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    I will post the episode premises, and then each Episode as I get to them. while not all of this is well though-out, writing twenty-three (three multi-part episodes) episodes will be fun. I am open to suggestions for episode rearrangement.

    1. Just Another Day:
    The Autobots, having nothing of note occur on a Saturday, they relate to the kids some of their previous adventures. Meanwhile, Fowler recovers the body Cliffjumper

    2. Electric Avenue:
    Wheeljack returns with Jolt in tow. Ratchet, overjoyed to see Jolt, winds up captured alongside him and forced to upgrade Jolt's whips, which makes Jolt feral. Now, Wheeljack, Bulkhead, Miko, Fowler and Bumblebee have to get them back. Introduces: Jolt

    3. Junkyard Anthem:
    Miko meets a new kid in the school who happens to be a drummer. At her insistence, they start to form a band (Rafael is Keyboardist) but when he find out about the Autobots, he tries to blow their cover. Introduces: Cody

    4. Clockwork Woman:
    Jolt expresses interest in the school that the kids attend. Jack, seizing opportunity, requests permission to inform Sierra about the Autobots from Fowler. Meanwhile, MECH begins production of ‘Motormaster’ units.

    5. Rising Tides:
    With the Decepticons shifting to open attacking, the Autobots are left with no choice but to go to the UN and request a joint Human/Autobot task force. However, MECH is there to sabotage the meeting.

    6. All Hail the King:
    Two new arrivals upset the power balance at the Autobot base and throw it into chaos; the childish and energetic Sparkler, and the rapid thinker Turbocharger. When one gets captured on the nemesis, the other goes berserk.
    Introduces: Sparkler (White/Ice blue Monte Carlo) and Turbocharger (Magenta and Navy Chrysler 300)

    7. All Hail the Queen:
    With Turbocharger left in stasis lock in the earth’s atmosphere, Sparkler has become a crazed assailant. Jolt and Ratchet have no choice but to install a power breaker in her to keep her in line. When she runs into Knockout, the autobots have to come to a harsh decision; execute her for risking multiple human lives, or leave a berserker on the team?

    8. Off the Beaten Path:
    Roadbuster arrives on earth, much to the joy of Jolt and Ratchet. The weapons specialist helps them upgrade their armory, and even manages to impress Fowler. But he doesn’t want to stay with Team Prime, and joins Fowler.
    Introduces: Roadbuster

    9. Return to the Island:
    Miko's stay in the US is over, and she has to go back to Japan. Heartbroken, Prime assigns Bulkhead to go with her, and asks Fowler to find someone in the Japanese Government to watch her. Meanwhile, MECH attempts to kidnap her. Introduces: Miko's Parents, Kaminari Ishihara

    10. Rising Tides:
    With the decepticons shifting to open attacking, the autobots are left with no choice but to go to the UN and request a joint Human/Autobot task force. However, MECH is there to sabotage the meeting.

    11. Thunderstruck:
    MECH recovers Turbocharger’s deactivated body, and begins reverse engineering him. When the autobots find out, they go to Knock Out and Breakdown to help them recover the sparkling’s body. When they arrive, MECH’s militia attacks them.

    12. City of Mayhem:
    While on patrol, Jolt and Wheeljack run into a group of Eradicons fighting Roadbuster. While they are able to defeat them, now they must explain to Roadbuster some of the rules of earth. Can the ex-Wreckers deal well with adjusting to earth?

    13. Gear Shift:
    Coby and Jack ask the autobots if they wish to attend an Auto Show. Fowler is against the idea, while Prime supports it. When they attend, Knock Out and new arrival Barricade attempt to crash the show.
    Introduces: Barricade

    14. Heart of Steel:
    Kaminari contacts Fowler and Prime, fed up with Miko and Bulkhead. Since they can’t recall bulkhead because Miko could still be in danger, they call in a Wheeljack to protect her.

    15. Crash Course:
    Wheeljack is good at blending in, and also making sure Miko doesn’t grate on Kaminari’s nerves. But when he notices something off about one of Miko’s friends, he finds that the war has new ways of sneak attacks. Can he stop the Pretender is time?

    16. Building a Nest:
    The UN approves of a joint Human/Autobot taskforce, and prepares to make several bases worldwide for them. The autobots are split into two teams: Team Prime (Prime, BB, Ratchet and Arcee), and The Wreckers (Bulkhead, Jolt, Wheeljack, and Roadbuster).

    17. Quarry Trouble:
    On a patrol in Germany, Bulkhead finds that several members of his old construction team have arrived on earth. When he goes to greet them, they turn out to be decepticons! Can he put aside his old loyalties and bring them to justice?
    Introduces: Long Haul (Quarry Truck), Scavenger (Bulldozer), and Scrapper (Front-End Loader)

    18. Rallying Call:
    Coby and Miko decide to participate in an off-road rally with Wheeljack and Bulkhead as their vehicles. When one of them crashes, how do the autobots help them without blowing their cover? And more importantly, how do they keep themselves discreet when the other bows out?

    19. Reverse Xenobiology:
    Having trouble healing their injured comrade, Team Prime calls NEST to solve the issue. However, they can’t help them. Can Ratchet actually heal an injured human? Miko and Coby would rather not find out.

    20. Mayhem Construction:
    Two more Constructicons have arrived on earth: Mixmaster and Overload. With almost the whole team there, can Team Prime and the Wreckers stop them from causing severe damage to German infrastructure?
    Introduces: Mixmaster (Cement Mixer) and Overload (Dumptruck Tractor-Trailer)

    21. The Sidestreet Battle:
    Wheeljacks’s rival Dropkick arrives on earth. When he kidnaps Miko, Wheeljack organizes a team to take her back, but will his revenge get the better of him?
    Introduces: Dropkick

    22. The Clockborn:
    As Miko, Coby, Jack, and Raf prepare to do their first performance as a band, MECH attempts to capture them. After the autobots help prevent this, It’s decided that to help get the UN to approve more of the task force, they must have an autobot in the band! Fortunately, the autobots know who to call. Introduces: Blaster

    23. Test of Time:
    Team Prime finds Skydive hidden on an earth museum. When they reactivate him, the have to explain to NEST why one of their own took a WWII fighter as his alternate mode. While he proves to be a useful asset, they come closer to not being able to keep themselves secret.
    Introduces: Skydive (P38 Lightning)

    24. Last Call:
    With the decepticons gearing up for a full assault on NEST’s Primary Base, all of the Autobots and Humans must gather there. Waiting for the storm to come, will their internal squabbles become their downfall?

    Finale, three parter:
    25. Storm Front:
    Megatron, disgusted at the autobot presence on earth, brings in Shockwave to decimate them. As shockwave attacks the wreckers, and the constructicons attack team prime, can they hold them off long enough for NEST to bring support? Introduces: Shockwave

    26. Thunderstorm:
    NEST Manages to help the autobots hold off the decepticons, but not with casualties on both sides. With half of the wreckers dead, the autobots bring Sparkler and Turbocharger out of cryostasis. While they manage to help them turn the tide, it doesn’t help the Human/Autobot alliance at all.

    27. Rising Storm:
    With most of the autobots down, NEST works on rebuilding. With tensions high, everyone walks on a tightrope, waiting for the fall. As the decepticons move in for the kill, can the remaining autobots and NEST members hold them off?
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    Some of your synopsis's are pretty interesting...but I like that TFPrime isn't movie verse for the most part..I think you should start writing your FF episodes using the TFPrime bots and characters, including MECH and see where you go from there. By introducing a new character or two each episode you're going to get pretty bogged down in trying to keep dialogue going for all of keeping the cast smaller you can have more intimate episodes and concentrate on just a few main characters. :thumb 

    That is unless you're going for a TFP and Movie Crossover FF?...guess you could.

    Just my :2c: 
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    I think this is some good advice :thumb 
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    Well, I am writing how the events of the episodes play out, and who appears in each one. I've gotten all the events of Just Another Day down, and Turbo and Sparkler are one-shots who reappear at the finale, and also a lot of the new characters will be wanderers.

    Also, I will write both Scripts and Stories for the episodes.

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