Transformers Prime: Endless Sky (Pokémon crossover)

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    I'M BACK! Latias Prime here again, with another Transformers/Pokémon crossover fan-fic for your entertainment. And unlike my last two, this one I plan to stick with until the very end. So without further ado, I present:


    Author notes and disclaimer: this is a Transformers Prime/ Pokémon crossover reimagining of the TFP cartoon. It follows the basic story of the show, but adds Pokémon characters and concepts. There are also new dialogue sequences, events and even episodes. However, the basic plot for each episode is unchanged, and despite new elements, I have tried to keep the characters true to their portrayal in the show.

    I, Latias Prime, do not own the Transformers or Pokémon brands. Transformers are the property of Hasbro/TakaraTomy, and Pokémon is the property of Nintendo and Gamefreak. Also, any and all resemblance to actual people, places and events is either coincidence or they are used for story purposes.

    Rated PG-13 for fantasy violence, semi-frequent swearing, suggestive themes, and alcohol and drug references.


    The planet Aurora Seven lies in a solar system in the Milky Way galaxy, not too far from Planet Earth. It has a thick oxygen-based atmosphere, weather that could change from bright-blue skies to hurricane force winds in an instant, and alien flora and fauna unlike anything seen on Earth that have adapted to life in the sky. From strange, manta ray-like animals that soar high on the wind and never come down, living on microscopic organisms found in the air, to beautiful rainbow-colored worms that lived in small pools of water that accumulated in the bowl-like leaves of the purple trees, Aurora was full of creatures that either flew or lived in a high place.

    But perhaps the most spectacular were the dragons. Closely resembling the classic Earth dragon seen in fantasy novels and movies, the soared high on the winds by day, hunting, mating and raising young, and at night returned to nests built on cliff faces, in trees or anywhere they had access to the air. With flaming breath and sharp talons, they ruled the air as the supreme predators of the planet.

    Many thousands of years ago there was a race of humanoid reptiles that lived on Aurora. They were a matriarchal warrior race who worshiped a winged goddess of the skies, and they tamed the dragons as mounts, riding them into battle against invading beings from other worlds, who coveted precious metals found only on Aurora. But, like all civilizations must do, they vanished, destroyed by an invading insect-like race from a dying world. Although the dragons and their brave riders won a few crucial victories, the Aurorans' primitive blades and armor were no match for the insects' energy weapons, and one by one their cities fell, their inhabitants slaughtered and left in the streets to rot.

    When most of the planet had been conquered, the remaining reptilians gathered with their queen in their last stronghold, a crystal castle deep in the mountains of the northern continent. Here, after carefully sealing the entrance and making their last prayers to the goddess, they committed mass suicide to prevent the insects from gaining entry into the fortress, a final, feeble fuck-you from a dying race. Later the insects died of oxygen poisoning, but they had succeeded in driving the Aurorans to extinction.

    Today, almost nothing remains of the Auroran's massive empire. The cities are overgrown with trees and other plants, their masonry crumbling and decaying. Roads have become horribly overgrown with vegetation, their former routes nearly unnoticeable unless seen from the air. However, there are still rumors of the fantastic wealth that could be found in the crystal castle, and these whispered tales lured thrill seekers and treasure hunters from around the galaxy to the small planet, as well as poachers who hunted the dragons and sold their hide and eggs on the black market.

    Near the crystal fortress was a forest that still showed the scars of battles fought long ago. Now, high above in the canopy, a winged form was leaping from tree to tree. It was not a dragon, although it could be mistaken for one from a distance. No, it was a blue robot of advance design, youthfully feminine in form and possessing, wide, dragon-like wings that flashed in the sun. Leaping onto the upper branches of the highest tree in the forest, she stopped and looked around. From here the castle, with its glistening towers and sparkling walls, could be seen in the light of the setting sun.

    A smile appeared on the robots face as she sat down on a branch. A small curved scar ran down her left cheek while her wide, cerulean blue optics glittered with curiosity and intelligence. A quiver full of arrows was strapped to her back, along with a longbow and a teal fabric bag. The robot took the bag off and searched through it for something, finally taking out a beautiful blue ocarina with intricately carved designs. Raising it to her mouth, she started going up and down the musical scale and then, after she had warmed up enough, began to play.

    The song it played was absolutely beautiful, full of joy and laughter. A few dragons that had been circling overhead landed in trees nearby, intently listening as it played. The notes echoed across the sky, each one drawing more and more creatures to listen.

    Abruptly the music changed, becoming lower and darker. It evoked abandoned cities, gloomy crypts, death and decay. As it played, the robot seemed to weep, sparkling drops of blue liquid running down her cheeks. The mood of the music changed again, becoming lighter and more upbeat, but there was still a hint of darkness in the notes.

    The song went on for a long time, alternating between periods of high and low notes. When it was over the sun had set and night blanketed the area. A sizable crowd of animals had gathered around the young robot: dragons, pretty birds with multi-colored wings, blue-furred apes, and many others. When the song was done they lingered on for a little bit before flying or scurrying away.

    The robot watched them leave. A sad smile crossed her face as she stood up and put the ocarina back into her bag. She slung the bag over her shoulder, spread her wings and took flight into the night sky. For a long moment she hovered, looking at the castle in the distance, before turning around and flying away.

    She flew over the forest, over a vast plain of light blue grass and a large greenish lake. As she did a tiny point of light appeared on the horizon, growing in size as she approached it until it became many smaller lights. When the plains ended and the ocean began the lights resolved themselves into the square windows of an immense battle station, floating in the air above the sea.

    Anchored to the sea floor with huge chains, it resembled an upturned teacup that was missing its handle, and was held aloft by large balloons holding a lighter-than-air-gas. More robots, many of them larger than the young female, climbed over the top of the structure, adjusting the balloons and checking weapon systems. A few waved to her as she flew past, and she waved back.

    The female flew around the station until she came to an illuminated platform protruding from the silvery structure. Tucking in her wings, she landed inside a yellow circle of lights embedded in the metal and turned in time to see the doorway into the base open. A larger robot, masculine in appearance and painted blue, black and white, walked out, a thin slab of metal in one hand and a stylus in the other.

    “There you are!” he exclaimed as he hurried over to her. There was a hint of annoyance in his voice, yet he also sounded a bit relieved. “Sapphire, where the slag were you? I’ve been trying to reach you on your com-frequency for over a mega-cycle now, and when you didn’t answer I thought…”

    “Well, hello to you too, Jazz,” Sapphire replied, rolling her light blue optics impatiently. “I was out exploring and didn’t want to be disturbed, so I shut my communicator off.”

    “And you went out without telling anyone?” Jazz shook his head irritably. “Sapphie, what if you were attacked or got stuck somewhere out of communications range? We wouldn’t be able to help you because no one would know you were gone.”

    “But Jazz, I told Prowl I was heading out to the northern mountains and asked him to let you know! Didn’t he tell you where I was?”

    “I haven’t seen Prowl all solar-cycle, Sapph. I’ve been too busy running the base, and he’s off doing I-don’t-know-what. Prowl’s a very busy mech, and you can’t expect him to drop what he’s doing just to bring me a message saying you’ve decided to go out and play. Next time tell your commanding officer where you’re going, dig?”

    “Okay, okay, I get it, I’m sorry. I just wanted to see the castle once more before I leave.” Sapphire guiltily said, glancing down at the platform floor. “Am I in trouble?”

    “No, you’re not in trouble. I’m just a little miffed that you didn’t tell me.” Jazz looked up at the velvet black night sky, studded with stars of diamond. “You know, kid, I’m kinda sad that you decided to leave here,” he said, his tone softening a little. “You’re a good fighter, and ever since the Cons started stepping up their mining efforts, I’ve come to really appreciate your special abilities. We really need a solider like you here.”

    “I know, Jazz, but Dad’s been waiting to see me for a long time now. I do want to stay here, but I feel that he needs me more on this new planet.” Sapphire brought her optics to the sky. “And besides, he’s my father. I need to be with him again, no matter how far away he is.”

    “Well, I don’t think I’ll be able to convince you otherwise. You go where your Spark takes you, and that’s the most important thing.”

    Sapphire nodded and looked out across the sea. “You know, I never did get to see the interior of the castle. I still wonder if the stories of treasure are true.”

    “Well, who knows? Maybe someone else will find it. But I’m sure wherever you go there will be more places to explore. Just promise me you won’t go off unannounced and give your father a processer-ache. Got it?”

    “Got it.”

    “Solid,” Jazz replied, and he turned around and went back into the base, leaving Sapphire out in the cool night air. For a moment she stood there, just looking out at the world she had come to know so well. Then she returned her gaze to the stars, smiling.

    “I love you, Daddy,” she whispered softly. “I’ll see you soon.” She closed her optics and imagined her father’s response.

    “I love you too, Sapphire. And I can’t wait to see you again.”

    Nothing special here, just setting the general tone of the story and getting to know Sapphire a bit. Most of the story revolves around her, so I wanted to show some of her personality and mannerisms.

    First chapter coming soon!

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