to..." Anna's words were cut off viciously by Optimus.


    "What...I'm your daughter..." she whispered.

    "Yeah right, Optimus has no daughter." Miko hissed.

    Ratchet scanned her.

    "You are human based a techno organic, Optimus would never have anything to do with a little freak creation like you."

    Anna looked at the new femme, and figured she did something to them right away. She couldn't however fight this femme, she didn't know how.

    "LEAVE...And never come back..." Optimus ordered.

    Anna had a wild look in her eyes.

    "Fine, you win..." Anna cried.

    Anna ran back to the Decepticon base, by then Arcee and Megatron were back. Anna ran straight for Arcee. She was crying rather hard, and Megatron looked like he wanted to help; but didn't know how.

    Arcee held her in her hand; she tried to calm the upset little girl.

    "Anna what did this femme look like?" Megatron asked finally.

    "That's just it she looked nothing like Elita – 1 daddy showed me a hologram of her; she was beautiful. This femme had black and purple armor; and she had the strangest optics. They changed from Red, orange and then to yellow and then..."

    "Opal..." Megatron snarled.

    Arcee turned toward Megatron.

    "You know, who she is?" Arcee asked.

    "Yes, her name is BloodRose; I am not sure how she became human. She used information she knew about Elita -1 and; she is probably planning the same operation she always does. She wants an army of soldiers to over throw both Autobots and Decepticons. I would imagine she wants to take over this planet as well." Megatron replied.

    "If she has all the Autobots and the kids in there under her command, how do we get them freed?" Arcee asked.

    Megatron smirked, and glanced at Soundwave who nodded as both mechs understood what was needed to stop BloodRose once and for all.

    Oooooooo ooooo oooooooooooo


    I wanted to add a little extra flare poor Optimus can't seem to catch a break, I noticed in reviews and also in some private messages. There are many who still want Optimus to end up with Arcee; well you will just have to see who ends up with whom. There are a lot of tears to come in this story in this particular part of the story, and something that happens; which will cause him to question everything with the human race.

    That's all I can tell you... :O)

    (I know, I know I am mean but Optimus is so fun to torture and drive crazy lol)

    Off to work on Just rewards now...
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    Warning - Chararcter death, sadness lots of sadness in this chapter,

    Chapter 22 - Transformers Prime

    Megatron paced as he tried to think of what they desperately needed to do to free his brother and his Autobots.

    "How do we do it?" Arcee asked.

    "First off, the only way to break the memory wipe that she did, will be to kill her that's the only way." Megatron replied.

    Megatron and Soundwave along with Megatron's men paid a visit to the Autobot base. Soundwave lured Archer outside, and that made BloodRose come out as well.

    "What did you find outside, Archer?" BloodRose demanded as she stopped seeing Megatron, Soundwave, Megatron's men and Arcee standing there. "Ahhh Megatron, so the rumors I heard are true; you have become a weak fool just like your brother." BloodRose hissed.

    "Funny, you want my brother for your sick plans though, don't you?" Megatron snapped.

    "Your brother is powerful and a prime I would be a fool not to use him." she snarled.

    Anna and Meg came out of the Decepticon base, Megatron spotted them first.

    "Girls, get back into the base now!" Megatron ordered.

    Archer went transformed his arm into a cannon to blast Megatron, but Anna transformed her arm into a blaster and fired first.

    "Look out, Uncle Megatron!" Anna screamed shooting Archer right into his chest.

    "Archer...!" BloodRose cried out her optics changing to opal.

    "GET TO THE BASE NOW...!" Megatron ordered.

    "You... will pay for that!" BloodRose screeched in fury.

    Megatron saw her optics starting to burn evilly, he fired at BloodRose; but all that did was postpone a few seconds for Anna.

    Anna and Meg tried to run, but BloodRose suddenly shot lasers from her optics with a bloodcurdling scream her lasers hit their target...Anna.

    Anna screamed in pain sliding to the ground, while Meg tried to help her. Arcee turned to face BloodRose, everything her real femme commander had taught her kicked in. Arcee screamed in pain and ran toward BloodRose dodging every one of her shots.

    Arcee shot at her, punched her and finally used her blades on her, there wasn't anything left of BloodRose when Arcee got down with her. Megatron had to grab Arcee finally, finally Arcee went to Anna.

    (Inside Autobot base)

    Optimus had dropped to his knees in pain, his spark sending waves of pain someone was dying that he loved. There were only two he loved so strongly his daughter and Arcee, one of them was dying.

    (Outside the Autobot base)

    Arcee walked up seeing Meg crying only confirmed what her spark was telling her; Anna's spark was flickering she wouldn't last long.

    :::... Optimus please you need to get out here...:::

    "A...Arcee, p...promise me you and U...uncle M...megatron will p...rotect..." Anna started to say until she saw her father. "D...Daddy..." she wheezed putting her arms up toward him.

    Optimus scooped her up sat on the ground, and rocked back and forth with her in his hand by his face. He started to hum an old Cybertronian song his parents used to sing to him, when he was a youngling.

    "Stay with me youngling, please..." Optimus whispered as the Autobots and Megatron heard a helicopter coming.

    It would be Agent Fowler, they knew that for a fact. He landed the chopper and walked over, it didn't take a rocket scientist to know something was wrong.

    He saw all the energon and regular tears falling and saw the little limp body in Optimus' hand and the two other bodies on the ground.

    However what no one else knew was Optimus and the others would never remember who BloodRose was or Archer, or that she pretended to be Elita to get to Optimus. They remembered absolutely nothing, Megatron knew, Arcee knew, Soundwave knew as well as Meg; and no one would tell no one would say a word.

    Megatron pulled Arcee aside before they all went back into the Autobot base; his optics sad but serious.

    "He needs you, you will stay with my brother; you will give him your spark." Megatron said selflessly.

    "You have proven yourself to be a great mech, Megatron." she whispered kissing his cheek.

    "So, you say..." he chuckled sadly. "Come on, he will need us." Megatron replied.

    (Inside the Autobot base)

    Optimus wouldn't let her go, he held her constantly humming that same Cybertronian song. Megatron and Ratchet walked up to him then, Optimus' optics hardened then.

    "NO MINE!" he growled.

    "Optimus, you must lay her on to the berth now." Megatron said softly.

    "NO MINE!" he repeated.

    Ratchet was getting behind Optimus, and getting ready to sedate Optimus with a potent sedative. Megatron gently put Optimus' daughter's body onto a berth, Megatron quickly looked at Meg. There was no big secret as to what he was thinking, it could have been his daughter lying on the berth too. Megatron grabbed Meg and the battlehardened warlord wept like a baby.

    "Poor Optimus..." Jack and Raf replied.

    "Who were those other Cybertronians, why did they kill Anna?" Miko asked as Bulkhead picked up Miko and nuzzled her.

    Bumblebee did the same to Raf, but Arcee she stared at Anna's body energon tears rolling down her face. Jack walked up to Arcee, she looked at Jack and picked him up holding him like the others were doing with their charges.

    Arcee put her one finger on Anna's face.

    "Till all are one, sweetling; till all are one." Arcee whispered, as everyone jumped at the wounded cries and whines; which came from Optimus.

    Arcee walked over toward Optimus, and laid next to him, putting her hand on his chest plates.

    "Anna...Arcee...Don't leave me please..." Optimus cried in his recharge.

    "I'm here, I will never leave you..." she whispered.

    The simple touch quieted him down for the moment.

    "He will have to be watched, I worry about his spark with those past spark attacks." Ratchet said as the rough and gruff medic wiped tears from his own optics.

    "Poor Prime, is there anything I can do for him?" Agent Fowler asked. "Does he want me to make arrangements for her burial?" Agent Fowler asked.

    "Yes Earth customs are different for your departed, yes that might be helpful. It would have to be someplace private so he can visit the area on a regular time frame." Ratchet replied.

    "Okay, will do." Fowler remarked, as Optimus whined slightly in recharge, while energon tears fell freely from his face from the loss of his child.

    Ooooooo ooooooo oooooooo


    Okay before anyone yells about Anna's death, there is a reason she was killed off. Optimus will finally be happy this isn't just a sadness in this story, Optimus will need to go through some things first. However his strength isn't just going to come from Arcee, it will come from his brother as well. Megatron will shine in these next few chapters, this is actually my version of how Megatron should be. Of course, they will never ever change him and for that I growl at them for lol

    There will be a surprise soon and humor after afew more sadness with Optimus trying to deal with his grief... Trust me the funny will come after, and yes Megatron will get a femme. (I can't picture the brothers sharing Arcee)

    Also BloodRose and Archer didn't have a huge part because I knew they would be killed off, I knew Anna would kill Archer to protect her uncle. Naturally Arcee would kill BloodRose, well kill doesn't describe it she tore her apart for Anna's death.

    Okay now, As stated please do not hate me for killing off Anna as mention there is a reason and it will be revealed later on.
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    Chapter 23 - Transformers Prime

    (Several days after Anna's burial)

    Optimus stood by her grave, he played on his radio Anna's favorite song as he talked to her.

    "I miss you so much sweetling, I do not know who they were who took you from me. I should have protected you better, you were just a youngling not use to the horrors of this world. I have seen too much death, I grow tired of it. I do not know my place in this world any longer, I love and grow attached only to have them taken from me." Optimus glanced toward the sky. "What have I done wrong, Primus; why do I have everything and everyone I love stolen from. If I am truly some sort of monster then snuff my spark not those I love." Optimus snarled, as someone walked up behind him watching him.

    Optimus tied balloons to the fancy headstone, he looked at all the things left by the grave site by Jack, Raf, Miko and Meg. He finally let loose with the wild sobs, his spark was breaking and nothing would ever be the same again.

    It was then he felt a servo go around his shoulders, he knew who it was almost instantly.

    "Optimus, you need rest you have had little recharge since Ratchet gave you that sedative." Megatron replied trying to urge his brother to come back to the Autobot base.

    Optimus stared at the grave his little girl was buried in, he sighed then.

    "What do I have now?" he barely whispered.

    Megatron growled, and forced Optimus to look him in the optics.

    "You have Arcee, you have your troops, you have myself, Soundwave and those humans; you are blessed Optimus. We will help you through this, you have to trust us."

    Optimus shook, as Megatron pulled Optimus into his servos trying to comfort his brother.

    "It's my fault she is dead, I didn't protect her enough I was not a good enough father." Optimus replied as Megatron ran his hands over Optimus' back.

    "No Optimus, you were a wonderful father; and she knew it." Megatron remarked.

    Megatron realized to his horror, he was the one who should feel guilty. He didn't protect Anna, she was in his care. He should have tied those two younglings to a chair or something; before they left the base. He knew if Optimus ever learned the truth, their newly formed brother bond would be tested. He was not about to lose Optimus not now,and not ever.

    He would never let anything come between them again, he held Optimus tighter as his brother wept.

    "Let it out, Optimus; let it all out." Megatron replied softly.

    "I guess this shows I am weak after all..." Optimus stated in almost a whisper.

    "No, it merely shows you have emotions and can feel things; we have more emotions and care for others, then humans give us credit for." Megatron replied.

    "I lost Elita, friends and comrades; and then my daughter is caught up somehow in some vendetta these two strangers had. I loose everyone I love, everyone and everything I touch dies or crumbles away. I should just let Mech have me, I am just..." Megatron looked at Optimus his red optics flaring in anger.

    "You will NOT surrender yourself to Mech, you will not let them torture you or offline you. You have everything to live for, you have a femme who loves you. You have your troops, friends, your human friends and you have me. You need my strength, and I will gladly let you lean on me. Do not ever entertain thoughts of surrendering to Silas and Mech; do I make myself clear, brother?" Megatron demanded.

    "Yes..." was all he said.

    Megatron felt Optimus get him tightly, he was so upset and confused. Megatron in all honesty did not like seeing his brother like this, he was used to a calm and collective Optimus Prime. He hated this beaten down version, so he vowed to find the old Optimus and pull him out kicking and screaming if need be.

    (Autobot base)

    Megatron, Soundwave and Meg were spending a lot more time over at the Autobot base, they made sure Optimus was surrounded by family and friends.

    Arcee walked over toward Optimus; who was lying down on a berth. He had his back to her, and was sobbing silently.

    However when Arcee touched him gently on his servo, he turned over pulling her into his arms his sobs only becoming more broken.

    "She's gone Arcee; my little girl is gone forever." Optimus cried.

    "Shhh, easy Optimus; I'm here." she whispered, as she caressed his back.

    Ratchet glanced over at Megatron, who looked more than a little upset seeing his brother like this.

    :::... We aren't use to seeing him like this either...::::

    :::... It is most disturbing seeing him so beaten...::

    :::... I have only seen him like this two other times, when Elita was killed and when you betrayed him...::::

    Megatron cringed...

    :::...I will never betray him ever again...:::

    Optimus' optics roamed toward Megatron, and then back to Arcee. He laid his head on her chest still crying, while Arcee took care of him. Meg, Jack, Raf, Miko and Agent Fowler were silently watching the Autobot leader come apart.

    "Ratchet, will he be alright?" Fowler asked.


    "I hope so but grief, especially as much as Optimus has had to deal with has a way of destroying a mech." Ratchet replied.

    "We can't let it destroy him, we have to help him." Jack said.

    Optimus ran his fingers over Arcee's face, while his energon tears ran down his face.

    "Promise me please, you will never leave me I cannot take anymore death; I just cannot." he cried his fingers grabbing for her armor.

    Optimus knew he looked weak, but he didn't care; he just didn't care anymore.

    "I love you..." he whispered.

    "I love you too, I always will..." she whispered.

    Ratchet, Bulkhead and Bumblebee watched in silence, they all knew their leader was suffering with potent grief; and none of them knew how to help him.

    Optimus looked at Arcee then.

    "Come with me to her grave, Arcee?" he asked.

    "Okay..." she whispered as he nodded.

    (Meanwhile at the gravesite)

    There was something hurtling from the sky heading straight for the little gravesite. It landed nearby and a little metal ball started to unfold itself forming the body of a Cybertronian sparkling.

    It's blue optics onlined and it looked around clicking and chirping in a wave of panic. It crawled over to some nearby brush area just as Optimus and Arcee pulled up. Optimus and Arcee transformed and Optimus moved toward the grave his spark heavy with sorrow.

    Optimus had brought balloons and tied them once more to the headstone, which was specially made to Optimus' instructions.

    "Till all are one, my sweet little Anna; till all are one." Optimus whispered as he looked so sparkbroken.

    It was then Optimus heard the soft clicking and chirping; he stood to his full height looking at Arcee.

    "Did you hear that?" Optimus asked.

    "I'm not sure it sounded almost like clicking and chirping." Arcee said, as they walked slowly toward the brush where the tiny sparkling was hidden.

    Optimus moved the brush away and found sitting on the ground was the sparkling. Optimus' optics widened then; but to Optimus' surprise the sparkling held its servos up for Optimus to pick it up.

    Optimus gently picked it up, and the second he did it settled down falling into recharge sucking on Optimus' one finger.

    "Who does she belong too?" Arcee asked wondering who could have abandoned this sweet little sparkling.

    Optimus looked at the sparkling with mist filled optics. Arcee bit her lip, if Optimus got attached to this little sparkling and the real parents come looking for her, it will break him all the way.

    However, just as Optimus was getting ready to transform; so Arcee could put the sparkling into his cab. The sparkling started to hum in her recharge, but not just any song the special song Optimus sang to Anna. It was a special song, that Optimus' mother would hum and sing to him. It was his special song only he knew about it, but yet here was the little sparkling humming it in its recharge!
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    Chapter 24 - Transformers Prime

    Optimus and Arcee headed back to the base, however the whole time she was concerned about the fact how Optimus was reacting to the sparkling. She knew the look in his optics, he wanted that sparkling. His fatherly programming was kicking in all over again; but she was afraid for him now.

    (Autobot Base)

    Arcee and Optimus got back to base, everyone watched Optimus holding the little sparkling. The little femme sparkling was so adorable, big blue impish optics; basic grey and black protoform. The little sparkling looked at Optimus clicking and chirping at him; and then started sucking on one of his fingers. Optimus smiled sadly, he felt this little sparkling needed him somehow.

    "Would you like to stay here, little one." Optimus asked.

    "Optimus that is not wise, we don't know if this little femme belongs to anyone."

    "Ratchet, can I talk to you?" Arcee asked, as Optimus glanced up his blue optics flashed hurt suddenly.

    (Optimus' POV)

    They do blame me for my daughter's death; they know I am a bad father. My spark breaks in two, because now Arcee would never want to be with me; if she feels I am a failure as a father. I hadn't realized I made a sad sound; it must have alerted the rest everyone was watching me.

    "Optimus, are you okay?" Bulkhead asked me.

    I look at the little sparkling; Megatron was right about me when he said I was weak. My world was spinning in chaos, my daughter made everything seem right. She brought me happiness, and so did Arcee. But now she doesn't trust me with any kind of sparkling, and neither did Ratchet.

    I couldn't go through the rest of my life knowing everyone thought; that I was a useless failure.

    I handed the little sparkling to my scout, who whistled at me; I merely walk away and transform and start to leave.

    "Optimus, where are you going?" Megatron asked me.

    "To see my little girl..." I answered.

    "I'm coming with you..." Megatron replied.

    "NO..." I growl.

    I take off needing to be with my little girl and think.

    (After Optimus left - normal POV)

    The sparkling started to cry after Optimus left, it wailed and no one could comfort it.

    Arcee tried to comfort the little sparkling, and then it started to hum that song once more. Arcee's optics widened, especially when the little femme chirped and clicked very plainly and clearly saying 'Daddy'- Thus causing Arcee to realize exactly who the little sparkling was originally.

    Megatron growled.

    "Stay here...!"

    Megatron transformed, and took off after his brother.

    (At the gravesite)

    Optimus was crying, not usually one to cry the calm compassionate Autobot leader had finally broke.

    "I do not belong here, I am no good to anyone you were the best thing that ever happened to me. I belong with you, sweetling; my brother can lead the Autobots now." Optimus whispered as his arm transformed into his blaster and he moved it toward his chest plates. "Forgive me Primus..."

    Optimus had no time to react fast enough; he was knocked down by a powerful force. He looked up, and saw his brother glaring at him.

    "What in the name of the Allspark are you doing?" Megatron demanded.

    "What's it look like I am doing; I don't belong here anymore I am a failure." Optimus snapped, as Megatron grabbed his brother's arm forcing him to transform his blaster back into his arm.

    "Why do you care, I am a failure..." Optimus remarked.

    "I am not going to lose you, do you understand me, you stupid glitch." Megatron replied. "The little sparkling called you daddy after you left; she started to hum that song again. She wants you; no one else can calm her. It's almost like she was meant to be found by you and Arcee." Megatron replied.


    "What if I make a mistake, what if I can't save her from injury or offlining?" Optimus demanded.

    "Optimus you were a good father to Anna." Megatron replied.

    "Listen to him Optimus..." a female voice said as both mechs looked up at sound of Elita- 1's voice.

    Elita-1 was standing there shimmering in golden light smiling as walked closer.

    "Elita...?" Optimus and Megatron whispered.

    "I almost thought Primus was playing a prank on me when I saw you saving Optimus; but obviously you can be very good when you want to be." she said turning toward Optimus. "Optimus, I can only stay for a few moments; you are not being punished and you are a wonderful father. You also have a femme to take care of you, Arcee is a fine choice. She was one of my best warriors, when I was commander of the Autobot femmes. She will make you a fine mate; and Anna she will always be with you just in a new form now." Elita replied as Optimus comprehended what she said then.

    "The sparkling is...?" Optimus started to ask.

    "Is Anna yes..." she remarked with a smile.

    "I almost threw it all away and terminated myself.." Optimus whispered.

    "You didn't Megatron stopped you, but don't you dare try that ever again; or I will have to kick your aft." Elita remarked.

    Elita then looked at Megatron.

    "And as for you, I understand a special seeker is heading here; she is a friend of Bumblebee's, and she likes the dark scary type, go figure." Elita mused. "So, it looks like you won't be single for much longer, Megs..." Elita said.

    Megatron's head shot up, as he growled.

    "What did you call me?" he demanded.

    She laughed.

    "Take care of each other, you will need to stay strong to defeat Silas and future enemies; and in the name of the Allspark do not do silly dangerous things like that ever again Optimus, or so help me." Elita remarked as she slowly disappeared.

    Optimus glanced up at Megatron then.

    "Shall we go home Megs?" Optimus asked smirking.

    Megatron looked at his brother then.

    "Do not test me brother..." Megatron remarked with a smirk of his own.

    Optimus hugged Megatron suddenly startling him.

    "Thank you..." Optimus whispered.

    "For what?" Megatron asked.

    "For coming back to me..." Optimus said, as the two brothers soaked in that meaning.

    Megatron nodded, as they transformed and headed back to the base.

    (Autobot base)

    Optimus had transformed and was walking into the main area, and the second the sparkling saw him; her servos went up and he picked her up in his own servos. Optimus' offlined his optics as he held her; she touched his face and clicked at him.

    "Little one, you need a Cybertronian name now; and we also need to make this family complete. "That of course means YOU and Me Arcee..." Optimus said looking at Arcee who widened her optics; especially after the sparkling giggled at her.

    "YES and I ACCEPT!" she exclaimed as she threw her servos around his neck.

    The little sparkling puckered up making kissing sounds making everyone laugh at her.

    "Welcome home, little one; welcome home." Optimus and Arcee whispered.

    Ooooooo ooooooooo ooooooooo


    Had a lot of trouble uploading this chapter, but its finally up. Now this is what I want from my readers I need some cute names for the sparkling. Now as you all know it is a femme and it is Anna as you all know by the chapter. After the reviews have been placed I will put all the choices onto a poll and it will be voted on. I can't write the new chapter until her name is decided so I will be working on my other two stories during this time. So I will let all of my loyal readers make your suggestions in the reviews, then I will make the poll and everyone can vote. The actually poll will be left up for two weeks - so until then this story won't be updated until we have her new name...


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    Sparkling name winner - Starshine - by Peya Luna

    Emerald - The name belongs to Shizuka Taiyou

    I do not own Transformers – this is for fun

    Chapter 25 – Transformers Prime

    Optimus made funny faces at the sparkling making her laugh wildly, and then chirp at him.

    "I think I have come up with a perfect name for her..." Optimus replied as all optics and eyes were on him. "Starshine, you little one will be called Starshine." Optimus replied, as she clicked and chirped.

    "I will give the sparkling her daily medical exam, why don't you and Arcee go have some time alone." Ratchet suggested.

    Jack and Miko whistled then.

    "Miko..." Bulkhead mumbled.

    "Hey junior partner I am going to pull rank starting right now." Arcee replied, as she took Optimus' hand walking with him toward his quarters.

    Optimus smiled at Arcee; that look in his optics making her shiver with anticipation. She knew exactly what he wanted now, and she wanted it too. He gave her a little energon, which she downed rather quickly. He looked at her with a grin.

    "Someone is quite anxious aren't they?" Optimus said with a chuckle.

    "You have no idea, how long I have wanted this, Optimus." she replied softly.

    "I think I have an idea..." he answered, as he pulled her close kissing her gently.

    Optimus held her tightly, and then maneuvered her to the berth. He laid back on the berth, which allowed her to be on top of him. She smirked at that, as she caressed his chest plates urging them to open. Optimus opened his chest plates, while hers opened right on cue. She stared at his spark; it was a massive bright glowing orb; his life force, his soul. She reached for it instinctively, her fingers caressing it, watching as the tendrils broke apart wrapping around her hand. She heard his sharp intakes; he was becoming excited by the second. Optimus let her play to her spark's content, but he also started to play. He saw her spark, and all bets were off. He reached for it caressing first her spark chamber, and then the glowing orb. Arcee looked at Optimus' face, she saw his optics were glowing bright purple. He was ready, she smiled. Then she felt him take control of the situation, he wanted to be in control of the spark merge. He slid his hand onto her back and gently held her; while their sparks reached for each other. Optimus' spark reached for Arcee's, swirling around tightly soothing her pain and sadness. Arcee's spark wrapped so tightly around Optimus' spark. She could feel his pain, his sadness and his fears. She healed him, once her spark was wrapped around his; it healed his longing, loneliness and his pain. Optimus' servos tightened around her; as he whimpered slightly making Arcee smile. He moaned softly, she did as well, while her optics readily changed purple as well. Optimus and Arcee both overloaded at the same time, both their merging caused another powerful overload from both bots. They both were knocked into stasis from the force of it. It was something they both needed for a rather long time and finally got.

    (Meanwhile in the main part of the base)

    Ratchet gets a signal from a seeker asking for Bumblebee, Bumblebee recognizes the seeker's signal and becomes excited. He beeps whistles and chirps wildly.

    "Bumblebee says it's his best friend Emerald, he wants you to send out a ground bridge." Raf replied.

    Ratchet grumbles, but does it as he also holds Starshine closely.

    "Little one, there is no shortage of action here, that's for sure." Ratchet replied as Megatron walked closer.

    "May I take her for a bit?" Megatron asked.

    "Yes, you certainly may." Ratchet answered as everyone suddenly heard the fast talking when Bumblebee and his friend came through the ground bridge.

    Everyone watched her, she was gorgeous; all different shades of green. However she was quite inquisitive, and she talked so fast it made everyone chuckle at first.

    "Wow, is this where you live, Bee; who are they? They are so small, what are they?" she asked as she poked Miko, Raf and Jack.

    Emerald was rather hyper; she spotted Megatron and went to him her blue optics widening.

    "Ohhhhhhh, but you're pointy where are you so pointy?" she asked as she touched his sharp armor.

    Megatron opened his mouth to answer her, when she asked more questions. She slid between his legs, making him growl at her.

    "What are you doing down there?" Megatron demanded.

    "Wow you are so huge, why are you so huge?" she asked her optics widening even more.

    Bumblebee whistled then.

    "Do not start Bug..." Megatron grumbled.

    Emerald looked at the sparkling her optics looked sad.

    "You have a sparkling, why are you taken?" Emerald asked sadly.

    "He's not taken, that's my Uncle Optimus' sparkling." Meg explained. "Megatron is my daddy, but he's single I like her." Meg giggled.

    "You're his sparkling, but you're so small; why are you so small?" Emerald asked as she practically slithered up Megatron's body. "I like you, do you like me? I am very likeable..." she replied.

    "Emerald..." Ratchet replied.

    "Well, it's true; my creators always said be truthfully and I am." she stated looking at Megatron once more. "Are you a flier, because I don't see your wings?" she asked as he chuckled finally.

    "Does she ever get tired of talking?" Ratchet asked.

    "Evidently not..." Bulkhead said, as they heard sounds coming from Optimus' quarters.

    Emerald's optics widened.

    "Ohhhhhhh, who's interfacing?" she asked as Megatron gave the sparkling back to Ratchet.

    "Would you like to go flying, Emerald?" Megatron asked.

    "Yes, yes, yes; of course; do you mind Bee?" she asked.

    Bee shook his head watching Megatron and his best friend take off through the ground bridge.

    "She's nice..." Jack replied.

    "She is quite the talker, isn't she?" Ratchet asked as he hit a button to make Optimus' quarter's a little more sound proof.

    Everyone just smirked, while Bumblebee made cute little chirps and whistles.

    (Optimus' quarters)

    Optimus held Arcee close, his lips plates close to hers he had a loopy smile on his face. Arcee grinned, when she saw the smile on his face plates.

    "It's nice to online in your servos." she replied.

    "Yes, it is very nice..." he whispered kissing her once more.

    She could feel everything, which he was feeling. Arcee's spark filled with such love and affection for her leader, Prime and sparkmate. She ran her hands over his chest plates, making him moan slightly.

    "Does my little femme want to go again?" Optimus asked.

    "What do you think?" she purred.

    "Mmmmmm, I think we should get busy..." he whispered, as her optics traveled slowly to his interfacing unit.

    Optimus smirked then; Arcee inched lower; while soft moans escaped Optimus then.

    (Somewhere in the woods)

    Starscream was snarling, as he sat on a cliff angry at Megatron's betrayal to the Decepticons.

    "You are such a poor leader..." he growled, as he heard someone walk up behind him. "I am not in the mood for your crap Breakdown; or even you Knockout go do your drag racing, until I summon you." Starscream mumbled.

    Sinister laugher was only heard...

    "That's a first, I've never been confused with anyone else before..." a female voice said.

    "Airachnid, what do you want?" Starscream demanded.

    "I heard the Decepticons are in disarray..." she replied.

    He snarled.

    "Our fanciful leader has switched sides along with Soundwave; he's taken most of the Cons with them. It is only me, Breakdown and Knockout now." Starscream explained to Airachnid.

    "So, maybe you wouldn't mind a little payback then?" she asked.

    "I'm listening..." Starscream replied.

    She smirked.

    "I propose we make a deal with Silas and Mech, they leave us alone and in return we give them Optimus Prime and Megatron. Poor Arcee, I understand she has fallen in love with Optimus Prime; she'll be shattered when he is dissected and analyzed like a common test object instead of a sentient being like he is always preaching about." she snarled.

    Starscream smiled wickedly.

    "I like it, let's go have a meeting with him..." Starscream replied as he transformed and Airachnid jumped on him wrapping her legs around him. "Hold on..." he ordered as he took off heading for Mech's base of operations.

    (Mech's lair)

    Starscream and Airachnid went inside the base of operations, they caught Silas unawares. He looked at Starscream and the being with him; and looked slightly impressed.

    "So, let's see; why I shouldn't have someone just shock you so we can study you?" he asked.

    "We are here for a deal, Silas..." Starscream replied.

    "I'm listening..." Silas replied.

    "If you leave me, Airachnid, Breakdown and Knockout alone; we will help you catch Optimus Prime and Megatron to dissect and destroy slowly." Starscream replied.

    Silas thought about it, he had wanted revenge on both Optimus Prime and Megatron.

    "Very well, you have a deal; if you two find a way to bring Optimus Prime and Megatron to me. Then yes I will destroy them both slowly, dissecting them and killing them by any means necessary." Silas remarked.

    "Very good, shall we shake on it?" Silas replied. "Oh and yes there are two techno organics make sure they are brought here too." Silas replied.

    "It's a deal..." Starscream replied as he laughed in such a sinister way, that Airachnid and Silas just joined in with him about their plans to destroy Optimus Prime and Megatron.

    Ooooo oooooo ooooooo


    I want to thank everyone who particapated in naming the little sparkling, the name fits her... Finally Arcee and Optimus sparkmerge!

    Emerald I wanted her to be a handful, she has a bubbly personality and she loves to ask questions. Megatron will fall for her rather quickly between her questions and her rather fast way of talking lol

    You have to imagine her having a fast way of talking, I didn't want to jumble what she says like some do for Blurr because its hard to read and write lol So you have to picture a beautiful green colored seeker who talks very fast and LOVES to ask questions.

    I personally loved when she went between Megatron's legs on the floor and said he was soooo huge! That was a double meaning joke, I will do that with her... She will say innocent things that get her in trouble.

    And yes, she will meet Silas; especially when he has her mech and you better believe her reaction will be interesting.

    Thank you everyone for making this story so popular, you guys are awesome...!
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    I do not own Transformers – Only my OC's

    Emerald belongs to Shizuka Taiyou – (I did make a few little changes which she knows about)

    Chapter 26 – Transformers Prime

    (Several weeks later)

    Emerald, Megatron and Meg had gotten closer; everyone else seemed to over look her constant questions and fast way of talking. Optimus noticed Megatron seemed smitten with the green seeker; it made Optimus happy to see his brother in such high spirits for once.

    Arcee was stand next to Optimus, who was holding Starshine tightly against his chest plates. Arcee smiled, as Optimus cooed into Starshine's little antenna making her giggle and chirp at him.

    "Who's my little sparkling?" Optimus asked, as Starshine purred gripping daddy's armor.

    Optimus started to hum the little Cybertronian song to her, and to his shock she joined in.

    "Wow, still can't believe she's retained so much of her memories." Arcee replied.

    "If what Elita-1 said was true, when she gave Optimus that message; it is indeed Anna made into a sparkling for Optimus." Megatron replied as Emerald was touching his armor.

    "You are so pointy, can't get over why you're so pointy; why are you so pointy?" she asked, more to herself than anyone else.

    Megatron growled, and lifted her up into his servos.

    "I have a question for you my inquisitive femme, why do you ask so many questions?" he asked, as she tilted her head smirking.

    "I am curious, and that's a good thing." Emerald replied.

    "Yes my little femme, it's a good thing." Megatron replied.

    "Am I going to be your mate, am I huh; am I am I?" she asked so very fast it made Optimus smirk at Megatron.

    "And what do you find so amusing Optimus?" he asked.

    "I find you and this situation extremely amusing." Optimus said as Arcee walked up to Emerald.

    "Want some pointers how to reel your mech in Emerald?" Arcee asked as Emerald flipped from Megatron's servos.

    "Yes, yes, yes; please tell me how to reel my mech in." she replied.

    Optimus gave Megatron a smirk; which Megatron picked up on.

    "I'm in trouble, aren't I?" Megatron asked.

    Miko, Jack, Raf were snickering then, Megatron growled then.

    "Be quiet boy, remember you're dating my daughter and I could disallow that to happen." Megatron remarked as Meg snort with laughter.

    "Don't think that's possible, old man; besides get use to it femmes will always win." Meg replied. "That's a message for you too Jack." Meg said, as Miko walked up and high fived Meg.

    Bumblebee whistled, Bulkhead chuckled along with Ratchet and Optimus.

    "Now you know why I am single..." Ratchet mumbled.

    Emerald giggled, as she and Arcee disappeared for a little femme talk.

    "Why do I feel like when she comes back; I am going to have my aft handed to me on a plate?" Megatron asked.

    Miko walked up to him.

    "Because you will..." Miko said, as she took some pictures of Meg and Jack.

    "Optimus, help please..." Megatron mumbled.

    "Oh please, that's like the blind leading the blind." Miko mumbled as Optimus glanced down at her. "I meant that in the best possible way..." she said, as Optimus smirked as Starshine squealed and started to pat her daddy's face.

    "Nice save..." Optimus replied, as he bounced Starshine in his arms.

    He blew on Starshine's belly making her squeal once more.

    "I am serious Optimus, I am in trouble here." Megatron remarked.

    "No you're not just follow your spark, she is a pretty femme and it's about time you settled down. It's a wonderful feeling to have a femme you love, and a sparkling trust me it will do you good." Optimus answered as Megatron shrugged.

    "But how do I woo her as humans say?" Megatron asked.

    "Just spend time with her, dude; females of all species love that." Miko replied.

    :::... Optimus, when is it proper to sparkmerge...::::

    Optimus glanced at Megatron, when he got the private link from him.

    :::... Megatron it's different with each situation, some couples just know your sparks will tell you...:::

    :::... You are so not helping me...:::

    Optimus couldn't hold back the snort of laughter, while he held his sparkling.

    :::... What is so slagging humorous...:::

    :::... Your daughter and the human children have so rubbed off on you...:::

    He snorted.

    :::... Have not...::::

    :::... Have too...:::

    Megatron growled.

    :::... You're not going to let me win this conversation, are you...::::

    :::... Nope..::::

    Starshine decided her daddy and her Uncle Megatron were not paying enough attention to her. So, she decided to remedy that really fast by getting their attention.

    Starshine climbed onto her daddy's shoulder, and grabbed his ear finial and hung them giggling.

    "Star, what are you doing to your daddy?" Ratchet asked, as the little femme burst out in excited clicks and chirps.

    She pulled herself up, and flipped into the air landing on Megatron's servo. She giggled wildly, as Optimus and Megatron both looked like they were going to have spark attacks.

    "She's a handful, isn't she?" Megatron remarked, as Starshine wrapped her servos around his wrist; and bounced up and down laughing like a little hyena. "What are you doing?" Megatron asked.

    "Up...Up..." she ordered.

    "Star..." Optimus warned.

    "UP... UP...UP NOW!" Starshine ordered.

    Optimus sighed.

    "What does she want?" Megatron asked.

    "She wants you to toss her over to me..." Optimus mumbled.

    "Are you sure?" Megatron asked.

    Star sucked in air then, offlining her optics; and appearing to look like she was holding her breath.

    "What is she doing?" Megatron asked.

    "She's holding her breath..." Miko said as all the bots looked at her. "What...?" she asked.

    "Did you teach her that, Miko?" Bulkhead asked sighing.

    "Well maybe... Neat huh...?" Miko asked.

    Ratchet rolled his optics.

    "She's wasting her time, that can't get the desired results it can for a human." Ratchet replied.

    "Don't be too sure about that, Ratch." Raf replied.

    "Star, stop that..." Optimus replied.

    Star shook her head, crossing her servos over her chest plates.

    Optimus finally groaned, and nodded toward Megatron. Megatron tossed her over to her father, and they did it back and forth; as she cackled at her ability to make her father cave in.

    "That's my girl!" Miko replied putting her thumb up approving of her strategy.

    The little femme put a digit up, just not the right one in fact a very bad one.

    "WRONG FINGER...!" Miko shouted.

    "MIKO...!" the bots, Jack and Raf exclaimed, while Meg snorted in fits of laughter.

    "You guys are hopeless, do you know that?" she laughed.

    Arcee and Emerald came back in watching; as Star was tossed back and forth.

    "Why are you tossing a sparkling like that, why; why?" Emerald asked.

    "Yes why are you tossing your daughter around like she is a ball?" Arcee demanded as she stalked over.

    She grabbed Optimus by his ear finial, making him wince and wonder if his interface unit would be safe now. Femmes were unpredictable when angry, and they tended to go for the places that were rather delicate. So naturally, his hand went instinctively for his interface unit.

    "What are you doing?" Arcee asked with a smirk.

    "Nothing..." he mumbled.

    Starshine giggled, and now decided to give Arcee the wrong finger like she did before.

    "Really nothing, Optimus...?" Arcee started to say until she saw what Star had done. "Did she just give me the...?" Arcee asked as she glanced down at Miko. "MIKO, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN TEACHING OUR SPARKLING?" Arcee exclaimed as Miko ran to Bulkhead.

    "Help me, Bulkhead; jeez it was an honest mistake." Miko mumbled.

    "No can do, not this time..." Bulkhead said as all the mechs acted the same way.

    "I swear you guys act like little girls, what are you afraid of that she's going to rob you of your winkies?" she asked.

    "What..." asked Ratchet.

    Miko groaned, and then pointed toward at Optimus where his hand was at.

    "The correct name is interface unit... And trust me no mech wants to be without one." Ratchet replied.

    "Such babies..." Miko mumbled.

    Oooooooo oooo oooooo


    Lots of cuteness in this chapter, I wanted an uplifting comic relief type of chapter from the previous sad ones.


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    I do not own Transformers – Only my OC's

    Emerald belongs to Shizuka Taiyou – (I did make a few little changes which she knows about)

    Chapter 27 – Transformers Prime

    (1 month later on a lone road Breakdown and Knockout together)

    Breakdown stared at Knockout like he had just threatened to blow his spark out or more to the point like he lost his processors.

    "What are you saying Knockout, you're leaving my side to go join Megatron and the bots? Are you insane, Starscream will tear your spark out of your spark chamber?" Breakdown demanded.

    "I do not like or trust that spider freak, nor do I trust that human and his group. Who is to say he will keep his word. No I do not trust any of them; I am keeping my body intact thank you very much." Knockout replied.

    "Airachnid, you don't like her; I think she's kind of hot in a way." Breakdown said as Knockout gasped and rolled his optics at him.

    "You're really sick, do you know that?" Knockout growled. "She's a freak and you my friend are sick for thinking she is hot; Breakdown." Knockout remarked.

    "Oh really, and what pray tell is your idea of hot, and please do not tell me Optimus Prime's rims." Breakdown snarled.

    Knockout smirked, he did think Optimus Prime was hot; but he would never tell the leader of the Bots that. However there was one mech, he was crazy about and would turn over a new rim for.

    "Well...?" he asked impatiently.

    "I think only one mech could turn my head and that's Ratchet." Knockout replied.

    "He's an Autobot are you mad?"

    "He's a medic like I am, he is the perfect mech." Knockout replied.

    "So, you're going to just switch sides to be with Ratchet and risk Starscream's wrath?" Breakdown demanded, as he transformed his arm to his hammer.

    "Yes, I am..." Knockout replied.

    "Can't let you do that, Knockout." Breakdown said as he tried to stop Knockout.

    Knockout grabbed his energon prod, and shoved it into Breakdown's neck.

    "Sorry Breakdown, there is nothing here for me any longer; Starscream will never how to lead anything. Airachnid is a freak and I will not take orders from screamer, his idea of leading and Megatron's is quite different." Knockout replied.

    Knockout quickly took off, he sent a message to Megatron not realizing; Megatron had his servos filled at the moment with Emerald.

    (Con base – Megatron's quarters)

    Megatron laid on the berth patting it for Emerald to join him, she smiled and slowly joined him.

    "Can I be on top, please, please can I be on top?" she asked, as her chest plates opened up for him.

    "Perhaps that can be arranger little one." Megatron replied as she giggled then.

    Megatron figured Emerald would be a little timid in interfacing, but he was impressive mistaken.

    Emerald had never had a sparkmate, that was true but she was fierce with him. She ran her fingers over his spark casing, and then let the tendrils attach themselves to her fingers. Megatron watched her optics widen, as she watched his spark. Megatron himself was slowly becoming more excited with this little femme's antics. She was innocent, almost childlike in her exploration of his spark. He sucked in air as his fans kicked in, she was overheating his body really quickly.

    "You my dear are a pleasure and..." he stopped his words as she leaned in and kissed his spark chamber.

    She ran her glossa over it.

    "Y...ou... Are...S...O..." Megatron mumbled as his words suddenly became incoherent.

    She smiled to herself, as she continued running her glossa over his spark casing; while he moaned and arched up. Her hands reached up onto his pointed armor, he was in bliss and he was falling for this little femme.

    "Emerald, I...Love...You..." Megatron moaned as she gazed up at him.

    "I love you too Megatron..." she said, moving up and letting her spark wrap around his.

    The action was like a lightning bolt had hit him, the second her spark wrapped around his Megatron went wild. Megatron could feel everything Emerald had ever experienced; and she felt everything Megatron had ever felt. Megatron held her tighter, moving his claws over her wings making her moan.

    "You belong to me, my little Emerald of the sky." Megatron whispered.

    Both Megatron and Emerald overloaded with such force, she screamed his name and collapsed in recharge. Megatron followed her in recharge, with a loopy smile on his face filled with contentment.

    (30 minutes later)

    :::... Megatron, its Knockout come in...:::::

    :::... What do you want...:::


    :::... I know I have made some slagging huge choices that were wrong, but my one choice I am trying to make up. I Left Starscream's fold, I was hoping I could come back I have information to report to you and Optimus Prime as well...::::


    :::... Just hold on..:::

    Megatron contacted Optimus via private commlink.

    ::... Optimus come in; it's Megatron...:::

    :::... Go ahead Megatron...::::

    ::::... It would seem Knockout has had a change in spark, and wants to rejoin our cause. He says he has information as well to give us...:::

    :::... Do you believe him...:::::

    :::... I will have Soundwave test his mind to be on the safe side..::::

    :::... Very well...:::

    :::... By the way, Emerald and I are now sparkbonded...::::

    Optimus smiled to himself.

    :::... Congratulations, it feels good, doesn't it..:::

    ::... Yes, it does very much so...::::


    ::... We'll be there in a bit...:::::

    :::... Very well..::::

    (Autobot base)

    Optimus was sitting on a chair with Starshine; Agent Fowler was in the base talking to them about Silas and Mech's movements.

    "They have been quiet too quiet, I don't like it." Fowler said.

    "Nor do I, but one good thing they do not know where our bases are located." Optimus said as Megatron and Emerald came through the ground bridge.

    Emerald was talking a mile a minute, Agent Fowler rolled his eyes.

    "Oh great motor mouth is in the house now." he mumbled.

    Bumblebee whistled angrily then.

    "Sorry big guy..." Fowler replied.

    Emerald ran over to Bumblebee, taking him by the servos.

    "Guess what, guess what, guess what; you will never guess Megatron and I are sparkmates now." Emerald said quickly as Megatron chuckled at her.

    Megatron and Optimus watched, as Ratchet opened the ground bridge for Knockout. Knockout raced through and then transformed. Soundwave probed Knockout's mind, and finding no deception from Knockout, or secrets gave Megatron and Optimus the okay.

    "Starscream has teamed up with Airachnid, and they went to Silas and made a deal with him. If he left them alone, they'd find a way to capture you and Optimus, plus two techno organics he wants." Knockout explained.

    Both Arcee and Emerald growled, and while Arcee's optics turned darker blue with anger. Emerald's optics turned bright Emerald when she got angry; Megatron and Optimus noticed and found interesting.

    Megatron bent down and picked up his daughter, and placed her on his shoulder.

    "No one touches my daughter..." he growled.

    "Correction...OUR daughter..." Emerald remarked her optics shining brightly.

    Megatron smiled, while Emerald went and stood by her family; and Arcee did the same with her mech. Femmes were rather protective of their families, and Silas and Mech would soon learn you don't mess with femmes and their families. It's highly unhealthy.

    (Where Starscream is)

    "He did what?" Starscream demanded.

    "He left to go with the Autobots and Megatron; he has a thing for Ratchet." Breakdown said with a shrug.

    "Well it matters not I have more coming, my two wing mates are on their way with their ship. We can use as a base of operations for now." Starscream replied.

    "I also can mine for some energon as well." Breakdown replied, while he watched Airachnid and Starscream smirking at each other.

    "Megatron and Optimus Prime's time will come, and then our revenge will be sweet." Starscream said with a cackle.
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    Chapter 28 – Transformers Prime

    Agent Fowler was flying his helicopter over the area; he always did sweeps of different areas. However, what Fowler wasn't ready for was Starscream attacking him; the treacherous Con shot down Fowler. Agent Fowler quickly tried to guide the chopper down, he sent an SOS to Optimus with his location.

    (Autobot base)

    Ratchet picked up the SOS and location from Fowler, Knockout looked at the Autobots knowing this was most probably a trap set by Starscream.

    "This has got to be one of Starscream's traps..." Knockout replied.

    "That may very well be back he is our friend, and I do not leave my friends or comrades alone." Optimus replied firmly.

    Megatron nodded, and then picked up Meg; he looked at her with love in his optics.

    "You have to stay safe daddy okay?" Meg replied as he kissed her.

    Emerald walked up toward her family, Megatron handed Meg to Emerald; and then he kissed her firmly.

    "Come home to us." Emerald whispered.

    Arcee and Optimus hugged and kissed; Starshine glanced up at her daddy. It was then Starshine spoke to him.

    "Daddy, please come back to us, we love you..." Starshine replied.

    "We will my sparkshine; I promise."Optimus replied as several Vehicons accompanied Optimus and Megatron.

    Megatron and Optimus transformed followed by the Vehicons following them. They drove and flew to the location, where Agent Fowler was supposed to be at. They found the Agent; he was badly injured.

    "Get him back to base... NOW...!" Optimus ordered to the one Vehicon, who quickly took off just as Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp came out of nowhere.

    Optimus and Megatron got their weapons out and ready, narrowing their optics at the seekers.

    "Well, what do you know our former leader and his weak – minded brother; I like these odds much better." Starscream snapped as Thundercracker took out the last two Vehicons.

    Starscream watched as Airachnid snuck up behind Optimus and Megatron, she quickly shot her webbing at both brothers. It trapped them only momentarily, until both leaders activated their blades. The distraction made Starscream and his wing mates let the liquid nitrogen hit Optimus and Megatron.

    Optimus and Megatron weren't ready for that, the liquid nitrogen hit them instantly and by then it had already turned to ice. Optimus and Megatron were startled by this; they collapsed onto the ground their joints freezing and internal systems freezing.

    "Starscream, this is unacceptable and you know it..." Megatron snarled as he started to shut down.

    "Dear master, it's me calling the shots here not you. You thought you were so smart siding with Optimus, but you both will die and I shall live. I will also have two techno organics as well, Silas wants them as well. Where are those two pretty little techno organics, Hmmmmm?" Starscream asked in a mocking tone.

    "Go frag yourself, Starscream; we'll never tell you." Optimus snarled as he growled in pain.

    "Such heroics words from a washed up leader..." Starscream snarled, as he watched them struggle to stay online.

    Optimus' optics dimmed, as he and Megatron started to go offline; they heard rather than saw some sort of vehicle or vehicles approach.

    However, what they didn't know was, it was Silas and Mech coming to take the two leaders away; and this time Silas had no intentions of letting either Cybertronian live to make a fool out of him again.

    Ooooo ooooooo ooooooooo o oooooooooooo


    Yes, I know the chapter is small, but this was just a teaser chapter; unforunately Optimus and Megs will not get out of this anytime soon. Mech will have Optimus and Megatron for a while unforunately...

    I have a brand new story which will be a long story called " Friends never say goodbye"

    Check it out R&R

    (Also Buffy one is being redone - someone asked me about that story - It's being redone it was a little too fast so I took it down for now)
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    Warning – Violence and torture

    Chapter 29 – Transformers Prime

    (Mech's new headquarters)

    Optimus and Megatron were both laid out on huge metal tables, both mechs were slowly onlining and realizing the predicament they were in.

    :::... Megatron...:::

    Megatron looked over at his brother, one quick movement told them both they weren't going anywhere. The chains were reinforced with energon something they were sure; that Starscream told Silas to use to make sure they couldn't escape.

    ::... Are your weapons offline too...:::

    ::... Yes, but I feel sluggish as well; like they tampered with something inside of me..::

    It was then Silas walked in, he strolled up a huge metal podium; his smirk alone was enough to unnerve both mechs. It wasn't until Silas' eyes glowed red; that it startled both Optimus and Megatron.

    "Yes, I must say you two have become quite a problem mucking up everything for me. First you, thinking you're some sort of parent; when you're a machine living technology or not. You are not human; you're a pile of scrap metal; that needs to be destroyed." Silas snarled.

    Optimus saw the metal arms down coming from the ceiling; one heading toward him and the other his brother. He knew he wasn't going to like this, neither one of them would.

    They tried to brace themselves for the pain to come, but it was so powerful; it floored them both. The metal arms punched into their armor; it gripped several wire bunches and a cable. Optimus' optics widened and brightened; then the leader yelled out in pain as his wires and cable were yanked out of him.

    Megatron felt the metal arm punch into his armor as well; he tried to remain silent; but like Optimus he couldn't. The two brothers were put close to each other; Megatron slowly moved his claw toward his brother's hand. Optimus' optics moved toward his brother's servo, he had slipped his claw into his hand. It was such an uncharacteristic move; his brother never showed anything like this before.

    "Oh yes, before I forget your other titans will never find you in time; this is a brand new headquarters. You see, I do learn from my mistakes; they will find your mangled scrap heaps after I am done destroying you both that is." Silas as both Optimus and Megatron were viciously shocked by Silas.

    Optimus and Megatron tried to stop the screams threatening to erupt from their vocal processors.

    ::... Hold on brother...:::

    It was Optimus who sent the private link to Megatron.

    ::... We should not be sent to the Allspark like this, we are warriors and leaders; we deserve better...:::

    Megatron turned his head away; he didn't want to show weakness in front of this puny human. He had his pride, even if he didn't have his freedom.

    (Autobot Base)

    Emerald and Arcee both collapsed onto the floor Bumblebee, Ratchet, Bulkhead and the others going to them.

    "Optimus is in pain awful pain..." Arcee whispered as she put her servo to her chest plates.

    Bumblebee was holding Emerald, as she felt her mate's pain her spark racing with its own pain from it as well. Emerald's optics turned from pained blue to enraged emerald; her weapons warmed up.

    Arcee too felt a sudden spark of rage hit her, she had just spark mated with Optimus. They were a family now, someone was trying to take that from her and she wasn't going to allow them to take Optimus from her and Starshine.

    "Arcee, come with me..." Emerald ordered.

    "You got it..." Arcee answered.

    "Where are you two going?" Ratchet demanded.

    "We are going to find our mates and Primus help anyone who is causing them pain; because we will bring the pain even harder." Emerald and Arcee replied.

    Starshine and Meg walked up to the femmes.

    "I want to come, mom." Meg begged. "I can help..." Meg replied.

    Emerald's optics changed back to blue, and then she knelt down scooping up Meg.

    "I cannot risk you precious, I will bring back daddy I promise you." Emerald said as she kissed Meg's cheek.

    Starshine put her servos up, and Arcee picked her up; and nuzzled the little sparkling.

    "I wanna come; mom...Please Daddy needs me." Starshine pleaded.

    "Sweetspark I will bring daddy home; do you trust me haven't I always been truthful with you?" she asked.

    "Yes, I just don't want to lose my family please..." Starshine cried, as she held onto Arcee gripping her armor; making the blue femme nuzzle her and Optimus' little sparkling more firmly.

    "We'll be back, you have my word." Arcee said, kissing the little sparkling handing her over to Bulkhead. "Watch over her, until we get back." Arcee ordered.

    Emerald handed Meg to Bumblebee, and then hugged him and Meg before she left with Arcee.

    Starshine glanced at Meg, her optics sad. Meg glanced at Starshine as her mind had already made its decision then.

    :::... Meg, we have to help them...:::

    ::... I know Starshine, but how do we ditch the others to do it; especially Soundwave he hears everything..:::

    Starshine looked at Miko, and smiled impishly. Miko would help them, she knew they could trust that human.

    :::... Miko, she will help us..::::

    Meg smirked.

    :::... Okay, let's try asking her..::::

    Bulkhead and Bumblebee put the femmes on the floor; they went to Miko and the others. Meg pulled Miko over, and right away Jack and Raf knew that look on Meg's face. They saw Miko and Meg shake hands meaning they were making some sort of deal together.

    "Oh no, something is most definitely up." Jack replied.

    "Yeah, but what...?" Raf asked.

    "What are you doing, Meg?" Jack demanded.

    "Nothing..." Meg replied innocently.

    "Yeah right, like we believe that." Raf remarked.

    "Do we make you guys nervous?" Miko asked.

    "Yes, because you get into trouble always..." Jack replied.

    "Then step aside if you're not helping then step off!" Meg growled finally.

    Jack looked shocked at her tone and words.

    "Jack, it's my father and Starshine's father; we can't just let our mothers go off blindly into Primus knows what." Meg said.

    "Okay fine, we all go then..." Jack replied.

    "We do...?" Raf asked.

    "Fine, but how do we all get by the Bots?" Miko asked finally.

    Bulkhead and Ratchet walked up scooping them up.

    "HEY...!" the kids all exclaimed.

    "You aren't as soft spoken as you think, Miko..." Bulkhead remarked.

    "You will leave the rescues to the adults, and what were you thinking going off and bringing a little sparkling with you. Starshine is not old enough to go gallivanting all over this planet and possibly into a fire zone. You younglings are not old enough either, what is wrong with your processors? You act like you have some sort of leak in your brain and it's dribbling out somewhere." Ratchet remarked.

    "That is really gross, Ratchet..." Miko remarked.

    "I am going to go save my parents so there." Meg snapped.

    "Soundwave, please do something to keep Meg busy." Ratchet replied as Soundwave picked up the fuming techno organic.

    Soundwave held her, and tried to purr in a calming way to make her relax. Meg however, was anything but relaxed especially when she glanced over seeing Starshine looking so sad.

    ::... Sorry Starshine...::::

    Starshine nodded and curled up in Ratchet's servos; she wanted her daddy and she knew he was in pain.

    "Daddy..." she chirped sadly.

    (Mech headquarters)

    Optimus and Megatron screamed louder, while both leaders had one of their servos ripped off by the mechanical arm that came from the opening in the ceiling. Optimus' optics dimmed, as he glanced over at Megatron; who had his optics offline.

    ::... Megatron, can you hear me brother...::::


    ::.. Megatron...::::

    :::... Yes, the pain is unlike anything I've ever felt...::::

    Optimus looked over at Megatron, his optics were misted over; and that scared Optimus. Megatron would absolutely NEVER cry; it was then Optimus realized if Megatron was crying; he knew they'd never live to see their families again. Optimus felt his own tears in his optics; they were losing everything now all because of this human.

    Oooooooo oooooo oooooooooooo


    Next chapter Emerald and Arcee find Starscream, Airachnid and Breakdown and there will be hell to pay...

    The story being updated next is Friends never say goodbye

    Thanks R & R

    PS I will be having a contest going on for new story Friends never say goodbye...

    The 500th reviewer will get a Transformers ONE SHOT ONLY story

    Rules for it are:

    1) Review must be longer than just two words

    2) The only crossover with Transformers I will do is Monk, Buffy or Angel (I am not familiar with a lot of shows)

    3) The only two Transformers verses I do are Bayverse and Transformers Prime
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    I do not own Transformers – Only my OC's,

    Warning - Chararcter deaths

    Emerald belongs to Shizuka Taiyou – (I did make a few little changes which she knows about)

    Chapter 30 – Transformers Prime

    (Where Starscream is)

    Starscream and Airachnid were drinking energon praising each other on the capture of Optimus Prime and Megatron.

    "With their demise then we will be safe from Mech's crazy wrath." Starscream said.

    "We still need to deliver the techno organics, Starscream." Airachnid retorted just as she was tackled by Arcee.

    "Where are they?" Arcee ordered as she used her blade removing several of Airachnid's legs making her scream. "You're going to lose more than that if you don't start talking." Arcee hissed as Starscream went to help Airachnid.

    Starscream found himself attacked by a rather enraged Emerald, her optics flaring green.

    "GET OFF ME!" Starscream demanded.

    "Where is Megatron, you flying freak of nature!" Emerald snarled, as she grabbed his arm and ripped it off.

    Starscream suddenly felt an icy cold prick of death in the optics of this femme. He realized this femme was the mate of Megatron, and nothing was worse than an enraged mate.

    "Silas and MECH have them Airachnid made a deal with them; if we handed them over along with the techno organics. They would leave us alone then." Starscream stuttered as Airachnid hissed.

    Arcee snapped another leg off Airachnid; she had never seen Arcee like this. The Con was truly afraid of the Autobot femme; she was enraged and dangerously so.

    "They have a new headquarters Arcee, they are located here." Airachnid stuttered as she sent the location to Arcee.

    Arcee snarled.

    "You and Starscream are a danger to our families; we can't have either of you around." Arcee snarled as Airachnid's optics widened in horror realizing what Arcee meant.

    "Arcee, let's talk about this..." Airachnid stuttered.

    "I have..." Arcee snapped, as she rammed her fist into her chest and ripped out her spark.

    Airachnid offlined instantly, as Starscream watched in terror. He looked back at Emerald; whose optics were turning all shades of green until they shimmered in anger.

    "Have mercy please..." Starscream begged.

    "Did you slagging pit spawn glitch give our mates mercy, will MECH?" Emerald demanded. "You will learn what it means to have the fury of femme, whose mate is being tortured." Emerald snarled, as she balled her fist up; and smashed it into Starscream's chest ripping his spark out with a wild pained scream.

    Arcee looked at her, her blue optics brightening with fury.

    "Let's go, we have bigger fish to take care of and save our mates." Arcee remarked as Emerald nodded.

    Arcee sent her the location, and then they transformed. Breakdown walked out of his hiding spot and saw the carnage; he shivered and shook his head.

    "I'm finished with the Autobots; I am leaving here no way I am messing with them anymore not with those two femmes around. They are worse than Optimus Prime ever was or Megatron." Breakdown replied as he transformed and took off.

    (MECH'S headquarters)

    Silas watched, as his adopted sister Sarah Bell, had worked the machine to remove more components out of Optimus and Megatron. Optimus moaned in pain, while warning messages flashed he would be going into stasis lock. Megatron had already succumbed to stasis; Sarah Bell had been particularly brutal with Megatron.

    Now, she was working him the same way, he had learned she was Silas' adopted sister. She was as crazy as he was; she had that awful machine rip wires and components out of him with such cruelty. He didn't bother answering any of her remarks or Silas' for that matter. He was tired and sick of the whole thing; they did nothing to warrant any of this treatment.

    Optimus felt his spark racing wildly and with chaos, he would end up having a spark attack. It would be a bad one, he could feel it. He vaguely wondered, if they would survive this; or if these humans would win. He saw flashes of images with Arcee his loving and sweet mate; who meant the world to him. Then his memory banks shifted, and he saw Starshine his little sparkling; his dear sweet Anna.

    "Till...All...Are...One..." Optimus whispered as he finally too fell into stasis.

    Oooooooo oooooo oooooo ooooooo


    I know short chapter and it's a cliffie - don't hate me lol
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    Chapter 31 – Transformers Prime

    (MECH headquarters)

    Silas got on the platform with his sister, he pushed some buttons and the mechanical arm changed into a spinning saw. Silas' sister laughed, as she saw the saw moving closer to Optimus' head.

    "Are you taking its head off?" she asked.

    "Yes, right from the neck; this titan will be losing it's..."

    He never got a chance to finish his sentence, there was a sudden explosion; in the aftermath of the explosion stood two femmes Arcee and Emerald.

    "Nice explosion, Emmy." Arcee said firmly.

    "I like to watch things go BOOM..." Emerald remarked as her optics landed on Megatron.

    Arcee saw her mate in stasis, and the spinning saw heading for his neck. Arcee used her blasters destroying the machine; then both femmes prepared for battle.

    "You're going to wish you never were born, human." Emmy simply said.

    "Get out of here, Sarah!" Silas ordered.

    "NO..." Sarah snapped.

    "Good, stick around you'll die too." Emmy snarled, as she and Arcee let loose with firepower; no one had ever seen before.

    Silas' men were taken out one by one, until the only two left were Sarah and Silas.

    "You kidnapped our mates, tortured them; well guess what we can feel everything! We could feel their agony; you made a remark that we were just machines that we couldn't feel. We feel more than most humans; do your mates when one dies, does the other follow? No, this planet has its so called mates cheating on each other, our love is eternal. You tried to rob us of our mates for your own sick and twisted enjoyment!" Arcee snarled, as she aimed her blaster at Silas; while Emmy aimed her cannon at Sarah. "Well it ends right now; I will not have you destroying my mate or Emmy's!" Arcee hissed, as she fired not caring about the Autobot rule.

    She kept firing until there was nothing; Emmy did the same with Sarah. Emmy turned and ran toward where Megatron was laying. Arcee did the same; she yanked the chains off of Optimus. She opened his chest plates, Optimus' spark was flickering. She gasped and put her hand over her mouth, Emmy checked Megatron and his too was flickering dangerously.

    Arcee commed Ratchet quickly...

    "Ratchet spin up the ground bridge fast!" she yelled as she sent him the location.

    The ground bridge followed within seconds, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Soundwave, Ratchet and Knockout came through. Ratchet checked on both mechs, and he came to a startling conclusion.

    "If we do not get them back to base right now, we will lose them both!" Ratchet yelled.

    Bumblebee and Bulkhead grabbed their leader; while the Vehicons picked up Megatron carrying him back to the Autobot base.

    Before the ground bridge closed Emmy used her explosives to blow up the MECH compound.

    "I just love making evil things go boom; it makes such pretty colors." she snarled as she turned and went back into the ground bridge with Arcee.

    (Autobot base)

    Optimus and Megatron were on the berths in stasis, Knockout was tending both leaders as well. Knockout noticed both Optimus and Megatron had suffered spark attacks.

    "Optimus has a history of spark attacks, does Megatron?" Ratchet asked.

    "No, he doesn't but whatever they did to them pushed them both over the edge; I've never seen damage like this before." Knockout said.

    "We don't have to worry about Starscream, Airachnid or MECH; it's done." Arcee remarked as Arcee slide her hand into Optimus'. "Come back to me, Optimus...Please come back to me and Starshine." Arcee said as the kids came out slowly.

    Meg walked out with big tears in her eyes; while Starshine ran out and cried seeing her daddy unconscious.

    "Daddy...?" Starshine whispered as Knockout looked up seeing the children.

    "Should they really be here?" Knockout asked.

    "Yes, if they pass; they should be able to spend their last moments with them." Ratchet replied. "But I am not going to let Optimus and Megatron pass without a fight." Ratchet remarked with sheer determination in his voice.

    Suddenly Meg heard a voice inside her mind...

    :::... Meg, you have a piece of your daddy inside your spark; and a part of your Uncle Optimus' spark...:::

    ::... I can save them, can't I...:::::

    :::... Yes and in return for your sacrifice; I will bring you back as I did with Starshine as a sparkling for your daddy and Emerald. Your memories will stay intact the same as Starshine's did. The only difference shall be you will be named Shadowdancer

    :::... Who are you...:::

    :::... I am Primus; now go my dear let Ratchet know what must be done to save them...:::::

    Meg glanced at her daddy; and then looked at her Uncle Optimus. She ran over to Ratchet and Knockout.

    "Ratchet, you can save them by using me; use the shard sparks from my spark. Primus said he would bring me back as a sparkling and my memories intact." Meg said.

    "Megatron will kill us!" Knockout exclaimed.

    "No please he told me to do this, I will be fine." Meg said turning toward Emerald. "Primus said I would be called Shadowdancer just so you know; let my daddy know I will be back kicking aft and taking names." Meg said as she turned toward Jack. "Thank you for showing me human affection it was nice; I will never forget that or you." she whispered hugging him, and quickly kissing him on his lips.

    A glowing red light swirled around their bodies; while Meg kissed Jack disappearing when their lips parted.

    Meg high fived Miko one last time, and hugged Raf; and then turned toward Starshine.

    "See ya soon, small fry." Meg said as she ran to the two medics. "Go ahead, doc bot." Meg said, as Ratchet gently put Meg under; and opened her up removing the two spark shards.

    (Several hours later)

    Knockout placed Meg's body onto another berth, while they watched as Megatron rebooted and came back online. Emerald slid her fingers into Megatron, while he tried to process what was happening.

    Optimus suddenly rebooted, and then came online with a painful groan; Arcee gave a choked sob laying her head on his chest plates.

    "I was so afraid we lost you..." Arcee whispered, as she suddenly placed Starshine on to her daddy's chest plates.

    Optimus smiled, Starshine smiled and nuzzled her daddy's face making him purr.

    "My family... Oh thank you Primus..." Optimus whispered as energon tears rolled down his face. "How is Megatron?" Optimus asked.

    Emerald was holding Megatron tightly, but it was when he asked for his daughter that things became quiet.

    "Where is she, where is Meg?" Megatron asked as his Optics landed on the form lying on the berth.

    Megatron started to get to his pedes, Emerald beside him as he moved to Meg's limp form.

    "Meg, what happened to my daughter?" Megatron asked, energon pooling in his optics as he reached for her.


    "Please someone answer me, what happened to my daughter?" he asked once more.

    Jack walked up to Megatron, Megatron's optics landed on Jack.

    "She sacrificed her life for you and Optimus; she said Primus told she would be returned as a sparkling like Anna was." Jack explained.

    "She sacrificed her life for us...?" Megatron asked picking up his limp daughter's body.

    He moved toward his brother slowly, Optimus too had energon in his optics for Megatron's loss. Megatron collapsed into his brother's servos letting loose with powerful sobs; while his brother held him tightly.

    "My little girl... She did such a selfless deed; she saved our lives." Megatron softly replied, his voice processor filled with static from his pain from his loss.

    Megatron glanced up at his brother; sadness in his optics shining brightly.

    "May I bury here near Anna?" Megatron asked.

    "Of course, you can." Optimus answered.

    Optimus finally asked Ratchet; what he was curious about.

    "How did you find us?" Optimus asked while holding Megatron again his chest plates.

    "Your femmes went after Starscream and Airachnid to find the information needed." Ratchet said.

    "We don't have to worry about any of them, we offlined Starscream and Airachnid." Arcee replied.

    "And Silas and MECH...?" Optimus asked.

    "We handled him too..." Arcee remarked. "The compound was destroyed as well." she added.

    "How..." Bulkhead asked.

    "Explosions make such pretty colors..." Emerald replied as Optimus smirked.

    "I normally do not approve of human deaths, but they were not human; they were monsters all of them." Optimus remarked.

    "My beautiful little girl, she saved our lives today, brother." Megatron replied softly.

    "And before your little girl sacrificed her life for us; our amazing femmes braved every evil being to bring us home." Optimus replied. "That says something about our beloved mates; it also says something about us, Megatron; we are highly loved." Optimus replied.

    "We are, very much so." Megatron answered; as he moved toward his femme and pulled her into his servos.

    Optimus pulled Arcee into his servos hugging her tightly. He picked up Starshine, and then hugged her too never so glad to be online as he was then.

    However he saw Arcee rub her chest plates slightly; Megatron glanced at Emerald who had done the same.

    "Are you femmes okay?" Optimus and Megatron asked concerned.

    "It's just a little itchy feeling in my spark." Arcee said.

    "Me too..." Emerald replied.

    Ratchet huffed and marched over to the femmes, and opened their chest plates.

    "Just a little itch my aft!" he exclaimed.


    "Arcee you are carrying an extra spark..." Ratchet said as he went to Emerald next. "By the Allspark, Emerald you are carrying three sparks!" Ratchet replied.

    There was a loud crash as everyone turned to see Megatron at passed out cold with the silliest grin on her face plates ever.
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    Chapter 32 – Transformers Prime

    (Several months later)

    Megatron stood by Meg's grave, tears rolling down his face.

    "I have never forgotten what you did, my sweet daughter; it seems I have been shown many things lately. I have learned how wrong I was about a lot of things, how many years I wasted feuding with my brother. I stood hating and blaming the wrong mech and hating the wrong things. We have a chance to help humans; so they don't make the same mistakes I did. War is senseless, Optimus tried to tell me that for so long and I didn't listen. You my sweet innocent daughter you are just like your Uncle Optimus selfless, ready to sacrifice your life for another." Megatron said, as Optimus walked up putting his hand on Megatron's shoulder armor.

    "It's time, brother..." Optimus replied.

    "They are both ready...?" Megatron asked.

    "Apparently, when sparklings want out femmes get rather testy." Optimus replied.

    "Who would have thought both our femmes would conceive and my femme with three no less?" Megatron said.

    Optimus chuckled then, while Megatron glanced over at him.

    "You find that funny; do you?" Megatron asked.

    "Yes, I do very much so." Optimus said with a chuckle.

    Megatron merely smiled and put his arm around his brother's shoulders.

    "We are so slagging lucky to have the two most wonderful femmes in the entire universe." Megatron replied.

    "Yes, that we are brother that we are." Optimus replied.

    Optimus and Megatron got back to base; and it was like a war was about to hit. Ratchet and Knockout met them; when they got back to base.

    "Where have you two been?" Ratchet demanded.

    "What's wrong, Ratchet?" Optimus asked.

    "What's wrong, what's wrong?" Ratchet demanded, as they heard blasters warming up. "Oh slag it, not again; slagging trigger happy femmes." Ratchet groaned.

    Megatron and Optimus froze, and then looked at each other.

    "OPTIMUS...!" Arcee yelled.

    "MEGATRON...!" Emerald shouted.

    "Oh frag, we're..." Optimus started.

    "Dead..." Megatron finished.

    "Oh slag yeah, what's that human saying stick a fork in us we are so done." Optimus mumbled.

    "Maybe if we..."

    "Get in here right now, or so help me, I will slice your interface unit off!" Arcee yelled.

    "Ouch..." Megatron chuckled.

    Optimus shot him an odd look.

    "Oh slag, sucks to be you, Optimus." Megatron snickered.

    "MEGATRON, I have explosives, they will make pretty colors with your interface unit, if you do not get your aft in here." Emmy yelled.

    "Kinda makes you rethink who the leaders are, don't it?" Megatron mumbled.

    "Yeah, it sure does." Optimus said.

    Megatron and Optimus ran into the medical bay, just as Arcee and Emerald blasted something of Ratchet's.

    "ARCEE...! EMERALD...! I needed that!" Ratchet exclaimed.

    Optimus went to Arcee, and kissed Arcee gently.

    "How are you, my dear spark?" Optimus asked.

    "Better now that you're here with Me." she said softly as Ratchet went to deliver the sparkling.

    Megatron sat by Emerald her optics shining bright green.

    "How are you, my queen?" he asked.

    "How do you think I am? You did this to me, you're in trouble with me buster." she mumbled.

    Megatron gulped.

    "Why does he get lovings from his mate, and I get yelled at?" Megatron grumped.

    No sooner had he said that, then Emmy grabbed him and pulled him down for the most potent spark burning kiss he had ever had from her.

    Then her cannon warmed up...

    "Now be a good mate and go away now, while I have our sparklings." she said calmly.

    "I said it before and I'll say it again, I will never understand femmes." he growled.

    (Several hours after the sparklings were born)

    Optimus was holding his baby sparkling, when Starshine couldn't go over to her sibling. She looked away and scampered away into her daddy and mommy's quarters. Miko, Raf and Jack followed her finding her crying, big energon tears falling from her optics.

    "What's wrong, Starshine?" Raf asked.

    She sniffled, and scampered to the corner of the room.

    "Daddy and mommy won't love me anymore; I'm not really theirs I came from space." Starshine cried her bottom lip quivering.

    The three children looked startled at her words.

    "Stay here, I will go get Optimus." Jack said to Miko and Raf.

    Jack went back into the medical bay, and went to Optimus who was still holding his sparkling.

    "Optimus...?" Jack said.

    "Yes Jack, what is it?" Optimus asked.

    "It's Starshine, she is crying." Jack replied as Optimus looked worried hearing that.

    "Okay, go to mommy, little one." Optimus said, as he got up and handed the sparkling to Arcee. "I shall be back, my sweet sparkmate." he said.

    Optimus followed Jack and saw his sparkling crying, and his spark raced with pain for her.

    "Youngling, why are you crying?" Optimus asked.

    Optimus picked her up in his strong arms, and then held her.

    "I don't want to be forgotten or unloved anymore." Starshine cried as she laid her little helm onto her daddy's chest plates.

    "Oh my dear, dear, dear, Starshine; that will never happen..." Optimus said.


    Optimus started hold her tighter, and as she hummed to her; he started to purr.

    "We love you so much my little youngling, you must never forget that." he said.


    "I came from space...Not from Arcee..." Starshine whispered.

    "Awwww Starshine, you came from Primus as a gift for your daddy, didn't you know that? You were a gift from Primus to your daddy, you're special. Plus you know what you will always be the older sibling. Which means you will be..." Optimus stopped talking as he stared at his daughter's forehead.

    Optimus looked at Starshine's forehead closer scanning the symbol on her forehead.

    "What's wrong, Optimus?" Miko asked.

    "She has the Prime symbol on her forehead; she will follow in my footsteps and be a Prime someday like me." Optimus his own energon tears forming.

    "I'm a Prime daddy?" she asked.

    "Yes my dear one, you are; shall we go tell everyone?" Optimus asked.

    "I will be just like you...!" she squealed as she tightened her grip on him.

    "Yes you shall, Starshine." Optimus replied.

    Optimus went into the medical bay, he had a proud look on his faceplates.

    "Optimus, you're beaming..." Megatron replied.

    "My daughter has the Prime symbol on her forehead." Optimus replied smirking.

    Arcee smiled broadly; as Optimus picked up newest addition Starblazer while Starshine pulled her sister into her servos.

    "We are one big loving family, Starblazer!" Starshine said as Optimus and Arcee smiled lovingly.

    Megatron smirked, as his optics landed on his three daughters. They had named them Shadowfox, Windstorm and naturally Shadowdancer. However, what Megatron didn't expect was to see a symbol on Shadowdancer's forehead.

    "Optimus look at my daughter's forehead." he said.

    Optimus got up looked at Shadowdancer's forehead and sure enough another Prime in the family.

    "Do you what this means Primus has given us double blessings?" Megatron said.

    "We put an end to the war, put aside our differences and came together as a family. He is pleased with us; we finally made our creator pleased." Optimus said as they smiled.

    "Creator...?" Raf asked.

    "Primus is the creator of the Allspark and all Cybertronians." Bulkhead said.

    No one noticed the looks Ratchet and Knockout were giving each other, or the way Knockout had slid his servo around Ratchet. It was looking like love might hit those two as well, but time would tell.

    Starshine glanced at her sister smirking.

    :::... Hey Starblazer, I'm your sister...:::::

    Starblazer clicked and cooed at her sister.

    :::... Hey small fry...::::: Shadowdancer mused.

    :::... Hey Shadowdancer...:::

    :::... Shall we teach our siblings the master salute to give the humans...:::

    :::... Okay...:::::

    While the two youngling Primes taught their siblings the special sign; the three human children wanted to see the sparklings up close and personal.

    However when the kids started playing with the sparklings and Miko gave the thumbs up to Starshine. All the sparklings flipped the bird at the human children, Miko's mouth dropped open.

    "MIKO...!" Arcee, Optimus, Megatron and Bulkhead exclaimed.

    "What, I didn't do that!" Miko mumbled as she saw Starshine wink at Shadowdancer. "Look those two baby Primes are scheming against me." Miko remarked.

    Everyone just merely laughed, while Miko growled.

    "That will have to be nipped in the bud, hey where is Ratchet?" Arcee asked.

    "Knockout is missing too..." Megatron replied as they all heard Ratchet laughing.

    "Okay not going there..." Bulkhead said as Bumblebee whistled.

    Optimus shook his head, and then headed outside for a bit. He stared at the stars above, his spark feeling so light and content.

    Optimus' dream of peace had finally come true; he had achieved peace with his brother. It was a long time coming, he felt blessed and prayed more Autobots and Decepticons received he and his brother's message of peace and joined them on their new home...Earth.



    It was a wonderful ride with this story, I hope everyone liked it. I hope I crossed the T's and dotted the I's in all the loose ends. Thank you for all the wonderful reviews and alerts and favs on this story...

    Please follow my new story; it's a lot grittier and darker. It's in the third movie verse, but it WILL NOT follow the movie itself I am using the Sentinel Prime part, but I am basically making it more darker with the humans keeping secrets about a lot of things. There is a contest going on that story as well. It's called Friends never say goodbye – Small little hint... I will be taking everyone for a wild ride with that story! So, come on and join me everyone...

    Autobotally45 :O)
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