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    [​IMG]For all those who have an iphone here is the TFP AM toyline app (Japan only according to a previous thread posted on TFW2005)

    The app is basicly a game where you sticker and transform (alt to robot only) your AM toy while being timed. At the end of the transformation you have a little shooting game where you have to take out Megatron.
    You get a score and a ranking that you can compare with other players.
    There is also a link to the Takara Tomy official site that you can access too.

    At the moment the only AM available is Bumblebee but I have a feeling they will be updating the app with the rest of the line with time.

    Nice graphics, cheesy sounds and music, but all in all kind of boring after the first transformation. Something you might download once and bin if youre not into TFP, but fans might keep it around to get all updates (figures)

    Opening Screen

    You have to open the box too!!!

    Stickers! Stickers! Stickers!

    Yeah I know Im good!

    Give me my gun... er talking gun, robot... thing

    I am Megatron!

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